The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

How Well Do You Know Me?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 29, 1993 World
Mission Center, New York, NY USA
Translated by Dr. Bo Hi Pak

All of the Unification Theological Seminary graduates were invited to this conference. At the International Leaders' Conference, Father focused first on the seminarians and second on the women. Gathering together the Japanese from among those Unification Theological Seminary graduates assembled, Father asked them to go back to Japan to become church leaders there. When Father realized that his God's Day speech in Korea had not yet been translated and distributed in America, he brought out his little black book, and read a series of instructions.

Section I: To Seminary Graduates

How well do you know me? I would like to speak especially to graduates of the Unification Theological Seminary to begin with. There are two hundred sixty-four seminary graduates here. Let me ask you, do you know me? How well do you know me? You know me according to your own observation, through your life experiences, according to your upbringing and education. You come with those experiences and try to understand me in your own way. Each True Child even has their own perception and understanding of True Parents. How can we arrive at a common understanding?

You may go out partying with a friend, and think you know that friend quite well, but you do not know the depths of that person. Watch how he overcomes great peril and you may find an incredible kind of courage and strength of character in him. The true side of that person emerges in a crisis, when life and death hang in the balance. Observing how that person reacts to those situations gives the best insight into that person's true nature. A truly noble person is the one who, even in the face of utmost danger, does not bend his principles, but risks his life trying to live up to his convictions. Nobility and divinity can be seen in such a person. God must be looking for such an individual, so that God can entrust him with the responsibility of accomplishing His program.

When you pursue the noble ideal of God, all of a sudden you will encounter incredible danger, not only to yourself, but also to your family and your children; you will be confronted by many difficulties. Are you going to turn around, think twice, and go in a different direction, or will you pursue your original commitment? What you would do under such circumstances is the most crucial question any man or woman can face.

For God and the spirit world there is no death, so God's way is to overcome difficulty and move forward. There is no possibility that God will wiggle out of difficulty, or change His mind and retreat. God is looking for a similar character in men and women. Even though God never dies, He is always ready to give every ounce of His energy to the last minute. He can endure even the difficulty and suffering of death. He can overcome and transcend all hardship. Since such commitment and determination are always there, there is no failure on God's part. Everything God does is always perfect. Even in the fallen world, if there is a person living such a godly way of life, moving forward towards the goal with untiring, undaunted commitment, that person will certainly not fail, but will eventually succeed. God's way is the public way. On the other hand, Satan is going to face the difficulty of death centered upon himself; therefore, he always feels endangered. Satan easily retreats and gives up. When faced with the way of death, Satan will say, "No, I don't need it. I would rather go the other way." Therefore, the satanic world has an end. Satan operates with a limit. That is the difference between the heavenly way and the satanic way. The moment Satan sees that his neck is going to be cut off, he says, "No more. I won't go there." In contrast, the heavenly way surmounts all limits. The difference between good and evil is apparent, with God's way of life representing the good side and Satan's way of life representing the evil side.

Therefore, good and evil are clearly manifested in the religious way of life. Religious leaders throughout history have been either very good or very evil. Good religious leaders are always ready to go the way of principle with unbending courage and determination, even unto their deaths. God wants to teach His people the way of overcoming, of committing one's life for the sake of principle, for the sake of goodness.

Love that goes beyond death

The Bible is written in a rather contradictory way. It was not written just to make people feel good. There are serious statements in it, such as: "For whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it."

Sometimes husband and wife get together and ask each other: "How much do you love me?" You answer, "Well, I love you this much, or this much." Many children will say, "I love Daddy thiiiiiiis much." The ultimate answer is: "Even unto my death, my love for you shall not change. Even if I die I will come back to love you more; death shall not stop me loving you." If that answer comes from your husband, you should give him a medal and say, "You are a really truthful, God- centered, wonderful husband. You are my hero. Centering upon this love, we will always be together. In life and after death, we will be together." Such a couple becomes a dynamo of true love. We call that the love kingdom of heaven, where love reigns and prevails. Jesus told his disciples to love him more than anybody else. This means that even if our life is sacrificed we will not separate from the Messiah. As long as there is life, there is unity, harmony, and oneness. Jesus also said that those who love their wives, husbands, children, or family more than him are not worthy of him. Jesus said that unless we bear our own cross and follow him, we are not worthy of him. There is always a double meaning in the teachings of Jesus: love me more than your family; even if you sacrifice them, still you must follow me. Furthermore, following my way is not easy: you have to bear your cross, committing yourself without regret. The cross means death; but even though we are bearing the cross, we cannot stop loving Jesus, the son of God.

That simple principle of how to gain your life for eternity prevails here on earth and in the entire spirit world. You must follow that principle in order to win your life for eternity. It is the most simple truth, but it is very difficult to practice.

As you know, I have been in prison on many different occasions. When I looked at my hand cuffed arms, I thought, "This is linking me to death; this will pull me to death." I always felt, "I know what kind of person I am and where I am going. Now I may face death. These handcuffs are the witnesses." The handcuffs signify my last moment of life, my last measure of devotion. Under such circumstances, many people's minds would be shaken, and they would try to dodge the danger and dash to safety. The great man is the one who maintains his original course with unbending spirit and courage. In my entire life I have not learned how to detour. I am always going straight forward, breaking through whatever obstacle I encounter. It has not been easy. I have faced incredible difficulties, persecution, and torture. It is not easy to remain strong when you are all alone and everybody says: "You are no good; you are going the wrong way." It is not easy to maintain your course, especially when not only outside people are going against you, but also your own parents, wife, and children leave, when they point their fingers at you, and cast you out. If you were put in solitary confinement, what attitude would you have? I never focus on getting out but on applying myself with greater devotion to my principles. I know that when I get out and continue pursuing my course, I will again face persecution and rejection, particularly those heartbreaking ones coming from close family members who abandoned me. I came here to save this country

When I came to the United States, nobody knew my true heart and desire. My secret goal was to save this country. I knew that it would not be a happy stay: I had been in prison in North Korea, in South Korea, and in Japan. When I came to the United States, I knew, undoubtedly, that this country would throw me in jail. In prison, your life is on the line all the time. Within three and one half years after my arrival in the United States, I had turned the United States upside down. I knew that unless I could, there would be no opportunity for me. Initially there was some welcome, but as soon as I had spoken in several cities and people began to listen to my message, that welcome turned into incredible persecution. Initially, newspapers announced my crusade in banner headlines, but day by day, the headlines got smaller and smaller and hidden on the back pages.

I realized that since I would not be known in this country as a good man although I am truly a good man in the sight of God I would rather be known as the most evil man first, and begin the road of restoration from that point. People looked at me with tinted eyeglasses and described me as a brainwasher, monster, mind-controller and slave driver. I was accused of sending out young people in a virtually starving position to work to death, and then taking their money from them and putting it in my own pocket. When people saw members who didn't speak English, from Japan and other countries, going out and working morning to night and handing over all the money they gained, they called me a slave driver.

I went around to the fifty states of the United States like a whirlwind. Everywhere I appeared, people flocked to hear me, and I was called worse names than the Ayatollah or Mafia leaders. They said that, with my magic power, all I had to do was touch a person's head, and his mind would be controlled. Media played small instances up into dramatic stories. People waited eagerly for the next exaggerated story. When they heard I was coming to a certain city, picket signs would spring up.

People owe me an apology

Still I made up my mind that even though I had the worst reputation, I would turn this nation upside down in three and one half years. Among the two hundred forty million Americans, there were few who did not speak something unkind or evil about Rev. Moon. That means two hundred forty million people know about me; at least that is sure. They pushed me into a corner, and the ultimate corner was prison. They thought, "Oh, we caught the monster and confined him in Danbury prison." They were watching. The inmates were worried, "Oh, we are living with a monster. What can we do?" The inmates were trembling, but the very first day they found out that I am just an ordinary, good-looking, benevolent grandfather. They were totally surprised to discover that I am the opposite of the way the media portrays me. "Oh, is that the Rev. Moon?" they asked in amazement.

Now, in the end, who won, the United States or me? Americans realized that, yes, Rev. Moon won. Moreover, they give me credit, because they know exactly how the government and the media and the American public treated me. Americans really owe me an apology. There is a certain fairness about the American public's mind. I can see this is the strategy of God. If you put yourself in a situation of the most incredible suffering and torture, in the end people will surrender out of sympathy. They will repent for the evil they committed. This is the heavenly strategy.

The world that persecuted me is declining. They thought they could flourish by giving me a hard time. On the contrary, the persecutors will diminish, and those who were persecuted will flourish.

I went to Danbury without tears

When I set out for Danbury that fateful day, many of you cried. However, I did not. I went to Danbury without shedding tears, because I knew that beyond Danbury lay something greater. Every time I have gone to prison whether in North Korea, South Korea or Japan many people shed tears, but not me. I always went expecting to come out with a greater plan. When I came out, those who shed the tears were gone. As I entered Danbury, many members and leaders throughout the world repented, with tears streaming down their cheeks, but I was thinking: how many of you will stay faithful and serve me with an even greater determination?

The simple, central truth is that when it comes to your eternal life, no one else is responsible but you. You are the pioneer of your own eternal life. Eternal life cannot be defeated by the hill of death. No matter how many hills you cross, eternal life must survive.

Things changed after I come out of prison

Whenever I come out of prison, the providence always leaps forward. Seven years have elapsed since my incarceration in Danbury. In that time look how much this nation has changed toward me. The world has changed, and communism is gone. After Danbury great things happened. I went to the Soviet Union, the center of the communist empire, and was welcomed into the Kremlin by Gorbachev. I went to North Korea and embraced the satanic Adam, Kim Il Sung. These incredible, providential events occurred since my incarceration at Danbury.

When I decided to go to the Soviet Union, it was at the height of its power; Gorbachev was at his peak. North Korea used the Japanese Red Army to send a commando unit to the United States to exterminate me. The FBI even warned me, "Don't try to go to the Soviet Union. You will not return; you will be killed." Still I went to the Soviet Union, risking my life. Soviet officials had said, "Even if we invite Rev. Moon, he would not dare to come." However, I showed up. They said, "Is this the real Rev. Moon or a phantom?" This is how I boldly, step by step, caused an incredible earthquake. If such boldness is needed to create results in the visible physical world, even more boldness is needed in the invisible spirit world! The control of this fallen world is divided between good and evil. I am sorting out all these mixtures of good and evil into the good camp and the evil camp, and trying to bring the providential victory. That is far more difficult than the original creation.

Do you really know me?

You see me here, such a short distance from you, in a very intimate way. However, you have no idea what I have been doing during this time. Many things are going on in my heart, in my mind, and in my actions. If you don't know what I am doing now, you are even less aware of what is happening spiritually. So much has been happening spiritually that you have no way of knowing about it. I originally asked how much you know me; it is not an exaggeration to say that you know me very little.

As recently as last night, I gave Bo Hi Pak a hard time and scolded him severely. His eyes popped out; he was completely shaken. Even someone as dedicated as he is, and someone who serves me so closely, didn't know me well. I know him completely, but he doesn't know me. Since I gave him such a hard time last night, I was waiting at breakfast time to see whether he would show up, and when he did show up I looked at his face to see whether his eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep. They weren't.

I treat leaders like that because I am preparing them to face greater difficulties in the future. I want the leaders always to be prepared. The best way is to scold them, and let them react. This is one of my strategies for training leaders. If you know my principles, you should strive to follow my example.

I personally trained the first UTS class

I am very happy to see you UTS graduates. I feel a special affection and affiliation with you, because when the school was built, I drove from Tarrytown to Barrytown virtually every day for three years. I spent two and one half hours on the road every day in order to meet with you and speak with you. If one day passed without seeing you, I felt empty. That is what I invested to raise you up. I trained you so much, because that first group was the pathfinders, the compass. Unless I put them into shape, establishing the right tradition, I would not leave a good tradition at UTS. I tried to set the best possible tradition at UTS by going there and teaching every day. Once that tradition was built, I went to Barrytown less than once a year. Members of that first class have unforgettable memories, because I put you through many strange experiences, such as carp fishing on the Hudson River. I sent shivering, frozen men and women into the water for many hours. I made fishing nets that are still there. Do you think I was just aiming for more carp? I caught many carp, but not one ended up on my dinner table. I often went out deep-sea fishing, but not because I wanted to eat fish. My only focus was to give you unforgettable experiences and teach you my tradition. You went through difficult times. You were hungry and cold, but I was there with you, touching you, pulling you. You used the net I made, and fished by my side. No money can buy such memories. This is the new tradition that you should leave to posterity. How many of you alumni here today still cherish the memory of those experiences? How many of you really value those days that you spent with me?

This nation must be saved

At that time I had a noble ambition. I knew that difficult times would come for the United States and I would need leadership prepared for that day. I knew that this great nation would diminish and probably even go down the tubes. Determined to raise up this nation and save it, I brought the leadership to UTS to prepare them for that day. Look at the miserable situation America is in today. Look at AIDS and immorality, which are running rampant. Young people are dying; their spirit is dying. Drugs are everywhere. This nation must be saved. There must be a champion to stop this nation from slipping into the quicksand.

One time Jesus passed a tree along the roadside that was not bearing fruit, and he cursed. When I am going down the streets of the United States, and curse this nation for its lack of leadership to cure its ills, I always feel that I am the one, that I have my people to do this thing. This is how I think about you UTS graduates. I cannot let this great nation slip down the drain. I toiled in this country for twenty-one years. My labor cannot have been in vain. If I leave America for good, how many of you would remain to pursue my goal to the end? Right now every one of you thinks you would. However, to back up your thoughts with deeds is something different. There is so much distance between your thoughts and your reality. Everyone knows that the United States is declining. America is decadent. In order to save this country, there must be sacrifice. A price must be paid to save this country. Take over my mission

I cannot stay here permanently. I have a job to do in Asia. I have to bring unification to the Korean peninsula. There are 3.2 billion people there waiting for my message. I must move on. When I move on, how many seminarians will say, "Father, leave it to us. We shall guide this nation. We shall be Rev. Sun Myung Moons here. Don't worry about the United States"? By words and promises I would like to bind you together. That's the purpose of your coming today. I would like to bind you together in a promise that UTS will initiate the "Save America" movement and take over my mission. Say, "Yes, Father, we are your direct heirs, your champions, your children. We have inherited your tradition, your methods, your truth. We will take care of this country." The flame of UTS has been burning. Now I want to use that flame to burn up all the iniquity and unrighteousness in this country. Truly you will become the saviors of this nation. I can say this because only you were taught by me. There are no other people who deserve this kind of statement. Promise that you will multiply the flame three-fold, ten-fold, twelve-fold. Pass down the torch until the fire is burning everywhere in this country. When you stop the decline of this nation, you will have truly carried out my role, which is to save America. You will ignite the resurrection of the American people. A firestorm of resurrection shall begin, but someone has to ignite the people, and I am looking at you seminarians to be the sparks. Two years from now, in 1995, you will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of UTS. A great deal of time has elapsed. You have grown. By then there will be a thousand alumni or more. One thousand multiplied by two is two thousand; multiplied by three, is three thousand. These are the forces that shall ignite the moral and spiritual revolution in this country. The flame, the torch, shall start burning high and bright in America. Good seeds must be taken and planted in other fields as well, all over the United States. Become a seed and plant yourself in this society. You are the heirs of my teaching and tradition and spirit. Those who pledge to begin this movement, raise your hands. God bless you. If you keep that pledge, America shall not decline.

Be the saviors of this nation

As much as I have trained you, led you, and guided you, giving you the tradition, you should lead your juniors, and guide your children. UTS is the forum of the movement. Recruit people for UTS, knowing that I need future leaders as well. Bring them in, thereby multiplying yourself. UTS will erupt in a volcanic explosion for America. That campus shall ignite, and foment a revolution for America. When you look at me and the things I have done, can you feel to the bone that you will be responsible for the United States, that you are the saviors of this nation, that you will stop the decline of this nation, that you will make America prosper once again? You shall be central figures for that mission.

As much as I love UTS and love you, you should love UTS, your juniors and your children, creating a patriotic movement that will inspire love of your country, love of your fellow man, and love of the world. This is how you shall expand the horizons of the people, so that we can make another golden era for the United States.

You built many things during your school days. We will preserve your accomplishments as part of the founding spirit of the school that started out from me. Thus the genuine love for your school can be translated into genuine patriotism.

Who will restore the World Mission Center?

The New Yorker hotel is getting old. It was refurbished for True Parents' birthday some years ago, but it is old. Awnings have been constructed to protect pedestrians from falling objects. How many members here would resolve to be instrumental in recreating this building? None of you thinks like that. Instead, everybody thinks, "Oh, this building needs repairs. When will Father do it? When will Father give us money to do it?" That is a very irresponsible way of thinking. This is not my house; it is your house. Even if I have lots of money, still you should say, "Father, you have lots of places to spend your money. Here in America, we'll take care of things, particularly the World Mission Center. We will clean it, and make it the most incredible monument in New York." I have not heard even one person, even with a ten dollar bill in hand, say such a thing. Not even one person is concerned about it, as far as I have heard.

I am not an American citizen. My job is done. My mission is over. This World Mission Center shall be here fifty years from now, a hundred years from now. Certainly by that time I am not going to be here. I may not be on the earth. In the coming decades the entire world has to go through the Unification community, because there is no other hope for resurrecting humanity. This building is the monumental holy ground, a holy building. Somebody has to take care of it. This kind of thinking represents the hope of America, and the future is bright with this hope.

Build your own monuments

You have to build monuments that you will reluctantly leave behind when you go to the spirit world, something that will make you yearn to stay on earth a little longer in order to complete. Now you have nothing. You think you can just pack up any time and take off. That is a cheap life. You have to build monuments to leave behind you on earth. I brought hundreds of millions of dollars into this country to create projects that I will deeply miss and long to come back to see.

I have instructed the president of UTS to send out a message on God's Day of every year to remind you of my words today, reminding you to send new students to UTS, and to become a sponsor of the seminary. You were given a scholarship, so you should give scholarships of $10,000 a year. Bring both students and money to UTS. When you meet a good prospective student, tell him, "I would like you to graduate from UTS, because this is the only school of its kind in the entire world which prepares people to become patriots and great human beings. I will earn scholarship money and give it to you." Find incredible young people and enlist them.

When Dr. [David] Sang Chul Kim sends you a letter, don't think of it as another fund raising letter. Instead, you should think of it as the most intimate letter you have been waiting for. Those who do not want to receive the letter, we will remove your name from the list and not regard you as UTS graduates. When you receive a scholarship from a school, you should think of it as a loan and work to pay it back after graduation. Do this for your country, for yourselves, and for your children. I have done this for you. Now you should do it for others.

This declaration has been made on my seventy-third birthday and Mother's fiftieth birthday. Start your tradition and schedule. If you fast one meal a day, with the money you save you can sponsor one student. When I was going to school in Seoul, my home was outside the city, in Huk Suk Dong. For a nickel you could ride a train to class. The train took one hour, and walking took an hour and a half. I always walked, in order to save that one nickel to give to needy people. By the time I came home, the nickel was gone, not to the train conductor but to the poor people. Seoul has completely changed over the years. Recently, when I went back there, I could find only one tree that was familiar. When I saw that one familiar tree, I embraced it, feeling that it was almost closer than a brother. I stayed with the tree and talked with it for a while. Several decades have passed, but that history has not died. That one tree vividly testified to what I did several decades ago. I was not poor at that time. People thought I was stingy, because I walked and sweated when I had the money to ride the train. However, I had a different thing on my mind. I am not stingy. The boy who did that went on to found the Unification Church.

Your qualification to enter heaven

When you graduate, you have to go on and accomplish things. Eventually we are all heading toward one common goal. When you get to heaven, what assets will you have? Not money, not honor, not certificates. Only how much you influenced your fellow men to go to heaven. How much you practiced true love with your neighbors will be your only qualification.

The heavenly kingdom is vast. God's mansion is big and limitless. God wants many children to come, but few are qualified. First, you need to qualify yourself for heaven, and then you should bring many other people to qualify for heaven. Such a person is highly honored, and becomes the central figure of the spirit world.

There are two distinct ways: one leads to hell and the other to heaven. Which destination is more crowded? Which road has the traffic jam? [The road to hell.] God looks at the two passageways, and knows that not many people are coming to heaven. God's heart is always broken. If your children have to go to the hospital instead of attending school, are you a happy parent? Your heart must be broken. In the same way, God's heart is broken to see His children going the way to hell. As soon as you get to the spirit world, everything is revealed.

I am celebrating my seventy-third birthday. Will I live to the age of eighty? I spent twenty-one years in the prime of my life in the United States. Twenty years from now, how old will I be? Ninety-three. I have no guarantee that I will live to be ninety-three. However, I know at least one thing: I spent twenty-one years of the prime of my life in the United States. Every day I'm getting closer to heaven. I need to conclude things here, organize everything, and put it into a system. By the year 2000, only several years from now, I have to tell the world how people must live and prosper in the heavenly way. I must show all of humanity a clear direction. That is my remaining job.

Those who think you will not die, raise your hands please. Life is amazing. Age does not necessarily determine the sequence of people going to the spirit world. Some of you might go ahead of me. Everyone must be ready and strive hard. Suddenly one day you will be lifted into heaven and you will find out that everything I said in this room was correct. However, you will probably be heartbroken, because you didn't live up to it. Will you try to excuse yourself by saying that you were just sitting here listening to interesting words from some Asian man? It is not a matter of my words being interesting. It is a matter of life or death.

UTS graduates receive a certificate. However, you joined the Unification Church to receive something far more significant: your qualification for heaven. Did you shed tears for the sake of your country? I shed tears for this nation. As my children, you should inherit that tradition. Tears are the best way to show your honest feeling.

I have given you instructions many times before. I picked this particular time because this is an emergency for America with President Clinton in the White House. You are Americans. You must invest your flesh and bones for the sake of the nation. This nation is in difficulty and suffering, morally decadent and degraded. I am the only source of hope for this nation. The Christian cultural sphere has no direction. Only if people look at my teaching can the Christian culture have some hope. This nation is based on Christian culture. No one is taking responsibility for this country except us. You are the chosen champions prepared for this day. Stand up and defend this nation. This is your duty. This is the time for action. Arouse this country with a new spirit; engender it with the new spirit of life and resurrection. I am now planning for a nationwide revival and educational meeting. Last year United to Serve America completed over two thousand five hundred rallies throughout the country. This year I have a different goal. I would like to aim at American youth, and educate them with correct moral values. There are fifteen thousand high schools in America. We have to go there, and speak to the students.

Time for a spiritual Exodus

Those who were born after World War II are like the second generation that escaped the killing in Egypt and reached Canaan. Six hundred thousand Israelites left Egypt during the Exodus. The elder sons were generally killed, except those who were spared death because of the lamb's blood sprinkled on the door posts, so second sons were the primary force for the Exodus. They could have each brought one Egyptian of their age, doubling the numbers of the chosen people. If that had happened, the Exodus would have had an entirely different pattern.

We are in the time of Exodus. This time the movement is not geographical but spiritual. We are like the chosen people, saved by God. Your position is like that of the second son. You can make the exodus, and take another person with you. How many of you are forty- seven or younger? When I was forty-seven I felt incredible power and energy, boundless youthfulness and hope. When I proclaimed God's Day in 1968, I was forty-seven. From that year on, the worldwide crusade began, and in 1971 I came to America. High-level IOWC

Today I am launching a new worldwide crusade, centering upon UTS. Do you feel honored? [Yes] An athlete seeking an Olympic medal endures rigorous training and discipline. By the same token, you should regard yourselves as Olympic champions for heaven. I have to set up a program of rigorous domestic training for you before sending you out to the international level. Would you like to receive the most disciplined, meticulous training, or is mediocre training fine with you? You know the correct answer.

I would like to mobilize the media people, politicians, professors, that group of intellectuals, knit them into an organization, and use it in a big way. I would like to create a flying IOWC. The standard equipment would be a Boeing 727 jet with one hundred eighty seats. You have to become a champion in order to be on that plane. I will fly that IOWC into one country, and have them mobilize thirty professors, thirty media people, and thirty politicians for an incredible seminar. My teachings shall become known automatically in that country. I am just about ready to organize such a plan. Through PWPA many professors have been trained. I brought Korean professors to Japan and Japanese professors to Korea. Professors from around the world have come to Korea. PWPA is a worldwide organization and has sponsored many seminars, even Divine Principle seminars. We have to eradicate lesbianism, homosexuality, the drug culture, AIDS, and all immoral sexual acts. Such crimes are the most abominable ones in the eyes of God. God may forgive everything else except them.

I also have a network of former heads of state. Former presidents have tremendous experience to pass on to others. They admire my global strategy. They hold summit councils on world peace and wait for my instructions. You can become a leader of the former presidents. They will be the platoon members, and you will be the platoon leader. They will be happy to follow seminary graduates trained by Rev. Moon and listen to their instructions. They can go to South America, Central America, Asia, Africa, and Europe, and diagnose problems. They should go to crisis areas first. I have a special place in mind as a workshop site for such people: Diamond Mountain in North Korea. Situated right above the thirty-eighth parallel, it is a piece of heaven on earth. This is the most incredibly spiritual mountain. This is a holy mountain of Korea, a real asset of the unified Korea. Kim Il Sung asked me to create one of the most important and elegant resorts on the earth on Diamond Mountain. That might be the very place for a workshop center for professors and former presidents. It has good air, good water, good mountain climbing, and a good spiritual atmosphere. Maybe Kim Il Sung will come, and deliver the opening remarks.

Kim Il Sung is an expert in training spies. He is the number one teacher of clandestine operations. We can have him give a special lecture. Even satanic knowledge can be converted into use for heaven. Knowledge, like money, can be used for evil things, but it is very important for heavenly things. Things can be used for good or evil. We use them for good. [After speaking for awhile to women and then reading a list of instructions for our worldwide members, Father again talked to the seminarians, giving a variety of guidance:

Be directly connected to a dispensational mission. Be a state church leader. Be a campus minister. Do a mission assigned by Father. Learn farming and other practical skills to teach people and eliminate starvation.

Ideally, five UTS graduates should be working in each state, in home town or tribal messiah ministry; they can become campus ministers, educate traditional Christians, and do interfaith work.

Only UTS graduates are entitled to use the title of reverend.] You should not only be able to influence others, but also learn how to establish your own foundation. Eventually, this nation will call upon such people. People will notice your ability, your creative ideas, and your conduct. People will see leadership qualities in you, and they will draft you. If you want to stay with me, you have to prepare. It is marching time. Get ready. Those who have the vision and who have made good preparations will have the opportunity. Your period of youth comes only once in your lifetime. Map out your own course, and strive hard toward it. Nobody will come and cut your hair, for instance. You have to worry about yourself. I trust the ability of the UTS graduates. You are completely armed with my ideology, my spirit, and my truth. Many congressmen and senators have no vision, no truth, no real power, no real patriotism. We do.

Have hope and conviction. Don't stand around idly. Go around and visit every home. Create a good controversy. All my foundation will become your foundation. Learn how to take care of yourself. Manage your body, your energy. Of course, Mother is much younger than me. Do you think Mother is taking care of me? No, not at all. I will tell you the secret since Mother is not here: I am taking care of her.

Let us go forward with great hope and aspiration. We will see you again soon. You are marching forward to the ultimate victory. I am going to listen to the news of your victories through your leaders. Until we meet again, God bless you.

WFWP Victorious '92 Carry on This Year Section II: To Women

A Korean airline plane was blown up in Myanmar (Burma) shortly before the 1988 Olympics. The person who did it was an unmarried, very beautiful young woman. She was sentenced to death at her trial. However, the president of the Republic of Korea gave her amnesty, so she is now alive and has written a book about her life her memoirs. I read the book. She had received the most incredible training as a spy.

This woman was given a cyanide capsule to swallow in case she was captured. One of her partners died from the cyanide. The Korean agents who captured her were fast. Even though she had already bitten the pill, they gave her a drug to make her throw up, so that she would remain alive. In order to prevent her from taking a pill again, she was gagged.

Communists were trained to give their life, if necessary, for the sake of their mission. We need to train women for a heavenly purpose, using them not against good but against Satan. I believe that American women have a great capacity for bravery. You women can shout, "You, Satan, you are going to be destroyed by me." Women can be very skillful. This woman was the one who set the bomb on the plane. It was a woman who invited Satan into the house, so it must be women who cast him out from the Garden of Eden. In North Korea Kim Il Sung is like a king. There are one hundred fifty special palaces throughout the country. In each palace there are ten or maybe a hundred beautiful palace ladies. Among them are various Japanese, American, and European women. They were brainwashed into becoming their agents. We have to save them.

In order to save them you have to have a training that surpasses theirs. What do you think? Would you say, "Oh, I am not interested in that kind of thing. Father, don't look at me. I am not going." We have so many incredible things to give them to bring them salvation. There are many evil elements in society. Here in New York, we find the Mafia, gambling casinos, triple-x-rated shows, and all kinds of prostitution. What if I lead you into one of those places and give you liquor, how would you feel? What if I invite all the Hollywood sex symbols to a banquet and drink with them. What would you think? "Oh, Father is crazy. I am going now." Would you still follow me? [Yes] Because you trust that I was there for the heavenly purpose of saving them. All the doors of Hollywood, Las Vegas, and the Mafia must be opened so that they can find salvation. That is truly the restoration through indemnity.

I adamantly opposed communism throughout my entire life. Yet when the Kremlin crumbled and the Soviet empire was dismantled, the first one to move in to try to give good news and a message to save the country was Father. Mother's victory

When I planned for Mother's crusade in 1992, nobody believed me. Some even felt I was senile. Some Korean government officials advised me very gently, "Rev. Moon, save yourself the embarrassment. Your plan for Mrs. Moon is outrageous. You are trying to fill gymnasiums with thousands of people, but it won't happen. The government tried so many times to assemble people and they never came. Now your organization is trying to do it, forget it." They thought they were giving me great advice and saving me trouble. Nevertheless, I said, "Thank you, and no thank you." What happened? A typhoon blew in. In the United States Mother spoke in eight cities, including New York. In all fifty states there were Women's Federation for World Peace meetings. I asked you to do that in Mother's place, going to every city. Have you done it? It was like a tornado lifting everyone up to the sky. In just one year, no woman in history has done so much work and made herself that famous. In just seven months there were one hundred thirteen rallies. It is truly a record.

Shall we make a women's movement in the United States? I like American women. You are good fighters. I know only one place I can find women evangelists and that is in the United States. Only American women are entitled to it. I invited Women's Federation for World Peace leaders from Korea to come to a special training seminar in Texas; I brought them here for yesterday's celebration, spoke to them last night, and then they left for Washington. They will return to Korea in the next couple of days. I told them, "I would like you to compete with American women. First, you must learn English." They were very inspired. For many of them this was their first visit to America. However, when Korean women are in a competitive mood and get down to work, watch out you may be defeated.

Do you want to be defeated or do you want to win? [Win] You have one deficiency. In battle, if you get one unpleasant reaction from the other side, you immediately react harshly. You become angry too quickly; you have no patience. Korean women in that situation feel angry inside, but they don't show it. They won't say a word. American women overreact. However, American women are also very good at apologizing. They immediately say, "I am sorry." However, if you do such things three times, you will be completely subjugated by Oriental women.

Loving, serving, charming

You cannot fight Chinese women. They are worst and best. When you are mad at a Chinese woman, speaking loudly and with incredible energy, she will watch you, enjoying your face. They study you. It doesn't bother them at all. We call it "Chinese patience." You don't know Oriental women, especially Chinese women. Japanese women are almost a cousin to you a little shallow, not deep enough. Twenty years from now all your children will get married. Blessed children will marry each other, combining all five colors of skins, all the races of the world. Twenty years later then you will see all the races intermingled. In one home there will be Japanese, German, American, black, white, South African you name it. All races in one family. Under such circumstances, would you lobby for white supremacy?

When the in-laws of such an international family assemble, the one who is most loving, most serving, and most charming will become the leader of the family. Do you think people want a leader who has a loose mouth and who is always criticizing and plaguing others? The leader among them shall be someone more like a Buddha, who speaks little but is always doing things to serve people. This is logical, and your children will be living in that kind of era. In Korea there is an old saying that goes: "When three women get together, nothing is impossible. Anything can happen, including dishes going up and down automatically, because they speak so wildly and loudly that even the dishes cannot stay still." It is somewhat correct, unfortunately. You will have the experience of working with Korean and Chinese women. That would be a great experience for you American women, wouldn't it?

Suppose women of various nationalities got together to do the chores, such as cooking, cleaning and laundry. Who would laugh the most? Who would keep going with no complaint? Western women, particularly American women, turn around and leave when they feel like it. Oriental women, even though they are tired and don't want to do something, still push themselves and silently keep going. This is why American women are at a disadvantage in long-distance races. The 1.2 billion Chinese are a homogeneous people, still clinging together as one nation. Can you imagine that family of 1.2 billion people? One family is sometimes so big that a whole village is one family. It is the most incredible kind of situation to harmonize with everybody. They can live ten people to a room in peace and harmony. Why? Because the Chinese women's character exemplifies great patience, endurance, and optimism. American women look for privacy and want their own room, while ten Chinese can live in one room. Who can digest China? By power can you conquer China?

If you want your sons and daughters to be great men and women, I recommend that you send them to study in China. Let them learn some Chinese characteristics. That knowledge will sustain them. Also Chinese friendship is extraordinary. Once you become a friend, they remain a friend for the rest of your life. Today I am speaking primarily about the WFWP. This is the movement in which True Parents were victorious in 1992, and we are going to carry on this year. Every American home will eventually receive the message of WFWP. We have to plant the seed at home. A country is nothing but the assemblage of homes. How many households are there in the United States? About seventy million. We have to reach seventy million households and turn them around centering upon women. It's a large number to deal with, so door to door is virtually impossible. Therefore, I am thinking about mobilizing the media: the printed message, and broadcasts. All communication methods are very important.

Completed Testament Age

The numbering system Father used was not clear from the transcript, so the key points are indicated here by bold-face type, and they are followed by a summary of Father's commentary.

Section III: Instructions

These are my instructions at this international leaders' conference of the Unification Church. This is the beginning of the Completed Testament era and new family. This year is a most significant year. The Old Testament era is the era of aged people. Older people, such as Noah, Abraham, and Moses, played the central roles in the providence.

The New Testament era is the youth era. Youth took the central role. The Completed Testament era is the younger generation's era. Adolescents will play the primary role in it.

Another way of classifying the three levels is as follows: the Old Testament era is the restoration of fallen Adam and Eve; the New Testament era is the restoration of Adam and Eve's family and tribes and the Completed Testament era is the restoration of the nation and the world. If you can restore those under the age of twenty, you can readily restore other groups. Since adolescents generally live with their parents, this is the time for returning home.

The road of God's providence is ultimately aimed at the family. The mother is the center of that family. The foundation of the Completed Testament era is the family, but in a broader sense it is also the world. On the family level, the women's movement creates the realm of the bride, and tribal messiahship creates the realm of the bridegroom. The worldwide foundation laid by True Mother is the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP), creating the bride's realm, which seeks to be united with the bridegroom. At the fall, Eve rejected God and Adam, and united with Satan, bearing children, Cain and Abel. In restoration, Cain and Abel unite, join with the mother, rejecting Satan and the archangel, and come back into unity with the husband and father, the true messiah.

Both tribal messiahship and WFWP are essential elements of the Completed Testament era. The tribal messiah's job is to approach each family, bring the elder brother and younger brother into one in a serving relationship, and create a foundation for the mother to join. This is like Jesus returning to the earth as a tribal messiah and the Holy Spirit working to create the environment to receive him. The husband is in the humble position of archangel not the fallen archangel, but the original archangel. Cain and Abel need to unite with the mother, and then go to the archangel, her husband. The Lord of the Second Advent cannot do all these things alone. He needs to work with tribal messiahs. Tribal messiahship is the weapon that will demolish the satanic world once and for all.

We are heading toward the land of Canaan in a spiritual exodus, through tribal messiahship. We must restore the family, bring them out of Egypt and into the wilderness, and head for the land of Canaan. Usually the archangel is the one Satan can work with, but not any more. With the archangel restored into the perfect family, Satan has no agent through whom to work. In the Completed Testament era, the base for satanic work is cut off. The completion of the new family and the fulfillment of God's creative ideal. When you complete the four great realms of heart and three great kingships you become a royal family, because you belong to the king's family. If you are part of the royal family on earth, you will be with the royal family in heaven. When your mind and body become the spiritual palace and physical palace, united with me, you will be lifted up. You will be in my bosom all the time. Be proud of belonging to the royal family. The completion of the tribal era.

A new era is opening up, that of the completion of the tribe. Harmony and unity are the key words. In the new era everyone will be trying to serve others. The ones who serve shall be blessed. If everybody wants to serve, how can there be disharmony?

The birth and completion of the new nation.

The more people you invite into your home to eat and sleep there, the more blessed you will be. Those who practice hospitality will become very popular and achieve national prominence. The true wealth is the richness of heart, mind and love that inspires people to hospitality. When you are in a happy environment, eating a humble meal prepared by sincere, loving hands, you have no problem. When you eat food seasoned with love, it nourishes your body and makes you happy and healthy. Food that is prepared with hatred and eaten in the company of grudging, complaining, swearing people contains spiritual poison and causes indigestion. This world is not a dream. We are talking about reality.

The birth and completion of the new world.

The birth of the new cosmos.

All levels of the universe, from God to your family, are meant to interact harmoniously. Bigger than the universe is the heavenly cosmos. The day of fulfillment is coming. Are you going to sit and wait for it, or are you going to work at it? You must represent hope. People should feel hope when they hear about us. Exert a good influence on your neighbors, family, society, nation and world.

A beautiful world is coming. You can really touch God, and God will answer you. You will have intimate give and take with Heavenly Father. You are living here on earth, doing the work of Almighty God. You are representing Him. Live with that realization every minute of the day. Wake up with a smile, lie down with a smile, fight with a smile against evil, of course. Remind yourself: "I am a daughter of God, a son of God. I am doing His work here on earth. This hand is God's hand. This eye is God's eye."

Who am I? Once in tens of thousands of millions of years, True Father is on earth, and he happened to come during your lifetime. You are listening to him, receiving his instructions. You just happened to rendezvous with Father. Don't you find this to be the luckiest thing that ever happened in your life? There are no two sets of True Parents. Only one forever. You have met these True Parents. You are loved, taught and trained by them. Do you take your privilege lightly? Do you tell yourself, "This is a hard life. I need more sleep to be happy"? I know that kind of thinking well. I sometimes think that way, too! However, when I have to make a decision, I compare alternatives and see where the greater value lies. No matter how difficult your situation, don't throw away something of eternal value.

The work of salvation is the work of restoration; restoration is carried out by paying indemnity. Ultimately, restoration means re- creation, bringing about the new family and the unification of the fatherland. Cast off Satan's chains and move to the perfected Adam. Do something meaningful for society, something greater than your existence, something that will give meaning to your life. I have done you a great favor: every one of you in this room has at least avoided hell. If Satan grabbed one of you, he would be in trouble because he would not know what to do with you! You are liberated from Satan. Unity between mind and body.

Your homework is always mind and body unity. Check your progress toward the goal of becoming a re-created being by the degree of joyful unity between your mind and body and your awareness of your dignity as a child of God. By making unity on ever higher levels and for ever higher purposes, you will eventually meet God. Such a person will be welcome everywhere. Heaven will embrace and protect the unified person. The object is the subject's shadow. Exactly at that point the shadow disappears. When you stand directly under God, there is no shadow; heaven is the fence protecting you. Unity with your spouse.

When your mind and body are united, then you can talk about love. With mind and body united, you can approach your wife, and confidently say, "I am a worthy husband, representing God." When you go to your wife's bedroom, will you have an erection? Look down and ask yourself, "Self, am I united between mind and body?" Even to that degree you've got to take my teaching seriously. Stand in front of the mirror naked and check the degree of your unity. Then check your spiritual eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and sense of touch. When mind and body are totally united, you are ready to go and unite with your wife. You can tell yourself, "Now, you, get up."

In the normal course of life, when a young man has some physical desire, he goes to his wife. She becomes pregnant, and a child is born. But when you fully prepare yourself mentally and physically, and when your mind and body are totally united towards a God-centered purpose, you and your wife will conceive a child of an entirely different quality. A child born with such a concentrated, purposeful, Abel-type mind is intensely loved. The parents feel like the child is the extension of their body. The child born from an unwanted pregnancy is miserable; the child has no purpose. True Parents were blessed in 1960. Our first child was born the following year, and, thereafter, thirteen children were born.

The children have become progressively better, because Father and Mother were able to concentrate more love and create a more purposeful unity. The children can immediately sense when there is something wrong with the parents, and they can warn you of danger. Your little child will be your advisor. When you look at your spouse, think how much concentrated energy God invested in order to create him or her. It took total concentration and total commitment on the part of God in order for one woman to exist. God created Adam and Eve separately, but God gave you a ready-made husband, ready-made wife; you don't have to create them. How grateful you should be!

God created human beings as an extension and an embodiment of Himself, a personification of God. God put His entire energy into it, so that they would fulfill God's love. So how precious it is in the sight of God to have this son or daughter! When husband and wife unite in love, God can come to visit and rejoice over them. The purpose of marriage is to occupy God. Man and woman are each a half hemisphere; the man's plus combines with the woman's minus to make a circle. Such unified beings cannot separate forever. Upon that unified foundation, you can find true freedom, peace, happiness, and hope. Unity of the family.

The family has three stages, three levels. Spirit world has three levels, but people cannot travel freely between them. The family also has three levels. Here on earth the three levels of heaven should interact within your family. Invite them to join you. You have to practice this here on earth; otherwise, when you go to the spirit world, you will have a thousand times more difficulty. Unless you practice this here, your family will be separated and will not be recognized.

You might think, "Oh, I received the blessing from True Parents." But that's not enough. You have to practice the family principle. Your children and your descendants understand that you are blessed parents. Your ancestors will accuse you for not following True Parents' teaching. You have to go the way of restoration.

Unity of the tribe.

After the three generations grandfather, father, and son are united in your family, your goal will be tribal unity. If you do not work with your tribe, you are making a great mistake.

Unity of the race, nation, world, cosmos, and God. Unification needs the new family as the base. Once the family is unified, you can move on to the unified tribe, unified people, unified nation, unified heaven and earth, and unified cosmos. Ultimately, you will be united with God. The model for the new family is Father's family. I am the model for men, and Mother is the model for women. True Family is the model for our family, for the entire human family.

The realm of newly united tradition.

There is no confirmed tradition in society. The correct tradition, which will produce goodness here on the earth and goodness afterwards in heaven, must be established. Rather than everyone following a different pattern, the tradition must be unified.

Transfer of lineage centering upon true love.

This transformation has already been accomplished. Once the lineage is transferred, it can never be changed again. There is no way Satan's lineage ever comes even near to God's lineage. God paid the most incredible sacrifice and price for the sake of installing His correct lineage. Think of the incredible sacrifices in the Old Testament era and the New Testament era. Think how much I have suffered and endured. I have been called a destroyer of families, of society, and of law and order. I have been called a cult leader and a madman. I was even accused of stealing someone else's son and daughter, and making them get married. If you understand the work that God and True Parents have done for your sake, in order to give you a brand new heavenly lineage, you would be speechless.

The lineage of true love is centered upon your sexual organs. You have to preserve them as a holy place, a sacred place only the priest can approach. For the wife, her husband is the priest of true love. For the husband, his wife is the high priest. You have swapped the ownership of your holy temple: yours belongs to your husband, and his belongs to you. The transfer of ownership, centering upon true love. Everything has to be transferred from satanic ownership to God's ownership. False love brought stealing, so true love will bring a voluntary transfer. Centering upon true love, everything belongs to God and to Adam. Before you get married, you should offer everything to God and True Parents, and then True Parents will grant you stewardship and ownership. In order to be entitled to heavenly love, we voluntarily give everything to God. This kind of giving is sheer joy, because through it you can get the blessing. If I had taught this kind of teaching at the beginning of my ministry, people would have accused me of trying to amass wealth. However, this is something I have to teach you, and now is the time. Nobody else is qualified to proclaim this principle. Communism was born because Satan knew that the time of transferring all things into the ownership of God was approaching. Under communism the state took control of property at gunpoint. However, the communistic scheme didn't work at all. In contrast, I am talking about voluntary offering. This hair doesn't really belong to you; even your head doesn't belong to you. Right now it belongs to Satan, so you have to transfer ownership to heaven.

The transfer of the realm of heart, centering upon true love. The birth of the unique cultural realm. The realm of peace in the united world.

The spirit world is unified; therefore, in order to balance it there should be one unified peaceful world on earth, the kingdom of heaven on earth. This is the proper tradition you need to teach as tribal messiah. Set a course one hundred eighty degrees opposite from Satan's direction. Satan has turned the United States into his capital. In my speech at Yankee Stadium, I stated that America is on fire and needs a fire fighter. America is sick and needs a doctor. I came as a fire fighter and physician to America. People just despise hearing that. Even though these statements did not make me welcome, people can look back on them now and see how wise they were. Expel Satan from the individual foundation.

The secret of expelling Satan is to unite your mind and body. Don't allow Satan to dwell there. This is not easy. Chastise yourself through fasting, prayer conditions, and cold showers.

Expel Satan from the family, tribe, nation, cosmos, and from heaven and earth. Liberate the family and nation.

In order to solve the family problem, you need True Parents. In order to solve the national problems, you need the Messiah, the Savior. Every country has family troubles and national problems. They can be solved by making a connection to True Parents.

Unity among Cain and Abel and unity with the mother. Unity with the mother and salvation of the father. Unity among parents and children.

Expansion of messiahship.

Tribal messiahship will expand to national messiahship and world messiahship; then your ancestors can be resurrected, your home town restored, and God liberated. Until now, the providential path has traveled from the world to the nation, family, parents, spouse, and brothers. You had to separate from your relatives, go to the satanic world, and fight and win the victory. Only then could you return to your home town and begin to reclaim everything, starting from your children, spouse, parents, brothers, and tribe. Initially, the providential path requires abandonment: abandonment of the world, nation, society, family, parents, children, wife. Without fighting, you cannot elevate yourself to a new level, because at each level Satan has claimed the elder sonship, and a second son cannot automatically go there. Therefore, you must go to the satanic world, subjugate Cain, and secure that level of elder sonship.

Witness and bring members who will testify to you as the elder brother and commit themselves to follow you. You need to keep doing that on the family level, tribal level, national level, worldwide level. You have to overcome eight levels by this method. You cannot simply go back to your home town and think that your task is over. You have to follow this battle plan for winning the elder son's birthright. You can only settle in your home town based on your victories on each of the eight levels. I came to the United States to suffer in the enemy land. Here I must win the elder son's position. Once that is restored, then the kingdom of heaven will be on earth. I have created the greatest highway; once you can read the road map, with your body in the position of the car and your mind in the driver's seat, you can go everywhere freely.

Hold educational and evangelical meetings.

Open the door for the era of great evangelical meetings for the young generation. Education and evangelical meetings need to take place in your respective areas.

Lend thirty Divine Principle books every month. At the end of the month, collect the books and give them to thirty new people. Among these thirty homes, there will be some people who are enamored of the Principle and interested in learning more; you can bring them to a workshop. Clever people will really be astonished by the power of the Divine Principle and will want to know more about it; they will come voluntarily. Ten years ago I knew that this method would bring the most incredible, miraculous results You are the soldiers on the front line. The time has come to utilize the Divine Principle book.

In seven years we can influence people all over the world with this book. The first time they read it, they may not understand some part, but on the second time around they will. Its contents will create an explosion in people's minds. Everywhere you go, talk to people about this book. Only this way can we increase membership.

Give Principle lectures directly from the book. Lecturers have not been using the Principle book. Students look at diagrams on the blackboard and take notes, but when the lecture is over and time passes, they forget what they heard. However, when you read the book to the students and give added explanations, the book becomes a very intimate part of your life and theirs.

Go through your book and pick out passages to use to give a one-hour Principle of Creation lecture. Pick out material for a thirty-minute presentation. Prepare to adapt your lecture to any situation and any amount of time. You can take the book on the train, any place you have waiting time, and anywhere you can continue your studies. The Divine Principle book has been collecting dust. No more. The book is to be an integral part of your life, your handbook. If you previously lectured without looking at the book, change your method. America must save Russia.

The former communist world has been liberated. High-level people in the former Soviet Union see the value of my teaching and want to incorporate it into the school curriculum. People are ready and hungry. The fallen archangel nation, Russia, must be saved by the archangel on God's side, the United States. The United States must feel responsible to save Russia and not to lose the opportunity to bring salvation to that nation. The opportunity is ripe; this is the time to act. The English-speaking college and high school students will be educated by you, and they will educate the rest of Russia.

If we don't take responsibility for Russia, the communist party will be reborn. Russia is a vast, fertile land. It presents a golden opportunity. I mobilized missionaries from around the world to go to Russia. However, it is still not enough. In the United States, the most capable people to go to Russia are UTS graduates.

You have been accumulating many debts. How can you pay them back? I am not asking you to pay that debt to me. I would like you to pay your debt to enemy countries, like the former Soviet Union. The fastest way to complete the heavenly course and get a graduation certificate for heaven is go to Russia and bring many spiritual children.

You should wake up the Christian world to the value of Divine Principle, and then the Christian world should go to Russia and wake them up. Reach out to every home.

Seventy million American homes should be reached by tribal messiahs. This is not my job but yours. Go to your relatives and your friends, and speak to them one by one. So far the Unification Church crusade has always asked people to do the impossible: to leave home and take up a revolutionary cause. That era is over. Now you must go back home, serve your parents, and expand the horizons of the kingdom of heaven through the hometown ministry. Previous religions have demanded that their followers leave their home town for the fulfillment of the religious purpose. Now the highest level religion, which is the Unification Church, is preaching that now is the time to go back home and put down roots in home town. Because I have completed all the dispensational requirements, homecoming is possible.

Reach every village and precinct.

In Korea the tongban is the smallest unit of government. Korean WFWP members and church members work on the grass roots level, planting the seeds at home and in the family. Where would you plant the seeds of true love except at home?

Translate the two hundred volumes of my sermons into your language. One hundred sixty nations should have my message in their native language. This should be done in one year's time. You can go to the embassy and get professional translators. All Unification Church members should read my sermons, day in and day out, like a daily diet. Corresponding to your three meals a day, you should read three segments of my words every day. Your ultimate goal will still be to read my message in my mother tongue. Distribute Proclamation of the Messiah I.

This book is volume I. More volumes will be printed. This is my testimony, and it should be distributed on a worldwide scale, by every avenue of distribution. Every opportunity you get, insert my message. This book has been published in Korea and Japan, and now in America. This is the proclamation of the Completed Testament era.

Prepare blessing candidates.

To say that there will be a blessing three years from now is too vague; therefore, blessing preparation must take place now. We have to organize, set goals and mobilize now. Inform people of the qualifications for the blessing, and hand out registration forms.

[Father said he is wondering whether it would be more effective to bless all three hundred and sixty thousand couples at once, or hold three different ceremonies, perhaps in three different places. He talked about participation by satellite. Then he asked national and regional leaders to make pledges of the numbers of candidates they will bring to the blessing. Considerable discussion ensued.]

The pledges totaled roughly six hundred thousand couples. Father said that fifty percent of the blessing donation should be paid at the time of registration. Father talked about setting a sliding fee scale, according to the country's GNP. Those who register early will have some advantage over those who register late, perhaps being invited to be blessed in Korea. Alternatively, couples to be present physically with True Parents at the blessing might be chosen by lottery.]

Create national evangelical teams.

The time has come for evangelism. The world is our stage. The seven major countries Korea, Japan, United States, Germany, England, France, Italy each shall create a national evangelical team of seventy members. The team should create the church foundation city by city. Until that foundation is laid, the IOWC team will stay in one city.

Prepare to receive the global team.

I will organize a special IOWC task force to go around the world by airplane. Get ready to welcome a planeload of one hundred eighty evangelists to your country. Prepare lodging, meals and programs for them. Make a national mission plan.

So far we have not had any long-range plans or even mid-range plans; in some cases even short-range plans have not been available. Each mission country should hold a national meeting and develop a detailed plan for evangelism; make decisions about time periods, methods, printed materials, lecture schedules, and workshop schedules. This detailed annual plan should be submitted to me. In three years I will examine the results. If a country does not meet the required levels, the leadership must be changed. From now on, I will look at accomplishments. Everything should be professionally done. Even in our church we have to specialize according to people's talents and accomplishments.

Read Mother's speech in every city, town, precinct, and home. The Women's Federation for World Peace is the essential movement for the world. Reach out to every level: county, city, town, ward, precinct, and home. The final destination is the home. From there you turn around and come back. In conclusion, fulfill the four great realms of heart and three great kingships on the family level and become a royal family. In the kingdom of heaven on earth, elder sonship, parenthood, and kingship are all restored. This restored world is the liberated world and the heavenly realm of heart. This is where we will settle and live forever. Hallelujah, amen. Amen, amen, amen.

Teach Ourselves and the World to Farm

Section IV: To Feed the Hungry

The United States is committing a moral crime, in a way, by throwing surplus wheat into the Pacific Ocean. Twenty million people are dying every year because of famine. We should gather surplus farm products to heal the famine in Africa and elsewhere. Once we are successful in doing this on several occasions, by gathering the entire surplus of food and grain throughout the country, we can stop famine in no time. You have plenty of grain, plenty of food, in this country. We don't have to spend much money, but we can collect the most incredible amount of food, and we can feed the hungry people of the world. Shipping normally costs a lot of money, but there is so much shipping going on without a payload, because sometimes cargo is one-way and on the return trip there is no cargo, or there is some spare space. We can use all that space. We can designate certain big ports where ships can stop, pick up the grain and leave quickly.

I am the True Parent of mankind. As the parent I would like to be the first to take on the responsibility of feeding my children. I don't want to relinquish that responsibility to the president or the government of the United States. I want to do it myself. I am already instituting an austerity plan at home so that an austere way of life becomes our pattern. We can conserve things like water, paper, salt. If two hundred people unite around the idea of each person saving a little bit on the small things with the goal being to feed one person, then the entire famine situation can be resolved.

Our farm in Texas is spearheading and mobilizing the forces to conquer the famine of the world. We can raise crops, fish, and game animals; all kinds of methods will be available. You may go there as volunteers. Are you ready? You can spend an incredible six months. At night you will have a lot of studying to do. It will be an agricultural school.

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