The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

True Parents And The Realm Of Resurrection

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 11, 1993
East Garden
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Those who are here at East Garden for the first time, raise your hands. The topic of my sermon this morning is True Parents and the Realm of Resurrection. As we know, today is the second Sunday of April - Easter Sunday - which is celebrated all around the world to commemorate the day of the resurrection of Jesus. April is also the month in which all the things of nature are reviving because it is spring.

Because of the fall of the first human ancestors, all parents and all things pertaining to them are as if they did not exist. It is as if they died. They lost their lives. To make them live again, to resurrect them, is much more difficult than starting the creation all over again. Re-creating is that difficult. It is nearly impossible. Those who have been given birth already must go back to their mother's womb and be born again, literally. This is extremely, extremely difficult. The realm of resurrection is not just one entity, but it involves the whole environment as well as the people living there.

It is not just individuals who are dead and need to go back to their mother's womb to be born again as living being. The whole family, the country, and all things in the world must do this, too. The realm of resurrection includes all things in the world.

The Christian world has not understood the meaning or the scope of the resurrection up to this time. The Christian world did not understand what the realm of resurrection was. Jesus said to Nicodemus that unless one goes back into his mother's womb and is born again, he can never enter the kingdom of heaven, but no one understood. Nicodemus certainly did not understand what it takes to be born again, nor did he understand the full meaning of resurrection.

From whom does the realm of resurrection begin? Who begins it? It is the individual. Is that an individual man or woman? The truth is that it must begin from a woman. Heartistically, or where the realm of heart is concerned, it is Eve. It is woman who initiates. Women begin heartistically at the servant of servants' position, and then progress to servant, adopted daughter, and so on, going through all eight different stages of indemnity. This is where the resurrection begins. She must also progress along the horizontal axis, beginning as an individual, then on to the family, clan, society, nation, and so on, through the eight stages, too. This is all included.

It is woman, it is Eve who must be recovered. The meaning of the Old Testament, certainly, was to wait for the Messiah to come. Before that, Cain and Abel had to become united and prepare the mother, or the bride, for the groom to come. But they did not know how. In the time of the Old Testament, the country was in the Cain position. The country of Israel came to exist first. The Jewish religion, which was the Abel representative, then followed. This Cain and Abel relationship could have restored the elder sonship. Then they could have prepared their mother for the coming of the groom. This was the meaning of the Old Testament.

For the mother to come, there had to be the foundation of united children. After restoring elder sonship, parentship would have been restored. When those three elements were unified-Cain, Abel, and their mother-the bridegroom could come. This is the concept behind the coming of the Messiah. This family would have been restored on the basis of the nation. The nation will have been restored, but in that nation, this family must be intact. In the Old Testament, these aims were not fulfilled, as we well know. They were extended into Christianity and continue until today. The meaning of Christianity is to restore the bride of Christ, the mother. Restoring the bride is the true meaning of Christianity.

Though we are working to restore the whole world level now, because history never realized the restoration of the family, the purpose is still to restore that family. This time Cain and Abel are the left wing and right wing factions of the world instead of the individual Cain and Abel. We know we are now on the world level and no longer on the national level, as in the Old Testament. The question is how to connect the realm of spirit world into that of the physical world. The realm of the spirit world is represented by Christianity. How to connect that to the Abel-type world is an extremely difficult task. Today's Christianity does not even think about that.

The Allied forces of World War II were led by England, America and France. They were in the mother's and children's position. On the Axis side, there were Japan, Germany and Italy in a similar pattern. They fought and one side won. That began the last period of preparation for the bridegroom. The period after World War II was indeed the first time in history when the world was in a position to come into complete unity with a world-level religion-Christianity-at the center.

What was the Israel-like country in the time of that world level dispensation in the free world? Do you see a comparison? The religion in the Old Testament era was the Jewish religion, but now the main religion on the worldwide level is Christianity. Do you see the comparison? Its mission is to make preparation for the mother position. Upon that foundation, they can welcome the bridegroom. Do you understand that formula? The family base was lost in the Garden of Eden-Cain and Abel and their mother. They chased out the ideal husband. It is the same formula for the family base, the nation base, and the world base. Cain and Abel are united, and upon that, they make preparation for their mother. Afterwards, the Messiah can come. The formula is the same, no matter what level you are on.

If the family base is lost, how can resurrection take place? That is the Messiah's responsibility. The unity of Cain and Abel and preparation for the mother position must be done on earth. Based on that, the Messiah can descend. Adam's dwelling place is heaven, not earth. On earth, everything was lost. The Messiah must descend from heaven after preparation has been made on earth by the other three positions.

This is a formula throughout the dispensation. The mind is in the Abel position, the body is Cain. Both are fighting. The flesh body always occupies the mind. The body wants to claim the whole world. How can we overcome the power of the flesh body? It is the same as any conflict between individuals, within a couple, a family that is fighting, a tribe that is fighting, a nation that is fighting, or all the world fighting. Heaven and earth are fighting. How can those conflicts be changed into unification? First of all, the Abel mind has to occupy the body. It has the same meaning as Abel subjugating Cain. How can we make it unified? Upon that unity, the individual level can be restored. This formula applies to every level, including the family, and husband and wife. Who is in the Abel position in the couple? It is the husband, not the wife. Woman is like the flesh, while man is like the bone. Bone and flesh combine to make a human being. Unless the couple can unify, they cannot work on God's side.

Who is the center of that unified family base? American women say, "Oh, the woman is the center!" But, no, the man is the center, just as the bone is the center of the flesh. Man is strong like the bone, woman is soft like the flesh. In the fallen world, the family base cannot unify. This is the problem. How can we make a complete foundation in the couple's world? Who becomes the center of the family and tribe? The unified family is the center of the tribe. We are resurrecting the family-based Abel position. Surrounding that family, the relatives are in the Cain position. Do you understand? The two must unify, but who makes that unity happen? It is Abel, who must invest everything. That is God's way. God invests and forgets, over and over again, in order to connect every level. By the same token, Abel's family must invest and invest over and over, making relationships with the clan. Based upon that effort, the tribe can progress and go up. Otherwise, it cannot.

There are many national and tribal bases in the Cain position. The religious world is on the mind's side, the Abel side. All through history, religions have been fighting Satan's side. Political power persecuted the religious world every time, but God worked with the Abel side throughout history. By digesting, they went up, expanding God's territory. At last, for the first time in history, the Christian world became independent. That was the purpose behind World War II. After World War II, the free world represented the Israelites in the Cain position and the Christian world represented Judaism in the Abel position. The Christian world had to connect with the free world. If they had connected and unified, they would have created the bride's mission. The religious purpose of the Christian world is to create the bride's position. Do you understand? They need to welcome the bridegroom, the Messiah. The Christian world and the free world must be combined into one. Upon that unity, freedom and happiness can come about. Without unification, no hope, happiness or ideal purpose is possible. Only upon unification can we get to that ideal world. Do you understand? Cain and Abel connect into one, and upon that base, the mother can come.

Both sides, Cain and Abel lost the mother. The Christian world on the Abel side and the free world on the Cain side should have combined into one centering on the mother.

England is the mother's country. Why? It is an island nation. It is always expecting, yearning for the mainland. That is like the woman's position. England was the mother who gave birth to America. History is like that. America was the Abel son. France was in Cain's position. In the past they were enemies, fighting. Those three must combine. Eve, Abel, and Cain must combine.

On Satan's side, Japan was in the mother's position. She is an island nation, too. Germany was the satanic Abel, strong and powerful. They had a dictatorship with absolute power. They said, "We don't need God!" They wanted to break up God's original ideal, especially trying to destroy the Jewish people, those with whom God had His original covenant. You know that, right? Over six million Jewish people were killed by that satanic power. After World War II, the former enemy nations were given independence. God could gain control everywhere. At that time, the Christian world and the free world should have connected into one. They should have been expecting the coming of the Messiah.

Who is the Messiah? When the Messiah comes, he doesn't have a nation. He doesn't have the family. The Messiah doesn't have a world. Satan always occupied these things. They must be taken back and be reborn in the correct way. The only way is through engrafting. Otherwise they cannot be brought back to the original tree. The Messiah's family appears and all the families of all humankind have to be engrafted to them. Do you understand?

After that grafting process has been achieved, a different lineage will spring forth, separate from Satan's root. The wild olive tree and the true olive tree have a different root. For the first time, the world level will be resurrected. Think about how complicated that process is. On the individual level, resurrection is difficult and complicated. But even beyond that, it must continue up to family resurrection, tribal, national and world resurrection. Then the cosmos will be resurrected, and finally True Parents and God will resurrect. These different levels all form the realm of resurrection.

Who undertakes this work of resurrection? It is Adam who does this work. Upon the perfection of Adam, all dreams and ideals will have been fulfilled. Beginning with this perfected Adam, the resurrection of the individual, family, and so forth, begin. They chase Satan out entirely. Once Satan no longer has any connection with this world, then an entirely new world of God will appear. It will only belong to God.

We see each other every day, just as we look at our own face in the mirror each morning. Everything exists within the pair system. We always have an absolute standard for our features. What is the standard of perfection for our eyes? What is the perfect eye? It is the eye with 20/20 vision. Anything other than that is deviated from perfection. The nose, too, must work perfectly and in harmony. When that nose is perfected, then it is on God's side. It is Abel's nose. But when it doesn't, when the nostrils are clogged and have lots of problems, then it is not on God's side. The same rule applies to your mouth. You need to have the perfectly shaped, rounded mouth. Ears, as well, have their standard of perfect hearing and shape.

What is it that makes the Unification Church so different and so wonderful? It is because we understand that everything in creation exists within the pair system. Whenever we see something, we can think of that rule. When we exhale, we know we must also inhale. The wind blows from a dense area to sparse area. Unless two come into perfect unity, perfection cannot come to be.

Who is he, who is she? He is a man, she is a woman. What is the difference between a man and a woman? They are basically the same, except for one great difference. The eyes are the same, the nose, all the functions are the same, except for the sexual organs. That is where the difference lies. Do you digest food with your sexual organs? Do you see or hear through your sexual organ? What is the purpose and function of your sexual organ? It is for the purpose of uniting perfectly with your counterpart, your spouse. There is no way for any man and woman to come into unification without those sexual organs. Why are women born? It is not for themselves but for the sake of men. We are born for the sake of our partner. This is such a simple truth, but it is very real. It is simple, real truth.

The woman's role exists for the sake of others. Sometimes a woman will assert, "I am only born for the sake of myself." But that is the concept Satan has planted in fallen women. How can we take that out? Satan is the one who has so successfully planted self-centered thinking in the minds of the women of this world. No matter how famous a woman might be, she was born for the sake of a man, not for herself. Is that true? The same is true of every man. You were born for the sake of your partner, not for yourself. American women don't know that. Think about it. That is very true. It is true in the morning time, noon time, evening time; overseas or here. Throughout your whole life, this is true. You have to follow that original truth. This is the purpose for which you were born.

After you understand this truth, you can relate with everything, just as it says in the Bible: "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Only by knowing the truth can you be liberated. This is the formula which works for everyone in every situation. The right hand is in what position? Abel's position. What about the left hand? Cain's position. The left hand has to follow the right hand, isn't that true? This is true every time. You cannot take the opposite way. Left must follow right, not the other way around.

Every existence is within the pair system. Both men and women are necessary, aren't they? How much do you need your counterpart? Absolutely. You absolutely need your spouse. Now we have a clear answer for homosexuals and lesbians. We can explain the fallacy of their thinking. To revive and resurrect America is really very simple: one must listen to Reverend Moon and put these words into practice. Within only one week, America could be resurrected. Satan is most afraid of that, so he has always been preventing Reverend Moon from reaching the American people. If that happened, America would return to God, and Satan would be destroyed. But Reverend Moon has been opposed on the individual level as well as the family, nation and world levels. Now, however, after I have been successful in penetrating all these levels of opposition, people are beginning to understand: "It takes Reverend Moon to recover the world."

Father has proclaimed that people must follow the True Parents and that all people must become part of the Completed Testament era in order to live. Perfected Adam and perfected Eve can proclaim to the world, "Nothing can pull us away, not money, power, prestige or knowledge. You try it. You can never bring us in the wrong direction." Then comes the real era of resurrection. Completed Adam and completed Eve have everything. The true owners of all things, including all money, power and knowledge, are the perfected Adam and Eve. After the fall, man's original value was lost. Therefore, people have sought after money, which is Satan's concept, Satan's ideal. Likewise, we see the self-centered pursuit of power and knowledge. This is part of Satan's thinking. Once man and woman are restored to their original value, and regain their original understanding of God, they will have everything. Once you understand God's truthful world, then 99.9 percent of all your past knowledge is of lesser importance. This is a very important concept.

We must always be reminded of this Cain and Abel concept. When someone asks you, "What is the essence of human history and the history of restoration?" you can give a very simple answer. Cain and Abel are supposed to become united, find the bride, and wait for the bridegroom. That would be it. That means Cain and Abel should become one, find the mother, and together the family would find the father. The eternal ideal family will have been achieved. Always think about restoring elder sonship, which is the first step. Secondly, we must restore the parental position. Originally, Adam and Eve were literally, not symbolically, the king and queen. The woman, Eve, represented the whole realm of the earth, while the realm of heaven is represented by Adam. For them to become completely together in True Love would be the completion of the ideal. And this would create their kingship.

After kingship comes the royal family. Kingship is vertical and it is eternal. It does not change its position or move around. The elder son inherits his vertical standing point for eternity. The point of kingship is only one dot. There can be only one horizontal line through that dot, which creates an exact ninety degree angle. There is only one central point of union between the vertical and horizontal realms. That is absolute. Only one, not two. Absolutely one.

Every other position surrounding the royal family is in the Cain position. Otherwise, there can be no ideal. That formula has the same meaning. The same is true in spirit world. God is the eternal center of spirit world. That cannot change. The center root cannot be changed. Vertically, there is only one. Everybody can look up at that vertical line and say, "I resemble that vertical way." Why? Everybody wants to parallel that absolute being and stand on the same point. You feel that way, too: "I want to go that way." The vertical God is here, your Parent. This is the formula. Do you understand? Thus man absolutely needs woman. Woman absolutely needs man. Absolute love means only one partner, not two. Absolute love can take an absolute partner. It never changes anywhere. Changing the standard point is the way of Satan. Once you change it, you are cast out. We must understand this formula. The world is horizontal. The human world is the horizontal world, but we see the vertical. This horizontal world must find the vertical. Forever, absolutely, you cannot change. The center is always the same.

The center of human beings is True Love. God's center is also True Love. High and low, up and down, East and West has the same meaning. The center is True Love. The universe is made up of that construction. Vertical and horizontal combine and there the ideal appears.

True Parents and the Resurrected World was announced and proclaimed yesterday in Korea and Japan and it needs to be proclaimed to the whole world. Please read this script. We have to proclaim this truth to the whole world. We have to teach them, but whether or not they listen is up to them. We must fulfill our responsibility to teach them. This is our responsibility as parents. Father has built all the highways necessary for the individual to be restored and resurrected, as well as the family and the nation and the whole world. This includes liberation of God and True Parents. If we do all this, God and True Parents will be liberated. Father has made all that foundation. This is called the realm of resurrection. Let us listen now to Tyler as he reads that proclamation. This has been a secret, the secret of God until now.

(Tyler Hendricks reads from the speech. Then Father continues:) If the world had believed in and followed Reverend Moon after World War II, the world would have changed, but they could not believe. I have been explaining the reasons for these things. What did the world do? They opposed him, they denounced him, they even put him into prison. No one actually is qualified to oppose Reverend Moon. Even the KGB and Kim Il Sung from the farthest left side have come to realize this truth. How can those on the side of God not understand?

After listening to this, you will understand about True Parents and the realm of resurrection. Of course, today is Easter Sunday and some of you need to be fundraising, but that is a small purpose compared to what we must understand this morning. Please understand that May 13, Father will begin his twelve city tour. Mother will undertake the same tour at the same time, around the country and around the world, on behalf of the Women's Federation for World Peace. Father intends to disseminate this message to the entire population of the world, all five billion people. Now it is truly our mission that we read, almost to the extent of memorizing all these messages by heart. Without even looking at it, we should be able to repeat the whole message. Become thoroughly familiar with this message and begin to pray for this end, because this truly is the culmination of the dispensation. When you go out fundraising, witnessing, or even when you are sleeping, if you are thinking of this end, Father feels your life will be a good one.

Naturally, the whole world will erupt in controversy, similar to when you poke a beehive. All the philosophers will try to understand, they will talk about this. Likewise, theologians and religious people will try to understand the basic concept which Father is introducing about the True Family and the Completed Testament Era and all these basic things which are contained within Father's message. They will talk about that. When they do that, it will naturally come to us. The whole world will be so stirred up. At that time, we will have to be able to educate everyone. We have prepared in Washington, D.C., a facility by which we can broadcast this message through satellite network to the whole world. This will stimulate discussion even more. We should be able to answer any questions which arise.

There has been only a handful of followers in the Unification Church for so many years, so Father feels that when you become thoroughly familiar with this message, you will be able to answer about eighty percent of all the questions you are asked. You have the key. Therefore, you have to read and reread this message thoroughly so you can cope with any questions from any scholar. Those who feel, "Father, yes, I am confident to do this," raise your hand. God bless you. (Applause.)

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