The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

True Parents' 1993 American Speaking Tour Celebration

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
August 1, 1993
East Garden
Translator - Peter Kim

Following reports given by Peter Kim, James Baughman and Dong Moon Joo regarding Mother's speaking tour in America and speech on Capitol Hill, Father spoke.

Now Father is going to give the general conclusion.

Nobody knows whether America is going to prosper or perish. Therefore, Reverend Moon is the only one who can bring about a revival of American Christianity, bringing it to a greater level than where it was right after World War II. As you probably remember, when Father spoke in those first twelve major cities, toward the end of the speech Father mentioned the failure of America and the difficulties that America is facing today. At the end of one paragraph he said, "We must prevent this." Then Father said, "I must save America." Do you remember that particular sentence? Then when Mother took the podium, she said, "We must save America." When Mother said "we," she meant Father and Mother together. That is the heavenly side, so that is the dividing line. If the American people follow the heavenly side, they will be saved. If they go another way, they will perish.

There may be many Christian ministers who have spiritual insight and experience, yet none of them knows where America is heading. They do not know what will be the heavenly destiny or fate of America. Heavenly fate - we call that Chun Un in Korean. Only True Father knows heavenly fate. Therefore, unless worldwide Christianity follows the teachings of Divine Principle, they will never figure out how to solve all the problems of life. Even Unification Church members in general do not understand that in depth. Your understanding is shallow. You understand the history of restoration and how history has been moving, but your understanding is too shallow for you to fully understand the value of True Parents from God's point of view. The difference between God's point of view and your understanding is too big.

When it comes to the value and the position of True Parents, we must understand that even Almighty God has been desiring this ever since He started his creation of the universe. Before and after the Fall of Man took place, God has sought after the True Parents. That is what we have to understand. Even before the creation of the world, God wanted to have True Parents.

Scientists say that human history goes back as much as 250 million years. But no matter what the time period may be, whether it is 6,000 years or 250 million years, God has been seeking the ideal of True Parents the entire time. Therefore, God inspired the creation of the major religious movements throughout history. First, the chosen people of Israel and the religion of Judaism; second, Christianity, the second Israel; and finally, the third Israelites centering on True Parents and the Unification movement. The consistent goal has been to find True Parents. When we look at the history of the Old Testament period and the New Testament era, we see that goal was never realized. They all failed. Nobody succeeded; nobody satisfied God.

Also, right after World War II, there was a chance the chosen nation of the United States, centering on Christianity, could have fulfilled the goal of God. But even at that time, the world failed. This is something which nobody knows. The New Testament era is the extension of the Old Testament era, and just as they failed in Israel at the time of Jesus Christ, this new Christian nation of America also failed. After 4,000 years of restoration history from the time of Adam and Eve, God could finally send Jesus Christ to save humanity. Think about how badly God's heart was broken when Jesus was crucified. After Israel failed to believe in Jesus, the entire world was again divided into two spheres representing body and mind. Therefore, Jesus decided to give us salvation on the spiritual level. That salvation has continued, yet our body has been the prey of Satan. That is why so many martyrs and prophets were persecuted and killed throughout the history of Christianity, some being thrown to the lions, others crucified, and so forth.

God wanted to re-establish the second Israelite foundation. That was the significance of World War II. Through World War II, God wanted to bring about the unified world centered on Christianity, including the political field and the religious field. In doing that, God wanted to see the foundation established in this physical world. Otherwise, there would have had to be another war and more bloodshed to restore the physical realm, the substantial foundation. Still, this Christian civilization must be linked to the Second Coming, which is True Parents.

Then what or who is True Parents? They came from the point where there was nothing. From nowhere, the True Parents will appear out of the blue, as an individual. What is the purpose of the True Parents? Their sole purpose is giving True Love to the world and securing the seed of True Love. That is True Parents' entire effort. So, the True Parents bring True Love and the True Love seed, the True Children.

Then who needs True Love, man or woman? You say both, but when we are speaking about men, we are talking about those men out there in the secular world, the archangelic men. The archangel doesn't have any partnership, and he cannot partake of the love relationship. A True Love relationship can be made only when the perfected Adam position is fulfilled. Perfected Adam means the position of True Father. Who is meant to be the love partner of the True Father, a woman or a man? A Woman, absolutely a woman. The Christian world is in the position of bride, which is the feminine position. Christianity is the bride's church. Christianity's main responsibility is to fulfill the bride position centered on the second Messiah. The bridegroom is a man.

There is only one set of original True Parents, not two or more. There is only one True Father, absolutely only one. There is only one woman called True Mother, absolutely only one. Together they became the True Parents, the real ideal couple, fulfilling God's original ideal of creation.

Unfortunately, there was a failure. Who failed? It was the Americans, centered on Christianity. As you know, at the time of Jesus Christ the Israelites failed in their responsibility because they believed the Bible literally. They believed it word for word, so they were waiting to see the prophet Elijah coming down from heaven in a chariot. However, who came as the Elijah at that time? It was John the Baptist. If Elijah actually had come in the way the people were expecting - in a flaming chariot from the sky - Jesus would not have had to go to the cross. The people could much more easily have followed Jesus. They believed, "Our Messiah will come right after Elijah comes back in his chariot from heaven."

The New Testament is an extension of the Old Testament. Just as the first Israelites of the Old Testament were waiting for the literal return of Elijah from the sky, today's Christians are waiting for the literal return of Jesus Christ in the clouds of the sky. If Elijah had arrived in that dramatic manner and had told the Israelite people that Jesus Christ was their Messiah, everybody certainly would have followed Jesus. By the same token, if Jesus Christ came down to the earth in such a dramatic manner as Christians are expecting, then no one would doubt that he was the Second Coming. But God isn't working that way. Because of the Fall of Man, the ideal man was lost; the completion of human beings was lost on earth. Therefore, when the True Father appears centered on True Love and connects people to True Love, this will be the salvation of human beings. But many people cannot believe this.

We must understand that John the Baptist did not truly believe Jesus was the Messiah, and because of that, the Jewish people and the entire nation of Israel failed in their mission. That is why Jesus had to go out into the wilderness for three years - to pay indemnity on the family level. He went to set his own family foundation. However, there wasn't even one single woman on Jesus' side, upon whom he could totally rely. The entire country and the people of Israel were cut off from him. If you women had been there at that time, perhaps one of you could have married Jesus.

How miserable must Jesus have been? Many Christians think, "I am an American, a number one bride of Jesus." But when Jesus was alive, there wasn't even one woman who could take that position. Jesus needed only one woman who was united with God and Jesus on the heavenly side. But that one woman was not available. Everybody knew that Jesus was the illegitimate son of Mary. Israel was a small country and everybody knew these kinds of things. Also, he worked as a carpenter, and that was considered a lowly job. No parents would welcome that kind of son-in-law. If Jesus could have gone to Israel and connected with the high-level people, he would have been successful. But without the people and parents to support him, this was impossible.

Think about it. When Jesus was twelve years old, he went to Jerusalem with Mary and Joseph. His parents left him behind and went back home without him. When they came back, surprised to find him in the temple, he said, "Didn't you know that I would be in this place?" How could they do this? Joseph and Mary argued all the time centering on Jesus: "Whose son is he?" At that time Jewish law considered it okay to stone to death a person who committed adultery. This is a serious concept.

Jesus was in the Abel position and John was in the Cain position. How were Mary and Zechariah's family to unify? How were Cain and Abel to make unity? That was the parents' mission. That was the mission of the house of Zechariah. Otherwise, there would be no Cain, and no woman. Jesus and John were like brothers. They were to restore brotherhood. Mary and Elizabeth were sisters. Who was Jesus' father? (Zechariah.) How do you know? (You told us.) I didn't tell you that! (Laughter.) So John the Baptist and Jesus had the same father.

This is a problem. Israel at that time had a law that children of the same father could not marry. This relationship is incest. Mary had sexual intercourse with the husband of her sister. Elizabeth invited Mary, then Mary made that love relationship. That was how Jesus was conceived. John the Baptist was supposed to follow Jesus as the Messiah, and then he was supposed to offer his own sister to be the bride of Jesus. Zechariah was supposed to understand that point, too, but he did not. Elizabeth did not permit it. Even Mary forsook her position. So how could Jesus obtain his bride? Where was she going to come from? God had worked for thousands of years to bring together Cain and Abel, then finally within one tribe there was one chance to make the preparation. Where would Jesus get his bride? This was the problem.

In the Christian world, America is in the bride's position. We see the phenomenon of incest occurring in the American family. From the status of experiencing this sin, they have to make restitution by paying indemnity. The American family somehow has to restore good home life, so that God can have a relationship with the family centering on the Second Advent. But America is the bride's nation, although it still doesn't understand.

America is going down into the dungeon of hell. This is our modern society. It is Satan's work to prevent the accomplishment of God's ideal purpose. Simply speaking, that ideal purpose is for man's mind and body to become unified centering on True Love. Without centering on True Love, a unified mind and body cannot be achieved. A perfected man and woman with that unified mind and body move on to the family level purpose centering on True Love. Parents appear there, as children are born centering on God's love. This is God's original ideal. The Kingdom of Heaven will come about when this perfection is expanded to the nation and then the world. This is clear.

After World War II, America as the bride's nation did not connect with True Father. This secret was made clear. After that, God's restoration viewpoint must be made clear, otherwise Satan will cause everything to collapse. All the Christian world should follow the truth, ultimately connecting to the Messiah; but America did not understand and instead went completely to Satan's side. You lost grandparents, parents, couples, children - all those realms of relationship were lost. Why? After World War II, Reverend Moon was chased out. Only one man was so important. The whole Christian world was led by one nation, America - but it failed. The purpose of this nation was to meet the Messiah; that is why they were in the leading position. It was the same as Jesus' time. In Jesus' time, the family and everything was lost, and he had to go out into the wilderness. The Christian world rejected Reverend Moon rather than follow him. God's viewpoint is that Reverend Moon is the Second Advent, no matter how much others go against him. He climbed up from the individual to the family, nation, world, and cosmic level to reach God. God and Reverend Moon are one. You cannot connect the individual to God just anytime you like. Why not? Because of Satan. The individual, family, nation, world and cosmos have belonged to Satan. Many barriers exist and people could not go through them. Reverend Moon had to fight and break through on every level. All the secular people came against Reverend Moon. I endured that. All secular humankind under the dominion of Satan came together to oppose Reverend Moon. All families opposed me. How can God excuse that?

America represented the bride's nation. It was to connect with the whole free world, which is in Cain's position. The Christian church represented Abel's position. When Abel and Cain unify, then they can unite with Eve's position. The national foundation would then have been secured. America, France and Great Britain were to combine into one. Then they could have gone to God, centered on Adam and Eve. Immediately they would have experienced True Father's ideal. That individual would have connected to the family and tribe, and within seven years would have made complete unity with no problem. At the time of the Second Advent, the action you take is so important.

In the home, Eve as the mother has to unite the children. All women have to unite Cain and Abel in this time. Father and Mother made the national foundation in this time. All women combine their Cain and Abel and create a unifying activity. That is the women's organization. Now the archangel's position can be restored, centering on Mother.

In the fallen world, the archangel has occupied Eve. We have to make restoration. After World War II, the foundation for restoration was completed through the Unification Church. Woman is the housewife, do you understand? By connecting their husband and their children, they are connecting the whole world. After that, Satan will lose his world-level foundation.

Right now, as you can see, America is full of free sex, homosexuality and incest. If America had accepted the Messiah right after World War II, these problems wouldn't have invaded. Now Father has sent Mother out on her nationwide speaking tour so that she could set the foundation, just as John the Baptist and Jesus' mother should have set the foundation. American people must understand how wrong and destructive free sex and homosexuality are. They are the very reason the world is falling into the dungeon of hell. If God truly exists, if God is alive, why has He been maintaining this world - to become this rotten? If you want to save someone who is drowning, you have to jump into the water, don't you? Adam and Eve took a certain path and that is why all of humankind is now taking the same path, going through this course. To heal these wounds, to correct that error, we have to go down to the root of the problem and fix it there.

This is the Principle, the secret which people cannot see. Reverend Moon is the only person who knows all the secrets . That's why Father asked Mother to go out. It is like putting her out in quicksand, just setting her down in a swamp. That is how I put her out. There is a hidden secret. Nobody understands how difficult it was for Father to raise Mother up to this point.

Father has taught you everything. That's why Satan has been desperate to destroy God's will, God's ideal, even to destroy the mind and body of human beings. There is no family concept, no concept of a united nation in the world. But now God is telling Satan, "Well, you have done everything you could. You destroyed the family, the nation, and all morality. What else do you have left to destroy? Go ahead and do whatever you can." That is the stage which Satan has reached.

Do the Unification Church members like free sex? (NO!) How strongly do you say no? (Absolutely NO!) Absolutely no. We must uphold the absolute plus forever.

This is not a childish matter. It is most serious. God is so serious. You Americans think, "Reverend Moon came here and is teaching us the Eastern way," but that is not the case. Reverend Moon is teaching God's way, not the Eastern world's way. Who can save this world? You have to take your position more seriously now. Father has been connecting to God every day, day and night, for his whole lifetime. You must learn how to connect with God also.

Finding the True Parents is the most precious of all historical victories. However, True Parents lost the foundation which was established right after World War II, and it took forty years to restore that foundation. Finally, Father sent Mother out to do her nationwide speaking tour, re-establish this foundation, and expose these heavenly secrets to the world. All these points finally manifested with the proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age.

If there were an option of buying True Parents, how much money do you think you would have to pay? Even if you gave your life, even if you gave the lives of your entire country, of America or Japan, or even the lives of every person in this world, you could not buy True Parents. To give True Parents is a privilege which only True Parents have, nobody else. That only belongs to True Parents. True Parents are leading their lives centered on True Love for the sake of True Children and the entirety of humanity, not just for you individually. Everything begins from one word: True. True individuality and the way to the true world: that is the life course of True Parents. If True Parents had even the slightest inclination of manipulating the American people, then the True Parents' foundation would be destroyed. There is nobody like True Parents in this world. You can never find anyone else like them. Also, from God's point of view, even if somebody had something which is exchangeable with True Parents, God is not going to sell True Parents. God doesn't need money, God doesn't need knowledge, God doesn't need anything like that.

Your wealth, your children and even your own body do not belong to you. All those things should belong to True Parents. As long as you have the attitude of self-ownership, including your wealth, including your children, then you can't be grafted completely into True Parents' lineage. Suppose Father asked all the blessed husbands to march into North Korea for God's purpose. If you wives told your husband, "Don't go," then you would be satanic at that point. Do you understand this point? The recreation process takes place only through absolute obedience. Father is like the potter, the person who molds the pots out of clay. If you, as the clay, don't have absolute obedience, then it is as if you are hard as a rock and he can't mold you into the shape he wishes. You shouldn't become a stone or a rock. Ask yourself honestly and frankly, how many times did you doubt Father, wondering who Father really is? How many times have you asked yourself, "Is Reverend Moon really the True Parent? Is he really the Messiah?" Didn't you have that question in your mind from time to time? Does Divine Principle teach you that? Think about it. Why do we claim to be the children of True Parents, yet allow that doubt in our minds? The True Parents still have to show total trust and belief in us. How miserable is their heart! So, first we must know ourselves.

The position of True Parents is the position which God was seeking even before the creation of mankind. Even before they claim their parenthood over us, True Parents must establish their own foundation as the children of God. Only when True Parents reached the perfection level could they claim themselves as the parents of humanity.

Actually, after World War II, there was a time when Father could have started building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. However, because of the failure of American Christianity, we lost the spiritual foundation as well as the physical foundation. Therefore, Father had to walk the course of indemnity for forty years, in order to reestablish the foundation for spiritual salvation. Therefore, Father went up to the spirit world. He had to unify the entire spirit world first. Then he brought that foundation to the earth and set the foundation here. Father had to establish his substantial, physical foundation for salvation here at the same time that he was working in spirit world, so it was more difficult. That's why Father had to fight America and communism at the same time. And he won the victory.

The problem of free sex still exists all over the world. Of course, Father won the victory over that spiritually, too, but because of the physical fall we are still suffering from it. We still have to fight and win over that. To do so, we must eliminate the problems of homosexuality and free sex in America.

As you recall, when President Bush was in office he declared a war against drug abuse in this country. At that time, if he had had the courage to place that entire project in Father's hands, Father would have cleaned up the entire country a long time ago. Suppose the entire country had given Father two months to do this. Father could have taught the people about who is actually behind the drugs which are coming in, who is actually trying to destroy this country with drugs. Once Americans truly understood the reality of Satan, and how he has been manipulating people by using drugs and alcohol, do you think they would still fall victim to those things? They need to understand the truth. Once they clearly know the dividing line between the eternal Kingdom of Heaven and eternal hell, and which path to take to get to which one, they will never choose the wrong path.

The question is, how precious is the name of True Parents? We must hold it as very precious. The only desire of True Parents is to save the whole of humanity. Therefore, our mission is to go out and reach every single person. Even if we have broken, split lips. Even if our tongues become swollen from speaking. We have to work to that extent to restore fallen parents and link them to True Parents so that they can receive Blessing. That is the way we can save them.

Therefore, we must understand how precious is the title of tribal messiah, which we have received from True Parents. When you look at True Parents' life course, you see that Father had to abandon his own physical family, all his relatives and even his own country in order to fulfill his mission as the Messiah. But Father doesn't want to see us, as tribal messiahs, go through the same difficulties. Therefore, Father is giving us this precious opportunity to go back to our home towns to witness and bring our parents and relatives back to God. Father's course was to leave his home, but in our case we are going back home.

The major difference between Father's life course and our life course is that Father's course was one of indemnity. He received persecution on all eight different levels. But our course is not as difficult as that.

We are seeking happiness. We can go home and share this with our parents and tribe and become the victors there. Through blood lineage parents can never give up on their children, no matter what circumstances you get into. Once True Parents' name - True Father's name and True Mother's name - is recognized, even if your parents are negative now, they will turn around and accept you and support and pray for your work. The time has come that your entire tribe can get ready to be registered among the heavenly tribes. As we accumulate the different tribes, we will establish the national level. Can we change the blood lineage relationship between parents and children? What can change the blood relationship between parents and children? Nothing and nobody. By the same token, when it comes to messiahship, it is not just ordinary destiny. It is fate. There is no option to change. Even after you die, you have to follow that course, just like Jesus Christ. Even after he died on the cross, he waited until now, when through True Parents, he could come back again and he go his course again. That was his fate.

You must also understand that the Kingdom of Heaven is where your entire family and your tribe enter together. You as an individual cannot go there. This is the viewpoint of Principle.

As Father told you earlier, Jesus Christ told his mother Mary indirectly or directly at least three times that he had to get married. You may remember the time when Jesus was hungry. He went to the house where there was a big celebration and when he entered, he happened to see Mary working there. Mary told Jesus, "By the way Jesus, we have run out of wine. I heard that you are doing a lot of miracles these days, so why don't you help us out and fill up these big containers with wine? Can you perform that miracle for us?" Jesus was really angry and said, "Woman, what kind of relationship do you have with me? I don't have anything to do with you." Do you know what that means? He was saying, "You have totally forgotten about your own son's marriage, yet you can go to your relative's house and help them with their wedding!"

You have heard Father's words. Think about this point. Father talks about this correctly. Jesus had a problem with his parents' house. Nobody has known about these points. They are secret contents, but Reverend Moon has been teaching these things right here on the earth. After you hear these things, spirit world says to you, "What shall you do?" People have said I am a heretic. Who passes judgment? Only God. The Christian world itself has been acting in a heretical way. Twenty million or more people die each year. Those people go into hell. Since the end of World War II, then, over two billion people who have gone to hell. When they get to spirit world, Christians will be accused, "You went against Reverend Moon. And the result of that is that we had to go to hell." How can they escape that accusation? They will say, "We didn't know." That is the way America has been heading. How can God forgive this country? God has been crying. What a miserable situation this is for God. Losing, losing, He has only been losing by following human society.

From now all Christians are going to hell. They have to pay more indemnity. How can we save the earth? No matter how difficult it may be for Christians to lose their position, they will, because I can defeat them anytime, anywhere. You have to take that attitude. We have to repent before the original American people. Don't forget it. Those under forty-seven years old belong to me. President Clinton is under forty-seven. He represents the bad presidents of United States history. How can he digest this? By following me. Reverend Moon is the most serious man. You have to have this concept.

Now Father may return to Korea, and he will probably go from there to China, Russia and even North Korea. He may not come back to America. Father has many countries in the world where he is being warmly welcomed, even being encouraged to live. One is Russia and one is China; even North Korea and other countries wait to welcome Father. They are not like America, where Father is still being opposed, even though Father does everything for the sake of this country. America has over 220 million people and they are all enjoying the so-called "individualism." Think about each individual as a button. In this country 240 million buttons have to be pressed. But in Russia and China, there are not so many buttons to press. Even in North Korea, it takes pressing only one button for the entire country to be affected. Now Father is a free man.

Please write down these specific directions which Father is giving you today. As you know, Father came home this morning at 2:00 a.m. Of course, this morning is Sunday and the first day of the month, so from 4:00 a.m. forward, he has been awake. Also, he spoke for many hours this morning at Belvedere. While several of you were giving reports on Mother's speaking tour, Father and Mother were listening upstairs without missing even a single word, yet Father came down here with written directions for everybody. Father and Mother left this room because he knew that many of those who were giving reports would want to praise Father and Mother. You might have felt awkward or embarrassed, so that's why they stepped out of the room, to give you more freedom to do that. (Applause)

So write down these directions. July 31 through August 1, 1993. That's the date. Roman Numeral One (I): Time for the religion of True Parents, or True Parents' religion. That is because everybody needs True Parents. Buddhists, Confucianists, Muslims and everybody else needs True Parents. Isn't that true?

Now, the small number one under Roman Numeral One, is that from July 31 to August 1 is the time that we restore the elder sonship which we lost forty years ago. If the Unification Church is in the position of Abel, then Christianity is in the position of Cain.

small number two: Now Mother will begin a speaking tour in Japan, which is the Eve country. After her victory here, the entire country of America, which is in the position of archangel, will work with Mother in absolute unity. Mother is now moving on to Japan, the Eve country, to do a speaking tour there. All the members here and Christianity here should be praying together and working together to support Mother's speaking tour in Japan.

small number three: The speaking tour in the Adam country, Korea. That stands on the foundation of victory in America, the archangel country, and victory in the Eve country of Japan.

small number four: After the victory of the speaking tour in Korea, Mother will move on to the speaking tour to save the entire Asian continent. In other words, one, two, three, four. Four is unifying the Abel countries in the Asian continent.

On the foundation of establishing unity among the Abel countries on the Asian continent, we go to small number five: Unifying the Cain-type countries in the West. Then after that, small number six: We have to spread the headwing ideology and Godism to the entire world. That's the time we have to bequeath this inheritance to the world. So that is the time of the completion of Pal Jong Shik, which Father declared three years ago: the vertical eight levels and the horizontal eight levels. That's the way we can attain liberation.

This is the responsibility, or the course, we have to fulfill in this particular time of the True Parents' religion. Up until now, our church has been called the Unification Church. But we may call it True Parents Church from now on. (Applause) Think about how much persecution the Unification Church has received. Therefore, the name of Unification Church may be the Cain-type name, but True Parents Church may be the Abel-type name.

Even though the new blessed name, True Parents Church, has been granted by True Parents, we are still living in the Unification Church time period. Blessed couples are supposed to belong to True Parents church, but if we don't do our responsibility, we still belong to the Unification Church. Unblessed members in particular still belong to the Unification Church.

Now our movement will be divided in two. One of those two will be the "Women's Church." The other... headwing ideology means that from a father and mother you make everything one: It is the time of completion of the Pal Jong Shik. When the time comes, all the records that have been kept related to the satanic world may be burned and eradicated. Think about the confusion and difficulty we are facing because of the world's different nations, different cultures and different languages. If human beings had developed without committing the fall, humankind would have been part of only one culture, the Adamic culture. It would have been simple. We would go in only a one direction, with no zigzags or complications.

Roman Numeral Two (II): Time for the Settlement of the Family with Children. When we talk about settlement of the family with children, we are talking about True Parents' direct lineage, the True Children, and children from the satanic world. Small number one under Roman Numeral II: Time for the responsibility of the mother, or housewife.

small number two: the responsibility of children. The unity of Cain and Abel must be built. Think about the history of humanity. How many times did Cain and Abel division have to occur in order to continue God's dispensation? So many people were sacrificed, and there were all kinds of difficulties. We must not repeat the same course. There should be unity between Cain and Abel now. That's why even now when you go to certain villages, you will still see Cain-type people and Abel-type people. They are still divided. Of course, the final winner of that situation will be Abel, the one who is more willing to give himself for the sake of others, for the entire village. In other words, those people who are more sacrificial will win out. That is how unity is possible.

Again, the time for the children means Cain and Abel unity. Only upon the foundation of the completion of the mother and the completion of the children through Cain and Abel unity can the father be restored. That's small number three: the father, or the position of husband. Small number three: is the restoration of father, or husband, from the mother's point of view.

small number four: Time for that family to become one with the True Parents' family. Then the time for re-blessing of your children and your families. That is the way that we will follow from now on. We have to understand that the restoration of the father and the husband is the completion of Cain and Abel unity, and is also the restoration of the mother-figure in each family. Upon that foundation, now we can see number three:

Roman Numeral Three (III): Time for making all the Blessed couples worldwide into true parents, or "becoming true parents". It is time for every Blessed couple to become true parents.

small number one: All Blessed wives must inherit the tradition of True Mother. In order to become true parents, you must inherit the tradition of True Mother. What tradition of True Mother which you must inherit? Including last year's speeches, Mother will give over 262 speeches before the end of this year. So Mother still has a long way to go. It is as if Mother is giving birth to all humanity. This is the pain of giving birth. Therefore, as Blessed wives, you must go through the same course, the rebirth process, which is painful, in your own territory. You are not on the same level as Mother, but on your own level you must do the same thing. That is the way you inherit the tradition of True Mother.

You have to make it your daily philosophy to give new birth to the young people in your hometown, or even your husband - whomever you meet. You have to save them. You must do that in the same way Mother is performing, as the living holy spirit to give new birth to all humanity. You must do that every day, without skipping a day. That is the way you can establish family-level messiahship.

small number two: That is the way you must give new birth to your family and to your tribe. As a tribal messiah, you must give birth to your family and tribe, and make them one, totally one. That is the responsibility of True Mother. You have to bequeath that for the sake of your family and your tribe. We have to indemnify the failure of Adam's family and Jesus Christ's family. In other words, upon the completion of the Old Testament age and the New Testament age, we can stand as the tribal messiah in this Completed Testament age.

Under III, small number three: At least twelve different tribes must unite and establish a people's nation. Then you can go toward sovereignty, establishing a nation. One tribe can't establish a nation. So you have to belong to one of those twelve major tribes, or the 72 elders. That's the way organization will take place. One Blessed couple won't make it. You need cooperation with other tribes.

Then, centering upon that people consisting of all the different tribes, establish the nation. That's small number four.

Then, small number five: Oneness between the nation and the world; making the nation and the world one. That's the time that nations can no longer have any concept of an enemy. Instead, we will all have brotherly relationships. That's the way the entire world will become one. Among the nations we will have only brotherly relationships; there will be no more enemy concepts or enemy relations.

And then, small number six: The unity between the world and the cosmos. This world is just the horizontal world, but we must also bring down the vertical world and combine the two. Then, the entire cosmos and God must become one. That's small number seven.

Roman Numeral Four (IV): Time for the eternal ideal family. Oneness of mind and body centered on True Love. Because we haven't become totally one between mind and body, we have to train ourselves to sacrifice just like God has been doing, over and over. Therefore, our prayer must be focused on making our minds and bodies one, just as Father has been his whole life long. Until now, even if our mind wanted to go in a certain direction, the body always resisted and took a deviated direction. But now the time will come in which once our mind is set in a direction, the body will follow and obey. Once you can practice this, with your mind setting the direction and your body automatically following, you will have wisdom. When you work on a certain project, you will know what to expect: when you will finish it, what will be coming next, etc. That is how you will know what position and what direction to take in following God's will.

In the process of following this way, if your mind is not really clear, still your body will lead your mind without making a mistake. That's why we must unify our mind and body. We must not have two minds. If you go back to a self-centered way of thinking, then you can have even five or ten different minds. But if you have set your goal and are determined to live your life for the sake of all humanity just as God does, then there are no two minds, only one. It takes about three to five years to train yourself to unify your mind and body totally.

Once you have total unity between mind and body, suppose you meet a stranger. You will be able to read that person's mind. If that person is someone you shouldn't be dealing with, even if you are walking toward him, your body will automatically turn in another direction. Your mind and body will clearly know that if you keep going, you will lose something. That's how Father knows everything, even without praying. Immediately when Father encounters a certain person or situation, Father knows which direction he must take. Once you have that total mind and body unity, then you can consider yourself a great man or woman.

The definition of physical death, in a way, is to transfer oneself from this physical world's train track to the spirit world's track. Let's compare the differences between this world and the spirit world. How superior, how much more exciting is the spirit world! You can't describe it. You don't have to worry about living situations such as eating, wearing clothes, or housing; you have no worries about clothes, housing or food. Of course, you can have a house there, you can have clothing, you can have food, whatever you want. But everybody will be on a level corresponding to their level of achievement of True Love on earth. To the level you achieved, the entire environment of the spirit world will provide for you - but only to that extent, according to the level you reached on earth.

How free it is in the spirit world and what a life you can have! Even if you are sleeping in the spirit world and your body needs nutrition or some food, your body will take you to a place where you can have food - while you are still sleeping. I don't know if we understand that, but that kind of freedom will be there, even while you are sleeping. Of course, while you are eating you have to open your eyes, but you can do anything at the same time - whatever you want. Take food for example. You may desire bananas, avocados, you name it, and they just immediately appear in front of you to eat. Whatever is left over goes back to the original source which formed these different fruits. There is no waste there. Fantastic, isn't it?

You must mature, you must fulfill your life here. You must form your character here as a human being. This is where it must be done, not in the spirit world. Spirit world is like a warehouse. There is no growth there. Whatever growth you reach here will be stored there. Then you can enjoy whatever you achieved in this world. You don't realize, you can't imagine how much the people in the spirit world are yearning for Father to come there and join them, because Father is the one who can help people in the spirit world. They have been separated up to this point. No matter who they might have been, there is separation between children and parents, husband and wife, and so forth. But now, because Father has made this foundation in the physical world, Father can expand the foundation into the spirit world. Then the people will once again have union between husband and wife, children and parents. They will be able to unite as families, tribes and nations there. That's how they can be registered as heavenly citizens, citizens of the eternal Kingdom of Heaven. It is awesome.

That place is our home, our eternal and ideal home country. That's the world we will live in, transcending the concepts of time and space. It doesn't matter; even if it takes a hundred light years, we will just go there in a second. Think about it and you are there. This entire universe must have a rounded shape, like the earth, so there must be an end to it. From one end to the other, it won't take even one second to travel the distance. If your loving spouse is at the other end, it won't take even one-tenth of a second for you to get there. It will be as you wish.

Don't you think there must be stars made entirely of diamond in the spirit world? Big stars! Well, there might be a star that is not 100% diamond, but maybe it is 80% diamond. (Laughter) Not only diamond, but even gold, sapphire, ruby, whatever, you name it. You can have it. If there is a large enough amount of gold in a star, you can mold it, play with it, do with it as you wish. Even deep down inside of the star, you can reach in and pull it out. You can go down into the center and touch it to enjoy that gold. Wherever the gold might lie, you can go right there.

When you understand all these facts, do you want to live in this limited world with your limited physical body, or do you prefer to go on to your unlimited life in spirit world? You want to live there, without any limitations, of course. You can do anything, everything, there are no boundaries. It takes only one step to reach your destination, no matter how far the distance may be. In other words, you live in the state of crazy love. That means you have to train yourselves. You Blessed wives, for instance, you miss your husband when he is gone for just one single day. You have to be able to cry three times a day because you miss him so much! That much you should be desperately missing your husband. When you have that desperate love feeling, how can you even take a nap? Why do you need to study? Why should you need money? Why do you need power? The original nature is living in perfect harmony with love. Even if you are starving and don't have enough food, you can get by with just one piece of bread the whole day. You can always sing together, you can love each other with no complaints whatsoever. That perfect harmonious family is the standard you will be able to expand to the spirit world.

What if you reach that level of harmony and life of love? Suppose your spouse's birthday is today and you want to celebrate it with your entire clan, say the Kim family ancestors. Then you just give a command through your heart, and hundreds of thousands of Kim tribe members will come and celebrate at a banquet together, instantly. You can also tell people to wear a certain color of clothing, or tuxedos, what kind of food they should bring, and what kind of food should be served. Then instantly, preparation will be done and it will be ready.

Suppose some of those ancestors who come to the banquet are not at the same height or level as you, so they are not enjoying their life so much. If you keep going and continuing like this, then they may enjoy this because of you.

Just hearing Father's explanations about these things, you become delirious, don't you? We are thinking about that world, which is a different world. In terms of the reality here, the original, ideal world of love is an indescribable world, actually. If you truly, truly love your husband, then his mucous will taste like honey to you! (Laughter) Even if you suck your husband's toe, that will taste like honey, too! Well, you don't have that kind of life, and that's why you are laughing. If you truly, truly realize that kind of love, you don't have to ask your husband to take a bath. It won't bother you if he stinks. Of course that doesn't mean that there won't be bathtubs in the future, but Father is saying that you will be able to transcend mundane thinking.

Father is asking you now, when you husbands and wives kiss, do you just kiss on the lips, or do you exchange your tongues, too? Which one? (Tongues!) You are experts! It's fine as long as it takes place between husband and wife in perfect harmony and love conditions. Even if you bite your husband's tongue and it bleeds a little, or even if you scratch his cheek, or even if you bite some meat out of his hip, it's not a sin. It will be memorable! (Laughter) No matter how loud you scream and yell, it's not a crime. Because of your scream, maybe the ceiling will fall down and you'll be crushed, and die, yet you will go straight to the Kingdom of Heaven! (Laughter)

Since Father has known all these details and truth, even from the beginning, no matter what kind of opposition he has received, he has felt as it were like bubbles on the water. He knew they would disappear. That is the way Father has been marching forward, straight on, all the way up to this point. Suppose that by the time you go to the spirit world, Father is already there. Don't you want to be able to call out, "True Father" first? Don't you want to be able to go directly to him? It all depends upon your level of achievement of love here on earth. If you have set the correct angle of relationship with Father, then you will be able to be close to him. But if that angle is not true, if that level of achievement is not good enough, you won't even be able to see Father, much less get close to him. Even if you want to go to him, there will be no way.

If that is the case when you get to spirit world, you will be in such a miserable situation. At that time, you will cry, "I made such a big mistake. Now I will change," but it will be too late. This earthly life is so precious. Once you are completed here, you can fly there.

Do you think it was a worthwhile endeavor for Father to give up everything in the world to follow God's will? Was it worth it or not? Yes, it was worth it. Therefore, do you think Reverend Moon is a smart person or a dumb person? (Smart!) Think about it: Father is so smart that he could figure out the spirit world. Otherwise, there would have been no way.

The number one key is that you must make your mind and body one, in order to become True Parents (III). Number three, centering on True Love, make your tribe one. Number four, centering on True Love, make your people one. Number five, centering on True Love, make your nation one. That is the order. After that, to create the eternal ideal family, we must have the heavenly tradition.

Second, follow that heavenly tradition strictly. We must be trained to become one. For training we have both a visible source and invisible source of education. The truth we are learning through the Divine Principle is the visible truth and the invisible truth is spiritual truth. In other words, True Parents are living and visible in this country, so if we really work hard, we can be united with them. However, the invisible source is God. God is the invisible, vertical True Parents - the Creator. We must be able to experience God's heart. After you reach that level, suppose there is some type of worldwide disaster. God would be able to tell you what to do, just as God tells Father now. You would know, "Oh, something is going to happen someplace because God is so busy now." You will feel that.

You always have to correctly set the dial that allows you to tune in to God's heart. You must keep your mind's dial always clean, with no static sounds and no noise. Then you can receive all the various spiritual channels. Once your mind is ready to resonate, all the channels will come through and the dial will be set to receive. It is a matter of keeping your mind dial clean and set so it is ready to resonate with the spirit world. Then you can receive it. We must understand that the Unification Church must provide two different sources of education: visible and invisible. That is the way. Once you master that, once you clearly understand it, then you can figure out what Father is doing and what Father's goal is. That's the way you can be with Father.

The next level is, small number three: whatever you learn you must practice. We are not just talking about the horizontal level, but the vertical and all different directions. We have a wide range of practice. With that training in this world, we will become familiar with the spirit world when we go there. What kind of prayer life must we be leading every day? Imagine you really love and serve True Parents and live with them every day, and then suddenly they just disappear. You've lost them and you don't know what happened to them. Think about the desperate heart you would have, how seriously you would look for True Parents. That kind of desperate heart is the heart you should have when you pray to God.

Once this stage of the fallen world is past, then husband and wife will love each other so much that they will forget about eating, sleeping and all those things. You will become like a spirit person! Each will know what the other is doing when you are apart. So you must pass these three different levels of heart: heart towards your children, towards your spouse, and towards your parents, as I have described. You must experience that desperate heartistic longing for missing love. You must pass those levels or else you can't get closer to God.

In the early times of our movement, not just the women but even the men who were the followers of Father would weep in longing, missing True Parents. Their circumstances didn't allow them to visit Father, so they would just burst into tears of longing for True Parents. Through that desperate heart, Father could guide them spiritually, giving them the right directions and telling them which way to go. We must understand that among Unification Church members who are living on this earth with True Parents, many people are being taught and guided spiritually by True Parents every day. That's why they know the things that will come. There are many stories like that. Many of the missionaries can give testimonies about such experiences. One missionary was just about to cross a river where there were a lot of alligators and crocodiles. True Father told him spiritually that a certain hour was safe and that he must cross the river at that particular time period, and he did it and was unhurt. We can live together with True Parents spiritually, even if geographically we are separate. If those people who are living together with True Parents spiritually can't feel their presence for several days, it is like hell for them.

While you are out on the front line as pioneers or missionaries, True Parents may guide you spiritually in this dramatic way. But once you go back to your hometown, Father won't necessarily do that. Why? As long as you are standing on the front line as a pioneer to do the spiritual work as Father has described, you have that connection. But if you just settle down and start to live for your own sake in some quiet and comfortable place, it won't happen. That's why Father has been pushing himself to the extreme on the front line. By the same token, Father has pushed Mother to be on the front line and to go through that experience.

If Father keeps teaching you about the reality of the spirit world, people may criticize and say, "Well, who really knows? Nobody has seen spirit world and now Reverend Moon is brainwashing his followers." But is this good brainwashing, or is it bad? It is good, very good. When you say that it means you are half crazy! But you are on the right track; your road is straight. Life within the Unification Church is preparation for the eternal world. We must never forget that. No matter how well you live your daily life, you won't live in this world for more than a hundred years or so. Do you understand this?

In order for us to prepare to enter the eternal, ideal realm in the spirit world, we must remember these three steps, three elements: tradition, education, and practice. What kind of tradition? Heavenly tradition. Exactly taking after True Parents, following their exact footsteps. And education? True Love education, which Father and Mother have shown us. Then practice - again, by following True Parents' footsteps step by step and going through these different levels of True Love. Suppose you belonged to a certain village and there were many different situations, but one terrible situation arises which requires painful, unpleasant work. You must volunteer your services to clean up that mess, whether physical or spiritual. Clean up the worst mess of that village.

The final direction from Father today is, may God be with you eternally, Amen! (Amen!)

One more point: if we strictly follow as Father taught and directed today, our life will follow the direction which Father is leading us. However, if you follow your own judgment, your own direction, you will go in a way with which Father doesn't have anything to do. Do you understand? Strictly following Father's direction is not going to be an easy path.

Shall we all stand up and do kyung be to True Parents? Father wants you to have supper here before you go.

Let's give the greatest applause to True Mother. Thank you Father and Mother! Abonim, Omonim, Kamsa hamnida!

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