The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

The Unification Church And The Mainstream Thought Of History

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1993
Belvedere, International Training Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is Tong Il Kyo Hwe Chun Nip Kwa Som, or, in English, The Establishment of the Unification Church and the Mainstream Thought of the Dispensational History. Do you understand that? Of course the creation of mankind is a part of the dispensational history, but, specifically, today Father means how God worked to restore mankind after the fall.

Before Father speaks this morning, he wants to know, did you all receive a copy of the speech Father mentioned last week? Did you give it a good reading? When did Father give that speech? Exactly twenty years ago, in 1973. At that time, Father revealed everything about the completion of the Old Testament and the New Testament and about going towards the Completed Testament era. Father spoke in such detail, but looking back on it now, twenty years later, have we Unification Church members accomplished what Father outlined? No, we have not acted on all that Father spelled out. We must understand that when Father says something, it becomes the requirement and when we fail to act, someone has to make up that gap. We cannot advance without doing that. That is restoration by indemnity. By paying indemnity, we level the ground. Otherwise, there will be too big a hole, for man to go over.

All the Blessed couples who came into being since that time remain without accomplishing the will they were supposed to fulfill. If they cannot do that, they remain in the same position. We did not fulfill our responsibility, but somehow the situation was made up, somehow we continued to go along. It was only because Father intervened every single time, lifted us up and patched the hole by paying the indemnity. This was twenty years ago. We should have been able to do what Father was able to do by inheriting that victorious foundation, and gladly paying indemnity like Father did. It was Father who brought the victory in the midst of persecution, not us.

Do you remember the motto of this year? It is "The New Family and the Fatherland". The new family means that this is a new beginning in the Completed Testament era. This is not a continuation of the old family. We are clearly standing on the new era of our advancement. Also, for all of us, "the Fatherland" means that each one is an Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve are the ancestors of the individual and the ancestors of the family and the nation and eventually the world. We represent that country. We are going towards that. We are the root of this era, so we are the forefathers for the unified fatherland. The root of the individual, the root of the family, the root of the clan, and the root of the nation are all the same. What this means is that if you look from the world's viewpoint, and you trace the root up or down, we all come back to the same root. This is true for the nation, the clan, the family, and even the individual. The root is all the same. All countries of the world eventually trace down to one root. It means through this one root, all families, nations and even the world must be connected. Since we have one root, it means we have one trunk and unified branches. We don't have the branch of a different trunk or a different root.

When we accomplish this connection and unity in deed, the world will come into unity. If you ask people of each nation where their root is, their answers will be comprised of many different roots and origins. For example, if you ask American people where their roots are, they will say, "My root is in Washington." Their answer may only be local; it does not apply to the whole world. Does God think that Washington is the root of all mankind? Japanese people will trace their root in different ways. Amaterasu omino kami is the goddess which they trace their root to. We must understand the motto Father set. The unified fatherland only comes into being through the Completed Testament era. We can see this now; everyone belongs to and can be traced to the same root.

Adam and Eve were the real root, not only of themselves, the individuals Adam and Eve, but Adam and Eve's family, Adam and Eve's clan, nation and so forth. They are the root of it all. There is only one root. Since no one can recognize or know where the true roots are, True Parents appear and distinguish the false roots, what people may think their roots are, and then present the true root. Members of the Unification Church know our teaching encompasses the deepest area of philosophy: the value of mankind, how mankind should conduct themselves, where God is and what He is to us. All these deepest areas, the heartistic world, the origin of God's heart, can now be known. Our teaching reaches to the depths of history, which mankind has never known. Centering on True Parents, the truth has come alive. They have given us knowledge that connects us to the beginning. Do you understand? Do you have a clear idea what Father means by "main thought"?

When we say unification, we are not just talking about the unification of divided countries like North and South Korea or Germany. The unification of all mankind's thought is included here. Last time, Father spoke about a very important subject. He laid out all the important ingredients, all the important points of the restoration of dispensational history and Father expects us to carry that out.

Today is the 39th anniversary of the establishment of the Unification Church, but, counting this year, it is the 40th. Which is the root: the Unification Church or Father? (Father.) Who is the root, Father or God? Yes, it began with God. God is the origin of all origins. The stalk, or the main trunk of dispensational history is this mainstream thought. The mainstream is the actually important center thought, the ideal of creation. Anybody can say, "God's will," and everybody thinks, "Yes, God's will, I understand what it is." But no one understands the content and the details. We must have a clear understanding.

Father remembers a conversation with one renowned scholar. Asked what God's will is, he said, "Well, it is simple, but quite complicated. It is very elusive." How can you say it is simple and complicated at the same time? There are many denominations and many religions, but they failed because they have no definition of God's will. We have defined it clearly. Everyone is holding onto a different standard according to their own meters and measurement. No matter how tenaciously they hold onto this, it will fail and not mean anything when the true standard appears. You may have a standard made out of wood or some precious metal other than gold. If gold is indeed the standard, then no matter how much more precious a metal another standard could be made of, it is not the real thing. Others could bring out imitation gold and even real gold and try to challenge saying, "I have the real standard. You have only a wooden standard which will not do," but that won't be a valid argument. This analogy fits the Unification Church. No matter how the Unification Church may look, God said it is the standard.

Other people are saying, "Look at us, we are made up of pure gold. Can't you see?" But pure gold doesn't do when we have the genuine standard here. Who teaches this standard is important. "God's will" includes all the mainstream thought which God had. What is it? What are they? We see all theological seminaries, of all different denominations in the world, and each have a different definition concerning God's will. Each one says different things. First they disagree, then they disagree more strongly, then they insist. Then what happens? A war or a battle; fighting begins. That is exactly what we see today. In the Last Days, this is a phenomena we see.

This happens between countries, too. Each one asserts his own righteousness and they fight each other.

Father defined God's will in a very simple way. God's will is to accomplish the ideal of creation. Period. Isn't that true? Once it is said, it is simple, isn't it? God is absolute and because He is absolute, does He have two different ideas or just one? Absolutely one idea! That is a logical conclusion.

What is the completion of the ideal of creation? We can take it to the next step and say it is the completion of the four position foundation. What is the completion of the four position foundation? It can be explained in other words by saying it is the completion of the ideal of love. By accomplishing the four position foundation, love is completed. True love, of course. It is all-inclusive. We have everything important there.

Everything in creation exists in a pair system. How do they unify? In other words, two eyes must have one focus. They focus on love, otherwise one eye will wander on one focus and the other eye will wander in another direction. The same is true of life. Life focuses on love and tries to propagate life. The nervous system, the circulation system, you name it-any system circulates and is harmonious centering on love. The eyes of man and the eyes of woman are different. The eyes of women always think about and look for all that belongs on earth. They wear clothes of a variety of colors, perfectly representing everything on earth. The sky is only one color, while on earth there are many colors. Look at the men sitting here. They are wearing either gray or brown. You only see two colors. It is good that women are shorter than men. They can look at the earth much easier. (Laughter.) What would happen if there were tall women? Men are tall so they reach out to the sky and give protection in all four directions. It is not really admissible, this idea that exists in America especially, that women are the subject. Can it be true? It is not totally without meaning, though. In the Last Days, when the Second Coming appears near, it is their privilege as American women to stand in the subject position. But the duration of that is only seventy years. In that sense, it is truly a part of God's planning or dispensation. For that seventy years of time in the Last Days, American women, especially centering on Christianity, will stand in the subject position so they can meet the yet greater subject and connect with all other objects. That is the meaning behind this thinking.

When you narrow down Adam and Eve, they were brother and sister. A brother and sister got married, in other words. When this brother and sister are close, close enough to get married, this is when the confusion arises. Now, not being able to distinguish mother and father, the children, even grandfather and grandmother, all of them feel confused and see no distinction between them so they marry each other. That phenomena occurs, too. It is clearly Satan's direct intervention, directly misleading and confusing people so they remain under satanic dominion and do not reach to God. Of course, we can say that because of the lack of a clear standard, they do not know what the relationship should be or which way they should go. We must understand the ideal of creation and then we can come to know that the ideal of creation is to establish the four position foundation. The four position foundation is to create True Love. Centering on these main ideas is all important. We must understand all the descriptions and all the relationships of creation. The amazing fact is that the Unification Church has achieved these. All of the thinking, teaching and action of the Unification Church is founded on these consistent lines: True Love, the four position foundation and the ideal of creation.

First, we perfect heaven on earth and accordingly, later on, the accomplishment of the kingdom of heaven in spirit world will come about automatically. Once we get hold of God's True Love, then wherever we may travel, God is connected. It is not a conceptual teaching at all. Even though it begins from a concept, it is reality. If you open up your spiritual eyes, you can go ask a big tree, "What is your purpose in life? Why do you exist? Why do you breathe?" It will tell you, "I exist for the sake of love." What about a big rock which isn't even alive, and belongs to the mineral kingdom? It, too, would answer you, "I exist for the sake of love." Even in the atomic kingdom, electrons and neutrons would answer the same way. There is no way of denying it. This is the reason why all things are in pairs: it is for love.

Where does the true, basic concept of the universe come from? True Love. True Love was the beginning. Because of True Love and starting from True Love, the whole world came into being. We can even go so far as to say that God came into existence for the sake of love. If there was no love, then God, too, would have no purpose in existing. Before we even think about the universe, we can think of True Love. True Love was there in the very beginning. Before we understand more deeply about True Love, we can see the male and female or subject and object concept in all things. Every existence has that dual characteristic. Observe more carefully and try to find one exception. You will find none.

Today scientists explore, and they maintain that the universe is made up and held together by a force or power. But they do not follow on with logical steps after that because force only comes into being when there is an action. Without action, there is no force. Someone should observe this and ask the question, "Which is first: because of force, action takes place or because of action, force comes to be noticed?" Which one is first?

When a man grows up, real love power does not act upon him. He has no involvement in love action. He grows up by the energy of man. With that he grows, but love is yet to come. His mind and body have to take action and then he grows, becoming older and older. When he meets his spouse, a tremendous power takes place. Before that, there is action, but even before the action something else must exist first. That is subject and object relationship. In a man, he gets power when his mind and body come into unity. He has two eyes instead of one, and two nostrils; everything comes in two. We see that subject and object relationship is everywhere and it exists for the sake of love.

We see development in this order: love between subject and object, then love action gives rise to the force. That is the order. What the scientists observe today is the resulting force. This idea never occurred to them yet. Even though we are not scholars, we know, of course, it is love because of subject and object and the strong power of love. Before the action comes, a subject and object relationship must come. The subject and object relationship will lead to action which will give rise to a force. Before they do that, there must be love. Love is the beginning. We can instantly explain this to anyone. This law influences everything. It doesn't just apply to man or plants. It applies even to the mineral kingdom and the vegetable kingdom, as well as the human kingdom. You name it: every existence comes under this principle.

We have truly learned and even mastered these standard concepts, but have we paid our tuition? Can you buy love with money? You see, when you do not pay, when you do not understand, you cannot gain the fullest value.

Here is a situation with a man and a woman. As soon as their eyes meet and they are attracted to each other, nothing can stop them. All five senses will meet each other and nothing can stop them. They can go into fire, water, anywhere. That is the power of love. You cannot convert that into money. No matter how much she may have, even millions or billions worth of property or money, once she is in love then all things don't matter anymore. No matter what happens, God is filled with joy and laughing at the sight of this. That is how we feel, too.

God invests and forgets, invests and forgets, all too willingly and happily, all because of love. Otherwise, He couldn't do it. For the man of love, the more he adds to the love pond, the more happy he becomes. He becomes happier and happier and later he will fly. He will cruise the universe like a world of stars. When you go to embrace a star, it will start dancing and God will also dance. This is the power of love. Do you like the love pond? Do you think if we dumped America into the pond of love that any one of the 240 million people in this country would oppose it? Would they mind? Once they know what it is, they would not even want to stand in line. They would want to cut in line and go in first to jump into the pond of love. No matter how excited we may be, there is always order in the love world, too, so you cannot cut in line, but must stand in line and wait your turn.

Our members, for instance, can stand in their proper position. One criteria is at what time they joined the church and were reborn. The line will be formed in that kind of chronological order. They will talk about the day, hour, minute and even second they arrived. If one person arrived even one second earlier than someone else, then of course, he is the elder brother. So no matter how high you are-you may be the president of a nation-you are the younger brother. What must you say to your older brother? The older brother will tell the younger brother who is the president of a nation, "You are my younger brother, can you do this for me?" How can he refuse?

We must understand these points and once we do, we don't have to recite them every day; we know it. The utmost valued characteristic of the Unification Church comes from this knowledge. That is why so many scholars follow Reverend Moon. They follow him because Father knows deeper underlying principles than they and they know that. That is why hundreds of thousands of scholars center on Father himself. Scholarly work is not our specialty, those of us sitting here. We are not the best scholars in the world, but we must know this one fact: we know more than the scholars. Do you agree? The caveat, something we have to watch out for, the very sad and important thing is: let's say a grammar school child, a boy or girl receives a diamond. It is a big hunk of diamond, but he doesn't yet know what it is or what value it has. That is the problem, you see. If you pay the tuition, if you work hard and really experience the pain of dying, then you learn, then you know it is a diamond. That is the one thing we have to watch out for. So how can we understand this? There is only one way as Father sees it, and that is to suffer. Sacrifice and suffer: nobody likes it, just as no student likes to study.

Here is the conclusion of love: because of love, all creation came into being. When you hear that, do you feel good or feel bad? (Good.) When God hears that, will he blame Reverend Moon for teaching love? "Why are you doing that? You have more important things to do than teaching that!" Do you think God would say that or would God follow him and also laugh because He is happy, too? Not only your mouth and eyes laugh, but all the cells of your body would laugh. Your hair, too! You cannot see it, but that is because you cannot see with your spiritual eyes. If you could, you would see that even your hair is dancing! We all are born because of love and for the sake of love. Father may tell you this in a nice way, but then he may call you a name and chastise you and say, "Do you understand this, you moron? Do you understand, you good-for-nothing?" He might call you many names, but if done for the sake of love, what would you say? You would still be happy, no matter how he treats you.

You can experience that. You see a puppy walking in the street and you know what a puppy likes: a big chunk of meat. If you imitate eating it, the dog will be all attracted, with saliva coming out of his mouth and when he does that, the dog will just jump straight at the meat without even looking at you. When you have a chunk of meat, the dog will look at your eye and your face to see if you are going to give it to him. Then once you give it to him, he doesn't even look at you, he will just jump at it and take it. Even a puppy does this.

You know how much we love our parents, our mothers and fathers. When we are young, we can't really do without them, true? So all the time, we tag along with them. But what happens when the sons and daughters grow up and find love with another? They don't think about their father and mother so much anymore. They jump into becoming fathers and mothers themselves. The power of love can even purchase, even buy or sell a nation. It is so powerful. You have heard of a political marriage, too, haven't you? Who was it in the British royal family who forsook the throne for marriage? King Edward. And what was the lady's name? (Wallace Simpson.)

When you see entertainers up on the stage, people get most excited and laugh and applaud when they deal with the topic of love. Other things are not that exciting. People may laugh at other things, but not from the bottom of their hearts.

Have you already noticed, "Hey something is strange in the Unification Church, something is different"? You might not say something is wrong, but something is different. No other church ever talks about love so much as the topic of a sermon. It becomes a very legitimate statement that anyone or any minister whose sermon centers on love and makes everybody elated, happy and laughing, would become the source of peace and happiness. This is true not only for the religious sermon, but philosophical professing and any other kind of teaching. When it centers on love, it can be a source of peace. Peace comes from that. The politicians, philosophers, economists, and people from all different walks of life would come and join in one topic together, which is the topic of love, because that is the root of their lives.

Until now, we have heard many things about love, but we never heard about love for the sake of other people. Now people say, "Love me." They want to draw love from another person. They even teach how to attract love from others, but that is not what we are talking about. How to give love is what we are talking about. That is what makes it different. All these divided things now move toward being united because of this teaching and the knowledge of how to love for the sake of others.

Love was destroyed. How can so many broken situations go toward a peaceful direction? Only with True Love can we mend the past. From True Love, new hope, a new idea, and a new starting point have appeared. Otherwise, there is no way. We always have to testify, giving the individual viewpoint centered on love. Testify about the family centered on love, testify to the nation centered on love, and testify to the world centered on love. At last, we will see the perishing of all self-centered love. It is dark, like the dungeon of hell. From there we will find out a new way of living. The love way is 180 degrees different. Love for the sake of others can make peace on the earth for the first time. Without it, there is no hope.

(Father draws on the board.) Starting from God, directed towards mankind, we are here. History came this way, from theism which is the idea centering on God, there came humanism, the value system and philosophical idea centering on man and materialism, where all value is bestowed on material. Here is spiritualism, where the trend is to believe in God and believe in spirit; here is materialism, which denies God and denies spirit world; then secular humanism, people who don't admit to God or any spiritual experience. Now we are reduced even further to this point where we are today. What do you call it? What kind of a philosophy do we see today? (Nihilism.) Well nihilism is like denying everything, like there is nothing, but people today have something. It is not so worthwhile, but still they hold onto it. What is it? Maybe we can give it the name of destructionism. Of course, there is no such name, but it is descriptive of what we see today. Individualism and destructionism have the same meaning. Centering on the individual, one misguides and misuses women and men and even the nation and family. It is because one tries everything centering on oneself that it doesn't work. Nobody welcomes him, nobody responds, so he eventually becomes a hippie. All people, the whole nation and family, remember that person drawing everything towards him, so he cannot go far.

You know how much humankind has reduced itself through materialism. Now here is destructionism, the worst time ever in human history and all is breaking down. All these different philosophies: theism, even humanism and materialism, more or less centered on love, too. Of course, it was self-centered love. But with destructionism, even that is broken. Why do they go down and down, why do they reduce even further? It is not necessarily by human choice. In a way, this development is beyond human beings. In history, there is such a thing as heavenly fate or a heavenly trend which forms the direction of history. God plans this way, too.

We see the history of humankind has centered on self-centered love. Now, as children of the True Parents, and brothers and sisters, we are being taught about a new kind of love in which we live for the sake of others. God's viewpoint is one of True Love and it starts right here with True Parents. People want to come to True Parents and stay with them, but even if they want to do that, they have no root. You can imagine a plant without a root: it falters and the fruit will fall down. They cannot stay in one place.

What is one characteristic you see today, no matter where you go, be it Japan or Germany, America or anywhere? Mankind doesn't have any more directions to go in. Nobody knows which way to go. Man constantly needs to be satisfied. He has an antenna which communicates with a high level of the spirit world. Without the love, emotion and enlightenment that antenna picks up, man cannot live. Now, people don't know where to get that. Communication has been all but cut off. What should they do? They supplement this by taking drugs and exciting their bodies. They lost emotional True Love so now they found the horizontal way. Every family and nation has experienced that, it is free sex. After engaging in free sex they find out, but only later, it does not satisfy them as they expected it to. To heal that wound, they use drugs to try and forget it. But, as we know the drug world is a bottomless pit. They keep on imagining emotion and that becomes very dangerous territory.

The effect of True Love is incomparable to the effect of the strongest drug or stimulation. Even these drugs lean on True Love, we can see that. Once you connect to this world, it is like a huge radio, a huge amplifier system which is broken. You cannot hear any sound whatsoever, but once it is restored then a booming sound, not yet clear, will start working. That huge sound is the message from spirit world. It will give us the clear message and we will get excited. The True Love speaker starts to work and the whole world will start waking up again. When it makes music, everybody will stand up to dance. You may think the twist is an exciting dance, but in this dance you can even fly while you dance!

Which is a better name for the way of thought we see today - destructionism? Or do you have another name for it? This is the stage we are in now, after materialism. One way to look at destruction is to explain it will naturally disappear, but the other way is to think that someone will shatter or destroy it. Which is correct? Will someone destroy it and make it disappear or will it naturally disappear? (Naturally.) Why did you choose that answer? With good reason: because God never attacks the enemy or accelerates the decline of the enemy. It is natural, they are led to disappear.

(Father writes on the board.) Perhaps this is in order. Of course, it is so close, this is again the virtue of dealing with the Chinese characters. In English, there is no distinction. Only by paraphrasing can you distinguish a difference. Destructionism will be destroyed naturally.

This is the Cain realm and this is the Abel realm. Father combined these two. Here they came back in search of the original point while they were persecuted and now they are being welcomed. They came back and are starting anew. Therefore, Father was able to proclaim True Parents and the Completed Testament era. It starts right here. That means from now on, the natural trend will be towards Reverend Moon and his teaching will be more and more welcome as time goes on and the satanic world will become less and less and eventually be destroyed. Until now, people opposed the Unification Church, not so much centered upon what the Unification Church teaches but because of the leader of the Unification Church himself. Much persecution has been met. Only a few people who teach forty day workshop have been representing the Unification Church and sustaining the Unification Church in that way. Now, that time is passing quickly and we are in the time of equalization; in other words, the time when everything is equalized. We all must become one and, centering on the family, each one is to have influence over all different levels.

Now each family can begin centering on God's words. In each family, we can start this through words. We start with the family and connect to the tribe, then the nation, then the world. That is the way of expansion. It begins from one point and expands out to the world. We have to know this kind of concept to teach the word. You don't need men or power, but words. Get the word out. Now the time has come to center on Father's words, which are recorded in 200 volumes. We should center on Father's speeches and the Divine Principle book. We should really not pay any attention to what other people try to lure us to and try to teach us. We don't need it. Once you know this, we can perfectly protect ourselves from the invasion of the satanic world. If we can protect ourselves by listening to and heeding Father's words and the Divine Principle book, then that will safely carry us through. We have lots of hints and instruction on how to go through this, through the millions of experiences Father has had. So many different times, Father had to fight in each situation and that record is all there in Father's words. By studying them, we can carry ourselves through similar situations and win over them. Until now, in the Old Testament and New Testament ages, there was a commandment, thou shall not only center on the individual. Here, Father has taught us how to conduct ourselves in a family unit; what to do and what not to do, how to live. He has taught us not only as a family, but as a clan, nation, and as a member of the world. This is how to build the kingdom of heaven on earth and after that connect to the spiritual world. I am teaching the contents you need to win on every level. This is a different formula I have given to you.

When we come to realize its value, we see it is truly a treasure. We never knew the true value of that. Even though we weren't there, still we now know from Father what happened in Adam's family thousands of years ago. Jesus came to restore specifically that position and what Jesus had to go through we clearly know now. The Bible teaches it clearly, too. Jesus came and tried to restore Adam's position, also the whole world up until Jesus' time. We know now.

This is Abel, the plus, subject person. Cain is the minus. Jesus arranged the Cain and Abel world. There is no being which doesn't belong to either a plus and minus position. Do we realize now that there is an unseen, but strong reality of universal, heavenly fate? You call it heavenly destiny. It is a definite, consistent power. It is so well balanced that we don't realize how much pressure there is per certain square inch. When there is the slightest imbalance, then it doesn't stop to exist. That is how strongly the universal power protects the balance. When a person gets sick, he remains in existence, but beyond that point, he leaves the earth or dies, because the universal power will just push him out.

What Father is pointing out is that everything that comes into power, everything that is subject and object in the pair system is protected by the universe. In an imbalance, the universe eliminates them. Man and woman are a pair. They have to make a pair at the universal embracing point. The nation's center is a plus, the king or president, the people are minus. Combined into one, they would attend the world formula which is the next step up. They will embrace the larger heavenly fate or destiny. Americans should think about that. President Clinton's administration and the American people . . . heavenly fate will chase them out. No matter how strong America is, they will immediately break down. You need a pair partnership. Do you need that? Man needs woman. Woman needs man. Why? This is the universal formula. You have to pass this law. This is the purpose behind making a pair. You need the pair system concept.

Why has history trodden this way? Because heavenly power or heavenly destiny has been eliminating that which does not stand for the Principle. We see that it is a great power. No matter how big a plus even Father might be, when there is no minus, this plus does not exist either. The way Father lives is for the sake of the Unification Church itself, its members. Father knows this is law. In his efforts to build the love pond, Father invested and forgot everything. On the opposite side, his partner, all the Unification Church members, are following. They cannot separate even if they want to. They try to escape to some hidden place and dwell there but their minds will still kick them out and pull them back. At last they will say "I'm sorry for repeating that kind of action. Please let us come back. I repent, please forgive me." Do you understand? Once you come to know True Parents, you are forever connected. Even if just one time you touch the Unification Church, then become an ex-Moony, no matter if you go around the world you cannot leave living centered on Father. Your thoughts will center around Father every day. Your mind cannot forget it.

Why? The mind never forsakes the pair purpose. "I have to go forever centering on Father." Once you connect to Father, you connect to the original essence place. Your mind understands and forever, it is looking in that direction. Father's place is the center of True Love. As long as Father remains as he has always been doing, working and living for the sake of the Unification Church and its members, investing and forgetting in the love pond of the Unification Church, then no matter how strong an outer force may be to push out members of the Unification Church, because of universal fate (which is so strong that no one can match it) the Unification Church will never fail. So Father puts in and forgets, invests and forgets, and Mother does the same. Many of us will start doing that too. What will the water level of the pond be? It can only go up. It flows and overflows. Always there is more need because there are more containers which need to be filled.

Spirit world is immense; it has no limit. It is our eternal homeland. It is an awesome, huge place. Do you like that? It is too big, too awesome. Why does Father say that? Because it is the world we must be attuned to and accustomed to. Look at individualism. Individualism has made us so small and so full of bickering. It is just like the American national symbol of the great bald eagle. He is created to go around the plains, around the cliffs, and feed but if you catch that bald eagle and give him just the bare necessities, just give him a daily ration, what kind of life would that be for the bald eagle? That is what individualism has done. Are people happy or unhappy? Miserable! They live in the dungeon of hell! How happy do you think that bald eagle would be when somebody opens the cage and liberates him? People who are liberated will go to God and bow a thousand times. Even if they never bowed in their life, they will now bow a thousand times. Aren't we like that today? Then wherever we go, that is our mission: to give thanks. There is nothing better to do. Have we or have we not been liberated by meeting the Unification Church? (Yes.) But how much have you taken advantage of this? The door is open, have you gotten out or are you still staying in there? Say you like to live in this realm. All right, but do you want to live in an American realm or Reverend Moon's realm? What is your comparison? How much bigger is Reverend Moon's realm? (Much bigger.) You cannot count how much bigger! What better philosophy can you find than the one that says we can occupy God Himself? Truly! Father says you can even use God as your own servant! You can do that! If you love your grandfather, he becomes your servant, right? In the perfection stage, your True Love partner says, "I want to help you do that." Do you follow? It's true! You have a mouth: say something! (Laughter.) How much has the Creator of life been taking the patient way. You don't know that, but you have to know. "I command you can do anything." Ultimately, God's answer is like that. If He commands you one time, two times, a hundred times and even ten times more than that, you have to follow your real love partner's direction.

What Father is saying now is that we are in the position to even make God our own servant. We are truly in that position, but what are we doing now? What kind of miserable position are we still lingering in? Where are you sitting now? Is this a great, honorable position or a miserable position? You understand yourself and you understand well. Because it is our self, we know. Once we know we are in a miserable situation, who can make it change? God can't change that, True Parents can't change that. We don't have to stay where we are. You have to do it yourself. Otherwise, there is no way. The Divine Principle teaches you clearly. At last you have to make perfection by fulfilling your five percent activity. Otherwise, there is no way. Is this true or not? You cannot make excuses.

Father fought and Father paid indemnity and did away with materialism and all these other types of thoughts. The new family starts now. If I perfect my family right here, it automatically means the perfection of my clan, my nation, my whole world. I can even go on to liberating God, no question about it. I can do it by studying this truth. This is the fulfillment of the Completed Testament era. Centering on True Love, a person can make every place under that kind of control which is the purpose of the completion idea. Centering on your perfect love is the perfection of everything.

Father just mentioned how history came to be. Adam and Eve failed and Jesus came to restore that. We know the extent of Jesus' work and now here comes the Second Advent, who becomes plus to all these minuses. But the mainstream of True Love still continues. The direction of True Love and the action of True Love remain the same as all through history. Before creation, that concept existed. After Adam and Eve were created, the same concept still held. After the fallen world came into being, the same concept was the center of hope for all surrounding things to be taken away and cleaned up. After that, they can connect to the new world. Father made this perfection-making result centering on True Parents in the Completed Testament Age. The surrounding obstacles will be cleaned up. For those knowing this truth, Satan cannot touch them any time or anywhere. We are taking back God's ideal. We can remake our land, our power centering on the family, connecting to the tribe, making the place of perfection. After that, the tribe will combine into one and the nation will be perfected. The nation combines into one and we reach world perfection. The world will combine into one and make spiritual perfection, which is the kingdom of God on earth and in spirit world. Do you understand?

Father is now explaining why the Unification Church had to come into being. It was for this purpose. It is going back to restore the original, first True Love ideal where the fall of Adam's family took place and to finish the incomplete restoration of that which is still in bonds. Now, we go back there and liberate them. This is what the Unification Church was established for. If you trace back all these works that were at one time or another the main thought, what is the one main thought which has been different from other thoughts? If we can itemize or detail that, number one is the restoration of elder sonship, or establishing elder sonship. What was the second one? Parentship. The third one is kingship. And the fourth is royal familyship. These four are all included in this main thought.

History moved the way it did, but nobody knew where or why. Now, with the knowledge of Divine Principle, we are about to restore the whole thing at one time by restoring this royal familyship and kingship and parentship and elder sonship. That means Adam must become the eldest son, not Cain. Adam must become True Parents. Adam must own kingship and also, the royal familyship. If Adam would have gained elder sonship in the beginning, then all the families of Adam, would have belonged to the royal family automatically. There is only one root, and by establishing elder sonship, he could have become parents and the king and the royal family would all belong to one root, not different roots. Do you understand?

The moment you decide, "Yes, I will become a Unification Church member," then instantly you have restored your elder sonship. That means you can be an elder son and you can be parents, and you can inherit the kingship and the royal familyship, all at the same time. Nothing can stop you. Human history is symbolically six thousand years old, but in reality it is much older than that. For hundreds of thousands of years, all people have been waiting to get into this position. With the appearance of Father and the opening of the gate, we finally can. Anyone can. The moment one decides himself to belong here, he can do this.

All things and all people, good or bad, are waiting for the emergence of True Parents, "When are they going to come and liberate us?" No living being either here or in spirit world, can ever become a true person without connecting to True Parents because they all are born of false parents. The Lord to come has these and also lots of other seeds: seeds of True Love, that means True Love children. If you plant the tiniest seed, it will become a huge tree. With all these, for the first time we can begin going to heaven. Jesus was asked where heaven is and he answered, " Heaven is in your mind." But that was only a very primary, symbolic answer. But with this new understanding, we go into heaven in the family. Now we have a much clearer understanding. We love the world and the universe just like God loves the world and the universe. God loves humankind and all creatures, and like God, we can do the same. We practice and we come to realize, "Yes, God is my partner. God is my subject, my master, my parent." Everybody wants a real parent, a real owner and a real master. People want to have a real relationship on those three levels. We want to stand in that position; we want to stand with our partner. It is like God's attitude. We have to make that combination in the subject/object place too.

These are a part of the mainstream thought in dispensational history. In other words, you can forget the rest, but remember this "Have I restored elder sonship, my vested right?" In order to make sure you restored this, the test is to check yourself. If you can say, "No matter how many people came against me, my brother, my uncle, all my relatives, near and close, friends, and also all womanhood came against me, but I repelled them, I did not succumb to them, won over them," then you know you have elder sonship.

We have to continue marching to the point where in spite of all the opposition, you're not the loser, but they lose and stop opposing you. They say, "Yes, you are right, I am following you." That is a natural subjugation and we have to go until that point. To do that, we have to trod the long patient way, as God has been taking the patient way through a long, long history. Just like God Himself, we must persevere and persevere. During this time, Satan's family has been looking good, but now they will come down to the individual way, becoming hippies, yippies, yuppies.

Those peoples' minds are a vacant place. The world should occupy America. Instead, American people think, "America leads the world, all countries. The American brood is the number one race." This is a vacant room. How can you fill up that mind? It is a problem. No matter how happy or hopeful America is, everything will be cast out. God will destroy it. No matter how attractive it may be, it will be passing. We should resolve: "I will hold on to and never let go of love, in spite of my life." This is the best love. What is the essence, of True Love? God. Occupy God's mind. "With a True Love essence, I occupy everything." God's eyes will follow you everywhere. How wonderful! At that time God will stand face to face and say, "I want to make contact with you!" "Yes, yes God." You give all your love too. Your world will open. In there, of course, is the original connection God has to you. The same is true of your love. That is equal way, the "no-complaint" way of God and humankind. This is high level love. Low level love going up there is like airplane. When a high pressure area exists, a low pressure area will come in automatically. It is an automatic action.

In Africa there are starving people, 20 million people dying in one year. America is a rich country. "We don't want to know about your starving people." This is a natural phenomena of resistance. How can we supply them? That is the way nature acts. Air and water naturally move into an empty place and fill it up in the horizontal way. Is that true? That activity is natural. Those who are against it can only perish. They are diminishing and going down. This is the natural perspective of God's ideal.

We know now, more clearly what is heaven: elders' authority, parents' authority, kings authority and royal family authority. These four should exist forever. Do you agree this is heaven? Yes, we know by concept, but are we like this already? Then we should go for it. With these ideas deep in his bosom, Father went into prison, and when they hit Father, Father hit them back invisibly by saying, "You hit me? Hit me more." Father knows eventually this destructionism will disappear, sooner or later. But this world of goodness will become larger and larger as more persecution comes. Father knew this. Those who feel "I cannot go back to the old world, I cannot go back to falling again knowing this," those who are confident about this realization, raise your hands. Is that just what you want or will you do it? (Do it!) Your sound is strange, not direct. That sound should come direct from your guts, "Yes, I can never fall again and I will accomplish this."

Do you want to take responsibility for the whole world, or do you think that is too big, that just one nation will do? Or do you say, "No, Father, I will just take care of my clan," or "I will just take care of my village"? Which do you say? (The whole world.) Father says you have to know your ability. (Laughter.) If you are overly ambitious, it is impractical. Father calls you thieves and robbers. You are robbing Father of love. You can say, "Well, God, You have done that hundreds of times and thousands of times. I am just beginning to try one time. What have You got against me?" This is what you have to say to God. "You have been repeating the restoration course over and over through history, but for me it is only one time. You repeated many times, but could not do it. The bad world will disappear in front of me. I will do it." You have to have that kind of guts. Do you understand?

Are we today, in 1993, becoming stronger than we ever were? Look at the time when Father was young and still searching for Divine Principle, in search for the solution to these complicated problems. Even at that time Father was full of zeal, but now Father has accomplished everything and won all the foundation. In which time can we be more excited and more confident? (Now.) A frog makes a big noise like this (Father demonstrates.) That's how the frog goes. It has a big balloon that comes out. Sometimes that balloon is bigger than the frog itself. They are demonstrating, even these small animals, that they can become bigger than what they are. We should do that even more. Male animals fight with each other to win superiority-we have to do that. We've got to get so excited at this time that we are happy even at the idea that we are alive today. Even the fact that we were born at this time is thrilling. You were born in Father's age! This will not happen two times in history, only one time. Compared to all history, this is like one small dot in time. And you were born now-how much happiness and grace is standing on you. You should be proud of everything. You should want to do more and more, as if twenty-four hours a day is too short. We have to run like that today. All the slumbering souls-everybody is sleeping, we know that. Literally, they are sleeping, but we work hard and bring the blessing and dump it on them. We can imagine how grateful they will be. We are going everywhere, finding the space to fill in, like water and air. In some place there might be only a tiny, little space, but still it is filled with air. Water has the same action. We are the same, too, centering on True Love. Love has the same meaning as air and water. Do you understand? Your lover every time wants that kind of activity. "I will dwell in that place and fill it up, making the horizontal way." Like water and air, love-making will fill up in the original way. We say we are the love race centering on God's True Love, is that true? Who are you? (Love race.) The True Love race! How wonderful a concept we have!

Now, what do you think? Is your position enjoyable or miserable? Are you sitting in a hopeful position or a miserable position? Open bigger and bigger, more than the limit is open. Open your mouth, your nose, your ears that big-with that action there is no limit there. Think about that. That's like Father. Taking that kind of action, I built this foundation all over the world. The spiritual world welcomes me. Satan's way has at last been defeated. Standing in that place, they say, "Welcome Reverend Moon. I will follow and dedicate myself to you." How wonderful an idea we have. How proud we should be. From now, everyone raise your hands, "We are going to be proud everywhere we go, taking the center concept and we are going to attend the end point of establishing the partner position by making that horizontal way." How wonderful that kind of activity and result looks to me. How enjoyable for me. How can you compare it to anything else? Everyone will think, "I want that." We can ask them, "Do you want this?" and they will say, "Yes, yes!" For thousands and thousands of years and more, people have wanted that. Finally God can say, "I am becoming liberated." Freedom is there centering on God. God can have freedom, happiness, peace, hope, everything. This takes place in the ideal concept.

God has been miserable forever, but this is solved by the Second Advent. He is the real elder son, the true authority. It becomes an automatic victory for Father. For the king, victory is under control of the royal family. Good or bad every time, day or night, every time they are welcome. Overseas, all our lives they are welcoming us in. That is our terminal purpose. How wonderful we are. By teaching that, we will automatically lift up others. They didn't see that before but their mouths will say a "Mansei!" big enough to fill up the universe. The whole universe will be made into the ideal world. Do you understand?

What is the purpose or the reason for establishing the Unification Church? It was so we could restore all these that were lost, to bring liberation to God. That is our mainstream thought. To accomplish that, the Unification Church was established: to restore God's ideal world and live centering on True Love. When people learn about such a Unification Church, should they welcome it or reject it? We must understand about the resurrection of the world to come. It will happen at the same time Reverend Moon's name is resurrected. When Reverend Moon's name is resurrected, that will be the same time that the world is resurrected. Because of this mainstream, the Unification Church will become plus and the rest of the world will be minus, but our purpose is to bring them together, so we will become minus ourselves for the much bigger plus, which is God. Even God, when He reaches the top, what does He do next? He begins to come down and we go up. Don't you see: there actually will be a day when the rich people will have their turn to become poor and the poor people will become rich. They are changing positions. Maybe it will be done by lottery. How interesting it will be when the one who lives in America goes there to live and the other way around. This historical phenomena will appear.

We should regard that with happiness. How wonderful it is to be alive and go to the other part of the planet. No matter how harsh the environment may be in Africa, the one who lives in a mansion in New York will go to Africa, to the remotest countryside, and will be full of hope. There will be no house, no running water, only wilderness. They are hopeful, thinking, "Now I am experiencing the life of my own brother and sister who have lived here all their lives and all their ancestors' lives. How miserable they were. Now I am experiencing what they went through and I am glad. I am hopeful." If we do that and then go to spirit world, we will never go to hell. We can't even remember there is such a thing as hell. Hell disappears, in other words. It could not exist, do you understand? You have to clean up the dungeon of hell. How can we make that kind of purpose on the earth? Only by going down to the miserable, dark place. It will immediately change. You can lift it up by going down there. Soon it will start rolling and rolling and growing bigger and bigger forever. It will fill up that huge, awesome kingdom of heaven. Otherwise, there is no way.

Do you feel good or hopeful when you hear Father say these things? Feel good or feeling is good, which one? Both? (Both!) So, going all four direction in that straight way is no problem? How happy we are! (Col. Han sighs. Father asks, "What are you doing?" Col. Han replies, "Experiencing happiness.")

Now we know. It is our mainstream thought to restore these and enter into that kingdom we described. This is our mission as members of the Unification Church. This is God's ideal-the creation ideal of perfection is to make that four position foundation. That foundation is the True Love core connecting you. That is the purpose of the Unification Church. Because of the fall, we have to restore, and through these four principles of mainline thought, we are about to restore. Next year is the 40th year since the establishment of Unification Church, so at this time Father is announcing and proclaiming the Completed Testament era of True Parents. The ideals of democracy are not permanent. Their time will pass. Parentism is the more enduring thought. You cannot go any further than True Lovism. This is the mainstream thought. There will be no democracy at that time, at least not democracy as we know it. It is the mainstream activity to restore these things which God originally intended to establish, but which humankind has never seen and still remain as a dream. By accomplishing this, we will have accomplished the will of God. This is the mainstream thought, not only for the Unification Church, but the whole world will follow in our wake. To God there is only one mainstream; there are not two mainstreams, even though humankind fell. God has been working centering on one mainstream. Of course, when man fell, He worked especially to restore it, but the mainstream remained the same. Historically, philosophically, theologically-whatever your classification or liking is, still having these elements, this is the headwing thought and this is God's thought. Headwing thought is centering on True Love. That's all. God is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Starting from the family, it becomes like this and it connects at the family. The family, clan, race, the nation, the world, the universe-even the universe must be perfected centering on that family. After Father having won over all these levels, he is now returning back to the family and the perfection of that family will be the perfection of all things here. Satan no longer has any place to claim in any of these areas. That family is the True Love center. The plus and minus are here in the three stages. The whole thing becomes a minus to this plus. Do you understand that concept? So your family right here represents both right wing and left wing as well. The right sphere, left sphere, front sphere, rear sphere, upper sphere, lower sphere: all are combined and united. Again, repeating, you must have confidence that perfecting your family means that you have perfected not only your family, but that automatically leads to the perfection of your clan, your race, your country, your world and your cosmos, too.

We all are Blessed couples, aren't we? Time passes so quickly, you know. We should not waste time, but work for this goal. This is the core plus.

Today we celebrate the 39th anniversary and the 40th year of the establishment of the Unification Church. After putting everything into an orderly fashion, now Father is being liberated. After Father's upcoming speeches here in America, America will have nothing to do with Father. Father has nothing to do with America. Now he moves directly and literally into the world. Does that mean we have to bid good-bye? You understand everything. Father gave everything to you. No matter what else happens, if, you just follow Father's action, you will have no problem. A professors purpose and dream is how to make many new professors who are even better than himself. God is the same in His hope for True Parents. After their perfection, True Parents will, grow and expand horizontally all over the world. That is True Parents purpose. It is the same meaning. Your family wants to expand; how can you expand in your category, making that kind of realm? After you pass away, your property is there. Do you understand? It is your property forever. Your name is engraved on it, that shows your ownership. In there, no one can take action against you. Think about if you miss the chance and you have no place to stand. How miserable you would be. True Father understood that concept and has expanded everywhere, all over the world, night and day, now connecting and broadcasting. From now, everyone will be connected over the oceans, over the seas. I made that foundation to make preparation.

Susan, you are a captain in the fishing world? Who did that? (You did, Father.) Is that true? I don't know. I am making that strange foundation over the woman's world, too.

Now we know. With utmost confidence, we shouldn't wobble. We cannot wobble again after knowing everything. In this early spring, the first day of May, when everything is coming back to life again and prospering, we are too. Father gives us the command and gives us the blessing. We must open up our own mind and discard all the old and bring in the new and become a new person and become a very victorious person ourselves. To become a victory fruit is our whole life purpose. We understand that clearly now. Those who say, "Father, we will become the ancestor in this still barren land, and just like you did, we will take care of this country and we will fill this country with our own offspring like you did in the world. I will do that with confidence," raise your hands. Amazing! Thank you and God bless you.

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