The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Resurrection And Liberation Of The World's Women - Part II

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 1, 1993
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Today's sermon is a continuation of yesterday's. On one side we have earth and the other side heaven. Men represent heaven and women represent earth. Together they form the ideal purpose of God in creation. Earth is horizontal, and heaven is vertical. In the western world there is not so much understanding of the concept of vertical and horizontal, heaven and earth. But this concept is daily fare for Orientals. In ourselves we have mind and body, analogous to heaven and earth. Mind and body must become one, whether the person be a man or woman. The mind is vertical and the body is horizontal. The mind is the vertical self; the body is the horizontal self. If we are actualized like that then we connect to the whole world. One should wish that the whole horizontal world belongs to him or her. One's mind should have the whole vertical world. We want the biggest and best. The better is vertical. So we must keep both elements in mind. That is what makes the world.

When everyone thinks this way it creates a stairway. In order to have three dimensions you need right and left, up and down, and front and back. Always keep these three relationships in harmony. Man who stands here has a spouse on his left. When we move or turn, even if we turn 360 degrees, the axis does not change. The direction changes but not the axis. So the vertical is the center, not the horizontal. The vertical is always vertical and is thus the center of the universe. Our mind occupies that vertical position. Western civilization is a material civilization. They take it apart and study it and analyze things, expanding their knowledge. But the east puts all things in perspective. What belongs in one place goes where it belongs.

The irony is, if man had not fallen, the more materially prosperous a man would have become, the more prosperous would have been his spirit. But because of the fall the reverse is true. Here in America, where abundant blessing has been given, the spiritual quality has declined. The fall created the greatest irony. The former Soviet Union, which boasted of being the most materialistic, actually has nothing materially, but instead their spiritual strength is greater. The countries which boast of having a strong spirit actually have little spirit, but they do have much material blessing. This is an expected phenomenon of the last days. The problem remains concerning how to balance these two extremes. Who will balance the spiritual and material?

For the vertical and horizontal, heaven and earth, to become one, man and woman must become one. In a man, his mind represents God and his body represents True Parents. His spouse has the same internal relationship. Two such united people can form a perfect vertical and horizontal relationship. When they internally unite mind and body then they can unite perfectly. Extending this to its conclusion, if you own one you own the whole universe. What makes you eligible to own this? It is neither man nor woman but love which both man and woman covet. The fallen world has never seen true love. The owner of true love is God and True Father. So God and man will become one, then if his spouse unites in the same way, the whole universe can unite.

Who did God create first, man or woman? (Man.) Man represents heaven. So in the Bible we see the symbolism that God took the rib of Adam and created Eve. This did not happen literally; it only means that Eve was created in the image of Adam. The plus is heaven and the opposite is earth. It is like two spheres: the upper, the right and the front represent heaven; the lower, left and rear represent earth. This is the way the universe is connected. So we see that all these objectives can be realized through love. Without love we cannot do this. So when a child is born, it is protected and loved. Who embraces the baby? The mother, who is on the horizontal level, does. Then the mother and all the children are protected by the father. The mother must all the time, day and night, love this vertical love of the father. The whole family must together then turn around the vertical. Mother and children must turn. What makes this? Love.

The mother must receive ample love from the father to give to the children. If the father does not give her enough love, she cannot love the children. In this way the vertical love is deployed horizontally. As we can see we have enough elements to cover all 360 degrees.

Bringing them together is not the man or woman, but the power of love. Is that true? (Yes.) Once we know this for sure, there can be no such thing as a broken family. In the West, we have an erroneous concept that man and woman are equal. If men turn one way and women another, how can they be equal? How can we have two axes? When you see two babies, one boy and one girl grow, the girl grows horizontally and the boy grows vertically. As a result boys are taller than girls; also look at the hips of the woman. They have to be stabilized so they can give birth; this is natural. Also woman have an abundant bosom, big hips and a soft touch. All are not for her, but for her children. Women can boast of their bosom and hips. Men have no hips, but instead have broad shoulders. This is the way God built us. When we enter the family we can immediately identify the center: it is the woman who takes care of all things in the house. It is she who loves the earth and the universe. She takes care of everything and absolutely loves her husband. We must become like this before we can expect for me and my family to be able to go to God's warehouse, the Kingdom of Heaven.

Man's mind represents heaven and woman's mind represents earth. So together their growth is similar. However when they are mature, man represents heaven and woman earth. Women must try hard to gain spirituality. Men must also work to gain this harmony. Women make friends very easily, but not men. Men should not bow down so much. Woman are expected to bow down to make peace, to promote religion and godly qualities.

Look at the existing Christian men. They do not try as hard at evangelizing as woman. But yet are there many great women religious leaders? No; most are men. The women all worshipped, loved and followed the man. What is the significance? There is none, except that man is subject and woman object. But man has one thing more than the woman. Amongst brothers, the one who has one more thing will be the leader. Look at a mountain with many trees. If there is one huge tree it will dominate all the other trees. Is there one woman determined to become greater than men? No. So the religious leaders are men and women then follow. So God and man must come into unity. If they do not there is no base for unification.

In the subject position, Satan replaced God, and man became one with the evil father. That evil father has a very changeable center, because Satan moves him around. The original good man should settle in one place. That evil father will not bring unity, but division. Look at all the different skin colors, white, black and yellow. If you have a choice, you would like to live in a moderate climate zone. The north is too cold, the equator too hot. The white people come from the north, like polar bears. But the black people come from a hot place. If all men had lived in the temperate zone, their skin color would not be different. But instead, there was division and one was pushed out to the extreme cold, the other to the hot. What made that happen? Satan. The ancestor of the white people must have done something wrong and fled. Something like that must have happened. When they fled to a cold climate zone, they began a pirate civilization. The early history of Scandinavian countries was a history of piracy. They shed blood and killed many people; it was bad. The white civilization has caused a lot of bloodshed. What about the ones who were pushed south? It was hot and they rested under trees. Food was plentiful, so they become lazy. They danced well because they danced a lot. When that happens there is not so much discipline between man and woman. The pirates plundered them, killed all the men and took all the women. Is a pirate a man or a woman? (Man.) Is he good or bad? A bad man takes a good woman. How can such a pirate race get God's blessing? The women who were kidnapped must have prayed and put a lot of heart into the race. The woman brought to the island nation of England must have prayed and put a lot of heart into the nation, thinking that even though I received the seed of a pirate I will raise you to be a better son. Even though this is not orthodox history, we can speculate that this happened.

Where did the worthwhile religions spring up? Not in the west but in the east. Every major religion comes from the east. Countries such as Germany, England or France, which colonized the world, did not raise up men but women. Through women they tried to control the African countries. In the Opium war, who was the target? Women or men? The reason they brought the opium was to subdue the men. The women were becoming westernized, but the men didn't want to follow the western ways. So the English wanted to get rid of the men. To do this they fed them opium. We know very well the law of cause and effect. Their own descendants are now plagued by opium. Look back at history: which race did more evil things-white people, black people or oriental people? Whites. They always attacked and caused bloodshed. They killed blacks, Orientals and other whites. This soil itself, in America, does it belong to whites or Orientals? Orientals were living here; the white people took it from the Orientals. More and more this will be revealed. This racial problem is very formidable; it may escalate into religious wars, with one religion fighting the other. Without God we have no chance.

How did white people, with this background, come to accept Christianity? It was not because they were good, no. It was the women, the women accepted God's religion and invested much heart into it. They became good and influenced the men to be good, and thus they came into God's realm. We must understand that the fall took place through a woman. But God has been fostering religion through women. Who prays more, men or women? (Women.) Why? Why not men? Because men do not have so much to pray for; but how about women, who have been subjugated by men's force? Upon whom could they rely? God. Who was hurt more? Women were incredibly hurt by men. This is true for all age groups of women. In terms of love, who has been misused most? (Women.)

What is a woman's inclination? Does she want love in many places or does she only want one husband to love her? (One.) But men are different. They will move around and wherever they go they start a new family. Fallen women look for men who are better than their husband. This encourages men to wander more and be more immoral. But men do not want their wives to wander.

We see over and over again that the fighting within the family is caused by the men wandering afar. Women ask, "Which woman did you see this time?" Women do not travel so far, they stay at home because their hips are heavy. If man tries to sit still, he cannot, because his shoulders are too heavy. You may laugh, but this is important. In history all things have happened with love. There are many trains in history. But look at the love train. This train carries the most blood, tears and misery. Can you find a train with more misery? (No.) Overnight a man and woman who are so deeply in love can be shattered apart and lose everything. Can a human being experience more misery than that? Through that happening, one generation can destroy the ancestors' work of many generations, and also destroy the descendants. Where is a pure heart of love? Where is the lineage of the one pure woman? Where is purity? Where is chastity? Look at all our ancestors; there have been many kinds. You may have a burglar or a killer. Have you ever stopped to think how to start a pure lineage and keep it? In this world, it is not possible. The only way to keep the purity of your descendants is to build a cage and isolate them from the world. But that is impossible. None of us can start a new lineage. How can God make a pure blood lineage when everything is so bad and desolate? Do you think your ancestors are as good as you or a bad as you? How do we behave? As if no one is better than me.

Satan made this enormous complication of love. Man made it bad and woman retaliated and made it worse. Ethics, with a very weak muscle, tried to slow down the decline. But then along came free sex. Who made that happen? (Man.) But man has been involved in free sex all the time. Take American soldiers. Wherever they went, they lived with other women. This brings animosity, so now in order to defend themselves, they say "let's have free sex." Satan has no other way. So now that you have seen it for a few decades, is anyone satisfied with it? Can any woman or man say that it's a good idea? Free sex has even evolved into incest and relationships between grandfathers and granddaughters. Of course they feel guilty, but then they say, "Do not feel guilty." When different colors of water come together, it becomes dirty.

With free sex are men or women comfortable? Is free sex practiced by age group? No; the inclination is to cross age groups. The old attack the young, even the infant is not safe. It is the grandparents' responsibility to see to the welfare of their offspring. For those who practice free sex, do they want free sex with another who has had many sexual experiences or one who is pure? (Pure). We see that they look to the younger. This is worse than the animals. Professors and teachers always look at their students. Can any concept of family exist here? This is exactly what Satan wants. Does God love that? God hates that the most. Who sobs more because of love, men or women? (Women.) What are we going to do about that? Can the President of the country do anything? This President does not look to be strong in that regard. Religious leaders in America make the same mistake. Who will repair this? Is this normal or sick? It's very sick, sick, sick. Everyone is affected by this.

So the women of the world are in this situation. Should we repair men or women first? Who suffers more from the bad results of love? Women are about to die because of it. Who will mend them, who will repair that? What shall we do? All the world is worrying about that. In this desperate situation, what if we wipe all the men out? That is not good for the women. Even a really hurt woman would say please don't kill him. Just send him away for ten years and beat him and educate him. That is not something that God or we want. But shouldn't we do that? At any cost should we repair this? (Yes.) If that will work, we should do it. Of course, God is thinking about this too. He wants to do it with as little change as possible, without using any extreme measures. Would God do that through religion or through the non-religious realm? Through religion. Throughout history we can see that God has been developing the bride through Christianity, centering on women. So now the world is ready, we have the bride ready. The bridegroom appears. From where will he appear? If he comes from the earth all will oppose him, so he must come from heaven. Women have prayed throughout history, please send us one true eternal man, who will bring the true thought and ideal, and I would like to receive the truthful seed from him. That is every woman's deep prayer.

You all want to meet pure men, not ragged-looking ones in tatters. Ever since the fall, even though this was the desire of all women, none have received a pure man's seed. It is their highest and deepest desire, but they have never seen it in the satanic world. Nevertheless they still pray for it. Millions and millions of women through out history have prayed for the one pure man, the one pure seed. God, thinking of women, cannot help but answer that prayer. Men have through out history trampled and mutilated love. So at the end of the days there should be a women's movement to totally deny fallen man's value. There should be a religion where all women come together to deny men continuing tyranny. God, who knows the situation, cannot blame women for that.

We all want true love, a true father, true parents, and true family. Men and women want this; all Americans want this. Of course we want this, but do we have it? (No.) If you examine closely, they don't pray for true love, their father or their parents. Should we erase this? (Erase it.) It will bring only confusion and chaos. Before He erases the bad, God prepares the good. Who brings this to earth? The savior, the Lord of the Second Advent, the True Parents. Now the environment is prepared, because they have denied all the evil ways. Individualism has only one good side: it denies all the bad things. An individualist doesn't need a father or parents, God or anything, only him- or herself. But as we know we need all of these. We should live joyfully with the other people, other countries and the world. This is how God has created us.

History has advanced from the feudal ages to two blocs and now to one huge bloc. The Unification Church is sitting on top of that, understanding it all. All racial, economic and national problems can be transcended with the almighty power of love. The mass wedding is the direct implementation of this. No other religion does this. It goes beyond all cultural, racial and national problems. Are there many white people who would like a black spouse? No, but in the Unification Church, even though the bride and groom have never seen each other and cannot even talk to each other, they are happy with Father's choice. The world looks at that and fiercely opposes it at the beginning. As time goes on they will not oppose so much, it is the shock they have to get over. How complicated it is to solve the world's problems. If you take them one by one, they are overwhelming. But the real solution is true love and the true individual and family.

Does Reverend Moon like this system so much that he wants to do it? No; this is how God created it. All creatures together want this. Satan is opposed to everything that God does. The fight between God and Satan has never been more visible. Everything that God wants to accomplish, Satan wants to stop. Starting from the individual and going up to the cosmos, no one can solve this. No one but God can work this out. But through this gospel which has come down, we can save the world.

What happens when we mix all the colors of the world? Will it be black, white or yellow? (Yellow). Among the 5.5 billion people, 3.2 are yellow, 1.2 are white and 1.1 billion are black. So the Pacific era will come. The Asian culture and people will become more dominant. We will see in the future 3 out of 4 people in a mass wedding will be yellow. This is not because Father wants to promote them, but objectively this is likely to happen. Nowadays, all in the west look to the east and deeply desire to get closer to the oriental people. When two want to marry, who is the one to propose? (Man.) What happens if all men only propose to Orientals, and western women do not get proposed to? Western women will have to become more humble, like oriental women. Well, Father knows that, so what can he do? Father thinks that maybe if western women can become humble to oriental women, and become like oriental women, there is hope.

If you have to do it by yourself, it takes many many years. But here in America you look around. There are many Japanese women. Do you despise them or do you wish that you become like them? Father is looking at only one thing, as should you. He is looking at the faith standard. Otherwise there's nothing to look at. The American woman of over fifty years ago won over the Japanese, but there's nothing that American women have to be proud of over Japanese. Who has the higher standard of faith? Generally, Japanese women's standard is higher. You hate to admit it, but we have to admit it. Do you know what happened to Father because of that? Father was persecuted so much for doing this. That is the only way to learn. Now especially Father brought American men to the highest standard.

So there are many American men who thought silently. Do you think that American men thought that Father was good? Before, Father was the symbol of evil. As they understand more and more they become lower, and conversely Reverend Moon becomes higher. In a very objective view, who is higher, the President of United States or Reverend Moon? American people will listen to Reverend Moon or Clinton more? (Reverend Moon.) That's a reality. Reverend Moon is against evil and shows why he is against it. Praise rather than complaint is due. The conclusion that mass wedding is very good is because the way of life after being through the mass wedding is far superior to anything else. Wife and husband are married for 10 years yet live separately, yet the wife doesn't even worry about her husband even though they don't live together. They are so worry-free that they gain weight. It's an Oriental expression that if you are worry free then you gain weight. Is that bad or good? Man and woman both deserve credit for this but who is the center of religious life, woman or man? (Woman.) Yes. Who follows the central religion, women or men?

Now this is the time of transition. We have to transfer. Until now, during the evil history men led the way and women had to follow. Now we have to change, because women are more religious and religion is the right direction. The whole Christian realm is the bride's realm. Should the bridegroom's realm be one or two? (One.) He is only one, however, and there are so many brides. How can we balance this?

Restoration is to return to the round shape. Even though the man is here, however, before a man appears woman should be there. So first, Adam, second in Jesus' time, and third the Second Advent. Then who is Sun Myung Moon? (Applause.) Does anybody believe that? Which one, did the world nod or shake? They opposed. Now they are shaking, but not so confidently. Restoration is not so easy; it's so difficult. That's the course-always changing, going up and down.

The true man's seed comes out here. Satan coupled with Adam made the fallen civilization but here God and Reverend Moon will start a new generation-a new seed. Father taught this on the first Sunday of January. Eve becomes one with Cain and Abel. England being in Eve's position and America and France in Abel and Cain's position. Abel is the small messiah. At the end of World War II, America became the center-the Abel. Abel is the child of the savior, planted as an individual but harvested on a world-level at the end of World War II. That's the historical formula which historically must be met. This is the way the fall took place, and restoration must take place this way. God, starting from here, has worked tirelessly, and by doing that He is coming back and settling into the original position. That means Cain and Abel's position reverses. While it is being done, Eve too must come to reverse the fall, because the result of fall was to bring the three against each other.

Now restoring by reversal brings Eve and Cain and Abel together. God planted this thousands of years ago on an individual level and now restores it, not on the family-level but on the world-level. Historians now agree that 1960 was the historical transition time. After World War II then many small nations gained independence. All the victors of World War II gave independence to those small countries according to their desire. Because in 1960 parents were installed on the earth, the children prepared themselves. Until now the brothers, 12 tribes and 12 nations, all fought, but after the allied victory they gave independence to many countries. The Lord of the Second Advent is coming again. The Father of the Second Advent is coming again. Satan invaded the first Adam, and the second Adam came from God. After restoring all the different Abel and Eve positions on every level, the Second Advent can come.

The Eve representing all the women and the second generation must gather together and become one with the groom and after that they should embrace all of the world. In the Old Testament era there was Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel. So these nations, unlike the first family which fell, should have restored the fall. This is what was to have been achieved on the national-level at Jesus' time when the Messiah came. After this, on the world-level, the same pattern takes place centering on the Mother. Cain and Abel come together as brothers to meet the Second Advent. In Jesus' time when the father ascended then the Holy Spirit, which is the mother spirit, descended. As Father explained earlier, man is vertical and women are horizontal. Woman as holy spirit came down on earth.

At the time of the Second Advent the Messiah should come. This was at the end of World War II, in 1945. The Kingdom of Heaven should have taken seven years to build, which would have been 1952. However, because Christianity opposed the Second Coming, a 40-year indemnity period was necessary. Father indemnified the failure in 1945 centering on the Unification Church. Father was cast out into the wilderness with the whole world mobilized to oppose him. What Father did in this 40 years was to pick up Japan and Germany and America to replace the countries (England, America and France) which had failed. So this 40 years of re-indemnification of 4,000 years took place. America had failed so God could not take it again, but Father as the second generation could. Father had to take America again, because it is the only country to inherit the foundation of the Old and New Testaments. The Completed Testament could not begin without this foundation. During the last 40 years Father has gone over all 8 stages. Twenty years represent the Old Testament and 20 years represent the New Testament. The 40 years represent the 4,000 years of history. Father crossed over all 8 barriers to reach God.

At the end of World War II, when the bridegroom appeared, the foundation was lost. Father re-indemnified and with these three countries, during the last 40 years, has now restored the situation. Father has cleaned up and resettled everything. Father has reindemnified all 8 walls and comes back to the beginning and brings God down. Wherever Father walks, God will follow. God could not follow Adam after he fell, but God can now follow Father. It was to have taken one generation to achieve Adam's perfection, and Father has now done this in one generation. God created from the individual up, and as each level perfects itself God can dwell within it. Father has established this, so God can come back and forth freely.

In 1968 the completion level of the formation stage took place. Father for 7 seven years had built the foundation and restored the family level. Father then went on to restore the nation and world levels. Recently Mother has restored the foundation of the bride who is waiting for the groom. She visited 7 countries: Korea, Japan, America and 4 countries in Europe (Germany, England, France and Italy). She also went to Russia, Australia and New Zealand, the land of fugitives and jailbirds. Mother has liberated this Christian realm. Mother, centering upon the Women's Federation for World Peace, accomplishes this restoration, reconnects to the Christian foundation, and now goes to meet Father. Father is right here to greet Mother. This is where we are in history, and it liberates all women. This is simple, in the sense that it should have been done in Jesus' time. Father has restored all this and, as a result of the crucifixion, restored the realm of the Middle East as well. However, the Messiah cannot do everything, Father sends out the tribal messiahs, who by restoring their tribe and clan, can bring this world to Father.

(Father draws the Chinese characters for "mother".) Mother has Cain and Abel in it. Originally Eve conceived two sons as the result of the fall (Cain and Abel). Originally Eve conceived Cain and Abel, now Mother has to bring Abel and Cain, who is close to Satan, back to God. That Abel and that Cain must become one in Mother's bosom. The restored Eve must then come into the mother's position. Until the Second Advent, history was the war of Cain and Abel. All plus and minus must become one before they can unite with a larger plus. At Jesus' time that was Judaism and the nation of Israel. Today it is Christianity and the nation of America. Cain and Abel have to become one then unite with the mother and then all three unite with the father. It takes three stages for recreation to happen. We have to do all steps.

In the garden of Eden, God should have become one with Adam and Eve. But it didn't happen, so we need to be re-created in the mother's womb. Cain and Abel must be reborn. Thus today the democratic and communist worlds must both go back into the mother's womb. This is similar to the twins of Rebecca and the twins fighting in the womb of Tamar. This time they should not fight. Japan is the Eve nation because it fulfilled the condition attached to the mother's position. In Japan there are two Korean associations fighting in the womb of the world mother, one free, one communist. The same principle applies to the free and communist world, however, they should not fight but become one. It is up to Japan to unite these two Korean associations.

There is only one Mother and Father; there cannot be two. What we did last year was to become one with Mother. Centering on true love all must become one. The two children must go through Mother to the bone marrow of the Father. Then they can be born again through Mother. This must take place before the revival of women in the world. All women must be born again to gain revival.

This takes us back many years to when Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim were born. Mother ate seaweed soup after their birth. Father allowed us all to eat the same food at that time, to represent that we were being born again at the same time. To be born again is easy for Christians to say, but it is difficult and involves many things. All Unification Church members must be clear. We, representing the whole world, must return through Mother's womb to the bone marrow of Father and be born again at the same time as Father's own children. So this formula is the same. Originally Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel were to inherit the father and mother's life to go to heaven. So we must go through Father and Mother, who have won victory over Satan's world, to be born again. This is the meaning of rebirth.

Where does that place us? We are completely different from the satanic world; we have nothing to do with that world. Alcohol, drugs, free sex and homosexuality all are habits of the fallen world. We have nothing to do with those things. However that process of being born again is simple compared to the agony and tears that God has invested to bring it about. We must not think that I have been in the church 10 years and I can easily get blessed. Think about the background of the blessing. Religion is a highly spiritual practice. But all the major religions do not advocate marriage; they suggest you to keep celibacy. Why? This is because the True Parents of mankind had not been married. If parents are not married, how could children get married? The Unification Church happens to be the first church in history which encourages and recommends marriage. In Buddhism, Buddhist monks never get married. A new faction came into being,; they get married but with a lot of guilt. In Catholicism, they do not encourage marriage. The satanic world, which encourages free sex and homosexuality basically also denies marriage. The marriage that we are getting into is different from any throughout history. So the blessed couple cannot live as any other couple in the world. It should be our goal that our own children get blessed to Father's own children. That will be the goal of all people.

For three generations Father's children will marry only Koreans, but after that it will expand. Father now has 43 members in his family. That is a number of liberation. Father's children will give birth to many more children. You should too; this is the hope of the Unification Church families. So who will live the best tradition of all the blessed couples? Our goal should be to live the best. Father's family will be the highest but there will be order throughout. From now on the blessed couples should lead a good, wealthy, prosperous life. The children of the blessed couples cannot marry with the satanic world.

We should be given birth twice. We must go through two mothers, our physical mother and the True Mother who gives us rebirth. We go through the holy wine ceremony to signify that we are being born again. There are three stages of growth and all the fruits of the earth should be in the wine. All the contents of the Divine Principle are in there. We must also go through two fathers. True Parents are absolutely necessary. Even though we have our own parents, we need True Parents in order to gain rebirth and be able to go to God.

If the Lord comes again on the clouds these things cannot happen. He must come in the flesh as a human being. We must have the love of two fathers and two mothers. God cannot deny the love of the first father and mother. It is incredibly painful for God to recognize the fallen parents who gave us birth. However, He cannot help but recognize them. If He did not, the True Parents would have no foundation on which to stand. Satan and Adam are father and son. Satan and Eve became one and gave birth to Adam. God has to restore the fall through the mother-son relationship.

In God's world there is no enemy. If there is a concept of enemy in God's world, we have to accept the philosophy of dualism. Thus this is impossible; God cannot have an enemy. If an enemy remains, no restoration is possible.

When Cain and Abel, because of their mother's love, unite and love each other, there is no enemy. These two must love each other so they can bring the archangel with them when they go to heaven. Satan has always claimed and asserted that the qualification to be the true father and mother is loving the archangel. In order to do this we must love the enemy. Also it is important that even though we are reborn, we must love Satan too or else we cannot go to heaven. Even though you may be free from the satanic lineage, there are many around who will continue to oppose us. We must pull them to God, loving them as your elder brother.

The crucifixion showed us the deep love of God. God gives us His only begotten son on the cross. God must go through this incredible pain. Jesus has to love the enemy soldiers who were killing him. If he had cursed them, the entire dispensation would have failed. Through this, Satan was separated and God's resurrection could come. So though that incredible manifestation of love, Jesus as he was dying bore all the pain of the cross and prayed for his enemies. Because of that love, Christianity has flourished throughout history. When many of Jesus disciples died in similar circumstances, they had to pray to God in the same way. Adam and Eve and everyone following must love the archangel. This is true before and after the fall. He is the enemy but we must not think of him as the enemy.

Father too, when he was imprisoned unjustly and almost killed by the Japanese, did not curse the Japanese but has continued to pray for them. At the end of World War II, Father did not want to kill the Japanese in his village. Now today Japanese members are coming back to pay their debt. Father has opposed communism very staunchly, not to kill them, but to save them. The same is true in relation to America: Father attacks all the unrighteousness in America. In prison, where Father could have burned with revenge, he did not. He instead established the important organizations to save America. Have we praised and thanked Father for this? Father has been a better son, husband, and father to America.

Sung Jin Nim's mother and True Mother must not fight; they must love each other. Jacob's desire was Rachel, but he was given Leah. Laban who is on Satan's side gave him Leah. Jacob thought he was married to Rachel, but in the morning found out it was Leah. He then had to work another 7 years. How can you call this justice? When the children were born, was this something Jacob wanted? Rachel and Leah fought each other. In order for them to be on God's side, they must love each other from God's point of view. If Father had been there, he could have taught Jacob one word and he would not have had to make this mistake.

Leah was the first daughter and Rachel the second. So centering on Laban's wife they should have become one, but Laban's wife did not take care of this. Jacob with Leah had 10 sons and Jacob with Rachel had 2 sons. If these two had made harmony, the children would have united too. They all had the same father; they should all have united. But because these two women fought each other, they divided into ten children and two children later on, and then the 12 tribes divided into ten and two. The unity couldn't come because of women. Women failed to bring unity among their sons.

In Jesus' time, John the Baptist and Jesus, and Jesus' mother Mary and John's mother Elizabeth, should have become one. Similar to the situation centering on Jacob, everyone should have united with Zechariah. Who is the father of Jesus? According to this principle Zechariah should be the father. Father doesn't know, but the logic from the Bible is unmistakable. John the Baptist was Jesus' elder brother. All they have to do was unite, then everything would automatically have become one. If this had happened would John the Baptist have betrayed Jesus? (No ). The key was here. What was the most important thing for Jesus? To get married. Who would have been the likely candidate? John the Baptist had a sister. Or, it doesn't have to have been like that-if there were someone very close to Jesus, and if she had married Jesus, still it would have worked. This would have been an automatic realm of unification on a world level. That's what God intended.

If Mary and Elizabeth had become one and Jesus and John had become one, they would have protected Jesus and he would not have died. They could have embraced the East and the Roman empire. The world would have been restored. When this victory was established, the restoration would have happened easily. India and China would have followed. Christianity and Jesus could have easily restored the orient and then gone to the west.

God works the restoration through a formula, and so will we. We all have grandmothers, aunts and cousins. If these women play the crucial role and bring unity, things will happen easily. It is so difficult for a daughter-in-law to attain unity with her mother-in-law. But if women know such a principle, they can bring unity. It is also difficult for a brother-in law to love his sister-in-law, but once we know this and are trained, we do not want to fight; we will bring peace.

Until now we never had a reason to tolerate hell, but now we do. God has tolerated it. You can tolerate it. Your agony compared to God's agony is small. You can repeat it to yourself. We have a small enemy in our family, but we must learn to love them. So understand that the reason the twelve tribes fought, and the reason Jesus had to die stems from the failure to love each other.

We refer to the God of sorrow, the God of pain. Why? Because, who's Satan? Satan is the illegitimate husband, where God is the legitimate husband. He is the love enemy. Think about if somebody stole your wife and is living with her, yet you are in the position to love both of them. That's God's position. We didn't know, so we didn't feel it. We must understand.

If you understood Father's point clearly this morning, going back your family and making peace within your family is no problem. A person who achieves this is welcomed in both heaven and hell. If you go to hell, millions of people will crowd around you and say, here comes savior. From this time on, actually, in reality we are getting into that point.

Now this brings us a point of inevitability. It is relatively very easy to enter into heaven on earth and heaven in heaven because this formula has been established. This condition has been met. Even the textbook, "How to Manage a Family," has been completed. Now the liberation of women takes place.

In the history of restoration, when women spoke loudly, or when women had a voice, always there were complications. This is a result of the fall. So, during this restoration time of history, women have to be obedient and feel reserved. This is a virtue. That was the beginning of the fall, because Eve asserted herself. So to go backwards, she has to be unusually obedient.

If there is any group who hates this course the most, you guessed it, it's American women. But you must enforce this 100% and more. American women have a tremendous edge. If American women decide to follow this direction, everybody will follow. That's true. Father isn't criticizing these American women here today. You are the ones who can show the first example in history. You American women here have an internal content completely different than outside American women. You must be the banner bearers, the flag bearers. After being born again and resurrecting, a woman leads to all levels of liberation. Actually, Eve was the key to the fall. Therefore, it is dependent largely upon women to restore.

In divorce, who is the cause? Women. Why? Because they are less tolerant. They express complaint faster than men. About 75% is the woman's fault, because they pack up faster. That's true. They don't like it and they pack up. They thought it was an act giving them freedom, but the result was staggering. They not only destroyed their family, but destroyed the entire world because everyone followed their pattern.

So this is an inevitable conclusion. In order to do this, who plays the key role? Women. Who becomes the key person to attain unity among the family, and all levels? Women. Women play the key role. The Divine Principle agrees: because women failed, they must now restore. Everything checks.

Women fell and they lost God and True Parents too. Now it is up to her to restore God and the True Parents. She must love even the satanic world people, just like her own husband and just like her own father and mother. So, that movement is the movement of the Women's Federation for World Peace. The women become one with their children and one with the husband, and thus the family is restored. Mothers play the key role. Become one with the True Parents' family and inherit the tradition from that family. In outside families, the mother and children must get together and save the father. After you are blessed, you must become completely one with True Mother and connect with the True Parents' family. When this happens, liberation takes place and heaven comes.

Resurrection of the world's women will lead to the liberation of all the world, not only women, but also men and the children. It is the responsibility of women who brought death to man and the children. Men represent God's side, and children represent the whole world, the horizontal development. This is the main task of the Completed Testament era. We know clearly, this is what we must do in the Completed Testament era.

So how about the outside world? Through the Unification Church blessed couples, the salvation pattern is clear now. Outside people don't have a Messiah, so Father sends out the tribal messiahs whose main role is to educate them the same way Father educates us. No one will oppose this movement of Women's Federation for World Peace. They have a clear public to appeal to. What can they say? They can say until now men operated the world and brought the world into such misery. Now it's time for women to restore that with the coming Messiah. There is one Messiah as a man and 2.5 billion women in the world.

It is relatively simple. This is all we have to do. So, the typical movement will be to teach women in such a way that they bring their children together, become one with the children, and then bring the husband back.

We only need to do half. So, Women's Federation will need to play only half the role, to bring the children together on a world-level. The tribal messiahs will connect that to the Messiah. Now this is done on a small scale, but then it will be a worldwide movement. Each family is working for re-creation.

So the liberation will take place and in this women play the main role. Liberation affects all the family, but with the women leading the way, these things will take place. This is today's mission. The Messiah comes; he establishes the typical family and we copy him. So how can the women of the world resurrect? They have to go back to Mother's womb and Father's bone marrow.

The ones who were born after 1960 will be on God's side. Why 1960? Because 1960 was the year when the True Parents' marriage took place. After that all humankind needs to go back to the mother's womb, pretending that they are not born, even though they are 30 or 40 years of age. What is taking place today should have taken place in 1945, but it didn't happen. Father had to go through 40 years indemnity; now this is happening.

Who plays the key role? Women. All men have to do is follow after the successful completion of the woman's role. The world's women must absolutely obey Father, and all men should follow you.

How can we enter into heaven? Ignorance can never lead to heaven. First we must know clearly what happened. So this is why we are much, much closer to heaven now. All that remains is to do it.

So, revival and liberation. Be born again, restore the family and bring liberation to all. This is the women's era. Now the men must win salvation through the hands of women. What does that mean? There will be more and more good women in politics. The President of our country should be a woman also. That day must come soon. Women must do that and bring the victorious results to men. Not an individual President, it should be a family President. The criterion for eligibility for President will be the level of unity in the family, which establishes a good tradition. Everybody will know who has the best tradition, so elections will become automatic. The utmost traditional family will become the President. What about democracy? Well, the day of democracy is past. Democracy is transient.

You must understand that Father's recent speech centering on Father's birthday is a summary of father's history. We must familiarize ourselves with this speech thoroughly and not only teach this to ourselves, but teach all the people we come with whom we come into contact.

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