The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Speech to Japanese Members

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 23, 1993
World Mission Center, New York USA
(Translated and summarized by Dr. Yoshihiko Masuda)

All those who are blessed with Americans, please raise your hand. [Mostly women and a handful of men raised their hands.] Did you find the international blessing wonderful? You have now found out that the international marriage is not so easy. Because Japan is the Eve nation in the world, it is providential to have many Japanese women blessed with men from many different nations throughout the world.

How many of you have three or more children? Not so many. The United States is blessed with abundant food. Why not have more children? You are finding out that children with blue eyes do not shed blue tears; the color of your children's urine is not different from yours. You can experience a deeper mother's heart by raising children of an international blessing.

As I told you earlier, twenty million people are starving to death each year throughout the world. In other words, about sixty thousand people per day are starving to death throughout the world. By feeding them, we can easily make them Unification Church members. If we can feed twenty million people in a year, we can make them Unification Church members. Now that the vertical heavenly tradition is established [by True Parents], our main concern from now on is how to multiply, how to increase the membership, in numbers, horizontally.

Korea was chosen as the Adam nation. Korean people's names consist of three characters, and the number three symbolizes heaven. On the other hand, Japan was chosen as the Eve nation and Japanese people's names consist of four characters; the number four symbolizes earth. It is exactly fitting with the Principle.

From now on, I will give you advice. Are you happy as a result of your international blessing? Your parents are watching you and waiting in Japan. They are worried about you and your marriage. If your marriage ends in divorce or if you live as an unhappy and miserable couple, they will surely say, "I told you so!" "Rev. Moon is no good!" "You shouldn't have followed him!"

Testify about international marriage

Can you return to your hometown after divorce? Look at those who were internationally married outside the Unification Church. More than half of them have ended in divorce in the United States. How about our international blessings? We have to wait and see the result of our international marriages.

Visiting your hometown in Japan, you must be able to testify that "the international marriage is very wonderful!" Visit Japan and give exciting testimonies of your international marriage. If Japanese people hear that the wives of American, German, English, French and Italian men will present testimonies about their international marriage, they will be eager to come and listen. If you announce that you will give them the special secrets of life in an international marriage, Japanese people, especially single people, will be eager to listen to your speeches. The auditorium will be packed to capacity by the people who are eager to listen to your testimonies.

How many Japanese members are gathered here today? Over nine hundred? It looks like well over one thousand from this stage, because the color of your hair is black.

Is your international marriage a success or a failure? Those who believe that your international marriage is a success, raise your hands. [Almost all raised their hands.] Thank you. I feel very good. If you regard it as a failure, I cannot change it; from now on, you must make extra efforts and make up for the past mistakes. If you have any resentment or a complaining attitude about your international blessing, your resentment will deeply hurt your children. You must have patience and make your international marriage successful.

Many Americans have blamed the Japanese for overworking. Some American journalists noticed and complained that there are many bright rooms with lights on late at night in many office buildings in Japan because the Japanese are working hard till late at night like ants. However, it is the Americans who must work hard like ants. The Japanese should not be blamed for overworking.

You are grateful for the international blessings. I am happy to hear that. As you know, the United States is in crisis. We must save people in this nation by all means. How many people live in the United States? About two hundred seventy million people? That is, about ninety million families in the United States. We must save them.

Is your international blessing a success or a failure? That is an important question. Are you an ideal model of daughter [-in-law], wife, and mother, respected and admired in spite of your skin color by your relatives and neighbors in your community? Try to become an ideal model of daughter, wife, and mother in your town.

Are you always demanding and commanding your husband to do this and that for you? Or, are you serving your husband and your parents-in-law as gracefully as Japanese women in Japan do? What had I told you before you came to the United States? Did I tell you to become Americanized in the United States? The word "Japanesenize" does not appear in the dictionary, but I am now coining it. If I use it, it will eventually appear in the dictionary. Are you getting Americanized? Or are you "Japanesenizing" America? Don't get Americanized! Japanesenize America! You must reflect on your daily life and on what you have done for the sake of America. You must leave the fruits of accomplishment here in the United States before you depart for the spirit world.

What would God think?

Our original mind is controlled by God and the spirit world. Always think about what God and the spirit world think. Ask a question: How would God and the spirit world view this? Those who disobey God, even if they are famous or powerful, will sooner or later perish. Always look for the position to be sympathized with by God and steadfastly hold that position.

Place yourself in the third position. Find out two elder ideal blessed couples around you. Regard yourself as the third ideal couple and learn from the two elder ideal couples. Learn and follow their successful patterns and establish yourself as the third ideal couple. Father has always taken the third position, that is, the position of completion after formation and growth. Father appealed to God from that position. It is wise to occupy the third position and to learn from the precedents to attempt to reach perfection.

A famous Japanese sumo wrestler was recently engaged to a famous movie star, and the mass media wrote that they are an ideal couple deeply in love. Their love relationship, however, very quickly dissolved. On the other hand, the mass media used to depict our Junko-san's couple as an unhappy couple, not in love. However, look! Junko-san's couple is now happy and in love.

Testify, fundraise and hold revivals

Father is asking you to walk the path that will "oppress" you, the path that will "crush" you. Is it the path to lead you to happiness or to unhappiness? I hope that you will reach not mere happiness but royal happiness (ohfuku), king-sized happiness. I am now asking you to act more and to speak more. Father's time is limited. Father will not live on earth forever. Father's life on earth will come to an end. I know that you have suffered a lot in the United States, but you must work harder to establish a real tradition as ancestors of a new family of heavenly lineage.

In Japan, Japanese members are working very hard day and night. In Japan, seven thousand Japanese women members are mobilized and working hard by leaving their children in nurseries or in the care of their husbands. Yoko Kobayashi, you as a top leader of Japanese Women's Federation for World Peace in America must lead Japanese members in the United States and push them to work as hard as Japanese members in Japan. Fundraise during the day and hold a revival rally during the evening. Here in this room are many members. How many members have you witnessed to until now? The Unification Church's truth has limitless power; the Unification Church's Divine Principle is more powerful than any atomic bomb or H-bomb. It can completely transform people and nations.

[Speaking to Mr. Kobayashi:] Kobayashi [meaning: small forest] is not good. Change the name to Obayashi [meaning: large forest].

Mother is now calling me; sorry I must be going now. [Entertainment was to begin at the Manhattan Center.] Those who agree with what I said today, please shout "Banzai!" Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! May God bless you and your family.

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