The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Parents' Day - True Parents And Blessed Couples [Part 2 of 4]

Sun Myung Moon
March 23, 1993
Grand Ball Room, World Mission Center. New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Father already explained as a general rule, that Champumonim means Parents in the plus position. Chupokijong is Blessed couples in the minus position. Obedience means to become completely one and united. If my mind and body fight all the time, and my wife's mind and body fight all the time, and my wife and I fight all the time, we can never become one. We can never become the true minus for the big plus. We cannot. When a family becomes like that, they will become exempt. While Father is still alive here on earth is the very time where we have to fulfill this. We will have no recourse in the spirit world, if we don't do this. There is no second way of doing this. When someone will shout out in a big voice, "All Blessed couples present here, are we going to listen to Parents or not," what would the answer be? Would it be yes or no? (YES!) When you say yes, does that mean, "Yes, Father, I have my own concept and my son has his own concept"?

Those members of the four-position foundation must forget every concept. Remember only the zero point. Do you understand? No matter how Father is teaching, we must follow everything. Otherwise, you cannot follow the way of re-creation.

This is our new resolution. But what about all the past? Many of you Blessed members have been Blessed for ten or more years. What kind of attitude have you been taking up till now? Compare it with this formula. Have you taken the position of this absolute zero point? Yes or no? Not just as individuals but as families. Then when we stand in the corresponding position to this plus as the perfect minus, a tribal messiah, we must assume this plus position and teach all the other families in this tribe. Then you fulfill the role of tribal messiah. Standing upon that, you become the tribal messiah.

This is absolute. You must exercise your absoluteness because you cannot bend the Principle. Otherwise we lose all the families in our tribe. Is there any real way for America to go to heaven, if we really practice tribal messiahship in this country of America? There are eight steps. Father starts from the individual level and goes all the way to cosmos and God. As we see, everybody opposes the individual while he is building the foundation and making the family. But after that, they give in. That means God's realm becomes so much wider, so many walls have been knocked out.

So this is the realm. You saw already, even though you don't hear any explanation, this is what it has become step by step. After the confrontation between communism and democracy is over, then the whole area becomes God's domain where we can go up or down as we please, and God can live anywhere we may be. This is the Completed Testament era. This is not the New Testament era anymore. This is center. There is only one vertical center. All eyes are watchful for Reverend Moon's going and coming. So this is where it is happening. Here the whole horizontal level can come up to an equal basis on the horizontal level and can be restored. It is very quick, very fast, en masse. In other words, Father knocked the wall down on all these eight levels, from individual to family and all the way up to the cosmic world. God could not travel here freely because there was no highway for Him, but now Father made one, and God always followed Father in his wake. God could follow, wherever Father went and wherever he knocked down the walls. Now God can travel freely back and forth in this realm.

Father wanted to open this door wide and give women the opportunity to stand on the same level, equal to Father. Therefore, he initiated the Women's Federation. Through this, each family now has this chance. The woman, or the mother of that family, is the bride and is ready to meet the groom. Once she meets the groom, this family can stand the same way as Father's own family stands. God can live there just as well as you. It took thousands of years of foundation and Father's own forty years of fierce struggle to reach here. Not everybody has to go the most difficult way. Instead, Father is going to deploy that foundation horizontally. All five billion people on earth can quickly be restored. This is why heaven on earth can be formed quickly.

This can also be achieved on the national and world level. This is everybody's dream and desire. Sons and daughters will come together, and centering on the mother, they will meet the Messiah, the bridegroom. Then they will follow his wake and God can live in every family, with all five billion people of the world. Humankind had an earlier chance, as we know, right after World War II. That time, it was the national and world level, not even the family level, where England was in the mother's role and position. America was Abel and France was Cain. If they became one and met the bridegroom-to-come, then the whole world could have been united overnight. This family type level of unity could have come and heaven on earth could have been achieved at that time. Seven years is what Father figured it would take. But it did not happen. They opposed the coming of Reverend Moon.

Father has been providing a ready explanation. Of all the countries, America was in the highest position in the whole world. It had experienced phenomenal success and was at its peak. Only forty years later did America come down. Why? The Christian world started under persecution. No matter how difficult it was, they reached the position to overcome the world base. They had that kind of course but God protected them and raised them up. After World War II, the whole world was in a unified position under those three countries. Why have we seen that the free world under the Christian leadership has come down in the past forty years? Satan is taking them down, diminishing them to the dungeon of hell. Why? Nobody so far has been able to explain. The Christian world was the bride's base and foundation. After the creation, God has been taking the providential way. He invested hundreds of thousands of years, a long time making the bride position on the world level. That was established and completed after World War II. Those nations with a mission have to meet the Messiah. The Messiah is not a country leader or a powerful dictator, nor some kind of Olympic marathon champion. He doesn't have anything, only zero. Zero.

With Jesus it was the same. At that time, Judaism and the nation of Israel were eager to meet their Messiah. The Messiah appeared and he proclaimed himself. The people heard rumors. They went to check Jesus, to analyze and understand him. He was an illegitimate child. He had no father! At that time, the Israel law authorized the stoning to death of women who committed adultery. Rumors spread all over the country, "Jesus was born as the result of illicit love. No matter how famous he is, how can he possibly be the Messiah?" The Israelites paid so much sacrifice to receive the Messiah, during forty years. His coming had that kind of value. But after he came, even the girls surrounding Jesus didn't want to marry him. It was a miserable situation.

Compare the present with 2,000 years ago. Judaism now says Jesus was a heretic and that he was not the Messiah. Among the Israelites, only ten percent are Christian. After 2,000 years they feel that way so how could those who were contemporaries of Jesus believe in him? The Messiah was supposed to be Israel's king. First, Cain and Abel should have welcomed Jesus' position. Did the leader of the Israelites do that? The Old Testament taught that Elijah would come down to the earth before the Messiah appeared. Elijah was expected to descend from the sky. All the religious believers believed in that kind of concept. Think about it. Elijah was to descend from the heavens to the earth. Elijah didn't appear like that. Jesus' disciples went out and preached everywhere and then John the Baptist's disciples asked them, "You say that your teacher is the Messiah, but Malachi has written that before the Messiah appears we will see Elijah. Elijah hasn't appeared, so how can you say that your teacher is the Messiah?" Every time they rejected Jesus' disciples, spitting on them.

We see the same situation today. Now at the time of the Second Advent, all the Christian world is believing and expecting to see Jesus coming back to the earth from the sky. They have the same concept as those in the past. They are expecting a king of earthly power, a man of absolute power. Satan cannot stand in front of that kind of Messiah. Think about it. That's like indemnity. The Old Testament disappeared. In this time, success will come in the same way. Jesus did not appear on the clouds, descending to the earth. Just as John the Baptist came in the role of Elijah, if John the Baptist had followed Jesus absolutely, then the country could have followed and the whole nation would have been quickly connected and dedicated themselves. No problem.

The situation surrounding Father has the same meaning. Only one man appeared with no foundation. Korea had no foundation at that time, only one man. There were many churches making preparation. For what? The whole Christian world was making preparation for the Second Advent. Who is the Second Advent? The Messiah, Reverend Moon. Those three nations were like the three wise men at Jesus' time who brought gifts. Those three visited me, saying, "All countries, all the world is dedicated to you. Please do your will freely." Can they do that? Is that an easy way or difficult way? American people like to say, "Easy way." Those three wise men who bowed down and represented all mankind, was that the easy way or difficult way? Nobody was treated the same way that Father was when he came here.

After forty years, no matter how much people opposed Reverend Moon, they did not tear him down. Now all around the world, those who made proclamations against him crashed down. Nothing can stand before the teachings of Reverend Moon. People everywhere recognize this. Look at the people in the former Soviet Union. Many leaders on the national level are receiving the four days training program. They are being completely won over and are turning around completely from their former ways. They denied God before, but now they are receiving and believing in God. They are following behind Reverend Moon. Think about that. This truth has already completely covered the world. America, representing one side of the world, has been standing in the God-centered position and is now against me. The other side, formerly the side which denied God, is welcoming Reverend Moon. Which side will take the upper position? America was first, but is now lost.

In the time of Jesus' crucifixion, there was a thief on the left side and thief on the right. One side represented the communist world, the other side represented the free world. The Islam world was represented by Barabbas'. The time of the Second Coming is the time to unify those three. Isn't that true? At that time, the three thieves represented the world foundation. Jesus was not able to make completion in his time. In these Last Days, we have to make the completion. God wants to see the re-creation starting point. Do you understand? Father did it through the organizations he founded. The Federation for World Peace and also through the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. The two organizations represent body and mind respectively. The Federation for World Peace represents the political world. Those two combine with Reverend Moon at the center. It is as if the position of mind and body are connecting. Also the communist world, Christian world and Muslim world were brought together on April 10, 1992. Eight country leaders from Islam came together and were blessed by Father. This is making a new order. Communist world members, Islam world members, and free world members were together embracing at that place. That means the condition was fulfilled which was established at the time of Jesus on the cross. At this time those thieves disappeared. After that, the unified world is starting.

To become the Lord of Second Advent is to continue to do what Jesus did and make the free world and communist world come into unity and harmony. That was Jesus' mission. One side is plus and one is minus. Satan is denying the harmony between these two sides. Now Father must bring these two worlds into unity. The situation in Korea is the same. North Korea and South Korea are divided. South Korea the free side should be the plus. The communist world should be the minus. Between the Israelites and Arabs-the Arabs think they are the plus. This is on the religious base. God's ideal is for one to become a plus and one to become a minus. There is no one in the whole world who can unite these two. No one except Reverend Moon. This is why Reverend Moon gave George Bush a proposal for how this could be done. But he did not listen and he is no longer in power.

Father told him, "We must have a model nation to play the model role to show after uniting these two worlds. And this is the way you must do it." But Bush did not listen at all.

Jesus' physical body was separated from his spirit body. In the same way, unity must be brought in Asia between the spiritual and physical world. Only Reverend Moon can do that. America and Asia are coming this way and they meet right where Korea is today. We know it is inevitable because Jesus lost his physical body in the East. That situation is now restored in the East. That's why we say, "Today we are living in the 'Pacific Era'."

This is the realm of Christianity (drawn on board). They must become one with us. To unify is more or less Father's entire work. Father must unite the inside and the outside, creating unity everywhere. Where is the world going to go? The answer is simple. The solution to the problems of the world and the new direction of the world is the family unit. When the family unit comes into this model, everything is completed. We don't have to do anything more. The solutions to the ultimate problems of the world rest on the family unit. Father has already given us a very simple way to achieve this. We had many chances to achieve this on the national level before but they all failed. Now we are doing it through family restoration. Father has already achieved all the formulas to connect the different levels of the clan, world and cosmos. Therefore, we must do tribal messiahship. This is exactly what the world rests on. That will automatically indemnify the Old Testament Era, the New Testament Era, and the failures of both those eras. This is the time when we are in the first page of the Completed Testament Era. Its essence is family and tribal messiahship.

In tribal messiahship, which Father toiled so much to achieve, people can now partake in a very easy way. Even though the family is not united and opposes the Parents, Father still forgives them and lets them stand in the same position on this horizontal line. Any family that unites with Father, centering on their mother, can now achieve instant unity and instant Kingdom of Heaven. This is the formula that works.

Now check on yourself. Have your mind and body become united according to this formula of re-creation; compare your own mind and body. There is always a plus and minus concept. It is because the Creator has these two concepts. Mind is what, plus or minus? (Plus.) Body is what? (Minus.) But after the fall, the body came to take the plus position. Behind the unity of mind and body is the authority and power over the family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. There appeared only one man in the Abel position, on God's side. How can the plus and minus positions be used to restore the cosmos? The political world hits the religious world. Is that true? That is a problem. How can they unite? You didn't find the Messiah. You cannot make a completion of your creation purpose without the Messiah. You have to absolutely understand that you need the Messiah, the True Parents.

True Parents means understanding the contents of the different positions. Please understand this. It is like being a doctor. This is a course where you must analyze everything. No matter how difficult it is, after hearing the Divine Principle you have to control your body with your mind. Otherwise you cannot stand in front of God. Do you understand? What about those of you in the back of the room? Yes or no? (Yes.) When you say "Yes," it means "Jesus" in Korean.

How can I unify myself? This is the most central problem and the hardest homework for everybody on God's side. Your enemy is your own body. The enemy's kingdom is your body. It is the military site for your enemy. Do you understand? A woman's body is her enemy and a man's body is his enemy. Those bodies like Satan's way, Satanic attitudes and satanic habits are ingrained in the body. Satan likes free sex. Sexual action is Satan's ideal. That power breaks down God's foundation. The physical body likes free sex. Those who follow that way are part of Satan's brood.

You have to know yourself clearly. You are now restoring history going toward eternal life. How can you stop that satanic way and cut away? Push out Satan. Push your body out of the ring. Make a plus and minus unity and after that you will increase and make advancement. Using this formula you will occupy God centering on True Love. Connect with the subject up and down, and all will become one centered on True Love. The center root goes up and down but it has unchanging value. Man's ambition is to get to that point, "I want to occupy God."

No matter how absolute and great God is, God absolutely needs True Love. Which is more strong: God or True Love? Even though God is the absolute being, He absolutely needs True Love. You never knew that concept of God's absolute True Love. God wants absolute love and obedience.

God's children will become couples and marry. God teaches them, "You have to completely unify centering on True Love. Otherwise, I don't like it." That is how God teaches His children. Children ask, "Father, you teach us that we absolutely have to obey True Love, so how about you?" He says, "Of course, of course, me too." God says, "I need partnership." Do you understand? Father is a lonely guy. Does Reverend Moon have that True Love or not? No love power can appear alone. You cannot feel, imagine or act on that strong power. The eyeballs work in partnership. What kind of power creates such phenomena? Not just one, which would be phenomenon, but five senses, which is phenomena. That's true. Right?

When Mother says, "I want to take your hand", how wonderful it is. The vertical position comes first, then turning around and there is the horizontal position. This dance is the ideal contents course, with one upward motion and the next downward motion. The high level peak meets the lower level peak. The dance step moves fast and then slow and it is a good feeling. You have all ridden a roller coaster, haven't you? It's very exciting. How many degrees is the angle that the roller coaster goes up? It goes up and then drops down at almost a ninety-degree angle! You scream when you fall, making that partnership most enjoyable. You laugh, when you go downhill centering on True Love. The action is enjoyable. Even God absolutely needs God's True Love. No matter how mighty God's position may appear without True Love He is not happy and has no power. No matter how famous Reverend Moon might be, no matter how much he stands here and talks about strength and expressing deep concepts, if he lacked True Love he would have no value. Isn't that true?

Mother absolutely needs True Love. When this love disappears we see the emergence of people like feminists immediately taking place. They ask, "What made that kind of concept?" You need True Love. Is that true? You can connect your mind and body, by centering on True Love.

The quiet Oriental woman will come to control other women of the world. Why? In a village, everybody persecuted one woman. She is not bad. She has good characteristics and makes good action. She makes good result every day. But the surrounding women gather around her and say things and hit her. At last, God will say, "Why are you making that kind of action against this woman?" The surrounding women will be strongly pushed down, and the other one is protected and lifted up. She will be lifted up to the center to where all the others will have to follow her standard and attitude. "We have a model, we will follow her! Mansei!" That is a natural action. God takes that kind of attitude.

Reverend Moon is the same. The whole world, individual, family, tribal and nation-all together came against him at one time. They were shooting bullets and arrows everywhere. During the day, at night, through every season and for more than four decades they have been shooting at Reverend Moon. Yet Reverend Moon never disappeared. In fact, he just became bigger and bigger. The CIA cannot understand it and the KGB cannot understand it. They worked hard to analyze him and they found out that Father is not a bad man! In fact, he is a good man. Only good! All the nations of the world have come to understand. In fact, they are coming to discover that Reverend Moon is the number one good guy in the world. That's true. Why? They see that Reverend Moon is only doing good everywhere. They ask, "Since Reverend Moon came to the United States, what has he done?" The answer is that he has spent much money for the sake of this country. He and his members have received a lot of persecution. They work hard and never take much rest wherever they go. Do you like that? Reverend Moon has been teaching all the time that you have to take the way of persecution. Go down! Go down. Why? Because you have to subjugate your physical body. Your physical body is Satan's kingdom. It is the individual foundation for Satan to control everything, including the family, tribe, nation, world, spirit world and hell. Unless you change your physical body's position, you cannot get into heaven. At the terminal point and last station, Satan will be waiting and say, "You will have to receive my permission, to get into heaven. It is given based on whether or not you passed the indemnity course formula way." Satan learned this rule well. Do you understand?

Now that Father is teaching you clearly, will you learn and understand, or not? You will learn more than Satan! Think about how clever Satan is. After the fall he accused God for thousands and thousands of years. "God, You should stop Your action. You cannot progress until you solve this point." Satan accuses God and God has to answer, "You are right." That's true. If you cannot go over that level of accusation and occupation by Satan you cannot go up. This is formula. It is a contract between God and Satan.

If you want to take Satan out from your family, children and your race, you have to know this formula. Unless you fulfill that contract, Satan will say, "No matter how famous a revival meeting leader you are and no matter if you are as famous as Reverend Moon. You belong behind me." You will be hooked. This contents cannot be explained anywhere else. Occupying the right position, you must follow it, with no complaining. Do you understand? I speak in broken English, because I am not an Englishman. How can you understand these contents? That is the question, isn't that true? To understand the contents is the most important thing.

Father has explained the most important things and has not kept anything to himself. The dispensational course of restoration history is that of indemnity. The course of restoration is absolutely the indemnity course. Why? We are going the opposite way, the reverse way. The younger brother has to take the elder brother's position. Is it easy or difficult to accomplish this? It is difficult. But it is a proud course because we must act like God. Otherwise we will not pass.

By the same token, unless you act as True Parents act, you cannot become true parents yourselves. I agree with you, if you don't like indemnity. I don't like indemnity either, but without understanding it and passing through this course, we don't pass anything and we have no victory. We get a big zero, no grade at all, not even an F.

This whole world is directed by the relationship between plus and minus. The smaller one is in the position to sacrifice for the sake of the larger one. In other words, all mankind should offer themselves for the sake of God. Look at the food chain where the smaller fish are eaten by the bigger fish. The bigger fish may then get eaten by an eagle. A fox may eat the eagle, then a tiger may eat the fox. As they go up in the food chain, they come closer to God and everything is fair and balanced. Look at the sardines and the small fish and the millions and millions of eggs they lay. Most of them get eaten up by the bigger fish. But the tiger and the lion can only have one cub every two or three years.

The tiger feeds only in the middle of the night. He would eat more than necessary, if he ate in the daytime. Many other animals come out to eat, including the deer, at dawn. They do not have to worry about meeting the tiger and lion, at that time. The tiger eats in the middle of the night and must run miles before he can get his prey. Do you know how difficult it is for the tiger to get his meal? He has to work very hard for every meal, whereas the deer wakes up early with the sun and goes to bed when it gets dark. In the daytime, they graze and move around and enjoy life. They have big ears that can detect the slightest sounds of warning. The same is true of the rabbit. The rabbit may protest, "God, why did You make me so vulnerable? I am the prey of almost everybody. The tiger is after me, the fox is after me, even the raccoon is after me." God will spank the rabbit and say, "That may be, but I gave you those big ears, didn't I? Whenever the enemy approaches you, you can hear him coming and you can flee."

All the creatures are like that. Animals with the longer legs are those who have to be able to run away fast from their enemies. What about the white people? They must have done something wrong so they fled to the North Pole, where they became white. White people must have originated close to the North Pole, isn't that true? Look at the polar bear. It is totally white. The white people love blood. They use weapons and kill animals and people, so they have to flee all the time. Actually, Christianity prospered on this foundation. There was a lot of plundering and pirating.

This way is how the Japanese walk, but don't laugh at them because they are proud. They are honest people. America, France and England really have little to be proud of. Much of what they have, they took from somebody else. Just like women who are tall but want to have even longer legs, so they wear high heels. Everything in a museum comes from having been plundered. The white people didn't produce anything themselves. Look at the museum in London. Were those things presented to the English people, or didn't the English people just take all those things and put them in their museum? They have taken things and that is what robbers, swindlers and cheats do. Isn't that true?

What about this very country of the United States, whose country is this truly? Is it the country of the white people or of the Oriental natives? You have to know that Oriental people were the original settlers in this country. You have to know this history and make it clear. That is the indemnity way. First the Western world came in to occupy this country and now you have to receive the same treatment. Now you experience the opposite side. This is the natural way, the law of cycles, evolving law or rolling law. Sometimes within the cycle it goes high and sometimes low. It is not high or low all the time. Oriental people are not low all the time. Look at those small Japanese people. They are occupying the world's economic power. Who gave them that kind of power? The Japanese people may think they did it, but God gave that grace and power.

Reverend Moon is called the terrible dictator. Everybody talks about him. The white people don't want to hear it. "Why does he say those kinds of things? We don't like that." But no matter if you don't like it, it is the natural phenomenon leading God's concept. If you don't go in God's direction, you are immediately diminished and you go down to hell. You must then take the way of repentance. You white people! Wake up. Look at heaven and God. Otherwise there is no hope. Darkness will come more and more, day after day, year after year. America will become dark like the dungeon of hell. You white people cannot escape that.

Father has been here in America for twenty-one years, investing everything to extend the hands of salvation, trying to save America. You need to save yourselves. I have been here for twenty-one years. What could America have become today, if you had understood this law of indemnity twenty years ago, and had carried it out? But they didn't listen and they didn't understand. Did we have to wait for America to become like this in twenty years? God cannot exist alone either. He needs His object of love. Please understand this indemnity formula of absolute plus and minus making unity and creating higher and higher unity. This is the formula course, reaching at last to God and occupying God. God said, "I am the beginning and I am the end." Do you understand? God is Alpha and Omega. Now we understand restoration by indemnity. We must understand that what Father has been teaching has been this principle. No matter how difficult the situation is, you absolutely have to follow and obey Reverend Moon. Otherwise you cannot make that equal partnership centered on True Love. Subject and object must be combined in one place and connect with True Love at that time. Otherwise there is no way. "No way" means that it will forever despair. True Love centering on God is absolute. Absolute means forever.

God is a plus True Love center. Humankind is a minus True Love center. The two combined into one makes one equal partnership centering on True Love. That connecting point is the unification place. It represents the mind's side and body's side. They cannot then separate. God is the ultimate eternal Being, the opposite partner of humankind, centering on True Love. Forever. It is a reasonable conclusion that humankind will forever be united with God centering on True Love. How wonderful this is. Centering on what? True Love. Spirit world is full of the concept of True Love. In spirit world you are sensitive and can experience True Love with your five senses. After that you pass into heaven. After getting into heaven you can catch everything. It is the ideal living environment. You don't know how wonderful that is. Father knows well. How awesome that place is! Your imagination cannot measure that kind of heaven. It is big, big, big! The biggest words cannot contain that concept which stretches for thousands and thousands of miles.

No matter how far away he may be, if I call for somebody I want to hear from, he would immediately be able to come to me. Why? We are enabled to travel with great speed throughout heaven, because of love. The fastest speed in all the universe is with True Love. Do you understand? Time or space are not a problem. Things can happen or move immediately. Even if only one word is said, somebody can immediately appear in reality. So the person of the highest love can do everything. It depends on your love level, how much love you have. That is like God centered love. Comparing ourselves, what is our percentage of love? Are you a high percent guy or low percent guy? Every time you want to meet with someone, it is no problem. Thousands of people can gather together, at one time. You can see that center love and want to touch it and you can participate. You will automatically be set up, by desiring it. Your imagination can travel freely.

Father is teaching you, and if you follow, you will go to that level. You can control everything. That is how valuable it is. Nothing can compare to it. Do you want to attempt to get to that kind of place, or not? Yes, absolutely? Absolutely means you have to become an absolute being yourself. Absolutely means completely one. Have you achieved that position or not? That's the problem. The mind is at a low level too. The original mind occupies the perfection position. Automatically, original mind has the best love power to lead the body. You have to pray, if you want to reach that powerful position. Not play but pray. Pray to God. Do you think, "I want to play, have fun, go dancing. Ha-ha-ha!" That won't work. You have to have tearful and many prayers. You are Moonies. Satan's world made up that name. But you are Moonies, right? That means you are like Reverend Moon. Reverend Moon's brood, right? The True Love race. That brood is the so-called True Love race and tribe. Tribe means race. The True Love race cannot be occupied by Satan. You are free absolutely in Satan's world. Satan's world is going down to the dungeon of hell. That gate is automatically open there and it is very crowded. Going there and stepping down, Satan is there pushing people down. The doors are open there and you can freely go inside. You know that. But the high-level, victorious True Love guy is going to get into heaven and meeting no obstacles. There will be no barriers, it is just free. Do you want to follow behind Father and go there? Can you complain all the time about the hard work and the persecution you have to go through? No, you just have to say, "I want to follow Father." The time for you to train is now, in this world. Otherwise there is no way. You must be well trained.

Now you are leading the soldiers who are going one day all over the world without problem. Is that true? Especially Blessed couples. A Blessed couple will have lower value without Reverend Moon. There will be no way, no success. Your way will become dark and confused, if you don't follow Reverend Moon. Father went to God and said, "You have to teach me everything!!" We must do the same to Father. That's true. Jacob wrestled with the angel and it was the same thing. The angel hit him so hard that it dislocated his hip bone, but still Jacob held on and demanded the blessing. The angel gave up, after that.

Gathering here, you are immediately blessed. That is a problem. Your mind is making that kind of decision. You must decide, "No matter how difficult the circumstances are that surround me, I will overcome them. No problem." Which one is it: "No problem", or "Yes problem"? There are many "Yes problem" guys gathered here. I don't want to see that kind of attitude and neither does God. That means we must repent at this time. That means every couple here must repent.

You see that Father is getting older and older. And I am going up and up. What about you? You have also been going up, up and up? How much have you been elevated in spirit since you first joined the Unification Church? Have you forgotten everything else except your forward march toward God? Have you gone down or up since you became associated with the Unification Church? (UP!) Have you really been going up, after ten years of membership? I say down! (UP!) Reverend Moon has been going up more and more, all the way to the highest mountain peaks of the Himalayas. You must go over the peaks because you are following that same course. Your course is not as high, but you are going up in the same way, climbing your own mountain. You must continue climbing all the time, going over and over and paying your indemnity. You must climb your own indemnity hill which is waiting for you. That is the teaching of the Divine Principle. That is your five percent portion of responsibility in fulfilling your mission. God cannot help there. It is your mission. It is like God's own restoration course, when you complete your own mission, going that kind of hard way.

So you understand that power. Every morning and every evening you have to seek it. Bow down and pray, "Please God, help me, I have to climb that hill. I need True Parents' help too." The only leaders you need in this are God and True Parents. There are not two formulas or two ways to get there. There is absolutely only one, not two. This is true for everybody. Everybody has to follow that formula. God doesn't want exceptions to this indemnity way. There are no exceptions. Everybody is included and God doesn't want to hear "But."

Who is the plus and who is the minus between True Parents and Blessed couples, according to this law of re-creation? True Parents are the plus. Then together we will form a bigger minus in front of the bigger plus God. We all want to rise to a high position in the world, don't we? From the family, we want to rise to the national level, the world and cosmic level and go all the way to God. This is true not only here, but after that, we want to do the same thing in spirit world. We will be able to see clearly that we must rise up like that in spirit world, but we will not be able to. The step we must take is clearly visible but it is very difficult to take that step once we have gone to spirit world. Therefore, this is a serious matter. Now is the time, we must do these things today.

We need to be taught the right way. Who are our teachers? Our Parents, a king or school teachers? God sent the Messiah to teach all mankind. He is the absolute plus guy, sent to the world which should take the absolute minus position before him. We want to become absolute minus so that we can occupy God. The only way to go about this is through True Love. There is no other way. A truly loving husband will take a strand of his beloved wife's hair and cherish that. God feels the same way towards us. I gave an early Blessed woman a handkerchief, one day a long time ago. For thirty years until it was ragged and almost falling apart, she kept that handkerchief in her bosom close to her heart. I was deeply impressed with her dedication and her love.

It is Father's characteristic to want to become friends with people wherever he goes. The same is true with God. God needs friends too. Father wants to make himself available as a friend among the members, because of that. You should do the same. You should become friends to everybody. We have to work very hard to become friends with God. When Father talks in a sweet, small voice to his son or daughter, Mother is not jealous. Mother is only curious about what is so important. In the same way, sons, daughters and parents become so close to each other that they become like friends. That is good to see.

Why does the watch move so fast? What do you think? This is the last chance for us to observe and learn this precious knowledge. Don't you think that the ticking of each second is therefore precious? You are sitting out there thinking, "I'm so hungry, why does Father talk so long?" Are you complaining like that? [No?]

Do you understand this concept? We start with God and we go back to God. God is the main subject. That is like the mind's position. Owner and guest become combined into one; that kind of meaning. I want to become God's partner. We cannot separate, centering on True Love. Father and children cannot separate either. No power can change this relationship. When couples are centered on True Love, nothing can separate them. This is the ideal motivation or formula. How wonderful is this concept! Think about children saying, "Our parents are at such a high level. Too high a level. We cannot look at them!" That's the truth. No matter how absolute God is, if He cannot find His partnership with human beings, He will not be able to find His own True Love.

I don't know. You know more than me. You are younger, Father is an older guy! My head forgets things and I forget English vocabulary. Sometimes it is good to forget concepts. You will forget concepts you have now, when you get old.

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