The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Returning To The Home Country

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
August 1, 1993
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is Kwong Ku Gul Oui He. That means Returning to the Home Country.

As we know, the Israelites [chosen people] are separated on the national level. Their lineage is God's new lineage. They stand upon God's heartistic foundation in terms of lineage, ownership and the realm of heart. These three areas must be separated from evil for God to work. On the individual level, as well as the family level, the Israelites [chosen people] must, together with Adam and Eve, live with God.

Simple as this may seem, it has great power. It will automatically expand into tribes, a nation and to the worldwide level. God with Adam and Eve comprised two generations. The fall means that God had to occupy the third generation and make it His own, but this did not come to be. Since God lost this, He has to recover this third generation in the fallen world. Even though there are three generations, they come under one category. Three generations constitute the four position foundation. The four position foundation can be divided into upper sphere and lower sphere, right sphere and left sphere, and front and rear. Each of these positions is occupied by different members of a family.

In the affairs of the world, does vertical or horizontal occupy the primary position? The vertical does. When building a house the ground is leveled first. To make level ground you must have the vertical clarified, otherwise you cannot make horizontal level. All ideal beings must stand upright in order than the mind move closest to that ideal. The mind wants to go as high and lofty as possible. Does the mind have a limitation in its desire to soar? No, it never stops. The world, of course, is not consciously thinking about these things, but in the Unification Church we know these are basic. Thinking about such things is already advanced, but we must not only think, we must some day put them into action. By acting, that center comes into existence and begins to be broadened. In the Orient we often talk about lofty ideas.

On hyang means word and action must both take place. When we look at the human face we see that the vertical line divides the left and right. All parts of the face point to one center and are deployed harmoniously. The nerves which serve all parts of the face meet at one focal point. It just does not happen that the eye focuses on one place and the nose focuses on another. There are not many centers; there is only one. In God's mind the same thing occurs. We must all focus on the same point.

The spiritual center, which is mind, must be straight. We have a common saying in the Orient that one's mind must always be straight. This indicates that Adam and Eve are vertical beings. Through our vertical being we inhale air. Even though we are unable to see the air, we nevertheless inhale it, and this renews life. Without air we are unable to live. The mouth is horizontal and it absorbs nutrition which supports the body. If you pinch your nose and close your mouth and push the air out, you can feel how all these organs are connected and unified. Your nose symbolizes Adam and Eve. The eye does not have the ability to take in nutrition or air, but the eye absorbs the information of what is around us.

In the Orient, when a baby is first born the nose is so flat that the father and mother worry if the nose is going to be alright. But as the child grows the nose gets higher. The nose is straight. It is located on the central line of the body which continues down through the navel and the sexual organs. This is the central, vertical, dividing line of the body. In the Orient, we observe that a person whose nose is a little crooked will have a little rougher path in life. This is so true. When Father looks at a man for the first time, with a glance he observes these things. Also, the pattern of walking that an individual has reveals many things about him.

Then how lofty is the spirit? It wants to go as high as is possible. Both men and women want to be number one, the best in the whole world. Father would have to admonish the person who said he does not want to be number one; but he is unable to find such an individual. In reality such a person does not exist. This was so in the past and it is so today and in the future it will be so eternally, because each one desires to be the highest and best.

When can we find eternal peace and happiness? Looking from our own perspective, eternally it is not going to be possible. This is the logical deduction that we will reach. Then people will say that there is no such being as God, but they are missing the one very basic fact: humankind fell. That is why it looks as if there will be no peace or happiness. It looks like there will always be struggle and competition, but it is due to the fall that we lost God. The correct response would be, "I'll make God my own."

Let us assume that we have caught hold of God. Then, what is the most precious attribute within God? Naturally, it is love. We go as high as we can go and on that very peak, God exists. Since God is absolutely one, everyone wants to occupy Him. Then comes the question, "Is there only one person who is eligible to reach that point?" If the answer is no, then how is all humankind going to reach that point? (Father draws on the board.) If you reach the peak and draw a straight line, then the entire area below will be excluded. The only way we would be able to encompass everything would be to create an immense globe. Then reaching the highest point would allow you to encompass the whole area. Because the universe is constructed this way, the universe is large enough to embrace everyone. Resembling the universe, everyone's lofty ideal also must be like that. Then the universe will be big enough to hold them. Everything resembles the spherical shape. It isn't pointed, but round. Father and mother, husband and wife, all get together and try to make a sphere, to be round like a ball. That is the basic shape of all things.

What is the ideal realm of unification? It is the place where individuals desire to become as tall as possible, as wide as possible, as deep as possible, expanding to the front and rear, so that they can embrace the huge universe. We all are anxiously going up the highest vertical level. Now Dr. Hendricks here, would you like to do that for one thousand years or for ten thousand years? [Ten thousand years.] The universe is limitless and everyone is limitless. Each one wants to be as high and as wide a possible. God embraces in exactly the same way as we are trying to. He embraces the entire cosmos, which has hundreds and hundreds of solar systems within it. God tells us we can have as much as we want. It is true that no matter how far and wide we go as a human being, we still are within that universe. In order to do this we first need to have a big mind to desire it. Second, we need an object through whom we may accomplish it. Through give and take of mind and body, an individual becomes bigger and then takes a spouse. There is give and take between the two of them and this results in something larger, and so it proceeds. There is no limit to how much one may expand. There is no limit to what you can do. Now we know why everything living in the universe has a round shape. The sun and moon and stars are round. We know that the solar systems are round, even though we are unable to see all the solar systems with our physical eyes. You may think you have achieved a great deal, but there are even further realms to which to aspire.

If God is embracing the universe, what is the individual embracing? Is it good if our mind is limited and anything that goes beyond our mind makes us angry? Some women's minds are so narrow that they cannot embrace their husband even after one hundred years. After one year she wants to chase him out. How narrow her mind is! The universe, which tries to think of each of us as a high being - so big and able to embrace everything - now sees this woman chasing her husband out after one year. Looking at her, do you think the universe will laugh at her or respect her? Yes, it will laugh at her and despise her so much that it would expel her as gas.

It is very reasonable to observe that the universe is composed of these elements and that we therefore are to expand until we reach the limits of the universe. This is to climb up the ladder of love, step by step. Each of us has a ladder. Without it we would be unable to reach a high level love. Each ladder has steps. How many steps does your love ladder have? How high have you climbed? You may care only for your own house; that is only one step. Or you may care for your own country. If that is the limit of your concern, you have advanced two steps. How about American people? Isn't it typical that an American would climb only two steps? Sometimes they don't even make it up one step. The reason would be that they don't have families; they are the free sex breed. Their family is not the object of love but rather an enemy. Let's compare two people on their ladders of love. God has a love ladder and so do we. Do we want to reach God's level on the ladder of love or does God want to reach ours? We want to reach God's level.

What does the presently existing theory of evolution say? Is input equal to or smaller than output? Physical science observes that input is smaller than output. If what goes in is smaller than what comes out, how can anything become bigger? Someone must have invested some additional power. What is that additional power which makes the result bigger and bigger? That is the power of creation. If you are a painter, you know that you don't create a flat painting but rather a round painting, eventually making it completely round. People will feel that your work is alive.

You know now that your mind is big and should be bigger. If your mind reaches this sphere and acts to the extent of the sphere, the entire sphere becomes your asset, your property. That means if you have the idea to achieve something and by acting you accomplish it horizontally, then you become that big. Why should man and woman become one? By doing so, they can expand their realm and embrace a larger area. Man's eye is the same as woman's eye, their mouths and nose are also the same. They constantly have give and take with both the mind and body involved. That is what creates excitement. As they go around, a wind comes in. In Korean we say shim na da. It means we are uplifted, we are excited and the spirit is with us.

Does a wheel roll randomly? No, the wheel of an automobile moves only forward or backward, but there is a subject and object also. Even though we cannot see, it does give and take and has this round shape. Some force must then push it faster and faster and then this zigzag will become less and less. What if you push one side and pull one side? Would the wheel go faster or slower? Faster. For wheels, is faster or slower better? Faster. You might even forget God in that moment for all you want is to go faster. That is the truth. That doesn't mean that God goes away but rather that He is with us.

In the morning, do you fight between husband and wife? When you get up in the morning is your thought to do something for your husband or to have your husband do something for you? This is a very practical problem. Between man and woman, which of them wants the spouse to do more for them? Would that be the woman or man? When an American woman sends her husband to work in the morning, does she stand somewhere expecting her husband to come and kiss her before he leaves, therefore burdening him, or does she run and kiss him to send him off? In the former case, this is a problem and the husband is going to have a long and perhaps difficult day. Does it take so much effort to move a few steps and kiss him? If you go to kiss him to send him off he will go off dancing and flying to begin his day. Such a husband, a "floating-on-the-clouds" husband, will cause his fellow workers to wonder about him. If there are two or three or four persons in the world like that, the world becomes the Kingdom of Heaven. Suppose there are two enemies. Who would become the subject and winner? The one who extends his hand first becomes subject in that relationship. Do you welcome Father speaking about these things or not? Are you in a small closed space or a huge wide open space? You know yourselves. Because of the natural force at work, all development and restoration becomes possible.

Almost one hour has passed. Father asks you how long this sermon should last. Imagine if you really understood the point Father has explained. This small part merits a whole day's sermon, don't you think? [Yes.] Father talks of women's minds becoming bigger and bigger, but bigger might not always be so comfortable right? For example, if you have a huge embracing mind and just three small children then of course you have to become smaller at times. Broadening and expanding one's mind is difficult, but becoming smaller is easier. You need this flexibility. If you want to become large and small at will, you need to substantiate this content. This is exactly how the universe operates. Did you know that the earth itself sometimes expands and shrinks, as if it is breathing? Our eyes move and blink in harmony. Our whole existence needs not only vertical but horizontal, too. We must live like this, starting from this moment. Share your most prized possession with someone else and see how much more joy you receive. It is because that is where multiplication begins. If you keep something for yourself it does not multiply, but if you give and share then multiplication occurs. If you truly give with a sincere heart then it will be returned to you even bigger. If we give with a willing and happy heart, then when it returns it is much bigger. Then you want to return again, even more than you received.

In witnessing, for example, it is more exciting for white people to witness to black people than to white. White people represent day time and black people represent night time, so if a white person witnesses to a black person, it makes him the master of both the day and night. The dividing line between day and night is there. If a white person wants just to stay as day and have no night, it means he has nothing. The same is true for a black person who would stay as night. Only by having each other do you have day and night. Without each other you have nothing. No matter how proud you are as a day-time person, if you don't have night-time then day-time will disappear. If you combine with the night-time then you will be the owner of all twenty-four hours.

To occupy God's love right at this highest point is our desire. As high as we can go, there is God's love. Do you think the top is easy to reach? God created the horizontal and vertical worlds so that everyone could reach God and He could embrace everyone. The Reverend Moon of the Unification Church first acts and then he speaks or preaches. After acting and teaching he becomes a globe. Until this time the saints in history spoke and taught much, but they did not necessarily practice what they taught. Our mind and body must first become one. This means you must make your mind and body completely one before you can teach somebody. It is the same for the family and the country. We must first act. As the result of the fall, humankind lost itself, lost the family and the nation. We lost everything that is precious.

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is "Returning to the Home Country." That country needs not only an upper hemisphere, but a lower hemisphere, right and left hemispheres and front and rear hemispheres. This country needs all aspects fulfilled. You can compare this country to an individual and family, so this country has everything. It has individuals, families, and lots of property. The legacy of thousands of years are also in that country.

Do you think revolution is possible in the spirit world? Do they demonstrate there? Why would demonstration be necessary in the spirit world? The difference between this earthly world and the spirit world is that here we have to be concerned about three major things: food, clothing and a place to live. In the spiritual world we do not need these things because they are given. According to your level, you have enough to eat, wear and a place to dwell. In the communist world they artificially made up classes, but in the spiritual world it is very rigid and very fair. You cannot go below or beyond your rightful place; whatever you deserve is what you get. If you want to reach a higher place you have to go through the steps necessary to reach it.

Here on earth, who partakes of welfare more: black people or white people? Black. Why is that? Whatever the reason may be, one works less than the other. In the spirit world, the notion of welfare does not exist. Welfare means even though you are not working, you are receiving money. In that status you will never become rich, because if someone gives you something then you are expected to return it. We must see that if we only like to receive but not give, then we end up in the spirit world which is dark. If somebody joins the Unification Church in order to receive benefit from the church, he will eventually drop away when there is no more benefit to be had. But the one who joins the Unification Church with the desire to make it bigger and better, as does Father, automatically goes to the spirit world that he or she deserves and will never perish.

Wherever True Mother goes, she draws many people to her. All the members that did not come before must now appear here. Father and Mother worked so hard to make this happen. If someone joins now and reaches a high level without participating in the necessary effort, it is really bad for that person. The spirit world will simply not condone it.

Father already proclaimed a return to the homeland and now Father is declaring a return to the country. Homeland or home country, which is more important? Home country. In 1991, Father declared the homeland. Now Father is declaring the home country. Did we go to the homeland? We are to serve God in our homeland as tribal messiahs. Our first goal is to claim the land, second, to claim our ancestors, third, to live with God. This is our homeland. God must have the land in which we can love Adam and Eve. Also, God wants to be able to call the ancestors of Adam and Eve His own. In restoration we must accomplish this. When we return to the country, we must return with our tribes. Both here on the earth and in the spirit world, we must bring our family back to the country. We cannot go there alone.

After forty years in the wilderness, the Israelites [chosen people] must come back. The Israelites' purpose in coming back was to establish the country. By losing Jesus' body, God lost all the tribes and the tribal land. Through the loss of Jesus' body, the Israelites lost the lands of the twelve tribes. These lands were distributed to the Islamic world. Israel lost its land when Jesus' body was lost and ever since has been fighting with its Islamic brothers. Cain and Abel continue to fight even today. Also, the land of Korea is divided vertically north and south, between Kim Il Sung and the Reverend Moon. Kim Il Sung declares himself as father in the north, and in the south the Reverend Moon declares himself as father. How do we combine these two blocs into one? Father's way is by surrounding Kim Il Sung, the satanic father, and bringing about a natural subjugation of heart. This happens naturally, not by using external power. If it is not voluntary, you cannot build the foundation for the heavenly side's national kingdom. Is this clear?

Recently in Texas, David Koresh, an illicit guy, stirred up the nation. He went against the government using armaments. Even while this problem was going on, Father stood up and said, "We have to speak!" It was time to make the proclamation. At that exact time we decided to give a speech across the nation. All the American leaders told me, "No, no, no, this is not the right time. This is a dangerous time!" They said, "Father, don't do it. Please delay the time." If I had, we would have lost the chance. Where there is death, there is also resurrection. The Reverend Moon will stand up as the real Messiah. People can analyze both claimants and choose which is the real one. People have to know the truth. It was time to proclaim this. Father has always lived in a life and death battle. We had to take advantage of the time period. If we do not, we cannot reach God's ideal.

Many different types of people gathered for the speeches. Some welcomed me, some came to analyze me, some were against me, some wanted to kill me. Both sides were represented - heaven and hell. All types of people were in the audience. They wondered, "What will Reverend Moon talk about?" The contents of the truth were poured out to them, one by one, eventually covering all fifty states. If even one man stands with our side, completely, automatically the surrounding Christian world becomes very serious. All Christian people feel guilty about the actions they committed against us in the past. They know well that what they did was wrong. Compare Unification members to the high-level Christians. They went down and down, while we have been going up and up. They cannot even look up. This is spontaneously happening throughout the Christian world. Is that true? (Yes!) Who did it? (Father.) Not Father only, Parents did it.

This victorious foundation has been created by Parents. Is this great or gray? (Great!) No one on Satan's side throughout history, no country and no organization, can stand above our side. You have to know this point clearly. Now Mother's message has been proclaimed. America's capitol city has been very powerful, but they did not inherit the time. The owner of the time has power, and can inherit the way of the future. Act with decisiveness. People who seize the time have all the power. Now America is diminishing and going the way of death, straight down to hell. However, it won't die. From whom did it receive its new life? Look around. It wasn't from the Christian world. No matter how terrible they thought the Unification Church to be, now they say, "We must look at the Unification Church." Even a Grandpa will open his mouth now and say, "All my property, all my things, I am bequeathing to the Unification Church." That's all; it is finished. American people will look at that and compare. American people will look at the secular people, the Christians and the Unificationists, and ask, "Which one is more good?" Is secular humanism number one in America? No, it is on the devil's side. Christianity is in the middle, sort of a gray color. Black color, red color, yellow color, are all connected to it. That's not so good, but the Unification Church has only one color. We don't have a racial color, nor do we have the variety of colors of differing denominations or faiths. We don't have any kind of religious color or coloration from any earthly concept.

Father and Mother have made the foundation we now have. Unificationists are on God's side and have only one color. Is that true, Dr. Hendricks? [Yes.] Dr. Hendricks is the number one representative guy of the Unification Church, and he said, "Yes," so I believe that. Unificationists don't have different colors, but are always a white color. We are not just the American race, but a world race and more than that; we are a cosmic race. We are God's race. God will ask, "What race are you Unification Church members?" We are the love race. What kind of love? The True Love race, abiding forever. Do you like that? [Joking: God doesn't like that; I don't like that.]

What will you do - escape or stay here? (Stay.) Forever? (Forever.) What will you say if even God escapes and goes around trying to find an unchangeable color elsewhere, but cannot and turns back, crying, "Please, will you accept me?" Will you accept Him? (Yes.)

You say you are Unification members, yet you all have a variety of ideas. How difficult it is to work with you. "Restitution, indemnity, ooooooohhh! I don't like those words!" Think about it. No matter how much you deny it, we need that concept. You cannot be saved without it. No matter who you know outside, compared to Reverend Moon he is not smart. Nor are you! The world had knowledge and power throughout history, but humankind didn't find the truth of Divine Principle. It is a tremendously higher concept-reaching vertically, horizontally, to the front and to the rear. It is one concept which embraces all the concepts of history. Even putting them all together, no other concepts can surpass the concept proclaimed by the Reverend Moon. No matter how great it was, it is nothing compared to our value. No matter who proclaimed truth before, no matter how proud they were, they will follow us. If they do not, they will stay at the bottom. What is that opposite world? It is the dungeon of hell, where there is no partnership. The Unification Church is in partnership everywhere. They all invited me, "Reverend Moon, live here." The Kremlin palace is waiting for me. The Russians are saying, "Please cast out America and come to our territory. We admire you and are preparing for you. We respect you and are ready to dedicate ourselves to you." They ask me, "Why don't you come back?"

People of the world tell Americans, "Go home". But there is no home for American people. Does any American have a home? To have no home means to lack parents. They don't have husbands, wives, or children. Everyone is separated. So everywhere in America we see hippies, homosexuals and lesbians practicing free sex. This is what they have. Does this give rise to hope? American people themselves are not happy with it. It is like the dungeon of hell. Therefore, Americans are not welcomed. Are Father's words right or wrong? (They are right.)

Until now, American people have been in the position of the elder brother, but now things have turned around, and they know it. Reverend Moon's side is now in the elder's position. Who retreated? Father visited everywhere in America. Now American people will turn around. They know they are living in hell and have no hope for the future. With one false move they go rolling, diminishing and heading toward destruction. You can ask any American leader if they have hope for this country. They all will tell you no. The only option is to follow Reverend Moon's guidance. Until now, America has been the leader in opposition to me. But when they looked down, they saw Father standing there as the center bud, on the central pillar. No matter what he is not moving. The American side is younger; they are in the position to follow. Reverend Moon's side is in the elder position.

Americans have no home. America does not have a family base, a home base, a national base or a world base. They are at the complete zero point. They have lost everything. How can they ignore this reality? It pervades the atmosphere. Only through the Reverend Moon can they turn back towards the ideal world. If they do so, it will be the dawning of the Completed Testament Age. Father made this a reality. No matter how proud they feel of themselves, Americans do not have the real family ideal. Also, America does not have the national ideal. The Reverend Moon has both. A grandfather and grandmother are in the king and queen's position. Parents are in the king and queen positions and children are princes and princesses. This is already set up centering on the True Parents ideal and nobody can move it. It is now established eternally in the Completed Testament Age. It is as if the sun was rising over the whole world. Sunlight is covering all creation. All Americans must unite with True Parents' concept. It is not just a concept.

True Parents have made a victorious foundation in all fifty states. God blessed that root and this morning we can connect with the king's foundation on the level of the individual, the family, the tribe, the nation, the world, the cosmos and God. These are all connected into one at East Garden today. This is the content of the ceremony taking place today, the first of August. This is the number of new beginning. This is a memorable day. Proclaim it: from now is the Unification Church's time. We are now a rising sun. Unification Church members and secular people cannot be compared. We are completely subject. Since American people don't have tribes, I made a tribe. The Israelites were made into tribes and following their tribal leader they went to their villages. But they did not take the right action after that. They gave up to the local owners and connected with the seven satanic tribes. Their tradition was lost there.

Reverend Moon, the leader of the Unification Church, clearly understands the point of failure of the past history and is now pointing it out so that it can be cut away. We have a new point of view from now on.

Americans have a proud spirit. Everything is "number one." Centering on the Christian world they were connected to God, but they lost God. After World War II the entire Christian world was subverted by the communist world. The churches became Satan's base. They all positioned themselves against Reverend Moon after World War II. During this past forty years they have been diminishing. The free world is perishing. Why? During the two thousand years, no matter how severely Christians were persecuted, they overcame it and prospered. Christianity overcame the world. For the first time the entire world was occupied by one idea. All the world, while maintaining independent parts, was unified through Christianity.

From the beginning, the purpose of Christianity was to create one world under God, but they did not know who the true owner was to be. The true sovereign is not the American president nor the English king, but the Lord of the Second Advent. He is the king as a true son, as a true father, a true leader of a tribe, the true national leader, the true world leader, and the true center of the cosmos. God had authority on every level. He bequeathed it at the Second Advent, when Jesus was sent down. God's authority is the ownership of the real family, real tribe, real world, real cosmos. The Lord of the Second Advent makes the foundation through victory on each level. All that had been lost. Satan's side took everything, and everything came against Reverend Moon at the end of World War II. Satan took God's world and Father was chased out into the wilderness, into the dungeons of hell. But God did not follow America or Christianity at that moment; God followed me into the wilderness.

Everything was lost. What was Reverend Moon to do? The position which had been prepared had to be reclaimed. There was no easy way to restore the four thousand years represented by the lost foundation of Christianity and to untangle the mistakes of that moment. But without doing it, there would have been no hope. Father was the only soldier to bear the heavy load of that mission. At that time, God did not have the completed foundation on the family level. Do you think it was easy or difficult? It was such a bloody path, and did Father do it or not? [Father did it.] You don't know how serious that situation was, nor do Mother and the children. There is no way to describe how difficult it was for Father to make a highway back to God. But now it is paved with asphalt, and it's not just a four-lane highway, it has twenty-four lanes. All you need to do to stay on the highway is to open your eyes and shut your mouth. You'll have no problem. There are soft embankments on either side, so even if you hit the side you will be okay. To make that highway was not an easy task.

If Father made that foundation, then who is the owner, Reverend Moon or humankind? God is the first owner, the next owner is Reverend Moon and the third owner is humankind. If the first generation and second generation, God and Adam and Eve, are firmly on God's side, then the fallen family cannot remain on this earth as the third owner. God and Reverend Moon inherited the third generation as their children.

"True" parents means parents who are forever unchangeable. No power of any kind can change them, no matter to what extent it stands against Reverend Moon's teaching. There is only one way. If you pull onto that road, automatically the road itself will move you forward. You do not really have much of anything to do with it. Have you made restitution on the individual and family levels? You did not even secure the individual foundation. You didn't make restitution for any level of the foundation. No, Father did everything as True Parent. The reason is that Adam and Eve made the mistake on the level of parents. This had to be indemnified by parents, and I stand in that parental position. You have to know this.

How can you return to the nation? To do so you must have the foundation of the original ideal. This means you must be perfected men and women. Since the fall, man's mind and body were separated. The mind and the body have been fighting. The fall was the beginning and the battle has been continuing until now. On the world level we have seen the expansion of this problem in the development of right and left wing thought. The right wing represents the world of the mind and left wing represents the world of the body. These two fought and expanded level by level, until they manifested as two blocs, Satan's side and God's side, centering on Jesus. Jesus was the True Parent. The True Parent has to pay every kind of indemnity necessary to solve all the problems. God, standing in the complete subject position, must make partnership with the one who stands in the opposite position.

God's ideal for Adam and Eve never changed. Like God, it is absolute and unchanging. Unification thought teaches absolute faith, absolute truth and absolute love. Absolute faith is the way of the Old Testament. Absolute value, centering on human value, is from the New Testament age, and absolute love is revealed with the Completed Testament Age and True Parents' mission. The Old Testament represented the creation (all things). The New Testament represented the children and the Completed Testament represents parents. Parents are taking ownership and building heaven's property. There are three concepts: (1) property, (2) ownership, and (3) all things, children and parents. These are the ingredients necessary to make the family-level foundation. The center of the family with this foundation has nothing to do with Satan. This family is connected vertically with God, having children as the horizontal expansion.

The life seed originally came from God. Man inherited God's seed, became the owner of the seed and expanded horizontally by having children. The meaning of True Parents is that there is a beginning point for true expansion. There is one formula. Many seeds create a family, which grows wider horizontally. The most blessed parents are those with many children. They have the most blessed foundation and automatically inherit the same value as True Parents. In the past, God has been wondering how to make complete children, how to bring about the completion of brotherhood, how to complete the heart of husband and wife and how to create the parents' heart. (Referring to a diagram on the board.) The position of the completion of children is here; the completion of brotherhood is here and the couple's completion position is here. All this is the foundation for the visible God. These different aspects of love are bequeathed to the children. It was God's hope at the beginning of creation to have the visible parents position, the conjugal ideal, the brotherly ideal and the children's ideal. Parents are to bequeath these ideals to their children. The system of bearing children makes the corners of the four position foundation round, representing God and re-creation. The ideal husband and wife visibly represent the invisible God. Marriage is the crucial factor necessary for the inheritance of the positions of true sons and daughters, true brothers and sisters, true conjugal partnership, and True Parentship.

Adam and Eve were God's children. God wanted children who would one day marry with His blessing. God had the concept of creating love. From that concept the invisible subject and visible subject appeared, centering upon True Love. The spirit world is the right hemisphere and the human world is the left hemisphere. Man and woman are like two halves, and so are front and rear. With this love and training parents can experience expansion to the world level. Marriage means bearing fruit.

God originally created so that man could connect to Him through love. Why is it necessary for man and woman to love? Man represents the eastern hemisphere, which is only one half. Therefore, no matter how famous he may be, he needs the opposite part of himself. Between man and woman, which side would be east and which side west? Man represents east. American women don't like that idea. Man represents God and holds the life seed. Does woman carry the life seed? [No.] Who has the life seed? Man. Therefore, centering upon the life seed, we understand that man is in God's position.

American women have the idea that they don't want to marry, but they still want to have children. Why have American women come to that miserable conclusion? Because of incest. The American family is completely confused. Centering on the man's line a grandfather may misuse his daughter-in-law. He thinks that sexually misusing his granddaughter is no problem. This is worse than the conduct of animals. Women abused in this way will absolutely not like men. Grandsons are abused, too, as well as nieces. No children like being abused. As they grow up, they will reject everything. Therefore, children come to feel they don't need grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters or children. Through this breakdown of family morality and ethics, men and women come to hate one another. This leads to homosexuality and lesbianism. Men take comfort with other men and women take comfort with other women. Where did this phenomenon of separation begin? This all began with incest. It is the result of free sex. How can people affected by this return to the original world? All these people feel that love is the enemy, that love is destructive. Think about how terrible is the very act of homosexuality. Animals do not behave in that dirty way. The human sexual organs were originally to be the palace of sacred love, the center in which God wanted to dwell.

The place of origin cannot be changed. The parents tradition will remain forever. Through that palace, the ideal parents, ideal family, ideal nation and ideal world are connected, with that palace as the eternal root. After the fall, humankind lost everything. Everything was separated. It is a miserable situation.

What is your sexual organ? (The love palace.) It is the palace of eternal love and hope. You physically live for only one generation, not forever. But through that palace, man's life and woman's life can connect. When a virgin man and virgin woman meet for the first time, there is an exciting electric power in their minds and bodies. Touching each other, that current connects them. Love is the only way for there to exist a connection between man's life and woman's life. Otherwise, their lives cannot connect. A man and woman who have received the blessing can connect as one body. East and west can connect in one global position. How wonderful this is! Have you ever thought about this before? In the past you didn't realize this, did you? Dr. Bergman, is what I am saying true? [Yes.] I don't know, but you are a doctor. Doctors usually require too much analysis in order to reach the correct conclusion.

Then what is your sexual organ? First, it is your love palace and second it is your life palace. It is the most precious place; it is the place of True Parentship and true ownership. It is the place upon which is the focus of all true teaching. True ownership means True Love ownership. All these points are found in sexual intercourse between the ideal couple. For a woman, her husband is her absolute truth. For a man, his wife is his absolute truth. How do you like that? Is that okay? Maybe you don't need True Love, saying, "I don't like women, but I want True Love." The man who thinks that way will never find love. It is only from your True Love partner that you can find love.

Men and women's minds, bodies and blood make oneness, and this is the place where the creation of children occurs. In this act of exchanging ownership and occupying each other, there is high level of excitement for both man and woman. A woman feels, "This is the highest level standing. I am a happy queen!" The man thinks, "I am a happy king." All five senses, smelling, hearing, touching, tasting and feeling, focus on one point. A wave of True Love passes through both partners and afterwards, children appear. You experience formation, growth and perfection. The world doesn't understand these three big waves. One is here, two is here and three is here. Do you understand the three phases of electricity? After love, your breathing is hard, maybe six or seven times. After that, your breathing is completely flat. Seven has that meaning. There is no admixture of concepts in True Love.

In the fallen world people experience not only first, but second and third love. Father spits on this dirty lifestyle. Free sex is the worst behavior and carries AIDS with it. Do you like AIDS? Do you like free sex? Do you like homosexuals and lesbians? [No.] These lifestyles immediately expose one to the AIDS disease. It is their death sentence.

Is Father speaking to you in English or Korean? [English.] Father is beginning to forget which language he is speaking. True Parents should use only one language, not two. Language automatically creates a true cultural background, true tradition, true habits and true lifestyle. No matter how difficult it may be, you must learn Korean. Then within three generations you will see a complete change. Can you do it? You've got a Korean wife, so it shouldn't be so difficult. That's the easy way. This is a help for your life, making the flat, safe way. No matter how much you may try to deny Father's words, what I say is correct. Once you have passed away to the spirit world you will realize that Father taught exactly the correct concept, and then what shall you do? In this world, you think, "Father talks about indemnity too much." Americans like freedom. They are joyful, like grasshoppers. Father tells you, "Don't live like a grasshopper. You should become an ant." American people like dancing and joking, and don't want to become hard working ants. Ants are too thin! No matter how proud you are of American culture, you must acknowledge that the Japanese are occupying everything. You don't have a value system. You don't own property and the Western world is giving way to the Eastern world. The tide is changing between East and West. Heavenly fate is going in the direction of East. No matter what Americans like to think, this nation is dropping down to the dungeon of hell. Reverend Moon is taking the youth of this country and saving them for the sake of the Western world. Everyone else is denying this with all their effort, but for twenty-one years, Father has been patiently enduring in this country so that the springtime will come.

America doesn't have a vertical pillar. The universe exists by combining the two concepts of vertical and horizontal. That place will not give way, but will stand fast at a ninety degree angle. Do you understand? (Father draws on the board.) This horizontal line is flat. With the vertical line and another to the front and rear there are altogether three lines. From these you can make a globe. There are seven points [the center point plus up and down, right and left, front and back]. Everything combines in the center, taking the central position. This is the way the natural world exists. No matter what part gets put where, there is no complaint. You can accept any combination with no complaint. Man has two characteristics. One, the body, is horizontal and the other, the mind, is vertical. Until now humankind did not know this, but now it is clear that the mind is vertical and the body is horizontal. Unification teaching says clearly that mind is the "vertical me." Which one comes first? The mind comes first. This is the correct position, so that everything has only one central, vertical orientation.

What is in the central position, occupying it forever? It is not property, knowledge, things, or authority. The secular world considers these things most valuable, but True Love is subject. The True Love pillar is the king's pillar. Nothing can ever dislodge it. It holds the subjective position forever. If you can take that position, then all people will automatically connect to you. Father took that position and every Unification Church member has to understand this. Is it true? What does your mind say? [Yes.] Once you become part of this relationship you will never forget it. That means you become our seed. The atmosphere changes and you grow up bigger and bigger. Automatically, you think, "I love True Father. I want to stay close to him forever. This is the ideal basement." No, not a basement that is under a house. [Laughter.] When Father says basement, I don't mean an underground room. I mean a base or foundation.

Do you like me? [Yes!] Well, I don't like you because you create too much complication for me! You're sitting too close, trying to touch me, so I'll set a limit of one meter. American women are too greedy, wanting to come too close, so I set boundaries for you. They want a kiss, thinking that one kiss in their whole lifetime will be enough. But it's not so easy. I push them away because it is too dangerous! All women like me because I am the completion of the ideal of a king, father, brother, partner and child. If they meet me one time, then that woman cannot separate ever. If Father permitted such a partnership, it would be a problem. They think, "I want to become Mother." All women want that kind of authority. This has always been a problem for Father. From teenager to grandmother, all women stand in a horizontal position. In the early days of the Unification Church many women proposed to Father. This was the foundation for the start of the Unification Church. This phenomena took place. This means the discipline of the heavenly wind blew over the Unification Church. You didn't know it, but it passed over already.

I proclaimed that you have to go back to your hometown, but hometown is not our final purpose. Our purpose centers on the home nation. The Israelites had their hometowns, but they did not have their home nation. After they connected with the Messiah they should have found their hometown and home nation. The Old Testament prophesied that for the time of the coming of Jesus, but no one believed Jesus because he was an illegitimate child.

The American Christian system centers upon family values. Why does America represent the Christian world? After World War II, they did not connect with the Second Advent. At that time the true husband appeared for the first time, also the true wife appeared. How could the true wife appear? The unity of Cain and Abel brings the appearance of the bride. Look at the Allied nations of England, America and France at the time of World War II. England represented Eve because it is an island country. Throughout history island nations want to meet the mainland. The owner of the mainland is the second messiah. England was waiting for the Lord of the Second Coming to arrive and take ownership.

At the time of the fall, Adam followed Satan. Adam followed Eve, Cain and finally Abel to Satan's side. Those were the three problems. Adam's body became Satan's body. Until age sixteen, Adam and Eve were on God's side. Therefore, they can take the way of restoration by connecting up and restoring the body. From there, God can connect to the secular world. Restoration has that meaning and purpose. One core concept is messiahship. Messiah has the position of a real man, a real husband and a real teacher. He holds the original position for which God created man, which was lost due to the fall. Satan occupied God's position in man and in the world, which automatically created the dungeon of hell. Satan is the king of hell. Therefore, the religious world of the mind is separated from the secular world of the flesh.

At the time of World War II, Eve's position was held by England and Cain's position by France. The Abel's position Anglo-Saxon tribe moved out and formed America. In the past, France was an enemy of England. These were the individuals Eve, Cain and Abel, planted on the world level. World War II was the harvest on the world level. After the fall, Eve, Cain and Abel took enemy positions. The mother Eve and son Abel were enemies; they did not connect. The potential for brotherhood ended when one brother killed another; thus brothers became enemies. The original bad seed expanded and bore fruit on the national base. England and America fought. England and France fought. In the past they were enemies to each other, but at the time of World War II they became allies. This was God's doing.

Men on the mind side and men on the physical side planted two kinds of seeds. Japan, another island nation, had the position of Eve on the body side, and Germany was Adam on the physical side. England and France had occupied Singapore and Vietnam, but Japan pushed them out of Southeast Asia during World War II. Japan was connected with Germany's aggression and Italy followed. Italy was in the archangel position. There you have the nations exactly representing Adam, Eve and the archangel. At the time of World War II, Cain and Abel were divided on a worldwide level, represented by these two trinities. How could they become one? They could do so only by reaching to the parents' position. Centering upon Eve, Cain and Abel can be united, and then all three can find Adam and return to God.

After the fall, Satan became the center instead of God. Satan occupied everything. But Satan understands that man originally belongs to God. That is an absolute. How can God extend His hand and reach into the human situation? Satan occupies only the head and feet. Who was the last one to come under Satan? Cain. Satan is occupying the elder son's position, not the younger son's position. The original ideal was that God's authority would occupy the elder position. So how can that position be reclaimed by God? The elder is automatically recognized by his brothers and sisters, and the parents recognize him, too. The elder's position on the individual base, family base, world base - this all must be restored at the time of the Second Advent.

The Old Testament promised the Israelites that the Messiah would be sent to save them. The Israelites absolutely believed the Messiah would come. However, all the Israelites believed that Elijah would come down from heaven in a fiery chariot before the coming of the Messiah. John the Baptist was Elijah; Jesus understood this although no one else did. Elijah means heavenly side Cain. The heavenly side Cain position is represented by the Jewish people uniting with John the Baptist. Centering on John the Baptist, the Israelite nation could have united with the Messiah. At that time the Israelites didn't know that. Crowds gathered all around the nation, causing a stir and making a problem for the Roman government. That phenomena was taking place in the provincial territories. Jesus told them that John was Elijah, but he could not convince them. The Israelites responded with, "He wants to become the Messiah! He is the king of the devils." Without John's testimony, they would automatically accuse Jesus of heresy. They eventually did exactly that. From the viewpoint of the Old Testament, the Messiah was to be a powerful man. But a powerful man, who is naturally concerned with gaining and spending money, cannot take the Messiah's position. Also, this simple carpenter was the fruit of illicit love. Everybody knew it. Israel was a small country, like a city. Once someone created a rumor it would spread everywhere in just a day.

Who was Jesus' father? This is a problem for the Christian world, because Christians stubbornly believe that Jesus was born through a virgin birth. How can a man's seed enter into a woman's womb if she is a virgin? Without a man, is conception possible or impossible? [Impossible.] Then who was Jesus' father? [Zechariah.] Who taught you that? I never said any such thing. [Laughter.] For the last six months, several times you told me that. If I proclaim "Zechariah," all over the world, Christians will call me a heretic. But no matter how heretical it sounds, they will be defeated. They cannot deny Reverend Moon's truth. With Father's speech proclaiming True Parents, we are at a turning point and we will see the completion of unification. Who made unification? Father did.

The formation stage represents the Old Testament, growth represents the New Testament and perfection represents the Completed Testament. These three combined into one create the center pillar; one pillar, one center. It is the same for Jewish people and Christian people. Humankind cannot deny this. Even if they deny it, they are now standing upon the settlement foundation. Is that true? That means no world of creation, no children's world and no parents' world. If they don't find that foundation, it means no tribe, no nation and no world. They are not connected to anything. No matter how much the Christian world wants to come against it, the Unification truth cannot be bent. Is that right? [Right.] No, it's wrong! [Right!] Are you American? [Yes.] Well, I'm Korean. [Laughter.] Who is in the elder position? [Korea.] Korea is the Adam nation, Japan is the Eve nation and America is the archangel nation. They were enemies to one another. Do you like Japan? [Yes.] Do you really like Japan, even though forty years ago they were your enemy? Did Reverend Moon or America make that possible? [Father.] No, no Father didn't do that. The Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament centered upon God made this foundation. Father made a bridge.

This is God's secret, not Reverend Moon's, do you understand? God always combines with central True Love, bequeathing everything to us. How can you inherit Father's position? It has the same meaning. Reverend Moon is centering on God. If you center upon Reverend Moon, you are taking the same position. It is the way following the same formula, no different. Father follows God with absolute faith, absolute belief. You have to follow Father absolutely, not by analyzing, "Oh, Father is talking about this and that, but we have to go our own American way." If I recommend something to the Japanese, they immediately take action. They always ask, "What shall I do?" Many times Father recommended that you take a certain way, but American people did not do it. Because we analyze, our one hundred percent goes down to eighty percent. That kind of foundation cannot lead to settlement. We need one hundred percent. God wants to dwell in that place. Father wants to dwell in that place.

You always analyze centering on how it can benefit you and make your way more easy. With that kind of concept you cannot pay indemnity or make restitution. Are you American-side church members or God-side church members? [God's side.] That means you deny American, Japanese, and Korean concepts and completely connect with God's side. Is this reality or concept? [Reality.] Really? That is wrong. You have to follow the Adam nation. You have to follow the Eve nation. Not just follow, but you have to dedicate yourself to Japan and the Adam nation. No matter how much you deny this, this is the center value of God's recreation restoration course.

That means American people have to take the servant's way. Americans don't like to hear that America is standing in the archangel position. "Don't say it, I don't like to hear that kind of stuff." But now you understand that the archangel position doesn't have partnership. People's partner in this country is free sex itself. They deny partnership. They lost grandparents, parents, conjugal love and children's love. Is there any way they can find it? No. The fallen archangel took the position and Satan created the dungeon of hell. Satan is in the archangel position. His desire is to destroy the original foundation. He wants to corrupt God's original ideal of creation. This is Satan's main purpose. Why? Without that ideal position, no matter how great God's creation is, God cannot restore His original True Love ideal in the family, nation and world. America is an exhibition hall of Satan's works. How can you deny that? Is God's concept one of free sex? No. What about homosexuality and lesbianism? No. That means Satan has caused this devastation of society. No matter how great God is, He cannot bring about the ideal world by Himself.

This world is an extension of Satan's hellish world. How can American people go back to the ideal home? Parents cannot go back home and children deny their parents. This is Satan's work. Think about the 2,000 year history of Christianity. The persecution they endured brought prosperity. After World War II, America stood in a king's position. It took the leader's position over the free world. That great prosperity belonged to one nation, one world under God. How did America decline from the most valuable position to such a miserable position in just forty years? Who caused it? Satan. The reason is that after World War II, the victorious free world turned to Satan's side against Reverend Moon. The Allied countries did not support Reverend Moon at all. They felt too proud of themselves to connect with a seemingly insignificant young man from Korea.

No matter what the Christian world may think now and no matter what the Jewish world may have thought at the time of Jesus, the Messiah is correct in God's viewpoint even if those surrounding go against him. The Messiah is confronted from every area. God's strategy is to be hit first and then to gain more territory. For forty years, every family, every nation, every level went against me. No one welcomed Reverend Moon. Did we ever hear a welcoming sound from the free world for Father and Mother? [No.] Father went to Danbury prison, but did he disappear? No; from there he ascended into heaven just like Jesus. This is the seventh year since Father was released from Danbury. Father took the position of victor and has been lifting up others. Now, after traveling all fifty states, who surrendered, the Reverend Moon or the American government? [The American government.] You are Americans, you should say Reverend Moon. Your government will kneel down in front of Reverend Moon voluntarily. Is that true? Yes, they cannot come against me forever.

Did Father make this foundation or not? Is Father marching on the way of prosperity or way of decline? Will he end or continue marching on?

At the time of World War II, the American Christians didn't make the worldwide foundation of the bride. Instead, they chased Reverend Moon out to the wilderness just as in Jesus' time. When John the Baptist didn't connect with Jesus, Jesus was chased into the wilderness. So again, God had to claim a group of people as the Israelites and a nation as the Israelite nation, Cain and Abel. Upon the unity of those two the bride can be welcomed. John the Baptist went against Jesus and lost everything. It is exactly the same with Reverend Moon. Centering on the life of Jesus, the course had to be traversed again. Judaism was in the position of Abel at the time of Jesus and the Israelite nation was in the position of Cain. They had to combine into one, otherwise the mother could not appear. How can the mother stand on the foundation of a warring Cain and Abel?

This is the time of the Second Advent. Adam must connect to this ideal which was completely lost. This time all nations must combine into one. We must create one independent world under God. For the first time in history, a religious cultural background will make up the independent world - an ideal, peaceful, national base. Those countries have to connect to the Messiah and his purpose. In this country, it is no matter that man is in the archangel position. In the fallen world, you will never find the Messiah by centering upon man because the starting point is God. This world is connected to Satan from its point of origin. Therefore we can't find man's original starting point in this world. Man denied everything. That's why we see the phenomena of American women today. They unite with the archangelic men in free sex.

After World War II, American women took the king's position. Their husbands were in the servants position. He says, "My King, can I spend some money today? Thank you." Women have the key of authority. The servant occupied Eve, but in this time the real husband is coming to return ownership to the returning king. In all American families, the woman is like a king grasping all power. Is that true? All husbands are like servants asking for permission to do everything. The true husband is making a preparatory foundation, not an American family foundation but a foundation for True Parents. That kind of woman's [bride's] power didn't meet the original Adam of the Second Advent. He and God will chase her out and after that God-centered people will fill their rightful position. Satan now occupies all the youth of the Christian world. Cain and Abel, the second generation, are against God. That denial type of theology is appearing. God has permitted this situation to come about in the forty years following World War II. You have authority and power, it was permitted, but this position is completely a zero position.

Free sex is Satan's most fearful weapon against God's ideal. Americans laugh and joke but it is always based upon sexuality. This is inducing people to take sexual intercourse very lightly. Satan is completely occupying them. No one can stand against this kind of trend. The nation must deny it, the society, family and individual must deny it and reject it as the devil's work. If they do not, this country's destruction is imminent. Death will follow.

Think about it, in the past 400 years of the Western world's history, all creation and development have come about in America. It is the most prosperous of the world's nations. But Father has told us, "Follow me, denying the government and the family." Can they come against me? Is mine the normal way or not? For twenty years Father has been struck down. But no matter how much he was pushed down, Father didn't die. To the contrary, he made a victorious foundation throughout the world. Immediately he was lifted up. Satan's world is ending.

We must go the way of reversal, which is restoration. We are at a cross junction, the zero point. Standing at this point, you have no concept. Japanese women think, "I am not a Japanese woman." If she thinks she is Japanese, she automatically connects to Satan's habit and tradition. The same is true for Americans and all people. If you are not completely at the zero point, you are Satan's type. If you are completely at the zero point, you are God's type. There is only a one percentage point difference between Satan's world and God's world. If the fallen ancestors don't go to this zero point at least one time and then resurrect, they cannot connect to the Kingdom of Heaven. There is only one degree of difference between heaven and hell. How serious this is! Are you Jewish? [Yes.] You so easily answered yes. When Father asks you if you are Jewish, you should say, "No. I am a heavenly person." Make that kind of tradition, otherwise Satan is always behind you. Do you understand? [Yes.]

What language do you use? [English.] That connects you to Satan's lineage. You cannot connect to the mainstream in heaven unless you go to the zero point. At that time can you say, "True Parents didn't teach me"? Or will you have to admit, "True Parents taught me clearly"?

If you go to the spiritual world and you don't speak True Parents' language, what shall you do? True Parents' mission is to make straight all the crooked and complicated fallen pathways and make restitution through indemnity for a new pathway. This is the straight ladder created by True Parents. There are many ladders now. Do you like a straight ladder or a crooked ladder? Fallen people say, "We don't need a vertical ladder," but they must climb a vertical ladder step by step. There is only one straight ladder, and it is True Parents' ladder. And there is absolutely only one set of True Parents.

Last year was Mother's year and all women around the world were liberated beginning from the rally in Seoul on April 10, 1992. After liberation, which way should women take? [Mother's way.] There is only one way, not two ways. Those who follow Mother are changing their mind's color. They are becoming pink, like Mother's color. They connect to that one woman's tree. Mother is the center root, center trunk and center bud for all women. She is lifting up the woman's side to a new and higher level. Satan's root has been deep, but Mother's root is deeper. If you sink your root down deep then growing up is no problem. For the first time in history, the woman's world is now connecting to Father's teaching. The central root for women is Mother and central women's trunk is Mother. The central bud is Mother. The woman's trunk is alive, not dead. Representing Satan's world, all women naturally connect with Mother. It is thin, it seems like only one thread, but all women are connected to it. In one year's time the Women's Federation has been established in many countries around the world. This is the most powerful women's organization in history, because it connects to the providential viewpoint of women's liberation. This is the last step in connecting women to God's ideal. Mother is following Father and all humankind is following Mother. How can man follow woman? He cannot. From God's side, Father sees all humankind as one woman and one man. Man's position represents the archangel and woman's position represents Eve. Father's position is completely the husband's position. This is the Principled viewpoint. This is the original family base expanded vertically and horizontally. No matter how wide the foundation spreads, the central point is the family.

Father has sent you out as tribal messiahs. The mission of tribal messiahs is to make your family into a foundation for family messiahship, which is the formation stage. Tribal messiahship is the growth stage and national messiahship is the perfection stage. Horizontally there are three positions: family, tribe and nation. National messiahship is in the trunk position. World messiahship is Father's position. Father made a victorious individual trunk, tribal trunk, national trunk and world trunk. How will the national and world horizontal expansion appear? Horizontally, Mother is connecting with women. Mother re-created Eve's foundation. For the past year, Mother has been doing Father's mission. After World War II, the Christian world was standing in the heavenly archangel position. That was America's mission after World War II. Once Cain and Abel unite, the Christian culture of the bride will appear. The Christian world represented the Abel position and the free world as a whole represented the Cain position. They needed to combine into one to stand in the position of the bride. But neither Christians nor Jews understood that.

The New Testament Age is the extension of the Old Testament Age. During the age of the New Testament, all the mistakes of the Old Testament had to be restored. That was the mission of the New Testament Age. The Christian world and the free world were to make the foundation for True Parents. The queen's position should have been established absolutely and all humankind should have come to Father. A foundation should have been prepared for the queen, Eve. The Christian world does not realize this.

In Jesus' time the people representing the Old Testament foundation came against him, and as a result Satan occupied the world. At the time of the Second Advent, the Christian world made the same mistake. Father is standing in Jesus' position. How can the world come to understand this? First there must be someone in the Abel position to establish the national base. Then the Christian world can unite with that Abel. So Mother made a national base in 1992, creating a victorious foundation extending the New Testament Age twenty years. Everything the Christian world did against us has been digested. Throughout Mother's speaking tour over all fifty states, no one stood against Mother or Father. That means the lost archangel, who turned to Satan's side after World War II, is now welcoming the chance to have unity with Eve and Adam. Mother is following Father and America as archangel is following Mother. This is fulfilling exactly the pattern for world restoration, centering on Adam, Eve and the archangel, the original Satan.

Now the good archangel is influencing the American government. Soon they will proclaim Parents' Day and the Completed Testament Age. It will be proclaimed all over America. It can be celebrated all over the free world, uniting it into one. The victory which was lost after World War II, centering on America, is now being won by the free world. Is that true? No matter how difficult your situation is, you have to lead America to recognize True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. We need to proclaim it and make it a national holiday. Then all organizations can teach this concept. Otherwise the American family and American nation will disappear. Now America needs Father's message. America needs the ideal of the family. Then they can connect to heaven very easily. All Americans can recognize the True Parents.

Is the White House an owner on God's side or Satan's side? [Satan's side.] Who is on God's side? [Father.] Korea is making complications and now Japan is making noisy complications, but Father says, "I don't care. I will make a peaceful foundation on the earth." I have confidence. How about you? Father has guts; how about you? Are you connected completely with Father or not? [Yes.] Are you like me - do you have guts? Have you made that decision, or are you just starting to think about it? Are we just on the way, or have we passed over the terminal point? Still being on the way is no good. It means you did not accomplish and inherit the forty years wilderness period.

The Israelites represent the concept of the center. Centering on us, centering on me, from now on you work in your hometown, your home nation. You have to build up your nation. After that you can consider your personal dignity and position, when you register with the nation. You have to register with the nation, otherwise you cannot take the tribal messiah position.

Women all over the world must embrace their children. American family problems come from women. A woman has to stay in the center and embrace her children. Then there is no problem. From now on you have to connect to the original husband, not your present husband, who is in the archangel position. Woman first connects with the original husband, and next the children combine into one with her. Then you can connect with your husband. Your present husband standing against you is in Satan's position. That is the archangel position. Your children stand in the position of receiving fallen Adam's seed. Connecting to Eve, Cain and Abel unify and connect to True Father's position and True Parents' family. From there, their father's wife will be dedicated like a queen. Do you understand that Eve is the queen? Eve's children are princes and princesses. Mother and children welcome and completely follow True Parents. Completing that, they are blessed again and everyone is brought to God's side. That means that the worst fallen archangel is not impeding Father's victory. This is principle viewpoint.

The father and mother were the center at the time of the fall. The archangel took the mother to his side. Now in this time, Father and the archangel have turned this situation around. The elder's position is given back to the mother and father. The archangel and Eve/mother are connecting the Eve nation.

Korea doesn't have a nation. Neither Mother nor Father have a national base. The archangel lost everything because of the fall, but at this time he is combining in a good way with Eve, the Japanese nation. This will happen in September, when Mother speaks in twenty-five cities. Now in Japan, Satan is blacking out Unificationism. No matter what they were doing or saying in Japan, America welcomed True Parents in all fifty states and on Capitol Hill, and they understood the circumstances. They thought, "If Japan doesn't understand True Parents it is because they don't understand Christian concepts. They are barbarians." Japan understands that. They know that Reverend and Mrs. Moon have been victoriously welcomed in all fifty states and on Capitol Hill. They know that Parents Day has been proclaimed even as a law. Is there any way they can prevent that? Japan must combine with what? With the Korean nation.

Korea has two fathers. Kim Il Sung represents the Second Advent on the satanic side. Satan proclaimed himself first and has reigned forty years as king. In South Korea, representing the Christian world's Second Advent, True Parents are declaring themselves. Those three, the Adam nation, the archangel nation and the Eve nation, must unite. Who divided the Korean peninsula? Japan did when it occupied Korea during World War II. America and Japan both separated the Korean peninsula. America represents God's world as the heavenly archangel and China represents the archangel position in the Asian world. Both are connecting to me. The Soviet Union was the worst fallen archangel position. Those three archangels who are male are all looking towards Japan, which is like a beautiful woman. All three want to occupy her. Reverend Moon is the original owner and husband. He surrounds those three archangels, asking, "What are you doing?" Father will scold them.

At the time of the fall, Satan took away Eve's children and at this time Father embraces Eve and her children. No matter how much Japan comes against us, it cannot stop these children uniting with me. The unification action of Eve cannot be denied. The noise of the outside secular world, no matter how loud, will disappear. The original purpose is that Eve and Adam unite. That partnership doesn't waver anywhere or anytime. This is Divine Principle's original viewpoint and nothing can change this. The time for this fulfillment is not so far away. Centering upon Mother, the Women's Federation is uniting Korean and Japanese women. Korean women stand in the elder sister's position. Centering upon Mother the three compose one line. Tribal messiahship is the time of mother and children. The family base is mother and children combined. The national base is the mother centering upon the archangel. Korean women and Korean second generation (children) have to unite into one. At that time the first generation will completely unite. Father wants to accomplish that now. He will do that through the women's organizations. It means that Adam's family and the second generation will unite to create the world base. Centering on Eve, the children unite. This makes the national base and True Parents will come into Korea. All women are the center and all Cain and Abel will embrace. All individual families and the national base will be connected to one way. All South Korea will be stirred up, and they will follow Father ultimately. North Korea will present no problem.

Who can restore Satan, the fallen archangel? The heavenly archangel position centering upon America, Red China and Russia - those three - plus Eve's country will teach Kim Il Sung. They will help him to cheer, "mansei." Right now North Korea has a very narrow footing, while Reverend Moon's position is expanding more and more. They understand that. No matter how difficult their situation is, they have to follow Reverend Moon and go his way. Otherwise Kim Il Sing will pass away. After that, the next generation will be controlled by other stronger powers. After Kim Il Sung dies, they will say, "We don't recognize the North Korean country." This is the way, from the Principle viewpoint, we can unify the Korean peninsula. It is our mission in the future.

No matter how severe a situation you may face, you must be able to go through it. You must have determination. Today is a determination memorial day. It is the first of August. You have to look at the time from 7/7, the seventh of July, until today. You have to know this point today, "Until now I was fallen but now I will go in the opposite way." Centering upon the archangel, Eve, Adam, Cain, Abel were going the opposite way from God [Father draws on the board]. Eve is the center with the archangel, Cain and Abel. God's side cannot go against them, eventually it must welcome them. Do you understand what the opposite way is? Eve followed the archangel into the fallen world. In the restoration course, it is opposite. Eve and the archangel unite and Eve's nation and Adam's nation connect with one place. Then we have the whole nation. Now is exactly that time. The starting day is August first - today. We have to know this clearly. There is a time difference. The Parents' world, the Completed Testament Age, is coming. Now the whole world can welcome Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. In several years we can spread all over the world with no problem. Is this hopeful or difficult? [Hopeful.] We live in a hopeful situation. So you have to win. You have to accept this individual mission.

Today's motto is "new family and hometown." The world and nation will follow that ideal base of the family and hometown. They will compete to follow our way with no persecution. Father is following behind that level.

We will organize an orderly system and you have to follow that orderly system. First is tradition, second is education, third is action. You must know God's tradition and True Parents' tradition. True Parents' education is directed toward following the course of history. You need clear education so you can build a model. You have to create it by yourself, independently. From there you have to help others. Don't stand in a position of being in debt. People who are in debt cannot get into heaven. No matter how difficult it might be, day by day you have to add to the other side. This is God's way. This way you will be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For the sake of nation, march on.

This is the Blessed couple's mission. You must create the ideal home and ideal nation. So think about how important the tribal messiah mission is. If you do not take this way and connect to this mission, there will be no space for you in the highest realm of the spirit world. After your completion of tribal messiahship, you have to register the nation's people. How much bigger tribal responsibility is! Your tribe will connect spontaneously to the heavenly world. Together you will possess it forever, with happiness and true ownership. Those of you who say you will do as Father has instructed, raise both of your hands. God bless you.

First of all you have to unite. True Parents' family is in the Abel position and you are in the position of Cain. Parents, family and children have to unite. This is the necessary foundation. This is your ideal family system, now and in the future.

In this time True Parents made this proclamation in fifty states. Parents connect to the foundation, but children don't connect there. This also applies to Reverend Moon's children. They have to inherit True Parents' position. That is their activity as well as yours from now. Especially those in New York, Washington and Chicago. Those three are the biggest in terms of membership. Everyday you can speak out the same concept that True Parents are teaching and deepen and strengthen your family's relationship. Father's children are now taking action all over the world. The children in the Abel position are doing that and since you are blessed couples in Cain's position, you must follow and inherit that. True Parents, the true Abel family and the Cain families must unite on the world level. Then Satan cannot have a place for settlement on the earth. From now on you have to do this, centering upon your couple and your children.

This morning, for the first time, Father taught that all families have to go this way. We have to follow this teaching of the home tradition, to the national and world level, by centering upon Father's family. Four children are blessed and this represents east, west, south and north - four corners. Those children combine into one. No matter how difficult the situation may be, you have to obey and protect Father's position. You must simply say, "Yes, Father; yes Mother." You have not had that kind of tradition, but must make it from now, centering on True Father's blessed couples. The Cain-side blessed couples must inherit that through the True Family blessed couples. Through that there is a natural creation of twelve tribes, and the position of seventy-two elders is connected there. Otherwise you cannot get into the world of eternal life.

No matter how difficult it is, no matter how much you were dedicated in the past, your final purpose is the tribal messiah mission. You have to go back as a family messiah and connect 160 people. There were sixteen nations fighting representing the United Nations in the Korean War. The soldiers of the United Nations forces united. There are 160 nations in the world foundation. The number four fits into all these. From Moses' time to Jesus' age there was a 1,600 year period. God uses these numbers connected to four in order to separate Satan. There were sixteen nations participating in the Korean War because of the number four and its meaning. That was a tribal war, not a world war. Why? Korea is humankind's original ancestral country.

The Cold War began in Korea and ended in Korea at the time of Olympics, centering upon the True Parents. Centering upon the True Parents, all the indemnity was paid between the 160 nations. At that time the communist world and democratic world were connected at the Olympic rally. It was a gathering on the level of international kings and queens. Satan once separated everything into two sides, but at that moment they were unified. At that time Father welcomed all the competing champions and offered them hospitality. They wanted to go back to their country. Why? Because Father was helping them. No other government did that. Father was the only one to embrace the children of the second generation. Why? Because, from the Principle viewpoint, the second generation must be united with the first, otherwise we cannot go back to the ideal world. Father made this victorious foundation and the Cold War finished. The Christian world connected to this base from there.

You must return to your original nation no matter how difficult your situation. You must live there for three years or more. You were born there. Why must you stay there for three years or more? You have to eat and digest the elements from the original land. Go back there and drink the water, eat the fruit, eat the fish. That is Abel food, not Cain food.

Father did everything. What shall I do now? In America, did Father complete his work in a victorious way or defeated way? [Victorious.] You know that clearly. Then how should we go on from today? Eve - women - unite completely with me, Mother and our children forever. No matter how difficult, you cannot separate. If you separate, you go to the dungeon of hell, immediately and straight down. Your husband may not like it, but you have to teach him. Save your children and your husband and connect with True Parents. Otherwise you cannot save your family. After connecting the family you can go to the place of victory, the original ideal world.

Let us pray.

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