The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

True Love And One Unified Thought

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 25, 1993
Belvedere, International Training Center
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

God's providence is always to fulfill the goal, the completion of the entire providence. However, when that is not fulfilled, God's providential plan is to repeat the process until it is fulfilled and completed.

If there had been no human fall at the beginning of history, then God's entire providence would have been accomplished the moment Adam and Eve had become completed and had achieved their goals. But because of the fall of man, God's providence has been divided into different restorational plans which have been repeated again and again. An example of this is Cain and Abel's course, which was passed down to Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and so forth. However, all these processes were leading up to the achievement of the same goal God intended to achieve in the Garden of Eden. Therefore, the pattern and the process of the providence is always according to the same formula. That formula must be applied all the time, although the scope is different. It has moved from the individual level to the family, clan, tribe, national and world levels. Throughout this expansion, the formula remained the same.

You may not see it clearly, but nature is following the same principle. All creation follows a certain formula or principle. By the same token, the process of human history is always one unified ideal. There is always one central ideal which is repeated again and again in different scope. God's basic principle never changes.

When you observe the things of nature, you can see that the pair system is always in evidence. This system is at work on all levels, whether it is the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, or the animal kingdom. Everything exists within the plus and minus, yin and yang system. Look at Bo Hi Pak as another example: his eyes, nose, mouth and so forth. Those are not individually working entities. They must harmonize together according to one central theme or purpose, one goal. All the elements in his face must work together according to one unified thought.

Every existence is working toward one goal: to become the object of True Love. In order to be a true object of True Love, the whole entity must work together to respond to that True Love. Divisive action would not allow that entity to respond to True Love as a unified body. As you can see by the title of Father's speech today, everything in the universe and every creation, including all the creatures of the earth, are working toward one goal. That is to become one unified object of True Love. True Love is the subject; everything in the creation is made as the object of True Love.

Look at the human body. Whenever any area of the body becomes ill or enflamed, or when you have disease in a certain area, the rest of the body will respond to the needs of that area, giving all kinds of energy, all kinds of support to make that area whole and healthy again. The whole body works together to make that wounded area healthy again. No part of the body would refuse to join in the effort, saying, "I don't care about that part. That's not a part of me." Therefore, when you look at the entire universe, you can see that there is a unified effort, purpose and goal being pursued throughout our universe. We can see that.

When we talk about unification, or the unified goal, there is always a relationship between plus and minus, subject and object, at work. Without that relationship, there is no harmony, unity or cooperation. The universe works exactly like the human body. The method of functioning is the same, with one being the macrocosm and the other the microcosm. Just like the body, which is the microcosm, the universe, which is the macrocosm, will work all together in order to alleviate trouble areas, plunging its concentrated energy to make the deficiencies whole. That is the way of True Love's action.

Therefore, each human body, as well as the entire universe, is working toward the ideal of the one unified body.

Why is that? It is because they want to become the recipient of True Love. True Love is the ultimate goal. Thus the purpose of unification, of oneness, is simply one thing: to become the object of True Love. Therefore, the reason we are born is to become a recipient of True Love. In other words, we are living to become the recipient of True Love, we are living to become the object of True Love.

[Father draws on the blackboard.] Here is a big circle representing the created universe. The highest place, the most central place is the place of the human being. Everything else is parallel with that line, always in the same direction. You can see that everything within the macrocosm of the universe reflects the order of the universe. Even the most minute creatures, such as the insects, follow the same patterns. The same line can be formed for them.

There is a vertical line and there is a horizontal line. There is vertical give and take, with the upper and lower giving and receiving from one another. There is horizontal give and take, with East and West giving and receiving from one another. In this universe, wherever serious deficiencies occur, wherever catastrophic situations occur, the rest of the universe rushes in and tries to secure or save it, to make it whole and good again. Therefore, all the creatures and all the creation are working toward one direction. That is living for the sake of a purpose larger than one's self. All things are moving toward something greater than himself. That is the direction of True Love.

Everything began from God. God is the originating point of everything. Nothing can be initiated without God as the center, with True Love at the center. Therefore, everything is trying to resemble that particular formula and is trying to become parallel with the purpose of their initiator, their creator, God. The highest being is God, and every form of creation from minerals to the highest creation, human beings, are moving toward and reaching for that ultimate goal of God's purpose, God's fulfillment. Therefore, the mineral world is trying to move upward toward the plant world, trying to serve the plant world. The plant world is striving to serve the animal world. The animal world is yearning to serve the human world. The human world is trying to serve God-centered people.

When you look at the oceans, you observe the most incredible types of creatures living there. There are small fish, large whales and creatures even greater than that. As we know, the larger fish always eat the small ones. Some people say, "Well, that is bad," but it's not a bad thing. It is the order of the universe. The small fish are serving the larger fish. Those larger fish are serving even larger fish, and those fish are serving greater fish, all the way up to the greatest ones. Ultimately, the greatest fish will be serving human beings. So, ultimately everything is moving toward greater love, toward the goal of ultimate love, which can only be fulfilled totally by human beings. Thus, every creation is glad to serve the human purpose. Why is that? Human beings are the central harbingers, the central figures of True Love in the universe.

Human society is the same. We are all moving toward the achievement of greater love. Whoever possesses greater love is more attractive to others. We are pulled toward such a person like a magnet. That is because our innate nature is to move toward the attainment of greater True Love. The Unification Church Principle, which I have been preaching all my life, is nothing more than this universal formula: that something small always serves something greater. Therefore, the individual serves the purpose of the family, the family serves the clan, the clan serves the society, the society serves the nation, the nation serves the world, and the world serves the cosmos.

Let's say that one individual is sacrificed and it seems particularly tragic. It looks so bad, but actually it is not because that person's sacrifice served the purpose of greater love, the higher purpose, and therefore it was not in vain. However, our world does not realize this universal truth and instead is moving toward selfishness. The individualistic way predominates. The world has become so selfish and individualistic. Man is man, woman is woman and each individual feels there is no greater purpose than serving himself. The individual's carnal desires become the base of his existence, but that should not be the case.

The universe is almost like a museum of True Love. All the manifestations of love are contained within this museum. We can see the incredible variety, the different colors and styles of True Love, among the exhibits in this place we call the world. Anything which tries to go against the universal formula will find that the universe is trying to expel it or kick it out. Whatever doesn't harmonize with the rest of the universe will be rejected. Individualism is not the rule or formula of the universe and therefore, the universe is trying to expel it. When a foreign element invades the human body, the body's forces are mobilized to expel it. The universe does the same thing on the macrocosmic level.

Living in our world, you can see that the universe is serving humankind. Wherever you go, you can see that the universe exists for the sake of human beings. Let's look at the lips of Bo Hi Pak. What is the purpose of those lips? It is not simply to serve Bo Hi Pak, but to serve the universe. When Dr. Pak realizes that everything in his body, including his lips, exist for serving the greater purpose, for the sake of the universe, then everything is harmonized. Everything is okay. When you are doing that, you always feel joy. What is the purpose of eyes? Their purpose is to appreciate the universe, to appreciate the beauty of nature. The nose is breathing the air which the universe provides. There is a constant give and take between your body and the universal elements. You are never separated, even for a second, from the rest of the universe.

Everything is centered upon the completion or perfection of True Love. When you talk, it should be for the sake of True Love. When you look at something, let it be for the sake of True Love. When you smell something, smell it for the sake of True Love. Every function should be dedicated to the purpose of True Love. The perfection of True Love is the ultimate goal of everything in the universe. The universe is yearning for, pursuing and reaching out for the contents or the core of True Love. This is the goal and the direction of everything; this is where everything is going.

Plus and minus, male and female, exist everywhere, but why? It is for the purpose of serving one another, in order to engage in give and take and become one, thereby fulfilling the ideal of oneness. By doing so, we become the recipient of True Love. That is the purpose of the pair system. The mind and body of each individual must be harmonized and engage in give and take all the time. Why? There is one purpose of that unified give and take: to enable the individual to become the recipient of True Love. Unless your body and mind have been unified, True Love cannot come into action. Even if your body and mind are united, if True Love has nothing to do with it, then no true purpose has been served.

We need one unified thought, one unified ideal. Once we reach the unified ideal, becoming the object of True Love, then we can say, "I have fulfilled my life's purpose. I am completed and perfected. Amen!" That is the level where we can talk about perfection. Once you reach that particular level, everything surrounding you becomes a source of joy. When you turn around, moving back and forth, right and left, joy is there.

I see that Bob Grant's couple and Ron Godwin's couple have come here for this early Sunday morning service. The key question for each person to ask is this: "Are my mind and body united?" We must always ask the key questions of whether or not my mind and body are united, whether or not I am harmonized with the universe and the universal purpose, whether I am becoming the recipient of True Love or not. For a man, the most essential necessity is a woman; for a woman, it is a man. Even more than you need God, you need each other. The individual's mind and body must be united, then within the couple, the husband and wife must be united for the purpose of this same principle: in order to become the recipient of True Love.

When you observe a man and woman kissing passionately in public, does that mean they are most united and harmonized? Men and women must be united not just lip to lip, but also through their sexual organs. That is not a dirty thing but rather is the most sacred thing in the sight of God. God has purposed that and has given it the greatest importance. Therefore, that sexual unity must be centered upon True Love. The most important question for a husband and wife to ask is not whether or not they are living happily, whether they are enjoying their sexual relationship, but whether or not they are doing everything centered upon God's purpose for True Love; whether or not they are totally dedicated for that goal, that one-body thought. That is the key question.

Men and women are essentially the same except for one area: the reproductive organs. Man has the male sexual organ, woman has the female sexual organs. That is the one area which is truly different between men and women. By unifying those two areas of men and women, the goal of total perfection shall be achieved. That was God's design and plan at the very beginning. When that perfect unity centering upon True Love is achieved, the entire universe will echo it, shouting out praises and cheers. [Father draws on blackboard] Here, vertically up and down, horizontally east and west, you have the same principle in action.

In our world today, we know that the relationship between man and woman is nothing new, nothing unusual. We see it everywhere. There is no lack of that kind of sexual love. However, the important problem is that these relationships are not centered upon God's True Love. They are centered upon selfish love, which is Satan-inspired. That is the main problem with our world. The basic difference between God's True Love and Satan's love is where they are centered. In the fallen world, the husband and wife relationship is often a case of a selfish husband feeling, "I want my wife to love me." And the wife has the same selfish attitude, "You have to love me. I am here to be served by you." That is total perfection of the individualistic way of life, and this is what is wrong with America today. This is what is wrong with the entire world today.

If you live selfishly, if you live selfishly even within your couple, then you are indebted to the universe. Every day you create a bigger and bigger debt for yourself. It becomes heavier and heavier. Why are you indebted? Every day you eat food. Did you create that food? Is it yours? Is that America's food? That is actually a universal product and God's product which is meant to be owned by the whole of humanity. You are eating the possession of all of humanity when you partake of your daily food. It is like you are stealing your food if you use it for a selfish purpose, and it doesn't matter how much money you may pay for it.

Let's give an example which I have spoken about before. Is there some area here at Belvedere, some particular point where all the air is located and concentrated, and the rest of the place is existing within a vacuum? No, of course not. No such thing can happen because once a vacuum is created somewhere, air will automatically move there from the surrounding places. Let's imagine that the United States all of a sudden became a vacuum. Perhaps some Americans don't like Koreans, but would they tell the air from Korea not to come here to fill the vacuum? "I don't like Korean air, so don't come. I'd rather not breathe!" Would you ever say such a thing?

Water follows the same principle. Liquids are constantly striving to make their levels even, to move downward to fill lower places. Food is the same, too. When a famine occurs in one part of the world, then the parts of the world where food is abundant should rush more food into the hungry areas. We have to have that kind of world; we have to do that. One of the most incredible violations of universal law is hunger and famine. Every year, twenty million people die from lack of food. Yet the United States has an abundance of food, even wasting much food. This is against the rule of the universe. It is truly a crime. Therefore, the universe wants to reject this crime. It wants to chase out those who are committing this crime. When you go against the basic rules, no matter how much you feel you are just trying to survive, it is going to bring bad results. Today's America has a lot of people we might call protectionists and they say, "Our nation's interests must be protected. I don't care what happens to the rest of the people of the world." If a nation tries to live that way and believes they will be successful that way, they are wrong. They will never be successful. Why? It is against universal law. They are violating the laws of the universe.

At the time of Jesus, the Israelites, who were the chosen people, were full of hope and anticipation for the coming of their Messiah. That was fine and good. But they wanted their King of Kings to come to them and enable them to become the central people of the world. They wanted to rule and be served by the rest of the world. That was why they could not understand the Messiah 's ideals and goals when he came. That was not the reason for the Messiah 's appearance.

[Father draws on board.] There is a flowing channel, a flow from God, Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. This is the way a flow chart looks. Because of the fall of man, the top of the flow chart was changed. In other words, instead of God, Satan took that top position and became master of the world. The original flow chart was lost and the unlawful flow chart took its place. So God had to change from here to here. This is what we call restoration. Restoration takes place from the bottom up. Since the top position of the flow chart was lost, restoration has to come from the bottom, Cain and Abel. Abel was in the minus position to Cain in the plus position. This is where restoration must occur. God is trying to put Abel in the plus position and Cain in the minus position. That is what restoration is all about. It is a reverse procedure.

Therefore, we are going in the opposite direction from the rest of the world. The world espouses one goal; we say an entirely different thing. That is because we are going the reverse way. The world is trying to take all the time, and we are trying to give. The world is seeking to be served; we are trying to serve.

The providence of salvation is nothing more and nothing other than the providence of restoration. What is restoration? It is re-creation. This is the blueprint, the original formula. For that reason, the most important thing to understand is the Principle of Creation. First of all, creation began from the atmosphere or surroundings. The basic surroundings for human beings was created first, and that is the universe. In it we see plus and minus, the pair system, male and female. Why do we see that everywhere? For the purpose of achieving True Love. The universe is created for that purpose: the unity of mind and body, male and female, men and women. Why? Because they are looking forward to uniting with their corresponding partner.

When plus and minus are united, they become a larger minus and seek to unite with the larger plus. When the larger plus and minus are united, they start looking for a gigantic plus to unite with. When those two plus and minus forces are united, they seek to unite with a super plus. Then they seek the next level, the super-super plus. If you say, "You must serve me. I need to be served," you will never be able to unite on even the first level of plus and minus. The universe is created to look forward to unity with the corresponding subject and object, moving toward the attainment of True Love. This is the Principle or formula of re-creation. Do you understand?

The realm of scientific study has been developed by discovering formulas and applying those formulas. By the same token, the spirit world and the entire created world operate according to certain formulas. Each human body is composed of billions of microscopically tiny cells, and each one of those cells has its own plus and minus functions within it. The core is plus and the object is seeking to unite by serving that core. Between men and women, which is the subject? American women say, "The subject is woman." But the universe says "No!" to that, and will even spit on you. As you know clearly, the man is subject and the woman is object. Man is like the bone and woman is like the flesh. Flesh must totally surround the bone, sticking closely to it.

Hardness and softness must also work together in harmony. A diamond is the hardest material, but when you cut it, you use copper, which is a soft metal. It can polish and cut the diamond. To compare man with bone does not mean that man is like a conqueror and totally controlling, like a tyrant. Without the surrounding flesh, the bone has no value or meaning. Sometimes the bone has to follow the flesh. Man is hidden, in a way, just as the bone is, while the woman is more visible. Look at you here this morning. You women look so beautiful this morning because when you got up, you put on makeup. But you didn't apply that makeup to your bones! You applied it to your flesh. Then the man looks at you and admires you for your beauty. He doesn't say, "I really like your bones. They are beautiful." However, without good underlying bone structure, your face would not be so pretty. Therefore, no matter how great a woman might be, without a man, she is miserable, a poor creature.

It is an amazing thing that the fate of a woman is determined by whom she marries. Sometimes a very talented and attractive woman at the top of her class in school will marry a man who is wrong for her and her whole life will become miserable. At the same time, a woman who has an insignificant classroom achievement but who marries the right man can rise up to his level. The woman who marries the president of the country will rise up to become First Lady just because of whom she married. This is a universal phenomenon. Nobody can deny it.

Subject and object must not reverse their order. The order must be straight, the channel must be straight. In America today, the women are trying to become king. The queen is trying to become king, meanwhile trying to push all men down to the level of servant. The time of the Second Coming of the Messiah is the time when women become most important because women are in the direct object role, or the bride position, to the Messiah. For that reason, men take the archangel or servant's position. This is the reason we are seeing the phenomenon occurring on the external level in the United States. It is not surprising or even outside of the Principle. However, this must be straightened out. After this time of confusion is over, we have to bring order by teaching the Unification Principle.

What about you American women? Do you sit there and think to yourselves, "When will I ever come to hear Father say that woman is the subject? Will it ever happen, even in a million years?" The answer is no, it will not happen. However, the woman's position, the object position, is absolutely the most beautiful and it is essential. Woman is created for woman's purpose, which is not bad at all. When you follow the universal rule, harmony and happiness will always follow. When you go into the spirit world, this rule becomes totally obvious.

In today's America, the perverted way of life is spreading. Everyone feels that they want life to be convenient, practical, and without responsibility. Men just want to have fun without any responsibility. Women, too, only seek self-satisfaction and nothing more. Because of that pervasive attitude, this nation is dwindling. Because they are hiding from the notion of basic personal responsibility, men and women are seeking the fulfillment of their carnal desires. When the pursuit of "fun" becomes the central purpose of life, then this nation will not have hope.

In God's world, there is absolutely no such thing as homosexuality. This is the most obvious and blatant violation of the universal rule. Are men and women separate and distinct from one another for the sake of fighting against each another? No, man is made for woman and woman is made for man, each with their own particular characteristics. Those characteristics exist for the purpose of aiding in harmony and unity between man and woman and allowing them to achieve True Love. When you violate that basic principle, you have to pay a most incredible price. The nation, the people have to pay as well.

No matter how many millions of years may go by within this universe, human beings will continue to be ruled by this basic principle. Men are born to fulfill the purpose of a man, while women are born to fulfill the purpose of a woman. No matter how old a person may be, whether he is a grandfather, or a great-grandfather, it doesn't matter. The Principle cannot be changed. It is always the same. Men were made for women, and women were made for men, and their purpose is to become united in love. The perverted way of life, if followed, could virtually extinguish the human race. When people are espousing and following the way of homosexuality and lesbianism, as well as heterosexual "free sex," what is the difference between them and the animals? When human beings live like that, how can they take their position as masters over the creation? Human beings are God's supreme creatures simply because God created us to be the supreme recipients of His True Love. You understand the formula of God's creation, don't you?

No one can deviate from the formula of subject and object. Subject is the vertical concept, while object is the horizontal concept. The vertical concept and the horizontal concept cannot be separated. The vertical concept brings together parents and children, while the horizontal concept brings together husband and wife, men and women. This cannot be changed even in a million years. Since everything must be in the center, in this core, everything must come together and meet there. Horizontal meets here; vertical meets here. Everything comes together in the center. You cannot deviate from this principle.

When Adam and Eve were young, they did not realize that they were made to become husband and wife, and they grew up together as brother and sister. However, they came to realize that they were meant to meet in the center, which is the position of husband and wife. That center is where God comes down and meets with man, and all the things that can be perfected and materialized are right there in the center. Adam and Eve were only two persons. They were brother and sister; they became husband and wife, father and mother, grandfather and grandmother. Ultimately they were to become king and queen. In other words, the same two people were meant to fulfill all those different positions. The model for completion and perfection of all human beings was contained within the original two human beings, Adam and Eve. The perfection for all forms of human relationship were to be found within their lives.

What is the center point of this perfection? The center is True Love. When people departed from True Love, the path to perfection was lost. It became unattainable.

[Referring to drawing] By coming over here, they are perfecting all human relationships. First of all, they are the children of God and they will complete and perfect that position here. They are brother and sister, and their position will be completed here. Husband and wife will perfect their model here. Father and mother, in the parents' position, are also perfected here. Every form is perfected here, right in the center, centered on True Love. It is a ninety degree crossing point. When you have a ninety degree crossing, you can turn it around and the segment will fit anywhere. The ninety degree angle will fit anywhere within the circle. The ninety degree crossing is the basic principled form. Therefore, it can be welcomed everywhere. It can harmonize and fit everywhere. The formula applies everywhere and to every form of relationship: plus and minus, husband and wife, brothers, children. All of the positions within human relationships are perfected right here, when they come to this center.

Why is there only one center? There are not four centers or more, but only one. The focal center point is the True Love settlement place. There must be a vertical axis, a central axis, as well as a horizontal axis. The spirit world and physical world, as well as plus and minus, are united right here. East and West, everything, comes here centering upon True Love and is united. Maybe the Western world can take pride in their scientific development; however, the Eastern world has been the realm of spiritual and deeper universal truth and development. There is one center, only one. East and West must come here to unite. East does not go all the way over to the West to unite, nor does West go all the way to the East. Not at all. They must meet in the middle, right here at the one center point. Do you follow?

Two thousand years ago, the chosen nation was Israel. In that nation, the religion of Judaism was supposed to be in the plus or subject position while the external nation was in the minus position. They were meant to serve one another and unite within the subject and object positions. They were meant to become one centering upon the mother. Once that was achieved, then the father, or Messiah, could come. The nation of Israel was not born first. Judaism was born first. That was the order, so religion was subject and the nation was object. Therefore, the Abel position, which was the minus position, had to be restored into the plus position. That process was supposed to have occurred within the chosen nation.

God is not an offensive being who attacks. Rather, God's position is always being attacked. His tactic is to be attacked, to prevail, and then to restore. God cannot be defeated, even though God will not attack anybody. We can clearly see this kind of phenomenon within a small village or town, in which there lives a conscientious, good man who has to suffer because of his conscience. Other people might even initiate a conspiracy against this man because of his goodness and that man loses his good name and his position in society. However, ultimately, that man will be restored to his rightful position. His goodness will win out.

Reverend Moon is a big plus who is going after a big minus. However, the world is also a big plus, in the position of Cain or elder brother. Therefore, they have authority and power and they could not stand to see Reverend Moon flourish. For Reverend Moon to prosper would mean that the world would have to change to the minus position. They don't want that. Many people wonder, "Reverend Moon is such a good man and is trying to do such good work, so why has he encountered such opposition? Why did the entire world come against him?" But this is most natural when you understand the truth. There is only one religious leader in history who has met the amount of opposition which Reverend Moon has met. This is unprecedented in history. That is because Reverend Moon is a big plus encountering the big plus of Satan's world.

Today we have the very distinguished guests such as Dr. Grant and Dr. Godwin. The mere fact that they have come to listen to my sermon today is a miracle because of the fact that they were so different in their attitude in the beginning. Before coming to understand me and my teaching, they felt that I was a bad man. They totally misunderstood me.

I am honestly proclaiming that the era of Jesus is over and this world will never be united by the power of Jesus because the providence of God is moving forward, just as the work of Jesus is moving forward. If traditional Christianity would just listen to me with an open mind for one week, they would all be turned around. Why? Because the truth is obvious. The truth is self-explanatory. The only people who have difficulty and are resistant to this truth are, unfortunately, ministers and elders of the established churches. Why is that? It is because their livelihood depends upon the church, so it is most important for them to maintain that livelihood. Anything which threatens the status quo in Christianity, in other words, would threaten their livelihood. For that reason, they don't want to listen and they don't ever intend to change their position. But if those who have no dependence upon the church for their economic well-being are able to listen to the truth with an open mind, they will see the truth clearly.

This is the formula which works everywhere, including the chosen nation of Israel. Had Judaism and the nation of Israel united into one, centering on the mother, they would have met the Messiah. Plus and minus, Cain and Abel, became one, then moved up to another stage, to Eve's position, which is the mother's position. Cain and Abel and their mother must become a big minus. They should have united with the big plus, who was the Messiah to come. United with the Messiah, they would have then become a giant minus and united with the ultimate plus, which is God. That is the formula. Without this formula, nothing can exist.

This is truly revolutionary because everything works in the reverse way. The younger brother becomes the elder, the grandfather becomes the son, the son becomes the father. It is incredible and people ask, "What is going on?" Everybody was confused. However, once you understand the truth you realize that is the way it has to be. The opposite means 180 degrees different. One side is heaven, the other side is hell. When you are centered upon God, you are in heaven. When you are centered upon Satan, you are in hell.

In order to restore, in order to unite with the right plus, first of all you have to deny yourself, you have to deny your position, your surroundings, and courageously move forward. This is why the religious way of life takes the most courage, more than anything else. What is required is denial of satanic belongings, a satanic-centered family, people, nation, and world. The individual must deny all of that and then move into unity. Turning 180 degrees away from Satan requires that you go through the zero point. You have to restore yourself to the zero position first. Then you can move into the plus side and plus 180 degrees.

In the Last Days, what is traditionally called the end of the world, which we Unificationists know is the time of the Second Coming of the Messiah, everything will be denied into zero, coming to the individual position. That is because the fall of man took place at the individual level and center of the family. The world's problems today are family problems as well as national problems. Look at the American situation. It fits exactly into this description. The American family is breaking down. How can the country survive? They don't have the understanding of the family system theory. Without the teaching of Reverend Moon, the problems of America cannot be solved. This is clear and this is true. Do you understand?

American youth have to realize this. Again, I emphasize the importance of this formula. This is why the religious way of life has always gone together with suffering, bloodshed and indemnity. Why? Because it is following the reverse path, the reverse process. You have to go against the stream to follow the religious path. Reverend Moon is the example of going against the stream. The tide of the whole world has come against me. Everyone, every nation has opposed me. Korea has come against Reverend Moon. The United States government has come against Reverend Moon. The communist world came against Reverend Moon. What is happening today? Where is communism today? It is gone. Where is the United States today? In the "war" between the United States government and one person, Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who won?

I want to frame a copy of the indictment which was brought against me by the U.S. government for all of history. On the first page, it said, "Plaintiff: United States of America. Defendant: Reverend Sun Myung Moon." I like that! One whole country comes against one individual, Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

The U.S. government succeeded in sending Reverend Moon to Danbury prison. However, did the U.S. government win this battle? (No.) What happened to worldwide communism? They considered Reverend Moon their arch-enemy and were determined to destroy me. However, who was destroyed, Reverend Moon or communism? (Communism.)

Today Reverend Moon is at war against immorality: immorality which is going against the universal formula; homosexuality, lesbianism, and free sex. Satan is laughing at me, saying, "You are attempting the impossible. You cannot clean up this atmosphere!" Well, I am sorry, but Reverend Moon will have the last laugh. (Applause.) This is not just the talk of this world. It is universal truth and is the topic of interest for the entire universe, including spirit world. All of those ministers as well as politicians and other civic leaders who have excused and even encouraged immorality, they will all go up to spirit world one day. They will face the truth there; they will face reality. The first thing they will be asked in spirit world is, "What did you do towards Reverend Moon? Did you support him, or did you go against him?"

Actually, Christianity and many politicians today are trying to win the favor of the homosexual world. They want to be approved of and re-elected. But they will face a harsh reality sooner or later. The tragic history of Christianity is reflected in one simple fact: the relationship between the Israelite nation and Jesus Christ. The Israelites were looking forward to the Messiah coming to their nation. They should have had a palace ready in which to welcome their Messiah. But instead, the Messiah was born in a stable. Later the Christian church developed a proud tradition centered around that tragic, shameful fact. They erect manger scenes every year re-enacting that sad and shameful time when the Messiah was born in a dirty stable.

The most incredible shame of traditional Christianity is their insistence and proclamation that Jesus came in the first place to die on the cross. Instead, Judaism was supposed to accept the King of Kings. If they had, how could they have killed him? They should have been united with the commander-in-chief of spirit world and moved together to Rome with the living Jesus in the center. If they had been united, then the entire world would have been united around them. Jesus did not come primarily and solely as the "Lord." Rather, Jesus came as the Father of all mankind, the true ancestor for human beings. He came as the personification of True Love, the center point of True Love. That was the purpose of the coming of Jesus Christ. Thus Jesus would have become the True Parent, as well as the King of Kings of the Jewish world.

This kind of statement is not made in order to attack the Jewish people, or from even the slightest bit of anti-Semitism, although that is what some Jewish people have thought. I am not against the Jewish people or the Jewish religion. All I am speaking is the truth. Because of the crucifixion, those people, that nation, have been paying the most incredible, terrible price, including all their tragic bloodshed throughout history, including the loss of the Jewish nation.

If Judaism had united with the Israel nation and together had accepted the Messiah, what would have happened? They would have become the center of the rest of the world to bring salvation to the world. By making unity with the living Jesus, they truly would have become the central nation and group in the world. But the tragedy is that they never realized this fact. That is why that nation eventually was totally demolished.

John the Baptist was to take the position of minus to Jesus, who was the big plus. John should have served Jesus. But because he failed to take that minus position and unite with Jesus, his entire mission failed. This is another point upon which today's Christianity is totally wrong. They do not understand the failure of John.

All these failures came on the level of the individual and the family, including that of Adam and Eve. Therefore, at the time of the Last Days, when the time of restoration comes, it will begin on the level of the family. This is why Father is always emphasizing the level of the family, creating a new family, restoring the family. This is exactly restoration of what happened at the Garden of Eden.

What happened there? Adam was attacked by the archangel, the servant, and the younger brother was killed. Therefore, at the time of Jesus, two families, two brothers, must be united. That was the family of the priest Zechariah and the family of Joseph. Therefore, John the Baptist was in Cain's position and Jesus was in Abel's position. He was the second Adam. In other words, restoration at the time of Jesus was nothing more than restoration of the family which was lost in the Garden of Eden. That is why John the Baptist was in the position to serve Jesus, who was in the position of younger brother, which reflected the position of Adam. Jesus came as the second Adam.

The archangel, who became Satan, took away the younger son of Adam. This time Cain's position was filled by John the Baptist, and he was supposed to be united with the younger brother, who was Jesus. Father has explained about the time of the chosen nation of Israel. That is, Judaism was in the plus position and the Israelite nation was in the minus position. They should have united and welcomed the Messiah. Today, on the worldwide scale, world Christianity is in the position of Judaism, while the entire free world is in the position of the chosen nation. They should have united into one to welcome the Second Coming of the Messiah. On the national basis, this did not happen. It was a failure, a fiasco. For that reason, God is now trying to accomplish this restoration on the worldwide level. Christianity has the base, and the free world had the base. United into one they could have welcomed the coming of the Messiah.

The salvation which Jesus brought was the most important achievement and was absolutely necessary. However, it was only a spiritual salvation because his body was sacrificed. Therefore, another level of salvation had to be fulfilled. Salvation had to be both physical and spiritual. That was the purpose of the second coming of the Messiah.

Christianity in the plus position and the free world in the minus position should have united into one and welcomed the mother's position. Then, the coming of the Messiah would have occurred on that foundation. Do you understand? Christianity is like the bride's church. Christianity is the bride which was preparing to welcome the bridegroom, waiting for the coming of the bridegroom. That is the position of the Christian churches today. At the time of Jesus, the Jewish people had their own nation, but because of the sacrifice of Jesus' body, the chosen people of Christianity have no physical nation.

In order to set up the formula on the world level, God initiated a scenario. On God's side, there was England, France, and the United States. They united together to serve respectively in Eve's position, Cain's position, and Abel. On the satanic side, Japan was in the position of satanic Eve, while Germany and Italy filled the position of satanic Cain and Abel. This was the lineup for World War II. It was the confrontation of the heavenly team and the satanic team.

This was controlled and dominated by God. God was the center of this lineup. The Messiah, even on the worldwide level, must still come as one individual, not as a group. If the United States, England, and France had accepted the coming of Reverend Moon after World War II, the world today would be in very different shape. An entirely new era would have dawned at that time. Already the one unified body of thought would have been accomplished. If that had happened after World War II, then we would have seen the beginning of a world of peace, happiness, and freedom for all people. That peace, happiness and freedom can come upon the foundation of unification. Unification is the base upon which all these things can stand.

After World War II and the victory of the Allies, they did not go around to the conquered territories and plunder them. Instead, they proclaimed their brotherhood and even set out to serve the conquered nations. Even though they won the war, they chose to serve the world. Why? It is because the time of the Parents was at hand, the time of the Messiah.

One of the reasons the people denied Jesus as the Messiah was because they did not understand the coming of Elijah. They expected Elijah to literally descend from the clouds of heaven, but that never happened. Based on that, they rejected Jesus' claims as the Messiah. Elijah did come but he was John the Baptist, and so the people did not understand this. John the Baptist was at the center of an incredible controversy trying to identify Jesus as the Messiah. Jesus was proclaiming the messianic message. People confronted Jesus by saying, "If you are the one who is to come, where is Elijah? The Scriptures say that Elijah must come first." The Scriptures spoke of Elijah ascending to heaven in a chariot of fire, so the people expected that he would return in the same way, either on the clouds of heaven on in another chariot of fire, but that did not occur. When confronted with such a tough question, Jesus answered by saying, "Elijah did come and he is John the Baptist."

Today, at the time of the Second Coming, why has Father been denied and persecuted? One of the biggest reasons is that Christianity has been expecting the Lord of the Second Advent to come on the clouds of heaven. But Reverend Moon was born as a man of flesh. Therefore, Christianity totally departed from Father, repeating the mistake of the time of Jesus. That is why Father had to abandon Christianity as his base and build up his own new foundation, which is the Unification Church and movement throughout the world. We have seen such a drastic decline of the power of traditional Christianity after World War II. In some cases, Christianity even united with atheistic communism. How could Christianity ever align itself with a God-denying philosophy such as communism?

American women have been given a very privileged position for a providential reason. The power and position of women in America is higher than anywhere else in the world. Why? Because this is the time of the coming of the Messiah. The Messiah is the bridegroom and therefore the bride's position is quite important. Therefore, women must play the major role, or the central role, of accepting the Messiah and influencing man's world. Because that was not done, that position became perverted and began to serve satanic purposes rather than heavenly ones. America had to be visited by the Messiah. Wherever the Messiah may have come from wasn't important because the United States was the central nation of the free world. This is the most influential nation of the world. It is a Protestant Christian nation and the center of the new dispensation of God. Satan knew this and so he worked very hard to destroy the moral standards of this nation in order to make it difficult, if not impossible, for the Messiah to reconstruct it. Satan has been working and has virtually demolished the United States. Therefore, in restoration, the women of this nation must be restored first by the Messiah. Satan understood that Reverend Moon would have to come visit the United States. That is why Satan worked so hard to destroy this country. The American people don't understand this fact. I have come here to save the American Christian world. This is God's perspective, not Reverend Moon's viewpoint. God's viewpoint is the central viewpoint.

When this is done, the world can be restored and united. Korea represents the Old Testament Era and the United States represents the New Testament Era. Therefore, the United States is much more ready to welcome the Messiah.

In 1960, the Holy Wedding occurred in Korea. In 1971, Father came to the United States from Korea, working with the New Testament Era. Here is where the Women's Federation for World Peace began and where Father ultimately declared the Messiahship and True Parents' role. Right here, he proclaimed the liberation of women. Women have been failing their mission, so they must be liberated and restored in True Parents' name. In 1992, Mother launched the Women's Federation for World Peace, representing the liberation of the world's women centering upon seven countries, including the former Soviet Union. Mother made that whirlwind tour during 1992 to all seven countries. Mother achieved the most extraordinary dispensational mission during 1992, which was the liberation of women and liberation of the family. Centering on women, the family must be restored. One way that the family can be restored is through the way of Unification, of Reverend Moon, the way of True Parents.

The New World Order shall become a reality, not only on the political level, but also in the spiritual sense. We shall see the new channel of order, beginning from God and going down to the God-centered, heavenly family. That type of family structure must be organized. The providential countries after World War II, England, the United States, and France, all failed their role at that time. Therefore, Father has laid out the new foundation for restoration. This time the Eve nation of Japan, the archangel nation of the United States, as well as Germany, which is in the Cain position, are all engaged in a new order and it is working right now within God's dispensation. When Father decided that Japan was chosen to become the Eve nation, what happened? Great economic blessing was bestowed upon Japan. Even though the United States, such a gigantic and powerful nation, was trying to get ahead of Japan, they could not do so. Japan just kept moving ahead. Why? Because it is Eve's nation. The United States must work together with Japan and welcome the True Parents.

What should these three providential nations do? They should work together, unite and welcome Reverend Moon and Korea. The Japanese have their computer technology, the Germans have their machine technology, and the United States has its philosophical and theological theory. All should come and support Reverend Moon, forming one unified entity. This is what Father has been proclaiming for a long time: the equalization of technical knowledge. Why? The big countries must not plunder others by using their superior technology. The time has come for equality of all people. Japan is in the mother's position, so she must serve the rest of the world. The same is true of the United States and Germany, working together into one unified unit.

At one time, Great Britain could say, "The sun never sets on the British Empire." It had worldwide influence. During the time of Jesus, the Roman Empire was also a worldwide power. Now at this time, the United States has become the equivalent of Great Britain and Rome of ancient times. Yet all these world powers failed because they became totally self-centered and self-serving. At this time, the people of America are saying, "The world should serve the purposes of America." But this is not right. This is very wrong. America should be existing for the purpose of serving the rest of the world. America should serve the world, not the other way around. Do you understand? This is God's viewpoint. The humanistic viewpoint is contrary to God's viewpoint.

By the same token, the Unification Church is here for the sake of saving the entire world. We are not living for the sake of the expansion and benefit of the Unification Church. We are going the opposite way of the world. That is why you have to live a sacrificial way, taking the way of difficulty. When you live by God's viewpoint, you will make progress and that progress will continue forever.

Reverend Moon has come and has been working all this time. The culmination of his mission has come through the proclamation of the Messiah and the True Parents. That was done all over the world in 1992. Now the one remaining mission is to go around the world and restore the family. All the obstacles have been overcome all the way to the top. Restoration has been achieved, all the indemnity has been paid. The battles have all been fought. Father is now at the culminating point. The True Parents came here and the declaration was made up here at the top. However, what remains is to come down to the individual and family level. Why? Because that is where the fall of man occurred. True Parents will become the big, super plus for the world and affect the five billion people and their many different families of the world, in the position of minus. All those families can unite with True Parents' family. Uniting into one, we will see the unity of world level plus and minus. Marching forward to where? For the creation of the kingdom of heaven on the face of the earth. The ultimate victory then would be to move on to the greatest, almighty plus, who is God Himself. Then the dwelling of God shall finally be with men. This is the time. Hallelujah! (Applause.)

This formula works on the universal level, and at the same time it works on the family level. The center of the family is the woman. For that reason, this is the women's era. Therefore, the Women's Federation for World Peace is an indispensable and important aspect of the dispensational future, during this year and the next year. That is because the mother must bring Cain and Abel into true unity. The tribal Messiah comes there and teaches. So the entire membership has the goal of perfecting your own tribal Messiahship. Each one of you has that mission and goal. Do you understand? (Yes.) Yes or no? (Yes!)

The satanic lineup has been completely demolished now. Only the heavenly lineup exists. The victory will come from the family level and will spread throughout the world. Ultimately, True Love and the unified ideal shall be accomplished. This is the kingdom of heaven. This is the formula for erecting the kingdom of heaven on earth: plus and minus on the unified foundation. On that center of True Love, subject and object combine into one. True Love is the big plus. This is the formula way for re-creation. Is this clear? (Yes!)

Everything follows this formula, not just on the universal level, but on every level. You are taking in freely all the blessings which God has given to you. What are you doing this morning? You are breathing the very air which God has given to you. You washed your face and drank water this morning. Who gave it to you? God gave it to you. You are going to eat your breakfast, then your lunch, and so forth. Who gave you that food? God gave it to you. Look at the beautiful sunlight coming down on you. All these are the universal blessings which you are the recipients of. You cannot become a thief and just take these things. Once your entire life's purpose is centered upon the attainment of True love, when you are centered upon becoming the object of True Love, then you are entitled to partake of all these blessings from God. Then you deserve them. God shall become your subject, your direct Father, your own relation.

Centered on True Love, combine in unification and one body. That is the ideal woman, man, ideal family, all connecting there, all the way to the ideal world. Amen! (Applause.)

For that reason, Father now has the most ambitious and extraordinary plan to do a final tour of the United States in the month of May. You must have heard by now that Father's speaking schedule will begin on May 13th. Mother has an even longer schedule which begins on May 20th. Father and Mother will declare this and then Father can go away from the United States free. His mission will be done. Then this nation will be in your hands. Your hands! Father may go to Russia and to Red China. Also, he may go see Kim Il Sung. This is not the end for Father. I am not ready for a vacation. Father must invite God to Russia, invite God to Red China, and invite God to Kim Il Sung. Amen? (Amen!)

Let us now make this pledge to Father. Father has suffered to come this far. True Parents have had to go through much suffering. When you did not know about the truth, you had an excuse not to fulfill it, since you were ignorant. But today you cannot say that you don't know, because you have been taught. You know the truth. Now can you make this pledge before Father: "Even though I may have to suffer ten or a hundred times, even a thousand times greater than what Father went through, I shall continue and become the champion, the winner. I shall bring victory to God and True Parents." Those who make that pledge, please stand up. Those who make that pledge, please say, "Yes, Father!" This time, raise your hands in a fist and shout it out three times, "Yes, Father!"

God bless you!

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