The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Parents' Day - True Parents And Blessed Couples [Part 1 of 4]

Sun Myung Moon
March 23, 1993
Grand Ball Room, World Mission Center. New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Please raise your hands, if you are not yet blessed. In the traditional religious world, there is no substantial, clear concept of marriage. We see this everywhere. In Buddhism, most of the monks remain single and celibate. Likewise in Catholicism, the priests must remain celibate. Also, one very common rule or phenomenon we see in all high-level religions is that the adherents must leave their home and go elsewhere in order to train in the way of God. There are many biblical examples which are consistent with this. We see the significant biblical figures leave their home and go through many experiences which seem to be following a certain rule. This is typical of all the higher religions, not only individually, but also as a race. Look at the Israelites. They went into Egypt and remained there for 430 years before they could return to their home. This again is part of the indemnity course which is typical of the high-level religions. The concept of indemnity is better understood In the Orient than here in the Western world. The idea of paying a price for success is everywhere in the Orient, but in the Western world people do not understand indemnity very well. This morning, we must come to a clear and deep understanding of this concept of indemnity.

In the original world, if the human fall had not taken place, the natural order of things would have been God, Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel. But since the Fall occurred, everything became upside down. In the original world, heaven is on top, but today we see it is upside down. Adam is on the bottom, instead of on the top. Satan rules in the place of God, and Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel, follow in that way. Satan has the top and God has to get hold of the tail, instead of the head. Restoration means that the younger brother must play the role of the elder brother. In other words, he simply must become the elder brother. This is not natural.

In the family too, the younger brother takes over the elder brother's position. Here we can understand that the younger brother becomes the elder brother, and the elder brother becomes the younger brother. The higher the level we go to from the family to the nation, each step of the way, God has to make us pay a price, or indemnity. There are many nations but they must turn upside down. What we must do in the religious world is not to take things as they are. In fact, we go the reverse and unnatural way. The rule is that we have to give up this world. This is very difficult for people of the Western world to comprehend because they don't want to give up anything. They want to hang on to this world. So we must understand indemnity, which is the law of the religious world.

The goal of all people is to return back to their original position. In order to do that we have to pay indemnity. To be restored we must first pay indemnity. What is the dispensation for salvation? It is the path of restoration. To be saved means to be restored, isn't that true? The only way we can do that is by paying a price which means paying indemnity. Why is that? Satan exists and we have to severe our relations with him. We see plenty of examples in the religious world where people are called upon to sacrifice, persevere, serve others and endure great difficulties.

Most religions began on a good path, but as they continued they lost sight of this very important principle. Then they stopped serving others. We see that Jesus consistently and clearly taught people to go through difficulties, be persecuted, and to be grateful for that. He told his followers to serve others and to love their enemies. Ordinary human beings don't want to do any of these things, yet these are exactly the things Jesus stressed that people should do. It is because of the need for indemnity. No one can be elevated spiritually, without paying indemnity.

The most extreme example of Jesus' teaching on this subject was, "Those who want to die for my sake will live, while those who want to live will lose their lives." How paradoxical this has seemed to many people. What has Satan been doing to fallen people? He has taken possession of their lives and unless they are ready to give up their satanic life, they cannot be claimed by God. This teaching of Jesus seems shocking at first: those who want to live will die. People wonder why Jesus would say such a thing.

Why is it that the first-born must take the position of the second-born? Those who are first born eventually become proud of themselves, just as many religious people forget their need for indemnity and become arrogant. Then the second-born, who is more humble, would become the first-born. That is Cain's position here. Those who are born second -- in other words, Abel, who then takes the elder's position-must raise and serve Cain. But if Abel instead wants to be served by Cain it becomes a problem. Then Abel will go down to the position of Cain.

We see this even among the members of the Unification Church. Those who were blessed first, such as the 36 Couples, must also abide by this rule. Holding themselves up proudly, thinking, "I am always greater than others because I was among the first," they violate this principle. Restoration is the same as re-creation. This is the formula. This concept is of course not yet understood by other religious people within the traditional religious framework. We are the first ones to understand this concept clearly.

When God created the world, He first created the environment. The first thing we notice about this environment is the plus and minus relationship, or the relationship of subject and object. There is always subject and object. Let's take a look at all existence, including the mineral realm. There is an element of plus and the element of minus-male and female-in all living beings. These two take reciprocal positions and thus when they become one, this one eventually becomes minus and this one eventually becomes plus (pointing to drawing on blackboard). We must understand the law of re-creation. Creation was done according to a certain law, and likewise, re-creation follows the same law or formula.

Here in our church, we observe in our environment of re-creation that, of course, there is one in the subject position, the plus, who is Reverend Moon. All of you are in the corresponding position as object. We understand Father's words only very conceptually. In the world of creation, every young being just born, have no preconceived ideas. In God's creation, all beings were just waiting to be created by God. We have no idea of what we are going to be, what we want to be, or anything. The created object does not have any concept of its existence. It begins with a zero concept. Do you understand?

Here the created object has no preferences, no preoccupations. They are just obedient, absolutely obedient to God, accepting whatever He will make of me, or him, or her. God, or in this case Father, may make someone stand upside down and he would stay upside down until he was put right side up again. We have no concept of what is convenient or inconvenient. This is the zero concept. We are waiting to be re-created.

We are just like earthenware. When the potter molds the clay, he does whatever he wishes. Whatever he wishes to do with the clay, he molds it that way. Likewise, we must do that. Here, the one who is subject always invests. Nothing comes automatically. He invests with a lot of sweat and energy. In the early times of the Unification Church, people may have said, "Oh, Reverend Moon just uses that principle because he wants to form a dictatorship. He just wants to hush up everybody else so that he can do as he wishes." But after twenty years, this principle is still enduring. We know that this is the way re-creation is done.

Here is an absolute plus. The minus must become an absolute minus before it can become valuable. When it has too many of its own ideas, then it negates that much of the subject's idea. Father's work cannot be done by the criticism of Harvard graduates or by those who are so-called educated persons, saying, "Reverend Moon, you are wrong. You should do it this way." It doesn't work that way. We must be like babies at the mother's breast. All we need to do is drink plenty of milk. Drink up Father's words like mother's milk. That is the best we can do to grow up healthy and strong.

We must remind ourselves this morning how much we have been complaining without realizing the consequences. When you complain that way, you are acting like the cousin of Satan! Who can say, "Father, I am far from Satan. I am not related in any way with Satan!" Raise your hands, if you have that much confidence. (Someone raises his hand.) He may not understand English! It is an unmistakable standard. Why is Father pointing this out? It is so you can understand clearly what your life should be, as well as what your life was before. When God is re-creating something and the satanic world rises up in revolt against Him, trying to stop His work, what can God do? The only thing He can do is persevere. He pretends He was not revolted against and just keeps His silence.

Here we have raw material. No matter how the subject kneads or molds it, that raw material should not express ideas of his own. He must just keep silent and wait. So God allows all this persecution, this revolt, to happen to the righteous and religious people so that they can experience it and they won't want to do the same thing to God. So God does not necessarily think of persecution as a bad thing. The guy who endures that kind of persecution doesn't have any concept of his own. No matter how hard Satan pushes against him, he will not move, he will not take any action.

He becomes an original resource like land. He becomes an original point. No matter what Satan puts in front of him, he will not budge. God can use that kind of resource to begin a new creation. This is the Principle, yet there is no one in the traditional religious world who understands this concept. How much happier are we who do.

Our mind and body are separated, as yet, and they struggle against each other almost all the time. You know the relationship between your mind and body-the body should always follow the mind, but that doesn't happen. Satan gets hold of this body and acts as the plus, whereas the mind is the original plus. You have these two pluses repelling each other. We must understand that the only way for an individual to become united, which is what we must achieve, is for his body to always, in every situation, listen to his mind. That is the only way. Yet there is no minister or traditional Christian evangelist who understands this clear idea and preaches it. No one is doing that.

The man whose mind and body became united is now ready to meet the higher plus, in this case, to form a marriage relationship. Such a family will gather together and act as the minus to the greater plus of the tribe. They must become one with the tribe, and then the united tribe will take the minus position to the country or nation, which is the plus. Then the united nation will become one with the whole world in the plus position. The whole united world will become one with the spirit world and eventually will form unity with God. All these plus and minus, subject and object relationships are involved.

God is the King of the universe, isn't He? Therefore, His children, Adam and Eve, and also our own children for that matter, will become God's own princes and princesses. And then their offspring-no matter how many millions and billions they come to number-will occupy this position, once we are restored. Originally we were, just like our own True Parents, meant to be born as princes and princesses of God Himself. This is why we all have that desire. Every one of us has that desire to be God's prince or God's princess.

How this works is through True Love, as we already know. Through True Love, we become completely united within ourselves, and then one with God. Through this love relationship with God, we are part of God. That means we are princes and princesses of God, the great Almighty King.

Human beings do not have any ideals which were not meant to be attained. All human dreams and ideals, which are shared by all people, are meant to be attained and fulfilled through the achievement of True Love. Complete unity within yourself and your family will completely unite your clan. That clan wants to move the nation and the world. That is a legitimate desire for human beings. Man is born to be like that. Of course, we are not talking about the fallen world's standards where people simply wish to center on himself or herself. We know we must go beyond that. In the legal world of God, each person is supposed to achieve his true desires.

We must understand that though we happen to be in the Unification Church, it didn't actually just happen automatically. We have a vast background in our ancestry which allowed us to join the Unification Church. We have a strong basis to stand on especially because of Father's work after we joined. You are standing on the vast foundation-both visible and invisible-of True Parents' work and investment. You should appreciate and live up to that standard. To do this, you have to enhance your own character, don't just passively follow but understand Father's words and improve your character and raise yourself up.

As I pointed out, restoration is the same as re-creation. God first created the environment. In the environment the first thing we notice is plus and minus. The smaller plus and minus will become united and then search for unity with a larger plus. When that unity is achieved, they move on to search for unity with a higher level of plus, moving up and up until they finally reach all the way to God. That formula applies right here in the fallen world. We have to go back up. In order to do that, since we are traveling backwards, we have to indemnify the past. We have to pay a price.

For the person who is at the bottom of the hierarchy to move up from his Cain position, he has to serve others. It cannot be done easily. He has to resemble True Parents and God Himself in their actions of service. God's method is to invest everything all the time, to serve and forget it, meanwhile enduring persecution. That is the same method a person must use in order to elevate himself spiritually higher and higher. Every time we endure difficulties, we must be grateful that God loves us so much that He wants to lift us up. That is what happens in the Unification Church. When God looks at us being persecuted, how indignant and angry He must feel towards those who are persecuting His own sons and daughters, or those who are on the way to becoming His sons and daughters. By this standard of reaching to heaven, what is your opinion? Do you think anybody here deserves to go to heaven? Is there anybody here who really invests so much, like God Himself, for his own younger or elder brothers? Do you think there is someone like that who is eligible to go to heaven? We are all in the process of going that way, aren't we?

Are these new words, saying that Heaven is empty today? We know that it is true. There may be Paradise. God didn't create heaven to be empty. God wants to fill up Heaven. With whom? With such people as I have described here. That is the law of creation.

We see that the dispensation to save mankind means the dispensation to restore mankind. That means we must be re-created in order to reach God. To initiate the re-creation system in our lives, paying indemnity is necessary. You have to memorize this: the providential way is the restoration course, and that means the indemnity course. We absolutely need indemnity because we have to go the reverse way. Satan took a powerful authority over the father's position, mother's position and elder son's position. These in turn built their country over God's base. Now, the younger Abel brother appeared. Satan knows that and says, "Do you want the original world? You have to go back to the original position." You can't have any concept when faced with the task of Abel. To do that, you can have no concept of America, no idea of culture, language, skin color or race. You must be at the zero point. Until you reach the zero point, you cannot achieve the re-creation of yourself. Do you follow me? This is the formula!

The first thing we should remember in all circumstances is that indemnity is the key. Through indemnity, we are elevated. Father even told us why: because this is the original order of the creation, which didn't last very long because of the fall of Adam and Eve. Therefore, God has to start from where we are now and lift us up from the bottom to a new position on top. He must apply the indemnity law, in order to do that, .

Satan is now in the plus position, while the sons and daughters who need to be restored are in the object position to him. So Satan exercises his full right and power, saying, "You obey me." But then the person who is working for restoration will work and serve others and say, "I cannot obey you because I am from God." Also, if God tries to lift up someone and tells him to go through the indemnity course and that person responds, "No, I don't want to. I'll revolt against that," then he is not material that can be re-created.

Abel doesn't have any concept of "Abel's position." That cannot be the original resource place. How can we find the original resource? Satan is against the original concept. Satan says, "You belong to me. You cannot go restoration course." God cannot recreate a person who thinks that way.

God Himself has been persecuted until now. Can we believe that God has been persecuted? Furthermore, God could not utter a word about it. Look at what billions of traditional Christians today are believing and praying: "God just wipe out all evil and let goodness prevail." They pray that way and they think God can do things that way. But we know that God cannot do that because He has to abide by this law which He created, His original law of creation.

Jesus himself was killed and paid so much indemnity and those early Christians were persecuted so severely that they were even thrown to the lions and eaten alive. All that happened and God could not interfere. How angry do you think God felt to see those things? But did God do anything to stop it? No. He persevered and encouraged all the religious men and women to persevere. Today, although we are not being thrown into the lions' den, we are persecuted. When we are in the process of being re-created, we do not revolt against God. The good raw material is even willing to die and to offer its life. That means that each individual, as the raw material which God is going to reshape, cannot say, "God, I don't want You to do that with me." Again, this illustrates the concept of, "Whoever is seeking to live, will die." We must say, "Yes, God do whatever You will." Then we illustrate the person who is willing to die and who will instead find his life. Who of you wishes to be that way? Raise your hands if you have that willingness. Naturally, you understand that this is the law of indemnity.

Why is it so necessary? We can understand this: It is so that we can separate from Satan. Do you think Satan will leave you when you are comfortable? Satan will hold on to you until you die. When even Satan helps in the re-creation process which God is doing, then that serves the indemnity conditions for Satan himself. Even Satan can establish conditions by which he helps God to recreate. I have said these words very easily, just as you have heard all my sermons, but this law, this very point, has been hidden up till now. Nobody knew this except God, Satan, and Reverend Moon.

What do you think, does Father belong to Satan or to God? What is your opinion? It is God! When someone belongs to God, then that person must do as God does. He cannot help but do that. Reverend Moon was put into prison and never complained to anyone, not to Satan and certainly not to God. He did his very best to recreate them, investing all he had to serve the prison inmates to such a point that even Satan bowed down to him saying, "I have no claim over you." As I said many times, we start from the individual level to the family, clan, nation, all the way through the cosmos up to God. We know, there are eight steps in all. When did you fulfill those eight stages of indemnity? You didn't. Only Father fulfilled those eight stages, and you are privileged now to become a part of it. You must understand this.

Let us learn a great lesson from history. The Israelites were following Moses who was suffering a great deal and having lots of difficulty. The people following Moses should have thought to themselves, "Well, Moses is suffering that much so I must also suffer, in fact I must suffer even more." If the people had had such an attitude and had not complained, being ready to sacrifice even more than they were called upon to do, the Israelite nation would be ruling the world and more today.

Therefore, when we are being persecuted like this, we should not give in to Satan and say, "I will not do God's work anymore so please don't persecute me." We must be willing even to die, to go beyond everything, in order for Satan to release us. Then God can reclaim us. This is where we begin True Love. We must go beyond that threshold. After going that far and being released from Satan, then we can start exercising True Love. That is what we all must do. This means we must sacrifice for the sake of somebody other than myself. We must do more and forget about it. When you invest with your life and you don't die, you should forget that investment. Then be ready to do even more and more. True Love begins at that point or threshold. Otherwise we cannot go along our course.

Here is the crossroads. The elder son becomes the second son and the second son becomes the elder. This is not coercive or compulsory subjugation. Satan must be subjugated willingly; he must say, "Yes, you are my Abel." The world believed at one time that Reverend Moon was the worst of all dictators, the king of dictators. They talked about that and imagined it was true. Maybe they were right in one respect. Everybody in the world under the satanic domain is a dictator himself. Satan is the king of dictators, but he is about to be eaten up by a greater dictator than those who follow his lead who are dictators. So maybe they can call Father the greatest dictator. Do you understand? That means they are dictators themselves. That's why they are afraid. They somehow connect everything bad to Reverend Moon-bad concepts and every bad thing you can imagine. But if Father negates that and tries to confront them squarely, then Father must give up the world of re-creation. Then they are no longer the resource material to be re-created. Father cannot make them like that. Father must stay silent and not confronting them. Silently he overcomes, and step by step he is getting closer and closer to God's throne. God is in the plus position at that time and Reverend Moon is in the complete minus position, connecting and making the world into one. Father took on that cause for his whole lifetime. He has been working the restoration course with that kind of attitude continually. The whole world can reach restoration with that kind of attitude.

This morning we have all the leaders not only from this country, but also the leaders of the worldwide mission countries. This one point we must not mistake. We must have a clear understanding of what it takes to restore or re-create. It is only through indemnity. Why indemnity? First Cain and Abel become completely one, then they become one with their mother Eve. The mother is plus and all the brothers and sisters are objects. The mother and all the family would become one with yet a bigger plus, representing Adam. When they become one together, this big minus will become one with the biggest plus, representing God. Even Satan is testing us to see whether we are qualified to be the material which will be re-created. Satan will test us first. If we revolt against it because we don't want to suffer, they say, "Oh, you failed to become the material to be molded again by your new creator." Satan will say to God, "I tested him and he always revolts, so he is not ready to become material to be re-created. So, God, please put him in the furnace again and then I will take him out again and try."

We must understand that those who have gone through this indemnity more than their own share, will later be raised up as the model case of restoration history. That person later becomes the model. Just like Job in the Bible. We see the story of Job in the Old Testament. He was persecuted, denied and negated to a ridiculous extent, but he never uttered one word of complaint. He always said, "Yes, Yes" to God, and then God later was able to give him the greatest blessings. By this yardstick, has America become such a moldable material after World War II? We are talking about the second Israelites' domain. The second Israelites, which is the Christendom represented by America, is in the bride's position. The absolute plus to the bride is the bridegroom. The bride has to take the absolute minus position, which is the no-concept position.

Have America and the free world now taken that kind of attitude? No. This is the problem. All over the world, Americans are trying to lead, thinking that they are connected to God. Yet, people want to kick out Americans. They are going a different way from the formula so America cannot reach the completion place. They will go down to dungeon of hell. Israel and the Roman Catholic Church were in the same situation. England was in the same situation. They controlled the whole world at a certain time but they didn't take the complete minus position, they did not reach that kind of attitude. They remained a plus. Ultimately they turned around to Satan's position. Do you understand? You have to know this formula, the original point.

The traditional Christians would be right and God could do His will overnight, if God did not have to follow this law of indemnity. Of course, this is not true. God could put Satan into the dungeon of hell right away. Did God do that? "Oh, Lord, you have come on the clouds and we are waiting to serve you." That is nonsense. Do you understand this formula clearly?

Indemnity, why indemnity? It is because restoration means we must go through the reverse path. Look at the valuable tradition of America itself. They started from being persecuted by the so-called Orthodox church. The Protestant church fled to America and paid a lot of indemnity through suffering, loosing many lives. They set this tradition. We must understand that the American forefathers were proud not to be outdone by what they considered to be an evil, morally corrupt religion, namely the Catholic Church. They took great pride in being Protestants. America was successful doing that and God approved of it.

So right here (referring to the drawing on the board), when Eve becomes one, she will not go back to fallen Adam. She will instead come to this true Adam, and in doing that, she comes to crossroads. We must deny ourselves, at the crossroads. Without denying ourselves, we certainly cannot go to God. Even Satan does not welcome that. Do you understand?

If we do not go through this course while on earth then we must continue in the spirit world, and this takes much more time and effort. Let us determine the greatness of our sons and daughters not by any other standard except this formula standard: whether he or she is fulfilling this formula or not. There is no way we can go to heaven without going through this principle. Take Father for example. In Korea, Father is considered to be the man of all men. He is a real, real man. Everybody sort of understands that. The closer he lives with them, the better they understand him. He can wrestle better, he is smarter, he can sacrifice more and he is handsome, too! (Laughter)

Then Father sees his disciples, brothers and sisters who are kidnapped, deprogrammed and "brainwashed" by their own parents. This is unheard of in history. All these things cause Father to feel very angry, and he wants to retaliate against them. But why did he keep silent? He kept silent and everybody felt, "Well, he must be doing something wrong." But Father was following the formula way of investing, forgetting, investing and forgetting. Father could not take the way of retaliation or reaction, because of the formula. Is that clear to you? Can you take the same attitude as Father? Can you be persecuted and not retaliate? This is such a difficult way. How difficult? Very. How much? A hundred times. Can you do that? You have to understand this clearly from now on.

When Satan strikes us and we persevere, we stay put so that we can pass his test. How do you respond, when Father assails us? Do you say, "Oh, that's Satan! I revolt!" Should you revolt? We should not say anything or revolt, when Satan strikes us. When Father assails us, even more, we should not say anything. Does Father assails you because he hates you? No, it is so that he can bring you something better than what you have. Or to save you. Did you know Father is known to be the person who professes and preaches and at the same time uses a lot of four-letter words? (Laughter) I don't know if "four-letter words" is correct, but anyway, the words he uses are very strong. Yok in Korean means "calling names." Father can really call names! To professors, to anybody. Believe it or not, some professors, say, "Ha, Ha, we professors really deserve to be called names. We are nothing. We are fakes." Those who say such a thing, will be blessed directly from God. Those who revolt against Reverend Moon, "Oh, he criticized me so harshly, he must be a fake," lose everything.

Father was put into prison, for which Father was very indignant-we all know that. I took the right attitude, every time God put me into jail. I never, ever uttered a word of complaint or revolted against it but persevered and planned ahead. Then God always gave me the bigger reward after I came out of prison. When Reverend Moon was put into prison and God asked Satan, "Did he revolt?" Satan said, "No, he didn't, he just stayed put." When God asked, "Don't you think Reverend Moon deserves something?" Satan had to answer, "Yes, yes indeed." So God could raise up Father and Satan could not say anything.

In fact, Satan had to sign the paper to authorize Reverend Moon to rise up. The same principle applies to you. We have a lot of Ph.D.s and you know they are all head-heavy. They have a lot of ideas in their heads and are very unbalanced. (Laughter) And they don't have the right concepts all the time either. They have a lot of enemy concepts. But even those Ph.D.s don't have to worry about it. Understand these principles, and you can kick off your burden and go straight to heaven. Only Father can explain it like this. Right? Father has the authority and know-how to do that. Because, literally, no one can enter into heaven unless he understands the Principle which Reverend Moon teaches. It is not difficult, but simple. In this perspective, this very important criteria, you be the judge: do you think there will be a larger population going to heaven here in America, in China or in those nations where the people are starving every day? More people are potentially going to heaven from where: America, China or the Third World? (The Third World.) By this principle, yes. Americans think this way, "I want to go to heaven. Where is my heaven?" But instead of going forward they are going backward, and they don't even know.

How can we change them? That is the problem. Nobody understood this kind of formula. "I don't need that. Only Unification Church members need that. American people don't need to know that. It is not valuable." But this principle applies universally and not only to the Unification Church.

What does it mean to be saved? It means to be restored. How are we to be restored? By indemnity. By restoration through indemnity. Invest and forget. Move on to higher levels. Otherwise, there is no way. The restoration course means indemnity. American people don't want to do that.

Second generation, do you also understand? This applies to you too. You have to follow your parents absolutely. People of high religions and blessed couples too, with no exception, must leave home and suffer for the achievement of the goal. In the truest sense, they are actually not even entitled to get married. But for the first time, within the Unification Church and because of this foundation, Father has been teaching differently, hasn't he? He is saying, "You must get married in order to get into the Kingdom of Heaven." Also, instead of leaving home, go back to your home and work there. This is the other way around from the traditional religious teaching. That is why these religious people call Father a heretic. That means Father is now completing the earlier history and beginning the first page of the new history.

What higher ideal or ambition can you have than to say, "I am going to get married now centering on God and True Parents. And for the first time in history, I am going to go to my God-centered home." Home means that we have to have a home town. You don't have a home town now. It was always Satan's hometown and not God's hometown. God's hometown is appearing, from now on. What greater dream is there than this? We must know the formula.

We must understand how precious the Blessing is. Before the Blessing can come into existence, we must have Parents. We cannot be Blessed, if we do not have Parents. Now Father has instructed Reverend Kwak and he is working very hard. Father suggested through Reverend Kwak to all religious leaders, to launch a new movement where all the religious denominations will get together and resolve; "Let us bring them all together through marriage." Not just in their own denominations, but among all the different religions. Immediately those religious leaders were thinking, "If that happens, I will be ruined by the Unification Church." But I felt differently. I said, "No, not ruined by the Unification Church." Father is going to share this Blessing to all around the world and not keep it just in the Unification Church. (Applause)

When Father finishes teaching this, Father's role as initiator of the Federation of World Religions will have been accomplished. It is up to them to listen, but Father is welcoming them to follow Father. Father knows the time. Father knows exactly what he is speaking to them. If Father does not encourage the celibate Catholic priests and nuns to marry now, as well as the Buddhist monks in monasteries, they will very soon become the arena of free sex. When the Buddhist and Catholic religion brings hundreds of thousands, even millions, of monks and nuns to get married, then they will come alive and they will find the goals of their religion.

A lot of Catholic priests are getting married anyway. Why is that? The time has come so that their mind is pulled in that direction. Father understands them clearly. When a person stands up against the low tide, he is okay, he can still get air. But when the high tide comes in and he still tries to stand up, what can he do? The only thing he can do is drink the water. He can't help it. He has to back down so that he won't be drowned. They have to keep backing up and backing up, if they don't want to get married . Still the tide will come in high. That's the situation today.

The champion of this exchanging is the Messiah. He knows how to exchange and when to exchange the individual level, family, tribal, society, national, world, cosmic and God's level. No one can return to God, without taking that exchanging way.

This law is so practical that we can even apply it to today's situation. Let's take the example of America. There is a practice of denying our own family members, our own father and mother, and going alone. Denying everything. If one accepts the precious relationship of father and mother and the value of family, America would go to heaven overnight. We are in the transition time. The Messiah wants that kind of exchanging place. First deny, like we are denying today and then turn around and meet the bride and groom. That person is then in a position to go to heaven because he is all alone.

This morning Father was speaking in greater detail than this, but Father is just giving us his conclusion: there is a great deal of incest going on in today's America, which has some historical basis. There were very close relations with Zechariah's family, in Jesus' family. Of course God wanted to go in a certain positive direction, but it didn't happen. Rather, it went in a negative direction, which is culminating today. Jesus was supposed to marry Zechariah's daughter, the younger sister of John the Baptist, who was also Jesus' own half-sister. So God intended that very close relationship. Do you follow? America today is reflecting this in a perverted way. That transition time, if it had been done right, would have led right into heaven. But it didn't happen and instead we have seen 2,000 years of history, which is today manifesting in such a negative manner in modern America. But even that could change overnight if we go in God's direction. Even that is not beyond restoration.

We might say that twelve o'clock sharp would be the deadline, but who understands when it is exactly twelve o'clock? Standing where we are and then turning around 180 degrees will point us towards perfection. But how can you be confident? Father is teaching the Divine Principle to you and through that you can be confident to take the right direction. Why did I ask all you Blessed couples to raise your hands earlier? It is because Blessed couples should have gone through this path before you got blessed, but didn't. As it is, you already got Blessed, but you have to go through this principle the same way.

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