The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

The Tribal Messiah and My Homeland

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

This is an excerpt from a speech given March 1, 1993 at the Belvedere International Training Center. The translator was Sang Kil Han.

Salvation is not just for the individual. Centering on True Parents' efforts, we have been creating family, tribal, racial, national and world salvation. While Father has been doing this, Satan has been opposing him totally. Father's 40 year life-course has been filled with persecution. All of True Parent's efforts on all these different levels would not have been necessary if at the end of World War II America and the Christian world had united with Father.

At that time the family settlement would have occurred, centering on parents. Thus Cain and Abel would have become one centering on Mother. As it did not happen, reindemnification was necessary. The whole world came against Father and persecuted him. That fight ended after 40 years. Since it is a rigid principle that those who do not fulfill their responsibility are taken by Satan, all the Christians went under the satanic domain. God lost all of them.

The world-level Cain and Abel uniting with the mother occurred with nations on God's side and nations on Satan's side. World War II was a fierce fight between God and Satan. God's side won over Satan's side, and centering on Christianity the whole world was to have come into unity. Satan, represented by Japan, Germany and Italy, wanted to erase God's side.

If the Unification Church does not help in God's work then it is also moved to Satan's side. In man the mind is on God's side and the body is on Satan's side. When heaven gives an order the mind follows but the body does not. If the body refuses to move then it becomes satanic. As we come to understand God's will, our mind and body must unite. But as time goes on, which side will get the better of you? Will your old ways come back and get the better of you?

The Satanic Way

The satanic way of life wants to advance centering on Satan's desire, Satan's way of life. The body, even though it may be temporarily persuaded by the mind, still wants to cling to the old way of life. Today is the first day of the month, an important day. Most people think of having an easy life, centering on the body. You, instead of thinking of all the family, want to separate yourself and feel comfortable. The thoughts of True Parents, brothers, and sisters slowly fade. If you think that the Christian church is better than the Unification Church, you are receding. If you start to think of the easy way, you fade. If you make excuses and think easily you will fade. Do the younger or older members represent heaven?

Speaking horizontally some members joined earlier and some later. This line should represent what God desires. But right now it has sunk down. Heaven wants to meet them at the center point, but they are fallen to a lower position, so they are given back to Satan. The whole circle should rotate around the center, but if the center is drawn down, it cannot rotate properly. So, no matter when you joined, if you are below then you are in the satanic domain. We know well what position we occupy.

We all remember when we first heard the words of heaven. All we wanted to do was to come to the church and live there. There was a time when many came very early to sit in the front row. We see that diseases such as AIDS or cancer have a period of dormancy, during which time we do not know that they are present. We are reminded of how formidable habits are. Are you closer to Heaven's side or to Satan's side? After 20 years in the church are you up or down, closer to heaven or to hell?

Home church is to serve as the method to save the nation. Cain and Abel must become one and then seek for a larger plus, which is the mother. Together they form a minus and seek the father. Then again they become a larger minus and seek the larger plus, God. This is the principle of development. The basic pattern calls for mind body unity. Which is the plus? The mind is plus, so the body must be bought into unity with the mind. If we do not do that we will always be dragged down by the body. While we are doing home church, Father is working at nation and world church. What is "church"? It is the organization which separates Satan and brings people to God's side. We have stayed on God's side just barely, because of all the ropes that Father attached. Without these ropes we would have all been washed away. Home church is to expand the foundation horizontally.

Because we didn't make the foundation, Father made it. Father ordered us to go to our tribes. How can we ignore this? We must understand the concept of tribal messiahship. It is our own real foundation, our hometown. If instead we just tag along with Father, we will not have a hometown. Father wants to make a connection between his hometown and ours; this is tribal messiahship. Centering on Father's hometown, we are to make ours. By doing so, we reconnect what was lost during history. By doing that this realm returns to God's side. In the spirit world are you going to live in Father's hometown? You must have your own home.

Centered on Father

Of course you center on Father's home, but you have to have your own home. If you do not establish your home, you will be homeless in the spirit world. Even if Father goes up, we do not go up automatically. It will just be harder and harder for us to reach Father. If we had understood this correctly, there would be a world of difference between when we joined and when we become the tribal messiah. When we joined we did so just to be connected firmly. At that point we took the new seed and fostered it. We wanted to go to church 24 hours a day. Thus tribal messiahs should feel at least the same. We should do more tribal messiah work. As we do, we can connect to the nation and world. We all have a hometown; it is still satanic. Your hometown is not heaven's land and there are no heavenly people living there. God does not live there. The only way to do that is to do the tribal messiah mission. Do your work and connect them to True Parents and God.

We have a hometown where we were born, but it belongs to Satan. We must restore our hometown. Without doing that, if you go to spirit world you have no place to stand. From your restored hometown you can make a natural transition to the spirit world. This is exactly what Father wants to do through the tribal messiahs. Just as Father engrafted us to himself, in our hometown we are to engraft our tribe to us. Then our hometown will be on God's side. You will be the ancestor of your tribe. You will represent the past, present and future. By making tribal messiah successful all those who belong to that tribe are recognized as being born in heaven's land.

All in the spirit world understand this, so they will return to earth to assist. Then they can gain their own restoration. These spirit men have no foundation that they can make without working here on earth. Thus the tribal messiah is the sole hope of all his ancestors. They will come down and chastise him if he doesn't work hard. Inactivity is like a swamp; he will go down and down. No one will come to save him.

The day we joined the church and the day we are granted tribal messiahship are much different. Joining is to be connected individually. Today is the day you connect all your ancestors and your entire family. It is God's idea to live for others, to do everything for others, to not just preserve yourselves. Here in America, is there even one small town where they are asking Father to come so that they can serve him? No. So this is still a wilderness. What about Korea? There are many tribal messiahs there. They are settling down in their hometowns. Anytime Father goes there, they will have a large feast. What about America? It is still a wilderness. For Father to stay here he must have confidence in you.

This is my homeland. First we have to find and restore our ancestors. Second we have to restore my homeland. The present land belongs to Satan; we have to restore it. Third, we have to restore God so that He will live with us, me, my family and my tribe, and Satan no longer exists.

As Adam was growing up, God followed him everywhere. We must do the same and make that highway with no walls. Father declared war on all the walls and tore down the individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world and cosmic walls.

So we must go back to our homeland and work harder with tears. Until now the fallen world came to the cities, but now the heavenly way will be to go to the countryside. The American forefathers went to the countryside, not the cities. The pollution is so bad, they can no longer live in the cities and stay healthy. Go back to the countryside and own a small piece of land. On Father's farm in Texas there is nothing as far as you can see in all directions. Father will bring Africans and show teach them how to farm. Also make an agricultural school in each land. All this will come to pass. They will have good fishing, hunting, good farming, good results. There will be a six month learning period for you too. You will become a first-rate farmer. There is no better preparation before you go to the spirit world than farming. Over fifty years old, we should make farming a second career. This is the beginning of Father's crusade for saving 20 million starving people.

Don't Call First

Father has given us the best gift, tribal messiahship. However, no one seems to understand. Father asked those national leaders who came to Alaska for training last summer to explain the meaning of tribal messiahship. Each had a different answer. What kind of formula is that? There must be one formula. Do you understand? Our original homeland is where we are going to be restored. In view of restoration, there is no way to deny this. That is the only way we can return to our homeland. So, are we going to go to our homeland? (Yes). Do your tribal messiahship honestly. In your hometown there are homosexuals and lesbians. There is free sex. We have to wipe it out. There can't be families fighting each other. That's not godly. There should be no senior citizen's homes.

Here in America Father urges that we do the Women's Federation movement. There is no reason for Americans to oppose the Women's Federation movement. It is for the family. The President's wife, Hillary, is already moving the nine security council members and she is going to appoint women to more than five of those positions. You see, that trend is there. The number of congresswomen was far from big this year, but in the next election they expect it will be more than seventy. The women's time definitely will come. Why? To protect the tribal messiahs, mainly, to protect us. So, perfected Eve must control and have dominion over the archangel. The archangel represents their husbands. So, the man's time is passing and the women's time is arising. American women cannot trust any American man because they are in a fallen archangel position. Women have to quickly mend this.

The principle is very simple. To reverse the fall, the subject and object unity, right in my body, must come. Family unity must come through the mother, otherwise there is no other way of restoration. The whole nation, too. There is no exception. Without the individual and the family, the country can never be restored. That's what Father is aiming at.

When returning to our families we have nothing else to think about or worry about. There is nothing else important to us no borders, no politics, no economics, nothing. What is most important? Just man and woman. Man and women is all that is important. As a woman what you absolutely need is nothing else but a real man. The same is true for all men. What we need is one real woman. The one way to become a real man or woman is follow this textbook formula. 

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