The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Sung Ni Han Champumonim: Victorious True Parents

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

These are taken from the sermon given on January 28, 1993, in the Grand Ball Room, WMC. New York. The translator was Dr. Bo Hi Pak.

We all know human history has been a fallen history. It was not intended that way, but the human ancestors fell. The fall brought all of humanity and its destiny to the satanic side. Therefore, ever since the human race has been living under the consequences the fall of man . There are some basic and fundamental questions all men and women have. Fundamental questions that need answers. Why were human beings born? Why are there men and women? These are the fundamental questions.

Generally speaking, in history the tragic side has been the side of women . Statistically speaking, in most cases, the victims are women. Most criminal assaults are generally men assaulting women. What percent? Over 90 %. Women's heart has always had a certain grudge or reservation, or certain dissatisfaction with their position. There is a certain regret. Women generally live with regret. The question always comes, if there is God why didn't he resolve such a question instantly, automatically, a long, long time ago? Why is the human race suffering until now, that still inequality and unfairness prevail?

Is God able to solve the problem or not? If He is able, when would he do it? On the other hand, if God is perfect is there a perfect man or woman on this earth? No one is perfect, therefore, no one can come under the direct control of God. Why did such imperfection occur? Because of the Fall.

Then why, is the creation such that man is there for the sake of woman, and women is there for the sake of man. Why is that? Why is there this kind of creation in the first place? In one word it is for the sake of love. Women is there to fulfill the purpose of love for man, and man to fulfill the purpose of love for women. The fulfillment of this love is the goal behind the scheme. This is the creative design. To fulfill love.

Centered upon yourself there is no perfection, no fulfillment because that it is not the way it was designed. Do you follow? Yes. Adam and Eve brought the fall of man. The self-centered Adam. The self-centered Eve. That was what the fall was all about. The fundamental error was committed. Men and women were born for the sake of love, but it could not be fulfilled, so they moved 180 degrees in the opposite direction. The fall of man instead of living for others, ended with man living for himself and herself. Exactly opposite to the originally created design.

We see in the Bible the fall came through the eating of the fruit. But, that particular act is nothing. It could not bring about the awful consequences of the fall. Men and women instead of giving love to fulfill the other side, they try to pull love and energy towards themselves so that "I" can indulge. This is 180 degrees opposite from God's design and live for himself. This 180 degree movement brought the fall of man. Centering upon what? Centering upon the activity of love, the reproductive organ. Sexual relationships. This is where the most destructive action occurred.

Centering upon himself for himself, there is no way that the universe will run. God is an investor. God has invested every ounce of himself for the sake of creation, This is God's principle to give, to create. Give life, give creation. Everybody is trying to take it. Take it for their own sake. It not only goes against the basic rule and law of God, but eventually it leads to self-destruction. Only true love is altruistic and takes you to heaven. On the other hand, self-centered love brings you towards hell.

Is God so almighty and powerful that He has to come under True Love? Does He have to comply himself under the law of True Love? Is True Love above God or below? Even God comes under complete obedience to True Love. That is where God is. Even God has to follow absolute True Love.

Therefore, unification is the base for joy freedom, happiness and peace. Joy means, freedom, happiness and peace. Everything based upon unification. Do you understand? Otherwise nothing can settle. Unification is the base of all. Father knows this so our church is named after unification. Everything has balance with unification. Everything works harmoniously with unification. Men and women are balanced with unification. The most important thing is not power, knowledge or money, it is True Love. True Love has the power to focus the five senses.

Young teenagers when they open up and meet the opposite sex, an incredible energy comes. An incredible force comes which blinds them to other things.

If two lovers, a husband and a wife, meet after many years of separation. They hug each other and squeeze hard. They shoot up into the sky. True Love comes and covers the entire area. There is no limit. Centering upon True Love you have to live as husband and wife. Man for the sake of women, and women for the sake of man, for the sake of love. Those that do not need love raise your hands.

During the fall Adam and Eve were kicked out. Did they have children before or after the fall? (After). How many years later did they have their children? The question is, after they were kicked out, did God follow them and bless them because they were lonely? Or did they just marry themselves. Satan married them. God had no control of the land outside of the Garden. Satan married them and they had Satan's children. Creating satanic love, life and lineage. That was not what God planned. God wanted them to have their own children inside the Garden. Therefore, God's ideal remains to be fulfilled. So, no matter what happens in the satanic world, God's ideal of a True Love, life and lineage in the Garden still remains unfulfilled. Therefore, we have to restore it back.

Was God created perfect, or does He have to grow? God has a growth process. What Father means is that because He exists for the sake of love, as man emerges, God experiences love through man. For God love is everything. God is the subject of love and He needs an object of love. If you had not fallen then you would be the son and daughter of God and would give birth to the children of God. There would be no religion, no savior, or churches.

In yourself you have a plus and minus, your mind and body. But, because of the fall your body became plus and fights with the mind. So someone has to come and break up the satanic division. Unless someone comes and does this you cannot have a good life or marriage.

How do you practice True Love? By loving your enemy.

God's method is always to be beaten and then gain the victory. The Unification Church history of development has followed that principle.

The entire world has come against me. I do not hate those people who come against me. When the Messiah comes and has to take the entire world, it is natural that the entire world comes against me. On whose side is God? The satanic world or with Rev. Moon? Father came here not for revenge but to save and to love. Father went to the USSR not to destroy but to love. Father went to Kim IL Sung, the most evil man, not for revenge, but to love. At the gates of heaven, Satan will bow down to him because he is the model.

You should be loving America more than Father does. Be more sacrificial than Father.

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