The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Remarks from Father - April 25, 1993

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 25, 1993
Translator: Peter Kim

After the introduction and gratitude statement and celebration, Father commented as follows:

Historically speaking, there have been a lot of dynasties, kings and queens, many different nations. For example, in one dynasty there is a king and a queen and princes and princesses, their spouses and families, all tangled in terms of the relationship of the in-laws. However, there was a common phenomenon that those in-laws were not really united all the time. Because of that disunity and disharmony, there has been a lot of difficulty, and sometimes they even went to war. So, this morning I am initiating this special celebration in order to set up a standard of how to unite all the in-laws and indemnify all the past history.

Because of the appearance of True Parents, now truly the liberation of women is taking place; of course, that is followed by the liberation of man, too. Liberation for both man and woman is taking place. According to the Principle, or God's plan, all the women, all the females in this world must be united with the true Messiah, True Father first; and only after that foundation is accomplished will all the men, the males, in the world be united. That is the step that should be taking place.

According to the Divine Principle, right after World War II, between 1945 and 1952, the entire world, particularly America centered on Christianity, was supposed to receive the Messiah and be united and start building the ideal world, which would have taken place in only seven years. However, because of the failure of that particular time, I had to walk the path of indemnity for forty years to prepare the foundation for Mother, the bride, to stand on the worldwide scale. That's why last year, 1992, Mother had a worldwide tour under the banner of WFWP, particularly in the seven major nations, including Korea, (three Allied countries, three Axis countries)-America, France, England, Japan, Italy, and Germany-including Korea, seven major nations. Because of this foundation, now this year I could declare the Messiahship and the Completed Testament Age.

Blessing to women

Also because of the foundation that Mother established through last year, women are in the position to receive the real blessing from this year on. Therefore, as we start living this new, Completed Testament Age, women are the ones who will bring peace and harmony and unity to each family; so, women have to play the central role.

When it comes to the number six-which is represented by the number sixty-six is the number that you must go over in order to reach the completion number: seven. Therefore, after you complete the number stage six, then you can get into the completed number stage of seven. So, this sixty (number six) is very significant.

Mrs. Ki-Sook Pak is the first woman-in-law of myself and Mother to reach sixty years of age. For those reasons, I today held this special celebration to open the gate for all the women in the world.

The fall of man was initiated by woman first. When it comes to the human-being level, therefore, women must be restored and woman must now take the initiative to bring peace, harmony, and happiness to the world.

Setting a new tradition

Father is setting a new tradition today. From the families of Father's in-laws, whenever someone reaches the age of sixty, those children of that in-law family who have joined the True Family will initiate this new celebration of sixtieth birthday-the hwan gap chanchi celebration. In other words, suppose another in-law family member reaches the age of sixty, then all of their relatives-for example, they may have three, four, five children, all married-all the children's families and their in-laws work together to hold this kind of special ceremony and celebration for them. By doing so, all the children and grandchildren, all the offspring of their family will learn this kind of tradition and eventually this tradition will be spread all over the world, and it will be a heavenly tradition.

Celebrating older people

Ordinarily speaking, out in the secular world, as you age, you become more lonely and nobody pays attention to you, and you are kind of left out. However, Father says, as you get older, you get closer to God. Therefore, as your parents get older and older, you should be more happy and celebrate more, because of their career, their life, their care for you. Therefore, the sixtieth-year birthday will be celebrated this way; and after that every ten years: seventieth birthday celebration, eightieth birthday celebration, ninetieth birthday celebration, one hundredth birthday celebration, like that, every ten years. By then, think about it, how many children and grandchildren and in-laws will be able to gather together and celebrate! That way those people will set the tradition for their children and grandchildren, great grandchildren, and all the in-laws. That's the way we will expand our tradition to the worldwide level. Of course, not just the in-laws of your family will prepare, but of course, your children, your children's family, and your grandchildren will all work together to prepare for the next celebration.

Worldwide tradition

Let's say for Dr. and Mrs. Pak's family, for her seventieth birthday, Dr. Pak's seventieth birthday will come first, so all the children of Dr. Pak and Dr. Pak's in-laws and grandchildren, all those people will have to prepare steadily for ten years until they become seventy, then you will celebrate. That is the way. As I said, I set the new tradition by showing Mrs. Pak's hwan gap chanchi today, this is not just simply one celebration and then forget about it. From today on, the entire Unification Church in the world will follow this tradition. When it comes to your family, or your parents, all the blessed couples of course, and following these footsteps we will celebrate the sixtieth birthday and seventieth birthday like that. Of course, the husband and wife must be united, must become one, and then the next level is your immediate family and then your relatives and in-laws should all become united and work as one unit.

I spoke this morning on how plus and minus can combine to bring unification to this problem. Combining upon this couples' standing as an ideal couple, this kind of unified and united family involvement, family standard, is set today and will continue forever. Usually women, household mothers prepare the birthday celebrations for their family members, right?

On this historical occasion, it is very significant that Dr. Robert Grant's couple and Dr. Ron Godwin's couple (of course, Dr. Don Sills' couple was invited but couldn't make it), have been invited and have witnessed a new Unification Church tradition. Dr. Pak and Mrs. Pak, please stand up. Special blessing from True Parents. (Prayer)

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