The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

I Will Live With True Parents

Sun Myung Moon
March 7, 1993
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Please be seated. The topic of Father's sermon this morning is rather unusual, in the sense that it has two forms of expression. One is oral and the other is written. This is in the form of speaking rather than writing. "Nanun Champumonim Gwa Kachi" In English it won't make so much difference. It translates to, "I Will Live With True Parents."

When we hear "True Parents," we immediately perceive the meaning in two ways: one in the vertical sense, and one in the horizontal sense. This is because, as we know, there are two sets of parents: one spiritual, from heaven, and one set with physical bodies. In the secular world when we hear of father, mother, or parents, we think of them only in one dimension. We think of only one person or two persons. But here, we immediately think about three or four persons, both vertically and horizontally. We also see a vertical father and vertical mother, while the secular world sees only the horizontal form.

If we know the Principle and nature, we cannot deny the existence of God, who is our Father. He is our vertical Father. Immediately we come to know this after knowing Principle. But there is always an order to things, so which comes first? Should the vertical come first, or the horizontal? Always, we know, vertical comes first and then horizontal. That is a kind of duality. There is only one, but there are two within it.

Centering on love, here are the parents, and here is the son (pointing to blackboard drawing). As we see, centering on love, when the offspring is born, the boy goes one way and the girl goes another. They grow from childhood through elementary school, into their middle years and their teens. Then they go to college, graduate, and then as man and woman, they meet right at the center of the horizontal line. These two represent the physical world and the spiritual world. The man represents the spiritual side, and the woman the physical world. Where do they meet? Right here, at the center point.

They start from the position of sons and daughters, experiencing that type of love. Then they go on to brother and sister love, then to couple or spouse love. Then when they have their own children, they have parental love. These are the four levels of love. Where is the focal point; where are they all united? That is the question. What is their center point? Centering on what do they come together?

Each level of love has its own perfection. What is the perfection of son's love? We must achieve perfection of son's love, and we must have perfection of brotherly love, the perfection of couple's love, and the perfection of parental love. These four different levels of love comprise each person. Where do these four different levels of love become one in me? Right there, when you grow up and you and your spouse meet together.

The man who has attained the state of perfection has all these four different levels of love perfected. Likewise, woman has four different loves. They grow up, but they are not together yet. Where do they get together? First, son's love, then brother's love, then couple's love, and they come closer. You cannot see, but it's diagrammed like so. God's original ideal of creation for son's love, brother's love, couple's love, and parental love now become perfect here. By marrying, we have perfected son's love, brother's love, and couple's love, right here, which then resembles God. Therefore, we carry out the act of creation, just like God did. This is the whole crux, the nucleus of existence for human life. Now the couple is ready to give birth to a child. That means to create life just like God.

Then we can state that we are like the visible God, while God Himself is still invisible. Until we get married, we are still in the process. It is when you marry that this perfection takes place. Do you follow? This is the crux or the origin of the universe, the base of the universe. There we are recognized, centering on love. That is where we get the seal of recognition, so to speak, from God. Originally, that of course, was supposed to occur between Adam and Eve. We, too, must go through the stages of children's love, or love as son and daughter. This model of perfection we can now deploy by millions and billions horizontally. That is another form of creation. Each one forms the four position foundation, with himself or herself in the child's position. They formed it with their parents and connected with God. Looking at this separately as the model, we are exactly in the same form and position as Adam and Eve.

Thus, the value of the first love accomplished by Adam and Eve, right here at the center, and many millions of others who take the same form, is equal. They are all equal. Not only Adam and Eve's father is God, but also, every individual's father is God. God is Father of all other couples. We are saying this centering on first love. Isn't it a little odd when you say, "He is the father of my generation, but he is also the father of ten generations later"? In the horizontal way, God must be thousands of generations, grand-grand-grand father. How can we say God is Father to every couple's first love, in every generation? It is because the first love is the same. That is the way the ideal of creation was set up.

The most precious one is the first love. Does anybody forget his or her first love? We human beings are meant to inherit first loves. Where do we perfect True Love? It is right here, at this point. If you connect all the different levels of True Love through their axis, that is oneself. The self has all these four within. What is the highest point of education? Nobody has known before. It is not gained by going to some institution and spending many years there in order to graduate. Of course, that can be helpful, but this love training is by far the most important crux of education. Why is it so significant? When we achieve this, we become one with God. What more can we strive for? In that position, God is in the mind's position and the individual is in the body's position. Humankind has always sought for God, and even though they couldn't find God, this is God. All religions sought the education of perfection, but no one knew what life is all about. This is what it is all about, the essence of life.

In this position centering on True Love, man and woman have the same value. There should be a standard for perfection centering on love. God recognized the state of perfection in woman, that is it. In the man, that is it. How do we conduct ourselves, how do we avail ourselves to be recognized? Right here at this point. Without the son's love and the brother's love, we cannot reach couple's love. Therefore, we have to reach here first. In order to do that, we go through son's and brother's love, then reach here, the center point.

Also, we are reminded that we have five senses, each working in its own way. But they must have a focal point also. Actually, we have to regard our five senses in the dual sense; we have physical senses and spiritual senses as well. All together, we have ten senses, then. Where can I become one? Is it centering on the eye, the nose, or the other senses? All these senses with their dual composition are centered on True Love. True Love is the center of these two worlds, the physical and spiritual.

Since the mind and body are in the position of plus and minus, why has our body taken the plus position after the fall? What is your answer? We must always remember that the vertical one is first. The deepest root is True Love. The deepest root is vertical. The body is like so and it does not reach to the spiritual depth. As a result of the fall, we have reached a certain depth by centering on the body, but didn't quite reach to the deepest point possible. This one does not exist in the fallen world. Even though one has fallen, still he is made up of Principle. Therefore, because of that characteristic of the parents, it reaches here but not here.

Originally, this is to go deeper, without the body. Because it reaches only here and not here, our body regards itself as the plus. We do many things to try to improve ourselves as human beings, such as meditation, reaching a goal by doing penance, going through difficult times, voluntarily suffering. For what purpose? In the Oriental culture, this is an everyday thing. It is to reach here, going deeper and deeper to the origin or root of the spirit. This is a very simple explanation of why the body acts as plus. I don't have much time today. But at least remember that there is such a situation and that is why the body claims itself as the plus in the fallen world.

Just as we get married and give birth to a child, we place ourselves in the children's position again, the vertical thing. We must always think of that first. When we love our own children, we cannot love with body and mind separately. Our mind and body must first become perfect and then start loving children. The vertical standard of True Love was supposed to be the way which God could come back and forth, up and down, into human beings because He is the center of True Love. No fallen man or fallen world can do that. Because of this impact, re-creation is possible. Where do we connect on the vertical line? Father formed the diagram of the diamond, with the vertical and horizontal axis aligned, which forms a perfect triangle. The distance here, there and there is equal, exactly equal. When children grow up as brother and sister, they are supposed to always think of each other centering on the parents. In kindergarten, grammar school, middle school, even if they go to college, it's the same. When they go to college, as sons and daughters or brothers and sisters, they think of each other, centering on their father and mother.

Spirit world is the same way. God, too, had a time of growth. Of course, this is reasoning, but perfect reasoning is now possible. "Oh, God must have gone through the same growth stage like human beings, starting from a single cell. Then that cell multiplied and multiplied and became a perfect child, and then grew to become a perfected adult man or woman. God must have gone through the same stages." What is the conclusion of that? The conclusion or implication of that is that human creation, from birth to perfection, exactly takes after the process of God's own growth process. In other words, God is looking at a child each step of the way of his growth. The way God grew is the same way that each child, millions and billions of children, are growing when God looks at it.

So there was a time for God equivalent with childhood, grammar school age, middle-school age and college-age. God, too, corresponds to a child's growth through His own growth. And God comes down and the child grows up, and the two meet right here at this point. What can you say now? When a man grows up and reaches his perfection and gets married, it is not only that individual's perfection, but also God's perfection at the same time. Amazing!

Centering on that moment, centering on True Love, the whole ideal is now moving forward. If someone asks you about God, how would you explain? Certainly the worst answer would be, "Oh, I don't know." Or you could say, "Oh, God just came into being." That's not much better. But God has grown. Don't you see? A child grows, you grew, and just like that, God grew. Each individual human being born to his parents is testimony to the growth of all things that are created, including God, too. Of course there are some short periods, some longer periods, they may have different forms, but basically the process is the same.

There is only one point which meets this specification. The distance from here to here is the same, the length here is the same, and this is only one point, not two or more. (Pointing to blackboard drawing.) Right here becomes double or dual line, and right here the dual line, too. This is where the spirit world and physical world become one. Therefore, we see so clearly that without man, woman can never be perfected. Likewise, without woman, man can never be perfected.

Until now, nobody had the foggiest idea about perfection. People think the individual can somehow become perfect alone. Even in the spirit world, there is no library which contains this knowledge. Now Father is announcing all this compiled knowledge and it will be gathered and stored in the library in spirit world. Why? It is very simple. Spirit world is simply a warehouse, a spiritual warehouse where the perfected fruit of True Love is stored. It is the storehouse for the fruit of perfection. Where is that fruit perfected? It is not done in spirit world. That fruit is born and must be perfected right here on earth. Therefore, spirit world is the second place we go, not the first.

Now, at this moment, we are extremely proud of ourselves. We say, "How wonderful I am!" You see, no part of the hemispheres, the semi-arcs above and below, can be taken away. Everything is needed. This is the plus hemisphere, for instance. Without the minus hemisphere, can perfection take place? No, obviously not. Therefore, women absolutely, no matter how they may try to get around it, absolutely need men. And vice-versa: men absolutely need women. Each one's highest hope and ideal is, "I want to be capable of being with my spouse to make this perfection possible." These are the highest goals for each individual.

When such a perfected man here on earth goes to spirit world, he can go anywhere and become a perfect friend with any person, any being, or any situation. This is one perfect model with which to make the ideal, holistic perfection. This is the ideal textbook for holistic perfection. Once you know this, you know the greatest philosophy. Once you make perfection, you are the greatest philosopher, and you are the greatest man and woman of religion because you have attained the goal already. That type of man is God, he has the same value as God, the same level as God, the same everything as God. Wherever the perfected son goes, then the whole world and universe will follow in his wake. Here is one daughter from a small family, and where that daughter goes, the whole family follows, don't they? Yes. But not in confusion as we see in this world. The world is in confusion, of course, because we do not understand this. Once we know this clearly and follow this clearly and perfect it, do it-first we know and then we do it-then no other thing is necessary. You don't need to go to school, you don't need to meditate. You don't have to do anything in the world. (Laughter.) Because he already has the universe in his hands, he doesn't need any more. He is "of love."

In this humble stable of Belvedere, such a historic announcement and proclamation is made. Imagine. What did you do to deserve to be here? All the greatest kings, saints, and the greatest of all people on the earth and already in spirit world should be in the position of where you are today to hear this. Have you ever heard this? Have you ever imagined this?

It's like a crystal. If we perfect it here in woman, and in man, and together such a couple forms a family, this is heaven automatically. This is what we are saying when we speak of "heaven." This is heaven. Here the whole universe has come together in perfection. Like this, they got married and perfected, and formed the entire sphere. And if one of them says, "I don't like this. I'm going to go away," that means he or she will die. Can any possibility of divorce exist here? He and she will both die, and everything will die here. It's the most complete destruction. We know how formidable it is by understanding Principle. Even in the fallen world, there is no one who is happy about divorcing. They always cry. That kind of person is not suffering alone for just that time, but eternally. What can she or he do? He has to simply turn around from heaven and stop looking at heaven and look at the other side. How miserable.

There is such a thing as forgiveness. "To err is human," they say, and, "To forgive is divine." Why? Because God cannot help but forgive because He knows that man doesn't know this truth and therefore makes mistakes. The pottery maker will make his pots and if he doesn't like the way one looks, he can just put it back into the clay and start over again. But once you make a perfected article and finish the process, you cannot return it to clay. If it is perfected and connected to proper parties and after that you destroy it, you are blamed for destroying the whole thing.

When American youths come to know this Principle and are inspired and decide they want to live like this, will America turn into heaven overnight, or will it remain as hell? It will become heaven, literally over night. If you are to pay for this, how much material must we prepare? You can imagine, you are the proper judge. If you sell all of America and you set the price, can you buy this? Think about it. Throughout history, humankind has paid a price in search of the truth. They have sacrificed for the sake of truth, they have been righteous, many things, and all that price was paid. As the result of that, standing on that foundation, this truth has come out.

This truth has been produced. When we understand that, this model will laugh at us, spit at us. They say, "You don't understand." They will spit at us if we don't understand this. This pattern will beckon all of us to come. We must understand. This model is very much alive. To repeat this, to do the same everywhere, this is constitution. This is our standard, the measure. We can take this and apply it to any woman, "How much percentage of perfection does she have?" We can measure even to a fraction of an inch. We will say, "One hundred percent, eighty percent" and so forth. This is our everyday criteria. That's the only way of walking. You can't jump in order to walk, and limping is not walking. That's not the standard for walking. Everything except the normal way of walking is abnormal.

That is completion, the normal standard point. How valuable it is. How much value it has! How much more important it is. You can lose your life, you can lose everything in the universe, but this cannot be lost. This is with God, and because of this, based on this, creation was made. Therefore, Satan also knows this. Satan also has to value this. There is no way we can deny that we have the power to transmit the counterpart to all the relations. You can never deny your spouse. Living alone as a celibate person will make you very lonesome, no matter what your philosophy or belief. Whoever conforms to this is protected by the universe, but whoever does not is not only not protected, but is actually repelled by the universe. Because we feel that repulsion, then we feel lonesome and sad, painful and unhappy. Here is the place where you get recognition, your degree, your diploma, so to speak. When you attend a course, you get a certificate when you finish, don't you? Right at this point, since we perfectly resemble God, we can start the action of creating, like God Himself. Therefore, each person should give birth to as perfect a child as himself or herself. Therefore, unless we give birth to a child and help them grow to perfection, we cannot go to heaven, because heaven is God's dwelling place. Without going through love's history course, we cannot go to God's country, which is heaven. Do you understand? This is clear, very clear.

Think about this all the time: marriage. Why is marriage a source of great joy? Because everything is catching, everything is fulfilled, everything is connected to the center. Forever, every part, every cell is connecting at that point. Man's cells belong to God's cells connected to True Love. Plus and minus, horizontal parents. Man and woman are surrounded by God. Children surrounding parents, father and mother. The children stand in a position surrounding that. This is the point where vertical and horizontal meet. From that combination, there is unification of everything. So you need True Love. How much? Absolutely!

Father is going to erase the blackboard now. Don't ever forget what I have taught today. Have you memorized it? No matter how difficult a situation we are in, we have to reach that purpose, that point of perfection. If you cannot reach that point, you cannot have hope for the ideal. That focal point is the point of hope for the ideal. Now many Western and American members say, "We like freedom more than anything." Where is freedom? Upon this point, you can catch everything, happiness, peace and hope. Otherwise, no way. Now you understand clearly, right? Huh, huh, HUH? (Laughter.) Don't forget.

So Father even taught this at the theological seminary. Once Father teaches this, there is really nothing more to teach you because it's the most important thing. Without this, there is nothing we should learn. It's a waste of time. The man who lives like this, who perfects this, becomes like the president, so to speak, of your nation. You can go anywhere, everywhere, with a free pass. When you appear, then God of the White House, will make way for you. Do you need that seal, that certificate, now? (Yes!) If we live like that, becoming perfected like that, then wherever you go in the world, you would not starve. If you feel hungry, the whole country will rise up and blame the people around you. That is real freedom; such a person is truly free, isn't he?

How necessary is that for you? Absolutely! You have to incorporate that word into your vocabulary: Absolute, absolutely!

My sermon this morning is titled, "I Will Live With the True Parents," and if you do this, you will indeed live with the True Parents. This was the stumbling block for Father, too, and for God, too. Because of this, God is like the most incapable person. He just cannot do anything. People blame God, curse Him, and do anything against Him. We never do what He wants us to do. Still God cannot do anything because of this. And Father, too, could not retaliate against somebody who opposed him. What can he do? Those who do not know and do not even think like this, you cannot stop talking with them. This is what made Father and God most powerless in the universe. Most powerful beings became most powerless because of this criterion of the perfection of True Love.

Which is first, vertical or horizontal? Absolute vertical. In the absolute dual system the horizontal comes right here, too. There is only one intersecting point, which is ninety degrees. Absolutely ninety degrees. In the Western world, we shake hands, up and down when we greet one another. That's the horizontal greeting. Come to think of it, why don't we shake hands by doing this? [Pulling each other's arms back and forth.] It is because we have to follow that vertical way. Oriental people greet one another in the most vertical way, don't they? Like so. [Father bows.] If you put the greetings in order of best, second best, and the like, which is more stylish and better? This way, or that way? When you bow correctly, your body's movements represent the whole universe, grouping it up and offering it as if saying, "I'm going to occupy your love," or "I am at your disposal," or whichever. You know, this is the proper way of bowing. When you see Western people just bowing down like that, that's not so good. You have to form your body into a rounded shape when you bow. Like so. Do you see how round that looks? (Laughter.) As round as you can make yourself. If you bow down but with the legs stretched, it's not round. He makes a big cavity right here, as if saying, "Yes, I am going to embrace all of you, and the whole universe I am going to occupy in love, even God."

Western civilization will follow Eastern civilization without fail now. That trend is already obvious, isn't it? This is the Pacific Era. It isn't the American Era. The East is beckoning to the West, "Come to us." When we write in Korean and also in Chinese and Japanese, we write from up to down, from right to left. All the books are like that. Did you know? Whereas, English is written from left to right and up to down, like so. This has to meet here.

There are many examples of differences. For instance, when an American beckons to someone else to come to him, he does it like this. [With the palm of the hand facing up.] The Oriental people beckon like this [with the palm down]. When we make that motion to Americans, they go away! With the palm up it means, "Please give me something," or "I'm going to receive from you." This way, with the palm down, means "I'm going to give to you." These kinds of hidden meanings are contained in all the simple things we do. Can you imagine how very different Eastern and Western people are? When Western people sleep, many of them, even adults, sleep on their stomachs. When a child sleeps like that in the Orient, the mother will not like it, she will worry about it. We don't even bury people like that when they are dead! We bury them in the proper position with stomach side up, so what do you mean by sleeping like that!

If you know the basics of these principles, even if somebody tells you to do that, you won't do it. The insects of the field may sleep facing towards the earth, but human beings should always face toward heaven.

Everybody agrees that America is on a crash course towards destruction. Somebody has to intervene, somebody has to begin the re-creation. Father is recreating. An Oriental person came here to recreate America, saying, "Leave behind your horizontal ways and follow me." Let's assume you don't understand complicated ideas, but let's just ask a simple question: Have you become better or worse after meeting Father? (Better!) You say "better" because you feel you have become better, or by Principle? Without mistake, you have become better? Which one? Until now, we may have gone in a certain direction with a lot of effort. But without a focal point, without clear criteria, one just drifts away. You must have this point in mind always, then you can go anywhere and do anything. Eventually you will come back to this point, but if you don't have this place, and you go far away, then you are in trouble, aren't you? That's why we should not drift too far away, if you are not confident. If America loses Father, in other words, if Father stops living here or stops returning to America, then America would be without its center. Father is right here in the center, and everybody wants to cluster around him, like all the Japanese leaders and their wives. Why do they come here to Father? It is because of this. Centering on Father, they want to cluster around.

When Father goes to Korea, we all want to follow Father, don't we? That is because it's the shortest path to perfection. Our spirit knows, so that's why we want to be near to Father. He teaches us and he works and acts with True Love, which we can follow. So we want to live near him, spend time with him, being close because we can go the shortest cut to perfection in ourselves. Do you follow? This is why our mind always moves towards Father.

Isn't it true that religious people have been rather eccentric in the eyes of the secular world? They do just one thing. That is because it is all-important to find the center and find God, to find the Principle. After that, everything else is secondary. Therefore, religious people have given up everything for the sake of that one purpose. In order to do that, they give up worldly things. The more faithful a person is, the easier it is for him to give everything up. He gives everything in the search for truth. Because God is here. Oriental philosophy is trying to reach this. Even the highest goal of Western philosophy is here. Because of that, they give up everything willingly to reach here.

When couples are in the act of love, they aren't thinking about Japanese ways, or American ways. You forget everything, don't you? International couples do not think of themselves as representing different countries, do they? You Western women don't love your Japanese husbands as a Japanese representative, do you? You forget everything but the loved one, and your focus is love. The only strong power is True Love. How wonderful! All are the same. It is a vertical feeling. How much excitement, how much strength! It is like you are inflating a balloon, and finally it bursts. A balloon doesn't make any sound while it is being inflated, but once it explodes, it always makes a big noise, like thunder. God may be dozing somewhere, but when He hears that sound, He will be awakened! And then He will gaze upon the place where that sound comes from. The sound of love even wakes up the dozing God. It's so important.

Do you need that power of True Love? Yes? (Yes!) Excellent! You know that well! More than me! If you know this, you can forget everything else. Husband and wife will come together, embrace, and you tumble down, and become one. You don't have to stand in any position, but you can roll.

God lives this way, and True Parents live this way. All sons and daughters live this way, and when all the rest of the world lives this way, then the world will inevitably become heaven on earth. When you are perfected in this pattern, then it goes to the top, most lofty place in spirit world.

We already know how many percent of perfection I have as son, as daughter, brother and sister, and as parents, as spouse. Starting from son's love, right at the center of this circle, it connects by axis horizontally. It is the same way, horizontally and vertically; it is an equal distance, too. There is no way we can go individually. We know that, don't we? We must have our own children, we must have our own brothers and sisters, we must have parents of our own. We must have a spouse. Therefore, this "couple-ism" which we see so much here in America, how far away from God's ideal, we know already. "Couple-ism" means they deploy horizontally, but that's all. They will go farther and farther away, but where will they end up? They certainly cannot come back unless they have a place to come back to.

Actually, this is the reason America became such an individualistic country with so much free sex. They went this way, then after this, there is no other way besides individualism, free sex. Do you understand how they became like this? As they go farther and farther away from this crux, then everything gets in their way. At least that is how the individual feels, so he gets rid of his wife, his children; he gets rid of this and that. Then he finds himself all alone. This is the fate of individualism. Each one has a certain aspect of individualism within themselves. We all know where we are or how much percent perfect we are.

We must think, "Am I looking at my spouse, my children, my parents, in the place of (from the perspective of) God?" Each child must resemble his parents because his parents are not only his parents, but they are also brother and sister to each other. Because they are brother and sister they will learn the brother and sister relationship through their parents and what they are doing. And the couple, too. They will look at the parents' couples' life. By loving their own children, from the standpoint of parents, they do the same. Do you follow? In other words, parents must play the lead role, the model role. Parents must show their children how to love other children, and how to love brothers and sisters, how to serve parents. The father and mother must show the children all these things. The children can only learn from them. Therefore, all education takes place in the family. When children become as perfect as their own parents, then their parental perfection is also attained.

In the Garden of Eden, the brother and sister, Adam and Eve got married. But after the fall, in order to embrace everybody, the farther away your partner, the better. Therefore, Father has been matching people internationally. We all know how much we benefit from that. So we all know we don't have to go more in detail, we already know about ourselves through this measure, this principle. Do we or do we not understand this about ourselves, centering on this formula? (Yes.) Because, "I know faster than God does, I know this first, and then God knows."

Until now, nobody knew. We didn't know and therefore we were forgiven and we were not blamed so much. But now we know. If we still don't do that, then that is where the real anger comes from. Reprimands come. Now that we come to understand this, everyday life should be different. In the morning, when we are washing our face, say, "I have to resemble God. God invested and forgot, He gave and forgot He gave. He was always persecuted, but loved even more. Are my eyes going to do the same things, is my nose going to do that?" We have to continually ask the same question of every part of ourselves, "Is my body, my hand resembling God's?" We must always have this focal point in mind.

American people don't want to live like that, do they? Do they say, "That's too much effort"? This is why the Bible says it is very, very difficult for the rich man to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Poor people, who are more humble, can be more focused on this than anything else. Do you follow?

There is such a thing as a ticket to heaven. It is a one direction course, straight. You will bump right into God and meet with Him if we have that straight route. The individual is there, family is there, clan is there, the nation and world are there. Starting from God, it has been deployed. Now we are returning to God. Therefore, in there is everything. God is my friend, God is my subject, God is my partner. We are that close to God centering on True Love. The grandchildren and grandparents are so close to each other, like dear friends, like brothers and sisters, even. If that happens, is that a tragedy or is that happiness? Inside, we are so respectful of our grandfather and grandmother, isn't that true? But that loving child will just climb up on the grandfather's head, and even perhaps lose control and wet his head, even. The loving grandfather would be only happy. "Oh, this is warm," he would say. He would laugh and be so happy, and say, "Nobody else has this much love toward my grandson." He would laugh and laugh. Do you like that? (Yes!) I don't know. Liking something is up to you, not me.

This is so simple. I, like my parents, with the vertical in mind, will live like this and the re-creation will become complete. When we live like this, that's the end goal of our life. That is what our life is all about, to live like Father, to live like Mother. Now we know clearly the standard of perfection. Here on earth is the easiest place to achieve this. Now that we have the standard, how soon we realize it is up to us. We have to realize it here on earth. If we go to spirit world, we will have to come back to realize it, which is enormously more difficult. Therefore, we must do it here, very quickly.

Earth is the center, not spirit world. Whatever is done here, is done up in heaven. Whatever is entangled here is entangled up there. Therefore, earth is the center. Think about some rich man, some millionaire, even billionaire who always spent his money for the sake of his community, his clan and country. If he lived that way all his life, and then came back to his homeland and died, would he go to heaven or to hell? (Heaven.) Even though he gave everything away and then went back to his homeland and died with nothing in his hands, would he still go to heaven? (Yes.) Why, through what Principle does that happen? It is because he followed God's standard. God still is alive, He is not dead, and He continues doing the same things after thousands and thousands of years.

God's position has always been like a vacant place, like a low pressure zone. One time a high pressure zone comes in and blows down that empty place. That's God's hope, the end of time, the time of the Second Advent. Do you understand?

Raise your hands if you can say, "Now, Father, I understand clearly and you have helped me so much already. But now that I know this, I don't need any more help. I can do it, all by myself, and surely I will get there. Don't worry about me." Father gathered all the men together, and Korean residents here in America. They are lonely people. They are kind of miserable because they are away from home, trying to do God's work, without anyone knowing. So Father gave this talk to them. Today is the time of the Women's Federation, so all the women gathered together and received the same message. Father encouraged all the Korean residents here, "Teach this to every person in this country." Now American men and Korean men know this. Are you American men, you proud, first-rate nation, going to be outdone by the Koreans? Or are they going to be outdone by you? Father says keep your hands up for one hour, but you know you will do it without fail? Until now, whatever Father taught you was virtually forgotten by the time you got back to the New Yorker. Not this time. Okay?

Those who say, "I won't forget, Father, I will never forget!" can lower their hands. That means you will do it! (Yes!)

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