The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

True Parents and Blessed Couples

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 23, 1993
World Mission Center,
New York, NY USA
Translator: Col. Sang Kil Han

The topic of my sermon this morning is Cham bumonim gwa chukbok pajong, "True Parents and Blessed Couples." In the traditional religious world, there is no real concept of marriage; most Buddhist monks stay celibate, as do most Catholic priests. Second, people of high-level religions commonly leave home to follow the religious way; the Israelites, for example, spent over four hundred years in Egypt before returning home. Third, high-level religions are characterized by an indemnity course; the Orientals have some vague understanding of indemnity, and that concept doesn't exist in the Western world.

The principle of indemnity

This morning we must come to a clear understanding of indemnity. If the fall had not taken place, the natural order would have been God, Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel. However, because of the fall the order became reversed. Satan rules in the place of God, and God is at the bottom. The younger brother must play the role of elder brother; in fact, he must become the elder brother. It is not natural for the younger brother to take over the position of elder brother. Each step of the way, positions need to be reversed and indemnity paid.

In the religious world, we go the reverse way, the unnatural way. We have to give up this world. This is very difficult for Westerners, who don't want to give up anything. Therefore, we must understand indemnity, which is the law of the religious world.

The goal of humankind is to return to the original position. That requires indemnity. Salvation is equal to restoration, and the only way we can be restored is by severing our relationship with Satan. This is done by paying indemnity.

Most religions begin in a proper manner, but as they develop, they lose sight of this principle and stop serving. Jesus consistently taught us to go through difficulties, to rejoice under persecution, to serve others, to love our enemy. These are all things that ordinary human beings don't want to do. Jesus stressed these points and, without paying indemnity, no one can be elevated spiritually.

The highest of Jesus' teachings was that those who seek to save their lives will lose them, and those who lose their lives for Jesus' sake will find them. How paradoxical this is! People were stunned at Jesus' words and wondered why those who seek to save their lives will lose them. Satan has attached himself to fallen people, and the only way he will release his grip is if they say they are ready to give up their lives.

The responsibility of the first-born

Why does the first-born become the second-born? People in the first- born position eventually become proud. Many religious people forget the way of indemnity and become arrogant. Therefore, the second-born people, who tend to be more humble, will eventually become the first- born. When Abel gains the position of elder son, he must then raise up Cain. However, if he demands to be served by Cain instead of raising him up, Abel will go down to the position of Cain. Those who are blessed first, such as the thirty-six couples, must also abide by this rule. If they consider themselves greater than others than those who were blessed later, they are breaking this principle.

Restoration is the same as re-creation. God first created the environment. In the environment, the first thing we notice is plus and minus, or subject and object. There is always subject and object. In the mineral kingdom there are elements of plus and minus; there are male and female aspects of all living beings. This is the law of creation, and re-creation operates the same way. Here in our church there is plus and minus in the process of re-creation. I am in the position of plus, and all of you are in the corresponding position of minus.

Submit to God's re-creation

The created beings waited for God to make them. They had no idea what they were going to be. When it is about to be created, a being does not have a preference for its type of existence. It is just obedient to whatever its creator will make of it. Likewise, you should not have any concept of what you will be. The potter molds the clay in whatever way he thinks best. You should have the expectant attitude of the clay. The one who is subject always invests a lot of sweat and work into his creation; nothing is produced automatically. The minus must be absolutely open to the plus; if the minus position holds on to its own ideas, it negates much of the plus position's ideas. I cannot submit my work to the criticism of Harvard University graduates or other so-called educated persons. Like a nursing baby, you need to drink my words; like milk, they are the best nourishment to enable you to grow up healthy.

Reflect back on how often you have complained. People who complain, do so out of ignorance. When you complain, you are acting like a cousin of Satan. How many of you can say you have no relationship with Satan? When God is re-creating something and the satanic world rises up in protest, God pretends there is no revolt and perseveres in silence. The raw material should not have its own idea about its destiny; it just keeps silent and waits. God lets religious people experience this kind of revolt so they won't do the same thing to God. Persecution is not necessarily bad, then, from this point of view. Opposition becomes the raw material of re-creation. Higher levels of unity

Our mind and body are separated and engage in almost continuous struggle. The body should follow the mind all the time, but that does not always happen. Satan gets hold of the body and makes it a plus; the mind was originally the plus, so the two pluses repel each other. The only way for a person to become united which we must do at any cost is for the body to always listen to the mind.

The person whose mind and body have become one is ready to create a higher plus in this case, by marrying. Such a family will gather together and act as a minus to the tribe, which is a higher plus, and make unity with it. The united tribe will be in the minus position to the nation, which is the higher plus. Eventually, the united nation will become one with the world, and the united world will become one with the spirit world and God. God is the king of the universe. His son and daughter, Adam and Eve, were prince and princess. Their offspring, numbering in the millions, were to be born as princes and princesses of God Himself. Through true love, we become completely one within ourselves and one with God. Through this love relationship, we are a part of God. That means we are princes and princesses of God, the great king. Human beings don't have any ideals that are not meant to be attained. All our ideals are to be attained through the process of restoration and through true love. We all desire to be unified individuals and to achieve a united family, a united clan, a united nation, and a united world. These are legitimate human desires. Of course, the standard of the fallen world is self-centeredness, but in the principled world of God, we were each supposed to attain these desires.

Elevate your standard of character

You are in the Unification Church not by accident but because of the foundation laid by me and by your ancestors. You are standing on the visible and invisible foundation of my work and my investment. You should appreciate this and live up to this standard. You need to elevate your character. Don't just follow me passively. Seek to understand my words and enhance your character.

The first formula in re-creation is the law of plus and minus. The small plus and small minus unite and search for a bigger plus and greater unity. When that greater unity is attained, they search for higher and higher levels until they reach God. This formula applies right here in the fallen world. We pay the price to achieve this unity by traveling backwards, along the road of indemnity. In order for someone at the bottom of the hierarchy to rise, he has to serve as God and True Parents have served. He has to invest and forget, serve and forget, invest and serve. He has to go through a lot of persecution. It takes an awful lot of hard work to rise to a higher level. Be grateful to God for loving you to such an extent that He will lift you up. When God sees us being persecuted, how indignant and how angry He feels towards those who persecute His own sons and daughters!

According to this criterion, can any of you here say you deserve to go to heaven? Have any of you invested as much as God has for your younger and elder brothers and sisters? Surely you know that heaven is empty; but God didn't create it to be empty. God will fill up heaven with people such as I have described here.

Indemnity propels re-creation

The dispensation of salvation means restoration, and the dispensation of restoration means re-creation. Indemnity is necessary to propel the process of re-creation. Restoration needs indemnity. Satan took over the position of power and authority; he took the position of father, mother and elder son. You have to reverse the process and regain those positions. The first thing you should remember in any circumstance is indemnity. We are elevated through indemnity. The original order of creation didn't last long; it was broken by the fall. Therefore, God had to start from the bottom and apply the law of indemnity.

Satan exercises all his might to make us serve him. You can refuse, claiming that you are from God. However, in order for God to lift you up, you must go through the indemnity course. If you protest against the way of indemnity and stage a revolt, you cannot be material for re-creation, and God cannot work with you. If you don't have the concept of Abel's position, you cannot return to your original destination.

Can you imagine how much persecution God has endured in silence? Millions of Christians are asking God to wipe out the evil in the world and let the good stand. They think God can do that. God will not do that; He abides by the law of creation. Why did God not intervene when Christians were thrown to the lions? Can you imagine how angry God was in that situation? Yet He did not interfere.

God encourages religious people to persevere through persecution. When we are being re-created, we should not revolt. The raw material that is willing to die is the raw material that God can re-shape and re- create. To say, "God, don't do that to me," is like seeking to save your life only to lose it in the end. To say, "Yes, God, shape me," is like being willing to lose your life. This is the law of indemnity.

Indemnity frees us from Satan

Why is indemnity necessary? Do you think Satan will separate himself from you when it is comfortable? No, he will hold on to you until he dies. Therefore, your going through indemnity helps God re-create you and makes Satan separate from you.

I belong to God; I must do as God does. When I was in prison, I would not complain, neither to Satan nor to God. I just did my best. I invested all I had to serve the inmates and to re-create them. Eventually Satan bowed down and said, "I have no more claim over you."

I have done this many times, starting from the individual level and proceeding to the family and clan levels and all the way to the spirit world and God. When did you make the foundation of eight levels of indemnity? Only I did it, and you are privileged to be a part of it.

Let us take a lesson from history. Moses went through a great deal of difficulties leading the Israelites. If the people who followed Moses had thought, "Moses is suffering so much; I should suffer even more," and without complaint had suffered and sacrificed with Moses, today the Israelite nation would be ruling the world.

When you are being persecuted, do not give in to Satan saying, "Okay, I won't do God's work any more. Stop persecuting me." If you are willing to endure even to death, Satan will release you and God will take you. That is where true love begins.

The beginning point of true love

After we have gone through the threshold of persecution and are released from Satan, we can start exercising true love. True love means sacrificing for the sake of somebody other than ourselves. We should sacrifice for others and forget about it. We should invest our very lives for the sake of true love. Once we invest our lives and don't die, we should forget what we did and be ready to do even more. This is the point where true love begins. This is the crossroads where the second son becomes the elder son. Satan cannot be subjugated by force; he must surrender naturally and acknowledge us as his Abel.

If I confront my opponents squarely and oppose them, they cannot become material for re-creation. Therefore, I must stay silent. Silently I overcome. Step by step, I am getting closer and closer to God's throne, connecting with the highest-level plus. When we maintain this kind of attitude, the whole world can be restored. Therefore, we must continue the course of restoration. Become material for re- creation

You need to clearly understand that restoration and re-creation can take place only through indemnity. Satan is testing you to see whether you are qualified material for re-creation. Satan will test you first. If you revolt against Satan because you don't want to suffer, he will tell God, "This person is not ready to become material for re- creation. Please put him in the furnace and try him again later."

Those who have gone through more than their share of indemnity become models in the course of restoration history. Job was persecuted and ridiculed, but he never uttered one word of complaint. Because of this, God was able to give him the greatest blessing.

If God did not have to follow this law of indemnity, He could have put Satan into the dungeons of hell and accomplished restoration overnight. Christ could come on the clouds, if indemnity were not necessary. However, indemnity is necessary, because restoration must go through the reverse path. Look at the valuable spiritual tradition of America. Protestants who were being persecuted by the established churches fled to America, suffered, and lost their lives to set this tradition. The American forebears were proud not to be outdone by what they considered an evil and corrupt religion, the Catholic faith, and they took great pride in being Protestants.

America was successful based on that foundation, and God approved of it. In restoration we always come to a crossroad where we must deny ourselves. Without denying ourselves we cannot go to God. If we do not go through this course while we are alive and with our physical body, we must continue in the spirit world, where it takes much, much more time and effort. The greatness of our sons and daughters will be determined by how faithfully they follow this formula. There is no way to go to heaven without following this principle. I never complain

Every time God put me in prison, I was very indignant. However, I always took the right attitude and never uttered a word of complaint. I always persevered and planned ahead. Then God always gave me a bigger reward upon my release. When God asks Satan whether Rev. Moon wavered in prison, Satan has to answer, "No, he was strong all the way." "Then do you think he deserves something?" God persists. "Yes, yes indeed," Satan has to admit. Therefore, when God raises me up, Satan cannot say anything.

Only I have the authority to proclaim this message. No one can go to heaven unless he understands this principle. From this perspective, do you think more Americans or more Chinese will go to heaven? People from Third World countries threatened by starvation have more potential to go to heaven. Americans say, "Where is my heaven?" With such an arrogant attitude, they are going backward instead of forward.

To be saved means to be restored. Therefore, how can we be restored? Through indemnity. Only through indemnity can you reach a higher level. You have to go down in order to reach heaven. Do you understand? Those of you of the second generation have to follow your parents absolutely; this is your indemnity course.

Get married and go to hometown

Until now, high-level religious people had to leave home and suffer in order to reach their goal. Now the Unification Church is teaching something different for the first time. I am telling you that you must get married in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Furthermore, instead of leaving home, you have to go back to your home and work there. This is opposite from the teachings of traditional religions. The earlier history is now completed, and we are beginning the first page of a new history. What greater idea can there be than to get married and go home?

I have instructed Rev. Kwak to have the religious leaders promote interfaith marriages. I want to share this blessing all around the world and not keep it just within the Unification Church. When this is finished, my role as the initiator of the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace will have been accomplished. I know exactly what I am speaking about and doing. If I do not encourage these celibate priests and nuns to marry now, monasteries will become the arena of free sex. When Buddhist priests and nuns get married to Catholic priests and nuns, both religions will come alive. A lot of Catholic priests are getting married in secret anyway, because the time has come and their minds are moving in that direction. The tide is changing. When the tide comes in, you have to move or you will drown. I know how to change and when to change.

In America, people have been denying their family members, denying their own father and mother, and living alone. If Americans can accept the precious relationship with their father and mother and appreciate the value of the family, America will go to heaven overnight. America is in a time of transition. People who have been accustomed to denying everything need to meet the Messiah and then find their bride or bridegroom. Then they can go to heaven.

Turn completely around

If you turn around one hundred eighty degrees from where you are heading, you will be going in the right direction. Blessed couples should have gone through this path before they got blessed. Those who are already blessed have to go through it retroactively.

If the husband's mind and body are constantly in battle and the wife's mind and body are constantly in battle, they can never become a unified minus in relation to the big plus. While I am still alive here on earth, you have to create this unity. If you don't do it, there is no second chance in the spirit world. Forget about your concepts and take a zero position in relation to me. Many of you have been blessed for more than ten years. How does your attitude compare with this formula? How often have you taken the zero position in relationship to me? Maybe you tried to do so as an individual, but how have you succeeded as a family? As a tribal messiah, you must assume the perfect plus position and teach all the other families in your tribe. Upon the base of family messiahship, you can stand as a tribal messiah. If you really practice tribal messiahship, America can go to heaven.

I opened all doors

I went through all eight steps of restoration, from the individual level to the cosmic level and God. Everybody opposed me on the individual level, but at later levels they began giving in. God's realm has expanded, and many walls have been knocked down.

After the confrontation between communism and democracy is over, the whole area becomes God's domain, and God can live anywhere we live. This is the Completed Testament era, not the New Testament era. There is only one vertical center, and all eyes are watching Reverend Moon's comings and goings. Everybody can be restored quickly, on an equal basis, and en masse. I knocked down wall after wall on all eight levels. In the past, God could not travel freely because no road was constructed. Now God follows me wherever I go. God can travel freely back and forth in this realm. I wanted to open wide the door and give everybody the opportunity to stand on an equal level with me.

Through the Women's Federation for World Peace, each family has this opportunity. Centering on the mother, once they meet the groom, the whole family can stand as my family, and God can live there as well. It took thousands of years of providential foundations, as well as my own forty years of fierce struggle, to reach this point. However, not everybody has to go this way. I am going to deploy horizontally this vertical foundation, so all five billion people on the earth can be instantly restored. Then heaven on earth can be quickly formed on the national level and worldwide level. When the sons and daughters come together centering on the mother, they can meet the bridegroom and follow him. Then God can live in their family just as He lives in my family.

The difficulties Jesus faced

At the time of Jesus, Judaism and the Israelite nation were prepared to meet the Messiah. They heard rumors about Jesus and checked everything out. Jesus was an illegitimate child; under the law at that time, Mary could have been stoned for having a child outside of marriage. Rumors spread all over the country. No matter how famous Jesus became, how could he be the Messiah? No women would want to marry him.

Two thousand years after Jesus, Judaism calls Jesus a heretic. Neither political leaders nor religious leaders could accept him. The Old Testament said that before the Messiah appears Elijah must come down to earth, and people looked up to heaven for Elijah. Elijah didn't appear from heaven and people couldn't believe Jesus was the Messiah. They spit him out as a swindler. Christians believe that Jesus will descend to earth upon the clouds. They think Jesus will come with earthly power as a king. They think Satan will be unable to stand in front of that kind of Messiah. However, Jesus returns in the same way that Elijah returned in the form of John the Baptist. My worldwide mission

Now former Soviet leaders are receiving four-day training sessions and changing direction one hundred eighty degrees. They had previously denied God, and now they completely receive God and are following me. America, which had been centered on God, opposed me, while the side that opposed God is welcoming me.

I am like a shepherd with three groups of sheep: those on the left, those on the right and those in the middle. One is the communist world; one, the free world; and one, the Muslim world. Jesus wasn't able to complete the worldwide base. Now we have to complete Jesus' worldwide mission. To continue Jesus' mission and become the Lord of the Second Advent, I had to unite the free world and the communist world. I have to unite North and South Korea. I have to unite Israelis and Arabs. There is no one in the world who can unite these two except me. I told President Bush we need a model nation to show how a unified nation can develop. He didn't listen to me; as a result, he is no longer in power. My whole work can be called a unifying work: I must unify everything, inside and outside.

Where is this world going? What is the solution to today's problems? The family. When the family lives according to this model, we don't have to do anything else. The ultimate solution to the world's problems rests on the solution to the family's problems. I have already given a very simple way to achieve this. There were many chances to achieve this on a national level, but they failed. Now we are doing it through blessed couples. Many levels of unity

The formula to connect with the different levels of the clan, nation, world, and cosmos is based on tribal messiahship, which automatically indemnifies the Old Testament era and the New Testament era, and the failures of each. Now we are at the first stage of the Completed Testament era. Its essence is family and tribal messiahship. I toiled so much to achieve tribal messiahship, enabling you to partake of it in an easy way. Any family that can come in and unite with me, centering on their mother, will achieve instant unity and instant Kingdom of Heaven. This is the formula that works. Check whether your mind and body are united according to this re-creation formula. If you don't find the Messiah, you cannot complete your purpose of creation. Therefore, you absolutely need the Messiah, the True Parents. Divine Principle guides you how to control your body with your mind, for without that control, you cannot stand in front of God.

How to unify yourself is your biggest problem. Your enemy is your body. The enemy kingdom is encamped in your body. Satan's attitude dominates in the body. Free sex is Satan's idea for breaking the power of God's foundation. The absolute God needs one thing, and that is true love. Which is stronger, God or true love? God obeys true love. Without the partnership of true love, we are lonely. Mother appeared as my partner. Hand in hand, we go up and down, like children on a roller coaster. The partnership of true love creates the most exciting, enjoyable movement. Even God absolutely needs true love. Satan guards the gate of heaven.

Satan's control is everywhere: on the family level, tribal level, national level, and world level. You have to overcome him in order to enter heaven. At the last terminal, Satan will confront you: "If you want to go to heaven, you have to get my permission." The criterion for gaining Satan's permission to enter heaven is the indemnity-course formula. With this teaching, you now know more than Satan. Think how clever Satan is. He was able to stop the advancement of God's providence for thousands of years. You need to raise your children to follow this formula. I have taught you the most important thing. I haven't kept this knowledge to myself. Restoration history is the reversal course, the indemnity course. Is the way of indemnity easy? If you don't act like True Parents, you cannot become true parents yourselves. I don't like indemnity, either. However, if you don't understand and don't accept this life of indemnity, you will flunk the whole course. You don't even get a grade of F; your grade will be zero. The cycles of nature

The whole world consists of subject and object relationships, plus and minus. The smaller being sacrifices itself for the sake of the larger. Look at the food chain: small fish are eaten by larger fish; the eagle eats the fish; the fox eats the eagle; and the tiger may eat the fox. The higher one progresses, the closer one comes to God. However, everything balances out, because small fish such as sardines lay millions of eggs, which are mostly eaten by larger fish, whereas tigers and lions give birth to only one cub every two or three years. Furthermore, the tiger feeds only at night and has to run miles to catch its prey; if it hunted in the daytime it would eat more than necessary. In the morning, the deer can wake up and feed in peace, knowing they won't meet the tiger.

A rabbit may protest to God, "God, why did you make me so vulnerable? I am preyed upon by almost everybody. The tiger is after me, the fox is after me, and even the raccoon is after me." God will answer right back to the rabbit, "I gave you big ears, didn't I? Your ears are big enough so that when the enemy approaches, you can have enough warning time to escape." All creatures are like that.

There must be a reason why certain groups of people tend to have long legs. They must have done something wrong whereupon they needed longer legs to flee. The ancestors of white people must have done something wrong and then fled toward the North Pole, where they became white. White people love blood; they use weapons to kill animals and people, so they have to flee all the time. Christianity actually prospered on this base of plundering and pirating. The Japanese walk like this [Father demonstrates]. Don't laugh at that, because they are proud and honest people. America, France, and England have little to be proud of. Much of what they have they took from somebody else. Everything displayed in their museums is plundered. Is America the white people's country or the Oriental people's country? The natives of this very country where we are living are Orientals.

Things in the natural world go in cycles. Things rise and fall. The Orientals are not always low. The small Japanese people now monopolize the world's economic power. Who gave them this power? God did. White people don't like to hear that. Wake up, white people! Look toward God otherwise there is no hope. Darkness is increasing more and more. Day after day and year after year, your country is becoming the dungeon of hell, and you will not be able to escape. Twenty years ago, I came to this country. If you had understood my message and then carried it out, America would not have become what it is today. But America did not listen. America did not understand. The wonders of heaven God is the absolute, eternal being, but He cannot exist alone. God is the plus center of true love; humankind is the minus center of true love. The unity of God and humankind is like the inseparable unity of mind and body. When your senses are awakened to true love, you can perceive the ideal environment of heaven.

How wonderful heaven is! It's more wonderful than you can imagine. The biggest words cannot encompass it. No matter how far away someone is, you can call him and he will appear in an instant. That is how fast the spirit of love moves. The fastest speed in the universe is the speed of true love. Time and space are no barriers. When you speak, reality appears. You can create a dinner party for a thousand people no problem. Your imagination can have free play. In heaven, eating is no problem, clothes are no problem, transportation is no problem. You can cross a thousand miles in one moment. It's like experiencing Star Wars. You can control all the universe in your sphere of action. The limitations of the body are removed. You won't get involved in any traffic jams or accidents, because you are free to move anywhere. Here you have to pray a long time in order to meet God; there you can meet God instantly. Do you want to go to that kind of place? Absolutely? Then you have to be absolutely unified. To connect your body with this high level of mind and this power of love, you have to pray, pray, pray. Not play. Pray to God to give you help. Pray tearful prayers.

Are you going down or up?

In Satan's world, the gates to the dungeons of hell open automatically before you, and crowds of people are going in that direction. However, if you achieve the victory of love, the way to heaven will open before you. Do you want to follow me there? To do so, you have to go the way of persecution. While you are in this world, you have to train well. One time I said to God, "You have to teach me everything." You should say the same thing to me. Think of Jacob wrestling with the angel. You have to determine to overcome any difficulty. This is a time for repentance.

When you first joined the Unification Church, you were inspired; you forgot everything else in order to follow this way. Now, after your association with me, are you going down or up? How does your present level of inspiration compare with your level of inspiration ten years ago? Are you going up or down? I keep going up. I always cross over every mountain peak. You must follow the same course. Your peaks are not as high as mine, but you need to face them. The hill of indemnity is waiting for you. Every morning and every evening, sit on the floor Oriental-fashion and bow and pray, "God and True Parents, please help me go over that hill." There is only one restoration course. God sent the Messiah to be the teacher for humankind.

Develop close bonds with each other

A truly loving husband will cherish a strand of his wife's hair. God feels the same way toward us. One day I gave an early blessed couple handkerchief, and the blessed wife kept it in her bosom for thirty years. Now it is almost falling apart. I was deeply impressed by her dedication and love. Wherever I go, I want to become friends with the members. God is the same. God needs friends, too. Because of that, I want to make myself available as a friend among the members.

You, too, should become friends with everybody, and you should work hard to become friends with God. If a father talks in a low, intense voice to his son or daughter, the mother would not be jealous, although she would be curious to know what is so important to them. It is good when parents become so close to their sons and daughters that they become like friends. Why does time move so fast? Why doesn't time hold still? If this is the last chance for you to absorb precious knowledge, wouldn't you think of each passing minute as precious?

The four levels of love

We start with God and go back to God. Can you separate parents and children? You cannot separate a couple which is united by true love. You cannot separate brothers and sisters united by true love.

Centering on God, the first love is as son and daughter, the second love is as brother and sister, the third love is as husband and wife, and the fourth love is as father and mother. These are God's attributes. They did not spring from within us. The Divine Principle book discusses children's love, couple's love and parents' love, but brotherly and sisterly love should be added there. The question is whether to treat these four different categories of love in four different ways or in one way. If they are to be treated separately, what would connect them? The invisible parent and the four-position foundation. As we grow from infancy through childhood, going to elementary school, middle school, high school and college, the center of our life is our parents. In the beginning, with Adam's family, there were only two people in the whole universe, Adam and Eve. There was only one pair of children, one brother and sister, one husband and wife, one father and mother. Adam should have perfected himself as a son, brother, husband, and father. Likewise, Eve should have perfected herself as a daughter, sister, wife, and mother. What is the level of perfection in true love? It is the intersection of the vertical love of parents and the horizontal love of children. Conjugal commitment

Adam and Eve each had their course of growth. Woman was born for the sake of man, and man for the sake of woman. In hundreds and millions of years, nobody can alter this truth. What is most important for man? Himself? Another man? Or a woman? And woman was born for man. The deepest place connects with the highest place. A man can completely occupy a woman. You blessed couples understand that. When both sides connect, it doesn't feel painful. You can make zigzag movements, circular movements, vertical movements, rolling movements. You have no complaints about that kind of love action! At that time your five physical senses and your five spiritual sense are open. You breathe in and out, and your spirit body and your physical body connect centered on true love in such an enjoyable way. Marriage means a lifetime commitment of the woman's special part and the man's special part. When the grandparents have this kind of attitude, the next generation inherits their standard. Your organ is not yours; it belongs to your spouse. The woman should always analyze the connection between herself and her husband and immediately correct any area which is lacking. When that attitude breaks down, the home situation declines. Children grow in love and understanding

Male and female grow in a separate course. The parents love their daughter. On top of this parental love, God adds His love, and the brother adds his love. This combined love is greater than the parental love. Even though God and parents love the girl the best, the brother will add on his brotherly love towards her.

As children grow through middle school, high school, and college, they eventually realize that their goal is to meet their spouse. They learn that the purpose of their world is to seek their complement. A student working on a Ph.D. does so for the sake of the parents and the spouse. Until now, people thought they gained a degree for themselves, but that is Satan's viewpoint. By the time students finish a Ph.D. program, they understand that it is for their parents, their spouse, and their children-to-be. As Adam grew, surrounded by nature, he watched the deer and the horses romping around. He saw all the large and small animals making love and realized that he definitely needed somebody. Then he began to notice Eve. Women have a periodic cycle, which begins when they are as young as twelve or thirteen. They gain in weight, their bosom and hips expand, and color is added to their body. The color of menstruation is blood red, and the cheeks become peach color. Eve was the first to notice the change, and she felt that Adam was stupid because he didn't notice so much. The archangel took notice before Adam did.

Girls pay attention to their appearance earlier than boys do. They stand in front of the mirror and arrange their hair. Which is the problem, the flower or the butterflies? The flowers bloom in a multitude of different colors in order to attract the bees and butterflies to come down and multiply life. The tendency of girls to focus on their appearance has the same meaning. Adam and Eve played together, but Adam played rough. He wanted to go to the lion's den and get on top of it; he wanted to ride on the horse. Eve was shocked. She didn't feel comfortable because she was afraid Adam might get hurt. She stayed behind and, by conversing with the archangel, ended up falling. The point here is that the woman always has that potential. In nature, some species of animals stay with one mate throughout their lifetime. Should human beings be lower than the animals? When you see a man and woman walking down the street hand in hand, you should applaud such an ideal couple. In contrast, an ordinary man passing by would think, "Oh, she is a beautiful woman; I must get her." If the man is handsome, an ordinary woman would think, "How can I entice him?" Don't even think like that. Women should not behave like a fox waiting to trap something. Who sells their body on the street, a man or a woman? Of course, the man who patronizes her is just as bad, but the woman is the initiator.

Heavenly love-making

God made everything to harmonize and balance. Man is tall and woman is short. Man's voice is deep, while woman's voice is high. Everything in nature balances and moves through cycles. There are high mountains and flat fields, rising and falling tides, complementary currents and winds. All the circling action of the universe has the same meaning.

Man represents God, because he has the seed of a child. At the time of marriage, the man occupies the woman's world, and the woman occupies the man's world. This is the power of true love. The five physical senses and the five spiritual senses combine centered on the one key sense, true love. Marriage is to bring together what had been separated. In marriage, upper and lower unite, left and right unite, front and back unite. When both husband and wife take their whole life into perspective, they conclude that it was their destiny to meet each other.

If you take love away from a man and a woman, there is nothing that can make them unite, because they are so different. The precious organs are the one means through which husband and wife can achieve perfect unity. It is the true love palace, the true life palace, and the true lineage palace. Where do man and woman unite? By kissing? Where do they ultimately join? This is not just a laughing matter. There are three stages. Kissing is the first stage. When the lips are stimulated, the bosom is stimulated. Since man doesn't have breasts, he goes right down, skipping a step, and immediately begins preparation.

Who must control love? It is man. Who is slower in responding? Of course, the woman is slower in responding than the man, right? I don't know your couple's experience, but the woman is generally slower in responding. In cooking rice, you have to heat the pan first before the rice starts boiling, not the other way around. The woman is like the pan: she has to heat up. I am teaching the men: when you start kissing you are already excited and want to go ahead right away. Don't do that. Take time and prepare all around the body before you proceed. Make the lips get red in color. Make the ears red in color. Why are you laughing? I am teaching the way of original, true love. Then the woman relaxes all her body. Occupy everything and wait for your wife to relax and be ready to receive everything. Then she can act as a receptacle. When she is ready to receive, everything looks rosy. Even if you close your eyes, everything has a dreamy color, and nothing else matters. This is the way you should engage in love. All of you women want to have that kind of husband, don't you?

Where do God and man meet? Right here at the seat of marriage, at the seat of love. Through the sexual organs is where the real joining takes place. But people are embarrassed to talk about that, certainly in public, because this was the real root of the fall, the root of corruption. When man and woman meet in true love, they should immediately think about God. They should look down at the lower parts that connect in love and welcome and dedicate the time of sexual intercourse as a time of true love. Every time I think about achieving true love sexually, my organ lifts up, flying to heaven. Think about how to welcome God and how to connect with God in the deepest place. Then you can enjoy that kind of stimulating, electrifying touch as you welcome God to your family center. Up and down, right and left, front and rear all are meant to connect and reach completion during the first sexual intercourse of a married couple.

Through my teaching, both husband and wife have their personal dignity, as well as their dignity as a couple. On this basis, God can stand with you forever. This is the first time such ideal people have been able to appear on earth.

The culmination of the first three stages

After perfecting everything as son and daughter, brother and sister, and husband and wife, a couple is ready to give birth to offspring which perfectly resemble God. A pure couple wants to bear a pure child, like Adam and Eve whom God created in the garden. When God completed the creation He was happy and contented. Likewise, when a couple gives birth to a new child, they should feel happiness and contentment like God. God has given us all His attributes so we can create our own offspring in the image of God. The birth of a child is a second creation, a re-creation.

Parents are always the pattern, the model. When the parents have perfected themselves as son and daughter, brother and sister, and husband and wife, their children will follow the parents' pattern. An orphan is sad because he has nothing to inherit from his parents. People admire a billionaire, a great scholar, or the president of a nation, but if he doesn't have a wife they pity him. In the American family system, people become independent and isolated and think they don't need their parents. In truth, parents provide the vertical, stabilizing dimension. As God watches His pure children grow, He experiences the feelings of a child's position, the feelings of the brother/sister position, the feelings of husband and wife, and finally the feelings of a parent. God experiences growth through Adam and Eve. The line of growth is double, because it has both spiritual and physical aspects.

Through these bonds of true love, God can exclaim, "Now that my children are perfected, my creation is perfected." When such a man and woman are born, grow, and marry according to this ideal, they create the eternal settling place, and God will come down and live with them. The expansion of true love

Anyone can enter into such a home and feel fulfilled. Would any member of such a family be jealous of another? If your child or grandchild took some treasure of yours without permission, would you be angry? No, because everything belongs to the whole, not to an individual.

Furthermore, all strangers are basically brothers and sisters. You can reduce every relationship to elements of a brother/sister relationship, husband/wife relationship, or parent/ child relationship. Therefore, you can use such experiences to refine yourself and become more God-like. Please remember that you must go through all these steps here on earth, before going to the spirit world.

As a result of the fall, we lost elder sonship, parenthood, and royal kingship. We must qualify ourselves in each of these positions in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. When God assembles all brothers and sisters, those who have qualified themselves on each of these four stages will be eligible to attend that meeting.

Adam and Eve should have been perfected when they became a couple. Think how precious, how necessary, and how valuable marriage is! To bless a couple means to bestow this kind of value on them. Blessed couples have an obligation to perfect themselves and be examples of brother/sister relationships, husband/wife relationships, and parent/child relationships to all the people of the world. That is your mission as a blessed couple. Should each couple have only one child? We have bodies with which to reproduce as many offspring as possible to fill the Kingdom of Heaven. In spirit world there is no reproduction. How can we fill up the huge space of heaven? You have to bear many children.

Wouldn't God want to be a grandfather, too? God never experienced the grandparent's position, because the original [unfallen] Adam and Eve did not have children. The ideal family should contain grandparents, parents, and children. No matter how many generations are multiplied, God still occupies the same, original parental position. Therefore, we call God our Father. The grandfather represents the king of the spirit world; he is like an ambassador plenipotentiary, an emissary with special privileges. In the ideal family, children should serve their parents as if they were greater than an earthly king, and the grandparents because they represent the king of the spirit world. In the whole world, the Korean family system most closely resembles this ideal. The root is different, but everything else is the same. A large Korean family includes people of all age groups, but the core of the family is very clear, centered on the main line of offspring, which is the eldest son of the eldest son of the eldest son. Your family dwells in a royal palace, not symbolically but realistically. The parents represent the kingship of the earth and the grandparents the kingship of the spiritual world. You have to connect your children to these two lines. Look upon your children and love them from God's position. When American families adopt this tradition, the country will automatically prosper. If you don't have grandparents to share your home, you can go to a senior citizens' home. A white couple could invite a black grandfather and grandmother from a senior citizens' home and serve them like God. Would such a family perish or prosper? Would people accuse or praise them? The thirty-third Parents' Day

All the world has opposed me and hit me, but I have been patiently receiving this opposition and am inheriting everything from them. The Soviet Union hit me, America hit me, established churches hit me, the religious world hit me. In essence, every family and every individual of the world has opposed me. That means I can inherit the whole universe and cosmos. The Bible says that those who persevere until the end will be saved. Today is the thirty-third Parents' Day. Jesus died at the age of thirty-three without establishing the family system, and the chosen nation was lost. God still has no country. America isn't God's country. Korea isn't God's country. From now on, we have to rebuild the true family system, starting from the family level and moving to the tribal, national, and worldwide levels. I have made the highway. You have to make the car, get a driver's license, supply the gas, and run the car.

America already has the blessing. The only thing you should do is not let it go. The way to keep the blessing is to do what I have told you today. Six hours is a long time for you to sit here. I am always yelling at you, chastising you. Your body hurts, but still it's fun, isn't it? However, I often spend seventeen hours kneeling down and praying for all of you and all mankind. For ten years I have been doing that, shedding tears and sweat, crying, acting to guard life's valuable things. For you to listen seven hours will be no problem. True Parents cannot sleep or eat, teaching you day and night. This has been my lifelong mission. If you want to follow me and unite with me, you have to inherit my purpose and follow my actions.

(Edited for Today's World.)

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