The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Parents' Day - True Parents And Blessed Couples

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 23, 1993
Grand Ball Room, World Mission Center. New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Please raise your hands, if you are not yet blessed. In the traditional religious world, there is no substantial, clear concept of marriage. We see this everywhere. In Buddhism, most of the monks remain single and celibate. Likewise in Catholicism, the priests must remain celibate. Also, one very common rule or phenomenon we see in all high-level religions is that the adherents must leave their home and go elsewhere in order to train in the way of God. There are many biblical examples which are consistent with this. We see the significant biblical figures leave their home and go through many experiences which seem to be following a certain rule. This is typical of all the higher religions, not only individually, but also as a race. Look at the Israelites. They went into Egypt and remained there for 430 years before they could return to their home. This again is part of the indemnity course which is typical of the high-level religions. The concept of indemnity is better understood In the Orient than here in the Western world. The idea of paying a price for success is everywhere in the Orient, but in the Western world people do not understand indemnity very well. This morning, we must come to a clear and deep understanding of this concept of indemnity.

In the original world, if the human fall had not taken place, the natural order of things would have been God, Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel. But since the Fall occurred, everything became upside down. In the original world, heaven is on top, but today we see it is upside down. Adam is on the bottom, instead of on the top. Satan rules in the place of God, and Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel, follow in that way. Satan has the top and God has to get hold of the tail, instead of the head. Restoration means that the younger brother must play the role of the elder brother. In other words, he simply must become the elder brother. This is not natural.

In the family too, the younger brother takes over the elder brother's position. Here we can understand that the younger brother becomes the elder brother, and the elder brother becomes the younger brother. The higher the level we go to from the family to the nation, each step of the way, God has to make us pay a price, or indemnity. There are many nations but they must turn upside down. What we must do in the religious world is not to take things as they are. In fact, we go the reverse and unnatural way. The rule is that we have to give up this world. This is very difficult for people of the Western world to comprehend because they don't want to give up anything. They want to hang on to this world. So we must understand indemnity, which is the law of the religious world.

The goal of all people is to return back to their original position. In order to do that we have to pay indemnity. To be restored we must first pay indemnity. What is the dispensation for salvation? It is the path of restoration. To be saved means to be restored, isn't that true? The only way we can do that is by paying a price which means paying indemnity. Why is that? Satan exists and we have to severe our relations with him. We see plenty of examples in the religious world where people are called upon to sacrifice, persevere, serve others and endure great difficulties.

Most religions began on a good path, but as they continued they lost sight of this very important principle. Then they stopped serving others. We see that Jesus consistently and clearly taught people to go through difficulties, be persecuted, and to be grateful for that. He told his followers to serve others and to love their enemies. Ordinary human beings don't want to do any of these things, yet these are exactly the things Jesus stressed that people should do. It is because of the need for indemnity. No one can be elevated spiritually, without paying indemnity.

The most extreme example of Jesus' teaching on this subject was, "Those who want to die for my sake will live, while those who want to live will lose their lives." How paradoxical this has seemed to many people. What has Satan been doing to fallen people? He has taken possession of their lives and unless they are ready to give up their satanic life, they cannot be claimed by God. This teaching of Jesus seems shocking at first: those who want to live will die. People wonder why Jesus would say such a thing.

Why is it that the first-born must take the position of the second-born? Those who are first born eventually become proud of themselves, just as many religious people forget their need for indemnity and become arrogant. Then the second-born, who is more humble, would become the first-born. That is Cain's position here. Those who are born second-in other words, Abel, who then takes the elder's position-must raise and serve Cain. But if Abel instead wants to be served by Cain it becomes a problem. Then Abel will go down to the position of Cain.

We see this even among the members of the Unification Church. Those who were blessed first, such as the 36 Couples, must also abide by this rule. Holding themselves up proudly, thinking, "I am always greater than others because I was among the first," they violate this principle. Restoration is the same as re-creation. This is the formula. This concept is of course not yet understood by other religious people within the traditional religious framework. We are the first ones to understand this concept clearly.

When God created the world, He first created the environment. The first thing we notice about this environment is the plus and minus relationship, or the relationship of subject and object. There is always subject and object. Let's take a look at all existence, including the mineral realm. There is an element of plus and the element of minus-male and female-in all living beings. These two take reciprocal positions and thus when they become one, this one eventually becomes minus and this one eventually becomes plus (pointing to drawing on blackboard). We must understand the law of re-creation. Creation was done according to a certain law, and likewise, re-creation follows the same law or formula.

Here in our church, we observe in our environment of re-creation that, of course, there is one in the subject position, the plus, who is Reverend Moon. All of you are in the corresponding position as object. We understand Father's words only very conceptually. In the world of creation, every young being just born, have no preconceived ideas. In God's creation, all beings were just waiting to be created by God. We have no idea of what we are going to be, what we want to be, or anything. The created object does not have any concept of its existence. It begins with a zero concept. Do you understand?

Here the created object has no preferences, no preoccupations. They are just obedient, absolutely obedient to God, accepting whatever He will make of me, or him, or her. God, or in this case Father, may make someone stand upside down and he would stay upside down until he was put right side up again. We have no concept of what is convenient or inconvenient. This is the zero concept. We are waiting to be re-created.

We are just like earthenware. When the potter molds the clay, he does whatever he wishes. Whatever he wishes to do with the clay, he molds it that way. Likewise, we must do that. Here, the one who is subject always invests. Nothing comes automatically. He invests with a lot of sweat and energy. In the early times of the Unification Church, people may have said, "Oh, Reverend Moon just uses that principle because he wants to form a dictatorship. He just wants to hush up everybody else so that he can do as he wishes." But after twenty years, this principle is still enduring. We know that this is the way re-creation is done.

Here is an absolute plus. The minus must become an absolute minus before it can become valuable. When it has too many of its own ideas, then it negates that much of the subject's idea. Father's work cannot be done by the criticism of Harvard graduates or by those who are so-called educated persons, saying, "Reverend Moon, you are wrong. You should do it this way." It doesn't work that way. We must be like babies at the mother's breast. All we need to do is drink plenty of milk. Drink up Father's words like mother's milk. That is the best we can do to grow up healthy and strong.

We must remind ourselves this morning how much we have been complaining without realizing the consequences. When you complain that way, you are acting like the cousin of Satan! Who can say, "Father, I am far from Satan. I am not related in any way with Satan!" Raise your hands, if you have that much confidence. (Someone raises his hand.) He may not understand English! It is an unmistakable standard. Why is Father pointing this out? It is so you can understand clearly what your life should be, as well as what your life was before.

When God is re-creating something and the satanic world rises up in revolt against Him, trying to stop His work, what can God do? The only thing He can do is persevere. He pretends He was not revolted against and just keeps His silence.

Here we have raw material. No matter how the subject kneads or molds it, that raw material should not express ideas of his own. He must just keep silent and wait. So God allows all this persecution, this revolt, to happen to the righteous and religious people so that they can experience it and they won't want to do the same thing to God. So God does not necessarily think of persecution as a bad thing. The guy who endures that kind of persecution doesn't have any concept of his own. No matter how hard Satan pushes against him, he will not move, he will not take any action.

He becomes an original resource like land. He becomes an original point. No matter what Satan puts in front of him, he will not budge. God can use that kind of resource to begin a new creation. This is the Principle, yet there is no one in the traditional religious world who understands this concept. How much happier are we who do.

Our mind and body are separated, as yet, and they struggle against each other almost all the time. You know the relationship between your mind and body-the body should always follow the mind, but that doesn't happen. Satan gets hold of this body and acts as the plus, whereas the mind is the original plus. You have these two pluses repelling each other. We must understand that the only way for an individual to become united, which is what we must achieve, is for his body to always, in every situation, listen to his mind. That is the only way. Yet there is no minister or traditional Christian evangelist who understands this clear idea and preaches it. No one is doing that.

The man whose mind and body became united is now ready to meet the higher plus, in this case, to form a marriage relationship. Such a family will gather together and act as the minus to the greater plus of the tribe. They must become one with the tribe, and then the united tribe will take the minus position to the country or nation, which is the plus. Then the united nation will become one with the whole world in the plus position. The whole united world will become one with the spirit world and eventually will form unity with God. All these plus and minus, subject and object relationships are involved.

God is the King of the universe, isn't He? Therefore, His children, Adam and Eve, and also our own children for that matter, will become God's own princes and princesses. And then their offspring-no matter how many millions and billions they come to number-will occupy this position, once we are restored. Originally we were, just like our own True Parents, meant to be born as princes and princesses of God Himself. This is why we all have that desire. Every one of us has that desire to be God's prince or God's princess.

How this works is through True Love, as we already know. Through True Love, we become completely united within ourselves, and then one with God. Through this love relationship with God, we are part of God. That means we are princes and princesses of God, the great Almighty King.

Human beings do not have any ideals which were not meant to be attained. All human dreams and ideals, which are shared by all people, are meant to be attained and fulfilled through the achievement of True Love. Complete unity within yourself and your family will completely unite your clan. That clan wants to move the nation and the world. That is a legitimate desire for human beings. Man is born to be like that. Of course, we are not talking about the fallen world's standards where people simply wish to center on himself or herself. We know we must go beyond that. In the legal world of God, each person is supposed to achieve his true desires.

We must understand that though we happen to be in the Unification Church, it didn't actually just happen automatically. We have a vast background in our ancestry which allowed us to join the Unification Church. We have a strong basis to stand on especially because of Father's work after we joined. You are standing on the vast foundation-both visible and invisible-of True Parents' work and investment. You should appreciate and live up to that standard. To do this, you have to enhance your own character, don't just passively follow but understand Father's words and improve your character and raise yourself up.

As I pointed out, restoration is the same as re-creation. God first created the environment. In the environment the first thing we notice is plus and minus. The smaller plus and minus will become united and then search for unity with a larger plus. When that unity is achieved, they move on to search for unity with a higher level of plus, moving up and up until they finally reach all the way to God. That formula applies right here in the fallen world. We have to go back up. In order to do that, since we are traveling backwards, we have to indemnify the past. We have to pay a price.

For the person who is at the bottom of the hierarchy to move up from his Cain position, he has to serve others. It cannot be done easily. He has to resemble True Parents and God Himself in their actions of service. God's method is to invest everything all the time, to serve and forget it, meanwhile enduring persecution. That is the same method a person must use in order to elevate himself spiritually higher and higher. Every time we endure difficulties, we must be grateful that God loves us so much that He wants to lift us up. That is what happens in the Unification Church. When God looks at us being persecuted, how indignant and angry He must feel towards those who are persecuting His own sons and daughters, or those who are on the way to becoming His sons and daughters. By this standard of reaching to heaven, what is your opinion? Do you think anybody here deserves to go to heaven? Is there anybody here who really invests so much, like God Himself, for his own younger or elder brothers? Do you think there is someone like that who is eligible to go to heaven? We are all in the process of going that way, aren't we?

Are these new words, saying that Heaven is empty today? We know that it is true. There may be Paradise. God didn't create heaven to be empty. God wants to fill up Heaven. With whom? With such people as I have described here. That is the law of creation.

We see that the dispensation to save mankind means the dispensation to restore mankind. That means we must be re-created in order to reach God. To initiate the re-creation system in our lives, paying indemnity is necessary. You have to memorize this: the providential way is the restoration course, and that means the indemnity course. We absolutely need indemnity because we have to go the reverse way. Satan took a powerful authority over the father's position, mother's position and elder son's position. These in turn built their country over God's base. Now, the younger Abel brother appeared. Satan knows that and says, "Do you want the original world? You have to go back to the original position." You can't have any concept when faced with the task of Abel. To do that, you can have no concept of America, no idea of culture, language, skin color or race. You must be at the zero point. Until you reach the zero point, you cannot achieve the re-creation of yourself. Do you follow me? This is the formula!

The first thing we should remember in all circumstances is that indemnity is the key. Through indemnity, we are elevated. Father even told us why: because this is the original order of the creation, which didn't last very long because of the fall of Adam and Eve. Therefore, God has to start from where we are now and lift us up from the bottom to a new position on top. He must apply the indemnity law, in order to do that, .

Satan is now in the plus position, while the sons and daughters who need to be restored are in the object position to him. So Satan exercises his full right and power, saying, "You obey me." But then the person who is working for restoration will work and serve others and say, "I cannot obey you because I am from God." Also, if God tries to lift up someone and tells him to go through the indemnity course and that person responds, "No, I don't want to. I'll revolt against that," then he is not material that can be re-created.

Abel doesn't have any concept of "Abel's position." That cannot be the original resource place. How can we find the original resource? Satan is against the original concept. Satan says, "You belong to me. You cannot go restoration course." God cannot recreate a person who thinks that way.

God Himself has been persecuted until now. Can we believe that God has been persecuted? Furthermore, God could not utter a word about it. Look at what billions of traditional Christians today are believing and praying: "God just wipe out all evil and let goodness prevail." They pray that way and they think God can do things that way. But we know that God cannot do that because He has to abide by this law which He created, His original law of creation.

Jesus himself was killed and paid so much indemnity and those early Christians were persecuted so severely that they were even thrown to the lions and eaten alive. All that happened and God could not interfere. How angry do you think God felt to see those things? But did God do anything to stop it? No. He persevered and encouraged all the religious men and women to persevere. Today, although we are not being thrown into the lions' den, we are persecuted. When we are in the process of being re-created, we do not revolt against God. The good raw material is even willing to die and to offer its life. That means that each individual, as the raw material which God is going to reshape, cannot say, "God, I don't want You to do that with me." Again, this illustrates the concept of, "Whoever is seeking to live, will die." We must say, "Yes, God do whatever You will." Then we illustrate the person who is willing to die and who will instead find his life. Who of you wishes to be that way? Raise your hands if you have that willingness. Naturally, you understand that this is the law of indemnity.

Why is it so necessary? We can understand this: It is so that we can separate from Satan. Do you think Satan will leave you when you are comfortable? Satan will hold on to you until you die. When even Satan helps in the re-creation process which God is doing, then that serves the indemnity conditions for Satan himself. Even Satan can establish conditions by which he helps God to recreate. I have said these words very easily, just as you have heard all my sermons, but this law, this very point, has been hidden up till now. Nobody knew this except God, Satan, and Reverend Moon.

What do you think, does Father belong to Satan or to God? What is your opinion? It is God! When someone belongs to God, then that person must do as God does. He cannot help but do that. Reverend Moon was put into prison and never complained to anyone, not to Satan and certainly not to God. He did his very best to recreate them, investing all he had to serve the prison inmates to such a point that even Satan bowed down to him saying, "I have no claim over you." As I said many times, we start from the individual level to the family, clan, nation, all the way through the cosmos up to God. We know, there are eight steps in all. When did you fulfill those eight stages of indemnity? You didn't. Only Father fulfilled those eight stages, and you are privileged now to become a part of it. You must understand this.

Let us learn a great lesson from history. The Israelites were following Moses who was suffering a great deal and having lots of difficulty. The people following Moses should have thought to themselves, "Well, Moses is suffering that much so I must also suffer, in fact I must suffer even more." If the people had had such an attitude and had not complained, being ready to sacrifice even more than they were called upon to do, the Israelite nation would be ruling the world and more today.

Therefore, when we are being persecuted like this, we should not give in to Satan and say, "I will not do God's work anymore so please don't persecute me." We must be willing even to die, to go beyond everything, in order for Satan to release us. Then God can reclaim us. This is where we begin True Love. We must go beyond that threshold. After going that far and being released from Satan, then we can start exercising True Love. That is what we all must do. This means we must sacrifice for the sake of somebody other than myself. We must do more and forget about it. When you invest with your life and you don't die, you should forget that investment. Then be ready to do even more and more. True Love begins at that point or threshold. Otherwise we cannot go along our course.

Here is the crossroads. The elder son becomes the second son and the second son becomes the elder. This is not coercive or compulsory subjugation. Satan must be subjugated willingly; he must say, "Yes, you are my Abel." The world believed at one time that Reverend Moon was the worst of all dictators, the king of dictators. They talked about that and imagined it was true. Maybe they were right in one respect. Everybody in the world under the satanic domain is a dictator himself. Satan is the king of dictators, but he is about to be eaten up by a greater dictator than those who follow his lead who are dictators. So maybe they can call Father the greatest dictator. Do you understand? That means they are dictators themselves. That's why they are afraid. They somehow connect everything bad to Reverend Moon-bad concepts and every bad thing you can imagine. But if Father negates that and tries to confront them squarely, then Father must give up the world of re-creation. Then they are no longer the resource material to be re-created. Father cannot make them like that. Father must stay silent and not confronting them. Silently he overcomes, and step by step he is getting closer and closer to God's throne. God is in the plus position at that time and Reverend Moon is in the complete minus position, connecting and making the world into one. Father took on that cause for his whole lifetime. He has been working the restoration course with that kind of attitude continually. The whole world can reach restoration with that kind of attitude.

This morning we have all the leaders not only from this country, but also the leaders of the world-wide mission countries. This one point we must not mistake. We must have a clear understanding of what it takes to restore or re-create. It is only through indemnity. Why indemnity? First Cain and Abel become completely one, then they become one with their mother Eve. The mother is plus and all the brothers and sisters are objects. The mother and all the family would become one with yet a bigger plus, representing Adam. When they become one together, this big minus will become one with the biggest plus, representing God. Even Satan is testing us to see whether we are qualified to be the material which will be re-created. Satan will test us first. If we revolt against it because we don't want to suffer, they say, "Oh, you failed to become the material to be molded again by your new creator." Satan will say to God, "I tested him and he always revolts, so he is not ready to become material to be re-created. So, God, please put him in the furnace again and then I will take him out again and try."

We must understand that those who have gone through this indemnity more than their own share, will later be raised up as the model case of restoration history. That person later becomes the model. Just like Job in the Bible. We see the story of Job in the Old Testament. He was persecuted, denied and negated to a ridiculous extent, but he never uttered one word of complaint. He always said, "Yes, Yes" to God, and then God later was able to give him the greatest blessings. By this yardstick, has America become such a moldable material after World War II? We are talking about the second Israelites' domain. The second Israelites, which is the Christendom represented by America, is in the bride's position. The absolute plus to the bride is the bridegroom. The bride has to take the absolute minus position, which is the no-concept position.

Have America and the free world now taken that kind of attitude? No. This is the problem. All over the world, Americans are trying to lead, thinking that they are connected to God. Yet, people want to kick out Americans. They are going a different way from the formula so America cannot reach the completion place. They will go down to dungeon of hell. Israel and the Roman Catholic church were in the same situation. England was in the same situation. They controlled the whole world at a certain time but they didn't take the complete minus position, they did not reach that kind of attitude. They remained a plus. Ultimately they turned around to Satan's position. Do you understand? You have to know this formula, the original point.

The traditional Christians would be right and God could do His will overnight, if God did not have to follow this law of indemnity. Of course, this is not true. God could put Satan into the dungeon of hell right away. Did God do that? "Oh, Lord, you have come on the clouds and we are waiting to serve you." That is nonsense. Do you understand this formula clearly?

Indemnity, why indemnity? It is because restoration means we must go through the reverse path. Look at the valuable tradition of America itself. They started from being persecuted by the so-called Orthodox church. The Protestant church fled to America and paid a lot of indemnity through suffering, loosing many lives. They set this tradition. We must understand that the American forefathers were proud not to be outdone by what they considered to be an evil, morally corrupt religion, namely the Catholic Church. They took great pride in being Protestants. America was successful doing that and God approved of it.

So right here (referring to the drawing on the board), when Eve becomes one, she will not go back to fallen Adam. She will instead come to this true Adam, and in doing that, she comes to crossroads. We must deny ourselves, at the crossroads. Without denying ourselves, we certainly cannot go to God. Even Satan does not welcome that. Do you understand?

If we do not go through this course while on earth then we must continue in the spirit world, and this takes much more time and effort. Let us determine the greatness of our sons and daughters not by any other standard except this formula standard: whether he or she is fulfilling this formula or not. There is no way we can go to heaven without going through this principle. Take Father for example. In Korea, Father is considered to be the man of all men. He is a real, real man. Everybody sort of understands that. The closer he lives with them, the better they understand him. He can wrestle better, he is smarter, he can sacrifice more and he is handsome, too! (Laughter)

Then Father sees his disciples, brothers and sisters who are kidnapped, deprogrammed and "brainwashed" by their own parents. This is unheard of in history. All these things cause Father to feel very angry, and he wants to retaliate against them. But why did he keep silent? He kept silent and everybody felt, "Well, he must be doing something wrong." But Father was following the formula way of investing, forgetting, investing and forgetting. Father could not take the way of retaliation or reaction, because of the formula. Is that clear to you? Can you take the same attitude as Father? Can you be persecuted and not retaliate? This is such a difficult way. How difficult? Very. How much? A hundred times. Can you do that? You have to understand this clearly from now on.

When Satan strikes us and we persevere, we stay put so that we can pass his test. How do you respond, when Father assails us? Do you say, "Oh, that's Satan! I revolt!" Should you revolt? We should not say anything or revolt, when Satan strikes us. When Father assails us, even more, we should not say anything. Does Father assails you because he hates you? No, it is so that he can bring you something better than what you have. Or to save you. Did you know Father is known to be the person who professes and preaches and at the same time uses a lot of four-letter words? (Laughter) I don't know if "four-letter words" is correct, but anyway, the words he uses are very strong. Yok in Korean means "calling names." Father can really call names! To professors, to anybody. Believe it or not, some professors, say, "Ha, Ha, we professors really deserve to be called names. We are nothing. We are fakes." Those who say such a thing, will be blessed directly from God. Those who revolt against Reverend Moon, "Oh, he criticized me so harshly, he must be a fake," lose everything.

Father was put into prison, for which Father was very indignant-we all know that. I took the right attitude, every time God put me into jail. I never, ever uttered a word of complaint or revolted against it but persevered and planned ahead. Then God always gave me the bigger reward after I came out of prison. When Reverend Moon was put into prison and God asked Satan, "Did he revolt?" Satan said, "No, he didn't, he just stayed put." When God asked, "Don't you think Reverend Moon deserves something?" Satan had to answer, "Yes, yes indeed." So God could raise up Father and Satan could not say anything.

In fact, Satan had to sign the paper to authorize Reverend Moon to rise up. The same principle applies to you. We have a lot of Ph.D.'s and you know they are all head-heavy. They have a lot of ideas in their heads and are very unbalanced. (Laughter) And they don't have the right concepts all the time either. They have a lot of enemy concepts. But even those Ph.D.'s don't have to worry about it. Understand these principles, and you can kick off your burden and go straight to heaven. Only Father can explain it like this. Right? Father has the authority and know-how to do that. Because, literally, no one can enter into heaven unless he understands the Principle which Reverend Moon teaches. It is not difficult, but simple. In this perspective, this very important criteria, you be the judge: do you think there will be a larger population going to heaven here in America, in China or in those nations where the people are starving every day? More people are potentially going to heaven from where: America, China or the Third World? (The Third World.) By this principle, yes. Americans think this way, "I want to go to heaven. Where is my heaven?" But instead of going forward they are going backward, and they don't even know.

How can we change them? That is the problem. Nobody understood this kind of formula. "I don't need that. Only Unification Church members need that. American people don't need to know that. It is not valuable." But this principle applies universally and not only to the Unification Church.

What does it mean to be saved? It means to be restored. How are we to be restored? By indemnity. By restoration through indemnity. Invest and forget. Move on to higher levels. Otherwise, there is no way. The restoration course means indemnity. American people don't want to do that.

Second generation, do you also understand? This applies to you too. You have to follow your parents absolutely. People of high religions and blessed couples too, with no exception, must leave home and suffer for the achievement of the goal. In the truest sense, they are actually not even entitled to get married. But for the first time, within the Unification Church and because of this foundation, Father has been teaching differently, hasn't he? He is saying, "You must get married in order to get into the Kingdom of Heaven." Also, instead of leaving home, go back to your home and work there. This is the other way around from the traditional religious teaching. That is why these religious people call Father a heretic. That means Father is now completing the earlier history and beginning the first page of the new history.

What higher ideal or ambition can you have than to say, "I am going to get married now centering on God and True Parents. And for the first time in history, I am going to go to my God-centered home." Home means that we have to have a home town. You don't have a home town now. It was always Satan's hometown and not God's hometown. God's hometown is appearing, from now on. What greater dream is there than this? We must know the formula.

We must understand how precious the Blessing is. Before the Blessing can come into existence, we must have Parents. We cannot be Blessed, if we do not have Parents. Now Father has instructed Reverend Kwak and he is working very hard. Father suggested through Reverend Kwak to all religious leaders, to launch a new movement where all the religious denominations will get together and resolve; "Let us bring them all together through marriage." Not just in their own denominations, but among all the different religions. Immediately those religious leaders were thinking, "If that happens, I will be ruined by the Unification Church." But I felt differently. I said, "No, not ruined by the Unification Church." Father is going to share this Blessing to all around the world and not keep it just in the Unification Church. (Applause)

When Father finishes teaching this, Father's role as initiator of the Federation of World Religions will have been accomplished. It is up to them to listen, but Father is welcoming them to follow Father. Father knows the time. Father knows exactly what he is speaking to them. If Father does not encourage the celibate Catholic priests and nuns to marry now, as well as the Buddhist monks in monasteries, they will very soon become the arena of free sex. When the Buddhist and Catholic religion brings hundreds of thousands, even millions, of monks and nuns to get married, then they will come alive and they will find the goals of their religion.

A lot of Catholic priests are getting married anyway. Why is that? The time has come so that their mind is pulled in that direction. Father understands them clearly. When a person stands up against the low tide, he is okay, he can still get air. But when the high tide comes in and he still tries to stand up, what can he do? The only thing he can do is drink the water. He can't help it. He has to back down so that he won't be drowned. They have to keep backing up and backing up, if they don't want to get married . Still the tide will come in high. That's the situation today.

The champion of this exchanging is the Messiah. He knows how to exchange and when to exchange the individual level, family, tribal, society, national, world, cosmic and God's level. No one can return to God, without taking that exchanging way.

This law is so practical that we can even apply it to today's situation. Let's take the example of America. There is a practice of denying our own family members, our own father and mother, and going alone. Denying everything. If one accepts the precious relationship of father and mother and the value of family, America would go to heaven overnight. We are in the transition time. The Messiah wants that kind of exchanging place. First deny, like we are denying today and then turn around and meet the bride and groom. That person is then in a position to go to heaven because he is all alone.

This morning Father was speaking in greater detail than this, but Father is just giving us his conclusion: there is a great deal of incest going on in today's America, which has some historical basis. There were very close relations with Zecharias' family, in Jesus' family. Of course God wanted to go in a certain positive direction, but it didn't happen. Rather, it went in a negative direction, which is culminating today. Jesus was supposed to marry Zecharias' daughter, the younger sister of John the Baptist, who was also Jesus' own half-sister. So God intended that very close relationship. Do you follow? America today is reflecting this in a perverted way. That transition time, if it had been done right, would have led right into heaven. But it didn't happen and instead we have seen 2,000 years of history, which is today manifesting in such a negative manner in modern America. But even that could change overnight if we go in God's direction. Even that is not beyond restoration.

We might say that twelve o'clock sharp would be the deadline, but who understands when it is exactly twelve o'clock? Standing where we are and then turning around 180 degrees will point us towards perfection. But how can you be confident? Father is teaching the Divine Principle to you and through that you can be confident to take the right direction. Why did I ask all you Blessed couples to raise your hands earlier? It is because Blessed couples should have gone through this path before you got blessed, but didn't. As it is, you already got Blessed, but you have to go through this principle the same way.

Father already explained as a general rule, that Champumonim means Parents in the plus position. Chupokijong is Blessed couples in the minus position. Obedience means to become completely one and united. If my mind and body fight all the time, and my wife's mind and body fight all the time, and my wife and I fight all the time, we can never become one. We can never become the true minus for the big plus. We cannot. When a family becomes like that, they will become exempt. While Father is still alive here on earth is the very time where we have to fulfill this. We will have no recourse in the spirit world, if we don't do this. There is no second way of doing this. When someone will shout out in a big voice, "All Blessed couples present here, are we going to listen to Parents or not," what would the answer be? Would it be yes or no? (YES!) When you say yes, does that mean, "Yes, Father, I have my own concept and my son has his own concept"?

Those members of the four position foundation must forget every concept. Remember only the zero point. Do you understand? No matter how Father is teaching, we must follow everything. Otherwise, you cannot follow the way of re-creation.

This is our new resolution. But what about all the past? Many of you Blessed members have been Blessed for ten or more years. What kind of attitude have you been taking up till now? Compare it with this formula. Have you taken the position of this absolute zero point? Yes or no? Not just as individuals but as families. Then when we stand in the corresponding position to this plus as the perfect minus, a tribal messiah, we must assume this plus position and teach all the other families in this tribe. Then you fulfill the role of tribal messiah. Standing upon that, you become the tribal messiah.

This is absolute. You must exercise your absoluteness because you cannot bend the Principle. Otherwise we lose all the families in our tribe. Is there any real way for America to go to heaven, if we really practice tribal messiahship in this country of America? There are eight steps. Father starts from the individual level and goes all the way to cosmos and God. As we see, everybody opposes the individual while he is building the foundation and making the family. But after that, they give in. That means God's realm becomes so much wider, so many walls have been knocked out.

So this is the realm. You saw already, even though you don't hear any explanation, this is what it has become step by step . After the confrontation between communism and democracy is over, then the whole area becomes God's domain where we can go up or down as we please, and God can live anywhere we may be. This is the Completed Testament era. This is not the New Testament era anymore. This is center. There is only one vertical center. All eyes are watchful for Reverend Moon's going and coming. So this is where it is happening. Here the whole horizontal level can come up to an equal basis on the horizontal level and can be restored. It is very quick, very fast, en masse. In other words, Father knocked the wall down on all these eight levels, from individual to family and all the way up to the cosmic world. God could not travel here freely because there was no highway for Him, but now Father made one, and God always followed Father in his wake. God could follow, wherever Father went and wherever he knocked down the walls. Now God can travel freely back and forth in this realm.

Father wanted to open this door wide and give women the opportunity to stand on the same level, equal to Father. Therefore, he initiated the Women's Federation. Through this, each family now has this chance. The woman, or the mother of that family, is the bride and is ready to meet the groom. Once she meets the groom, this family can stand the same way as Father's own family stands. God can live there just as well as you. It took thousands of years of foundation and Father's own forty years of fierce struggle to reach here. Not everybody has to go the most difficult way. Instead, Father is going to deploy that foundation horizontally. All five billion people on earth can quickly be restored. This is why heaven on earth can be formed quickly.

This can also be achieved on the national and world level. This is everybody's dream and desire. Sons and daughters will come together, and centering on the mother, they will meet the Messiah, the bridegroom. Then they will follow his wake and God can live in every family, with all five billion people of the world. Humankind had an earlier chance, as we know, right after World War II. That time, it was the national and world level, not even the family level, where England was in the mother's role and position. America was Abel and France was Cain. If they became one and met the bridegroom-to-come, then the whole world could have been united overnight. This family type level of unity could have come and heaven on earth could have been achieved at that time. Seven years is what Father figured it would take. But it did not happen. They opposed the coming of Reverend Moon.

Father has been providing a ready explanation. Of all the countries, America was in the highest position in the whole world. It had experienced phenomenal success and was at its peak. Only forty years later did America come down. Why? The Christian world started under persecution. No matter how difficult it was, they reached the position to overcome the world base. They had that kind of course but God protected them and raised them up. After World War II, the whole world was in a unified position under those three countries. Why have we seen that the free world under the Christian leadership has come down in the past forty years? Satan is taking them down, diminishing them to the dungeon of hell. Why? Nobody so far has been able to explain. The Christian world was the bride's base and foundation. After the creation, God has been taking the providential way. He invested hundreds of thousands of years, a long time making the bride position on the world level. That was established and completed after World War II. Those nations with a mission have to meet the Messiah. The Messiah is not a country leader or a powerful dictator, nor some kind of Olympic marathon champion. He doesn't have anything, only zero, zero.

With Jesus it was the same. At that time, Judaism and the nation of Israel were eager to meet their Messiah. The Messiah appeared and he proclaimed himself. The people heard rumors. They went to check Jesus, to analyze and understand him. He was an illegitimate child. He had no father! At that time, the Israel law authorized the stoning to death of women who committed adultery. Rumors spread all over the country, "Jesus was born as the result of illicit love. No matter how famous he is, how can he possibly be the Messiah?" The Israelites paid so much sacrifice to receive the Messiah, during forty years. His coming had that kind of value. But after he came, even the girls surrounding Jesus didn't want to marry him. It was a miserable situation.

Compare the present with 2,000 years ago. Judaism now says Jesus was a heretic and that he was not the Messiah. Among the Israelites, only ten percent are Christian. After 2,000 years they feel that way so how could those who were contemporaries of Jesus believe in him? The Messiah was supposed to be Israel's king. First, Cain and Abel should have welcomed Jesus' position. Did the leader of the Israelites do that? The Old Testament taught that Elijah would come down to the earth before the Messiah appeared. Elijah was expected to descend from the sky. All the religious believers believed in that kind of concept. Think about it. Elijah was to descend from the heavens to the earth. Elijah didn't appear like that. Jesus' disciples went out and preached everywhere and then John the Baptist's disciples asked them, "You say that your teacher is the Messiah, but Malachi has written that before the Messiah appears we will see Elijah. Elijah hasn't appeared, so how can you say that your teacher is the Messiah?" Every time they rejected Jesus' disciples, spitting on them.

We see the same situation today. Now at the time of the Second Advent, all the Christian world is believing and expecting to see Jesus coming back to the earth from the sky. They have the same concept as those in the past. They are expecting a king of earthly power, a man of absolute power. Satan cannot stand in front of that kind of Messiah. Think about it. That's like indemnity. The Old Testament disappeared. In this time, success will come in the same way. Jesus did not appear on the clouds, descending to the earth. Just as John the Baptist came in the role of Elijah, if John the Baptist had followed Jesus absolutely, then the country could have followed and the whole nation would have been quickly connected and dedicated themselves. No problem.

The situation surrounding Father has the same meaning. Only one man appeared with no foundation. Korea had no foundation at that time, only one man. There were many churches making preparation. For what? The whole Christian world was making preparation for the Second Advent. Who is the Second Advent? The Messiah, Reverend Moon. Those three nations were like the three wise men at Jesus' time who brought gifts. Those three visited me, saying, "All countries, all the world is dedicated to you. Please do your will freely." Can they do that? Is that an easy way or difficult way? American people like to say, "Easy way." Those three wise men who bowed down and represented all mankind, was that the easy way or difficult way? Nobody was treated the same way that Father was when he came here.

After forty years, no matter how much people opposed Reverend Moon, they did not tear him down. Now all around the world, those who made proclamations against him crashed down. Nothing can stand before the teachings of Reverend Moon. People everywhere recognize this. Look at the people in the former Soviet Union. Many leaders on the national level are receiving the four days training program. They are being completely won over and are turning around completely from their former ways. They denied God before, but now they are receiving and believing in God. They are following behind Reverend Moon. Think about that. This truth has already completely covered the world. America, representing one side of the world, has been standing in the God-centered position and is now against me. The other side, formerly the side which denied God, is welcoming Reverend Moon. Which side will take the upper position? America was first, but is now lost.

In the time of Jesus' crucifixion, there was a thief on the left side and thief on the right. One side represented the communist world, the other side represented the free world. The Islam world was represented by Barabbas'. The time of the Second Coming is the time to unify those three. Isn't that true? At that time, the three thieves represented the world foundation. Jesus was not able to make completion in his time. In these Last Days, we have to make the completion. God wants to see the re-creation starting point. Do you understand? Father did it through the organizations he founded. The Federation for World Peace and also through the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. The two organizations represent body and mind respectively. The Federation for World Peace represents the political world. Those two combine with Reverend Moon at the center. It is as if the position of mind and body are connecting. Also the communist world, Christian world and Muslim world were brought together on April 10, 1992. Eight country leaders from Islam came together and were blessed by Father. This is making a new order. Communist world members, Islam world members, and free world members were together embracing at that place. That means the condition was fulfilled which was established at the time of Jesus on the cross. At this time those thieves disappeared. After that, the unified world is starting.

To become the Lord of Second Advent is to continue to do what Jesus did and make the free world and communist world come into unity and harmony. That was Jesus' mission. One side is plus and one is minus. Satan is denying the harmony between these two sides. Now Father must bring these two worlds into unity. The situation in Korea is the same. North Korea and South Korea are divided. South Korea the free side should be the plus. The communist world should be the minus. Between the Israelites and Arabs-the Arabs think they are the plus. This is on the religious base. God's ideal is for one to become a plus and one to become a minus. There is no one in the whole world who can unite these two. No one except Reverend Moon. This is why Reverend Moon gave George Bush a proposal for how this could be done. But he did not listen and he is no longer in power.

Father told him, "We must have a model nation to play the model role to show after uniting these two worlds. And this is the way you must do it." But Bush did not listen at all.

Jesus' physical body was separated from his spirit body. In the same way, unity must be brought in Asia between the spiritual and physical world. Only Reverend Moon can do that. America and Asia are coming this way and they meet right where Korea is today. We know it is inevitable because Jesus lost his physical body in the East. That situation is now restored in the East. That's why we say, "Today we are living in the 'Pacific Era'."

This is the realm of Christianity (drawn on board). They must become one with us. To unify is more or less Father's entire work. Father must unite the inside and the outside, creating unity everywhere. Where is the world going to go? The answer is simple. The solution to the problems of the world and the new direction of the world is the family unit. When the family unit comes into this model, everything is completed. We don't have to do anything more. The solutions to the ultimate problems of the world rest on the family unit. Father has already given us a very simple way to achieve this. We had many chances to achieve this on the national level before but they all failed. Now we are doing it through family restoration. Father has already achieved all the formulas to connect the different levels of the clan, world and cosmos. Therefore, we must do tribal messiahship. This is exactly what the world rests on. That will automatically indemnify the Old Testament Era, the New Testament Era, and the failures of both those eras. This is the time when we are in the first page of the Completed Testament Era. Its essence is family and tribal messiahship.

In tribal messiahship, which Father toiled so much to achieve, people can now partake in a very easy way. Even though the family is not united and opposes the Parents, Father still forgives them and lets them stand in the same position on this horizontal line. Any family that unites with Father, centering on their mother, can now achieve instant unity and instant Kingdom of Heaven. This is the formula that works.

Now check on yourself. Have your mind and body become united according to this formula of re-creation; compare your own mind and body. There is always a plus and minus concept. It is because the Creator has these two concepts. Mind is what, plus or minus? (Plus.) Body is what? (Minus.) But after the fall, the body came to take the plus position. Behind the unity of mind and body is the authority and power over the family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. There appeared only one man in the Abel position, on God's side. How can the plus and minus positions be used to restore the cosmos? The political world hits the religious world. Is that true? That is a problem. How can they unite? You didn't find the Messiah. You cannot make a completion of your creation purpose without the Messiah. You have to absolutely understand that you need the Messiah, the True Parents.

True Parents means understanding the contents of the different positions. Please understand this. It is like being a doctor. This is a course where you must analyze everything. No matter how difficult it is, after hearing the Divine Principle you have to control your body with your mind. Otherwise you cannot stand in front of God. Do you understand? What about those of you in the back of the room? Yes or no? (Yes.) When you say "Yes," it means "Jesus" in Korean.

How can I unify myself? This is the most central problem and the hardest homework for everybody on God's side. Your enemy is your own body. The enemy's kingdom is your body. It is the military site for your enemy. Do you understand? A woman's body is her enemy and a man's body is his enemy. Those bodies like Satan's way, Satanic attitudes and satanic habits are ingrained in the body. Satan likes free sex. Sexual action is Satan's ideal. That power breaks down God's foundation. The physical body likes free sex. Those who follow that way are part of Satan's brood.

You have to know yourself clearly. You are now restoring history going toward eternal life. How can you stop that satanic way and cut away? Push out Satan. Push your body out of the ring. Make a plus and minus unity and after that you will increase and make advancement. Using this formula you will occupy God centering on True Love. Connect with the subject up and down, and all will become one centered on True Love. The center root goes up and down but it has unchanging value. Man's ambition is to get to that point, "I want to occupy God."

No matter how absolute and great God is, God absolutely needs True Love. Which is more strong: God or True Love? Even though God is the absolute being, He absolutely needs True Love. You never knew that concept of God's absolute True Love. God wants absolute love and obedience.

God's children will become couples and marry. God teaches them, "You have to completely unify centering on True Love. Otherwise, I don't like it." That is how God teaches His children. Children ask, "Father, you teach us that we absolutely have to obey True Love, so how about you?" He says, "Of course, of course, me too." God says, "I need partnership." Do you understand? Father is a lonely guy. Does Reverend Moon have that True Love or not? No love power can appear alone. You cannot feel, imagine or act on that strong power. The eyeballs work in partnership. What kind of power creates such phenomena? Not just one, which would be phenomenon, but five senses, which is phenomena. That's true. Right?

When Mother says, "I want to take your hand", how wonderful it is. The vertical position comes first, then turning around and there is the horizontal position. This dance is the ideal contents course, with one upward motion and the next downward motion. The high level peak meets the lower level peak. The dance step moves fast and then slow and it is a good feeling. You have all ridden a roller coaster, haven't you? It's very exciting. How many degrees is the angle that the roller coaster goes up? It goes up and then drops down at almost a ninety degree angle! You scream when you fall, making that partnership most enjoyable. You laugh, when you go downhill centering on True Love. The action is enjoyable. Even God absolutely needs God's True Love. No matter how mighty God's position may appear without True Love He is not happy and has no power. No matter how famous Reverend Moon might be, no matter how much he stands here and talks about strength and expressing deep concepts, if he lacked True Love he would have no value. Isn't that true?

Mother absolutely needs True Love. When this love disappears we see the emergence of people like feminists immediately taking place. They ask, "What made that kind of concept?" You need True Love. Is that true? You can connect your mind and body, by centering on True Love.

The quiet Oriental woman will come to control other women of the world. Why? In a village, everybody persecuted one woman. She is not bad. She has good characteristics and makes good action. She makes good result every day. But the surrounding women gather around her and say things and hit her. At last, God will say, "Why are you making that kind of action against this woman?" The surrounding women will be strongly pushed down, and the other one is protected and lifted up. She will be lifted up to the center to where all the others will have to follow her standard and attitude. "We have a model, we will follow her! Mansei!" That is a natural action. God takes that kind of attitude.

Reverend Moon is the same. The whole world, individual, family, tribal and nation-all together came against him at one time. They were shooting bullets and arrows everywhere. During the day, at night, through every season and for more than four decades they have been shooting at Reverend Moon. Yet Reverend Moon never disappeared. In fact, he just became bigger and bigger. The CIA cannot understand it and the KGB cannot understand it. They worked hard to analyze him and they found out that Father is not a bad man! In fact, he is a good man. Only good! All the nations of the world have come to understand. In fact, they are coming to discover that Reverend Moon is the number one good guy in the world. That's true. Why? They see that Reverend Moon is only doing good everywhere. They ask, "Since Reverend Moon came to the United States, what has he done?" The answer is that he has spent much money for the sake of this country. He and his members have received a lot of persecution. They work hard and never take much rest wherever they go. Do you like that? Reverend Moon has been teaching all the time that you have to take the way of persecution. Go down! Go down. Why? Because you have to subjugate your physical body. Your physical body is Satan's kingdom. It is the individual foundation for Satan to control everything, including the family, tribe, nation, world, spirit world and hell. Unless you change your physical body's position, you cannot get into heaven. At the terminal point and last station, Satan will be waiting and say, "You will have to receive my permission, to get into heaven. It is given based on whether or not you passed the indemnity course formula way." Satan learned this rule well. Do you understand?

Now that Father is teaching you clearly, will you learn and understand, or not? You will learn more than Satan! Think about how clever Satan is. After the fall he accused God for thousands and thousands of years. "God, You should stop Your action. You cannot progress until you solve this point." Satan accuses God and God has to answer, "You are right." That's true. If you cannot go over that level of accusation and occupation by Satan you cannot go up. This is formula. It is a contract between God and Satan.

If you want to take Satan out from your family, children and your race, you have to know this formula. Unless you fulfill that contract, Satan will say, "No matter how famous a revival meeting leader you are and no matter if you are as famous as Reverend Moon. You belong behind me." You will be hooked. This contents cannot be explained anywhere else. Occupying the right position, you must follow it, with no complaining.

Do you understand? I speak in broken English, because I am not an Englishman. How can you understand these contents? That is the question, isn't that true? To understand the contents is the most important thing.

Father has explained the most important things and has not kept anything to himself. The dispensational course of restoration history is that of indemnity. The course of restoration is absolutely the indemnity course. Why? We are going the opposite way, the reverse way. The younger brother has to take the elder brother's position. Is it easy or difficult to accomplish this? It is difficult. But it is a proud course because we must act like God. Otherwise we will not pass.

By the same token, unless you act as True Parents act, you cannot become true parents yourselves. I agree with you, if you don't like indemnity. I don't like indemnity either, but without understanding it and passing through this course, we don't pass anything and we have no victory. We get a big zero, no grade at all, not even an F.

This whole world is directed by the relationship between plus and minus. The smaller one is in the position to sacrifice for the sake of the larger one. In other words, all mankind should offer themselves for the sake of God. Look at the food chain where the smaller fish are eaten by the bigger fish. The bigger fish may then get eaten by an eagle. A fox may eat the eagle, then a tiger may eat the fox. As they go up in the food chain, they come closer to God and everything is fair and balanced. Look at the sardines and the small fish and the millions and millions of eggs they lay. Most of them get eaten up by the bigger fish. But the tiger and the lion can only have one cub every two or three years.

The tiger feeds only in the middle of the night. He would eat more than necessary, if he ate in the daytime. Many other animals come out to eat, including the deer, at dawn. They do not have to worry about meeting the tiger and lion, at that time. The tiger eats in the middle of the night and must run miles before he can get his prey. Do you know how difficult it is for the tiger to get his meal? He has to work very hard for every meal, whereas the deer wakes up early with the sun and goes to bed when it gets dark. In the daytime, they graze and move around and enjoy life. They have big ears that can detect the slightest sounds of warning. The same is true of the rabbit. The rabbit may protest, "God, why did You make me so vulnerable? I am the prey of almost everybody. The tiger is after me, the fox is after me, even the raccoon is after me." God will spank the rabbit and say, "That may be, but I gave you those big ears, didn't I? Whenever the enemy approaches you, you can hear him coming and you can flee."

All the creatures are like that. Animals with the longer legs are those who have to be able to run away fast from their enemies. What about the white people? They must have done something wrong so they fled to the North Pole, where they became white. White people must have originated close to the North Pole, isn't that true? Look at the polar bear. It is totally white. The white people love blood. They use weapons and kill animals and people, so they have to flee all the time. Actually, Christianity prospered on this foundation. There was a lot of plundering and pirating.

This way is how the Japanese walk, but don't laugh at them because they are proud. They are honest people. America, France and England really have little to be proud of. Much of what they have, they took from somebody else. Just like women who are tall but want to have even longer legs, so they wear high heels. Everything in a museum comes from having been plundered. The white people didn't produce anything themselves. Look at the museum in London. Were those things presented to the English people, or didn't the English people just take all those things and put them in their museum? They have taken things and that is what robbers, swindlers and cheats do. Isn't that true?

What about this very country of the United States, whose country is this truly? Is it the country of the white people or of the Oriental natives? You have to know that Oriental people were the original settlers in this country. You have to know this history and make it clear. That is the indemnity way. First the Western world came in to occupy this country and now you have to receive the same treatment. Now you experience the opposite side. This is the natural way, the law of cycles, evolving law or rolling law. Sometimes within the cycle it goes high and sometimes low. It is not high or low all the time. Oriental people are not low all the time. Look at those small Japanese people. They are occupying the world's economic power. Who gave them that kind of power? The Japanese people may think they did it, but God gave that grace and power.

Reverend Moon is called the terrible dictator. Everybody talks about him. The white people don't want to hear it. "Why does he say those kinds of things? We don't like that." But no matter if you don't like it, it is the natural phenomenon leading God's concept. If you don't go in God's direction, you are immediately diminished and you go down to hell. You must then take the way of repentance. You white people! Wake up. Look at heaven and God. Otherwise there is no hope. Darkness will come more and more, day after day, year after year. America will become dark like the dungeon of hell. You white people cannot escape that.

Father has been here in America for twenty-one years, investing everything to extend the hands of salvation, trying to save America. You need to save yourselves. I have been here for twenty-one years. What could America have become today, if you had understood this law of indemnity twenty years ago, and had carried it out? But they didn't listen and they didn't understand. Did we have to wait for America to become like this in twenty years? God cannot exist alone either. He needs His object of love. Please understand this indemnity formula of absolute plus and minus making unity and creating higher and higher unity. This is the formula course, reaching at last to God and occupying God. God said, "I am the beginning and I am the end." Do you understand? God is Alpha and Omega.

Now we understand restoration by indemnity. We must understand that what Father has been teaching has been this principle. No matter how difficult the situation is, you absolutely have to follow and obey Reverend Moon. Otherwise you cannot make that equal partnership centered on True Love. Subject and object must be combined in one place and connect with True Love at that time. Otherwise there is no way. "No way" means that it will forever despair. True Love centering on God is absolute. Absolute means forever. God is a plus True Love center. Humankind is a minus True Love center. The two combined into one makes one equal partnership centering on True Love. That connecting point is the unification place. It represents the mind's side and body's side. They cannot then separate. God is the ultimate eternal Being, the opposite partner of humankind, centering on True Love. Forever. It is a reasonable conclusion that humankind will forever be united with God centering on True Love. How wonderful this is. Centering on what? True Love. Spirit world is full of the concept of True Love. In spirit world you are sensitive and can experience True Love with your five senses. After that you pass into heaven. After getting into heaven you can catch everything. It is the ideal living environment. You don't know how wonderful that is. Father knows well. How awesome that place is! Your imagination cannot measure that kind of heaven. It is big, big, big! The biggest words cannot contain that concept which stretches for thousands and thousands of miles. No matter how far away he may be, if I call for somebody I want to hear from, he would immediately be able to come to me. Why? We are enabled to travel with great speed throughout heaven, because of love. The fastest speed in all the universe is with True Love. Do you understand? Time or space are not a problem. Things can happen or move immediately. Even if only one word is said, somebody can immediately appear in reality. So the person of the highest love can do everything. It depends on your love level, how much love you have. That is like God centered love. Comparing ourselves, what is our percentage of love? Are you a high percent guy or low percent guy? Every time you want to meet with someone, it is no problem. Thousands of people can gather together, at one time. You can see that center love and want to touch it and you can participate. You will automatically be set up, by desiring it. Your imagination can travel freely.

Father is teaching you, and if you follow, you will go to that level. You can control everything. That is how valuable it is. Nothing can compare to it. Do you want to attempt to get to that kind of place, or not? Yes, absolutely? Absolutely means you have to become an absolute being yourself. Absolutely means completely one. Have you achieved that position or not? That's the problem. The mind is at a low level too. The original mind occupies the perfection position. Automatically, original mind has the best love power to lead the body. You have to pray, if you want to reach that powerful position. Not play but pray. Pray to God. Do you think, "I want to play, have fun, go dancing. Ha-ha-ha!" That won't work. You have to have tearful and many prayers. You are Moonies. Satan's world made up that name. But you are Moonies, right? That means you are like Reverend Moon. Reverend Moon's brood, right? The True Love race. That brood is the so-called True Love race and tribe. Tribe means race. The True Love race cannot be occupied by Satan. You are free absolutely in Satan's world. Satan's world is going down to the dungeon of hell. That gate is automatically open there and it is very crowded. Going there and stepping down, Satan is there pushing people down. The doors are open there and you can freely go inside. You know that. But the high-level, victorious True Love guy is going to get into heaven and meeting no obstacles. There will be no barriers, it is just free. Do you want to follow behind Father and go there? Can you complain all the time about the hard work and the persecution you have to go through? No, you just have to say, "I want to follow Father." The time for you to train is now, in this world. Otherwise there is no way. You must be well trained.

Now you are leading the soldiers who are going one day all over the world without problem. Is that true? Especially Blessed couples. A Blessed couple will have lower value without Reverend Moon. There will be no way, no success. Your way will become dark and confused, if you don't follow Reverend Moon. Father went to God and said, "You have to teach me everything!!" We must do the same to Father. That's true. Jacob wrestled with the angel and it was the same thing. The angel hit him so hard that it dislocated his hip bone, but still Jacob held on and demanded the blessing. The angel gave up, after that.

Gathering here, you are immediately blessed. That is a problem. Your mind is making that kind of decision. You must decide, "No matter how difficult the circumstances are that surround me, I will overcome them. No problem." Which one is it: "No problem", or "Yes problem"? There are many "Yes problem" guys gathered here. I don't want to see that kind of attitude and neither does God. That means we must repent at this time. That means every couple here must repent.

You see that Father is getting older and older. And I am going up and up. What about you? You have also been going up, up and up? How much have you been elevated in spirit since you first joined the Unification Church? Have you forgotten everything else except your forward march toward God? Have you gone down or up since you became associated with the Unification Church? (UP!) Have you really been going up, after ten years of membership? I say down! (UP!) Reverend Moon has been going up more and more, all the way to the highest mountain peaks of the Himalayas. You must go over the peaks because you are following that same course. Your course is not as high, but you are going up in the same way, climbing your own mountain. You must continue climbing all the time, going over and over and paying your indemnity. You must climb your own indemnity hill which is waiting for you. That is the teaching of the Divine Principle. That is your five percent portion of responsibility in fulfilling your mission. God cannot help there. It is your mission. It is like God's own restoration course, when you complete your own mission, going that kind of hard way.

So you understand that power. Every morning and every evening you have to seek it. Bow down and pray, "Please God, help me, I have to climb that hill. I need True Parents' help too." The only leaders you need in this are God and True Parents. There are not two formulas or two ways to get there. There is absolutely only one, not two. This is true for everybody. Everybody has to follow that formula. God doesn't want exceptions to this indemnity way. There are no exceptions. Everybody is included and God doesn't want to hear "But."

Who is the plus and who is the minus between True Parents and Blessed couples, according to this law of re-creation? True Parents are the plus. Then together we will form a bigger minus in front of the bigger plus God. We all want to rise to a high position in the world, don't we? From the family, we want to rise to the national level, the world and cosmic level and go all the way to God. This is true not only here, but after that, we want to do the same thing in spirit world. We will be able to see clearly that we must rise up like that in spirit world, but we will not be able to. The step we must take is clearly visible but it is very difficult to take that step once we have gone to spirit world. Therefore, this is a serious matter. Now is the time, we must do these things today.

We need to be taught the right way. Who are our teachers? Our Parents, a king or school-teachers? God sent the Messiah to teach all mankind. He is the absolute plus guy, sent to the world which should take the absolute minus position before him. We want to become absolute minus so that we can occupy God. The only way to go about this is through True Love. There is no other way. A truly loving husband will take a strand of his beloved wife's hair and cherish that. God feels the same way towards us. I gave an early Blessed woman a handkerchief, one day a long time ago. For thirty years until it was ragged and almost falling apart, she kept that handkerchief in her bosom close to her heart. I was deeply impressed with her dedication and her love.

It is Father's characteristic to want to become friends with people wherever he goes. The same is true with God. God needs friends too. Father wants to make himself available as a friend among the members, because of that. You should do the same. You should become friends to everybody. We have to work very hard to become friends with God. When Father talks in a sweet, small voice to his son or daughter, Mother is not jealous. Mother is only curious about what is so important. In the same way, sons, daughters and parents become so close to each other that they become like friends. That is good to see.

Why does the watch move so fast? What do you think? This is the last chance for us to observe and learn this precious knowledge. Don't you think that the ticking of each second is therefore precious? You are sitting out there thinking, "I'm so hungry, why does Father talk so long?" Are you complaining like that? [No?]

Do you understand this concept? We start with God and we go back to God. God is the main subject. That is like the mind's position. Owner and guest become combined into one; that kind of meaning. I want to become God's partner. We cannot separate, centering on True Love. Father and children cannot separate either. No power can change this relationship. When couples are centered on True Love, nothing can separate them. This is the ideal motivation or formula. How wonderful is this concept! Think about children saying, "Our parents are at such a high level. Too high a level. We cannot look at them!" That's the truth. No matter how absolute God is, if He cannot find His partnership with human beings, He will not be able to find His own True Love.

I don't know. You know more than me. You are younger, Father is an older guy! My head forgets things and I forget English vocabulary. Sometimes it is good to forget concepts. You will forget concepts you have now, when you get old.

If Father raises his right hand, which hand will you raise? (Right!) Maybe your left hand will complain, at that time. Maybe you can raise both hands clasped together. When Father raises your right hand, your left hand will come along. Suppose Father makes a loud growling sound, what would you do? GRRRMMMMMM. Make the same sound! GRRRRRRMMM. (Applause) We need to become one with Father, but the most important thing to understand is what it is that makes us become one. We are indeed one.

Now I will give you some excerpts of the things I said the other day to the Unification Theological Seminary graduates. First, centering on God, our first love is the love as sons and daughters. Second, we love as brothers and sisters. Third, we love as husband and wife. Fourth, we love as parents. Those are the attributes of the love of God. Where do these emotions and loves come from? They did not spring from ourselves alone but came from God.

The second type of love among brothers and sisters is not mentioned in the Divine Principle, but it should have been. It was omitted but we should put it in. We read in the Divine Principle about the love of children, couples and parents, but we also should include the love of brothers and sisters. Love as sons and daughters and love as brothers and sisters is almost the same, but they are distinct. We can distinguish between the two types of love. The question is, what kind of perfection of love is required for the children's level of love? What is perfected child's love? What is the perfection of love among brothers and sisters? What about couples? Should these four different categories of love be manifested in four different ways or in only one way? What would connect them if they were to be treated separately? These are questions we can ask.

The answer is, they should be one. This is the four position foundation. At the bottom is the children's position. On the sides are two separated positions, representing spirit and body. At the top is God's position, in which the two are united, while on the sides the two are separate. We have to grow up by ourselves, each person individually. As we grow from infancy to childhood, through all the levels of schooling, the center of our life is parents. Father is talking about Adam's family at this point, because there were only two people in the whole universe at that time-Adam and Eve. There were only those two as children, and there were only those two as brother and sister, wife and husband, and as parents. Both Adam and Eve, man and woman, must become perfected as individuals, as a boy and a girl and as a brother and a sister. Adam must become perfected as a husband and as a father. Likewise, the woman had to become perfected as a daughter, sister, wife and mother.

What is the level of perfection in True Love? That is the question. Where do these two loves meet? Where do the vertical parental love and the horizontal children's love intersect within Adam and Eve?

Adam, the man, must travel this way, while Eve, the woman, must travel this way to God. This is because she is also a spouse to God. Therefore, she also has to grow from this point. The man grows in the easterly direction and the woman grows in the westerly direction. That is the feminine direction. This is why Western civilization is in the position of bride, the bride's cultural background. It is the bride's culture. The East is the culture of the bridegroom. And when the bride gets married, she has to completely inherit the philosophy of the bridegroom's culture.

Why is the man's direction eastward? Because that is where the sun rises. Thus the religious cultures all began in the East, not the West. The East represents the mind culture. That is why many saints appeared from the Oriental region.

Adam, the man, must travel this way, while Eve, the woman, must travel this way to God. This is because she is also a spouse to God. Therefore, she also has to grow from this point. The man grows in the easterly direction and the woman grows in the westerly direction. That is the feminine direction. This is why Western civilization is in the position of bride; it is the bride's cultural background, the bride culture. The East is the culture of the bridegroom. When the bride gets married, she has to completely inherit the philosophy of the bridegroom's culture.

Why is the man's direction eastward? That is where the sun rises. Thus the religious cultures all began in the East and not the West. The East represents the mind culture. That is why many saints appeared from the Oriental region. The woman was not born for her own sake, nor does she get married for her own sake, correct? The woman is born for the sake of man and man is born for the sake of woman. This is such a simple truth, yet nobody for the past hundreds of millions of years has been able to alter this truth. So what is most important for man? Is it himself or perhaps another man or is it a woman? Is the absolute need for a man another man or a woman? I say it is another man! (Woman!) Man, man! Homosexuals say that man needs another man. Lesbians say that woman needs another woman. Those people have a different concept from the original purpose of creation and they are leading themselves into hell.

This is the simple truth, yet most people don't know it. Why was woman born? Many famous women say, "I was born to please myself for my own purposes." Think about that. That is what Satan's brood says. What woman was born for the sake of? Man. What man was born for the sake of? Woman! True Love connects everything and creates the ideal embrace. There, you can find the most high place here, the most low place here, the most deep place, the most shallow place. It connects all those points. Everything is connected, reaching everywhere. On the opposite side is Satan. True Love can occupy people completely and nobody complains. Isn't that right? You Blessed people can understand this well. When you are loving your spouse, you want to embrace with more and more strength. You completely occupy one another, crushing each other. No matter how strong you love, you want to be even more and more strong. (Laughter)

That's true! Have you experienced that? You Blessed couples must know what I am talking about. No matter how strong your expression of love, it doesn't feel painful. The power of love is stronger than any pain. How happy you feel! At that time, you make sounds, like "Oh, ah, Ahh!" and you feel like you are being lifted up like a helicopter. True Love has that kind of power. Zigzagging, no problem, going this way, that way, horizontally, vertically, no problem where ever you go. Rolling around, going everywhere, you both feel so happy, and no complaint. You act that way in your love action. Father, Reverend Moon, that religious leader, is talking about lovemaking? That kind of concept is appropriate for the leader of the Unification Church? At that time, your five spiritual senses are open, connecting, inhaling, exhaling. Your spirit body is centered on True Love, making that kind of love action between woman and man. Who created that? So enjoyable! It is like going beyond all the boundaries. That kind of ideal world is what everybody wants to have. Do you like that?

This means that once the special parts of woman and man, their sexual parts, are connected through love, that man and woman can never be separated throughout their whole lifetime. That is the purpose. Grandparents who live like that are living according to the ideal way. That is the family system. The parents go the same way, your couple goes the same way. Once you have made unity, you are connected forever. You cannot separate. That is the ideal, True Love standard. Do you understand this clearly? The grandpa looks at the grandma and feels pleasure to see her. No matter how old they become, they want to express their love. The younger couples do the same thing. That is a joyful, grateful atmosphere. When your parents and grandparents live like that, your couple feels admiration: "My great parents! You are our standard. We want to follow in your footsteps." First the grandparents live like that, then the parents, and ultimately the children. When we are surrounded by such a family, then that is what is called heaven. Is that true? You cannot separate. Grandpa is not ever going to separate from Grandma or from the rest of the family. Of course, the parents will always be together and love the children. Of course, the children will always know they are loved. When that kind of relationship is experienced, what a wonderful family you have!

What about the American family system? Many times the American grandparents are not even welcome to visit the homes of their grandchildren, no matter how rich or well-off the grandchildren may be. They always have to call first and ask, "May we come and visit your home today?" Only after calling first are they going to be welcomed. That is the normal way for American families. Think about it. What if the husband had to call his wife on the phone before he could make love to her? They just get into the bed and lie under the same blanket. Then they just reach over to each other and begin to make love action. That is okay. Every time it is okay. This is the couple's mission, isn't that true? Can one or the other say all the time, "Oh, I'm too tired. I don't want to." No, you cannot say that. Your sexual organs are not your own. The owner of the woman's organ is the man. The owner of the man's organ is the woman. Can you deny that? Of course not.

If a woman is always analyzing her husband, "How much are his mind and body united?" and if the husband is always analyzing his wife, that attitude will bring about breakdown in your relationship, and your family system will decline. The owner is absolutely one, not two. This is the ideal Unification home system. Do you like that or not? Yes? Yes?

So after they are born, the boy and girl separate and go their different course. Eventually the boy becomes mature and perfected as a man. The girl grows to perfection as a woman. This is the textbook course. Adam and Eve are first brother and sister. Until now we did not understand this textbook model. The parents love them, but the brother and sister add their portion of love on top of that. God loves her, but the brother adds his portion of love on top of the parents' love toward his sister. They were one but they were separated. That's a greater love because there is the added element of love here. This love combined together is greater than just the parents' love. Parents love the daughter, but the son adds his portion of love on top of that.

Even though God and parents love her the best, he will add the brotherly love towards the sister, on top of God's love. They grow through middle school, high school, and to college, then eventually they know that their goal is to meet the other. In other words, man's world is not his world alone. His world is to seek the other side, the world of woman. And the same is true for woman.

For a man to get a Ph.D. degree means you have to study hard and get recognition from the school. That was for the sake of his parents and at the same time for his wife. For a woman, it was for her parents and for her husband. Until now we didn't know this. We thought we gained a degree for ourselves. For oneself alone. That is wrong.

By the time he or she finishes the Ph.D., they will fully understand the reason they did that was for the sake of the other person here. She studied and got her Ph.D., not for herself but for her parents and her spouse. Repeating again, the reason that she went through her courses for her Ph.D. was not for her sake at all. This has nothing to do with her pursuing the school. It is for the sake of parents, it is for the sake of husband, and it is for the sake of the forthcoming children, that they can have good children. The sons and daughters will be happy to have such well-educated parents, loving each other.

What about the world? The world today does not operate according to this principle. Many people seek status and title in vain. How can you compare True Love with any degree or title? Does a college degree have life? Does it have any ideal within? Does it have something in common with everybody? No, it is his or her own, at best.

When we become true parents, we are free to go anywhere. There are no boundaries anywhere. Wherever we go we can pass freely through. There are no limits of time and space. This is true now and it will be true two hundred years from now. The most valuable, number one treasure is True Love. Do you understand? True Love here in the Unification Church is what makes us different.

By the time he reaches here, he realizes that he absolutely needs somebody. That somebody is her. If God thought what the man needed was another wonderful man, then He would have created a brother for him, instead of a wife. Partnership means absolutely, only one, not two or more. Certainly that means no free sex! Free sex means a person could have a different partner every night, throughout the year, 360 different partners. That is despicable. Even animals, so-called beasts, have better discipline than man. They abide by the laws of creation. Do some species of animals change the laws in regard to mating? They never do. Can't you say then that the human being who does have multiple sexual partners is lower than the animals?

God has allowed AIDS to prevail in the world at this time because it creates a lot of fear in people which keeps them from being so promiscuous. Do Unification Church people love AIDS? Absolutely not. It is something we absolutely and forever abhor. And we are proud that we do. We are proud of our attitude toward the purity of man and woman. Think about how precious our pure couples are in this world. When man and woman combine as a couple, you have to think about your purity. Pure love, pure woman and pure man connect their bodies in love, combine and complete the unification base. From there you bear children. How very pure that is, how beautiful. We say, "I want to bear a child that is even more pure than the children God made in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve." How wonderful that concept is. How wonderful Unificationists' blood is. It is not dirty, only pure. Do you like pure? Purification and Unification sound similar. They are cousin words, related words.

By the time Adam grew up, he had observed a lot of animals and other aspects of nature. He saw the deer romping around and coming together to mate, as well as the other animals, large and small. He came to realize that he, too, needed somebody as his own partner. He could look at Eve. You know, the horses jump around, but Eve just walked around, not so excited. Does a man have a monthly menstrual cycle, or not? What about a woman? Girls as young as twelve or thirteen begin that cycle, right? As they grow, they develop in the bosom and their hips become wider. Likewise, their monthly cycle causes the bloody color to appear. Her cheeks become the color of peaches. Each animal seeks his own mate by smelling the air, as well as by appearance. So to Adam, it became very obvious that Eve was the mate for him.

Eve herself was the first one to sense that change, and she felt that Adam was kind of dumb because he didn't notice things so quickly. The archangel took notice first, before Adam. The point is that Eve was in the position to notice the difference first. Can you understand that? It's not man, it is woman. What do you observe in young people today? Do boys spend a lot of time looking at themselves in front of the mirror, fixing their hair and doing all those fussy things? Isn't it girls who start doing that first? Girls pay more attention to how they look than boys. The woman, then, is the person in question, the potential problem. Is the flower the instigator, or the bees? Which causes the action? Do the butterflies and bees come because the flowers bloom, or does the flower bloom because of the butterflies? We know the answer; the flower is the one that makes the action begin. The flower makes the problem. Once that flower blooms, it is surrounded by the bees and butterflies, coming down to gather the pollen.

It is the same with woman. You are the one making the problem. Be careful! The love leader is man. Why is that? Man is representative of God. Why? Man has the child's seed. He has ownership. Do you understand? He represents God. American women have to learn this concept. Here you say, "Women first," but that is wrong. The first one God created was Adam. No matter how proud the woman's side may be, still she is the second one! Isn't that true? That is natural law. Is that true or not? Women, listen to me clearly, especially you American women. Was the man first or the woman? Which one? I say woman! (Laughter) No matter how much you try to oppose the idea, the first human was a man. You have to follow that truth. Do you American women understand this? Once you understand the truth, you will be free anywhere you go. You are no longer bound by ignorance or falsehood but are free.

All the disorderliness in the world tells us that something is wrong, but there has been no textbook, no standard, no criteria by which to determine what is wrong. Now we have the textbook. Who is the leader of love, man or woman? Who initiates? It is because he contains the children's seed. The woman's body is always in the process of preparation to receive that seed. Then when the owner of the seed, the man, visits and they combine into one, that is what we call marriage. Wedding time is the time of marriage. Do you want to have that kind of time, or not? The central point of the exchange between man and woman is marriage. The man occupies the woman's world, and the woman occupies the man's world. Both need that place, that position of absolute unification. They will absolutely never separate, because of True Love power. They have forever power. Their five senses combine together, both their spiritual and their physical senses. The woman's physical and spiritual senses become completely centered on True Love, so that they are one. The sounds they make in the action of love are different. The man makes a deep and strong sound, while the woman makes a higher sound. That is a base of harmony.

Man is usually taller than woman. Think about how it would be if things were reversed, and the man was short and the woman was tall. God is a great scientist and He created us so that we could be well-balanced as couples. Man's voice is deep and bass, while the woman is high and soprano. Together they make harmony, and they do not clash. The cycles of nature show us this harmony. The wind blows from areas of high pressure to low pressure. We inhale the air and have high pressure inside, then we exhale it and have low pressure inside. From the high mountain, the waters flow down to the valley. These things illustrate the partnerships that are everywhere in the universe. This revolving, cyclical action is everywhere.

While Adam and Eve were growing up, they played together but Adam was more rough. He liked to climb into the lion's den and get on top of his head, or ride the fastest horse. Every time he did something like that, Eve would feel shocked. She didn't feel comfortable doing those things. She worried about him getting hurt. She would stay behind then and have conversations with the archangel, which ultimately led to the fall. The whole point here is that woman has that potential. Woman always has that potential.

We could draw this circle which looks very big, but that is only half of the world. This is the right hemisphere, and that is the left hemisphere. Imagine a man walking down the street hand in hand with another man. That is strange looking, isn't it? But when a man and woman are walking down the street that is natural. In fact, Unification Church couples should inspire people to applaud when they walk down the street. They would say, "Oh, how wonderful to see that kind of ideal appearing in this world!" The worst thing is when women say, "That is such a handsome man. How can I entice him away from her?" Or, for a man to say the same thing about a woman. The worst offender in this sort of thing is the woman. Women should not behave like a fox lying in wait to capture its prey.

Who is more likely to sell his or her body in the street, man or woman? Of course, the man who patronizes her is just as bad, but who began it? The woman.

What is marriage? Marriage is the bringing together into unity that which was separated before. The two hemispheres which were previously separated come together in marriage. Also, where do the upper and lower hemispheres meet? That, too, is a very important question. How to unite these two is the question now. The frontal arc and rear arc must come into unity. When all these are united, where does that unification take place? That is the essence of the question now. We must understand that the upper and lower must become one, and centering on that line, the left and right must become one, as well as front and rear. The whole thing must have a meeting point.

When both take their whole life into perspective, they come to realize, "Oh, this is where we are supposed to end up. We are supposed to meet with each other." Where do man and woman become united? Is it by kissing each other? Where do they ultimately join together? This is not a laughing matter, but they start by kissing and then after that, the man will stumble onto the woman's bosom, and then move on to the lower parts. Those are the three stages. Isn't it true, according to biology? Once the lips are kissed, they become stimulated and then the breasts are stimulated. Also for man, since he does not have breasts, the stimulation goes straight down to his sexual organ, skipping a step. Immediately he becomes prepared. This makes the point about who must control love. It is man. Who is slower in responding? Of course, woman responds far more slowly. Is that true? I don't know. You couples experience this every day, so you know better than I. I am asking you. How about that? Is it true that woman is slower in responding? Yes or no?

In cooking rice, you have to heat the pan before the rice can start to boil, not the other way around. The woman is like the pan. She has to heat up first. Father is teaching the men. When you start kissing, you are already excited and want to move fast, right away. But you shouldn't do that. You have to take time and prepare her, going all around her body. You have to cause her whole body to blush first. Why are you laughing! I am teaching the original way of True Love. True sex education, right? Then the woman relaxes her whole body. Then she becomes the receptacle, ready to receive the man fully. Even though you close your eyes, you see everything rosy, like a dream color. Nothing else matters to you at that time. This is the way you should engage in love. Wouldn't all of you sisters like to have that kind of husband? You very cute sister here, would you? Yes. Everyone says yes. Any woman wants to have that kind of husband.

Who is the model? The husband and wife become the model for all the children who will come into existence through them. After becoming perfected as a child, as a brother or sister, as a husband and wife, where do they meet? How do they inherit all the properties of God?

When God completed the creation, he felt happy and contented. A couple should feel that way, too, when they give birth to a baby. They must feel as happy and contented as God was when He brought Adam and Eve into the world. Even though we cannot create our children in just the same way as God created our first ancestors, God has given us all the properties or attributes for perfection because God wanted to share with His children, with all of us, the right to create our own offspring in this way. Therefore, we are creators of our own children, who are in the image of God.

The parents are always the pattern, the model. They had to become perfected as son and daughter to God, then perfected as brother and sister. As they grew up, they became perfected as husband and wife, eventually becoming parents by giving birth to perfect children. Those children will follow exactly the same pattern as their parents. Therefore, the conclusion is that parents are the pattern. Why is it so sad to see an orphan? We say, "He is so sad, and I am sad to see him." It is because that orphan does not have anything to inherit from his parents. He doesn't have parents to inherit from. We see in the secular world, too, that someone may be very rich, having billions of dollars, or someone else may be a world-renowned scholar, but if such a person doesn't have a wife, then everybody else will feel sorry for him. Why is that? It is because of this formula. He has a serious lacking, a deficiency which is very sad.

The position of children becomes added to the position of brother and sister. Together that adds on to the position of husband and wife. On this base, they can stand as perfected parents giving birth to a child. The question is, in the American family system, is there that kind of brother and sister feeling? Many children feel they don't even need their parents, but they become isolated from True Love in that way. Families are fragmented, and the individual doesn't care about anyone anymore, except perhaps his or her spouse. That vertical line concept has to be made straight. Otherwise, how can they connect with the top point; how can up and down be connected with one line? The parents' position is the vertical line. The husband and wife relationship is on the horizontal line. American people think they only need to be a couple, and no other relationship. They greet each other with a handshake, representing the horizontal world. But along with the horizontal, they also need the vertical way. When Oriental people greet one another, they bow, right? That represents the vertical way. Your body becomes small and low when you bow down.

In Western culture, people write from the left side of the paper to the right. The Oriental way is up and down, moving from right to left. When the Oriental person beckons to someone, he does it this way with his palms down. The Western person does it like this with his palms up, which looks like he is saying "I want to receive something from you." All minds follow the natural world, this kind of direction. This is very interesting. Nobody could plan these things.

Actually, when you look at man and woman and take love out of the picture, there is nothing that could bring them into unity. They are so different. The woman wants to go after one thing, while the man has another interest. It is impossible for man and woman to unite except through love. If it weren't for those love organs in your body, how do you suppose you could unite with your husband or wife? Isn't this true? It just so happened that those precious organs are the only means by which we can come into perfect unity. You have to always remember that your sexual part is your True Love palace, your True Life palace, your True Lineage palace. That is why it is your most important part. It is the point where God and man come into unity. That is the crux, the core point, of the universe.

(Father draws on the board.) God is here, and He is watching Adam and Eve grow. He feels Himself in the child's position. Then He experiences their feelings in the position of brother and sister, then as husband and wife, and finally as the parent Himself. God experiences all these, just like Adam and Eve. As His children grow, God also experiences growth. You see here the couple now stands having intact the perfection of the children's love, the perfection of the brother and sister love, and the perfection of the spouse's love, but in this order. The single line represents the children's love. They go towards this way, in that order. Here you notice there is a double line because God is there too. Their mind side and body side unite into one and connect with True Love. They analyze and combine with one place making the completed unification settlement.

Where does it combine? The upper sphere comes down this way, as you can see. The lower sphere goes up this way. The right sphere goes this way, the left sphere goes this way. And the frontal sphere goes this way, while the rear sphere goes this way. All meet in one place. So the love of children, love of brothers and sisters, love of husband and wife all meet together; this way and this way and this way also. All meet here. Then in one moment, they explode. Centering on what? Centering on True Love.

Since love divided from here, now it meets again here. Man and woman divided here, meet again here spiritually, divide physically here, and meet here physically. Then the mind and body side combine into one by True Love. When the True Love connecting place has been achieved, God can exclaim, "My children are now perfected. My brotherhood has been completed. My couples have been completed. All the contents of My creation have been completed." After that, the world goes back to the original plan. Thus God's re-creation system requires that we bear children. All four aspects of love have to reach completion. Unify at this one point, the position of marriage. That is why marriage is the most important time. This is the meaning of marriage, the true importance of marriage. That is where everything is completed.

All children, all offspring, covet that kind of children, brother and sister, spouses, and parents. They say, "I want to become that way," for each level. Our neighbors cannot help noticing when we become the perfect children, the perfect brothers and sisters, the perfect couple, and perfect parents, if we take after this pattern perfectly. The parents are the original model for the children. They are perfect children themselves. Do you understand?

This is the place of our eternal settlement. We grow up this way, after we are born, we meet here and we settle eternally. Right here, the time when they get married. This is our lesson, our textbook, our model for all our ideals. Anyone can come into this kind of house and feel satisfied, whether that be the grandchildren, the children, anybody. Would you become jealous of any member of the family here in such a love? When you have some treasure kept there and one of your children or grandchildren come in and take it, would you be angry? No, because it belongs to everyone. There is no concept here of the isolated individual. Nothing belongs to an individual. Everything belongs to the whole.

Just like all men are born for the sake of woman, and all women are born for the sake of man, likewise all perfection takes place for the sake of the other. We do not perfect ourselves for our own sake but for the sake of our spouse. This will become very apparent once we go to spirit world because the spirit world is arranged in this fashion. Actually, there are no strangers in the spirit world. Everyone is basically brother and sister to one another, sharing this same tradition we are describing.

You can reduce every human relationship into brotherly love, spousal love, or children's love, and through that ever more refine yourself to become like God. Therefore, we must go through these steps here on earth by growing like so, and experiencing brotherly love and children's love and spousal love, and by giving birth to a perfect child. We need to have the childbearing experience before we go to spirit world.

Have you ever seen anyone who was so beautiful that she is willing to die for herself? Or any picture? But if you fall in love with someone, you are willing to go beyond your life. Love makes people willing to give up their life for the sake of their loved ones. This proves beyond any doubt that human beings are born for the sake of love. True Love is for the sake of each other. Getting married is to occupy east and west, and then what does it mean? What happens next is that God comes down and wants to live with them. Getting married is to seek the eternal settling place. It is called the eternal settling place, because God comes down to live with us. Where else can you go, or want to go? Do you understand? This is what marriage is. This is God's position, this is the position of the perfection of Adam and Eve and this vertical principle never changes. It goes on and on, generation after generation. Do you follow?

What did we lose as a result of the Fall? We lost four things and therefore we must restore them. These four things are: 1) Elder son ship; 2) Parenthood; 3) Kingship; 4) Royal Kingship. These positions will be restored based on the contents I'm sharing with you today. The restored man is King in the elder son's position. Through that formula we enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Those who pass this criteria, who pass through this experience, are eligible to attend whenever God calls all His children to assemble. When all the brothers and sisters assemble, we are qualified to attend that meeting. Centering on this formula, I, realizing each individual step of perfection, will become perfected. I will become like God and give birth to a child. By repeating this, that person will go to heaven. So by the time Adam and Eve become a couple, they are perfected. Everything is perfected. How precious, how necessary and valuable marriage is! We now know.

To bless means to bestow this immeasurable value upon a couple. We must understand this clearly today. It is the duty of all Blessed couples to become perfected so that they can be the example to all the children of the world. Become an example of the brother and sister relationship, become the example for all the spouses in the world, and an example for all the parents in the secular world. That is our mission as Blessed couples. We must represent God's position in the world. We have to recover what was lost in the past.

Why don't we have just one child, like in some countries where the government allows only one child per couple? In a way, the couple living here on earth within their physical bodies should reproduce as many offspring as possible to fill up the Kingdom of Heaven. Once we get to the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world, we can no longer bear any children. That is the vertical realm. There is only one dot, one point where the vertical line meets the horizontal. The horizontal realm is the line where we want to see many dots, many children. Many dots represent many brothers and sisters. We want to multiply these children with the same value as God. Do you understand? Therefore, we can enjoy a huge heaven in spirit world. There is wide space there. How can we fill it up? We have to bear many children, right? Dozens, dozens, dozens, and dozens more, for eternity. One child cannot connect with many generations. You should multiply, filling heaven up, up, up. God enjoys seeing that.

When we get to spirit world, we will have no physical worries. What to eat will be no problem. What clothes to wear will be no problem. There are no automobiles or highways, no factories. Everything is set up and prepared for us. We can fly around and travel a thousand miles instantaneously, like taking one step. The universe is filled with so many stars. There are stars of gold and stars of diamond for us to visit. You can explore all the universe, it is our field of action. You want to do that, don't you? Our physical body is our limitation now, but once we are freed from this body we are free to go anywhere. That is the way it is in spirit world. We can immediately meet with God in that world. In this world, we might pray for a long, long time and still not be able to meet with God. How difficult it is. Do you understand?

We are talking about the restoration of the elder son ship, of Cain and Abel, and restoring parentship and kingship and the royal family ship. Only after accomplishing these can we go to spirit world and avoid being caught in a "traffic accident." You won't collide with anything there when you have accomplished all these things. Automatically, you are free to pass. But if you don't accomplish those levels, you will be constantly colliding with barriers. As the member of the royal family, with the plus/minus here, the Kingdom of Heaven becomes bigger and bigger. Since this is the indemnity course also, we must understand it clearly because we have to indemnify and restore all the positions. Who has these now? Satan has them. We've got to restore them.

Until now God Himself had to be struck and mistreated by Satan, in order to restore these. He has been persevering for millions of years. That is God's strategy: be hit first, and finally win. But Satan's pattern is the opposite: hit first, and ultimately lose. The whole world has come against Reverend Moon, who has received persecution patiently. Finally, he is inheriting the property of the world which persecuted him. The real meaning of the way of persecution is that the one who is persecuted the most by the world becomes the receiver of the property of the persecutors. This is God's secret strategy by which He has been defeating Satan's method of attack. Reverend Moon understood that. That is why I could freely receive all the persecution I have. When I was surrounded and attacked by all the nations of the world, I knew that Satan was hitting me. The result was that Satan was the loser. The Soviet Union attacked me, America attacked me, the established Christian churches hit me, every major religion hit me. Every family and individual in the world attacked me. That means every possible part of this world attacked me and was against me. Therefore, the property of this whole world was destined to eventually be passed on to Reverend Moon. What a wonderful point of view this is.

When someone hits you, or says, "Don't go to the Unification Church! I don't like that!" you should just take it, be silent. Do you know that rule? Inside you are laughing, thinking, "The time is coming when you will lose and I will gain. Go ahead and hit me." The elder brother seems to be like the leading nation's president. The younger brother looks beaten down, like the sick one. Which side should the parents side with, the elder brother's position or younger brother's position? When the parents see the elder hit the younger, immediately they would not like that. They would stand with the younger brother. He is working hard. The surrounding people ask, "Why are you working so hard?" They make noises and make a persecution situation. They continue and continue and at last, the president will understand and immediately go to stand on the younger brother's side. Is that true? That is the way of following God's strategy. The religious world must take this formula way, believe us, and at last receive ownership in the position of elder brother and parents and kingship.

The Bible has already said to us, "Those who persevere to the last, very last, will be saved." That is what salvation is.

Where do man and God meet? Right here at the seat of marriage. And in the seat of love. Through the sexual organ, that is where real joining takes place. But today, we are embarrassed to even talk about that in private, much less in public, because this was the real root of the problem and corruption of mankind. People choose not to talk about it because there has been no solution to the problem. But now we have the solution. With God's ideal and truth, we learn firsthand. When man and woman meet together in the bond of True Love, we must immediately think about God. We have to look at our own sexual organs as the means by which we can achieve True Love, centering on God. God is welcoming and dedicating our sexual intercourse to True Love. Do you understand?

We have to pull everything with our body. We should think about that all the time. The woman and man make love with that kind of thinking toward their body, "I have to welcome God in this way. By connecting with God, how deeply can I love at this time?" You think about the whole love system, and the connecting part is right there. In the love system childhood, brotherhood, couples, true parenthood all connect. God can enjoy this stimulating, electric touching. When you become the kind of couple who is truly stimulated, truly loving, then God wants to dwell within your family. Do you understand? This is the very ideal of God's creation! The original breakdown which caused the world to become fallen was centered on these sexual organs. All the ideals of creation were broken down because of this organ. The original foundational teaching was restoration of the dwelling place of True Love. How valuable it is. Everything is completed here, right and left, front and rear, up and down. Everything reaches completion and connection. Marriage is the time of first love and first sexual intercourse. What a valuable thing marriage is, then. How can we ever reach completion of the ideal True Love without woman, without man? There is no way. That would be the place of despair and darkness.

Grandparents, parents, and your couple are together forever. For all eternity, human beings will be going this same way, centering on God's love. One father, one mother, one couple, one set of parents. One brotherhood. Father is now in Adam's position. How can the woman's world grow to the original woman's side? Father thinks about that. How can the younger sister, in Eve's position grow up? That is Father's mission. You don't know the ideal of couples. Father has been teaching you men, helping you become good husbands. I give you and your couple new dignity. Teaching that original foundation for restoration, God is standing there forever. You are now going on to your world of eternal happiness. Do you understand?

Father is teaching you now. All women are sometimes a child, sometimes a sister, sometimes a parent. In the future, many parents will be appearing from this woman's world. How valuable that is. Ideal man is appearing on earth for the first time. The opposite sex partner is woman. You have to understand that clearly.

Would God want to become a grandparent, too or would He not? God has never before been in the grandparents position because Adam and Eve didn't have true children. Here, another four position foundation must be made in this level before God can be Grandpa. That is the ideal system where you cannot separate. Grandparents, children, and grandchildren live together in one family. These three can never separate. When you look at the world, no matter how big it is, every person comes within these categories: elderly persons are in the grandparents age group; middle-aged people are in the parents group; younger people are in the children's group.

Many children are born here on this level. There are many families comprised of children on the third level. Then God not only becomes one with the parents, but also when the children marry, God comes down to them as well. The grandparents, parents and children are all equal, in that sense.

That means no matter how many generations flow, and no matter how many families multiply horizontally, God still occupies the same position. Therefore, we call God "Our Father," and not our Grandfather, or Great-grandfather. That is because we are centered on our first love, and our first love is with God, too. Therefore, we call God "our Father". God is Father to this family, to this family, and so on and so on, including all the different levels of family. Adam and Eve are the present, and this is the past, and here we come to the future. Here is the grandfather's position, here is the father's position and the children's position, if you position this horizontally by tilting it ninety degrees. The past, present, and future are all in one perspective.

Grandpa is the past king. He is like the ambassador plenipotentiary, with special privileges. The parents are the current king and queen of the families and the grandfather is always representing the king of the spirit world. The grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, and the children must always come into perfect unity. Let us look at our own situation. We are in the exact same situation as Adam and Eve themselves. Therefore, what do we inherit? We are truly the princes and princesses of God's kingdom - literally, not hypothetically or figuratively. We are like our True Parents, ourselves.

The children must serve their own parents more than a king, within the family. They must serve their grandparents, too, because God reigns in the spirit world, and the grandparents represent the king of this world. Can you believe that there is only one country in this fallen world which is included in this category, that description? The only family system like this in the entire world is the Korean family system. It looks almost exactly like that. Only their root is different. In the large, well-bred Korean families, there are all different age groups. Sometimes an uncle will be younger than his nephew. Or sometimes the elder son of the elder son of the elder son will be very young. He is the main line offspring. No matter how young he may be, or what his social status is, the rest of the family will center on him, including the elderly, middle-aged and so on. They center on this elder son ship. It is very strict.

Your family is the palace, truly and realistically, of the kingdom of this earth and the spirit world. Two kingdoms come together in one place-God's spiritual kingdom and this earthly, physical kingdom-in which our parents are king and queen. The mission of Blessed couples is to connect that spirit world kingdom and that physical world kingdom into one. Your mission as Blessed couples is, to allow your children to inherit those two kingdoms. Do you understand? This is not just a concept, this is reality. This is your reality and you have to make it happen in your own family. Those families who are centered on True Love will connect with one place, experiencing that love for their whole life. They will pass away to spirit world and the Kingdom of Heaven, after that. The original base must be established on earth; otherwise, you cannot get into heaven.

The Christian world teaches, "Only believe in Jesus Christ and you will be saved." What level of salvation can that be? What kind of value can that have? They don't know. You know well, and you understand clearly. God's viewpoint is to see the completion of childhood, brotherhood, couples and parenthood connecting with God Himself. Those four levels make completion combined with mind inside and body outside, connected with the central True Love. It is the place of perfection. Without it there is no way to go back to God.

Which part connects both worlds? The sexual organs. Do you understand the central importance and sacredness of your sexual organs? The first ancestors made the mistake with their love and became centered on Satan. Then Satan took God's position. How much agony must God have felt! How many years and what a long, long time God must have endured suffering, agony and pain. God has always been working behind history watching the same mistakes being repeated over and over. Fallen mankind doesn't know the truth about history. Once you truly understand this concept, you can understand God's deepest heart, God's position and the true position of humanity. How can you go over, how can you solve this after reaching that kind of deepest place? This is humankind's ultimate purpose. Do you understand? No matter how hard you may try to deny that, go to the spirit world and you will see clearly how true it is. This is not just a concept. Do you understand?

No matter how much power someone may have on this earth, no matter how famous he may be, it will have no value in spirit world. How can you love humankind, like God? Couples must embrace the world with a True Love concept like Mother and Father embracing the universe. You need a universal concept. You are universal True Love partners. You are in the position of Blessed couple-parents'. Look at your children, that is like God's position. You have the same feeling God has looking at you, embracing them and nursing them. You are God's True Love partner in that relationship. That is your role as Blessed couples. You have to follow the way of True Parents. The children will grow up in that way. That will bring completion to everything. Otherwise you cannot be free.

When you American people hear this concept, you say, "How wonderful that kind of family would be." All the people of the world would agree, no matter where they come from. Everyone wants to bring this kind of family to their own country. Do you think America would continue to decline, if that kind of attitude becomes common? No. America will go up. Isn't that true?

All you leaders who are here from overseas, you missionaries, you have to know that the mission of the Blessed couples has those two parts. Do you understand? Just as the topic of Father's sermon is True Parents and Blessed Couples, we must become both. We need to accomplish the four levels of heart foundation and the three kingships. You have to leave the mainstream and, as an elder son, inherit kingship. Then horizontally, you must gain opposite partnership. That is the royal family system. When you pass away you will go to heaven, after accomplishing that This is the original viewpoint and perspective.

Do you understand clearly? Even if Father disappears from here, will you be able to achieve that kind of value in your life, that kind of result? Yes or no? You understand this clearly, so there is no problem, right? So you can make it happen, no problem. This is your blueprint. Anybody who knows about technology can understand that once you have a plan, a blueprint, you can just follow it and it will come about. You have to have a blueprint, in order to build a machine. You have the blueprint for your own completion and the blueprint for the completion of your family. That is all you need. Do you understand clearly?

Today is the 34th Parents' Day. That means we have completed thirty-three years of Parents' Days, which was the age of Jesus when he died. At that time, he should have been making the family system. He could not make that position but instead had to die on the cross. Then he could reappear and create the spiritual Christian world. But the Christian world has no base in the physical world, no country base. They are like the clouds in the sky. The east wind blows and they go toward the west. They have no country. Israel at that time had the country foundation. But, because of the rejection of Jesus, he had no country foundation. The Christian world had to endure almost four hundred years of persecution at the hands of the Roman world. They had no country. Everywhere they were accused, in every country.

Now God's side has no country! America is not God's country; Korea is not God's country. We may have to build that country and our true family system, from now. First we have the family, then tribe, next nation and world. That is the way. You have to build up to the nation and world. Father has made the highway for you. Many obstacles have been cleared to build that highway. You have to get your own car to travel in. You have to learn to drive that car. You have to supply the gasoline. Then you can travel along that highway. Otherwise, there is no way. This is your mission; it has the same meaning as the five percent responsibility from Divine Principle viewpoint. No matter how great may be the highway out there waiting for you, if you don't have any automobile, you do not have any use for that highway. Likewise, you have to digest this making it your own. Father's house is like a car. You control that. You are the driver, you have ownership, and you have to earn the money to buy your gas and food. Don't get into debt.

Debt is the shameful way in spirit world. How can we go the opposite way? Otherwise, you cannot go to the royal family place. The most organized, scientific place is heaven.

By restoring elder son ship, parenthood, and kingship, the family should resemble this. We should have a grandfather and grandmother, we should have a father and mother, and we should have children. Those are Blessed couples. What if you don't have your grandparents living with you in your home? Maybe you should invite some from the senior citizen home, invite some to live with you. You white couples, bring the black grandfather or grandmother to live with you from the senior citizen home, and serve them like God. Would that family perish or prosper? They would prosper. What about the country filled with families like that? Would other people praise them or accuse them? You will be universally praised and admired for doing such a thing.

America already has plenty of blessings. What we must do is maintain them, don't let those blessings go. The only way America can keep her blessings of today is by living in such a way. We can keep the blessing forever and ever. How can one person from the Orient come here and speak to 200 million proud Westerners, saying whatever he wishes, and nobody utters a word? Why? Because everybody realizes, "He's right. He's telling the truth from the historical viewpoint." Otherwise, someone would come and confront me and challenge what I am saying. Nobody can do that because they know it is truthful.

You members of the congregation have been sitting here for one, two, three, four, even five hours so far today. Other people may think, "What could possibly be so great?" But still you all sit here and want to continue listening. Why is that? What if Father never taught all these things to you and I was killed in an accident tomorrow? How could I go to spirit world with a peaceful mind if I didn't teach everything I could to you while I was on the earth? Think about it from that perspective. Father must teach you what I must. We cannot be limited by time. You understand that, don't you? Father's position is that serious.

Are you hungry? (No!) Even though you have been sitting here for almost six hours, your hips ache and you have been yelled at and chastised by Father, but still you feel nourished, still you want Father to continue. That is our great mystery. But Father has often spent even seventeen hours kneeling in prayer, praying for all of you, praying for mankind. I was shedding tears, sweat, and feeling the miserable situation of the world, during ten years. Compared with that, sitting here and listening for seven hours is an easy thing. No problem. Do you understand? You can think about my situation. I have to teach everyone and help them understand these contents. How can I pass on these things to them, how can they inherit them? God wants True Parents to pass on everything. Father cannot sleep, cannot eat. He has forgotten sleeping, playing, and eating. He is thinking only, "How can I teach and help them experience this truth?" And that is every day, day in and day out, year after year. Father's whole life has been absorbed by his mission. Just like that. If you want to follow Father, you have to do the same things as Father, the same activities, in the same way.

(Father speaks in Korean to regional leaders.) So this part of the sermon is over now, and Father is addressing the regional directors briefly. Father has done all he has to do here in America during the past twenty-one years. Now there is one area to which Father hasn't yet attended. There are sections of the world where 20 million people are starving to death today, at this moment. Approximately 60,000 people die of malnutrition and starvation, on any given day. Who is going to take responsibility for them? Will America? They say no. What about other advanced nations? The most basic concept is that we should all treat our fellow man as our brothers and sisters. That is what God expects of us. The name of True Parents is fearful because Father has to extend his hand to the starving people, and that is why Father is involved in the fishing industry. It is not to make any money. The immense fields and flatlands of Texas are important. There are no owners of those lands, either. People come and work the lands, but they get tired and they pack up and go away from that country. Nobody is the master there. They want to strike oil, strike it rich and become millionaires. Then they plan to leave. Father thought, "I will become the master here and all the Unification Church members will pay attention." All we need is land and water, and then we can produce food. No problem. Also we can farm fish.

The European people never taught the Africans how to farm; they just sold them farm products. We have to indemnify that, too. Do we welcome that or not? Let's say that we will just eat two meals, instead of eating three meals a day and still accomplish our work. Would you welcome that, or not?

Father is speaking very strongly in Korean now. Do you understand what I was saying? One side is hearing that and so serious, the other side just imagining what I said. You have to understand clearly and digest everything. Do you understand? Father's language is only one, not two. Absolutely one. Two is the enemy. This is not Reverend Moon's concept, it is the truth of Divine Principle, of the original world which God created. Isn't that true? So you have to learn the language of True Parents in order to understand. Otherwise, you will have to face your ancestors when you get to the spirit world and they will say, "You met the True Parents on the earth, right?" You will answer, "Yes." They will say, "You were taught the secrets of heaven by Father himself, right?" You will say, "Yes." But when they ask you, "Did you learn Father's language, the mother tongue of Korean, so you could understand Father deeply?" What shall you answer then, yes or no? Tell me, yes or no? You will have to say no if you don't understand Korean. You need to be able to talk personally to True Parents, frankly in conversation. Think about how proud your ancestors would be to look down upon you to see that. So your ancestors will also be angry and hit you if you don't learn Korean; they will criticize you! How can you escape that kind of situation in the spirit world? Do you understand?

When you pass away, you will encounter your ancestors in spirit world. They will ask, "Did you learn Korean?" If you have to tell them no, you will have to hang your head. It is bad. True Parents' words are more valuable than the Constitution of America. There are only one True Parents, only one forever. There will be only one True Parents, in the past, present, and future. They will never appear again, because they live only once. True Parents exist in the flesh only one time on this earth, and this is that one time. True Parents are teaching you the secrets of heaven, feeding truth to you. Father could never teach those concepts until I fulfilled them. I never taught you something unless I had not already fulfilled it. Therefore, Satan could never complain against me. You should go and pray hard for forty days, if you don't believe the things I am teaching. Even do a fast, and then you ask God if what I am teaching is correct. You will hear, "Yes, Father's teaching is correct. You have to follow him forever." This is the main judgment.

You Blessed couples have to teach Father's concept.

The central gathering place for the heavenly system is the true family system, connecting heaven and connecting the physical world and connecting the future world. That is kingship. Our base is our family. Grandpa is the one you have to treat like God. He is the heavenly king. The grandpa has the absolute power, in the family. Your parents are in Adam and Eve position. The higher position is that of the king of the family.

All you Blessed couples, is this very clear? While you are here on earth you must gain the completion of the philosophical world, the religious world purpose completion, the individual purpose completion, and the completion of history. You need to accomplish the completion of everything, every terminal point. True Parents are the prototype of the formula family. You have to follow Father's family. You have to complete this concept. This is the mission of the Blessed couples. Do you understand? (Yes.) What about the second generation? How can you do this? No matter how difficult our way is, we have to go over this original textbook teaching. Now you clearly understand this.

Five Hundred people from each country, from 160 different countries, equals a total of about 80 to 100 thousand people. How to educate them quickly is our question now. Father is planning to become self-sufficient in providing food in those areas while training these people by growing potatoes and other vegetables, in Texas. I tried to eat a large potato for lunch and couldn't finish it. Also, there are cornfields, as well as wheat. So growing staple foods is no problem. Vegetables are also possible. You can grow them on the side. Building a house from prefabricated parts is no problem. You can build any number of houses. We will extend to the Texas/Mexican borders and continuing this effort beyond those borders, maybe all the way down to South America.

We will buy perhaps 1,000 acres from each state in the fifty states. It doesn't have to be all in one place. Of course, we cannot disclose where we are going to buy since that would drive the land prices up. We could even bring Mississippi River water to that area, if water is needed. We could use seven hundred bulldozers. Each bulldozer could dig a one mile canal and therefore we could dig a 700 mile canal. We could produce those bulldozers with our own hands through the heavy machinery factory in Korea. That is no problem, right? If 700 bulldozers all go to work at the same time, big things could be accomplished quickly.

Calculate everything according to the formula way. Are you going to be a part of that or not? Are you going to participate? How about this: each Blessed couple can come to Texas for forty days for three years, bringing their own food and supplies to work for this project. Can you do that? We have to work in such a way in order to save the millions of people who are starving in the world. How can you save them, if you can't work that hard? The mathematics of the problem are like this: if every 200 people in the world took care of one starving person, that would eliminate all starvation in the world. What is America doing? What about Japan and Germany, which are likewise so blessed with material? What are they going to use it for? If they don't do this work, should the Unification Church members do it? If we do, we might suffer so much that we might be pushed to the edge of existence. We can't die because then all would be lost, but we just barely survive. Are we going to work so hard that we get to that point? Are you going to do that?

(I cannot believe in America.) Can you American people do that too? (Yes.) I don't believe that. How many times have you said, "Oh, we will do it! We pledge to God we will do it! Absolutely we will do it!" Already you have forgotten, as soon as you get outside of the gates of East Garden. That kind of people live in America. Those of you who are gathering here, you are not average Americans, right? You are different, aren't you? You are colored Americans, you are Moony-colored Americans, isn't that true? America is proud to be a melting pot, full of people of different colors and cultures, but Moonies do not melt in the American pot becoming colored like America. Instead, after twenty years, the American people start to become the color of Moonies. America has come the opposite way. Many times I have heard "Reverend Moon, go back home," which is like "Yankee, go home." Is Father's teaching a good concept or a bad one? How good is it? Absolutely good. Just as in the Bible, it says, "Truly, truly I say to you, believe in what I say, believe in Christ." I am telling you the same thing now.

Those who support my idea, and say "I want to be a part of it," raise your hands. How much money are you going to raise for this purpose? How much will each family donate to support this? Will you donate $100 a year, $500 a year, $1000, or $10,000 or more? You will decide. There is no limit. A hundred million dollars is okay! We welcome that.

This is a serious time; this is a serious project. The world is in a desperate position. Who can solve the problems? No one in the world except Reverend Moon knows what to do or how to do it. Reverend Moon is now making that kind of atmosphere in this world. We are subject, plus, and the world is minus. We are liberating the world. It is the same formula; isn't that true?

We have the individual level formula and know how to make the vertical relationship so we can grow and grow to completion. We must feed all the starving people. No problem. We will go up, up, up. Have you made a decision in your mind, at this time? Which one, $1000 or $10,000? American people don't like small things, right? You like bigger things, right? More, more. That is the way God's true children are, growing closer and closer to God.

Can we all pledge, "Yes, Father, I will be willing to serve forty days a year for the cause"? We are much indebted to our Parents. This is a way for you to begin to repay that enormous debt. Father guarantees that wherever there is good soil and plenty of water nobody will have to go hungry or starve. Father's plan for the fishing industry was based on a twenty-year plan. This is the twentieth year. We have very much expanded our fishing industry, centering on Kodiak. Even though we experienced a lot of economic hardship in the meantime, and there were lots of rumors flying around, Father still held on, and Father went over the hill. Now we are making it a success.

People thought I was bragging when I said, "I will make it so that the Mercedes-Benz automobiles will be dependent upon a certain part which we manufacture in our factories. Also the BMW." Those are the most high-tech cars made in Germany. They will not be able to make that kind of perfect car, without Reverend Moon's factory-made part. Only one factory has produced it during the past forty years. Father can make anything. We have that kind of high-technology capability. The German engineering world combined against me for ten years and hit, hit, hit. They said, "You are like the worst Mafia guy. We don't need you in our German factory world. Go back home." How strongly they came against me! At that time, West Germany connected with the Soviets for the future. They wanted to move that kind of factory into the Soviet Union. Business spies were connecting with Germany. The underworld was fighting against Reverend Moon's members and their activities. You didn't know about that. Why? I have to save the underdeveloped countries. European people think, "Reverend Moon is our enemy. He is giving technology and resources to the African world so they can develop and connect into one." They are worried that then Africa will not give resources to Europe, and in that case, Europe will have difficulty. America has been taking resources from South America and using them to take power. They are not helping South America, but trying to control them forever. God doesn't want that.

The resources of the world belong to all the people of the world, not just Germans, Japanese, or Americans. Every country is equal. Look at nuclear power for example. Americans think nobody else should have that kind of power. They think, "Only we have the authority to use nuclear power. North Korea shouldn't have that kind of power." Who should decide? Father says, "No, Nuclear energy should be controlled by a representative committee from the world community. They should have the power to control it, not American people alone." Father will lead that kind of committee from now on.

America should look at the Asian area. Red China has nuclear power. Japan has no problem to make that kind of power. The Soviets have it. North Korea has that power. The Asian area has this kind of power. America, on the other side of the Pacific, says that these countries shouldn't have it. I understand that problem clearly. If North Korea took that position, immediately all the other Asian nations will combine into one against America. What shall you do? I will control and make it an equal way. Do you understand? Reverend Moon can advise the world community how to employ nuclear power. I made a recommendation to the Bush Administration. I told them, "You have to do this," but they didn't follow me. Bush lost the election, now he has a big problem.

There would be no hope for America, if The Washington Times was not there. This country is in a miserable situation. How can we protect it? Only Reverend Moon thinks about that. The Washington Times takes up the sword to fight against mistakes being made by government leaders. Reverend Moon was speaking out against his mistakes, in the time of Carter. Now we have the second-generation Carter people. They support homosexuals and free-sex and abortion. Imagine the army taking in openly homosexual people.

Father speaks straight, since he is a man of religion. That is the law here. We can say anything from the pulpit. That is our religious right. So the U.C. members have to be brave and audacious, bold and strong in proclaiming their faith. When Father is ready to recruit you and say, "Let's go out and save the 20 million starving people," are you going to go forward or not? (Yes.)

There will be a time in history when those mobile homes Father bought for you ten years ago will have a price tag of $100,000 or more. Nobody will be able to buy them. Father bought 200 trucks. He will continue that project, as long as Father is here. We should never let them get rusty or unused. We should be using them, working them.

We really support and go along with that, don't we? If so, raise your hands. We must understand that for more than ten years, until Father reached thirty years of age, there was not a day in his life when he didn't feel hungry. You cannot lead a religious life, if your stomach is full. One of the most unbearable pains is hunger. We must challenge ourselves to say, "I will love God so much that it will give me the strength to tolerate hunger and lack of sleep and thinking about sex. All these are the physical challenges, the three greatest enemies to an individual. Those are the three main parts of Satan's armament.

That is why Father always took only two meals when he was training himself during his school days. That is a holy undertaking. All the members of the Unification Church could do that to save the 20 million starving people. Father does not use any towel bigger than the size you use to wash your face. He uses a small towel, not a big huge towel like a blanket, for a bath. Resources can be saved, in ways such as that, for the sake of the starving. Father always bickers with Mother. She wants me to send my underwear to the laundry every day, but I tell her, "No, I'm going to use it one more day before I send it to the laundry." Did you know that Father will not flush the toilet until he has used it three times? What change we would see, if everybody in the Unification Church did that and dedicated the money saved to feed the hungry. Such an effort will not succeed in just a few days. It will take many years. I have gone to McDonald's in a Lincoln limousine, as you know. I am the McDonald's champion. Did you know that whenever my limousine pulls into the McDonald's parking lot, the people are speculating, "They think that must be some high level government person," and they look and look to see the dignitary expecting some white person. When they see that the passenger in the sedan is Reverend Moon they really register their surprise. They are surprised to see an Oriental person coming to McDonald's in such a car. They may think he is showing off and they think, "He is actually a poor person who cannot afford to eat anything better than McDonald's. He spent all his money on that car."

Father doesn't feel comfortable riding in fancy, expensive cars. Whenever I ride in a car, any car, I think about the 20 million starving people of the world. My thinking always goes there first. Do you follow? Even if we fast and donate the money we save that way, we must still raise our own money for this project. Father is not begging. But Father does not mind begging in order to help these people. We moved out of the old house at East Garden, because it became too small to accommodate the family as we grew. A lot of people gave us presents, unbeknownst to me. I was surprised to see it when we moved in to the new house. I didn't use much of that. In fact, I gave most of it away to other people. That is how a religious person should be.

My conscience does not bother me over money matters. God knows that and supports Father. Father can relate with millionaires and feel natural around them. I do not feel out of place. I am undaunted. When I see penniless people, I can also relate well with them, and I don't feel any guilt toward them. Now in Washington some strange phenomena have occurred. When Father announced a certain project everybody got inspired about it and a lot of rich companies wanted to become involved. They have said they want to be partners. But I don't go along with them easily. I don't want to play the rich people's game. I tell them, "Most of all, you have to respect Reverend Moon and his ideas about business and the purpose of business. You have to agree to follow that kind of concept. If you do, then I will consider you as a partner." They say, "We will do it!" I tell them, "Yesterday you didn't want to have anything to do with me, but today you are welcoming me? I don't go for that." Father is that famous, do you understand?

What do you think? Father has ability in every area or not? Yes? How can you understand me? Look at the results of Father's foundation in this country and around the world. People will follow me, absolutely, if they really look at it and experience it. People will support me with that kind of attitude. Do you want to invest into this project to save the Third World? Those who do may get their statues erected in the villages which you help. Not a penny of your money will be spent in any way which you would not want it to be spent. Those who really welcome and will do that, with your mouth wide open in a very happy and excited expression, saying, "That's a darn good idea, Father. I will do it," raise your hands. (Applause.)

In one day you can raise $100, so a $100 donation for the year is out of the question. How about $1,000, or would you prefer to donate $10,000? Either one. If you give $1,000, that is the value you will derive back. If you give $10,000, that will connect you to that much more value. Which one do you choose, the first or the second one? I can't hear you! Even if you had to borrow money and go into debt, still we must do this. If we make a donation of $10,000 to this cause, we will have the foundation to train our children and later they could go to Africa and be respected as great leaders there, too. So $1,000 is too small; at least we have to give $5,000 a year and go beyond to $10,000 a year and more.

(Discussion with Regional Directors in Korean.) Father thinks about you, from now. Fundraising team leader, stand up. What will you do? Will you follow me? (Sure.) Sure? Really? Yes? Absolutely? Father is so powerful! (Laughter.)

Those present here today, plan on raising $5,000 a year for this project to save the Third World. Maybe $10,000 is too much, but $5,000 should be possible for you. This is a holy undertaking, and if we do it, God will return to us ten and even a hundred times the value of what we donate. Those who are the regional leaders of foreign missionaries, please stand up. There are 160 mission nations. We will buy at least 500 acres per country. If the cost is $400 per acre, multiplied by 500, how much would that be? $200,000 per country, correct? We have three years' time. (Talks to Japanese leaders in Japanese.)

Also, we must send enough people to serve for forty days each year. Father already made enough foundation to save five billion people. Therefore, to save 20 million from starvation will only be supplemental.

We should be so ashamed, if all the children of True Parents get together and are not able to provide for 20 million starving people. We will fulfill this goal.

We can build an enormous deer ranch. Elk and red deer usually live only in the cold climates of Canada and the Arctic regions, but in this particular part of Texas we see those kind of deer. Father feels inspired that God provided this land for us. It has a unique geography. The Rocky Mountains are just to the west of this area, so the cold air from north is pushed all the way down to this area. It cannot go over the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada. So this area in Texas is very hot in the daytime but it becomes very cool at night. That is why the big red deer dwell there. Not only that, but we also can buy 5,000 more head of deer at less than $100 a head if we want to. Also there are fox and partridge. We let go about 400 partridge and they scattered all around. Maybe we will let out another 4,000 partridges.

This land is incredibly fertile and rich. Any sort of game animal can prosper there. You can grow just about any crop and it will become jumbo size. My direction to all you men in the Unification Church is that you must go down to Texas three times a year, bringing your own food, raising your own funds to get there. Go there and serve. Father will teach you how to hunt, shoot, fish, and grow crops. I will make all of you very versatile people. Do you understand? You will be able to go and talk with anybody including the governor of your state and explain how to develop land. You will say, "Now, I want you to help me in this development project for the sake of the Third World. You will receive greater prosperity if you help. Will you do it?" And they will say, "Yes, yes. Please come to my state."

Our location in Texas is very nice. The residence is like a palace, very big. It is more beautiful than the Louvre palace in France. People look at it and are just amazed. It is just waiting for all the U.C. members to come and visit. Do you want to visit that beautiful place? Raise your hand, please, if you do. But when you visit that place, you have to bring a lot of money to spend! (Laughter.) You have to take your own money. "Money" means "much, much" in Korean. You say "Mani, mani", to say very enjoyable. So bring mani money. Do you understand?

The horizon is so big, in Texas. The light takes a long time to spread in the morning. The sunsets are long, too. It is a beautiful sight to behold. Every day the sunsets are different, it is so beautiful. When you see it, you will think, "This place is amazing. I didn't know such a beautiful place existed. I am so fond of it, I don't want to go back home!" You will want to stay for a long, long time. It is a good place.

So it is decided, right? (Applause) Ah, we are feeling so good! (Laughter) That's true! How enjoyable! Father wants all of you to fill up, swell up with the great dream of working hard to chase out all the poverty and starvation from this world. When we are full of hope for the ideal and we are working very hard for that, then God's blessing will eternally be upon us. The Unification Church Blessed couples will prosper and prosper forever.

There are a lot of rattlesnakes down there in Texas so you have to wear long boots to protect yourself. Also, there are big poison spiders and scorpions that are very dangerous. Once you are bitten, you have to get the antidote right away or you will fade away. You children have decided to take over some of the burdens which Parents have been bearing single-handedly for the last thirty years and more, on this memorable 34th Parents' Day, the 33rd anniversary day of Parents' Day. When you now decide to do that, in Father's place, then the Unification Church will have lots of hope in the future. Lots of blessing will come from God to the Unification Church. What Father is literally saying is, Father has been doing that much and now we are about to do that much of Father's work. If we say, "Well Father, it's going to be difficult," you may as well die. What use will you have if we can't do at least that much? Thank you, Father. Let us pray.

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