The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Parents' Day - True Parents And Blessed Couples [Part 3 of 4]

Sun Myung Moon
March 23, 1993
Grand Ball Room, World Mission Center. New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

If Father raises his right hand, which hand will you raise? (Right!) Maybe your left hand will complain, at that time. Maybe you can raise both hands clasped together. When Father raises your right hand, your left hand will come along. Suppose Father makes a loud growling sound, what would you do? GRRRMMMMMM. Make the same sound! GRRRRRRMMM. (Applause) We need to become one with Father, but the most important thing to understand is what it is that makes us become one. We are indeed one.

Now I will give you some excerpts of the things I said the other day to the Unification Theological Seminary graduates. First, centering on God, our first love is the love as sons and daughters. Second, we love as brothers and sisters. Third, we love as husband and wife. Fourth, we love as parents. Those are the attributes of the love of God. Where do these emotions and loves come from? They did not spring from ourselves alone but came from God.

The second type of love among brothers and sisters is not mentioned in the Divine Principle, but it should have been. It was omitted but we should put it in. We read in the Divine Principle about the love of children, couples and parents, but we also should include the love of brothers and sisters. Love as sons and daughters and love as brothers and sisters is almost the same, but they are distinct. We can distinguish between the two types of love. The question is, what kind of perfection of love is required for the children's level of love? What is perfected child's love? What is the perfection of love among brothers and sisters? What about couples? Should these four different categories of love be manifested in four different ways or in only one way? What would connect them if they were to be treated separately? These are questions we can ask.

The answer is, they should be one. This is the four-position foundation. At the bottom is the children's position. On the sides are two separated positions, representing spirit and body. At the top is God's position, in which the two are united, while on the sides the two are separate. We have to grow up by ourselves, each person individually. As we grow from infancy to childhood, through all the levels of schooling, the center of our life is parents. Father is talking about Adam's family at this point, because there were only two people in the whole universe at that time-Adam and Eve. There were only those two as children, and there were only those two as brother and sister, wife and husband, and as parents. Both Adam and Eve, man and woman, must become perfected as individuals, as a boy and a girl and as a brother and a sister. Adam must become perfected as a husband and as a father. Likewise, the woman had to become perfected as a daughter, sister, wife and mother.

What is the level of perfection in True Love? That is the question. Where do these two loves meet? Where do the vertical parental love and the horizontal children's love intersect within Adam and Eve?

Adam, the man, must travel this way, while Eve, the woman, must travel this way to God. This is because she is also a spouse to God. Therefore, she also has to grow from this point. The man grows in the easterly direction and the woman grows in the westerly direction. That is the feminine direction. This is why Western civilization is in the position of bride, the bride's cultural background. It is the bride's culture. The East is the culture of the bridegroom. And when the bride gets married, she has to completely inherit the philosophy of the bridegroom's culture.

Why is the man's direction eastward? Because that is where the sun rises. Thus the religious cultures all began in the East, not the West. The East represents the mind culture. That is why many saints appeared from the Oriental region.

Adam, the man, must travel this way, while Eve, the woman, must travel this way to God. This is because she is also a spouse to God. Therefore, she also has to grow from this point. The man grows in the easterly direction and the woman grows in the westerly direction. That is the feminine direction. This is why Western civilization is in the position of bride; it is the bride's cultural background, the bride culture. The East is the culture of the bridegroom. When the bride gets married, she has to completely inherit the philosophy of the bridegroom's culture.

Why is the man's direction eastward? That is where the sun rises. Thus the religious cultures all began in the East and not the West. The East represents the mind culture. That is why many saints appeared from the Oriental region. The woman was not born for her own sake, nor does she get married for her own sake, correct? The woman is born for the sake of man and man is born for the sake of woman. This is such a simple truth, yet nobody for the past hundreds of millions of years has been able to alter this truth. So what is most important for man? Is it himself or perhaps another man or is it a woman? Is the absolute need for a man another man or a woman? I say it is another man! (Woman!) Man, man! Homosexuals say that man needs another man. Lesbians say that woman needs another woman. Those people have a different concept from the original purpose of creation and they are leading themselves into hell.

This is the simple truth, yet most people don't know it. Why was woman born? Many famous women say, "I was born to please myself for my own purposes." Think about that. That is what Satan's brood says. What woman was born for the sake of? Man. What man was born for the sake of? Woman! True Love connects everything and creates the ideal embrace. There, you can find the most high place here, the most low place here, the most deep place, the most shallow place. It connects all those points. Everything is connected, reaching everywhere. On the opposite side is Satan. True Love can occupy people completely and nobody complains. Isn't that right? You Blessed people can understand this well. When you are loving your spouse, you want to embrace with more and more strength. You completely occupy one another, crushing each other. No matter how strong you love, you want to be even more and more strong. (Laughter)

That's true! Have you experienced that? You Blessed couples must know what I am talking about. No matter how strong your expression of love, it doesn't feel painful. The power of love is stronger than any pain. How happy you feel! At that time, you make sounds, like "Oh, ah, Ahh!" and you feel like you are being lifted up like a helicopter. True Love has that kind of power. Zigzagging, no problem, going this way, that way, horizontally, vertically, no problem where ever you go. Rolling around, going everywhere, you both feel so happy, and no complaint. You act that way in your love action. Father, Reverend Moon, that religious leader, is talking about lovemaking? That kind of concept is appropriate for the leader of the Unification Church? At that time, your five spiritual senses are open, connecting, inhaling, exhaling. Your spirit body is centered on True Love, making that kind of love action between woman and man. Who created that? So enjoyable! It is like going beyond all the boundaries. That kind of ideal world is what everybody wants to have. Do you like that?

This means that once the special parts of woman and man, their sexual parts, are connected through love, that man and woman can never be separated throughout their whole lifetime. That is the purpose. Grandparents who live like that are living according to the ideal way. That is the family system. The parents go the same way, your couple goes the same way. Once you have made unity, you are connected forever. You cannot separate. That is the ideal, True Love standard. Do you understand this clearly? The grandpa looks at the grandma and feels pleasure to see her. No matter how old they become, they want to express their love. The younger couples do the same thing. That is a joyful, grateful atmosphere. When your parents and grandparents live like that, your couple feels admiration: "My great parents! You are our standard. We want to follow in your footsteps." First the grandparents live like that, then the parents, and ultimately the children. When we are surrounded by such a family, then that is what is called heaven. Is that true? You cannot separate. Grandpa is not ever going to separate from Grandma or from the rest of the family. Of course, the parents will always be together and love the children. Of course, the children will always know they are loved. When that kind of relationship is experienced, what a wonderful family you have!

What about the American family system? Many times the American grandparents are not even welcome to visit the homes of their grandchildren, no matter how rich or well-off the grandchildren may be. They always have to call first and ask, "May we come and visit your home today?" Only after calling first are they going to be welcomed. That is the normal way for American families. Think about it. What if the husband had to call his wife on the phone before he could make love to her? They just get into the bed and lie under the same blanket. Then they just reach over to each other and begin to make love action. That is okay. Every time it is okay. This is the couple's mission, isn't that true? Can one or the other say all the time, "Oh, I'm too tired. I don't want to." No, you cannot say that. Your sexual organs are not your own. The owner of the woman's organ is the man. The owner of the man's organ is the woman. Can you deny that? Of course not.

If a woman is always analyzing her husband, "How much are his mind and body united?" and if the husband is always analyzing his wife, that attitude will bring about breakdown in your relationship, and your family system will decline. The owner is absolutely one, not two. This is the ideal Unification home system. Do you like that or not? Yes? Yes?

So after they are born, the boy and girl separate and go their different course. Eventually the boy becomes mature and perfected as a man. The girl grows to perfection as a woman. This is the textbook course. Adam and Eve are first brother and sister. Until now we did not understand this textbook model. The parents love them, but the brother and sister add their portion of love on top of that. God loves her, but the brother adds his portion of love on top of the parents' love toward his sister. They were one but they were separated. That's a greater love because there is the added element of love here. This love combined together is greater than just the parents' love. Parents love the daughter, but the son adds his portion of love on top of that.

Even though God and parents love her the best, he will add the brotherly love towards the sister, on top of God's love. They grow through middle school, high school, and to college, then eventually they know that their goal is to meet the other. In other words, man's world is not his world alone. His world is to seek the other side, the world of woman. And the same is true for woman.

For a man to get a Ph.D. degree means you have to study hard and get recognition from the school. That was for the sake of his parents and at the same time for his wife. For a woman, it was for her parents and for her husband. Until now we didn't know this. We thought we gained a degree for ourselves. For oneself alone. That is wrong.

By the time he or she finishes the Ph.D., they will fully understand the reason they did that was for the sake of the other person here. She studied and got her Ph.D., not for herself but for her parents and her spouse. Repeating again, the reason that she went through her courses for her Ph.D. was not for her sake at all. This has nothing to do with her pursuing the school. It is for the sake of parents, it is for the sake of husband, and it is for the sake of the forthcoming children, that they can have good children. The sons and daughters will be happy to have such well-educated parents, loving each other.

What about the world? The world today does not operate according to this principle. Many people seek status and title in vain. How can you compare True Love with any degree or title? Does a college degree have life? Does it have any ideal within? Does it have something in common with everybody? No, it is his or her own, at best.

When we become true parents, we are free to go anywhere. There are no boundaries anywhere. Wherever we go we can pass freely through. There are no limits of time and space. This is true now and it will be true two hundred years from now. The most valuable, number one treasure is True Love. Do you understand? True Love here in the Unification Church is what makes us different.

By the time he reaches here, he realizes that he absolutely needs somebody. That somebody is her. If God thought what the man needed was another wonderful man, then He would have created a brother for him, instead of a wife. Partnership means absolutely, only one, not two or more. Certainly that means no free sex! Free sex means a person could have a different partner every night, throughout the year, 360 different partners. That is despicable. Even animals, so-called beasts, have better discipline than man. They abide by the laws of creation. Do some species of animals change the laws in regard to mating? They never do. Can't you say then that the human being who does have multiple sexual partners is lower than the animals?

God has allowed AIDS to prevail in the world at this time because it creates a lot of fear in people which keeps them from being so promiscuous. Do Unification Church people love AIDS? Absolutely not. It is something we absolutely and forever abhor. And we are proud that we do. We are proud of our attitude toward the purity of man and woman. Think about how precious our pure couples are in this world. When man and woman combine as a couple, you have to think about your purity. Pure love, pure woman and pure man connect their bodies in love, combine and complete the unification base. From there you bear children. How very pure that is, how beautiful. We say, "I want to bear a child that is even more pure than the children God made in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve." How wonderful that concept is. How wonderful Unificationists' blood is. It is not dirty, only pure. Do you like pure? Purification and Unification sound similar. They are cousin words, related words.

By the time Adam grew up, he had observed a lot of animals and other aspects of nature. He saw the deer romping around and coming together to mate, as well as the other animals, large and small. He came to realize that he, too, needed somebody as his own partner. He could look at Eve. You know, the horses jump around, but Eve just walked around, not so excited. Does a man have a monthly menstrual cycle, or not? What about a woman? Girls as young as twelve or thirteen begin that cycle, right? As they grow, they develop in the bosom and their hips become wider. Likewise, their monthly cycle causes the bloody color to appear. Her cheeks become the color of peaches. Each animal seeks his own mate by smelling the air, as well as by appearance. So to Adam, it became very obvious that Eve was the mate for him.

Eve herself was the first one to sense that change, and she felt that Adam was kind of dumb because he didn't notice things so quickly. The archangel took notice first, before Adam. The point is that Eve was in the position to notice the difference first. Can you understand that? It's not man, it is woman. What do you observe in young people today? Do boys spend a lot of time looking at themselves in front of the mirror, fixing their hair and doing all those fussy things? Isn't it girls who start doing that first? Girls pay more attention to how they look than boys. The woman, then, is the person in question, the potential problem. Is the flower the instigator, or the bees? Which causes the action? Do the butterflies and bees come because the flowers bloom, or does the flower bloom because of the butterflies? We know the answer; the flower is the one that makes the action begin. The flower makes the problem. Once that flower blooms, it is surrounded by the bees and butterflies, coming down to gather the pollen.

It is the same with woman. You are the one making the problem. Be careful! The love leader is man. Why is that? Man is representative of God. Why? Man has the child's seed. He has ownership. Do you understand? He represents God. American women have to learn this concept. Here you say, "Women first," but that is wrong. The first one God created was Adam. No matter how proud the woman's side may be, still she is the second one! Isn't that true? That is natural law. Is that true or not? Women, listen to me clearly, especially you American women. Was the man first or the woman? Which one? I say woman! (Laughter) No matter how much you try to oppose the idea, the first human was a man. You have to follow that truth. Do you American women understand this? Once you understand the truth, you will be free anywhere you go. You are no longer bound by ignorance or falsehood but are free.

All the disorderliness in the world tells us that something is wrong, but there has been no textbook, no standard, no criteria by which to determine what is wrong. Now we have the textbook. Who is the leader of love, man or woman? Who initiates? It is because he contains the children's seed. The woman's body is always in the process of preparation to receive that seed. Then when the owner of the seed, the man, visits and they combine into one, that is what we call marriage. Wedding time is the time of marriage. Do you want to have that kind of time, or not? The central point of the exchange between man and woman is marriage. The man occupies the woman's world, and the woman occupies the man's world. Both need that place, that position of absolute unification. They will absolutely never separate, because of True Love power. They have forever power. Their five senses combine together, both their spiritual and their physical senses. The woman's physical and spiritual senses become completely centered on True Love, so that they are one. The sounds they make in the action of love are different. The man makes a deep and strong sound, while the woman makes a higher sound. That is a base of harmony.

Man is usually taller than woman. Think about how it would be if things were reversed, and the man was short and the woman was tall. God is a great scientist and He created us so that we could be well-balanced as couples. Man's voice is deep and bass, while the woman is high and soprano. Together they make harmony, and they do not clash. The cycles of nature show us this harmony. The wind blows from areas of high pressure to low pressure. We inhale the air and have high pressure inside, then we exhale it and have low pressure inside. From the high mountain, the waters flow down to the valley. These things illustrate the partnerships that are everywhere in the universe. This revolving, cyclical action is everywhere.

While Adam and Eve were growing up, they played together but Adam was rougher. He liked to climb into the lion's den and get on top of his head, or ride the fastest horse. Every time he did something like that, Eve would feel shocked. She didn't feel comfortable doing those things. She worried about him getting hurt. She would stay behind then and have conversations with the archangel, which ultimately led to the fall. The whole point here is that woman has that potential. Woman always has that potential.

We could draw this circle which looks very big, but that is only half of the world. This is the right hemisphere, and that is the left hemisphere. Imagine a man walking down the street hand in hand with another man. That is strange looking, isn't it? But when a man and woman are walking down the street that is natural. In fact, Unification Church couples should inspire people to applaud when they walk down the street. They would say, "Oh, how wonderful to see that kind of ideal appearing in this world!" The worst thing is when women say, "That is such a handsome man. How can I entice him away from her?" Or, for a man to say the same thing about a woman. The worst offender in this sort of thing is the woman. Women should not behave like a fox lying in wait to capture its prey.

Who is more likely to sell his or her body in the street, man or woman? Of course, the man who patronizes her is just as bad, but who began it? The woman.

What is marriage? Marriage is the bringing together into unity that which was separated before. The two hemispheres which were previously separated come together in marriage. Also, where do the upper and lower hemispheres meet? That, too, is a very important question. How to unite these two is the question now. The frontal arc and rear arc must come into unity. When all these are united, where does that unification take place? That is the essence of the question now. We must understand that the upper and lower must become one, and centering on that line, the left and right must become one, as well as front and rear. The whole thing must have a meeting point.

When both take their whole life into perspective, they come to realize, "Oh, this is where we are supposed to end up. We are supposed to meet with each other." Where do man and woman become united? Is it by kissing each other? Where do they ultimately join together? This is not a laughing matter, but they start by kissing and then after that, the man will stumble onto the woman's bosom, and then move on to the lower parts. Those are the three stages. Isn't it true, according to biology? Once the lips are kissed, they become stimulated and then the breasts are stimulated. Also for man, since he does not have breasts, the stimulation goes straight down to his sexual organ, skipping a step. Immediately he becomes prepared. This makes the point about who must control love. It is man. Who is slower in responding? Of course, woman responds far more slowly. Is that true? I don't know. You couples experience this every day, so you know better than I. I am asking you. How about that? Is it true that woman is slower in responding? Yes or no?

In cooking rice, you have to heat the pan before the rice can start to boil, not the other way around. The woman is like the pan. She has to heat up first. Father is teaching the men. When you start kissing, you are already excited and want to move fast, right away. But you shouldn't do that. You have to take time and prepare her, going all around her body. You have to cause her whole body to blush first. Why are you laughing! I am teaching the original way of True Love. True sex education, right? Then the woman relaxes her whole body. Then she becomes the receptacle, ready to receive the man fully. Even though you close your eyes, you see everything rosy, like a dream color. Nothing else matters to you at that time. This is the way you should engage in love. Wouldn't all of you sisters like to have that kind of husband? You very cute sister here, would you? Yes. Everyone says yes. Any woman wants to have that kind of husband.

Who is the model? The husband and wife become the model for all the children who will come into existence through them. After becoming perfected as a child, as a brother or sister, as a husband and wife, where do they meet? How do they inherit all the properties of God?

When God completed the creation, he felt happy and contented. A couple should feel that way, too, when they give birth to a baby. They must feel as happy and contented as God was when He brought Adam and Eve into the world. Even though we cannot create our children in just the same way as God created our first ancestors, God has given us all the properties or attributes for perfection because God wanted to share with His children, with all of us, the right to create our own offspring in this way. Therefore, we are creators of our own children, who are in the image of God.

The parents are always the pattern, the model. They had to become perfected as son and daughter to God, then perfected as brother and sister. As they grew up, they became perfected as husband and wife, eventually becoming parents by giving birth to perfect children. Those children will follow exactly the same pattern as their parents. Therefore, the conclusion is that parents are the pattern. Why is it so sad to see an orphan? We say, "He is so sad, and I am sad to see him." It is because that orphan does not have anything to inherit from his parents. He doesn't have parents to inherit from. We see in the secular world, too, that someone may be very rich, having billions of dollars, or someone else may be a world-renowned scholar, but if such a person doesn't have a wife, then everybody else will feel sorry for him. Why is that? It is because of this formula. He has a serious lacking, a deficiency which is very sad.

The position of children becomes added to the position of brother and sister. Together that adds on to the position of husband and wife. On this base, they can stand as perfected parents giving birth to a child. The question is, in the American family system, is there that kind of brother and sister feeling? Many children feel they don't even need their parents, but they become isolated from True Love in that way. Families are fragmented, and the individual doesn't care about anyone anymore, except perhaps his or her spouse. That vertical line concept has to be made straight. Otherwise, how can they connect with the top point; how can up and down be connected with one line? The parents' position is the vertical line. The husband and wife relationship is on the horizontal line. American people think they only need to be a couple, and no other relationship. They greet each other with a handshake, representing the horizontal world. But along with the horizontal, they also need the vertical way. When Oriental people greet one another, they bow, right? That represents the vertical way. Your body becomes small and low when you bow down.

In Western culture, people write from the left side of the paper to the right. The Oriental way is up and down, moving from right to left. When the Oriental person beckons to someone, he does it this way with his palms down. The Western person does it like this with his palms up, which looks like he is saying "I want to receive something from you." All minds follow the natural world, this kind of direction. This is very interesting. Nobody could plan these things.

Actually, when you look at man and woman and take love out of the picture, there is nothing that could bring them into unity. They are so different. The woman wants to go after one thing, while the man has another interest. It is impossible for man and woman to unite except through love. If it weren't for those love organs in your body, how do you suppose you could unite with your husband or wife? Isn't this true? It just so happened that those precious organs are the only means by which we can come into perfect unity. You have to always remember that your sexual part is your True Love palace, your True Life palace, your True Lineage palace. That is why it is your most important part. It is the point where God and man come into unity. That is the crux, the core point, of the universe.

(Father draws on the board.) God is here, and He is watching Adam and Eve grow. He feels Himself in the child's position. Then He experiences their feelings in the position of brother and sister, then as husband and wife, and finally as the parent Himself. God experiences all these, just like Adam and Eve. As His children grow, God also experiences growth. You see here the couple now stands having intact the perfection of the children's love, the perfection of the brother and sister love, and the perfection of the spouse's love, but in this order. The single line represents the children's love. They go towards this way, in that order. Here you notice there is a double line because God is there too. Their mind side and body side unite into one and connect with True Love. They analyze and combine with one place making the completed unification settlement.

Where does it combine? The upper sphere comes down this way, as you can see. The lower sphere goes up this way. The right sphere goes this way, the left sphere goes this way. And the frontal sphere goes this way, while the rear sphere goes this way. All meet in one place. So the love of children, love of brothers and sisters, love of husband and wife all meet together; this way and this way and this way also. All meet here. Then in one moment, they explode. Centering on what? Centering on True Love.

Since love divided from here, now it meets again here. Man and woman divided here, meet again here spiritually, divide physically here, and meet here physically. Then the mind and body side combine into one by True Love. When the True Love connecting place has been achieved, God can exclaim, "My children are now perfected. My brotherhood has been completed. My couples have been completed. All the contents of My creation have been completed." After that, the world goes back to the original plan. Thus God's re-creation system requires that we bear children. All four aspects of love have to reach completion. Unify at this one point, the position of marriage. That is why marriage is the most important time. This is the meaning of marriage, the true importance of marriage. That is where everything is completed.

All children, all offspring, covet that kind of children, brother and sister, spouses, and parents. They say, "I want to become that way," for each level. Our neighbors cannot help noticing when we become the perfect children, the perfect brothers and sisters, the perfect couple, and perfect parents, if we take after this pattern perfectly. The parents are the original model for the children. They are perfect children themselves. Do you understand?

This is the place of our eternal settlement. We grow up this way, after we are born, we meet here and we settle eternally. Right here, the time when they get married. This is our lesson, our textbook, our model for all our ideals. Anyone can come into this kind of house and feel satisfied, whether that be the grandchildren, the children, anybody. Would you become jealous of any member of the family here in such a love? When you have some treasure kept there and one of your children or grandchildren come in and take it, would you be angry? No, because it belongs to everyone. There is no concept here of the isolated individual. Nothing belongs to an individual. Everything belongs to the whole.

Just like all men are born for the sake of woman, and all women are born for the sake of man, likewise all perfection takes place for the sake of the other. We do not perfect ourselves for our own sake but for the sake of our spouse. This will become very apparent once we go to spirit world because the spirit world is arranged in this fashion. Actually, there are no strangers in the spirit world. Everyone is basically brother and sister to one another, sharing this same tradition we are describing.

You can reduce every human relationship into brotherly love, spousal love, or children's love, and through that ever more refine yourself to become like God. Therefore, we must go through these steps here on earth by growing like so, and experiencing brotherly love and children's love and spousal love, and by giving birth to a perfect child. We need to have the childbearing experience before we go to spirit world.

Have you ever seen anyone who was so beautiful that she is willing to die for herself? Or any picture? But if you fall in love with someone, you are willing to go beyond your life. Love makes people willing to give up their life for the sake of their loved ones. This proves beyond any doubt that human beings are born for the sake of love. True Love is for the sake of each other. Getting married is to occupy east and west, and then what does it mean? What happens next is that God comes down and wants to live with them. Getting married is to seek the eternal settling place. It is called the eternal settling place, because God comes down to live with us. Where else can you go, or want to go? Do you understand? This is what marriage is. This is God's position, this is the position of the perfection of Adam and Eve and this vertical principle never changes. It goes on and on, generation after generation. Do you follow?

What did we lose as a result of the Fall? We lost four things and therefore we must restore them. These four things are: 1) Elder son ship; 2) Parenthood; 3) Kingship; 4) Royal Kingship. These positions will be restored based on the contents I'm sharing with you today. The restored man is King in the elder son's position. Through that formula we enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Those who pass this criteria, who pass through this experience, are eligible to attend whenever God calls all His children to assemble. When all the brothers and sisters assemble, we are qualified to attend that meeting. Centering on this formula, I, realizing each individual step of perfection, will become perfected. I will become like God and give birth to a child. By repeating this, that person will go to heaven. So by the time Adam and Eve become a couple, they are perfected. Everything is perfected. How precious, how necessary and valuable marriage is! We now know.

To bless means to bestow this immeasurable value upon a couple. We must understand this clearly today. It is the duty of all Blessed couples to become perfected so that they can be the example to all the children of the world. Become an example of the brother and sister relationship, become the example for all the spouses in the world, and an example for all the parents in the secular world. That is our mission as Blessed couples. We must represent God's position in the world. We have to recover what was lost in the past.

Why don't we have just one child, like in some countries where the government allows only one child per couple? In a way, the couple living here on earth within their physical bodies should reproduce as many offspring as possible to fill up the Kingdom of Heaven. Once we get to the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world, we can no longer bear any children. That is the vertical realm. There is only one dot, one point where the vertical line meets the horizontal. The horizontal realm is the line where we want to see many dots, many children. Many dots represent many brothers and sisters. We want to multiply these children with the same value as God. Do you understand? Therefore, we can enjoy a huge heaven in spirit world. There is wide space there. How can we fill it up? We have to bear many children, right? Dozens, dozens, dozens, and dozens more, for eternity. One child cannot connect with many generations. You should multiply, filling heaven up, up, up. God enjoys seeing that.

When we get to spirit world, we will have no physical worries. What to eat will be no problem. What clothes to wear will be no problem. There are no automobiles or highways, no factories. Everything is set up and prepared for us. We can fly around and travel a thousand miles instantaneously, like taking one step. The universe is filled with so many stars. There are stars of gold and stars of diamond for us to visit. You can explore all the universe, it is our field of action. You want to do that, don't you? Our physical body is our limitation now, but once we are freed from this body we are free to go anywhere. That is the way it is in spirit world. We can immediately meet with God in that world. In this world, we might pray for a long, long time and still not be able to meet with God. How difficult it is. Do you understand?

We are talking about the restoration of the elder son ship, of Cain and Abel, and restoring parentship and kingship and the royal family ship. Only after accomplishing these can we go to spirit world and avoid being caught in a "traffic accident." You won't collide with anything there when you have accomplished all these things. Automatically, you are free to pass. But if you don't accomplish those levels, you will be constantly colliding with barriers. As the member of the royal family, with the plus/minus here, the Kingdom of Heaven becomes bigger and bigger. Since this is the indemnity course also, we must understand it clearly because we have to indemnify and restore all the positions. Who has these now? Satan has them. We've got to restore them.

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