The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

The Truthful Family is the Homeland of All Perfection

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

The following are excerpts from a speech given on April 18, 1993 at Belvedere. Sang Kil Han was the interpreter.

Without the family, everything remains imperfect and incomplete. In America there are many philosophies. Many people live alone and are incomplete. We even find the extreme of a man living with another man as his spouse, and women likewise. They do this because they do not know how man originally was created to live. Therefore they are going against the way God wants us to go; they are following the devil, Satan. Among those who are homosexual and lesbian, most do not feel entirely happy with their way of life.

Education has merit when it fulfills its purpose to teach how to hear, think, and act. Of these the most important is how to act, and of all the actions, the most important are those associated with sexuality and the sexual organs. For example, the eyes have a specific role; the ears cannot play that role. Each organ fulfills a specific function: hearing, speaking, smelling and so forth.

Man and woman are the same in every way but one, and that is their sexual organs. When we examine the purpose of our physical organs, we can conclude nothing other than that the purpose of the sexual organs is to join man and woman together. If man and woman ever are to find unification, this is the way. This is truth. Should this unification be something temporary or eternal? It should be unique, unchanging, eternal, divine and absolute. It should possess all these qualities. We are talking about the very power of love.

Love brings unification. All men desire to exist at the highest level, reaching the highest standard, and to remain at that level forever. They pursue this absolute standard their whole life. But without the love which brings unification, everything they achieve will crumble down. Perhaps humankind is not the best example. In the mineral world we see perfect eternal harmony. This is true as well in the plant world. Man and woman should be like this. Everything, even the insects, was created according to the pair system. Are you like that? [Yes.]

Man and woman are reciprocal partners. If man represents east then the woman would represent west, or if the man stands in the north then the woman covers the south. When they unite, they do so at the connection of a perfectly vertical axis and a completely horizontal axis. Before uniting horizontally they must establish the vertical axis. Then they can become one. In doing so, each achieve their perfect position. What man absolutely needs is a woman. A woman needs, more than anything, her spouse, a man. There is no other substitute, no comparable treasure. Why? It is because man and woman are completed by becoming one.

When there are high and low barometric pressure areas, one flows into the other. Likewise, a husband feels, "Since I need her absolutely, I will give everything to her and become zero." If both sides strongly feel this, will there be separation, or greater and greater unity? [Unity.] What is inside will come out, the top will go to the bottom and the two entities will become indistinguishably one. That one entity will be round, like a snowball. The two will move round and round. Each will be the nucleus of the other. Then they will occupy the position of absoluteness. They will arrive at the center and stand on the central point, one dot. Love will explode from that point. Each one of the billions of cells of their bodies will implode upon that small dot. Love will collapse in and be rooted there. Then it will explode and expand outward in circular motion. In laughter we will go round and round.

Even if you are standing perfectly still, still you are breathing in and out and there is some motion back and forth. It is very noticeable to Orientals, who practice the art of sitting still. This motion is the same as that of the universe. The universe is moving just as you are; you are a small universe.

According to this teaching, what is your direction as a woman? Women wonder about being born as women. Sometimes they lament about it. But women are born for the sake of men. It is deceptively simple. It is universal truth. And for what are men born? Women. That makes you feel warm and good. If you say man was born for man and women for women, it makes you feel cold and chilly.

What about God then? Almighty and all powerful God exists for the sake of the universe, not for Himself. God does not live for Himself. In this world, if you only live for yourself, it is so lonely and meaningless. Living for oneself makes a man so lonely he cries. But he is not just crying; he is crying centering on something. He cries, not centering on his eyes, but centering on that organ. He cries because he is so lonesome.

Even if a man has an abundance of something, he still wants more. If you have lots of money, you worry to death over it. With knowledge, you always want more. If you have power, you never have peace; someone is always chasing you. What about love?

When a young man and woman marry, do they say they have enough love? No. No one ever feels that their warehouse of love is full. How filling love is. It fills you up. As long as you have it, you don't care about anything else. The world can rotate backwards on its axis and as long as you have love, you don't care. A man has to go after something in his life. What should that be? If men and women have knowledge, don't they fight over it? [Yes.] They bicker. If you have lots of money, the same is true. American women have individual bank accounts, yet do they feel comfortable? Open your eyes wide and see if you can find peace and unification in that situation. Does it exist there? [No.] But in love there is no limit.

Is there anything for which you are willing to relinquish love? [No.] The absolute essential possession of man and woman is love. Why? Because this is the purpose for which we were born. Love begins when you think and act for the sake of the other. We must seek the possibility of becoming perfectly unified. Love will come out and say, "I want to stay here forever."

What is the path of love? What road does it travel? Love travels the path which is the safest. No one can intrude. Do you reveal love or keep it safe? [Keep it safe.] However, we often see people trying to show themselves off. Such people will always have trouble. Once you show yourself off, people examine you. It is better to hide away. The more you love each other, the less you have to do. Just touch hands or whisper in the ear. When two poles of electricity come together and there is light. The same with love. As they come closer together, they can leap to each other.

Do you really know that love is necessary? Women are born and exist for the sake of men. Man exists for woman. There is no other purpose of life. Do you welcome that? [Yes.] Why? Because by living that way you will occupy true love. It is for the sake of love. It is so that all your cells can be hooked by love. You can forget all loves except the element of love which is between husband and wife. This should remain eternally and grow day by day. All loves support this ideal and bring us to the point of conjugal love.

From conjugal love we should give birth to children. All the fruits of love reside here. When you reach this point, you will know everything about your husband without asking. If you are unfaithful, it is similar to half a building falling down. Divorce is rampant in this society. It can be triggered by one word. But even if one spouse is bad, if one continues to live for the other, there will be no divorce. There is no more powerful revolution than this; you must understand the power of this love. Women should look in the mirror each morning, and ask, "Are my eyes and mouth for myself, or do I look at them for my spouse?" In the fallen world, women use make up to attract attention from other men, not just from their spouses. This leads to catastrophic destruction. Women are trying to entice so-called more qualified men who are already married. They don't mind the damage. They don't care.

When a man and woman become very close, the vertical love comes to meet them. They meet at the central point. When the husband and wife hold hands they begin to rotate. When they kiss they rotate more. Making love is the completion stage. By the time the husband touches the wife's bosom, she has opened her growth gate, and they are ready for the perfection of love. Nothing is reserved for myself. If this is true love, it works. But if it is not true, it will fail.

In the Unification Church we know where true love begins. There is no casual marriage, because marriage can only take place in alignment with the vertical axis. For a marriage to work, man and woman must stand on a perfectly horizontal foundation. There is no way to determine this without orientation by the vertical axis. This vertical axis is always necessary. Therefore, you need the consent of the parents and all the relatives. If a man marries without these approvals, he will drift in his own direction. Why is love necessary? Because love is the only way to occupy God. Through true love, the world of effect can occupy the world of cause. Once we occupy God we occupy all things in the universe. We gain ownership. So, should we marry? [Yes.] Why? For the sake of love, and through love we occupy God and the whole universe.

So we know why we cannot marry at our private convenience. We have to perfectly fit the pattern of the universe. If we do so, then even though we are small and the universe is huge, no matter where we are we fit perfectly. Be always in harmony. Have no contradiction. Rev. Moon's work may have caused controversy in society, but because God wants this work done, nothing can destroy it. When Rev. Moon comes to America for the sake of America, he is ardently fighting for the sake of preserving America's true values. All of the forces supporting those values will support him. Wherever he goes, even in prison, he tries to fit into the universal pattern. Such a life helps to broaden one's experience.

Until now the world had no center, because the center is the Messiah's position. The Messiah's attributes constitute the center of the family, clan, tribe, etc. He will be positioned in the exact center of the universe, making two perfect lines. Then Satan will not be able to move. Satan can move around only because the center is not established. The vertical and horizontal lines will be intact. Satan's mission is to break this. He wants to destroy any part of it.

Once the Messiah accomplishes this, the real order of the universe will have been restored. According to this Principle, the drunkards will not be able to create trouble. True love will live there. Drinking excessively will no longer be desirable because people naturally will live according to the law. You will be at peace. Your extra energy can be used for love.

When you perfect yourself as a child and as a brother and sister, then you are ready to become a husband or a wife and eventually you will become a perfect parent. You can inherit all the blessings of God. You can only bear children and relate to brothers and sisters when you have parents in mind. On the right is man and the left is woman. God then gives them the blessing and they can reproduce the visible children of God.

God too was once in the child's position and from there He grew. As we all went to school, He went. He too went through that age group and came to produce a family, one in which not only His family but all humankind could fit. Adam and Eve looked just like twins. They resembled each other and God. They kept growing: kindergarten age, grammar school age, middle school age, high school age and college age. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, as they grew they would have followed the footsteps of their Father, God.

Since Adam and Eve were growing separately, independently, they were to have no spouse or a reciprocal relationship horizontally. Vertically they had a relationship. From above, he's subject, she's object. So, just like God Himself has grown up, Adam and Eve, taking the same steps as God, should have continued to grow up. Centering on parents, when he finished his Ph.D., he would have realized that it is not a big name or honor he should pursue, but a spouse. He saw many examples in the animal world. "So, that's the way they love." Was so-called sex education ever necessary? [No.] He learned from the natural world.

So, the purpose of marrying was to perfect himself. By occupying God he could eventually occupy all of the universe, all creation and the spirit world. He could then gain ownership.

Likewise, what about Adam's children? All humankind follow the same pattern as Adam and Eve. So, when you stand in the marriage ceremony, first you must stand as perfect child. Second, you must stand with the qualification of perfect, completed brother (sister). Third, you must stand as a candidate to become a perfect husband (wife). It proceeds in that order.

When you are getting married, your bride is your twin sister. From her perspective, she is about to wed her own brother, who has with her common parents in God. They are confident. Just as their parents were successful in their marriage, having an abundance of love, now they are confident to do the same. Each knows they can give plenty of love to their own children. So how can they fight or have discord? The love they experience the first night doesn't deteriorate, but increases and becomes richer. By doing that their ownership of the kingdom of heaven multiplies. They become the second God and rule the universe along with God.

So God now gives us the blessing. "You too," God says, "since you are perfected in all these ways are now about to assume my position and give birth to many children." Since we are about to have many children, who are to connect with many ancestors in the spirit world, and with many people on earth, they are welcomed because they represent the horizontal expansion of the kingdom, just as Father expanded. This position of receiving the Blessing is to receive from Father the three diplomas or three qualification papers as perfect children, perfect brother and sister, and perfect couples. Everything that God has is in there. Since the bride and groom have all the elements of perfection, God now comes into this position.

The spiritual God comes down here and becomes a physical God. All that was only an ideal. Now it is no longer a mere ideal, but an actual entity. The joy of giving birth to our children is a re-enactment of the joy God had when He gave birth to us. When we stand in this position, perfect and having all the created value of our perfection, we understand beyond a doubt that God indeed created me and everything else for the sake of God, for other brothers and sisters and for humankind. If the children marry in a position different from this, the ideal of God's creation is in vain.

From the point of view of chronological time, what is happening here is that the future, present and past, the vertical dimension, is becoming horizontal. Here we have the four realms of heart and the three kingships. So, we should serve our grandparents as representatives of God Himself, because they are His ambassadors. Our parents are the king and queen, who represent the entire world. Our children represent the future, and are to bring the spiritual and physical worlds into oneness and inherit all the glory of the present and past, the kingship of these two worlds.

We must teach this to our children. This is your kingdom. You are the future king of the world and the universe; you are like Father and like God. With this idea the child will grow up and practice this love horizontally. Before they can go to the spirit world, they will become king and queen. When we come to the spirit world, we can say, "I was a king on earth and now I bring that kingdom here." So each person's realm of influence in the spirit world becomes wider and wider.

In the spirit world there is no reproduction. God's Principle is for reproduction here on earth. Therefore, reproduction takes place in the immense realm of the physical world. God is Father to everyone, nothing else but Father. So the custom of the tribal messiah, the national messiah and the world messiah is True Parents' custom. True Parents have True Love. The fallen world does not have True Parents. The fallen world has false parents. False parents are the conduit of false love, limited love. Limited love brings forth limited life. True Love creates eternal love, eternal life. The fallen world lost eternal love, eternal life, and the eternal blood lineage. Therefore we have to recreate the world of the original purpose. This is the purpose of the providence of God.

There is no room for reproduction in the vertical world. People in the spirit world cannot multiply. They do not have that root in the central point. God, therefore, needs the environment for the creation of people. That is the ideal family-the "formula family system." Why did every generation of the Christian world call God, "Father"? They did not know why. It is because every family is supposed to be the same as Adam's family. The father's position is that of God. The central point, the absolute subject, is the father, as in Adam's family. Each family has the same meaning, the meaning of Adam's family.

This environment is our homeland, our immense homeland. The family brings the perfection of the homeland. It is the place of final settlement. The three generation family represents all humankind, every nation and every age. Everything is concentrated in one place, the family. The kingdom on earth is the place of the extended family. It is one family expanded to the size of the world. We look at those younger than us as our children. Those the same age are like brother and sister--not a spouse! After children's love and brother-sister love, there is the couple's love. It is a process of growth from one to the next. The same concept rules everywhere. Then there is no problem, and there is total freedom. The whole universe is liberated by the completion of the family in true love. Everything is connected by this family, in freedom.

These are the four great realms of heart and the three great realms of kingship. I come representing the past, present and future. In light of what I represent and what I stand for, nothing can oppose me.

You did not see how your wife grew up, but by looking at your own daughter you now can know how your wife grew up. God, too, grew up just as your sons and daughters grew up, just as you grew up.

It took us 6,000 years to reach this moment, and there is a population of five billion living on the earth, and they all carry on in their horizontal way. The True Parents came, whom they call the Savior. By grafting into the True Parents, all five billion people will have grafted firmly into God's lineage. Therefore, from them, too, will come true children. This is God's love; His dispensation. The fallen world is going in one direction, Father in another. Father has already made the ground, the foundation, and just through the glimpse given this morning, you have more than enough to bring the unification of the whole world overnight.

So Father can shout to the world, "It does not matter who you are. The presidency of a nation or any high position mean nothing. What matters is if you can suggest a better idea to save humankind. Can you suggest a better ideal concept of the Kingdom of Heaven, or peace, or all these crucial issues? Can you surpass the Unification Church?" Rev. Moon doesn't think so. There are only one True Parents, eternally. So all religions, all nations, must heed this statement.

How can the universal truth appear on the earth? Through life for the sake of others. You cannot deny that. From life for the sake of others, the root is connected. That root connects to true love. Satan cannot connect to that root. It is the point of completion. But you must deny everything: the nation, the world and everything in it.

Satan's original position is going down and God's original position is going up, to the point that they are exchanging positions. Recreation begins when you leave behind all concepts. The fallen world is recreated by going through the zero point. Without that, you cannot reach the ideal existence. It is the same for Rev. Moon. How could I deny the entire world? How could I deny the Korean nation? How could I deny my family? You must have an atmosphere of going over and winning victory. Then everything can be recreated.

Who is going to prevent the spread of AIDS? Neither traditional education, secular education nor medicine can overcome the spread of AIDS. Only education by the Unification Church can do it. Think about saving America. This is Father's wish. If America shows a good example, the whole world will follow automatically. But America is practicing the satanic way of life. There will be a time when we have to warn the world, "Don't come to America. There is nothing to learn here." Americans are not welcomed everywhere. They show nothing but a bad example. We have to change America quickly, so that God can welcome everyone to America to learn from America's example. 

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