The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Victorious True Parents

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 28, 1993
World Mission Center
Translator: Dr. Bo Hi Pak

I declared the slogan for this year: The New Family and the Unification of the Fatherland. Furthermore, I declared that 1993 marks the beginning of the Completed Testament era. I asked the seminary graduates to come to the conference today and tomorrow. Those who are seminary graduates, stand up please. I understand that there are over eight hundred graduates. We have here maybe a couple hundred.

Mission of the seminarians

You have graduated from the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS). Have you done the right thing or the wrong thing? [Right thing.] UTS graduates are important because the heavenly kingdom needs leaders to guide the people and nation. Without leaders, there would be no people or nation. For example, without leaders an army has no meaning. The Unification Church is the heavenly army, and without leadership it is irrelevant.

In the human body, there are two kinds of blood cells, the red cells and the white cells. One is for defense and the other for offense; they are like the army of the human body. They have the mission of the armed forces and the police, protecting your body from any foreign invasion. That is the purpose of the red cells and the white cells.

In the same way, all the members of the Unification Church are like policemen, protecting our community from alien intrusion or disturbance. The members are like the red blood cells, the police, and you UTS graduates are like the white blood cells. You are to lead the fight. One is for defense and the other for offense. The morale of any nation goes down when its armed forces dwindle; in the face of pervasive corruption a nation declines because there is no one to protect and defend the country. The human body and the Unification Church are no different. We have to have strong red cells and white cells to prosper; otherwise the community will dwindle.

Right now, the great issue of this country is homosexuality in the armed forces. "Why not let them have it?" President Clinton says. White cells are like the officers in the armed forces, sacrificing their whole lives to fight for the sake of the country. When the white cells in the bunkers and foxholes indulge in sexual abuse and perverted sex the army is bound to go down. While fighting on the front line, with the enemy coming at them, it is impossible for men and women to engage in romance. The same thing applies to homosexuality within the army ranks. Can an army fight when men are engaged romantically with men and women with women? No. This issue dramatizes where this nation stands, where the national leaders are going, and what position they place the armed forces in. Therefore, this is the time for UTS graduates, the white cells of not only our community but the nation, to stand up and fight this battle and win.

You have no idea how much persecution I have gone through in order to create the Unification Theological Seminary. I fought the most miserable battles, yet I never gave in. I forged ahead and set the tradition. Now one class after another is coming out, every year. I gave the entire Unification Church membership a chance to attend classes under a scholarship program. In order to give you hope and the opportunity to study, many members of the Unification Church around the world sacrificed their time and energy for the sake of your success, your education. You are deeply indebted to them. Furthermore, so many women in the past have led a miserable, hopeless life, pursuing their life in darkness. You are indebted to them. You UTS members don't know how much indemnity they paid. They did not sacrifice themselves for your sake. They did it for a much greater cause, much greater principle: for the country and for the world, for humanity, and for God's providence. They gave their energy so that you could become a UTS graduate and a leader of the community. I would like you to understand this.

I called UTS members to come to this particular celebration. I look at you as the leaders of this community and the top guns of this membership-the white blood cells, the truly elite. Your cause is a public cause, a heavenly cause. Make yourself the sacrifice for the greater accomplishment and victory, and that will become the victory of our community, the victory of Father and Mother, the victory of heaven.

In 1975, I needed the elite members to send out all over the world for mission work. So many countries needed able members for mission work. However, I thought UTS was more important for the sake of the future. For that reason, I spared very important leaders out of those assigned to the mission field and sent them instead to UTS. Your position is very awesome and fearful in a way, because so many models, champions and heroes went out to the world in your place, did a most incredibly miraculous job, and brought the victory to Father and the community.

Now you stand here as leaders of our family educated by UTS. Your mission is a most awesome and fearful one. Again, you are the cadre and central leadership of our family, coming directly under True Parents. Therefore, you take orders from True Parents, fulfill them, and report back to us. You are like the army directly serving True Parents, a special contingent belonging to us. Those who understand my message and heart, raise your hands, please.

Men and women need each other

We all know human history has been fallen history. It was not intended that way, but the human ancestors' fall brought the entire human destiny to the satanic side. Ever since, the human race has been living with the consequences of the fall. Any man or woman growing up has many fundamental questions: Why were human beings born? Why are there men and women? These are very philosophical, yet very common, universal questions, the first questions that anyone wants to ask.

In the human race, there are men and women. Why does that distinction exist? Why is it divided between men and women? Here in the United States there have been movements to restore women's rights. Always women had been in the position to be oppressed, persecuted and underprivileged. Throughout history women have made a desperate effort to liberate themselves to be on a par with men. Maybe American women are slightly different, but generally speaking, the women of the world have berated themselves and blamed their parents for being born a woman. There are not too many women who are satisfied with being a woman. Here in the United States there are laws granting equality between men and women. Still, on a one-on-one basis, can you win over a man yet? What about two to one-two women to one man? [Physically or mentally?] Both. It is a truism that every woman thinks, why wasn't I born a man?

Generally speaking, in history the tragic side is the women's side. Women have always been the victims. In the case of criminal assault against the opposite sex, are there more cases of women attacking men or men attacking women? Over ninety percent are committed against women. In women's hearts there is always a certain dissatisfaction or grudge that the position of women is not quite like that of men. Why do women generally live with a certain regret? Can God solve all problems?

The question always comes, if there is God, why couldn't He resolve such questions instantly, automatically and a long time ago? Why has the human race been suffering throughout history and why do those inequalities prevail? Many people conclude that if there were a truly good God, an almighty God, He would have completely wiped out all the problems, not only between men and women but also many other fundamental problems. So many problems pervade our society that many conclude, "Oh, the heck with it; there is no such thing as God out there."

The question then is whether God is able to totally solve these problems. If God is able to solve these problems, what is the time schedule? When will He do it?

God is perfection. However, while God is perfect, are there perfect women or perfect men here on earth? No one is perfect; therefore, no one can come under God's direct control or dominion. The Divine Principle dictates that the direct control of God occurs when human perfection takes place. Why is there imperfection? Because of the human fall.

Born to fulfill love

Men, you are born for the sake of women, right? Yes? Are women born for the sake of women? [No.] Then for whom? For man. Man is born for the sake of woman, and woman is born for the sake of man. In the very beginning, man and woman were born for the sake of each other. Why is that principle there in the first place? For the fulfillment of love. Woman is to fulfill man's purpose of love, and man is to fulfill woman's purpose of love. The fulfillment of love is the goal behind God's creative design. The purpose of the design is to fulfill love.

Centered on only himself or herself, no one can find perfection or fulfillment. Adam and Eve became self-centered after the fall. Men and women were born for the fulfillment of love; however, love cannot be fulfilled by being self-centered. The fall reversed the original concept one hundred eighty degrees, and instead of trying to fulfill love by living for the sake of others, fallen people seek self- centered gratification. This self-focus is exactly opposite of the original creative design.

In the Bible we read that people fell by eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The act of eating has no power to deny the very purpose of love. To eat a fruit would not bring such awful consequences. Today instead of giving love to fulfill the other side, people try to attract love, pulling everything toward themselves, so that "I" can be indulged. This is one hundred eighty degrees opposite from the original creative design of God, which is to live for the sake of others.

Love activities are centered on the reproductive organs. That is the crux of the expression of love. This is where the most destructive action occurred. There is no creative energy when you pull everything towards yourself. The universe cannot function and prosper that way. God invested every ounce of His energy for the sake of creation. That was God's pattern. God's principle is to invest, create, and give life. People who try to take things for their own sake not only go against the basic law of God but eventually will self-destruct. God- like love is altruistic and leads toward heaven, while self-centered love is love which brings you toward hell.

Restore something by re-creating it The dispensation of salvation is restoration. For restoration you have to go through the indemnity course and rectify the past. In the Old Testament era the law of indemnity required one hundred percent repayment: an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, life for life. If one hundred percent payment is required, it is impossible to achieve dispensational restoration. Instead, restoration is re-creation; when you re-create something you can restore it.

There are three types of re-creation: (1) re-creation of the environment; (2) re-creation of the object; and (3) re-creation of reciprocal, subject/object relationships. The entire universe is created according to the pair system. There is always subject and object, plus and minus, or male and female in everything from the mineral world to the human world. The environment is filled with God's principle of subject and object. As you enter into the Unification Church, automatically the subject and object relationship occurs. When I am the subject, all of you are in the position of object. The subject and object interact and become one. The Unification Church's most important purpose is for the object to follow the subject and combine into one.

Our way parallels the creative design of God, whose central focus is true love. The Unification Church is the training ground for true love. The super subject, Father, is in the center. All of you interact, focusing on the center, which is true love. Five colors of skin are here in this room. Through subject and object relationships, you are looking for a greater subject and greater object, anticipating greater give and take. This is why human structure is dual, in double layers. All relationships involve the physical and spiritual layers, the vertical as well as the horizontal. Thus all different kinds of interactions and relationships are possible.

Where the vertical and horizontal lines cross you can find four ninety-degree angles. True love travels the shortest route. Vertical and horizontal lines are the shortest distance between two points. When these two cross there must be a ninety-degree intersection. Only true love crosses at ninety degrees. Perverted love, mistaken love never crosses at ninety degrees.

Vertical and horizontal dimensions

Your conscience was born out of vertical parents, and your body was born out of horizontal parents. Therefore, your conscience is the closest mind to heaven within yourself. Your conscience is the vertical self, and your body is the horizontal self. Your vertical self and horizontal self join to make you perfect. You can use this scale to measure and evaluate the entire universe.

Your eyes are on a horizontal line, while your nose and mouth are on a vertical line. Within yourself, there is a vertical line where the food travels. Air also travels vertically through the nasal passages. Hence you have horizontal lines and vertical lines within your own body.

Your reproductive organ is right down that vertical line, in both men and women. That shows it is connected to heaven. Men's organ is vertical, and there is something horizontal. Therefore men embody the vertical and horizontal and represent the universe. This is why the origin of life comes from man. Women, no matter how great you are, don't have the seed of life.

Representing absolute good and perfection, I go to evil areas, such as casinos. A heavenly subject can enter a place and immediately figure out how to digest that atmosphere and conquer it. We have the power to convert evil into goodness. The supreme law of love

There are three great ministers here this morning. I want to ask you a question. God is almighty and powerful. Can He disregard the law of true love? [Love is the embodiment of God and His chief aspect.] That answer is half right. However, even the absolute God has to follow absolute true love. God created men and women to unite centering on true love. Love is the absolute meeting point. If the children ask, "What about You, Father?" God will tell them, "I, too, will unite in true love. True love is where I belong." Then the children will say, "Okay, we will obey you." If on the other hand God says, "You have to obey that law, but I follow another set of laws," the children would not respect such a parent. There can be no oneness without a universal law.

Without unity there can be no happiness or joy. Joy means freedom, happiness, peace, hope; everything is based upon unification. Without unification we cannot form an ideal world of freedom, peace, and happiness. I know exactly how unification can be made, so the Unification Church was named after unification.

We have two eyes. If they cannot connect and make unification, can we live safely? No. There would be no freedom, happiness, or peace. Upon harmony and unification rests everything. Everything has balance and unification and is designed to function harmoniously. The five senses in your face work harmoniously. Men and women are also horizontally balanced. The most important thing in the universe is not power, not knowledge, not money. Only true love is almighty. True love has the power to focus all our five senses. When true love appears, all the five senses completely focus upon true love. People in love have incredible energy; they are blind to other things and concentrate only on their beloved.

True love is spherical, a harmonious shape. However, when it is pressed down, it spreads outward to infinity; and when it is pulled upward, it reaches to heaven. When husband and wife meet and embrace after years of separation, the woman's body soars into the sky, and the man's body spreads to the horizon. There is no limit to what love can cover.

Man lives for woman and woman lives for man, because of love. Your grandfather, your parents, you yourself, your children, posterity-all live centering upon true love. Husband and wife unite centering on the sexual organs. Your grandparents and parents followed that tradition; you do that as a couple; and your future generations will do the same.

The reproductive organs are the love palace, life palace, blood lineage palace. They were created to be the most important, most valuable place. When those palaces come completely under God's domain, this world is heaven. Satan's dominion came upon those precious love palaces. The most precious thing of all in heaven became the most trivial, scorned thing on earth. The most tragic consequence of the fall is that we have become the victims of satanic love, satanic life, satanic lineage. Satan invaded the virgin man and woman and changed them into his children. Satan is an adulterer and enemy of God. Established Christian ministers teach every Sunday, but they don't know this fundamental point.

The restoration of love, life, and lineage

Dr. [Robert] Grant, the Bible says that because of the fall Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, right? [Right.] Did Adam and Eve have children before they were kicked out or after? [After.] How many years after they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden did they have their first child? [I was not there, so I don't know.] If you think about it, you will be able to understand it. [Nine months later.] The answer is this: after they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, they became very lonely. They had no friends and they had to rely on each other, so they immediately had children. However, after God expelled Adam and Eve, did He follow them out and bless them as husband and wife, or did they just marry on their own? Outside of the Garden of Eden is not God's dominion, so when they were kicked out, Satan took over Adam and Eve.

Were their children God's children? [No.] Satan became the parent of fallen mankind. The parent means the one who planted love and life and lineage. The children of Adam and Eve received satanic love, satanic life, satanic blood lineage. However, that was not what God had planned. God wanted to have His own children inside the Garden of Eden. Therefore, God's ideal still remains unfulfilled. God's ideal world-the world of true love, life and lineage-the Garden of Eden, must be restored. The mother took Cain and Abel to the satanic world, so God is going to restore that mother and the two children back to the original ideal.

In restoration there are reciprocal relationships between subject and object. Abel is plus and Cain is minus; they must unite and find their mother. Those three are the lowest elements, but when they unite they become a giant minus and join the giant plus, Adam. The God-centered, fulfilled, perfected Adam is the super, giant plus. When Cain, Abel and their mother become one and join with the perfected Adam, they form one giant circle of unity.

The war between mind and body

Satan always creates boundaries between mind and body. You are the victim of that boundary. Heaven and hell are separated in your body, with your mind on the side of heaven and your body on the side of hell. Until now people did not understand where they are standing. You are standing on the boundary, with God's side on the right and Satan's side on the left. The "public thinking" way belongs to heaven.

Worse than any world war is the war between mind and body. This cannot be overcome without my teaching. There is one weapon that can win this battle.

Is God a growing God, or was God just there from the beginning? Even God experiences the growing process. Because God exists for the sake of love, He has to have the interaction of subject and object relationships. He experiences that through relationship with His children; He tastes true love through give and take with man. This is a growing process, resulting in new experiences for God. This makes perfect sense, because love is everything for God. God as the subject of love needs an object of love with whom to interact.

If we had not fallen and come under the satanic lineage, we would be capable of bringing the children of God here on earth. There would be no religion, no savior, no church. Those things would not be needed. You, as the son and daughter of God, would be empowered to give birth to a child of God. The Bible states that God is within you and you are within Him. When such a man and woman give birth to a child, that definitely is a sinless child of God.

Satan brought the entire world into his domain and would like to keep his victims permanently. That is Satan's will. God's will, on the other hand, is to take Satan's things from him and restore them permanently to heaven so that Satan has no chance to take them away. The purposes of these two wills are one hundred eighty degrees different. One direction leads to hell and the other to heaven. One world centers on the mind and the other on the body. God's world expands from the individual to the family, tribe, clan, nation, world and cosmos. The same holds true for Satan's world. In the end, the world is divided into two blocs. In terms of ideology or philosophy, Satan's world is characterized by secular humanism and communism. The God-centered ideology is manifested in the good religions of the world. One world is nonreligious, and the other is very devout. One world is centered upon a materialistic, decadent, corrupt way of life, while the other world centers on the spirit mind and human soul.

World War II divided the world into two camps. All religions and all ideologies were divided into two camps. How can we make these two camps into one? Only through the Messiah. The Messiah has the power and the truth capable of bringing unity between mind and body. On this basis, the family, clan, tribe, nation, world, religion and cosmos can be united. The Messiah converts this world of Satan's false love, life and lineage into the true love, true life and true lineage coming from the Messiah. Salvation means bringing unity. This is the simple formula of the restoration of mankind. The fallen world is helpless until the Messiah comes.

The Messiah cannot come figuratively on the clouds of heaven. The Messiah must be born as a man of flesh. Amen? [Amen.] In your environment there are plus and minus aspects. Your mind is plus, your body is minus. However, as a consequence of the fall, your body became plus. When Satan's love comes, plus fights with plus within yourself. Somebody has to come and break up the satanic law; demolish the plus- plus fight, and create plus-minus harmony. Unless someone does that for you, you cannot become a true person or form a true family. Saints, religious leaders and philosophers have taught many things about the universe; however, they failed to point out the core truth. In contrast, True Parents and the Unification Church bring the core truth.

If there is no individual perfection, how can you expect family perfection, tribal perfection, national perfection? Without individual perfection, greater perfection cannot come. Your body is a most fearful satanic king and monster-more fearful than the satanic powers destroyed in World War II. Your satanic body, this enemy of love, can only be conquered here on earth. Even though you are a good person, if you die with no resolution to this dilemma how can you experience true love eternally?

Love the archangel

In the Garden of Eden, God, Adam, and Eve were united under God's love. However, the archangel was not part of this unity. If the archangel were obedient to Adam, when Adam and Eve entered heaven the archangel would automatically deserve the same heaven. The archangel must receive God's love and Adam's love in order to be entitled to enter into heaven together with Adam. This is the Divine Principle of creation. The archangel must love God and God's children in order to enter the kingdom of heaven; likewise, God's children must love the archangel in order to enter into heaven. Satan is always the final judge as to whether you deserve heavenly citizenship. He is always at the heavenly gate. When you come, he will confront you: "Did you love me as God originally intended for Adam and Eve to love me? Before the fall I was the archangel. Unless you love me in that position, you are not entitled to enter into heaven."

The command to love your enemy has a profound meaning. Actually, you liberate yourself by loving the fallen archangel as if he were not fallen. Even great ministers are not free from the need to practice this principle. My enemy is the United States of America, and the Christian world especially. The United States is connected with the Christian world, right? They are against us. The Christian world and the United States combined to oppose me. That means all the free world is my enemy. I fight not to destroy them but to love them with true love. God's method is always to be hit and then take over. The Unification Church has developed according to that principle. In the entire world there is no one that did not come against me. I do not hate those people who come against me because it is almost natural. When the Messiah comes, trying to take over this world and convert it into the heavenly one, the entire world naturally takes up arms against him. Then on which side is God standing, Satan's or mine? Even if the entire satanic world comes against me, I keep winning.

I am not here to take revenge upon America. No, I came here to save America. I went to the former Soviet Union not to destroy the people of the former Soviet Union but to save them. I went to practice loving the enemy. I went to see Kim Il Sung, the worst communist living on the earth; I embraced that worst Satan because that is the ultimate embodiment of loving the enemy. Any Satan at the gate of heaven will have to bow to me. They cannot accuse me of not loving them enough. I am the model of love.

Who will respond to me?

I came to America to save this nation. To do that, I created a lot of organizations, such as the American Freedom Coalition, American Constitution Committee, the Council for World Peace. I came here as a foreigner, and I challenge you to love America more than I do. Be more sacrificial than me, withstand more persecution than me. Otherwise, to whom shall I bequeath this inheritance?

Americans should stand in the forefront, representing me, speaking out for me. I retreat so that Americans can take responsibility. I pushed George Bush's election four years ago. However, he had a reciprocal responsibility which he did not complete. The only hope for the Republican establishment is to unite with me. I have a great hope in America.

However, if America does not heed my wishes, the alternative is the former Soviet Union. All the former communist countries will be my object, and I will work through them. Ultimately, one way or another, my wishes shall be accomplished. So far I have invested the most incredible energy, money, time and resources into the United States. If I had invested all those resources in Russia and China, there would be a ten times, hundred times, thousand times greater result obtained. White people number 850 million, yellow people 3.2 billion. I came here trying to save this world, but now the challenge is 3.2 billion people out there.

I spent money that was not earned in this country to educate Americans at the Unification Theological Seminary. This is another manifestation of my loving the enemy. American Christian churches have come against me so adamantly that I wanted to educate Americans and replace the Christians, creating a new Christian world in the name of the Unification Church. I worked very hard to create conservative administrations in America, investing a lot of energy and resources. The former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and even Kim Il Sung have come under my wing.

Rebecca, Tamar, and Mary

What is the victory of True Parents? In order to liquidate the satanic world, God created the chosen people. The purpose of the Old Testament era was to prepare to welcome the Messiah. For four thousand years there was a process of cleansing mankind's stained lineage. Eve deceived God and Adam and went to Satan. God has to reclaim everything. After the fall all relationships became enemy relationships. The mind and body became enemies. Cain and Abel need to become one and unite with the mother, becoming a giant minus. At the time of Jesus, the nation of Israel represented Cain and Judaism represented Abel. The two needed to unite and be restored and then go to the mother and unite with her.

This is similar to what happened at the time of Jacob. Rebecca united with Jacob, subjugated Cain and separated from Satan. Satan was completely knocked out and Cain and Abel were completely united. In the fall, Eve deceived God in the father's position and Adam in the son's position. Rebecca had to reverse Eve's action in order to restore the fall. She deceived her husband, who was in the father's position, and her elder son, who was in Cain's position, and united with Jacob. Eventually, Jacob and Esau, who had been enemies for twenty-one years, completely joined in love, separating themselves from Satan.

However, even though Jacob accomplished restoration, the way of restoration was not established for anyone younger than him. Tamar disguised herself and deceived the father and son and conceived twins, enabling the Cain-Abel restoration process to take place in the womb. Secularly speaking, Tamar committed some immoral deed, because she deceived her father-in-law, pretending to be a prostitute. However, God blessed it because it restored the fallen process. God chose Tamar as a providential figure to restore events in the Garden of Eden. At birth, one twin's hand came out and the midwife marked it with a red thread, but the hand went back in. A Cain and Abel changeover occurred inside the mother's womb, and the second child came out first, becoming the elder brother. The Messiah came out of this cleansed lineage.

Two thousand years later, the virgin Mary was in the position of Tamar and the position of Rebecca. She deceived her father and her fiancée, Joseph, to conceive a child. Thus, even in the mother's womb, Satan had no power to say, "That is my child, which comes out of my lineage." Jesus was born separated from the satanic dominion. This is the reason Jesus is known as the only begotten son of God.

Lineage is so important. In order to cleanse the lineage, God prepared for thousands of years, starting from Rebecca, continuing with Tamar, and culminating with the virgin Mary. Within the wild olive tree forest, one true olive tree was born, which is Jesus. Once the true olive tree is born, it can be grafted into all wild olive trees, converting them into heavenly olive trees. By uniting with Jesus in absolute faith, Christians receive Jesus' life and are grafted into Jesus' body. Through such a grafting process, the way of salvation was supposed to be perfected and completed. However, because of the crucifixion of Jesus, no physical salvation occurred, and God could only give the blessing of spiritual salvation. For that reason, the Lord of the Second Advent is absolutely necessary. He comes to graft into all wild olive trees and make them into true olive trees.

What could have happened at Jesus' time

At the crucifixion there were two thieves, one on Jesus' right and one on his left. Barabbas was released and Jesus was sentenced to death. If there had been no crucifixion and Jesus had been accepted by the Israeli nation as well as by Judaism, no further salvation would be needed. Because of the crucifixion the dispensation has been prolonged. Jesus was supposed to be married and with his bride be elevated into true parenthood, so that humanity would have True Parents. Then, he would have gone to the Roman empire and conquered it by true love. One empire after another would have been restored. That is the way God planned the fulfillment of His kingdom at the time of Jesus.

Even after the crucifixion, if the disciples had moved on to the Roman empire with the spirit of Jesus and conquered it, then moving on to the British Isles and the United States, Christianity would have become a worldwide religion, ready to conquer the entire world.

If Jesus had completely fulfilled God's dispensation while he was alive, how quickly this work would have been accomplished! There would have been no divisions such as that between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. All that was needed was Jesus and his lineage. All humanity could have come under the one lineage of God's son, His only begotten son. Old and new Christianity would not be needed. Catholicism and Protestantism would not be needed. The pope would not be needed. Why have a pope if we have the living son of God?

Because of the crucifixion the New Testament era began. However, the New Testament era does not have the physical flesh, only spiritual salvation. The entire movement is spiritual. In the Old Testament era there was at least a physical nation that God could work with. Yet during the New Testament era there was no nation. Because Jesus' body was lost, the nation was lost.

For nineteen centuries the process of restoration underwent many convolutions, going up and down. There was God on the right hand side with the thief, supporting God-centered ideology, and Satan on the left with the God-denying ideology, as well as the Islamic ideology, which is in the position of Barabbas.

The heavenly lineup in 1945

In World War II, England was in the mother position, America in the Abel position and France in the Cain position. The opposite lineup was Japan, Germany and Italy. We reap what we sow. The problem was sown and the harvest was reaped on the worldwide scale. The heavenly lineup faced the satanic lineup in a big battle. Afterwards, the entire Christian world was united, for the only time in history. England was in the position of the mother because it is an island nation. The island is always longing for the continent, which is masculine. England gave birth to the United States, which was Abel. By defeating the satanic lineup, the Allied powers consummated the formula of Cain and Abel uniting and joining with the mother on a worldwide scale. With their unity and victory, they were headed for heaven.

Upon this foundation the Second Advent occurred. This was the moment for the Messiah to appear. Even though Cain and Abel united and accepted the mother, the world did not automatically receive the new life and true lineage of God. The Messiah is the only one who can give true lineage. True Parents have true love, true life and true lineage. The Messiah comes as True Parents to change three things: satanic love into true love, satanic life into true life, and satanic lineage into heavenly lineage. The Messiah alone can do it.

Who is the Messiah? Rev. Moon. Can you believe that?

The time of Jesus and the time of the Second Advent are exactly parallel. At the time of Jesus, everybody was anticipating the coming of the Messiah in some great, holy, miraculous way. If he had come in such a way, it would have been easy for everyone to welcome him. Christians all over the world are proud that Jesus was born in a stable. The child born in a humble stable was God's son, the king of kings. How miserable his situation was! Was that God's will? Absolutely not. The Israeli nation and the Hebrew religion had been expecting the Messiah for hundreds of years, but they didn't make any preparation to receive Elijah who was coming down from heaven before Jesus. The situation of the Christian world hoping for the Second advent is the same.

Jesus was born an illicit love child. Mary's relatives understood everything. Could they accept that kind of child as the Messiah? Jesus was standing in that kind of miserable position. He was doing humble carpentry work. Can that kind of young person be the Messiah? Could you have believed that at Jesus' time? The same question has meaning now. Look at me. Can you believe in me? Dr. Sills, you went through the forty-day training. Can you believe in me?

The consequences of rejection

Because Jesus was opposed and rejected, history has been prolonged and the messianic fulfillment was delayed for two thousand years. That is the consequence of disobedience, rejection and faithlessness. The Jewish people were scattered all over the world. The Jewish nation was demolished and the Jews have been persecuted for two thousand years because the body of Jesus was destroyed.

Barabbas was supposed to have been killed that day. Yet his life was saved and Jesus was crucified. Barabbas had a body, so he had physical power and his descendants took over the entire nation of Israel, leaving the twelve tribes homeless. For seven hundred years there was incredible upheaval and struggle. The chosen people could not resolve the matter, so eventually they became homeless.

For seven hundred years God gave the Israeli nation the opportunity to repent and come back to Jesus as the son of God. If they had bowed down and accepted him as the Messiah, Islam would not have come into being. God would have spared the birth of the Islamic religion. Even today, the Jewish people do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah. At best they will say he is a teacher, a prophet. The chosen people dwindled in numbers. They themselves proclaim that six million Jews were exterminated. Why? Because all the indemnity had to be paid. Until the True Parents came, no one could give forgiveness to the Jewish nation. This is the opportunity for the Israeli nation and the Jewish people.

At the time of the Second Advent, the same mistakes were committed as in Jesus' time. After the victory of World War II, the Allied nations and Christianity should have united and accepted True Parents. That was God's plan. Instead they made True Parents the worst enemy of the Allied nations and the Christian world. The Christian culture is the bride's culture. That was true in the Old Testament era also. Cain and Abel must be united, join with Eve, and then come under Adam's subjugation. Because of the rejection of the Second Advent, the glory of the victory of World War II went into the hands of Satan. I was cast out into the wilderness. The entire world denied the Unification Church and me. Instead of turning towards me, the world turned one hundred eighty degrees in the opposite direction, toward Satan. Four thousand years of hard work by Israel was gone with the wind. By the same token, Christianity's two thousand years of hard work was gone with the wind. Everything was turned over to Satan.

Where can we find hope? The only hope is the Messiah himself. God's hope is the one Messiah, Rev. Moon. God's plan was to disregard the Christian world and make a new foundation through me. God left the side of the Christians and came to stand on my side. You have to know this situation. The only one in all the Christian world, or even all the religious world, who understood this is me.

The whole valuable foundation was lost. God's people, God's religion, God's Christian world was lost. How miserable was God's heart! Everyone should have understood that, but only I did. I rebuilt the foundation

Now we are taking the restoration course. Everything was lost. The Christian world and America joined to oppose me, and all the free world followed their example. Satan opposed me, but God embraced me, protecting all four corners. Satan fought me from a worldwide base, but I stepped over him at each level, from the individual to the family, tribe, nation and world. Now the American CIA knows they need Rev. Moon in this country. America is connecting with the Unification Church, and the Christian world is connecting with Unification Church members.

America must understand that I made the foundation to destroy the communist world. It cannot deny my role. When the communist world fell, I immediately visited Gorbachev, longing to save the two billion people on Satan's side in the communist world. I visited the former Soviet Union, China and North Korea in order to grasp those people away from Satan. No one can deny that I have a powerful foundation all over the world.

I began a new foundation, even with high school students. A totally new church was born, the Unification Church. For forty years, I created a new foundation to replace Christianity. Four thousand years of work was lost. I could not physically live four thousand or even four hundred years, so God gave me the mission to indemnify the entire human history within forty years. I went back to the Old Testament era and began a long, lonely march. In forty years I had to restore the principles of the Old Testament era and everything that was lost through Jesus' crucifixion. My mission is to bring unity among all the divisions that occurred through the crucifixion.

There is a new lineup now. Through the foundation erected by forty years of hard work, I selected Japan as the Eve nation and gave the United States one more chance to be the archangel. Actually the United States deserves the guillotine, but I am giving it another chance. Why? The United States is the one completely new, Christian nation. It represents both the New Testament country and the Old Testament country. If the United States is abandoned, I would have to abandon the New Testament and Old Testament together. In our dispensation we could not do that. Therefore, I re-used the United States as a providential nation.

The Eve nation is Japan and the Adam nation Korea. All that Satan took I am restoring, one by one. I selected Germany as the heavenly side Cain. In 1975 I sent out missionaries: one from Japan, one from the United States, and one from Germany. They represented Mother, Cain, and Abel. Because Japan and Germany were chosen by the True Parents as new providential nations, they experienced unprecedented economic recovery.

We have to bring the dawn

We have to consummate this providence, otherwise a new era cannot dawn. Unification is the key slogan of the coming new era. Therefore, I created the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and the International Federation for World Peace. Jesus was crucified, but I must not be killed. Also, the Unification Church must not suffer massacre. Jesus' position must be resurrected and the crucifixion fulfilled. That is my mission, and I have done it.

The religious world and the ideological world clearly come under the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and the International Federation for World Peace. The former represents the world of the mind and the latter the world of the body. Thus they represent division of mind and body on the worldwide scale. I am trying to bring everything into harmony and unity by paying indemnity. Out of the forty-year period I spent twenty years in the United States. The New Testament era is roughly two thousand years. I am going to indemnify and restore those failures in twenty years. The New Testament era means Eve's world. When Cain and Abel are united, the mother comes; upon their unity the father appears. This is how I have gone through physically every step, without skipping a one, in the shortest possible time, indemnifying the entire history until the coming of the True Parents.

In 1945, World War II ended and I was supposed to be accepted. By 1952, the dispensation should have been over. However, there were forty years of prolongation; therefore, 1952 plus forty brings us to 1992, last year.

Cain, Abel, and Mother are united

Until then Mother's era had not yet arrived, because the bride religion, which is Christianity, had not reached the worldwide point of coming to the bridegroom. Mother has been following me for forty years. From 1960 to 1992 Mother was in a position to follow me. However, when those forty years were over, Mother's level became equal with my level. Seven years ago, expecting the dawning of the women's era, I created the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia in Japan. Last year Mother took it over and elevated it to the worldwide level.

Korean women are in the senior or elder sister's position. Therefore, all women will be united with the Korean elder sisters centering upon True Mother. First of all, all Korean women must be grafted into Mother, receiving true life from her, then next the Japanese, then the American women, then European women and Russian women, then Oceanic women. Therefore, Mother restored the bride position completely and united with me. By establishing the bride's foundation worldwide, Mother gave the women of the world liberation. Women now stand side by side with men. Mother, in particular, stands side by side with me.

Therefore, all the conditions present at the end of World War II have been restored. Everything had been given to Satan, but I brought it back into victory. Therefore, one more opportunity for worldwide unification has come. Mother, Cain and Abel have united and gone to Asia. Asia is primarily in or near the Pacific Ocean. Jesus lost his body in Asia Minor, a part of Asia, so in order to restore his body, history and culture are focusing on Asia. However, Western women and the Western world will not be neglected. I came to the Western world as a bridge, so that the Western world and Western women can be entitled to the same privileges of the dawning new era.

Our mission is to bring unification

The mission of the True Parents and the Unification Church is to bring unification on the worldwide scale. Even after the fall of communism, internal and external divisions remain. For example, Korea is divided between north and south, and in the United States, ideology is divided between secular humanism and God-fearing Godism. All over the place, there are racial divisions, economic divisions, cultural divisions, language divisions. My task and that of our family is to bring unity. When the first Israel, second Israel and third Israel (which is Korea) are each united, worldwide unification becomes possible. Therefore, I set my goal for the unification of the fatherland. Korean unification shall be my utmost, providential goal from now on.

In the Korean peninsula there are two "monsters": Kim Il Sung and Rev. Moon. Satanically speaking, Kim Il Sung is in the Second Advent father's position, the new messiah for that world and that ideology. The peace of Korea, Israel and the world hinges upon the struggle between Moon Messiah and Kim messiah. Who is going to follow whom? The answer is obvious. Kim Il Sung's path is becoming more choked every day, while my path is becoming wider and more open every day.

You heard the formula for unification in the early part of my sermon: first, one individual must become united, then man and woman, and then the family. When three generations-grandparents, parents, and yourself-are united vertically, you truly have one united family. You need six people vertically united and six people horizontally united. What will bring unity? Not knowledge, not power, not money. Only true love. Right wing and left wing will become one. The religious realm will become one. Only true love can make the unity that reaches out to connect with Satan's world. With true love, you can enter a dark place and completely liberate it.

This is the formula everyone must walk. Will you serve your parents and grandparents in the same home? Will you unite your children and bring them to the heavenly side? The divided family was the result of the fall. The satanic element came into the family and caused divisions, so this time we are bringing families together, creating unity between husband and wife, brothers and sisters, and parents and children. Such unity is evidence that you are going in the right direction.

A grand homecoming

My family has been running the obstacle course over the eight major barriers. The Unification Church is following the model of True Parents' family. As Cain and Abel, the Christian world and the democratic world are following us. Using True Parents as a model, they have to go through this obstacle race, step by step, and reach the goal. When united America joins with united France, you have the opportunity to unite with the big super plus, which is God.

Then you embrace God to become the embodiment of God and return with God to the real world for one grand homecoming. There will be no more barriers; you will have free passage to come and go. When your family is totally united with the True Parents' family, everything will be over, done, completely victorious.

To accomplish this goal, I expanded the policy of tribal messiah. Jesus was alone, a solitary, persecuted individual. Father and Mother have become True Parents. Therefore, we can send out tens of thousands of tribal messiahs. Jesus by himself ascended vertically into heaven. Now the Second Advent ascended to heaven and has descended horizontally, sending out messiahs. The Messiah is no longer one solitary man. There can be thousands and millions of tribal messiahs. Expand the territory.

The center root of life belongs to God; the center trunk connects everything vertically to God. Throughout history, the deep central root was claimed by Satan. Now the Unification Church has a real root, penetrating to the depths and reaching the heights. The tribal messiahs are the branches. Without tribal messiahs, Father and Mother and True Family remain a very slender tree. However, with tribal messiahs sent out all over the world, the tree becomes round and prosperous, covering the entire world. The root has been growing for many thousands of years. By participating in True Parents' dispensation, becoming one of the branches of the tree, you become part of the universal history and victorious dispensation of our True Parents, part of True Parents' tree of life.

Every intended victory was won by 1992. Forty years after 1952, all has been finished. True Parents' victory was completed in 1992. Total victory has been won by True Parents. All you have to do is graft this tree into yourself, by becoming tribal messiahs. By doing so you reap the victory of our True Parents. T he tribal messiah's mission

What is the tribal messiah's mission? (1) to restore your ancestors; (2) to restore your home town, your birth place; and (3) to secure the right to live together, and inherit everything from God. All these shall be yours by becoming tribal messiahs. The amazing thing is that you can liberate and restore your ancestors. Restore those dead ancestors and bring them back to the state before the fall. You can perfect your parents, your grandparents, and your great-grandparents. By doing that, you make the condition of being born out of sinless, perfected parents. That is the restoration of ancestors.

Joseph became a sojourner in another land, but he wanted to be buried in his home town. This is the wish of everyone living under God. Home town is very important. From now on, as tribal messiahs, one of your missions is to restore your home town. In the past, I taught you to separate from your family, not to deal with them. I taught you to forget your parents, forget your children, forget your marriage and come to God, because in those days the paramount goal was to separate yourself from Satan. You had to separate yourself from every satanic involvement.

When you have been on Satan's side, how can you escape and turn around one hundred eighty degrees? You had to leave behind the world, your nation, your tribe and your family. You had to go out into the wilderness and digest a new land. Now you will be welcomed by the family, village, tribe, nation and world. This route connects you to God's providence. How much gospel contents are in this teaching! Your family will connect to the tribe, nation and world. We are liberating the free world. From now on, the outside world cannot be against us. We are on the rise. The next blessing, in three years, will include three hundred sixty thousand couples. It is at the door.

The day is dawning. You are the only people who understand this dynamic, most incredible heavenly secret revealed by me. You have that privilege today as a member of the Unification Church. How proud you are! Be bold and strong. Other people have no idea of the time we are living in. But you have the entire concept revealed in front of your eyes. The time of liberation has come, yes or no? [Yes]

Now you UTS graduates, will you go out and work for three meals a day or for the restoration and liberation of heaven and earth? [Restoration.] Is that true? You are quite different from three hours ago.

I am a smart guy. Step by step, I keep marching on. Satan saw that and is retreating. Do you like a victorious man? Everyone can become victor. I have always been on the front line. God, the absolute being, follows behind me. Does God love me? [Yes.] If you had written this story as fiction, even God would give you an award because it is a great idea, even if it were fiction. When there is an idea, it can be accomplished.

I started from scratch. Beginning with an idea, I discovered all the truth, and fulfilled it. God didn't do this. I did. This is Adam's mission, not God's mission.

All these extraordinary accomplishments I want to bequeath to you. I want to give it to you freely. Why? I represent the parents' position, and you represent the children's position. When a father makes a foundation, automatically the children inherit it. Children inherit what parents have, and parents want to give it to the children freely.

Are you proud of T rue Parents? How proud are you of True Parents? How proud are you of this position? You can connect to True Children. You have the authority of True Children. To become True Children, is it easy or difficult? [Difficult.] Cheap or expensive? [Expensive.] How expensive? Even the whole universe could not be exchanged for this value. Be proud and march everywhere, from village to village and nation to nation, over land and over the ocean.

This 1993 slogan is New Family and the Unification of the Fatherland. New Family means True Parents' family. The concept of unification is not confined to the unification of the Korean peninsula. It means universal unification, not just a physical or geographical unification. Follow this model and overcome all the obstacles, gaining one victory after another, becoming like True Parents. Your mission is to imitate my family.

Perfection is what Father is. Perfection as an individual Adam, first of all, perfection as family, clan, tribe and national perfection. I am the key to everything, to the universe, ultimately to the liberation of God.

There are four great realms of heart and three great kingships. Adam's pattern is the four great realms of heart. Heart means a certain capacity of heart as a child, as brothers, as sisters, as parent and as grandparent. At each level there is a realm of heartistic relationships. The three kingships represent king of the family, king of the nation, and king of the world. Those are the roles of Adam. I have accomplished those roles. Unless you taste the royal family and experience living in that royal family love, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Why? Because the kingdom of heaven is the dwelling place of the sons and daughters of God. God is the almighty king. You must become His sons and daughters. You must become the royal family.

Right now, many Western societies are the heartland of Satan's domain. Homosexuality, free sex, drugs, crime and immorality are Satan's work. God takes the side that is one hundred eighty degrees opposite of Satan. You American young people have to choose the one direction that connects to heaven. After that you can survive in the future world. Check your surroundings and calculate what percent is involved with Satan. Check to see if your direction is correct. Go out into the street and look at the many things you have to make clean by my thought. Ultimately the children have to inherit their parents' thought.

What you have heard today I discovered and fulfilled over the course of many decades. Last year Mother gained an incredible, worldwide victory. In 1992 she culminated God's six thousand years of providential history and my seventy-year dispensation. To the people of six continents, Mother declared true parenthood, true love and testified about me. By doing so Mother restored the free world, the lost realm of the bride, and liberated womankind. She united the entire world population with me, giving humankind another opportunity to survive and prosper.

Cain and Abel must unite with mother. Women in particular must observe an absolutely strict, moral, God-centered life. Women have to repent for three incredible things: (1) You rejected God and Adam in the Garden of Eden; (2) you did not meet your bridegroom, Jesus Christ, two thousand years ago; and (3) you were about to crucify the Lord of the Second Advent. Fortunately, you avoided the latter and joined me. These are the three kinds of mistakes made by women. Three times women historically rejected the husband, by rejecting Adam, Jesus, and True Father. Mother has paid the indemnity to restore your position and liberate you. Now you have a chance to be restored, fortunate and happy women of America. In order to inherit Mother's victory, you need to unite with her completely. Born on the foundation of victory

Anybody born after True Parents' blessing is regarded as the second generation. You were still born into the satanic lineage and follow satanic practices, so you are no different than sinful children. However, if you were born after 1960 you have the advantage of not being enticed by Satan, not collaborating with the fallen Eve, and not being the satanic heir. Therefore, Father and Mother do not regard you as bearing the original sin that has pervaded Adam's family through Eve and Cain and Abel. Thus you are in a much closer relationship with True Parents and can be restored easily.

I worked for seventy years to restore all of Adam's world. Satan has been defeated; his power is gone; the Messiah crushed his head. Satan lost power after true parenthood was established, and the children who were born after that are almost like sinless children married on their own and living in the world. Therefore, it is slightly different.

The victory of World War II was the God-given foundation for the Messiahship. Even though the world did not accept Father and Mother, from God's point of view, the reign of True Parents began. Those who were born after World War II come under the reign of True Parents and inherit the benefit of that victory. Those who are forty-seven or younger are the second generation. The Completed Testament era is primarily the community of the second generation. People who were born after World War II shall have some kind of special privilege. At the Exodus, in the homes where the blood of the lamb was sprinkled on the door, the oldest son was spared from angel of death. By the same token, those who are forty-seven or younger can be spared the judgment.

Spread the word to your tribe

Now that the individual witnessing period is over and the family era is over, the tribal era has arrived. Tribal witnessing, tribal restoration is the agenda of today. Follow Mother and totally unite with her, inheriting her victory. Jesus had to have one hundred twenty disciples; by the same token, as tribal messiah, spread the word among one hundred twenty members of your tribe.

Be bold and strong, declare the True Parents, distribute the Principle books, and teach the Principle. Each Unification Church member has to have thirty Divine Principle books. Distribute them among thirty houses and collect them again at the end of the month. Keep repeating this pattern. Reading the book will influence people to become members, not teaching. Reading, and video tapes will.

Twenty or thirty years ago you left your home town, and people opposed you. However, that kind of atmosphere has changed. Tell people, "I made this foundation. If you want to find a patriot, I am he. If you want to meet a saint, I am a saint. If you want to meet a holy son, I represent a holy son. God's holy son is a prince. I have now made that kind of foundation over a village or tribe. You have to follow me."

How can you teach the Principle if you do not understand the wide, deep ocean of its structure? Lend out the books, collect them, and then give to other homes. Do this three times to your whole tribe. After that tell everybody, "Gather in one place, I will teach clearly, preach." One time. Then you can occupy everything. The more times people read the book the greater the value. People who read it seven times don't need any kind of leader or teaching; they know the contents. Use the resources of modern media to reach the world.

Today, on Father's birthday and Mother's birthday, those who will pledge to fulfill tribal messiahship and to accomplish the family ideal raise your hands and say, "Yes, Father and Mother. Yes, our True Parents." Mansei. God bless you.

[Father and Mother cut the cake. They used to cut holiday cakes in the pattern of a cross, the symbol of Jesus' crucifixion. Now they cut the cake in three pieces, representing formation, growth and perfection. Every level of the tiered cake is cut in that fashion. Afterwards, Father said:]

This is an original creative idea. Three levels are very important. In the Old Testament, sacrifices were offered in groups of three representing, formation, growth and perfection, Old Testament era, New Testament era, and Completed Testament era. Every aspect of life has to follow Divine Principle.

[Edited for Today's World.]

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