The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Liberation And My Ownership

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 14, 1993
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

We all know that because of the human fall, mankind has not been liberated. However, that is not all: God also is not liberated. As a result of the fall, man must overcome his circumstances in order to be liberated. God, too, must go through those eight steps of liberation, starting from individual liberation. After He accomplishes that, He returns to the domain of kingdom and establishes that condition. Then He goes up to the next level and after that is done, He establishes that again in His domain, and so on.

As we know, if mankind had not fallen, these things would not have been necessary. Adam and Eve would have simply grown up and that would have commenced the natural history of mankind. In Adam and Eve's time, the eldest son was to reach perfection within twenty-one years. That is the elder son's position. That elder son must accompany God. Together with God, he would have reached here.

As Father said, in the original history the elder son should have reached completion. Now, because of the fall, the second son must do it. As we know, it is vastly more complicated for the second son to do that. Satan is already pushing his influence over the first son's first step to perfection. What the second son must do is win over Satan and the elder son must be subjugated naturally. The second son must then support him and push him up. The second son must do all that and reach towards perfection.

Why is this so? It is the way the elder sonship is set. The process must be repeated again. In order for the second son to come into the elder son's position, he must win over Satan on the next level. That position is already occupied by the elder son, too. So the second son must go up one level at a time, fight there and be supported, and go up, and so on. That creates a solid foundation. Doing that will make a solid foundation or condition. Even Almighty God cannot do this just like that. Instead, man must accomplish this, and when he does, he opens up the way and then God can come in.

Let's make an analogy. Look at the country of America. Let's put America in the position of God in our analogy. America is God, but she cannot make that condition happen all at one time. Instead, America must go to Africa, for instance, and subjugate the people to the point that they are willing to be brought up to the top level country of America. Then America can come back and advance one step higher and then you will have one level of foundation achieved. Then you must repeat that again, in many different ways. Not even America, not even God, can accomplish that in one run. It cannot be done.

If God is carrying out this restoration by indemnity, then what role should we play? Why should mankind be involved in it? God has been making this foundation, and man has been following in God's wake, somehow making the condition for God to say that man did it. But God has always been doing things ahead of us. Otherwise, we cannot restore our ownership. This is what our Father has been doing all his life-not just for one or ten years-along with God. Father could have done it easily after World War II, but as we know, we lost all the foundation built at that time, so it had to be redone all over again.

In order to do that, what do you need to do most? Above all, we must love our enemy. That is something we must do. Restoration history is always backwards. In other words, here is God, here is Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel-in that order. There is a strict order. Abel must become one with Cain, together they must become one with Eve, and the next will be Satan. To do away with Satan, Eve connects with Adam and all together, they will connect with God.

We look at history and the time we are living in today. Mankind has gone up but people do not know which direction they are heading or where they should be heading. Actually, they should be heading this way. That's where confusion is today. That's the transfer time, the time of exchange. Going this way instead of going that way, is to deny everything.

Whatever we regard as very dear, whatever is most precious to "me" is the question now. This includes the family and the country. Centering on his own country, the benefit to his own country, is the problem now. Whatever an individual or country thinks is most dear to him is the very condition by which one is to be judged. Therefore, the only way is to deny that, deny one's own family, for instance. How can you deny your own family, since the family is such a precious entity? Yet because of this principle, once we deny that family, which is on the illegal side, then we will be given the right family here. God helps mankind to deny these things by letting Satan attack and destroy and damage them. Then man has a clear sign and understands, "Oh, I must go this way. This is the way God works."

The first rule is to love one's enemy. Next, we must go backwards and transfer. The next principle by which to pass through this is to invest and forget. This is very paradoxical, but we must do it. Why? We invest and then must come back. We must forget that we invested and come back because we need to invest even more, even bigger, even further. You have to invest and forget that you did, and then you are ready to invest again. For instance, if you are to restore the nation or race, then you must do that here. You must come back here and make that foundation. Then you are ready to do the bigger work here. You must first do it here, and it will be accomplished here.

After Father accomplishes here, he must return here. Now that all conditions for the restoration of the world are complete, he walks over here and only after coming back here has he accomplished his mission on earth. It is because the position of the second son and first son must be exchanged. That's the whole purpose of doing this. Each step of the way there is not only war or conflict, but a fierce war at that. Without going through that, restoration cannot be accomplished.

No living human being is thinking that one must go through this complicated and very difficult process-not only one time but repeatedly-to restore and reach and create Heaven on earth. This is what Father has already done, yet even to this day, people have no idea how the Kingdom of Heaven can be accomplished. Do you follow?

Without being aware of the Principle, the Israelites, through the Old Testament, were following this pattern, too. Therefore, they had to go out of their home, beyond the boundaries of their own village to some other country. Then they had to leave the boundaries of the country, go to the world, and then come back. Every time they go, and fight over, and win, and they come back, the level of victory was higher and higher. They had to do that.

That is why many of the people in the time of Old Testament were taken prisoner. When taken prisoner, whether one likes it or not, a person is moved out of his own circumstances and taken to a far distant country. He will be persecuted and opposed there. He will work so hard in misery, then eventually come back successful. Consider Jacob. For seventy-two years, he was away.

Up to 430 years, this formula is taking place. People carried out this pattern, but they had no idea they had to win over the enemy.

Their enemy had been persecuting them. Like 600,000 people of that big country, they had been persecuted in all kinds of ways. Something told them that they had to persevere. So they said, "Even though they are doing us a grave injustice, we must persevere." They survived, and they returned, but they did not know their position should be exchanged. So more or less, they were dragged, or they were going like they thought this was the best thing. They did not clearly know these two points. When God was with them, He was like that man's clothing. They had that kind of relationship. God was there. That served as a condition. Even though God did it, because man was very close to God, it was man's credit.

Then the Israelites went into Egypt and suffered so many hundreds of years, but they should not keep that in mind or hold any grudges. They should forget about that. By going into Egypt for so many hundreds of years they were persecuted, did everything, and now they have made some foundation. They must forget that. If, as they are about to leave that country they said, "No, I won't leave this country unless I can retaliate against those who have done this injustice to me. I'm going to pay them back before I go," they could never leave.

We see this: their ultimate goal is not to retaliate, not to keep what small foundation they made. These are peripheral. The most important thing is that they get out of there-that they get out of Egypt. Then the next step is to establish the independent country of Canaan. To God's dispensation, this is more important than anything. Therefore, they had to forget what happened in Egypt and be ready to invest again.

Once they established Canaan, their country, that is payment of the price. Once they established a Canaan, then Egypt would come under this new country. That was God's plan. Even though religious people are persecuted, mistreated, made miserable so often by non-religious people, by the satanic country, by evil people, what can the religious people do? They can only forget.

There was a time which was the culmination for religious people. Right after World War II was a great victorious time for religious people. Religious people, centered upon America, were at the pinnacle of the world. Yet that time was very short-lived after World War II. Today, look at the difference only fifty years later. We see secular humanism running rampant, destroying families, destroying nations and everything. We can see that with our own eyes. Satan's side was beaten by religious people, but now they are taking their revenge. Now they deny God, and Satan is doing exactly what God should be doing. Now Satan is God to them-that is what we see today. There is nothing they cannot do. They will try everything, just like God. That's what Satan is doing. That's secular humanism, which is exercising all the rights. Anything that a man wants to do, he can do. They deny God, deny God's ideal, deny everything that is Godly. Man is God-that's what secular humanism preaches. Man can do anything, since he is God. He can kill anybody if he wants to, he can plunder anything he wants. Human beings are doing that. Religion? They say, "Rubbish, trash," because it is kind of ragged. Religious people have a lot of things which they don't understand and they think some things are precious, but secular humanists laugh and scorn those things. This is what man is doing under secular humanism.

Human beings trying to be like God is the last thing which humankind can do. For a man to just deny God, to say, "There is no God," is all right, compared to what man is doing now. When man tries to be like God himself and then does the complete opposite of what God would do, means he is about to destroy even God. Denying God may be all right, but stopping God's way, stopping God's advancement creates very real trouble, very significant consequences. Mankind is in real trouble now.

If you extend that secular logic a little bit, then any large country, such as America, could attack a small country simply because they have mightier weapons. People think they can do that and get away with it because they are God, because they do not know any other God. The question is still how will we return to God's path, God's direction? At one time, we must proclaim, "This is the way we must go." Centering on the Unification Church, there must be a big proclamation at some time. So far, human history has been coming this way. So far it's all right, but now when we reach perfection, we must go to Adam. We must go to this way, not to Satan like mankind has always been doing. Man's direction must change. It's like coming this way, ever broadening the foundation, but now we must come in here, and be connected with Adam, as human history should. At this point, man will recover everything he has worked for. They are not losing anything, they are recovering everything.

From the level of kingship down to the son's level, all must be recovered here, and still be connected to Adam, and through Adam it must be connected to God. Now is the time when people realize that separating from Reverend Moon or opposing Reverend Moon will reap a bad result for them. They realize that they will lose by doing that. Somehow they want to find a way to come closer to Reverend Moon and closer to the Unification Church. This is what is happening today. Until now, God let Satan or secular mankind do anything they wanted. Those on the side of secular humanism are coming to realize that they have now lost everything. They have lost their family, they have lost love, they have lost all the valuable things, even their property. Parents, children, everything-all these things they have lost. Yet look at the other side, the side of God, the side of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. It seems there is more there than anyone could have thought: they see True Love. All the men and women are chaste and pure before marriage. They form solid families. And they have the blueprint for an ideal nation and ideal world of peace. They are going strong in that direction. This is becoming more and more obvious. What the Unification Church stands for and has already accomplished will become more and more tangible. This will become more and more obvious to the secular world, while they realize more and more that they do not know where they are going.

Today we see that Western civilization has risen to its greatest heights. We have seen the brilliant results of this civilization. If Jesus had not been crucified, the Asian civilization would have been what Western civilization is today. Today we see the route of Western civilization. Christianity was not taken where it was originally supposed to go. If Jesus had lived, then his followers would have come to India or the East, China, where religions already flourished, and there would never have been bloodshed. But as we saw in history, there was much martyrdom. Followers of Jesus had to shed lots of blood because Christianity went to the West, instead of the East. Merging and expansion, merging and expansion-this is what would have happened if Jesus had not been killed and they would have moved toward the Eastern civilizations.

Had that happened, the Asian civilization would naturally and gradually have merged into Christendom. Instead of shedding blood, they would have been strongly influenced by Christian culture. This is what the Eastern civilization would have been. It would have been done in less than seven generations time. Think about it. If Jesus had conducted mass marriages, just like Father has been doing today, in India and China, as well as in the Middle East, they would have been cross-matched and married. What Father is trying to accomplish today would have been much more easily accomplished at that time, and also much faster. But instead, the whole process went backward. The Oriental civilization was like the mind, while the West was like the body. Instead of following the mind's direction, it followed the body's direction and therefore there was a lot of bloodshed. Western civilization has come to its height, yet they are being drawn back into the direction of the Pacific. This is the Pacific Era. It is coming because of this reality.

The mind is constant. The mind treats different people, different seasons such as spring, summer, fall and winter all the same. But the body or material world treats different circumstances differently. In the summertime, wintertime, spring and autumn, it responds differently. It is not like the mind. Look at the Western civilization today. Money rules all. The slightest difference in the interest rate causes the people to become ruthless, to negate, to kill. This is certainly not how the mind works. Especially in America today, we see individualism and materialism on top of that. When something comes that does not please the individual, he cuts that off, denies it. That is not the way of the mind but of the body.

Originally, the world of mind must first think of which way is up, which way is down, which way is right and left. The mind operates to keep balance in certain things. But for individualistic and materialistic thinking, it is different. Given a certain set of circumstances for the day or the year, that period, the person sees only one direction. He doesn't know or care about balance. Above and below, right and left-he doesn't think about all these things. That is the way of the body. We see exactly this kind of dynamic today in American society. A person denies his grandfather, denies even his parents, who are closer to him, and denies the members of his own family, such as his spouse, even his children. Finally, he will deny even himself and feel like killing himself. That is not the way the mind works. That's how the body works.

But now they have one hope in this desolate Western civilization. Nobody knows where the world is going, where he is going, where he should be going except for one entity: The Unification Church. That is unique. That is different. This is where anybody can come and live, such as a Jew, a Christian, and all can pursue their own ideal. Already, every element is represented in the Unification Church, but still there is plenty of room for everyone to come in. We sit here and listen to Father speak every Sunday morning, but we really are not aware that we have that kind of value within us, because we are not able to comprehend the whole world, the whole history.

So we must have these four different directions, these four positions, because this is the position of stability. Everyone wants to be stable, with four different directions of support. Now living in America means to just see one direction. Even in one day, we have four different times of the day: morning, mid-day, evening, and night time. We should not think, "Morning is the only good time." We should not think that spring or summer are the only good times. Americans like only those times. Instead of thinking that way, think about the night, even though it hasn't come yet. Even though morning has already passed, think about morning. Balance yourself. It is the same with the different seasons. Americans just take things as they come. That's not enough. You have to be able to comprehend everything in a balanced way. You must think of the world yet to come, the world that has passed already.

Everything that is comfortable and easy for us happens to belong to Satan's side. People, not knowing the Principle, just want to follow that way. They want to go the easier, more comfortable way, without knowing that they are drifting deeper and deeper into Satan's side. That's the easy way, the more enjoyable way. That's the way of so-called freedom, although it is not really free. But Principle is not like that. A man of Principle doesn't live like that. Even in the Principle, once we go, we must come back. Certainly we will have no way of coming back if we live like others live today. We may go one day, but never think about coming back.

This must be the spiritual foundation of any country. Any country must be situated right above this foundation, but today we don't have that. Instead, if something comes along today, we react to it. If it comes tomorrow, we react tomorrow and in a certain way. The currents of the times, of the world, cause people to become changeable, to adopt new ways. They long ago lost the Principle which shows them they should be like this. They have forgotten. I have often cited the fable about the grasshopper and the ant. Winter is coming for both insects, but the ant works hard throughout the summer because he knows that winter is coming. He prepares himself. But the grasshopper just likes to enjoy the summertime, singing, dancing and drinking, never thinking about what is coming next. Typically, Americans like to tell jokes, particularly jokes centering on sex and such things. They laugh very readily and frequently. When you see laughter everywhere in a society, that's a very dangerous sign. We must compose ourselves, prepare ourselves, because we are in that position. If we hear too much laughter, it signifies something is wrong.

Silence is more a characteristic of Oriental people. You could see an Oriental person keeping silent all day long, never saying a word. Even all year long, he might say very little. That puts them in a very advantageous position. Why? Because they are preserving, they are not spending. The Oriental people are very conservative with self-expression, like laughing or crying. But Western people are very dramatic in their expression and gestures. They show their emotions very clearly. They overstate their feelings, saying how much they "love" something. These things are very consuming. As a concrete example, observe the way a woman laughs. Some Western woman may open her mouth so wide when she laughs that you can see her tonsils. This kind of behavior is unthinkable for Oriental women, who are very conservative, sparing, economical in gestures. Do you know the code of conduct for Oriental women? A woman can smile and even laugh, but she should not show her teeth! That's how they are taught and how they live. Since they are trying not to show their teeth, they will close their mouth when they laugh.

Imagine two women living together in the same home for three years, one Oriental and one Western. It is very clear what would happen. At the end of three years, the Western woman would have to bow down deeply, saying, "I am so sorry," to the Oriental woman. Why? It is because the Oriental woman who never spoke would never make any mistakes, but the Western woman would speak a lot and therefore half the time she would make mistakes. Because she made so many mistakes, she would have to say, "I'm sorry." By the time she says "I'm sorry" so many times, then she would have to bow down every day, as well. She would become the Queen of Sorry. Being King or Queen of being sorry means he or she doesn't own anything anymore. How can such a person be proud of himself or exert any rights if he is so much in debt? Do you understand what I am trying to point out?

We must learn to have perseverance and not speak so much. We must think about the future for ourselves. Always think like, "Oh, how my grandmother, how my father made mistakes, what kind of mistakes they made. How I must compensate for that," and she always thinks about the future and today's situation, and the future of her own family. Now she's on the mainstream. Instead of talking she must be thinking. That's exactly what she is doing. When she is analyzing all the time, even though she doesn't speak she already knows who did good deeds, and who made a big mistake, even though she doesn't say so, and she will try to make up for that. She will have a plan for the future for herself and her family. All these things she is doing.

Who becomes the center of the family, including the grandfather, the father, mother, brother, and everybody? If the grandson thinks this way, then he will eventually become the mainstream of that family, no two ways about it.

We can see that the trend is already there for the Western civilization to be influenced, subtly as well as boldly, by Eastern civilization. That is why we are in the Pacific Era now. What Father said to us in the past year right here at Belvedere has been a well-kept secret. Did you feel that? There is such a depth and magnitude to these things. Father knew these things all along, for at least fifty years, yet he never spoke about them before. Can you imagine? Only lately has Father been speaking about these things to us. That is because the time is getting near. How the world will become, which way world events may go-Father has an idea about these things. Father is in the position of leading the world. That's his responsibility. There are three ways: the way of rapid change, the medium change way, or the slow, mild, non-revolutionary way. "Which way should I adopt?" is the question in Father's mind all the time nowadays.

So far this morning, I have stated that God is like the clothing for human beings. God has been wrapping around individuals and doing many different levels of work. But today we should not be like that. We should be able to understand and appreciate what God has been doing through these thousands of years since the Fall, and we should be able to become independent from God. We should not let God wrap around us all the time. We should treat God properly. We should become the partner to God, not the body of God, or let God take our clothing's position. We should not do that.

We must understand this first, and then we can console God. We must talk to God and console Him, saying "How much You have suffered up to this time. I must repent for that and I will serve you better from now on." We must do that from now on. Don't let God continue to be clothing to mankind anymore. That's how we can liberate God and at the same time liberate ourselves.

Father prayed every day for forty years centering on seven countries which he selected. By the same token, you too must pray as I did, and you must go through seven different countries in your course of training. I feel that way. You know which were my seven countries, don't you? Of course, based on World War II, they were America, England, France, Japan, Italy, Germany, and Korea. The Korean representative is only me. At that time, it was connected to Satan. The only center is Reverend Moon. Do you understand? The Second Advent, the True Father's position. There is only one. There was no nation base, the family base did not exist. Do you understand? Tribe, nation, world, did not exist. After World War II there was a victory for America, which is a Protestant-based country. America is a unique country. It is the only Christian-based country which has complete independence. Incredibly enough, this great and gigantic nation of America was prepared for one purpose and one person: the coming Messiah, the True Father and therefore, the True Mother. They must be incorporated in, too. Of course, we all know that, but we are being reminded again.

This is our destined way, small or large, big person or small, this is still our destiny. If we do not follow this formula course here, then we will find our path blocked in spirit world. But we will have to do it anyway. God is the center of sovereignty, He is the Zooche. Zooche means He has kingship, while we are in a position like the queen or that of partner. By the same token, if Father has kingship, then you all are in the position to have queenship. World kingship, nation kingship, tribe, family, couple kingship. This applies from the individual all the way up to the cosmos. The central point of kingship is always at a ninety degree angle to the horizontal.

The elder son always inherits the kingship, isn't that true? For the second son to inherit the elder son's position is very difficult. Thus, he wouldn't go the regular way but instead sort of a backward way in order to inherit that. We must know the time of transfer. Doing this took thousands of years. But Father knew Principle, and therefore it took Father forty years to reach this point. We must do this also, just like Father, because if we don't do it, we will certainly have obstacles in the spirit world. Then we will be unable to go directly to Heaven but rather will have to be waiting in Paradise until we achieve it. I don't want that to happen. That is the spirit world's wilderness. All these things are like conceptual things to us, just big concepts, big dreams. But that is not the case. This is reality I am talking about. If it is hard for you to understand the reality of what I have done, then how can you ever do it yourself? You've got to understand quickly.

You think you may be going straight to Heaven by doing something right here, but if you don't do this like Father, you will find spirit world to be like a desert, a wilderness, not an enjoyable place. That is Paradise, where you will have to wait. You won't be alone. Your family, your wife, sons and daughters, grandchildren may blame you, "Because of you, we are in this miserable position. True Father taught you clearly. Why didn't you live that way?" Look at Adam and Eve and how much we blame them for our misery. Mankind has done that throughout history. So we must understand this point clearly.

Today we are having an incredible winter storm, but this teaching is more important than any hardships, right? Thus those people who did not come today may miss this very important part of Father's teaching. At the height of the storm yesterday, I went to Barrytown and came back. I felt very good driving through those impossible road conditions. The Barrytown students said, "Today is the most memorable day," and the same is true of this morning. These are very important points to remember. Do you follow?

Perhaps you can forget those things which are too complicated for you to understand, but don't forget this one thing: instead of God being our clothing, we must become the clothing for God. That's what Father has lived for until now. No matter how difficult my situation was, no matter what I was about to do, I never lost sight of God. I really, desperately hung on to God. I never allowed myself to worry about my own mother or father, to whom I was deeply attached. Instead I only worried about never losing sight of God. So I really followed God, no matter how impossible the situation. In the same way, you, too must do this. Even in prison, when being tortured, no matter how difficult my situation, my main thought was about God.

That is the relationship between subject and object. The subject is God, and in this reciprocal position is where I always stayed, hanging on to God all the time. As I said, plus and minus become completely one but that is not the end. Then together we are ready in that reciprocal position to become one with an even greater plus. Husband and wife must become united, and that's not the end of it. Most important is that they become connected in relationship with God. The universe is made of the pair system, from smaller pairs to larger pairs. Each pair serves the larger in order to return to God.

Eventually of course, God is our goal. For all women, God is in the husband's position. For everyone, He is in the subject's position. We should take the friend's position to God. Why? Because we inherited our life from God Himself. Our life's seed originated from God. Therefore, we resemble God. It is the same as children resembling their parents. Is this clear?

You all need your spouse, you need your children, family, relatives, nation, world, spirit world, and God. You need to return to God, becoming a friend to Him. We all need this and must accomplish this. When God is looking at every one of us individually, He says, "He resembles me, she resembles me," and so forth. There is no one who doesn't resemble Him. Why? Because we are His own children. Except for our fallen characteristics, everything about us resembles God. If someone asks any of us, "What is your highest desire?" the most honest answer would be, "To meet the most ideal spouse and to love each other. To have a wonderful family and to rule the world." Everyone has such a dream or desire because we are in the position to accomplish that. Every one of us has that king's desire because God is King of Kings. Therefore, that position is not only God's but it is also belongs to God's children, each and every human being.

Father followed God, so what must you do? You must follow Father. Never lose sight of him. Even if you forget everything else, remember that point. When I went to Danbury prison, you didn't follow me there, did you? If everyone had gone to Danbury with me, centering on what had happened in Danbury, there would have been explosive success, advancement and development of the Unification Church, or members. When Father went to Danbury, if every one of us followed him, it would have been the perfect chance for expanding explosively. Like Father said many times, after coming out of prison I was thinking about how to protect all of you.

In the Bible, Jesus told the story about the different men given different amounts of money by their master and how they were expected to expand that. Father did that exactly, but you didn't even earn interest on that, let alone multiplying it thousands of times. In other words, you didn't do anything to multiply it. Instead of depending on us, Father developed America all by himself. When we know these things, at least we need to be ashamed and even listen to Father, like obedient children. We should at least do that, but instead you say, "Oh, we are different from you, Father." How can you say such things? Now you understand about God, and how tedious God would have felt in accomplishing this for such a long time. Think of this reality: God could wipe this out, do this over in one minute, one hour or day. Certainly He could do it, but instead He took thousands of years, fostering carefully each individual, another individual, and so forth. Can you understand? We must do the same thing here.

Remember this important point. Now history has progressed to the point where it is the time to exchange, to transfer the course. Today we can no longer think, "I am white and he is Oriental, and they are something else." Don't think that you belong to one country and someone else belongs to another. Likewise, no matter how great you may be in science, for instance, even holding a Ph.D. degree, you must still eat three meals a day. This is a very basic and simple need which everyone in the world has. We must train ourselves to think, "This is my life-supporting food, but I must give it to someone else so that he can live." Therefore, we must forget that need and give this most precious thing to someone else. This is the only way we can follow God.

If we plant a certain seed a certain plant always sprouts up. If we want to eat beans, then we plant bean seeds. In just the same way, if we want to harvest life, we must plant seeds of life. It is our destiny. Until God's work is over, there is no way for us to escape this work. We must do the same thing that God is doing. That will take our whole life and even beyond. How can we accomplish this? First we have to realize what we must do, what our destiny is. Secondly, in order to accomplish that destiny we have to go through prayer, we have to dedicate a lot of heart to it. These are the most basic things: dedicating our heart and praying about it.

Now God is doing the world's work. It is like a sine curve. How big the magnitude would be! We must at least pretend we resemble Him. At least we have to mimic Him. (Father draws on the board.) Like so. A pretty similar shape. Anyway, this is our peak, and that is our depth, the deepest part of our mind. If we do not do this, we must do it in the spirit world. When you go to spirit world, you can discern whether or not I taught you the truth. At that time, you will say, "Oh, Father taught me everything so clearly and I didn't do it. Why didn't I follow him?" Then you will be so unhappy. Do you understand?

Going to prison is not really the problem. Even death is not the problem. The problem is how can we accomplish this. We know that even Joseph and Jesus, the dead body, the corpse became a problem. In the same way, even though we die along the way of doing God's work, still we should die while doing His work. Which would be more desirable: to die in your own home, or to die in a foreign country while working to restore that country? Yes, even though we may die, as long as we died while working for the sake of a foreign country, glory will come one day in the future to your own country. Therefore, it is more valuable to die working for the sake of a foreign country.

By this standard, we can evaluate ourselves. How many dollars and cents are we worth? We all know, don't we? It is based on what we are thinking and doing today. When we all see Father in the spirit world, do you think you can just dash towards him in a straight line, looking at him straight in the eye? Or will you be looking at him sideways, or will you be looking down to the ground, not daring to raise your eyes to him? Can Father go straight to God and embrace Him? Because Father already knew things, he often did not wait until God gave him a direction but before something happened, Father would always prepare a few steps, and do a few things beforehand. Therefore, God comes to Father and shows the road He is going Himself. Since he already knew the road God was taking, he already went by himself very close to God. Therefore, God cannot help but usher him the rest of the way. Do you follow?

This is our inevitable course. We all have to die one day. We will go to spirit world at some time. Does anybody say, "No, I am an exception to that rule"? Can you say that? No matter how high up in the mountains a stream of water may be flowing, no matter how fast it may be moving, no matter where it is, it doesn't matter. All flowing water must end up in the ocean eventually. Even though the color of all clear water is the same, the water in the ocean is salt water. We, too, will all go to spirit world, but we don't know what spirit world is like. The taste is different there, too. Just like fresh water and salt water taste different.

It is that decisively important. I knew that and therefore I long ago gave up every other career, gave up my life for this purpose. The only thing for my life is God's work. What do you want your life to be? Do you want your life to be like God's life cycle? (Father draws on the board.) Do you see this? What do you notice about it? While you are going up, you are below God, and while you are following that, it's above God. Like so. What happens is that you must come to serve God, not to be served by God.

We must serve Him more than we serve our own parents. If you are thinking about balance, if you are lower than Him, then you have to go higher than Him. That means inevitably we must suffer more than anybody else. Nobody wants this position, but we must suffer more than anybody. That is an iron rule. When that iron rule is followed, wherever we go, we cannot help but become successful. We know the way we are treading and the way God has been treading is the restoration course, but that course can never be achieved without paying indemnity. Why must we pay indemnity? It is because we are going backwards. We must do everything backwards. Therefore, it is the way of hardship, difficulty. That is the price we pay.

We say "Love thy enemy." To God there are original children and there are restored children, similar to Rachel's family and Leah's family. How to bring them into oneness is the question. Abel should not strike Cain and then expect him to follow. Instead, Abel has to love and serve Cain to move his mind to bring him to Abel's side. That is how they come into one. These two women-Leah and Rachel-were enemies of love to each other; therefore, they are archenemies. This is similar to Adam and the archangel. The position of Abel is that he should be willing to help in a loving way at any time. Namely, the love we must exercise is a stronger and deeper love than Satan's love. There is no way of denying him because his love is greater than Satan's love.

Jesus' position is the same, Father's position is the same. Right-wing and left-wing, Barabbas' position, have always been fighting. Look at how Christianity and Islam have fought. We see that so clearly in Jesus' path. The twelve disciples, centering on the three disciples, had so much difficulty uniting. What did Jesus do? He ended up washing their feet, trying to win their hearts, showing them how to unite. If we do not love our enemy, there is no way we can achieve peace. Also, the concept of enemy has to be a temporary thing. It has to cease to exist eventually. If the enemy relationship continued eternally, it would mean that God consisted of both good and evil, that there were two Gods, in essence. But that is not the case. God is not two, God is only one. He didn't create any enemy.

There is no stronger indemnity than that of loving one's enemy. As I have already told you, God was in the position of sacrificing His own child, Jesus, in order to save the children of His enemy, Satan. What an impossible situation God found Himself in. He had to love the enemy of His love, like loving the man who snatched his wife away from him. Can you imagine seeing the very person who stole your wife away from you, and instead of killing him, you have to let your wife continue to be with him? Not only that-if the three are sleeping together-let this bad person, his enemy, not only love her, but also you have to watch over them and protect them in the archangel's position. That's exactly God's position. He has to let that man embrace his own wife, just give his own wife to the enemy and protect them so that they won't be hurt. That's exactly God's position, becoming a watchman. Unless we reach that point, we cannot understand God's heart.

Imagine, your own loving wife-not just any wife but a loving wife-giving her to your enemy, and letting him embrace her. And you watching over them in the archangel's position. We know that the ordinary response would be to want to throw the atomic bomb at him, right? You American women must understand God's feeling in this regard. To understand God's feeling, we must do this. Is God's position an easy one or a difficult one? How difficult? We already know it is impossible. For Jesus to become the messiah and accomplish what he did, he had to go through that kind of impossible situation. By the same token, Father also had to go through a similar position to understand God's position.

Joseph's wife was Mary, right? And God took her away from him, didn't He? Then God expected Joseph to allow Mary to be embraced by God and for Joseph to remain in the watchman's position. But Joseph could not do that.

What is your answer: Is God a very miserable God, or is He a happy God? In Father's own time, how important it is that I can be uncovering all these deep, hidden secrets and by doing so, liberate God. How grateful God is for that. What about you? You, too, must liberate Father in America, isn't that true? It is the same situation. Not only in America but in every country. At least you have some idea of God's realm of heart.

Through Isaac's offering, he could begin a new course in God's dispensation of restoration. We must understand this heart of God: He is giving His own wife as an offering to His enemy in the effort to bring that enemy around to Him. When you extend that a little bit, you come to the practical problems of bringing unity between white and black people in America. There is so must antagonism. How about all those families which have fought among themselves? The only way for them to correct these attitudes is by understanding God. Once we understand God, each one can be corrected.

We see these are the formulas which will last until the whole world is restored. If Unification Church members settle down comfortably, can we achieve this destined course, or not? So we have been like heavenly Gypsies and Father is like Moses leading his people out into the wilderness. It is the same situation: you must follow Father and that means you must go wherever he is. We are about to establish our own country, God's fatherland, and that cannot be done easily. We must suffer to achieve that, from a difficult position, almost like dying. This is the destination we are going toward. We must register into Father's own family.

After you go back to your hometown, you have to register your own family and parents into Father's family. A big movement takes place. If you really understand that it is imperative to unite Africa and the United States, what is the best and fastest way? It would be for Africans to come to America and for Americans to go to Africa. That great movement of race would bring unity. Therefore, we must not settle down because once we are settled, we cannot accomplish our goal. Once we are settled, we cannot be moving, we cannot be a part of this great movement. Do you follow?

What is the first principle? Love your enemy. We must understand how much we love our enemy. By loving him, we will determine the liberation, it will determine everything. Ownership and sovereignty are determined that way.

The second principle is how much we dedicate to another country, helping them to transfer to the right course. That, too, will decide how much your ownership will be. Property. Ownership is a more abstract word, but we are talking about real property: how much property will belong to you?

The third principle is to invest and then forget. Do the right thing and then forget that you have done it. Do more and then forget that you have done it. If we don't forget, then we can't invest more. The purpose of forgetting is to enable us to do greater things. To invest more means after winning over hard-won America, Father is willing to give for the sake of Africa, which is so remote. But Father has to do that because God has been living that way. Father already invested a lot in America. To invest more means to invest what he has already given in America and more in service to Africa. What about Africa becoming as great a nation as America? Then together they work for the sake of the world. It is the same principle.

If there is a good business, certainly this is it. There is no better business than investing. How hard for God to plant and gather His harvest. Yet God gives up all His hard-won harvest in order to plant again. Do you think I keep a lot of money in my pockets? What about my personal bank account? Am I in debt? Not only do you invest what you have, but you also borrow money from other people at great cost, and invest it. That's even greater investing. This is more than a cross to bear. It's a double cross to bear.

Last night, Father talked to Mr. Joo all night about what would have happened if Father had not done what he has done. If Father had not been here in America, this country would have been washed out long ago. And the whole world, as well. You Americans don't even dream of such things as whether Father has debts, or Father will be able to recover from debt. You just live day to day. That's not right.

We have a saying in Korea, "To be a parent is to be a great sinner." It's to become a man who owes people; in other words, he's simply a sinner, someone who committed a crime. God, too, has invested and invested. What is the result? His children become more comfortable. When we are in a similar situation, don't worry about it ever, just like Father. In other words, if we borrow a lot of money and become greatly indebted to other nations, and we suffer from that, don't worry about it because so much liberation will take place. So much property will return to us. We are not losing anything by doing that. This is the Principle. It always works. In the same way, God invests and forgets. What is the result of that? His property (His ownership) becomes bigger and bigger.

We see each individual's path is revealed soon enough. Like Reverend Kwak and Dr. Pak, both are taking responsibility in Korea. The one who goes the road of Principle will finally be the winner. He will liberate more. Even though they may work very hard, still Father pounds on them and calls them bad names, even. But they still remain faithful and obey Father's directions. Just as God has been working so hard and has been called names, and He tries to forget that. What about Americans? Suppose an American has been working very hard and then Father comes and pounds on him, how would he respond? You already know, right? He would become angry, he would even want to retaliate. American's education consists of how to protect yourself, not to protect God or anybody else. You would ask, "Why did Father hit me?" You don't have any contents. Why? Your mouth is always moving, talking.

Liberation and the ownership of property: we all want to have these two things, don't we? Is there anyone who would say, "I don't need them"? No. Once you understand these deep underlying principles, then you can just forget about what Father may think about you. Forget it, don't pay attention. What you must do, you must do. In the same way, if you owned vast amounts of property, you could exert a great amount of influence in this world, like a king, right? You could go anywhere, like a king, and not be bothered. You would be liberated. It is the same way in God's world. If your ownership becomes like that, you feel like a king. We know.

So we know these three precious principles: Love your enemy. Take over the opposition and transfer.

When we think from these deep principles, whatever Father says, such as, "Go to your hometown, do this, do that," it is really nothing compared with what we must do. Do you understand? Therefore, complaint is not possible. Already, the King of Kings, Almighty God, has been going this path which we are about to go, for thousands of years. He is doing it today. We know that. Also, the True Parents have been doing this all their lives. Now it is your turn to follow that pattern with your life. How can you complain, since you will be one with them, reaching to them? God is your Parents, True Parents are your parents. Isn't that true? You belong to one family, then. Absolutely obeying parents is the way, then, isn't that true? No complaint can be possible, then. The children are not in the subject position but the parents are. So the children have to absolutely obey the parents. That is the absolute Unification foundation.

Look at Ukraine in the former Soviet Union. People there are yearning for Father to come over. I have been weighing this in my mind. Going there would certainly have some gains, but I also have to consider the losses that would occur. That is why I don't just jump to go there. Mr. Yeltsin also invited Father to come over, but I didn't immediately respond. My feeling was that I must meet with Mr. Bush first, and then go to Yeltsin. Yeltsin wanted me to come, and it didn't happen, and then Bush was cast out, and now Father has to find a different course.

But Father is doing everything properly toward America. This is chemyun. American people don't have a clear idea about this chemyun. It means you know what you are supposed to do, you don't just do something on a whim. Father already knows what he has to do towards certain people. Father always keeps his face towards America, in other words. Father has already done what he is required to do by God for the sake of America. You must do indemnity from God's and Father's position, not centering on yourself.

To establish conditions from Father's position means only one way. Father already told you that there are already many more hills for you to climb. In order to do that, you come to higher and higher slopes, coming even to the Himalayas, when your work becomes more and more heightened. We must follow Father.

Here is the conclusion. Why is God working so hard? Why is Father suffering so much? For whom? You must realize that it is for only one person: you. Each one of you must say, "It is for me." We must come to realize that in order for God to place you in this position you are in today, how many people actually had to die for this benefit you are enjoying today? How much do we owe to Him? If God has been working so much, as we know, now we can volunteer, "I will do it for You, God, in Your place." Then God will look at you like you are His God. What more could God ask from His children than for them to say, "I want to do your work for you"? God even wants us to stand in His impossibly honorable position, too. "You can do it in My place." He may give us authority, too. God wants to give everything He has to us.

What a glorious position we would be in. How much more of a winner could we ever be? We will be completely free. You could come up to God and say, "I would like to sit in your throne, Father." He would say, "You want that? Okay, come on. Sit here." That is the concept. How much happiness, how much satisfaction. That means total freedom in God's world. Even your Creator freely inviting you onto His throne. How wonderful! Do you understand?

We are going to that goal, and while we are on the way, even though you may not fully understand what is happening, how can you talk and complain? American women, especially, want to speak out what they are thinking. They never can just keep their thoughts to themselves. Look at Jesus' demeanor when he was being accused in Pilate's court. What did he do? He was silent, wasn't he? Why can't you women behave the same way? Jesus didn't speak until the question was asked, "Are you the King of the Jews?" Then Jesus broke his silence and said strongly, "Yes, I am." How courageous that was, how wonderful. That's when it is all right to speak out, never in complaint.

When you are asked, "Are you a Unification Church member?" do you respond, "No"? Do you dislike hearing that kind of question? Do you take that kind of defensive attitude? Or do you answer "Yes" like Jesus? "I am a Unification Church member." You know well what is the proper way for the Unification Church member to go, isn't that true? You must repent for mistakes.

The topic today is very important: ownership is in proportion to liberation. The more liberation you achieve, the more ownership and property you will have. The more property you come to have, that means more liberation must have taken place. Therefore, you can even forget about restoration by indemnity. That's not pleasant thinking. It's a really sad part of God's thinking. Forget about indemnity. What is it for? Instead, just think about doing what God and True Parents have been doing until now. If you simply do that, and when you die doing that, still you can die shouting "Mansei!" because you are full of hope. The more you accomplish, then that much less will have to be done later on. We have to live like that. That's the attitude Unification Church members must live by, from now until the time we go to spirit world.

When you get confused, think about Father and Mother as your role models. Do like him, hold onto him tightly no matter what. By holding on tightly to my own principles, did I perish? No. So, if you follow the same principles, will you perish? You know you won't. You will just digest, then go ahead, preferring death to avoiding it. Why? Because that is the way God thinks.

Every one of you has the ambition to own a lot of property, don't you? Even you small women feel that way, don't you? Big men, small women have the same hope and ambition. True Love is the equalizer between you.

Unless we achieve liberation, we will have no freedom. Liberation comes before freedom. Look at this in perspective. We go to Africa and pay indemnity and what do we achieve? Just Africa, that's all. Can we complain at that? No, we are going beyond Africa, going beyond the whole world and history. We must digest and liquidate, rearrange now. Therefore, in the months to come, we will have a new, larger movement. We must have our mind prepared.

A huge snowstorm hit New York and authorities recommended that everybody just stay home today. Everything is quiet. But we are making a big bang in this world and we know how to do it. We will do it by going out and working harder when everybody else is dormant and resting. This day is very memorable. It is quiet because of the storm. Everybody is trying to protect themselves. Our only protection, however, is our understanding and our acting upon it and accomplishing. Are we going to do that? Yes? Yes? (Father speaks in a softer voice the second time.) When I speak "Yes" in a smaller voice, how should you answer me? Should you also lower your voice, or should you make your answer bigger? As my voice becomes smaller and smaller, your voice should go the opposite direction, becoming stronger and stronger. Then how great the hope for the Unification Church will be in the future! Can you do it? (YES!) (Smaller voice:) Can you do it? (YES!!!) (Even smaller voice:) Can you do it? (YESSSS!!!!!!!) Okay, I will let you do it! God bless you.

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