The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Investing In The Couples Who Are Blessed By Heaven

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 7, 1993
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

When we say heaven, what are we referring to? When we say heaven, centering on God, it means all spirit world, except hell. As we see, the Hudson River flows in one direction. It flows into the sea which is the deepest part of the earth. All water flows from high to low; the opposite doesn't happen. Air, too, flows from a high pressure area to a low pressure area. What about human society? Do we see a similar relationship between high, middle and low classes? Does it flow from high to low, or the reverse? All nature shows us that things flow from high to low, but as we look at human society it is backwards and disordered. There is struggle and war. The heavenly spirit world also flows from high to low. The natural flow is from high to low, but man struggles against this. Why is this? Because of the fall.

Our mind represents heaven and the body, earth. The mind always wants to give to the body, but the body fights and struggles against the mind. Why is this? The fall. And, who is the master of the fall? Satan. All nature wants to get rid of Satan so it can return to normal. What is the one thing that always works? Man. Even going against nature, he still wants to go to the highest place. This is especially true of evil organizations. We see the Mafia, which does not allow the natural flow of the mind, but rather threatens and coerces people. They feel that in order to survive with that wicked goal, they have to strike first. We also find individuals who hate others. Satan is against the laws of nature, whereas God upholds them. Satan tries to reach the top by going against the order of nature. God tries to reach it in an orderly way, but how difficult it is!

It is not that Satan does not know God's will. Satan knows about God very well. Satan, however, tries to go in a disorderly way. We can classify all human beings into two categories: conscientious and not conscientious. Satan makes relationship with an unconscientious person and God with a conscientious person. We see that they contradict each other. What is the point of origin? Is it an individual or family? (Individual.) Yes, it is man and woman. We see all contradictions, struggles and wars begin from the individual. Because of the fall, all trouble begins from the individual. This is a great awareness, an important thing to know. Roughly, my body tries to go against my mind. The body belongs to Satan's side, and our mind to God's side.

We have five senses in the body and also in the world of mind. My mind has an eye for seeing and a nose for smelling, just like the body does. Therefore, do I belong to Satan or to God at this moment?

The mind directs to go one way, and with much energy we go. Then the body complains and resists. We go back and forth, but over much time are we going forward or backward? Am I going to be a bodily person or a mind person? Which one? (Mind.) If that were true you would be an individual who did not fight within himself. However, as you go back and forth, chances are you will end up as a bodily person. Often even when we know what is right, a person asserts what is wrong. When you know what is right you have to bow down to it. An individual knows better than God which is right or wrong. At the judgment there is no way for us to defend ourselves. Without religion this is that way of perishment for all people. To save them, God has given religion. Religion says, "Whatever you want-do not do it. Deny your desires." This is because the bodily five senses are always going against the wishes of God.

Is self-denial a natural thing or not? Is it normal for God to force us to deny ourselves? It is only normal because he has our best interest at heart. Isn't it true that deeply religious men in the past didn't even know this? Once Father points this out, then of course we know it, but if it were not pointed out, nobody would know. What chance did they have to succeed?

How much mankind has gone against God and religion! From this perspective, what is America like? It is a Christian nation which is supposed to follow God's teaching, but it has ended up as the kingdom of individualism. This has settled down in the middle of Christianity. God worked for thousands of years, but has He failed in America or not? Clearly failed. Now we see the 180 degree opposite direction. If America continues to live as it does, will we all go to heaven or hell? Therefore, we see very clearly that the Christians have come to an ungodly place. Do they work against good things or bad? They work against good without their knowing it.

All religions sprang up in different circumstances. Their cultures, languages and customs were different, but God made them universal. Today we see lower, middle and higher religions. We should be able to identify the religions corresponding to these levels. We know that this law works. Any religion which only works on the family alone will be rejected by the clan. A religion which is specific to a nation will be rejected by the world. This is not only true for religions, but applies to the secular world, too. If a family is confronted by a strong clan, they will be driven out. A nationalistic country can be isolated by the world. With each step we go upwards. Once we reach the top level, the whole world will be divided into two, one good, one evil. So we see the communist and democratic worlds. The democratic world has tried to follow God, whereas the communist world has denied even God. They should be done away with, but they still bring trouble. Even atheism and theism begin with the individual.

Each religion in the world starts its own ideology. In the free world we have many ideologies, whereas the communists have only one. Actually all religions should come together, because their purpose must be the same, to bring communism down. It would have happened much sooner had they united. Why has communism come down, and not the free world? It is because the free world, through sacrifice, tried to live for others. The free world also tried to love their enemy. Amongst all religions, only Christianity is like that. Buddhism is not like that. In order for God to save us, He must let us know that our body is our mind's enemy. In order to save all we have to save ourselves first.

We can clearly see why God had to let Christianity be the central religion. It is because they love their enemy. Christianity had the chance to save all the world at the end of World War II. But what if a stronger religion, which loves its enemy more, arises in the last days? In that religion a man will have the attitude to sacrifice even his own family. That religion will stand on top of the whole world, asserting more influence than any other religion in history, including Christianity, and will be supported by God.

There is no denying this through reason. The family that lives for the nation will prosper. The nation that lives for others will prosper. The true history of the Unification Church is for Abel to sacrifice for Cain. We have the tradition where Cain will push Abel up because Abel is working for the sake of Cain himself. Abel will voluntarily push Cain up.

God has done so much; has He ever raised His voice showing what He has done? No. He just does more. Unification Church members live for the sake of the whole and even want to get a nation for the sake of the world. Why are they right to do that? For example, water has the responsibility to reach to the deepest depth. No matter how big a river is, when it flows into the sea, does it stay fresh or does it become salty? (Salty.) Likewise, all men will go to the spirit world; none will stay. The habits and customs of fresh water do not matter; we will all end up in the salt water. Religious people, while living in the fresh water, go against the fresh water and prepare for the salt water. What would happen if we went unprepared?

Everyone starts from individualistic thinking, then becomes a family man. When they realize this is not enough, they will live for their tribe, nation and world. Are we going to get closer to Satan or further away? Is there anything that Father asked you to do, that you like: fasting, fundraising or witnessing for the sake of others? Before, we did whatever we did and our conscience didn't bother us. Today we know enough, but we don't do enough. Does our conscience bother us or not? When you drink alcohol, does your conscience bother you? It used to be that it went down freely. Not any more. When Father says do this and we don't, then we feel uncomfortable, don't we? Even though we may not go straight ahead, we at least walk like a crab. We have changed from the first day. Is walking sideways like a crab the normal standard for a Unification Church member? Each one of us knows which angle we are going in. There are very few who are confident and going exactly 180 degrees opposite from where they used to go. We have no choice. There is only one way to go whether we go willingly or unwillingly.

Which is more salty, the deep ocean or the surface of the ocean? (Deep.) Why? Because salt is heavier than water. Then where would the palace of the Kingdom of Heaven be? In the deepest salt water. So where should I be? In the deepest part of the ocean. God is in the highest, the cleanest and purest place. The higher a religion is, the more they know of God and His ways. They must help the other religions. This is what the higher religion must do. The fact that we live for others, even the enemy, is because that is how the spirit world is. That's why we have to do that here. Religion is to love the satanic world, not to fight each other. If they fight they will end up in a very difficult place. How can two religions reach up to God if they fight each other? The Unification Church has to treat all religions the same. We cannot call other religions heretical, we must love them. Even Shamanism, which is a very low religion, was fostered by God in the beginning. Reverend Moon and the Unification Church fought against communism for their sake and Father is now teaching them, to save them.

What Reverend Moon has done is what America should do for the religious world. However, they are not even thinking about it. Only Reverend Moon is serious to save the communist world. God must love Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. God cannot help but support the Unification Church when He sees this. Do you agree? These walls must be happier than us. The wall has a fixed mind, whereas our minds are still wandering. We are thinking that Father is speaking too long. So compared to the wall, you are in a low position. Stay awake.

Father has not talked about investment. How much have we been given by God? We owe so much to God. All religions have been persecuted. As they were persecuted, they grew. Among all religions Christianity was the most persecuted and sacrificed the most. All the fruit of that sacrifice is now in America. Are Americans aware of that? Americans must turn and embrace all the world. Instead, America is turning away. The universe will spit at it and it will fall. But we Unification Church members must hold America and apply the brake and turn America around. Are all the Unification Church members strong enough to do that, to bring America to a screeching stop? This is a serious point. How serious this is when America is on the brink of dying. How can we be comfortable?

Father may bring guests to Atlantic City where there is gambling. That's a very difficult place to survive, too. So, we have to stay awake how long? Father tries to stay awake longer than anyone else who sets foot on that place. By exerting a strong power, try to apply a brake to the direction America is going. Then no matter what you use, you must investigate and you must apply a tremendous energy to accomplish this. Free sex must go. Hollywood and the immoral media must go. We must shed light on the dens of prostitutes. Should Father visit there or not? The thing that is different from Reverend Moon and any other person is that Father can stop at any time. At any moment he can turn around, but not everybody else.

A good doctor also experiences the sharpest pain of the patient. Without that he cannot be a good doctor. Drinking alcohol itself is not a sin, but once you start drinking alcohol it gets the better of you and makes you sin. It takes an extraordinary person to get over that. You must control your body, control yourself. Even in the matter of love, we have to control.

Has there ever been a true man and woman, until now? Here is God who is an absolute plus, an absolute subject and He demands that discipline and says, "Man, you must become a complete minus, a complete object." For women it is the same. Father is the plus of the Unification Church. How much have we united with Father? What is the reality? What about the closest person to Father, who is Mother? Is that one hundred percent or not? What about woman? They all want their husbands to follow their desires. It is not necessarily bad, because in love we are equal. However, when rotation stops the woman should be below. American women want to end up on top. We must be very aware of this. We are on a rail and we do not want to derail. The rail is not always straight. We must consider the speed and the curve. To stay on the rail we must know these things.

What are we, good, bad or mediocre? We want to be the highest, but sometimes we are low. How do we know this? When we tell someone he is low, he will get angry. This is Satan's way, Satan's temper. When we are criticized we should keep silent and try to improve. Never try to fight back. That is a serious point. God knows the standard of the world. He is a pain-filled God; He cannot find anyone who resembles Him.

Compare men and women. Which is slightly better than the other? Can you solve this problem? Each one of us here thinks that "I" am the center of all men or the center of all women. Does your mind think like that? Even though our mind desires that, we must find a way to that point. By the time you reach the center, you don't even know you are the center because you have been betrayed and disappointed by all people. For everyone you see, you think is there to betray and deceive you. Father came to America with the sole purpose of saving America, but all Americans think that Father has come to exploit us. Has Father come here to make a slave out of you? No. Father tried to make us better people, even to the point of sacrificing his children.

When God wanted to be the center of women, God was betrayed by the person He was working with, and He had to start again. This was repeated many times. All the time Satan denies God and He has to start all over again. This is why religions have to sacrifice and build a foundation to continue, to continue, to continue. The same is true for the man's world. God only needs one prototype man. Only one perfect man and one perfect woman. Once all women know which woman is to be the prototype, they all come against her. What is women's favorite thing? Jealousy? Talkativeness? Men. What do they want most? Money? Power? Knowledge? Among these what is it that women want? Man. Rightfully so because that's what they were born for. That means that everybody has a purpose. If it weren't for man, women would have no purpose for living. So naturally, her first purpose is man. Yes, woman needs a man.

If we encourage homosexuality, and are successful in making everyone homosexual, will humanity perish? Yes. The most effective way for Satan to prevent man from returning to God is drugs and homosexuality. We already know that Satan's purpose in working and existing is to turn 180 degrees around against God's direction. Who wants to go to bars and dancing places? If God told you to go and dance, how happy would you be? You can dance with no clothes on. If you were in love with your husband and danced naked at home, would God complain? No. Would God punish you? No. He would support you. He would say, "Go ahead and do more because that's what you were born for." But, the question is, if that same woman did the same thing with another man, would God mind or not? (Yes.) Is that a problem? It's a very simple principle.

So, what is salvation? Before my family can be saved, I must be saved. We should follow a straight line back to God. However, if we follow a zigzag course, it is permitted provided we are going forward and getting closer to the goal. We can't go backward. Those who have been in the church only one year often go faster than those who have been here much, much longer. The one who is in the church for only one year goes in a most straight line. They go ahead of those who have been in the church twenty and thirty years. What do you think happens? Do you think they say, "Even though you are a young person, I respect you, do more"? Do you think they do that? No. Instead, they will probably say, "You don't know about seniority. You can't be ahead of me." Do we see that happening in our church, or not? (Yes.) What about Father? If someone went in front of Father, he would promote him.

You Americans feel more comfortable when you speak to Americans. Father feels the same with those who speak Korean. We must know the importance of our customs and language, to promote goodness. It is not a small thing any more. In order to do that, language plays a large role. Father explains that almost every day in Father's long table with Korean and American leaders, Father speaks in Korean, and American leaders don't know what to do. They just sit there and maybe get one word if someone translates. But how much can you get from one word? Everyone is busy trying to understand Father's words. There's no time to translate for Americans. Unless we solve these problems, that effect will be lasting to the rest of mankind. Don't you feel that way? It's a very important factor now. How ineffective and confusing it is. Americans and the British have been very happy, because all the world is learning English and has been focusing on them. But, how about God? Do you think God will follow that crowd? (No.) What about True Parents? Are they going to follow the language of the satanic kingdom? (No.) Who does God love the most, America or Reverend Moon? He loves them both, but must choose Reverend Moon, for apparent reasons. So, should all of us who are English-speaking people learn about Reverend Moon and introduce him to English-speaking people; or should Father follow all English people and teach them in English, so in that way all English-speaking people can learn and change faster?

There are 200 or 300 books of all of Father's sermons in Korean, not in English. In the scholarly world, already that's the way. We must learn our ancestors' language too. Imagine, the devoted Christian, and other religious people, who have been living for fifty years following the Bible exactly. Now they come to the Unification Church and learn the Divine Principle. How long will it take? Maybe one year? He will compare the Bible and the Divine Principle and see that the Divine Principle is a higher teaching. He will know the value immediately, and shoot forward like an arrow. Can we match those people? We never witnessed so much, we never prayed so much, we never did anything so much. When the Christians are celebrating with the True Family on the top of the mountain, will we still be struggling up the hill? Should we expect Father to come down to us and apologize?

Up until now, American members have thought, "Well, Father favors Korean first and secondly he favors Japanese. Americans are just a remnant." That's the way American leaders often think because they don't understand but one word in two or three hours. How can Father help it? Each one of us must try not to think about other people so much because we are busy. We should be busy with our own goal and schedule. The one who comes in place of God is the Messiah. The Messiah does exactly what God tells him to do, die, get up, go east or west. The Messiah knows how hard God worked, how miserable God's position is and no matter how miserable his position is, thinking about God, he cannot complain. All he can do is follow and try to console God. Thus we can know how much suffering God has endured from the wounds of history. There is not even one piece of God that can rejoice. The Messiah knows the root of God's suffering and tries to uproot that. Not even once during prison did Father pray to God for help. Father now has a problem with Japan, but he doesn't ask God to help. Father feels that even if he goes to hell, God will protect him. When Father lands in a happy place, all he will do is stay in the corner. That's all Father will do in front of God. God needs Father when he is in difficulty and also when he is happy.

Now we know what the Messiah is. We know what is needed to be the Messiah. True Parents are the Messiah. True Children are the Messiah. Father has a certain idea about the standard of the tribal messiah, but when the children don't live up to that standard, Father realizes there's a problem. In the spirit world Reverend Moon will be the standard of judgment. Anyone who falls short of Reverend Moon will be judged if they don't reach it. Reverend Moon's standard is 100 percent. God doesn't mind if ours is 120 percent, but it should not be lower than 100. Father wants all of us to become better. Have we been supporting Father by doing many difficult things, or are we pulling him down when he's trying to go up?

Father has proclaimed his Messiahship. Are we claiming our tribal messiahship? If we identify ourselves as disciples of True Parents, as Father goes higher we go higher, too. When people find out we are Unification Church members they pay attention to us.

If you ever go to a conference, put on your name card that you are Reverend Moon's disciple. Walk everywhere with this on. People will stop and talk to you. How many times a day are you witnessing and talking? All the media is broadcasting news about your president. Is Father less important? Do you understand what it is to be a Messiah? What about the bride to the Messiah, she must completely obey the groom. This is the greatness of Mother. Father took the leaders of the women's movement in the car, yet told Mother to stay at home. She did not complain. Rather, she embraced them. No matter how hateful a woman may be, Mother still has to embrace her. That means not only son, but daughter, too. God wants a daughter who will introduce another woman who is an enemy to her, to her own husband. God wants that kind of broad-minded women. That doesn't mean we have to do that literally, but our mind should be as broad as that.

For the last thirty-three years, Mother has had to untangle Jesus' regret. She had to indemnify a lot of women's past. She has to make all her rough edges very smooth so that old women or young women who might try to scratch her, or upset her, cannot. All women thought that Mother took their position as Father's wife. Mother was only a teenager. Everyone blamed her for taking their husband. The whole spirit world was like a tornado. Every woman was crazy for Father. You, too, would have wanted to marry Father. If Father was a bad person, he could have behaved as a secular person would have done, but Father knew Adam's responsibility. Father took everybody as his own sister and raised them up and matched them as they were supposed to be. At the same time Father raised up Mother as True Mother. Father treated her as his own daughter, sister, spouse and mother. Father restored all these positions which Adam and Eve lost.

The spirit world worked through the older women. Spirit world revealed the whole thing to them. So, when Father would go some place for that day, the grandmother already knew where Father was going and she went there before him. When Father arrived she smiled very sweetly at him because she was embarrassed and said, "I'm here." Spirit world told her, so she just believed what the spirit world told her.

They boasted to all that, "Reverend Moon is my husband." In other words, there was a time in history when God allowed an equal chance to everybody, no matter how old or young. They sincerely believed that the spirit world told them. At that point God allowed all to run for that position, just as in an election. Forty years later Father can laugh and talk about this. But can you imagine how irritating it was? The old women came up to me and said "You are my husband." How bad that was! Father had to laugh it off. These women all moved to the neighborhood of Father's church. They watched day and night. Each one prepared the meal for Father. They cried for Father. They made his bed for him. It was to such a degree that it was actually fearful. But Father knew the principle and could survive. Father teased them when everybody was there, "Grandmother, even if you get married to me, you cannot have a baby." They would say, "Look at Sarah, she was over one hundred, I'm only eighty." But then spirit world had a reason. Father gradually taught them, and they gave up.

Father brought it down to the younger age and Father inherited all that spiritual foundation. Father said to them at last, "Is it up to you or up to me to choose my bride?" They admitted it was up to Father. In the meantime, Father collected all that scattered foundation into one to select a bride. Each one knew who the candidates were, but then Father chose someone from far away. Everyone then tried to find Mother. It took six months to a year trying to figure out from where Mother was coming. During this time an exchange took place. Each woman had an absolute trust in Father. Now True Mother should have more trust in Father than they displayed.

Abel's position must love Cain more. Mother, too, as Abel must love all women in Cain's position. If Mother had behaved differently, she would have been poisoned by these women. The strong jealousy from the spirit world would have said to them, "If you erase her, then you can become Father's spouse." So Father had to chase Mother out, too. When Father and Mother were walking, if someone came, Father would push Mother away and embrace the other person. If Father had not done this, the other women would have come against Father. He couldn't hold hands with her, or kiss her. Father had to treat her completely as a sister.

All persons have historical regret, not just personal regret from many, many generations. All women's regrets were dumped on Mother. What could she do? The golden rule is to be silent and digest them. Father told Mother what to expect and prepared her. He told her stay close behind Father and do not leave. If she followed exactly behind Father, Satan had no claim on her. Satan could then attack Father. All women tried to accuse Mother, but she stayed very close to Father, like a shadow. With this tradition, Father paved the road for women to follow. So the way to the perfection of Mother was to follow Father exactly. Once she has done that, Satan has no accusation. All he can say is, "You are a great woman." All women must know how difficult that road is. There are so many things Father would like to share and talk to you about. This is necessary for American women to know, so they may become humble. All American women, too, want to be in Mother's position. Father has to give us the blessing before our perfection, so now he has to teach us more.

Father has been damaged by man, blaming him and accusing him before he can pave up man's role. The worst that can happen to him is go to jail. Who put father into jail? Man or woman? (Man.) Why? Because when man saw how women behaved, centering on Reverend Moon, they did not understand what was going on. They did not understand history, that's how it was possible for them to put Father in jail. It happened in Korea when an ordinary housewife no longer stayed at home, but instead followed Father completely. The husbands could not understand that. Looking at that kind of wife, it was difficult for a husband to bear. If Mother had not been selected and Father was still selecting a bride, the same thing would be happening even now.

Mother accepted this challenge and digested it. She now has her position today. Father stands representing all men, and all men go against him, accusing him of taking their dear wife away. "You came here on earth to snatch her away from me." But then all women are so close to him. Father has to collect, harvest the blessing that was given to woman a long time ago and she's held it, kept it. Now she has to return that to one who's on top.

The servant, stepson, adopted son, and son all go against Father who comes to represent them. So Father must think and behave just like God has in the past. Father has to make them as Cain, the elder brother to him. Otherwise each one cannot stand in their own place. At that time even beating Father was unthinkable, but it did happen actually. In the secular world, even in prison, it simply was blinding. Father went into prison to give them blessings, yet they beat him. Now many years have passed. Thirty, forty years later, today, all men bow down to him. Then no one knew, but now we are grateful to you. No one forced men to bow down like that; it is a natural subjugation. America, too, more and more despised Reverend Moon, but as time goes by they realize he is their benefactor. He is one who gives blessing to us.

So, what course did Father take? Eye for an eye, or did Father embrace them, continue to love them and they were naturally subjugated? It's the second one isn't it? (Yes.) Do you American women know enough about why we should bow down to Father? (Yes.) What about you American men? (Yes.) Father did everything to pave the road back to God so now he stands on top of the world. Even God would give up all religion and even all mankind, but not Reverend Moon.

All great men in history have been challenged by Satan but not one survived. Satan has spread a large net. You cannot survive by fighting with weapons, only by love. First you have to be beaten. Satan can only beat you unjustly three times. After that he must retreat. Satan casts so many nets. As Father avoids the nets, Satan cannot use them again. So who would Satan follow? Satan's people. Would Satan's people follow Satan, or would Satan's people follow Reverend Moon? (Father.) Why? Because in the beginning when they hear the teaching, they feel the impact and magnitude of it. They also understand the truth of Father's teaching. They start to follow Father, not Satan. Satan has nothing to teach. So how about us? Will you follow 100 percent or less? (100 percent.) Why? By doing that, God can love our children 100 percent. God has many children in Satan's world. Father must embrace them all.

Between Father and son is True Love. Centering on True Love you can call God Father. True Love is the same for all people for eternity. In the Garden of Eden, God could not embrace his grandsons, but now He can. In order to have sons and daughters we must become one with Father completely.

Father has gone over all eight barriers. As you go over one wall you have to pay indemnity. Satan is waiting for you to pass at each level, from the individual to the cosmic level. If Adam had not fallen we would've naturally arrived at the end, but because of the fall, we have had to reindemnify everything.

Even the communists, whom Father fought against so much, now love Father. So there are no enemies in front of Father. Father can go anywhere - Russia, China, or North Korea. Could the United States President's wife go to China and have a rally for the people? Mother has done that. Women's time has arrived. The women go ahead of Father and Father will follow. In America they know better than anybody else what we are talking about. Those who are successful in this country, always have a woman in front of them.

All women can now untangle their regrets through the man. Both in the spirit world and the physical world, all women can combine and make one women's rally for man, for all the bad things men did against them. They can resolve all their bad experiences with men. All women who have been betrayed, mistreated, cheated, you name it. Men have done very bad things to women throughout history. When a woman goes to the spirit world she knows what kind of things man did even though she was faithful. She never knew while living. So, they all come down to you and pound on you men. But instead of fighting back all you men can do is say you are sorry, apologize. She will try to enslave you, drive you like a servant. She was at the beginning, so now she is trying to do that back. No matter how terrible she treats you, you must be thankful. Why? Because you have to be saved by her. So obey woman even though she persecutes you. No matter what she does or says. Even 360 degrees, all around, in all directions of persecution, you become only thankful. Now you stand in the archangel's position; follow thankfully.

Father has been giving the position to all American women here. Teaching them and raising them in front of all the Christian women in this country. Father is treating you like a queen. The Christian world want to become the bride, and you are one step ahead of them. Christianity is the bride's religion, isn't it? So, American women should really appreciate this present day position. American women can obey Oriental women and indemnify that position and responsibility they couldn't fulfill. Otherwise, there is no way to go back. No way to reconnect.

If we resemble our Father and Mother, Satan cannot accuse us anymore. We will be liberated. This is how liberation comes. Now such a couple has come to exist for the first time in history, and in the family level too. Like a stamp, we can mass produce it. It is that kind of a time now. God and all things will give the same value to each couple. Father was the first, but all the later ones will have the same value. The main factory is the True Parents, who have the blueprint, but the tribal messiahs, who are the branch factories, can produce many copies. They all have the same horizontal value, and all connect vertically to True Parents. All tribal messiahs have that formula. That mission is the mission of the tribal messiah. You can save the whole world that way. Horizontal expansion is no problem. When the Christian world understands these concepts, how wonderful it will be.

So, this is how much God has invested to bring about True Parents. Now True Parents give away the Blessing freely. We have to understand the value and try harder to teach this. To arrive at this destination God tried through Jesus, but failed and now through the Second Coming. How much investment God made! We must understand. When Christian nuns and priests meet the bridegroom, would they be married? Yes. What about Buddhists, who practice strict celibacy? How difficult it is to start from scratch.

After World War II, the Christian world represented the bride's position. The bridegroom would come down vertically. After World War II England, America and France stood in the positions of Mother, Cain and Abel. Japan, Germany and Italy stood in the same positions on Satan's side. If the three Allied nations had accepted Father, all could have received the Second Messiah. The Messiah is vertical and comes down with nothing except True Love. This is then manifested in True Children. If those three nations had united and believed in the Messiah, within seven years the kingdom of heaven would have come. The year 1945 plus seven years equals 1952.

Woman represents earth and man heaven. If they united with True Love all could have been solved, and during the seven years could have spread all over the world, but it failed. All four thousand years of God's history was lost. In 1945, the Allied nations controlled all the world and if they had connected to the Messiah they could have created one world under God with no problem, but everything was lost. Only Reverend Moon and God were left. Father had to restore everything in forty years. He could not sleep. Father had to go over every level, tear down every wall.

At Jesus' time the nation was lost. Jesus returned and restored spiritually twelve, seventy-two and one hundred and twenty disciples. Father had to do the same with the Blessed couples. This broke down Satan's world. The 30,000 Couple Blessing destroyed Satan's number six. The tribal messiah goes in True Parent's position to connect their tribe to the true blood lineage.

So centering on the tribal messiahs, God is restoring Adam's position through their parents. The tribal messiah stands in Jesus' position. The True Parents stand in the Second Coming's position.

Secondly, by going to their hometown, the tribal messiahs must change their hometown from Satan's to God's hometown. God's home is Adam's family. They must restore their parents and ancestors and restore their hometown. They can do this by changing their blood lineage through True Parents. Satan cannot do this. We do not need religion. Once we restore a nation, the world will be no problem. We do not need a specific nation. We don't need police. There will be no fighting or war. We absolutely do not need this. Do you want this ideal world? It's not so easy. The problem is the individual.

Centering on Mother we proclaim the women's world. The Korean women are elder sisters. They can connect to Mother, then the younger sisters can connect. You have to know these things clearly, otherwise you cannot restore these things.

Anyone born after 1945 can be claimed by Father, not Satan. This is the same as the Israelite nation. Those who were born in the wilderness survived, all those born in Egypt died. You were born through fallen action, but because Father was on the earth, it can be considered as a mistake, not a repeat of the fall.

This is different from Satan's world. Those people can come more easily to me. Those born before 1945 are in Satan's realm. Those born after, are in the Parent's realm. If you make one mistake, you cannot go into heaven.

After World War II the Christian bride world did not invite in the groom. How much difficulty, pain and sacrifice it caused. During the last forty years, the free world and the Christian world have been wrecked. The big churches became empty. Look at Fifth Avenue and the Empire State Building; God is not there. During the two thousand years history of Christianity, their sacrifice built them up, but then in the last forty years, there has been so much decline. Look at Judaism's decline after Jesus' birth. They have been wandering for two thousand years. How miserable was the death of six million people during World War II.

How much is owed by the Blessed couple to True Parents!

We have to combine the Federation for World Peace and the Women's Federation for World Peace. Also, we have to combine the religious world, or else there can be no peace.

How much investment has been made by the True Parents towards the Blessed couples? What is the biggest United States corporation? IBM. It is no comparison to this foundation. We must understand this value before we can understand our own value. The main root can connect anything. We will become a branch to this tree of life; this is a tribal messiah. How staggering it will be when this huge tree grows in the next thirty to forty years. It will be millions of times more valuable than the fallen tree. Are we going to live this life with all of our might? We must cherish it. Get hold of your clan with your teeth, hands, gums, whatever. Hold on to them. Once you let go, to catch it again will be harder. Think about the historical value of this investment. This is our destiny. Mission is destiny. No matter how hard it may be, you cannot escape it.

God put so much into America, but didn't God invest more into the Blessed couples? Yes. Is that reality or imagination? What about the whole earth? God put more here. We can understand the value of true man and woman. They have more value than all creatures. It's so huge, it's awesome, isn't it? Each one of us, with that confidence, can face any opposition. All opposition is so small. This is how Father thought. God said, "I never saw anything like it before. You are like a mutation." Has he been successful or a failure? (Successful.) Even though Father thinks he is special, his deep wish is that his children will do more. This is the parents' wish.

In the last twenty years we saw with our own eyes and heard with our own ears, what Father has done. Are you going to shoot to perfection? (Yes.) When I look at you I believe in your perfection. Father wants to give you the gift of the title of Holy son. How much confidence you can have in the investment that was made in the heavenly Blessed couple. You have received True Parents' name. This was the first Sunday of the month and Father will teach chapter by chapter.

Will the Japanese couples please raise your hands? Almost half. This is not America, but Japan. Father has merged Japan into America. Do Japanese women work harder than American women? Why? America belongs to fair hair girls. Remember salt water will change fresh water to salty. Try not to be outdone by Japanese. Which is more efficient, the Japanese way or American? Japanese. Do you feel good that Japanese take the head and you take the tail? You are like a grasshoppers, but Japanese are like ants. The grasshopper and ant fable is pertinent here. Why do Americans laugh so much? What are they so happy about? They are like grasshoppers. Grasshoppers don't mind what others do, they make something new. Grasshoppers will dance too much, then they get tired. Orientals enjoy it to some extent, but then are ready to work again.

All those who are going to go this way, please raise your hands. Thank you very much.

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