The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

The Resurrection and Liberation of the World's Women

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Founder's Sermon On Unificationism

"This is an excerpt from the sermon given at Belvedere, New York, on January 31, 1993."

The pair system is very important. Even if we are in the upper position we must keep the lower position in mind. If we are on the right side we must consider the left side. This is so that we can harmonize. This is an important concept, whatever position you have you must keep the other in mind.

All creation lives for the sake of the other. So at the time you say up, first recognize down, then recognize up. When you say right, recognize left first and then right. And in circular motion too, one moves for the sake of the other. The down-person moves for the up-person. Without this you cannot have motion. If one individual does not have the other in mind it will lead to destruction.

Everything we see, including motion, is the expression of the desire to serve the other. So the more we move, the greater we serve. Here we see the principle of God's creation. We can also see Satan's way which is different and says "Live for the sake of me." Are women born for the sake of women? (No.) When we say women, we already have a man in mind. Women are born absolutely for men. And men absolutely need women. Not only man and women, but everything in the whole universe works this way.

Without this principle, the development of the universe is not possible. We see that it is possible, this is God's creation. If in a family we see a grandfather saying, "Live for the sake of me," there will be no harmony, only separation and destruction. But instead, if we live for the sake of the other, the more we move the greater the other becomes.

We have many members here, but who is the real Unification Church member? That will be just one person. If Reverend Moon is the subject, who is the perfect object? If the object and the subject each demand to be treated best, there will be fighting and decline. However, the more they say, "I should live more for the sake of the other," the greater the good that will come to the church. If each says "I will live more for the sake of the other," they will rotate faster and grow. Is that true? (Yes.)

Consider America

Now consider the individualistic kingdom of America. No one thinks anything is wrong; they all think things are fine. But the universe spits at it, because it defies the principle. The universal fate is that those who claim, "You live for me," will perish. The ones who live for others are protected by universal fate. That fate is connected to the entire cosmos and can see forever. Its sight is unlimited. When it sees one living for the other, it is good.

When your mind and body unite and live for the other, that is good. It will grow larger and larger and connect to all the universe. Denying yourself is principle number one. This principle of living for the sake of others is cardinal. When you do that, you will feel good because universal fate will support you. When you roll with this you are dancing. But look at dancers today: are they dancing for the other or are they trying to pull others to themselves? If someone drinks a lot of wine in order to give money to another, that is good, but there is no such drunkard. They all drink for themselves. If there was a drunkard who drank so as to give money to others, there would be lines of people following him.

Individualism is the worst disease, and that unfortunately is now with us. Women, do you consider a man's appearance or his mind to be more important? (Mind.) How can you see his mind? How can we distinguish a good mind from a bad mind? Look for the mind that lives for the sake of the other. That is a good man. If you find such a man and marry him, no matter what he looks like, your future will be good. Isn't that right? (Yes.) So wouldn't the champion of the world's women want to live for the sake of the world? She need not make up her face. There is no way to deny that living for the world is the best policy.

What is a truthful woman? When a man loves a women so much and a women tries to pay him back even more, that is a truthful woman, and vice versa. What happens in the couple, both of whose partners cannot be outdone in loving the other? True love will grow. There is an infinite potential, which will bring infinite prosperity. Is it morning or evening? (Morning.) I think it is evening, but you know better. Jim, do you understand? (Yes.) If you are willing to work for your company for less, you will become the head. The American way is different, it is the opposite of this. In America people sue if they must work for less, but God does not have that concept in His mind. If God decided to sue then the whole of the human race would be wiped out. God's mind absolutely denies the idea of lawsuits.

True prosperity

In one hour the very principle of true prosperity has been shown to us. Everyone wants a peaceful world, but no one will get it without this principle. Is there anyone who does not want to be the center, the top person of the universe? No, everyone does. When the one appears who is the representative from the level of the individual to that of the universe, then the universe will be saved. Why? Because God exists and God is like that.

Even if that is only invisible and only exists in the mind, it will come about, because God will create it for us. How wonderful. That gives endless prosperity. People may blame Father for this or that, but Father continues to give. So eventually Reverend Moon will be accepted. Reverend Moons goes deeper and deeper into the core position. You think that's good, but your actions are not so good.

The awesome conclusion is that each person wants to become the best. To do that, each must think, "I represent the entire world and live for the sake of the world." If you think that, you think that you represent the past, present and future. Such a man loves women the best, and can come to the conclusion that there is no women who does not love him. All women will want to marry that man.

In order for you to have that kind of husband, you must be that kind of woman. In that way you can be the best. When you learn about this, you say to God, "I will do not only that but better." If you are anxious to do better than God, you can climb on top of God and God will say, "That feels good."

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