The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

My Whole Life

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 28, 1993
Belvedere International Training Center
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Here all races are gathered together. There are white, black, and yellow people. Since Adam and Eve were real people, what color of skin did they have? What climate zone did Adam and Eve inhabit? If they had wanted a nice place, it would not have been too cold or too hot. If they were in a hot or cold place they would have moved to a nicer area. Most great civilizations have been built in the mild climate areas. What color of skin has prospered the most? (Yellow). These are Mongolian type people. Out of 5.5 billion people, 3.2 billion are yellow. This is now termed the Pacific era. Is this referring to America? No, it is elsewhere. People now say that Western civilization is in decline, whereas in the east it is rising. This is due to the formula that history goes back to where it started and begins again, this time on a higher plane.

We are all born from parents. As we sit here, we know that we exist. However I am not independent; I am connected to my ancestry. I am connected to all white people and ultimately to all people and eventually we come to Adam and Eve. That is not the end of the pursuit. Adam and Eve did not create themselves; the Creator made them. Thus we can say I came from God and that God gave birth to me. When I say ',I", there are two kinds, man and woman. In looking at man and woman, why were they created as a pair? Man and woman came into being, and what are they to do? Should the man follow the woman or the other way around?

What is my whole life? As a man should I live a man's life? Should a women live a woman's life? No. There is no such life as a man's life and a woman's life. They should live together. As a woman we have five physical and five spiritual senses. What do these five senses want to do? The eyes do not want to see themselves. The ears do not want to listen to themselves. We are created for others. If your eyes were created for yourself, you would look at yourself all day. Do my ears exist in order to listen to my own voice, or my mouth, just to express myself? Are hands created just to feel one's own body?

The Focal Point

What do I want to touch? For a woman, after she grows, she wants to look at a man, listen to a man, touch a man, and even smell a man. Most people say they live for themselves. However, we can see that is not true. Do women dress up for themselves? No; nor do men. Do they want to succeed for themselves? What reciprocal values are they looking for? Because both are born with a body that can transmit and receive love, they are very valuable to each other. When the thread of love is created, he feels the highest goodness and most of all peace. When we think about the five senses, we know they are ultimately seeking love. If we talk about everything except love, there is nothing. What is the focal point of my birth? Was I born as a result of my parents fighting each other? No. What then? I was born from their loving each other.

Let's look closely at love. Were my Mother's and Father's eyes looking at something else? No, they were completely meeting each other. When this happened, they closed. What about their ears? They heard the sounds of love and then closed. If you are completely moved, you don't speak When you touch, something spiritual comes into being.

When you clap, sound is produced at the zero point, when there is no space between the palms. After the noise, the hands separate and clap again. This is like exhaling and inhaling. Man and woman in love return to the original point and then start again. It is like a sine curve, thus waves and spheres come into being. Everything moves into an ideal rhythm. Love regulates the rhythm. The eyes are horizontal, the nose is vertical, the ears are all around. The mouth represents the mind and body. All of these have different natures, but their deepest focal point is love. No matter how physically tired, when man and woman are in deep love, they forget their tiredness. When you meet the person you love, you gain power through talking.

If during your entire life, you remove love, you will feel desolate and lonely. If you are alone, can you be happy? No. Everything in love comes to a focused point. What is the reason for that? It is to make a relationship with the rest of the world. If the focus is big, that is good, for it extends to the larger world. If everyone does that, we will fill the earth and more. That is the desire, wish and ambition of our mind.

even an alien from outer space who visits us, he must also be focused. Otherwise he would get lost. What good is it to reach to the other end if you cannot come back? Even if you have great desire and ambition, if your focus moves, what good is it to you?

Everyone longs for their hometown and country. Why does a man want his hometown? It is his way of focusing. No matter how prosperous we become, each man also has consideration for his ancestors. How? By love. For our ancestors this is also true. It is the focus of love that is important to them. Our ancestors lived as couples. They loved each other and had a family whom they loved. In this respect they were no different from us. From Adam and Eve, all the intervening generations had the same focal point. There is no need for improvement in this area. This is the one eternal focus of humankind. This is the whole purpose of making a family. Our family is the fruit of all of history. We are the center of the modern age. Our family is the beginning point of all future families.

The Tree of Life

On a tree the point at which a branch and a leaf emerges is a focal point. Thus the leaf represents not only itself, but the branch, trunk and root. The leaf represents the whole tree. This is the result of cell multiplication. Theoretically, one cell can be cloned into the whole original being.

Where do the blossoms bloom? Between the leaves and the branch. They always blossom after the leaves begin to come out. What is the flower? It is the part that wants to represent the whole tree. It is beautiful and fragrant. That is the smell of love. When men and woman are in love, they are fragrant too. Today, out of ignorance, we think love starts with ourselves. But this selfish thinking has no place in God's way of life. If we have a perfect apple, it represents all of the apple tree. The purpose of the apple tree is to produce one perfect fruit. What does the owner of the tree want? He wants to store perfect fruit. We all want perfection. Everyone immediately agrees with this.

The most precious part of the tree, the sap, flows up the tree into the fruit. So in thinking of the tree of humanity, an individual is like a leaf on the tree. When we say my family is the result of all of history, we want to bear the most beautiful fruit. All of the leaves of the tree feel they represent the tree. All men feel the same; '1" represent all of humankind. In order to become like that, I must reach out to all of humankind. Additionally I must be focused, and think like that all of my life. We must have that goal throughout our life. We should always live as a representative of humankind. We must force ourselves to do this because of the thread of love which connects all. All people are the fruit of love. If there is a museum where all the perfect fruit is displayed, what would we find? Some would be flat, but perfect. Some like a needle, but perfect. Some like a triangle, but perfect. Among many different shapes, if we have to find the perfect one, what shape would it be? (Round). Why? Because all points in a spheres are equidistant from the center, and all parts are in unification.

Who is like that? Immediately, we can say God is like that. Whether of small, medium or large size, God is like that and thus can fit into any size of world. When God wishes to see the perfection of the individual, He can fulfill that. God can fulfill the perfection of the family, and also the perfection of the nation-God is the center of that, too.

There are many races and color of skin here, but if asked, each one desires to be the best. All people have this basic desire. What is the foundation for each to fulfill that? What is the starting point? It is not me; rather, it is my family. In order to become like that you must represent the entire universe. You must be able to say, "I am the family which represents the universe. I am the focus of the cosmos. I am the focal point of the country." When you become that confident, you cannot move away from the center. You can never be here one day and there the next. You cannot do that. You must stay in that one point from the day you were born. Learn to stay in one point to become a perfect circle and you maintain the focus.

Should you be a fighting, angry family or a joyful family? [Joyful.] Centering on what are you joyful? Everything is based on rhythm. For example, if this is a thing my wife loves most, I must love that. This is something my son happens to love most, yes, I love that.

Even objects think like that: "I'm so fortunate because my owner loves me so much, therefore I am of great value." All things feel the same way as human beings. You must relate with love to all things. There should be nothing to which you do not connect with love. This will bring complete unification forever. Thus the entire history is looking at you, because you are representing the universe. We become the focus of the entire world, and the focus of the past and the future.

In this perspective, many religions have played a role. In the past, present and into the future, religion has been playing this role. I am the model and prototype.

If one woman is well connected in love to the whole world, she can say she is the center and focal point of women because she is connected in love with all different parts of the world. Therefore she can bring them together, work with them in rhythm, and she can claim, "I am the prototype of all women. Everyone must live like me." Men must be like that, too. So now, even if it is for the first time, we must think like that. Even if it's the first time in our lives, let's think like this. Without thinking like this, how can we become like that? Not living like that, what is my justification for being here; on what basis to I have a right to live? Someone who does not live like that, representing the whole universe, is bad; worse still, he is a thief. He is trying to take things away from others and destroy order. The one who claims all of this as his own without fulfilling his relations with others is a thief. It's true, the one who denies all except himself is a thief. When you arrive in the spirit world, if you deny this it will be a major problem. How can I negate, how can I deny and erase the fact that I am the center of the world? To avoid hell we must destroy our self centered view.

Go High and Low

We are now talking about true love. What is true love? It is to invest and invest and then forget that you have invested. In a circle we have 360 degrees. If we start at the vertical position and then rotate each of the 360 degrees, going through each degree, then we can fulfill. We must go around and return to the zero point. Then you can say, "Yes, I have gone around 360 degrees." That means that you have covered every point. If you just stay in one place and say I am 360 degrees, you cannot claim that. As you go around do you embrace all or deny all? [Embrace.] You must embrace all. This is the reason man must embrace a women and vice versa. So, man and woman will embrace and pull themselves toward each other. Once that happens, they become selfless, reaching the zero point. Then for the first time, the revolve around the center.

In a perfect dance, two must become one. There must be harmony of pulling and pushing. An arrogant woman who is very proud wants a perfect man, but will he come? She says, "Don't you see how perfect and beautiful I am? Are you all blind?" But will a man come to her? No.

God is a high being; we know that. But is He high all the time? No. Sometimes He will exhale. He is sometimes high and sometimes low. Father is sometimes very severe at other times very generous. He will go to the very bottom, the greatest depth, before going up again. He does so in order to reach a higher point. Thus it is good to be with Father, but it is also fearful. The grandfather can be very fearful because one word he says can ordain a lot of punishment, but everyone goes to him because he is always giving and loving. So people can feel secure and live easily with him. Otherwise, if grandfather were only fearful, how could you live?

Isn't it true that people who live in hot climates want to go to the cold, and vice versa? People in warm climates want to live in a cold climate once in a while.

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is my whole life. So in your whole life you must ask, '`How am I going to live like this?" You must connect with all things in the universe. Be aware that you represent all of history. All things follow me. I indeed represent the whole universe. All of us, especially the blessed couples, must think like this. You are living as one degree, but you must know that all the 360 degrees are connected. If you separate, you only represent one degree. But if you connect, you can represent the entire universe. You must experience all lifestyles, embrace all 360 degrees. If we are to really connect, I can live my one degree but I must visit 360 homes and make them aware of this teaching. We must not only stick to my way of life, but become involved in every way of life. Even the president will come and say you represent everyone.

Consider God one more time. God lives his own style, but He has visited all people and knows them all. He is not separated from the past and present. What about True Parents? As the son and daughter of God, they know how God lives. Third, the True Family lives centering on God and True Parents. We must live and eat in haste, so that we can connect to all 360 degrees. Then what is accomplished? This person becomes the essence of heaven and the resource for the building of heaven. If you live this way on earth, you will live this way in the spirit world. My whole life should be like this. Wherever we go, some will welcome me, some won't. Still when I go to North Korea or Russia I go to love them.

End up with God

In order to absolutely conquer the absolute God we must follow His way completely. Completely obey and follow. To obey is simple but to follow is not so simple. We must spend our entire life following. There is no private or individual life there. We must obey the King. Wherever that person may go, he will always fit. In the vast spirit world of many dimensions that person will be at home anywhere. That is the world where I represent God and True Parents; I represent all of the kings of history.

When you live that confident way all will follow you. God and True Parents will follow you. For such a person, wherever he goes the best blossom and fruit will come. We should try to live like God. Experience all of His hardships and think of all the good things that will come. There would be no borderline or limit in my thinking or actions. No matter how miserable, I can go this way and repair it. Have the utmost confidence, as God does. In this heavenly army all are focused on one point. Where will I be in that army? The destiny of all blessed couples is to live like God. The couples are like a regiment commander, responsible for about 3,000 people. This is the size of a small village. Think how to be responsible for them. We only have one precious life. Think carefully about how to live it.

If Father had not understood this principle, he need not have gone through all the trials of the last 40 years. Think pragmatically. If Americans are not saving their own country; why should a man from Korea come here to try? You may not cover all 128 countries, but you should work in four countries, your home country and three more. This is the same as dawn, day, dusk and night. North, south, east and west.

Then you can live in harmony with all. But now, if an American ends up in the spirit world with a German, he would rather be in hell. God loves the enemy. Thus all things come to live under God. Satan wants to come to a man who has experienced all things. This is the place where he can gain forgiveness.

We live this way of life in order to end up with God. All of us know where we are on this circle. God is at one point. We must go there. If we don't reach this point it will take many, many tedious years. In the spirit world you will remember Father's sermons. Father can teach you, but you must go your own life. The student can learn from the professor, but he must also become a teacher. We must learn and digest this. We know now what life is for. We must pray and pledge this. Tomorrow is the beginning of the new month. So today, the last day of February, all of us know how to live our life.

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