The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

The Mainstream of True Love

by Reverend Sun Myung Moon

This is an excerpt from "The Establishment of the Unification Church and the Mainstream Thought of the Dispensational History," the sermon given on May 1, 1993, at the Belvedere, International Training Center. The translator was Col. Sang Kil Han.

We Come From One Root

The root of the individual, the root of the family, the root of the clan, and the root of the nation are all the same. What this means is that if you look from the world's viewpoint, and you trace the root up or down, we all come back to the same root. This is true for the nation, the clan, the family, and even the individual. The root is all the same. All countries of the world eventually trace down to one root. It means through this one root, all families, nations and even the world must be connected. Since we have one root, it means we have one trunk and unified branches. We don't have the branch of a different trunk or a different root.

When we accomplish this connection and unity in deed, the world will come into unity. If you ask people of each nation where their root is, their answers will be comprised of many different roots and origins. For example, if you ask American people where their roots are, they will say, "My root is in Washington." Their answer may only be local; it does not apply to the whole world. Does God think that Washington is the root of all mankind? Japanese people will trace their root in different ways. Amaterasu omino kami is the goddess which they trace their root to. But we can see this now; everyone belongs to and can be traced to the same root.

Adam and Eve were the real root, not only of themselves, the individuals Adam and Eve, but Adam and Eve's family, Adam and Eve's clan, nation and so forth. They are the root of it all. There is only one root. Since no one can recognize or know where the true roots are, True Parents appear and identify the false roots, what people may think their roots are, and then present the true root.

The Root is True Love

Father defined God's will in a very simple way. God's will is to accomplish the ideal of creation. Period. Isn't that true? Once it is said, it is simple, isn't it? God is absolute and because He is absolute, does He have two different ideas or just one? Absolutely one idea! That is a logical conclusion.

What is the completion of the ideal of creation? We can take it to the next step and say it is the completion of the four position foundation. What is the completion of the four position foundation? It can be explained in other words by saying it is the completion of the ideal of love. By accomplishing the four position foundation, love is completed. True love, of course. It is all-inclusive. We have everything important there.

Creating True Love

We must understand the ideal of creation and then we can come to know that the ideal of creation is to establish the four position foundation. The four position foundation is to create True Love. Centering on these main ideas is all important. We must understand all the descriptions and all the relationships of creation. The amazing fact is that the Unification Church has achieved these. All of the thinking, teaching and action of the Unification Church is founded on these consistent lines: True Love, the four position foundation and the ideal of creation.

First, we perfect heaven on earth and accordingly, later on, the accomplishment of the kingdom of heaven in spirit world will come about automatically. Once we get hold of God's True Love, then wherever we may travel, God is connected. It is not a conceptual teaching at all. Even though it begins from a concept, it is reality. If you open up your spiritual eyes, you can go ask a big tree, "What is your purpose in life? Why do you exist? Why do you breathe?" It will tell you, "I exist for the sake of love." What about a big rock which isn't even alive, and belongs to the mineral kingdom? It, too, would answer you, "I exist for the sake of love." Even in the atomic kingdom, electrons and neutrons would answer the same way. There is no way of denying it. This is the reason why all things are in pairs: it is for love.

Love is the Beginning

Where does the true, basic concept of the universe come from? True Love. True Love was the beginning. Because of True Love and starting from True Love, the whole world came into being. We can even go so far as to say that God came into existence for the sake of love. If there was no love, then God, too, would have no purpose in existing. Before we even think about the universe, we can think of True Love. True Love was there in the very beginning. Before we understand more deeply about True Love, we can see the male and female or subject and object concept in all things. Every existence has that dual characteristic. Observe more carefully and try to find one exception. You will find none.

Today scientists explore, and they maintain that the universe is made up and held together by a force or power. But they do not follow on with logical steps after that because force only comes into being when there is an action. Without action, there is no force. Someone should observe this and ask the question, "Which is first: because of force, action takes place or because of action, force comes to be noticed?" Which one is first?

When a man grows up, real love power does not act upon him. He has no involvement in love action. He grows up by the energy of man. With that he grows, but love is yet to come. His mind and body have to take action and then he grows, becoming older and older. When he meets his spouse, a tremendous power takes place. Before that, there is action, but even before the action something else must exist first. That is subject and object relationship. In a man, he gets power when his mind and body come into unity. He has two eyes instead of one, and two nostrils; everything comes in two. We see that subject and object relationship is everywhere and it exists for the sake of love.

We see development in this order: love between subject and object, then love action gives rise to the force. That is the order.

Love Creates Joy

Here is a situation with a husband and a wife. As soon as their eyes meet and they are attracted to each other, nothing can stop them. All five senses will meet each other and nothing can stop them. They can go into fire, water, anywhere. That is the power of love. You cannot convert that into money. No matter how much she may have, even millions or billions worth of property or money, once she is in love then all things don't matter anymore. No matter what happens, God is filled with joy and laughing at the sight of this. That is how we feel, too.

God invests and forgets, invests and forgets, all too willingly and happily, all because of love. Otherwise, He couldn't do it. For the man of love, the more he adds to the love pond, the more happy he becomes. He becomes happier and happier and later he will fly. He will cruise the universe like a world of stars. When you go to embrace a star, it will start dancing and God will also dance. This is the power of love.

Do we Value Love?

Let's say a grammar school child, a boy or girl receives a diamond. It is a big hunk of diamond, but he doesn't yet know what it is or what value it has. That is the problem, you see. If you pay the tuition, if you work hard and really experience the pain of dying, then you learn, then you know it is a diamond. That is the one thing we have to watch out for. So how can we understand this? There is only one way as Father sees it, and that is to suffer. Sacrifice and suffer: nobody likes it, just as no student likes to study.

Love Creates Peace

The power of love can even purchase, even buy or sell a nation. It is so powerful. You have heard of a political marriage, too, haven't you? Who was it in the British royal family who forsook the throne for marriage? King Edward. And what was the lady's name? (Wallace Simpson.)

When you see entertainers up on the stage, people get most excited and laugh and applaud when they deal with the topic of love. Other things are not that exciting. People may laugh at other things, but not from the bottom of their hearts.

Have you already noticed, "Hey something is strange in the Unification Church, something is different"? You might not say something is wrong, but something is different. No other church ever talks about love so much as the topic of a sermon. It becomes a very legitimate statement that anyone or any minister whose sermon centers on love and makes everybody elated, happy and laughing, would become the source of peace and happiness. This is true not only for the religious sermon, but philosophical professing and any other kind of teaching. When it centers on love, it can be a source of peace. Peace comes from that. The politicians, philosophers, economists, and people from all different walks of life would come and join in one topic together, which is the topic of love, because that is the root of their lives.

'Love Me' is False Love

Until now, we have heard many things about love, but we never heard about love for the sake of other people. Now people say, "Love me." They want to draw love from another person. They even teach how to attract love from others, but that is not what we are talking about. How to give love is what we are talking about. That is what makes it different. All these divided things now move toward being united because of this teaching and the knowledge of how to love for the sake of others.

Love was destroyed. How can so many broken situations go toward a peaceful direction? Only with True Love can we mend the past. From True Love, new hope, a new idea, and a new starting point have appeared.

We see the history of humankind has centered on self-centered love. Now, as children of the True Parents, and brothers and sisters, we are being taught about a new kind of love in which we live for the sake of others. God's viewpoint is one of True Love and it starts right here with True Parents.

Free Sex and Drugs

Man constantly needs to be satisfied. He has an antenna which communicates with a high level of the spirit world. Without the love, emotion and enlightenment that antenna picks up, man cannot live. Now, people don't know where to get that. Communication has been all but cut off. What should they do? They supplement this by taking drugs and exciting their bodies. They lost emotional True Love so now they found the horizontal way. Every family and nation has experienced that, it is free sex. After engaging in free sex they find out, but only later, it does not satisfy them as they expected it to. To heal that wound, they use drugs to try and forget it. But, as we know the drug world is a bottomless pit.

The Universe Protects Love

What Father is pointing out is that everything that comes into power, everything that is subject and object in the pair system, is protected by the universe. If there is an imbalance, the universe eliminates it. Man and woman are a pair. They have to make a pair at the universal embracing point. The nation's center is the king or president as a plus, with the people as minus. Combined into one, they should attend the world, which is the next step up. Then they will embrace the larger heavenly fate or destiny. Americans should think about that. President Clinton's administration and the American people; if they do not change, heavenly fate will chase them out. No matter how strong America is, they will immediately break down.

Individualism is Hell

Individualism has made us so small and so full of bickering. It is just like the American national symbol of the great eagle. He is created to go around the plains, around the cliffs, and feed but if you catch that eagle and give him just the bare necessities, just give him a daily ration, what kind of life would that be for the bald eagle? That is what individualism has done. Are people happy or unhappy? Miserable! They live in the dungeon of hell! How happy do you think that eagle would be when somebody opens the cage and liberates him?

True Love is Eternal

The mainstream of True Love still continues. The direction of True Love and the action of True Love remain the same as all through history. Before creation, that concept existed. After Adam and Eve were created, the same concept still held. After the fallen world came into being, the same concept was the center of hope for all surrounding things to be taken away and cleaned up. After that, they can connect to the new world.

The Church Restores True Love

What is the purpose or the reason for establishing the Unification Church? It was so we could restore all these that were lost, to bring liberation to God. That is our mainstream thought. To accomplish that, the Unification Church was established: to restore God's ideal world and live centering on True Love. When people learn about such a Unification Church, should they welcome it or reject it?

This is God's ideal, the creation ideal of perfection is to make that four position foundation. That foundation is the True Love core connecting with you. That is the purpose of the Unification Church. 

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