The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

Sung Ni Han Champumonim - Victorious True Parents

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
True Parents' Birthday
January 28, 1993
Grand Ball Room, WMC. New York
Translator - Bo Hi Pak

When we began the new year Father declared the motto as New Family and Fatherland Unification. This is different from Unification of the Fatherland. You know that Father declared that 1993 is the beginning of the Completed Testament era. This is terminology that you do not hear anywhere else except in the Unification Church. Is that correct? Yes. Father has assembled the Seminary graduates today and tomorrow for a conference. All those Seminary graduates please stand up. Still many didn't come. Mr. Kim, where are they? Father understood that there were 800. Why are there only 200.

You who graduated from UTS. Did you do the right thing? Yes. Why did you go to UTS. The reason why a UTS graduate is important is because the heavenly Kingdom needs leaders to lead the people and nation. Take NATO's army. Without leaders it has no meaning. The Unification Church is a Heavenly army.

In the human body we have red and white blood cells. The white blood cells are the army of the body. They protect your body from infection. All the members of the Unification Church are like policemen. This protects our movement from alien intrusion and from foreign elements. Especially the UTS graduates, you are leaders. The members are like the red cells. The UTS graduates are like the white cells. One is defense, one is offensive. Any nation, including the United States, when your armed forces are dwindling and morality is declining. Corruption is pervading. The nation goes down because no one cares, protects, or defends the country. By the same token the body and the Unification Church is the same. We must be strong or else we will dwindle.

Right now the great issue is homosexuality in the army. Why not let them have it? That is what Clinton is saying. This is where the white cells come in and fight to win the battle. White cells are like army officers and armed forces. They are sacrificing their own life to fight for the sake of the country. If the white cells in the bunkers, in the fox holes, are involved in sexual abuse and perverted sex, then the army is bound to go down. Think about it. If you are fighting on the front line you do not have time for love. It's the same thing, homosexuality in the army ranks is wrong.

One thing alone dramatically demonstrates where this nation is standing. Where the national leaders are going. Where they are trying to put the armed forces. This is the time for U I S graduates. The white cells are not just for our movement, but for the nation. They must stand up to fight and win. You have no idea how much fighting Father went through to create the UTS To set the tradition and move on.

Before 1990 Father gave the entire membership of the school scholarships in order to give you hope and an opportunity to study. Many Unification Church members around the world sacrificed their time and energy for the sake of your success, for your education. You are deeply indebted to them. Many women in the past went a miserable way of life without having any hope, in darkness for you. You are indebted to them.

They did not sacrifice just for you, but for the country, world, humanity and God's providence. They put their efforts for you to become a leader of the UTS. I would like you to understand that Father called UTS members to come to this particular celebration I want to reassure you that Father looks at you as the leaders of the Unification Church, top guns of our membership, and the white cells of the body. You shall be truly elite, those who are standing not in just your cause, but in a public cause, a heavenly cause. Make yourself a sacrifice for the greater accomplishment and greater victory of our movement, Father, Mother, and Heaven.

In 1975 Father sent all the elite members to the world, but Father spared some members to send them to U IS for the sake of the future. Your position is awesome and fearful in a way. Before you there are so many models. Great champions and heroes who went out to the world in your place and did the most incredible, miraculous job and brought the victory to Father and the Movement. Your mission is awesome and fearful You are the central leadership of our movement and directly come under True Parents. You take orders from True Parents. You fulfill it, and report directly back to True Parents. You are a special contingency, belonging to True Parents. Do you follow? Yes! Those who understood Father, Father's message raise your hands. Sit down.

We all know human history has been a fallen history. It was not intended that way, but the human ancestors fell. The fall brought all of humanity and its destiny to the satanic side. Therefore, ever since the human race has been living under the consequences the fall of man. There are some basic and fundamental questions all men and women have. Fundamental questions that need answers. Why were human beings born? Why are there men and women? These are the fundamental questions. In the human race there are men and women. Why is it divided into men and women? History has shown that women have been oppressed and persecuted. There has been a desperate effort by women throughout history to liberate themselves to be equal with men. Maybe there is some slight distinction. American women are slightly different. But, generally speaking, the women of the world are thinking and blaming themselves. Blaming their parents for being born as a girt There are not too many women satisfied being born as women. Here in the United States, there are many laws and rights for women. Can you win over men? Or not quite yet? What about two to one. Two women and one man. Generally speaking it is a truism that most women ask why wasn't I born as a man.

Also generally speaking, in history the tragic side has been the side of women . Statistically speaking, in most cases, the victims are women. Most criminal assaults are generally men assaulting women. What percent? Over 90 %. Women's heart has always had a certain grudge or reservation, or certain dissatisfaction with their position. There is a certain regret. Women generally live with regret. The question always comes, if there is God why didn't he resolve such a question instantly, automatically, a long, long time ago? Why is the human race suffering until now, that still inequality and unfairness prevail? Many people come to the conclusion that if there is a good God, an all mighty God, He would have completely wiped out all the problems. Not only between man and women, but so many fundamental problems. There is such a problem pervading our society. So many of you conclude there is no God.

Is God able to solve the problem or not? If He is able, when would he do it? On the other hand, if God is perfect is there a perfect man or woman on this earth? No one is perfect, therefore, no one can come under the direct control of God.

Why did such imperfection occur? Because of the Fall. What was the Fall? The fall of man is the depravation of your creative value. Men and women. You are a purposeful creation and have a creative value. Satan is completely demolishing it. Wiping it out. So women are you born for women? No. Who then? For man and man for the sake of women.

Then why, is the creation such that man is there for the sake of woman, and women is there for the sake of man. Why is that? Why is there this kind of creation in the first place? In one word it is for the sake of love. Women is there to fulfill the purpose of love for man, and man to fulfill the purpose of love for women. The fulfillment of this love is the goal behind the scheme. This is the creative design. To fulfill love.

Centered upon yourself there is no perfection, no fulfillment because that it is not the way it was designed. Do you follow? Yes. Adam and Eve brought the fall of man. The self centered Adam. The self centered Eve. That was what the fall was all about. The fundamental error was committed. Men and women were born for the sake of love, but it could not be fulfilled, so they moved 180 degrees in the opposite direction. The fall of man instead of living for others, ended with man living for himself and herself. Exactly opposite to the originally created design.

We see in the Bible the fall came through the eating of the fruit. But, that particular act is nothing. It could not bring about the awful consequences of the fall. Men and women instead of giving love to fulfill the other side, they try to pull love and energy towards themselves so that "I" can indulge. 180 degrees opposite from God's design and live for himself. This 180 degree movement brought the fall of man. Centering upon what? Centering upon the activity of love, the reproductive organ. Sexual relationships. This is where the most destructive action occurred. Centering upon himself for himself, there is no way that the universe will run God is an investor. God has invested every ounce of himself for the sake of creation, This is God's principle to give, to create. Give life, give creation. Everybody is trying to take it. Take it for their own sake. It not only goes against the basic rule and law of God, but eventually it leads to self destruction. Only true love is altruistic and takes you to heaven. On the other hand, self-centered love brings you towards hell.

For restoration you must indemnify the past. In the Old Testament era the law of indemnity was obvious. In the Old Testament era there was the concept of equal indemnity. An eye for an eye, a hand for a hand. Restoration is for the sake of recreation.

By recreating you can restore. To recreate we first recreate the environment. Secondly, we recreate the object and thirdly we create a reciprocal relationship. A subject and object relationship.

The entire universe is created by the pair system. Everything is made as subject and object. As you enter into the church you immediately become object to Father, the subject. You enter into give and take. The unity of the subject and object can happen only one way. This one way parallels the creative way of God. This one way focuses on true love. The Unification Church is the training ground of true love. Father is in the absolute center and you revolve around him.

When you are united as subject and object you look for a higher relationship to have give and take with There is a double layer to all human relationships. Physical and spiritual. Horizontal and vertical. Where the vertical and horizontal lines cross, you will find four 90 degree angles. Why 90 degrees? Because True Love travels the shortest distance. Where they cross there must be a 90 degree angle. Only if there is True Love is the angle 90 degrees. Perverted or fallen love never achieves this 90 degree angle. Your conscience was born from your vertical parents. Your body from your horizontal parents. Therefore, your conscience is the closest mind to heaven within yourself.

When your vertical and horizontal self unite, then you create a perfect man. From this scale you can measure and evaluate everything in the universe. Your eyes are horizontal, your nose and mouth is vertical. Where your food goes down is vertical. You have the vertical and horizontal lines in your own body. If someone's' face is not level, it is an impression of yourself. How you appear is very important. The reproductive organ is also vertically situated in the body. That shows it's connected to heaven, vertically. Man's body is both vertical and horizontal and represents the universe. Life originates in men. Women, no matter how great, do not have the seed of life, of children. s that true? Yes.

Father represents absolute good and perfection. If he goes to any evil area, such as a gambling casino, Father when going in there immediately knows how to digest it. Father shows the quality that is better than that world's object, then interaction can occur. This is called to digest evil.

You are living in the satanic world, but when you were confronted by the absolute good you changed, you digested it. That's why you are here.

You were not born here. You converted yourself here. So you have a power of converting evil into goodness. People want more and more good, but ultimate goodness only comes from True Love. The three great ministers are here. Father is asking them, what do you think Is God so almighty and powerful that He has to come under True Love? Does He have to comply himself under the law of True Love? Is True Love above God or below? Even God comes under complete obedience to True Love. That Is where God is. Even God has to follow absolute True Love. For example when God created men and women, God said to man and woman you have to be united absolutely centered upon True Love. Then if the children ask, He will say I am obedient to True Love. The children will then obey him. Otherwise they will make there own law. They will not respect the parent. Then there will be no oneness. No one unified, universal law.

Therefore, unification is the base for joy freedom, happiness and peace. Joy means, freedom, happiness and peace. Everything based upon unification. Do you understand? Otherwise nothing can settle. Unification is the base of all. Father knows this so our church is named after unification. Everything has balance with unification. Everything works harmoniously with unification. Men and women are balanced with unification. The most important thing is not power, knowledge or money, it is True Love. True Love has the power to focus the five senses.

Young teenagers when they open up and meet the opposite sex, an incredible energy comes. An incredible force comes which blinds them to other things. If you have a sphere, it is the most harmonious shape, if you push it will stretch out to infinity.

If two lovers, a husband and a wife, meet after many years of separation. They hug each other and squeeze hard. They shoot up into the sky. True Love comes and covers the entire area. There is no limit. Centering upon True Love you have to live as husband and wife. Man for the sake of women, and women for the sake of man, for the sake of love. Those that do not need love raise your hands.

Grandparents, parents and children all live for love. Men and women must unite into one. When women get married you don't look so much at their face or ears, but at their love organ If he doesn't have one, you will put him into the trash can. That's absolutely true. Even the fallen world will do that. The love organ is the love palace, life palace and palace of blood lineage. It is the most important place.

God wants to secure those three palaces. When God conquers those three palaces, then this world will be heaven. The dominion of Satan has come into those precious palaces. The most precious thing in heaven became the most scorned and dirtiest place in the world. The fallen satanic element brought the fallen lineage, life and love into the world. In that place all of fallen humanity has been multiplied. The most tragic consequence of the fall is that we are victims of satanic love, life and lineage. Satan became an adulterer and took the virgin and created his own children. Satan is the love enemy of God. All great ministers teach but they do not know this fundamental teaching.

Dr. Grant, during the fall Adam and Eve were kicked out. Did they have children before or after the fall? (After). How many years later did they have their children? The question is, after they were kicked out, did God follow them and bless them because they were lonely? Or did they just marry themselves. Satan married them. God had no control of the land outside of the Garden. Satan married them and they had Satan's children. Creating satanic love, life and lineage. That was not what God planned. God wanted them to have their own children inside the Garden. Therefore, God's ideal remains to be fulfill. So, no matter what happens in the satanic world, God's ideal of a True Love, life and lineage in the Garden still remains unfulfilled. Therefore, we have to restore it back.

The mother took two children to the satanic world, so God has to restore the Mother and the two children, Cain and Abel, back. We have to restore these three people.

The subject and object should be restored and united back with the mother. Subject and object means Cain and Abel. Plus is Abel, minus is Cain. They must unite and go to find their mother. Those three are the lost elements. Mother and a plus and minus. United into one, these three elements become a big giant minus united with perfected Adam . A giant plus, creating a giant unity. Satan has always created divisions and disharmony. Heaven and hell are separated in you. The right side is God's side and the left side is Satan's side. One is God's way, the other is Satan's way. Thinking about yourself takes you to hell. Thinking of others takes you to heaven. The war between your mind and body is worse than the World Wars I, II and III. The only way to win this war is to come to Rev. Moon's teachings.

Was God created perfect, or does He have to grow? God has a growth process. What Father means is that God because He create for the sake of love, as man emerges, God experiences love through man. For God love is everything. God is the subject of love and He needs an object of love. If you had not fallen then you would be the son and daughter of God and would give birth to the children of God. There would be no religion, no savior, or churches. The bible states that God is in Jesus and Jesus is in the father.

You are born for the sake of love. True Love. True Love is absolutely one. What about American's love or Satan's love? Is it one? Father will now explain the Will of God and Satan. Satan has brought the entire world to his side, and he now wants to permanently keep his prey. God on the other hand wants to permanently take Satan's possessions back to Heaven. These are 180 degrees different. Go in this direction and you will go to heaven. The opposite, to hell. This world consists of mind. This world consists of body. In the last days the world is divided into two blocks, the conscientious block and the opposite. In terms of ideology or philosophy, this is secular, atheistic humanism and communism The God centered ideology is centered upon the good religions of the world and the very devout religious people. The communistic, atheistic world, is centered upon material and has corruption and decadence. God's world denies material and is theistic. The other is atheistic.

At the end of WW II all was divided into two. How could we make it into one. The fallen world itself was helpless. The only solution is for the world to have the Messiah. The Messiah comes with the power, method and truth to firstly unite mind and body. Then, unite family clan, tribe, nation and world. The Messiah is to convert this world of false love, life and lineage into a world of true love, life and lineage. This is the central formula of the restoration of mankind. Mankind is helpless without the Messiah. The Messiah cannot come on the clouds, but must be born as a man of flesh. Amen. This is the formula of the Messiah.

In yourself you have a plus and minus, your mind and body. But, because of the fall your body became plus and fights with the mind. So someone has to come and break up the satanic division. Unless someone comes and does this you cannot have a good life or marriage.

Many saints have come and given many good things, but now Rev. Moon and the Unification Church teaches the core truth. Individual perfection is not there. How can we expect the family, tribe, national perfection? Is that logical? No way. Your body is the most fearful monster. Even more fearful than WW I, II and m. We must conquer this division on the earth, otherwise you cannot go to heaven.

How do you practice True Love? By loving your enemy. In the Garden of Eden, the Archangel was not a part of the unity of Adam and Eve. However, if the Archangel had been obedient to Adam, then when Adam and Eve entered into heaven, the Archangel automatically deserved the same heaven. The Archangel must receive God's love, which is Adam's love, then he's entitled to enter into heaven together. This is the Divine Principle. So the Archangel must love God's children in order to enter heaven. God's children must also love the Archangel in order to enter heaven. So Satan is always the final judge of whether you are a heavenly citizen or not. Satan is always at the heavenly gate. .When you come he will ask, "Did you love me as originally God intended Adam and Eve to love me? Before the fall I was Archangel and you were supposed to love me in that position. Unless you loved me and practiced that love with me you are not entering into heaven." Therefore love your enemy has the most profound sense here. You liberate yourself by loving the fallen archangel as if he had not fallen.

For Rev. Moon my enemy is the United States and the Christian world. The entire Christian world and the free world is my enemy. I have to love them with True Love. God's method is always to be beaten and then gain the victory. The Unification Church history of development has followed that principle. The entire world has come against me. I do not hate those people who come against me. When the Messiah comes and has to take the entire world, it ~s natural that the entire world comes against me. On whose side is God? The satanic world or with Rev. Moon? Father came here not for revenge but to save and to love. Father went to the USSR not to destroy but to love. Father went to Kim Il Sung, the most evil man, not for revenge, but to love. At the gates of heaven Satan will bow down to him because he is the model.

Father came to America and created the AFC and the ACC and many other organizations. They are American. Father is foreign. Father came to love America, but they come to meet Father through these projects. They will realize the true meaning of these projects and what Father is saying. You should be loving America more than Father does. Be more sacrificial than Father. Otherwise, to whom can I inherit these missions. But many come to the Unification Church movement to exploit and take advantage. The subject and object must unite. For the sake of the United States. Instead of having Father in the forefront, it's Americans that should stand in the forefront representing Father. Let Americans take responsibility. Let Americans become the central figure. This ~s the reason Rev. Moon Is retreating back Americans must move forward.

George Bush, I am sorry. I had a recommendation for George Bush. Father was the one to have George Bush elected four years ago. But there were certain mandates. Certain reciprocal responsibilities which he did not listen to. What happened? He's finished. In the republican establishment, the only hope is for them to unite with Father. I have great hope for America. However, if America is not going to heed Father's wishes, then Father has an alternative. The former Soviet Union. All those former communist countries. They will be my object. I will work through them. Ultimately one way or another Father's wishes will be accomplished. Father came to the white world to save it. Why did Father spend money that was not earned in this county? To educate Americans and to educate the UTS graduates. This is another manifestation of loving the enemy. Since American Christian churches have come against Father so adamantly, Father created the Unification Church to replace the Christian world in America. Father invested considerable resources to save America. So now not only this world, but the communist world, the eastern European block, China and N. Korea will all come under Father's wings.

What is the Victory of our True Parents? It is the liquidation of the satanic world. God's strategy has always been to crease a chosen people. In the Old Testament era God worked for 4000 years to restore the lineage of man. In Jacob's era a particular dispensation occurred. The fall occurred with God, Adam and Eve. Eve deceived God, her father, and Adam her husband and went to Satan. This created Satan, Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. God has worked to recreate the perfected Adam God works from the bottom with Abel. All the relationships within this family are enemy relationships. Their minds and bodies are enemies. Cain and Abel should unite and then unite with their Mother. The chosen nation is divided into two. The Israel nation represents Cain, and Judaism represents Abel The two brothers should unite and go to their Mother. This is the providential picture at the time of Jesus. Cain and Abel should unite with their Mother and go to the Father.

This was enacted with Jacob. Jacob united with his mother and subjugated Cain. Satan was separated. Cain and Abel united completely. Eve during the fall deceived God, her father and Adam, her son. Rebecca, in Eve's position, deceived her husband and elder son and united with Jacob. After 21 years Jacob was able to unite with Esau (Cain) and Satan was expelled. However this particular act had to be repeated at the time of Tamara because Jacob restored the fall only at age 40.

Tamara deceived her Father and his son to conceive a child. So here we see restoration taking place. Tamara has been accused of an immoral crime. As a prostitute she deceived her Father and conceived. This is unthinkable, but God blessed her. Why? Because she was fulfilling this providential course. When the twins were born, the elder stuck out his hand, but then the younger pulled him back and came out first. The younger restored the elder in the womb.

Jesus' ancestors were from the tribe of Judah because these things were restored in the lineage. 2000 years later, the virgin Mary was born in the nation of Israel. Mary is in Tamara's and Rebecca's position. Here she deceived her Father and her fiancée to conceive. Thus the process of conceiving Jesus took place. So then Satan has no power to claim Jesus. Jesus was completely out of Satan's lineage. This is why Jesus is called God's only begotten son. The lineage is so important. In order to cleanse the lineage, God went through a 4000 year process. In the wild olive tree forest, the true olive tree, Jesus, was born. So Jesus can engraft all the wild olive trees and convert them all into the true olive trees.

This was the way salvation was supposed to be completed. But because of the crucifixion physical salvation could not come, only spiritual salvation. When the Lord of the Second Advent comes he will bring both

Jesus was supposed to be married and elevate himself to the position of True Parent. Then, mankind would have had the True Parents. Even after the crucifixion, the spirit of Jesus conquered the Roman empire. Then, it conquered England and the United States. However, if Jesus had been alive, there would be no racial conflict. All we would have needed would have been Jesus and his lineage. We would not have needed Christianity or the Pope. We would be the living sons of God. But because of the crucifixion the New Testament era began. However the New Testament did not have a body, only the spirit. In the Old Testament era God had a nation, but in the New Testament era God has no nation because Jesus' body was lost.

For the last 2000 years history has been very convoluted, up and down for 1900 years. Then World War II came. Great Britain, the mother, America, Abel and France, Cain opposed Japan, Germany and Italy. The satanic side was the axis powers. The heavenly side the allied powers. After WW II the entire Christian world was united into one. England was the mother. As an island it longs for a masculine continent. England gave birth to America. By defeating the satanic side the heavenly powers on a world wide scale united Cain, Abel and their mother. Upon this victorious foundation there will be the coming of the Second Advent. This is the reason for the Messiah to appear. Even though they had united, they did not have a new love, life and lineage. Only the True Parents have a new love, life and lineage. What is the Messiah? He comes as the True Parent with the power to convert satanic love to true love, satanic life to true life, and satanic lineage to true lineage. Who is that? Father.

We see exact parallels between the time of Jesus and the time of the Second Advent. Look at the tune of Jesus, everyone was expecting a miracle. It would have been easy to accept him, but he was born in a stable. God' son, the King of Kings was born in a stable. Was that God's will. No! Could anyone at that time, who knew Jesus was illegitimate, believe he was the Messiah?

Could you at Jesus' time have believed in Jesus. No. John the Baptist could not. The same thing with Rev. Moon. Can you believe in me? Dr. Grant? Dr. Sills? Because of the opposition of Jesus history has been prolonged, and the messianic fulfillment has been prolonged for 2000 years, the Jewish nation has been completely demolished and suffered all over the world. The body of Jesus was destroyed, but Barabbas was saved. By doing so, the entire 12 tribes of Judaism were destroyed and they lost their nation. Why? Barabbas' body was saved, so the physical power took over the entire Israel nation. After 700 years of struggle they became a homeless people throughout the world. For 700 years God gave them the opportunity to repent and come to Jesus. If they had, God would not have allowed the birth of Islam. Even today the dews do not accept Jesus. Why do the chosen people have to dwindle? They themselves say that 6 million Jews were killed to pay indemnity.

Until the True Parents come no one can give the forgiveness. This is their opportunity for the Israel nation and the Jewish people.

What happened at the time of the Second Advent? They repeated the crime. God's plan was to have the three nations unite with the Messiah. The Christian culture is the brides culture. Cain and Abel and Eve unite and wait for the Messiah. But because of the rejection of the Second Advent at the end of WW II, the entire victory of World War II was given to Satan. Rev. Moon was cast out into the wilderness and the entire satanic world rejected him. They turned 180 degrees away. The 4000 years work of Jewish history went to the wind with the failure to accept Jesus. Similarly, the entire 2000 year history of Christianity went with the wind. The only hope is the Messiah. God could only hope on him for the new establishment of the foundation. So God hoped for a new foundation for him. Is God standing with the Christian world or with Rev. Moon? All of the Christian and religious world don't understand this concept. Rev. Moon and God were chased out to the wilderness. What a miserable situation. What can we do. We must go the entire restoration course again. The Christian world and the entire free world united against me.

In America we have to connect again the Unification Church to the Christian world. We need to make that victorious foundation. Carter, we cut off his neck. Is that true? So with that foundation we went to the communist world. We see their decline. Who made that? Rev. Moon. Father has begun with a new foundation, even with high school students. Father in 40 years created a new foundation to replace Christianity. So 4000 years history was lost. But Father cannot live 4000 years or even 400 years. God gave permission to Father to indemnify the entire history in 40 years. Father went back to the beginning of the Old Testament era and started the long march. Father has to restore everything that was lost in 40 years. Father's mission is unification. All divisions that occurred because of the crucifixion must be unified. The left hand thief, right hand thief and Barabbas. After the 40 year history Father realigns the nations. Japan as the Eve, and the United States as the Abel, are given another chance.

The United States is an important element because it is a complete representation of the Old Testament and New Testament era. If Father abandons the United States, he is abandoning the entire history of God. Korea is the Adam nation. All that Satan has done Father will restore. Germany was selected as Cain. In 1975. When Father sent out the missionaries, he selected one from Japan, one America and one German. Because Japan and Germany were selected by Father this is the reason that unprecedented economic recovery came to them. We must consummate this providence, otherwise the new era will not dawn.

Father is pushing for the Unification of the World. He created the Religious Federation for World Peace.

At Jesus' time Jesus died, but Father has to fulfill this without dying. The Religious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace bring unity for the mind and body. Father is trying on a worldwide scale to bring mind and body into one. Of this 40 year period Father spent 20 years in the United States. This 20 years represents the New Testament era of 2000 years. Father has restored the 2000 years in 20 years. Father has physically gone over every step and restored every step.

In 1945 at the end of World War II if Father had been accepted, within seven years the entire restoration would have been over. However he was not accepted. So for 40 years Father restored all this, which brings us to 1992

Mother has followed behind Father for 40 years. However once this 40 years was over, Mother became equal to Father and now stands side by side. So seven years ago Father expecting the age of women, created the women's Federation of Asia. In 1992 Mother took it over and created the Women's Federation For World Peace. The Korean women are the elders. All women will unite with the Korean elder sisters. Firstly, all Korean women must unite with Mother. Then the Japanese, American, European, Russian and Oceanic Mother has restored the bride's position and given liberation to women worldwide. Therefore all restoration has been done. Since World War II Father has restored all back and gives one more opportunity for worldwide unification. Jesus lost his body in Asia Minor, therefore to restore his body, the new culture must be born in Asia. An Asian era is dawning. A new culture is to be born in Asia. However, western women will not be neglected. Father came to the western world as a bridge to give them the same opportunity.

Therefore the mission of True Parents and the Unification Church is to bring unity. All over the world we see many divisions. North and South Korea, in the United States there are many divisions. Father and the Unification church must bring unity and education. The first, second and third Israel's must be united. Korean unification shall be Father's utmost goal from now on. In Korea we have two parents. In the North, Kim I1 Sung is the parent. In the south Rev. Moon is the True Parent. Who will follow who? Kim n Sung will follow Father. We see Kim I1 Sung's path is becoming narrower day by day, whereas Father's is expanding.

The individual must become one. The family must unite into one. Grandparents, parents and children must unite. By what? Not power, knowledge or money. Only True Love can unite. The right wing and left wing must become one. The religious world must unite into one. Only by the power of True Love. This is the formula and path that everyone must go. Will you serve your grandparent and parents in your own home? Yes. A divided family was a result of the fall So, at this time we must unite the family into one. Behind Father and Mother's family, the Unification Church is following. Behind them are the two worlds.

Father went over all these obstacles to unite with God, a big super plus. So then you will embrace with God and have a homecoming with God. Now there are no barriers, only free passage. Once your family is united with the True Parents' family, then your goal is complete. To do this father has set up the Tribal Messiah. Jesus was alone, lonely, persecuted and crucified, but Father and Mother are united and standing on the earth. With that victorious foundation they can send out thousands of thousands of Tribal Messiahs. Tribal Messiahship represents these branches. Without the Tribal Messiahs Father's family becomes very thin. With the Tribal Messiahs it becomes very prosperous. By participating in our True Parents' dispensation, you become a part of our True Parents' Tree of Life. Every victory has been won by 1992. All has been done. The total victory has been won Al you have to do is engraft Into this tree as a Tribal Messiah.

The Tribal Messiah's responsibilities are:
The restoration of the ancestors.
The restoration of your hometown.
To secure the right to live and share together with God.

The amazing thing is to liberate your ancestors. You can bring them back to the state before the fall Everyone wishes to be buried in their hometown. The most important thing is to restore them. In the past Father has taught you to leave your family, to separate yourself from Satan. You are the only people to understand this incredible heavenly secret revealed by Father today. How proud you are. Be bold and strong. So the time of liberation has come. Yes or no? (Yes.) So all you UTS graduates, are you living just for your meals or for the liberation of all of mankind? Be a victor. Do you think God loves Rev. Moon or not? (Yes. )

If there is an idea many can accomplish it. But Rev. Moon had no idea. Father discovered the Principle and fulfilled it. Father now wants to give it to you. Why? Because Father is the parent and you are the children. Father wants you to be true children. Is that easy or difficult? (Difficult). Are you happy or not? (Happy.) This is why today's sermon is called Victorious True Parents.

This year's slogan is the New Family and the Fatherland Unification. New family is the entire True Parents' family and the unification is unification of the world. We must follow Father and imitate Father's family. Perfection of Adam, family, clan and tribe, national, universal and the liberation of God.

Father has declared the four great realms of heart and the three great kingships. You have heard this sermon I'm sure. This is the original road of Adam's heart (heart capacity) as a child, brother/ sister, spouse and parent. The three kings represent king of the family, nation and world. You must taste living in the royal family and taste the royal family's love to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today, in the west we see the heart core of Satan's way. Free sex and homosexuality is not allowed by God, no drugs or alcohol. This incredible story you have heard today has been planned and fulfilled by Father over many decades and culminates in 1992 by Mother's victory. Mother has done in seven months what took God seven thousand years. She went to all the world and declared the True Parents. What Mother has done is to restore the bride realm of the free world and restored all women. This gives another opportunity to the world so Cain and Abel must unite with Mother. Both men and women, particularly women must absolutely observe a strict moral life. Women have to repent.

You rejected God and Adam in the Garden of Eden.
You rejected Jesus 2000 years ago.
You almost rejected Father again.
This was narrowly avoided.

Women have rejected your husband three times. Father is speaking historically Now is the time to restore all these things through Mother fulfilling her responsibility. In order to inherit Mother's victory you must unite with her completely. Since 1960 True Parents were blessed. Anyone born after that can be regarded as the Second Generation. Even though you were born in the sinful world. You have one advantage, you did not completely unite with the satanic way. Therefore, Father and Mother regard all children who were born after 1960 as being much closer to True Parents who can more easily be restored. Father for 70 years of his life restored Adam. Satan was crushed and has no power. Born after 1960 is like a sinless child marrying on their own and living in the world. Therefore, it is slightly different. Also the victory of World War II had many victories. So even though the world has not completely accepted True Parents, from God's point of view, from that particular era on, the reign of True Parents began. So, you come under the reign of True Parents. You inherited the benefits of the victory of the World War II. So 47 year old or younger, those born after 1945, Father also considers them as the Second Generation. The complete testament era is primarily a movement of Second Generation because. You people have a special privilege, such as those in Israel who put the blood above their doors had been spared. So 47 years old or younger have that type of situation. So you can be spared from the judgment.

Now the individual and family witnessing period is over. We must witness to our tribes. You are to unite completely with Mother and inherit her great victory. Jesus has 120 disciples. By the same token you are going to have your tribal messiahship and spread the word to the 120 members of your tribe When you become bold and strong declare Father's name as the True Parents. Take 30 Divine Principle books and read it to all of your tribe. Not teaching, but reading to them. Showing video tapes also. Centering on Father's and Mother's birthday today, those who pledge to accomplish your tribal messiah responsibility raise your hands, yes Father and Mother.

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