The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Tribal Messiahship

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 24, 1993
Shimjung Garden, Berkeley, California
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

What is the meaning of Messiah and True Parents? Only because of the fall do we have the term "Messiah"; without the fall, the only thing necessary is True Parents or Original Parents. The Messiah is bringing true love and the seed of life. Because of the fall of man, all humanity has received the satanic lineage. Humankind has been born under the wrong lineage, from the wrong seed, creating the wrong life. Therefore, the time has come to transfer the lineage from the satanic one to the heavenly one.

Because this lineage transfer was never accomplished, the lineage of humankind is wrong. This is why the Messiah is necessary. The Savior has to come. The Savior is necessary and has to come for the purpose of salvation. When that is accomplished, he will be elevated to the position of True Parenthood.

People talk about the fall of man, but they do not know its real meaning. That's why they cannot comprehend anything beyond that. As a result, "True Parents" is a very strange word to them. It is only because of the birth of our True Father that all these hidden truths have been revealed to humanity. This has lifted the entire confusion and made everything completely clear. The truth has been given.

The work of the history of restoration is that the Messiah comes, goes through humanity to reach God, and then comes all the way back to humanity, into reality, with God's truth, God's love and the seed of life. That is exactly the history of restoration.

God has been moved so far away, He has had nothing to do with humanity. The Messiah goes everywhere in the place of God, and brings God down, all the way down to your own living room.

After World War II, Great Britain was chosen as the Eve nation; France and the United States were Cain and Abel respectively. They were the primary nations for those providential roles. However, because of their lack of acceptance of the Messiah, Father had to reconstruct the entire foundation, taking 40 years, in the name of the Unification Church. God has been working for 6,000 years for the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation and world. Because of the failure of Christianity, all this work of God was thrown into the wastebasket; so God was thrown out into the wilderness. Father had to reconstruct all that was lost.

When the world rejected Father, it rejected God at the same time. So when the world cast Father into the wilderness, the world cast God into the wilderness. Therefore, God has been always with Father, and the world has been without God. So the foundation of victory of World War II, which was God's foundation of victory, was lost. It didn't accomplish a thing; it completely went into the wastebasket. Therefore, Father had to reconstruct a victorious base by himself.

The True Parents' declaration should have been made immediately on the heels of World War II. Because of the failure of Christianity, it was delayed until now, 1993. After World War II there would have been no objection. The whole world could have united into one camp. The United States, a Christian nation, was the supreme nation at that time, and this supreme power could have been exercised around the world. Under those circumstances, the Messiah should have been accepted by Christianity. Then he would have announced True Parenthood to the world. True Parenthood should have come at that time.

Because that was not done, what is happening 48 years later? Father had to re-declare the declaration that could not come in 1945. Now Father has declared to the world the True Parents. This is my declaration. So, Father's role is to unite Korea, north and south. Kim Il Sung is the satanic messiah, the satanic second advent. They call him "father" in North Korea. He is the false father. The United States' role is very important, together with Japan. America is representative of the archangel. At the time of the fall, Eve and the archangel combined into one.

Some rejection, like earlier tonight, is still coming; but it will be more and more trivial in the days to come. It will not be a mounting opposition; it is dying down. It cannot stand before Father's power of declaration of True Parents. Therefore, any rejection or acts of opposition should not be feared. Fear nothing, because opposition is a sign of our great victory. If Father were not victorious, they would not be that jealous.

They came, trying to stop Father's success, and what happened? Those who listened to Father, cheered and said, "Amen, Amen". That audience of 3,000 tonight was all American. They felt incredible shame at the behavior of other Americans. They heard Father's message and you saw their reaction. They were standing up, applauding. The police took the opposition away because we wanted to protect them; otherwise, the audience would have killed them.

From now on, the blessed couples should do tribal messiahship. That's all you need to do. Tribal messiahship is the most important mission.

The root has been satanic and humanity has bee born from this satanic root. Father brought the Tree of Life: the new root, trunk, major branch and bud. What this tree now needs is more branches. Those branches are the blessed couples. You are the branches of the Tree of Life. That's what you are. You belong to the Tree of Life.

Everything is there. Father is the cosmic Messiah, the worldwide Messiah, the national Messiah and the tribal Messiah. Everything is in place. Only one messiahship is missing: that is, family Messiahship, the family Messiah. That is the True Parents, Father and Mother. If there had been no fall, where would the messiahship begin? Not from the tribe, not from the nation. Family Messiahship would have been the beginning point. In that case, the Messiah and the True Parents would have been the same thing.

Cosmic True Parents, world True Parents, national True Parents, Father substantialized those completely. He made the deepest root of true love, deeper than the root of satanic love. He made the true love bud, which is the central bud, most high. In this area, Satan cannot control anything; therefore, he cannot remain. Only God can connect with this area. He can connect to the root, the trunk, and everything. This is the victorious root and trunk, with God dwelling in everything.

Until now the providential center was the Judeo-Christian world. Until now, it was all placed on Satan's side. From there the individual was connected, the family was connected, and so forth. After this, God could completely control everything. That means Satan's world perishes and Satan is finished.

Your job is simple. In the Old Testament era and New Testament era, we have been working vertically. Vertically, Father now has completed the way, from the deepest root to the highest bud. All you have to do is become a branch of the Tree of Life, the tree which Father created. The job which remains for you is horizontal, attaching to the tree to become a branch.

You have three levels of ancestry. The first is your own parents. They are the formation level. Jesus is your growth level of ancestor. True Parents are the completion level of your ancestry. The vertical line is completed for you. When Father refers to the Completed Testament Age, he means not only the completion of Father himself, but also that Father completed Jesus and Adam and Eve. Their perfection also has been accomplished. Father completed the victorious realm for Adam and Eve, the victorious realm for Jesus, and, of course, the victorious realm for True Parents.

For that reason, Satan has no way to accuse Father. Vertically and horizontally, Father has made the victorious foundation which Satan has no power to invade. Horizontally, Adam and Eve's realm and Jesus' realm are connected to the True Parents. Satan cannot invade any of those. Vertically, the formation and growth stages are connected to the perfection stage. As you know from studying the Divine Principle, the fall of man came in the growth stage. Father has now proclaimed to the world the Completed Testament Age. That is above the growth stage, so Satan has no power to reach it. It is beyond the range of Satan's power.

Within the successful foundation of True Parents there are three layers: True Parents' victory, Jesus' victory and Adam and Eve's victory. Now Father is holding out the realm of Jesus' victory and giving it to you in Tribal Messiahship. That means you are in that role. In that position, you include the perfection of Adam and Eve. Therefore you can be a messiah; you can go out and save others. You have that power as a blessed couple; you have the power to bring them salvation.

Jesus could not have the blessing; there was no Marriage of the Lamb. However, you are blessed, so you are in a higher and greater position than Jesus. Within you, since you are blessed, you have Adam and Eve, already perfected, at the particular level of perfection. Therefore, you are superior to Jesus' role 2,000 years ago. That's why you can go to your hometown. You can reach your parents, your father and mother, who are in Adam and Eve's position. You can restore them; you have the power to do so.

Father has trained you so that you would have the qualification to be blessed. By the same token, Father is now giving you that tribal messiah power. You can go to your hometown. You can bless your own parents and your own brothers and sisters, and bring many to the blessing.

Jesus' mission was to restore Adam's family. But when he died, Jesus didn't have any children. Fallen Adam's family has children; Jesus doesn't have yet. He does not have a four position foundation. Fallen parents have fallen Adam's position, with Eve, as Satan's family. Adam's family and all families which came from him are on Satan's side; but Jesus' position was to make the God's family. He established the growth stage of God's family; but the growth position cannot control the perfection position; however the perfection position can control the growth position. So you must go to your family, your parents. This is your investment point. The resource of true love is stronger than the growth stage love of Satan's world.

Three generations: your grandparents, your parents and your elder brothers will come and join with you. You will be their parents. The three generations will bow down to you. You are the youngest; yet your grandparents, your parents and your elder brothers are going to worship you as if you were ancestors to them. In the spirit world, there is no age. Age has nothing to do with it. You are spiritually superior; you are in the position to fulfill Jesus' mission and position, and, therefore, you are in the restored Adam's family. Adam's family is your own family: your grandparents, your parents and your elder brothers. For them, you are the ancestor.

Father, reaching perfection, brought Jesus up to the perfection level and brought you up to the perfection level. Therefore, you can bring your own clan up to the perfection level. Satan is still in the growth stage, so Satan has no power over you. Horizontally, Adam is in a parental position, Jesus is in a parental position, and, of course, True Parents are in a parental position. Naturally speaking, the center of the restoration of everything is the family level. Family restoration is everything. Adam's family was supposed to be first, but they failed. Jesus was supposed to reach the goal of the perfection of the family, and it was not done. True Parents accomplished the entire thing and lifted them up completely. This includes you. You inherit messiahship. Can you imagine: you are given the title of messiahship because you are blessed couples.

You do not know the value of the Blessing; you have no idea. Your blessing, your holy wedding, is of more value than anything done by Jesus Christ or during the 2,000 years of Christian hard work. It fulfills the Marriage of the Lamb which was talked about in the Bible. Your level is much higher than the Marriage of the Lamb, because you are blessed by the True Parents. Jesus was supposed to have conquered Rome and then the world. Jesus could not go as far as receiving the blessing.

What is first and most important is the tribal messiah's mission of restoring your ancestors. Without the restoration of your ancestors, you are all by yourself; you have no foundation for your family. The family foundation is lost. The family is the center, the base. On top of that there is the tribe and on top of that is the nation. You are first of all restored into the family messiah, to recreate the family, which Father said is the most important level. The tribal messiah first restores the parents. From the family foundation, you connect the tribe. Once you complete the tribal messiah mission, then you can go to the level of nation messiah and world messiah.

So first, you must restore your own parents. They are like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They just fell apart, fell from God and went out into the world by themselves. They got married by themselves and ended up persecuting you. By persecuting you, they are in the position of crucifying Jesus. Your first job is to go out there and restore your parents. Your first job is that of family messiah. Your whole life in the satanic world is a life heading for hell. By accepting the True Parents, your direction is reversed and you are heading toward heaven - then you are blessed and you are given the mission of tribal messiahship.

So what is the first mission of the tribal messiah? [Restoration of ancestors.] Second? [Restoration of hometown.] Why hometown? Because your father and mother are in the fallen position, your hometown is a satanic hometown. Since they live in that hometown, the hometown is a satanic one. But when you restore your father and mother, your physical parental position, you have to go out to restore your hometown. You must restore the rights over everything that is connected to your parents. This means the lineage, ownership and heart. So, there are three areas. The restoration of lineage is first. The second is restoration of ownership, property. The third mission of the tribal messiah is to let God dwell with human beings. This is shimjung - heartistic restoration.

Try to come back to the family. At least 160 families should be living closely together. Jacob had 12 children. Moses had 72 elders under him. Jesus had 120 disciples under him. Those were their families, their one clan, one tribe. The Lord of the Second Advent has 160 families, the earthly number. When you have 160 families come under your tribe, registered in your book, you can say you have completed Tribal Messiahship. You cannot enter heaven alone, no matter how great you are, without the recognition of those 160 families.

Everything is on the satanic side. Your parents are in the formation stage. Jesus is in the growth stage. Father is in the perfection stage. In the perfection stage, when you reach Father's level, then you can lift them up, by horizontally connecting them. The number one mission is restoration of your ancestors. Tribal messiahship, fulfilling that order, that mission, must be done at the cost of your life. Even if you sacrifice your life, you must fulfill the tribal messiah's role. Jesus was prepared for the Messiah's role, but when he was crucified, he had to prepare the way for the second coming for 2,000 years. He had to give up that mission, which was fulfilled by the second advent. Even Jesus is in Paradise, not in the Kingdom of Heaven. So in order to get into heaven, Jesus had to come down here on earth, graft into Father and thereby gain entrance into heaven. You are the same. You are tribal messiahs. If you have not fulfilled that role, then you have to after your death. Perfection will not come automatically.

As Abel, you are to love your enemy as you love yourself. You must love Cain before you love your own children. Otherwise, Cain will become jealous and try to kill your children. That's exactly what happened in the Garden of Eden. This is why God said to love your enemy. This is not just a simple word; this is a message that has to be lived.

Look at Father. Father has given everything, give up all his property, relatives and family in Korea in order to come to the United States. He gave up his nation and came to the United States. America is in the Cain position; American people want to kill me. However Jesus said, "love your enemy." Father practiced this truth here in the United States.

True love gives out, creating a low pressure system. Does high pressure go into low pressure, or low pressure go into high pressure? [High pressure to low.] High pressure to low. This cures everything, creating true ownership.

To summarize, tribal messiahship, first of all, is restoration of ancestors; second, restoration of hometown. Since you are restoring Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve's surroundings, the town, will be restored also. That is the hometown mission, the second mission of the tribal messiah. Everything which is connected to your own father and mother, their heartistic attachments, whatever that is, it will be restored and transferred to the heavenly side. Until now, all of it has been in the satanic realm.

What about the third mission of tribal messiahship? The third is to attend and live with God. God has to come down, and the dwelling of God is to be with you and your family. That is the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus, Adam and Eve's family and your hometown have the same value. God's dwelling place is the hometown of Adam's family. That place is God's dwelling place, all the time.

Your hometown will no longer be in the satanic realm. It will be a town where God can come freely, all the time. The dwelling of God will be with you, in your home and your hometown. If you fail tribal messiahship, then you cannot attain the restoration of your ancestors, you cannot restore your hometown, and you cannot have God with you. So is tribal messiahship an absolute mission or a mediocre mission? [Absolute.] It is the same thing with Father. Throughout his entire life, Father's been going this way.

The essence of today's declaration, the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, is nothing more than the completion of the purpose of creation. The Completed Testament era is where the ideal of creation has been accomplished. Who represents that completion? The True Parents. Therefore, the True Parents are the completion. Tribal messiahship is that important for the blessed couples. So not trying to do the tribal messiahship means you are not deserving the blessing. You are worrying about mundane things, such as which school your children go to, or going out and earning a living and so forth and so on. You have excuses. But compare these things to the dimension of tribal messiahship. Which one should come first? [Tribal messiahship.] If your husband doesn't want to go, what should you do?

I'm not trying to push you to work; I'm not trying to kick you out to work harder. I'm not planning any strategy for you. This the truth I am giving you; it's up to you to fulfill it. When the Exodus was conducted, 600,000 Jewish people came out of Egypt. This 600,000 was just a group of families, parents and children walking hand in hand; they came out together. They wanted to go to the land of Canaan. The bigger the family you can bring into the land of Canaan, the more you will be blessed, the more deserving you will be. Through tribal messiahship there is a chain reaction, of which there is no end. One family becomes two, which becomes four, which becomes eight, which becomes thousands of families, tens of thousands. This is how the United States can be restored. Including your in-laws, it reaches everyone all over the world. Can you do that? Talking about it is good, but doing it is not easy.

When you go to your hometown, you should exceed the record of serving set by your good ancestors, because you are the first tribal messiah for your hometown. You must set the standard. Your ancestors were until now on Satan's side. We belong to God's side; you are the number one champion of God's side. So, we have to do tribal messiah, saving your hometown, your ancestors and God. If you do that, you are a tribal messiah.

Those who want to fulfill tribal messiahship, raise your hands. Thank you.

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