The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Father's Prayer at Twin Peaks

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 24, 1993, 11:00 p.m.
San Francisco, California
Translated by Do Wan Kim and Yang Lan Lee

Father spoke to overflow audiences in the first twelve cities of the Thirty-three City Tour (May 13-24, 1993). After he finished he prayed at the San Francisco, Twin Peaks holy ground which he established in 1965. At this point the tour became Mother's and she continued on to the remaining twenty-one cities where she was to speak. Father went to Kodiak, Alaska.

Loving Father! Today is May 24, 1993. Twenty-eight years have passed since I established sixty-two holy grounds in America, originating from these Twin Peaks in San Francisco and heading straight for the terminal station of God's providence. Overcoming all the difficult internal and external situations in Korea, I have come back here from my final providential speaking tour-True Parents and the Completed Testament Age-in twelve major cities in America. Thank you so much, Father, for your divine preparation and support throughout this event.

Due to the failure of human responsibility, heaven struggled so many times in pain and suffering. Corrupt human beings took the abominable and shameful course against God's providence. Grieving Heavenly Father always gave a painful indemnity course to the Abel-side believers instead of the Cain-side sinners. Father, we are so grateful to You for putting the Unification Church through this bitter and severe indemnity course.

Looking back over forty years of my public life, from my youth through manhood and into old age, I am truly thankful to You, my Father, that You have put me into countless painful and agonizing struggles against Satan. Having finally acquired the heavenly authority and pride on the foundation of eventual victory, I could proclaim the accomplishment of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age to humankind. Father! Thank You so much for leading me into this great era of the Completed Testament Age.

With all aspects of necessary conditions prepared, heaven started a new providence in these final days of the twentieth century. The secular, satanic world has been confronting heaven with forceful means, resulting in destructive, bloody, immoral, and chaotic phenomena. Going against Your will, today's world cannot find any ideology or religion to solve its dilemmas. Only the messianic teaching of the Unification Church can clarify the beginning and ending of God and the one and only way to restore corrupt human beings. Father! I am sincerely grateful that You proved this sole, universal restoring way of humankind through me and that You opened a new era-the terminal station of the providence-which is the heavenly kingdom for all humankind and the eternal domain of victory centering upon True Parents.

Oh, pitiful tribes of Israel scattered all over the world, myriads of miserable Christians, and opposing people who are ignorant of this great era! Father! Please let all those people be connected to the rope of True Parents' love centering upon the bond of brotherhood. Looking at the painful corrupt reality, I feel keenly to the bone marrow the exhausting experience of Heavenly Father in setting up the heart of True Parents. Father! I cordially ask You to bless the Unification Church members to be completely united, proudly dedicating their whole heart and loyalty, in the course of restoration. May they become the main axis-the pivotal point of this transitional age that pushes people back to heaven. Here is the son who came to this land alone twenty-eight years ago and founded the holy ground at these Twin Peaks. I was thinking of Your tearful children who were going the suffering path while no one was aware of it. Some disciples faded away from this path with lamenting sighs and took the opposite course, persecuting me. There are many who lost the way in confusion and don't know which way to turn to escape the opposite side and their regretful situation. Father! I dare ask You to have a generous heart toward those pitiful people so they can have the chance to sit even on the very edge of the original world.

Thank you, Father, for being with us from New York to New Jersey, Washington, Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Houston, Denver, Los Angeles, and Seattle until San Francisco. The proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, which only heaven knew and nobody had ever thought about, pioneers the way for heaven and earth and builds a milestone in this new era for the devastated world. Thank You, Father, for setting up the pivot upon which all humankind can turn around.

Heavenly Father! I desperately ask You to give more power and blessing to those who care for the Unification Church with their whole heart, those who think of me-the core of the Unification church-as True Parents, and those who sincerely love You-the core of True Parents.

Leaving America up to You, Father, for the time being, I am now launching on the remaining indemnity course, along with the Korean nation, for the future of Asia. I know I have the responsibility to cope with the situations of Asia in order to achieve the unification of North and South Korea-the urgent motto of this age. I also must make straight the way to liberate those pitiful African people so that they can restore their capability to lead the world. Those two points are very important tasks that I have to achieve throughout the rest of my life. Father! with this solemn analysis of my remaining mission, I am redetermined to climb up from the dungeon of hell. Please let me accomplish the True Parental mission to lead the pitiful fallen people into Your bosom.

Please be with Mother

I have finished the Twelve-City Speaking Tour, and True Mother right now will continue the mission of speaking throughout twenty cities in America. Mother's way is not smooth. Father! Please be with her when she speaks for the next twenty days. How huge the mission of True Parents is! No matter how hateful or difficult it is, we must go on. Please allow Mother to face the twenty cities with a true attitude representing Your parental heart, which can appeal to nothing higher. As a couple full of regrets and grievances, we will be separated tomorrow, one heading east and the other heading north. However, we know that the only remaining way for us to go is to be completely faithful in true heart to the fateful mission of proclamation, since the heavenly will remains to restore and embrace humankind. Heavenly Father! We desperately ask You to be with us.

Even though the satanic world persecutes us so much, I know nothing can stop us. Father! I cordially ask You to make the Unification Church members resemble True Parents who are desperately longing for the final and eternal day of glorious victory and are hastening to run tirelessly to return ultimate joy to You. Please let our sons and daughters run and run and run ceaselessly for You.

Now "Act One" has come to an end, and America is about to launch "Act Two." Father! Please let America be born again while going through this "Act Two." Even though the sins committed by this country for the past forty years cannot be forgiven, I have to embrace her again because, Father, You have been loving Christianity so much throughout the bloody, suffering Christian history of martyrdom. Thinking of those who became the living sacrifices on the cross and those who loved You unconditionally and yearned for the Lord's coming, I feel Your unforgettable and unchangeable heart toward them. Father! That's why I want to ask You again to throw open the new gate for America to receive the good ancestral help from the spirit world so that Christendom can be born again here and so she can newly lead all the religions. Please let the glorious light come down on this land from the spiritual heaven so that America can accelerate the liberation of all humankind.

To establish one nation

I sincerely desire, Father, for You to throw open the blessed way for the union of Heung Jin Nim and Jesus to speed up the time to establish one nation with the lineage of True Parents on earth.

Father! Please remember San Francisco. All the people are thinking of this holy ground of San Francisco. I cordially ask You, Father, to throw open the blessed door of heaven, along with the one hundred twenty holy grounds connected to this holy ground of Twin Peaks, so that the forty nations scattered over the world can be dedicated as unified, sacrificial nations in Father's bosom.

Father! I humbly want to ask You to allow all the universal, overall plans that we are going to make from now on to achieve rapid progress. Let us make a strong determination to go forward to the day filled with magnificent victory, glory, and praise.

Father! I would like to offer to You all the gratitude and victory that You have shown to me, and I pray that Mother can get the same support from You when she succeeds in my mission to speak in twenty cities in America. Please let Mother's remaining rallies be successful.

I pray that all the facts that I have reported to You can be also acceptable to spirit world and the whole universe. Finally, Father, I ask you as a favor to please promise to be continuously responsive to all the contents that I prayed for. I pray all these things in the name of True Parents. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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