The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

The Tribal Messiah And My Homeland

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 1, 1993
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Already, two months have passed in 1993. We are now beginning the third month. Those who are blessed please raise your hands. Nearly everyone. You are all to be tribal messiahs. Before tribal messiahship we worked in our home church area. There we visited 360 different homes. This is our external tribe. There is a Cain and Abel relationship. If we had fulfilled home church work, our tribal messiah work would be very simple. If we had worked hard, moved their hearts, and brought them to us, then the restoration work with our tribe would have been very easy.

Parents have been pioneering that road. Salvation is not just for the individual. Centering on True Parents' efforts, we have been creating family, tribal, racial, national and world salvation. While Father has been doing this, Satan has been opposing him totally. Father's 40 year life-course has been filled with persecution. All of True Parent's efforts on all these different levels would not have been necessary if at the end of World War II America and the Christian world had united with Father. At that time the family settlement would have occurred, centering on parents. Thus Cain and Abel would have become one centering on Mother. As it did not happen, reindemnification was necessary. The whole world came against Father and persecuted him. That fight ended after 40 years. Since it is a rigid principle that those who do not fulfill their responsibility are taken by Satan, all the Christians went under the satanic domain. God lost all of them.

The world-level Cain and Abel uniting with the mother occurred with nations on God's side and nations on Satan's side. World War II was a fierce fight between God and Satan. God's side won over Satan's side, and centering on Christianity the whole world was to have come into unity. Satan, represented by Japan, Germany and Italy, wanted to erase God's side.

If the Unification Church does not help in God's work then it is also moved to Satan's side. In man the mind is on God's side and the body is on Satan's side. When heaven gives an order the mind follows but the body does not. If the body refuses to move then it becomes satanic. As we come to understand God's will, our mind and body must unite. But as time goes on, which side will get the better of you? Will your old ways come back and get the better of you? The satanic way of life wants to advance centering on Satan's desire, Satan's way of life. The body, even though it may be temporarily persuaded by the mind, still wants to cling to the old way of life. Today is the first day of the month, an important day. Most people think of having an easy life, centering on the body. You, instead of thinking of all the family, want to separate yourself and feel comfortable. The thoughts of True Parents, brothers, and sisters slowly fade. If you think that the Christian church is better than the Unification Church, you are receding. If you start to think of the easy way, you fade. If you make excuses and think easily you will fade. Do the younger or older members represent heaven? Speaking horizontally some members joined earlier and some later. This line should represent what God desires. But right now it has sunk down. Heaven wants to meet them at the center point, but they are fallen to a lower position, so they are given back to Satan. The whole circle should rotate around the center, but if the center is drawn down, it cannot rotate properly. So, no matter when you joined, if you are below then you are in the satanic domain. We know well what position we occupy.

We all remember when we first heard the words of heaven. All we wanted to do was to come to the church and live there. There was a time when many came very early to sit in the front row. We see that diseases such as AIDS or cancer have a period of dormancy, during which time we do not know that they are present. We are reminded of how formidable habits are. Are you closer to Heaven's side or to Satan's side? After 20 years in the church are you up or down, closer to heaven or to hell?

We lost the home church area many years ago. Home church is to serve as the method to save the nation. Cain and Abel must become one and then seek for a larger plus, which is the mother. Together they form a minus and seek the father. Then again they become a larger minus and seek the larger plus, God. This is the principle of development. The basic pattern calls for mind body unity. Which is the plus? The mind is plus, so the body must be bought into unity with the mind. If we do not do that we will always be dragged down by the body. While we are doing home church, Father is working at nation and world church. What is "church"? It is the organization which separates Satan and brings people to God's side. We have stayed on God's side just barely, because of all the ropes that Father attached. Without these ropes we would have all been washed away. Home church is to expand the foundation horizontally.

Connect Your Hometown to Father's

(Father draws a diagram with four lines.) The first is tribal restoration, the next racial, then national and finally the world restoration. The Unification Church is moving up, but many mistakes have been made. Father has to bear the consequences of these mistakes. We should be the ones to make the horizontal foundation, but we did not, and Father instead had to do it. Thus our foundation became symbolic, not a reality. It's like a dotted line. Instead of advancing in the wake of Father, you have been barely hanging on. Thus when Father is not here you have no place to stay in heaven. You go to Satan's side. We must understand that if we had succeeded in home church, our home church area as Cain would have united easily with our Abel tribe. So now Father ordered that we only focus on the Abel-side.

Because we didn't make the foundation, Father made it. Father ordered us to go to our tribes. How can we ignore this? We must understand the concept of tribal messiahship. It is our own real foundation, our hometown. If instead we just tag along with Father, we will not have a hometown. Father wants to make a connection between his hometown and ours; this is tribal messiahship. Centering on Father's hometown, we are to make ours. By doing so, we reconnect what was lost during history. By doing that this realm returns to God's side. In the spirit world are you going to live in Father's hometown? You must have your own home. Of course you center on Father's home, but you have to have your own home. If you do not establish your home, you will be homeless in the spirit world. Even if Father goes up, we do not go up automatically. It will just be harder and harder for us to reach Father. If we had understood this correctly, there would be a world of difference between when we joined and when we become the tribal messiah. When we joined we did so just to be connected firmly. At that point we took the new seed and fostered it. We wanted to go to church 24 hours a day. Thus tribal messiahs should feel at least the same. We should do more tribal messiah work. As we do, we can connect to the nation and world. We all have a hometown; it is still satanic. Your hometown is not heaven's land and there are no heavenly people living there. God does not live there. The only way to do that is to do the tribal messiah mission. Do your work and connect them to True Parents and God.

We know enough. Without first connecting to them and serving them, we cannot restore our hometown. Without doing that we do not have a home in which to stay. You are like orphans. Orphans do not have a home or parents. Do you want to remain orphans? Not one person in five billion wants that. We must have deeper desire. Father points this out clearly, so you know where you stand.

It is our privilege to have tribal messiahship. Through fulfilling it successfully, we can connect to Father. At the top of the tree we have a new bud. As long as we have an intact root and trunk, the bud will live. Branches will come. Father's purpose is still to turn Christianity and connect them to this trunk. Those who come against Father will be cut off from heaven. Those who practice free sex and homosexuality will perish. There is no way to stop that. They cannot have children. All their flourishing will perish. To reconnect people to the trunk is the mission of the tribal messiah. You should take the Cain world and bring it to God. Do you now understand clearly? [Yes.] We have a hometown where we were born, but it belongs to Satan. We must restore our hometown. Without doing that, if you go to spirit world you have no place to stand. From your restored hometown you can make a natural transition to the spirit world. This is exactly what Father wants to do through the tribal messiahs. Just as Father engrafted us to himself, in our hometown we are to engraft our tribe to us. Then our hometown will be on God's side. You will be the ancestor of your tribe. You will represent the past, present and future. By making tribal messiah successful all those who belong to that tribe are recognized as being born in heaven's land. All in the spirit world understand this, so they will return to earth to assist. Then they can gain their own restoration. These spirit men have no foundation that they can make without working here on earth. Thus the tribal messiah is the sole hope of all his ancestors. They will come down and chastise him if he doesn't work hard. Inactivity is like a swamp; he will go down and down. No one will come to save him.

The Harvest of the West

That is a fearful place. We are in a situation where our ancestors, offspring and relatives can all judge us. Do you understand how important the tribal messiah's mission is? Father has taught us so much; he will now take his hands off us. Jesus could not accomplish this so he had to come back. If you miss your chance you will not be able to come again. This is the first and last time in history that this is possible. Father challenged the Korean residents here in America to fulfill tribal messiahship, so the Americans have to do it too. If they don't it will be like the tribes of Israel who had to just wait to be killed. There are many people in the orient who can do your job; we cannot wait indefinitely. If we do not do it, our enemies will. As the Bible says, the first shall be last. Russia is now in a unique position. There is no opposition there. Father can start at the top and change Russia. Where is America's place? Should it follow Russia?

America's soil belongs to the Indians. You are occupying it. You have to make your hometown here, if you do not it will revert to its former owners. White people are a minority to other races. The dominant race in the future will not be Anglo-Saxon; it will be colored.

Your ancestors planted opium in the east during the opium wars. Now the harvest is coming to the west. How can you escape from this? You must repent and go 180 degrees opposite. Father will not let it just pass. He must bring results; if he cannot he will choose a different way. When Father first came, there were only 100,000 Koreans in America; now there are more than one million. More and more will come and settle down all over America. Father recently bought a large farm in Texas. Father wants to bring many starving people and teach them to farm. When white people colonized the world they did not teach people how to farm. Father will do this.

Many missionaries meet a terrible fate in Africa, but not Unification Church missionaries. They are welcomed. The white Christian missionaries went there and ruled like kings with many servants. As you know, after World War II, America, Russia and China sought power in Africa, but they have all been kicked out. However, the Unification Church will be welcomed and Reverend Moon will teach them how to use their own resources for their own betterment. In the past they persecuted Reverend Moon, but now they ask him to stay. If Reverend Moon leaves America this nation will turn very dark. If America follows Father, it will be very bright. Father has been fighting a fierce war in this country. He has been going into debt to invest in this country. Father wants to repay on his own. But American members are not thinking like that. They are still asking for more money. Father has been cutting the budget to the minimum. Father wants to only fund the Washington Times and Bridgeport University. Many members in Japan and Korea do not sleep at night in order to fund this country. We have to pay back this debt.

Father has always placed the white people in front of the other races in America. Now Father asked you to do ethnic church. Through Dr. Pak and Rev. Kamiyama Father is going to do this.

So today's sermon is "The Tribal Messiah and My Homeland." Do we have my homeland? No. These are not passive words; they are active. The day we joined the church and the day we are granted tribal messiahship are much different. Joining is to be connected individually. Today is the day you connect all your ancestors and your entire family. It is God's idea to live for others, to do everything for others, to not just preserve yourselves. Here in America, is there even one small town where they are asking Father to come so that they can serve him? No. So this is still a wilderness. What about Korea? There are many tribal messiahs there. They are settling down in their hometowns. Anytime Father goes there, they will have a large feast. What about America? It is still a wilderness. For Father to stay here he must have confidence in you.

Father is now close to 80. He is a grandfather's age. When people get that old they want to go to their hometown. So Father wants to go home. He thinks he will sit and drink and smoke a pipe. This way he can reach the drunkards, saying, "Follow me and you can go to heaven." If Father does that, will you follow him? [Yes.] Father never had any alcohol or a cigarette in his life. He is healthy because of that. Whenever he had a good meal, he even felt guilty. No one else with a Mercedes or a Rolls Royce goes to eat at McDonalds, but Father does. The people always wait and look to see who is the owner of the car. They see Father and are surprised. Father laughed. This has happened so often that McDonalds once sent him a gift.

The Blessed Couple must Realize the Value of their Hometown

We must realize how valuable my hometown is. Should we make it or throw it away? We as Adam must restore all that was lost. Without doing that we do not have a hometown. The spirit world is in the angelic position. When Adam was growing up, all the angels helped. Similarly, today all the spirit world will come to help. You cannot deny that. So if we do not have the tribal messiah foundation, we will be at a total loss. In your tribe there are three groups: those who married by themselves, those who had sexual relationships but did not marry, and those who are virgins. The first are like fallen Adam, the second are like Jesus and the third are the completed testament group.

If Jesus had lived and worked seven more years, by age 40 he would have been the king of Israel. The king's root is the deepest root; it is God. If Jesus had restored Adam's family when he came, Father need not have come. Joseph's family and Zechariah's family would have united. Jesus should had taken as a bride the younger sister of John the Baptist from Cain's side. The tribe would have unified. John the Baptist could not have denied Jesus. Jesus would have become a father and grandfather and the perfect Christian family would have expanded on the earth. Jesus with the Roman foundation could have spread all over the world. Peter, James and John fought. If instead they had become real sons and united into one, parents would have come.

So do we understand the importance and meaning of tribal messiahship? We should follow Father. So to prevent ourselves from going backward we should pray and read Father's words. We must realize how much Father worked to give those words. As we follow Father ten years, 20 years or 30 years, we should help Father more and more. Instead we have been going back and back. This is not desirable. Are you now getting bigger or smaller? Which one? Father has been working on larger and larger levels. As he progresses more came against him.

But now there is no more communism. Persecution will cease. Father now has Mother, and the family can settle down. What America, England and France failed to do at the end of World War II, Father reindemnified at the end of last year. Now Father with Mother has restored the bride. Father and Mother stand side by side and now with God can return to their homeland.

So we as a blessed couple must realize the four realms of heart and the three kingships. After that you can become part of the royal family of God. This will be the completion of the son's and daughter's heart, brother's heart and sister's heart, couples' heart and parents' heart. Upon fulfilling this they will meet at one focal point. This is the point of all hope and the settlement point of true love. God will join you there. By the time we reach here, we will have felt all that God has felt. By giving us the gift of children we can feel as God has felt. So begin as good sons and daughters, good brothers and sisters, a good couple and then become good parents.

So have we given birth to children from this point? When we are surrounded by true love our mind and body do not fight. If there is any fighting, God's love is not there. We must become the king of the past, present and future. We must complete the four realms of heart and the tree realms of kingship. This will never fade, it will remain eternally. Those who do not make a family of this perfection will have to wait. You will be blamed by your tribe. "You knew this but you did not teach me." This is your mission. We must as tribal families have this quality. Return to our homeland with tears and teach them.

This is the difference between you and Father. Father has made Adam's, Jesus' and the original family complete. This contains so much historical difficulty. But all you have to do is the tribal level. We will resurrect Adam and Jesus. When Father pulls on one, all three follow. This is your mission. It is clear. This is your everyday task. Don't forget this, eating, sleeping, walking-remember this always. Dwell everywhere with the desire to fulfill this and God will follow you everywhere.

This is my homeland. First we have to find and restore our ancestors. Second we have to restore my homeland. The present land belongs to Satan; we have to restore it. Third, we have to restore God so that He will live with us, me, my family and my tribe, and Satan no longer exists.

As Adam was growing up, God followed him everywhere. We must do the same and make that highway with no walls. Father declared war on all the walls and tore down the individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world and cosmic walls. Then God and you can say mansei together.

Find your Ancestors

We should be like a nursing baby, only concerned with Father's words. The Unificationist love power should roar out like thunder. God's love power will sound all over the universe. Make a noise all over the world. God wants that kind of world.

So we have to find our ancestors. Can you find them in New York if you are from somewhere else? No; you find them where you came from. Absolutely you need to find your ancestors and your homeland, then God will follow you. So please remember these three responsibilities. If we unite and serve God, then God will follow us. Wherever Father goes, God follows him because he has accomplished the four realms of heart and the three kingships. Knowing is one thing but doing is another. This is the treasure that Father leaves to us, the results of his life work. So think deeply about tribal messiahship. Do not take it lightly.

If you do it successfully, the nation and world will come into being. Did Adam and Eve need an institutional leader ? No. South Korea will follow us if 250 million Americans follow us. We have a strong weapon, the power of love.

So where do you want to live? [In our hometown.] With whom? [Our ancestors.] We need our ancestors and homeland. Those parents who fought against us will now be restored. What great blessing for them. Even Satan will come to listen.

Spirit world is on the edge looking at us. We must follow and do it while Father is here. You must learn Korean; it is True Parents' mother tongue. Do you know how hard Father worked to learn English? It is so difficult to learn those words. At your age you can learn; you have to make up your mind. It can be done in one year, no problem.

Should you go back to your hometown? [Yes.] You had ancestors, a homeland and God before anything else. That is the heavenly constitution. Don't forget. The Messiah's mission is to become True Parents. Even if we die, we have to come back to finish this here. Father decided to even give up his life to do this. Be absolutely serious to do this. How easy your life would have been if you had not heard Father's life, but how else can you go to heaven? If you see others doing it, you will be very ashamed. Once you get to spirit world you will see that it is correct. Can you then come back? No. Forget sleeping and eating and focus on the mission. Is this something nice to have or absolutely necessary?

Do you have sons and daughters? Where do they come from? Are they born in the homeland or on the street? Not in the homeland. So we must go back to our homeland and work harder with tears. Until now the fallen world came to the cities, but now the heavenly way will be to go to the countryside. The American forefathers went to the countryside, not the cities. The pollution is so bad, they can no longer live in the cities and stay healthy. Go back to the countryside and own a small piece of land. On Father's farm in Texas there is nothing as far as you can see in all directions. Father will bring Africans and show teach them how to farm. Also make an agricultural school in each land. All this will come to pass. They will have good fishing, hunting, good farming, good results. There will be a six month learning period for you too. You will become a first-rate farmer. There is no better preparation before you go to the spirit world than farming. Over fifty years old, we should make farming a second career. This is the beginning of Father's crusade for saving 20 million starving people. Teach them how to grow crops.

Don't Call First

Father has given us the best gift, tribal messiahship. However, no one seems to understand. Father asked those national leaders who came to Alaska for training last summer to explain the meaning of tribal messiahship. Each had a different answer. What kind of formula is that? There must be one formula. Do you understand? Our original homeland is where we are going to be restored. In view of restoration, there is no way to deny this. That is the only way we can return to our homeland. So, are we going to go to our homeland? (Yes). Do your tribal messiahship honestly. In your hometown there are homosexuals and lesbians. There is free sex. We have to wipe it out. There can't be families fighting each other. That's not godly. There should be no senior citizen's homes.

Can you maintain as your only hope that you end up living in a retirement home, having to make an appointment with your own sons and daughters before you come? When Father calls your home beforehand and says can I come over, what is your answer? Can you say no? What if Father goes straight to your home. Are you going to say, "Father, you didn't make an appointment, you didn't call me so you must go back?" That is Satan's way and the American way. If you truly understand the root of yourself, even if you were a couple making love and Father walked in and separated you, you would thank Father for paying attention to your family. Is the American custom very close to heaven like that? What if there were a dinner set and Father came in and helped himself, would you get angry because Father hadn't cooked his portion? It's the order of things. The grandfather is entitled to eat first, then the father, then the children, then the grandchildren. So, when Father goes in and helps himself, is he right in doing that? Sure, he has all the right. Father is the grandfather, isn't he?

What if Father doesn't arrive by himself, but brings a lot of people along with him and expects everyone to be fed? What if Father does this not just one time, but very often? Pretty soon that house will go completely bankrupt. But wait. Father will open up a bank for him. The family which says, "Father please come more often," knowing that they are thousands of dollars in debt-Father will buy a bank for that kind of couple. That is a matter of heart. So we are willing to do anything, even begging, for the sake of God. Since God is also the king of beggars' world, God will help us no matter what. We must understand the tribal messiahship and how willingly we must go down to work for the sake of God. Now do we know how precious this is? We never had this chance ever before in history and we will not have it ever again.

Today is a special day. March first of 1919, exactly 74 years ago, literally, while under military occupation from a foreign country, Japan, hundreds of thousands of Korean people sprang up and shouted "mansei". Why that year? Why March first? Because that's the time Father was conceived. God's working is that even in a symbolic way God must have a country before Father was born, even as a condition. So that day was Korea's Independence Day. Much, much blood has been shed for the sake of one person coming-Father. There was a great famine to pay indemnity for one person to come for the world, not for Korea only. Looking back we can see very clearly that God works in such an unmistakable way, following a formula.

Father reinstated Japan as the Eve country. Eve's mission is to give birth to Cain and Abel. In Japan there are two Korean natives-one from South Korea, who is in Abel's position, and one from North Korea, who is in Cain's position. They are always fighting each other. Now we have to become one. No one can bring that to pass except Father. Bringing them into unification is Eve's absolute top priority mission. Without that, Japan cannot become the Eve nation. This is internal. Outside, the Eve nation must embrace the right wing and left wing. Japan is given the phenomenal, successful economic blessing in order to do this mission. Japan has been getting rich, although they don't know why. They don't know the purpose for which they are to use this blessing. It is because they have to restore people and material to do Eve's mission. The Koreans are different. They know how to embrace people. Even though their country is poor, they are always thinking about the world. Japan cannot do that through the Japanese members who are completely one with Father, but they can center on Father and embrace all the right and left wing-Korea and North Korea.

Why does America represent the Archangel country? Since America is in the Archangel position, it does not have a spouse. That's why men turn to men as homosexuals. They are not given a spouse, only a partner, and only a temporary one at that. Who is the ancestor of free sex? Isn't it the archangel? He took a spouse which was not his. That's free sex. None of the customs which America follows are God's customs. There is nothing you can use, so you must import God's customs and use them. The archangel should follow Adam and Eve's customs, not the other way around. Now AIDS is rampant. Who spreads AIDS around the world? Koreans? [No.] Americans? [Yes.] This is because of their very lax sexual morality. Which is it? Yankee stay here, or Yankee go home? [Yankee go home.] That sounds terrible, doesn't it? But, the reason behind it is also terrible. How can we change it to "Yankee stay"? You have to go backwards and deny yourselves.

We can learn a great lesson from history. When the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for 40 years eventually went back to their home country, the seven tribes were established and living well. The Israelites were almost like beggars in the wilderness after those 40 years. What did they have? Nothing. They all tried to get a job, so to speak, and get by, taking care of themselves. By doing that, they all lost their status and died. When the tribes were formed and they were not willing to go along with God's will, what happened? They paid too much attention to material things, money. They hesitated because they thought, "What about money to support my family and myself? What about my security?" By doing that, they lost their hard-earned tradition which was prepared for over 300 years. We see the result now.

The Women's Age

We should not repeat their mistake. When you go back to your homeland, don't get caught up in getting a job, or concern yourself in material things. The Unification Church is in the same situation as Israel was then. We must exert ourselves in the position of soldiers to build a nation. We must tackle the work to create a nation, not to take care of our wife and children. That's backwards. So in Korea, Father chased them out mercilessly, in a way. In the end, that's the best for them. So they really went ahead with it and became successful. The foundation for the Women's Federation for World Peace meeting was made almost overnight. They said they didn't expect it to be that quick and easy.

Here in America Father urges that we do the Women's Federation movement. There is no reason for Americans to oppose the Women's Federation movement. It is for the family. The President's wife, Hillary, is already moving the nine security council members and she is going to appoint women to more than five of those positions. You see, that trend is there. The number of congresswomen was far from big this year, but in the next election they expect it will be more than seventy. The women's time definitely will come. Why? To protect the tribal messiahs, mainly, to protect us. So, perfected Eve must control and have dominion over the archangel. The archangel represents their husbands. So, the man's time is passing and the women's time is arising. American women cannot trust any American man because they are in a fallen archangel position. Women have to quickly mend this.

American men walk singly. The single man walking about in the Orient will fast lose his popularity. People now even blame them and say that they are without principles, like mad dogs. In Korea it's an everyday four letter word, to call a man a dog. Mad dogs have rabies. Of course, here, we should not think we are Americans. We should think we are Unification Church members. Do the Unification Church members ever contract AIDS? [No.]

So please establish the tribal messiahship concept in yourself deeply on this first day of March, this very significant day. Until now we all followed Father and we did not have a foundation of our own. Now we must deploy a horizontal foundation. To continue to follow Father's way, Father will have to say, "Go back, go back to your own homeland." That's where you belong. Otherwise, you will be in-between. In America that's what they do anyway. After they reach 18 years of age the parents say go independent. Maybe now we will kick out all the young members to do their own tribal messiahship. We have to do something.

The company is not a real, real essence because a company is there all the time. Maybe you can support the company after you go to hometown. Part-time is okay too. Don't seek for too much money. All you have to do is support yourself. This is one country where you never starve. Walk into any hotel and they have free bread. The Israelites did not have bread. Here you have bread everywhere. If you make friends with a restaurant, then every night they throw away perfectly good food. Do you think God will blame you because you are not dignified? Or would He praise you because you have done your mission even at that low level? God will not mind. In fact, it's the other way: He will give us a prize. We have to leave God's new tradition behind. Don't be bothered by the old headaches.

Did or didn't Father establish a new tradition here in America and leave it behind for us? How much has this country changed? Above all, we've changed. We know how different a person we've become. Good traditions have to be established. Do not just establish, but inherit, preserve, and bequeath. This is elimination. Father did his very best to leave behind him the best tradition. Father applied this principle even to his own enemy country. But America certainly is not an enemy to you. This is your own country, so you should do even better. That is a reasonable conclusion. With this understanding, let us pledge that we will do it. Shall we do that? [Yes.]

Father had to speak longer because there were fewer people. Father actually practiced one hour and a half, but believe it or not, Father's talks will be shorter and shorter. Father will give you the title and speak a few words with a very concentrated spirit, maybe ten to fifteen minutes, that's all. You pray sometimes that Father will speak for a short time, don't you?

Remember today, the first day of March, 1993, and today's most important conclusion. We know clearly now don't we? [Yes.] Women, do you understand? [Yes.] Women always make problems. Is that true? You have become beautiful women now. How are the men? You're not going to be beaten by women. So we have a serious understanding.

We cannot predict where Father will go after March. Maybe Russia. There will be a country where they say, "Reverend Moon if you visit us we will treat you better than the President of the United States." Should, or shouldn't Father go there? [Yes.] Father doesn't want to go. Maybe Father should send you there. Would you be treated as well as Father? You are Americans; you are better. Father is Korean and Americans are always better. They can do better wherever they go. Hmmm? Can you act in Father's capacity? Can you replace Father? [No.] One country has said that if Reverend Moon wants, they can bring 360,000 couples, all by themselves. Should or shouldn't Father proceed with that? That means if they do that then there's no quota for the free world and America. Such a time is nearing.

To Save America

Koreans are great people. At Sunday Service yesterday they stayed seven hours. Father's original plan was two hours and a half. When that speech was over, Father asked them, "Should I continue?" They said yes. Then Father continued to six hours and they still wanted him to continue. Seven hours. Almost all of them remained until the last minute. American people would just go away. It's not that Father is always trying to belittle Americans at all, he's just merely trying to point out that difference. Americans are that different. What is five, six, or seven hours when you are talking about your life and death? One thing they are all amazed about is that a man of 80 years of age can have that health and stamina. Father really gave a straight talk to Christian ministers, Christian elders. He held back nothing. But in America, when that happens, Americans escape. So by the time the Korean population here in America becomes 5,000,000, they will really influence American society.

Father's entire purpose is to save America, to bring America into the right direction-that's all. If Father does that and still they don't listen, what else can he do? Kick them out. So, we have to be serious. Father has a clear idea of how America should live and stay healthy. There's only one way. No one has imagined that, as mentioned above, the conclusion of God's work here is that centering on the mother, the family should be restored and the husband follow. America assumed that Reverend Moon will make a big political organization and become a very powerful dictator, and then unify. Therefore they opposed him; they gave him a bad name. No one thought that he would restore each individual family, and that without this America would die. No one even dreamed five or ten years ago, that Father's idea would be to revive the family by tribal messiahship. So, do you think that Father will think in a political way? Only to make things happen easier, yes, but otherwise, the political way has no meaning. We who have stayed to the end know the greatness and the real value of Father's words. Those who left early didn't really know what Father's words were all about.

The principle is very simple. To reverse the fall, the subject and object unity, right in my body, must come. Family unity must come through the mother, otherwise there is no other way of restoration. The whole nation, too. There is no exception. Without the individual and the family, the country can never be restored. That's what Father is aiming at.

When returning to our families we have nothing else to think about or worry about. There is nothing else important to us-no borders, no politics, no economics, nothing. What is most important? Just man and woman. Man and women is all that is important. As a woman what you absolutely need is nothing else but a real man. The same is true for all men. What we need is one real woman. The one way to become a real man or woman is follow this textbook formula.

We must march on starting with this day. May God's blessing be abundantly upon you. Let us pray.

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