The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1993

New Family And The Completed Testament

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 17, 1993
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The word "Completed Testament": only we use it. All the families here in are America are what? Old families. And who has been controlling the old families? Satan has. Why did God let that happen, why could he not control his own creation? It is because he did not have a family of his own. Not even one.

In one family how many members are living? Two. It starts from two. So two have to unite and become one. It is that important for two to get together and unite. Man represents heaven and woman represents earth. So the two coming together represent heaven and earth coming together. Or you can look at it in a different way. Man is the eastern hemisphere, woman is the western. So the whole world comes together. Heaven and earth is vertical and east and west are horizontal. Now we have a problem of east and west. Also we have divisions between religious people and secular people. The human problem consists of man and woman. There are only two types of human. When man and woman unite there will be the solution. Very simple. We think we have many problems in the world but all of them can be traced to this very point. All problems in the world can be traced to this disunity in the family.

Neither man nor woman can live without the emotional side of life. Mankind needs knowledge; when we know something it feels good. Secondly we need emotion; when you are filled with emotion you feel happy. Which is more important: Do we seek knowledge or emotion and happiness? In the Bible God created the world and said it is good, which means the subject and object are in harmony. When you are happy something good is already included. But good does not necessarily include happiness. In the Orient we say knowledge, emotion and will. But actually it should be emotion, will and knowledge, in that order. Here in the west knowledge is most important. That is wrong; emotion is first. The characteristic of the west is knowledge, the east is emotion; therefore they are closer to the essence of religion. Eastern people have been searching for happiness and peace, whereas in the west it is knowledge and intelligence. Which is more worthy for you to pursue, what makes you good or what makes you happy? Happiness is inclusive of good, but not the other way around. You cannot say it is good and as such embrace happiness. Happiness is larger than goodness.

Something of emotion and heart is more important. And certainly heart, not knowledge, is the center of the family. Do you agree? (Yes.) And we all love Mother, don't we? (Yes.) Did you love Mother because of her looks or her loving heart? She is the Mother of heart. She accepts you no matter what you do. Even if she only has one eye, still you love her. So this rich, abundant heart overrides many things such as beauty. This world of emotion does not change so much. There is no revolution possible in this world of love. An animal's love towards its offspring cannot be changed. You cannot change your offspring.

When you're happy, when the husband and wife are united and children are harmonious, then you can say the family is happy. You must understand this clearly. The emotional points are the most important. We can simply conclude by saying that the world's problems will end when man and woman unite harmoniously. Where can we find a beginning to all these problems? Many people claim they have a solution. Some say the world's problems must be solved first. Others will say, "No, it is a social problem." But not so; we know it begins in the family. Let the American government become more prosperous, but can they solve the world's problems? With force can they solve these problems? No. Where can world peace come from? It is not even the clan level; the family is the key. Do you think that is true? Stop to think. If you look at your family, you immediately see many problems. Grandparents, parents, brothers all have problems. Couples have problems. Relatives have problems. All eight people have problems. They also individually have a mind and body problem. So the grandparents', parents' and children's generations all have problems. So world peace cannot be found except by looking at the individual.

All the women sitting here: Can you say you have no problems? What is your problem? It is mind and body disharmony. We can complain, "Why did God make me so?" If you do not understand the Fall, you cannot explain it and you will conclude that there can be no God. You will seriously reason, if God is perfect, loving and good and yet made this world, you can only conclude that God does not exist or is a bad being. Without referring to the Fall nothing makes sense and the conclusion that God does not exist can easily be drawn. Goodness, happiness, peace and hope are only empty rhetoric if you do not understand the Fall. Within the individual the mind and body are not harmonized. This is not only for western people, but everyone in the whole world has the same problem. Even a man of religion is no exception. They struggle just as much as others. So that enemy of peace, happiness and hope is in me. No one else. If I cannot solve my problem it is very unlikely that I can build a good family. If the mind and body fight, freedom will make it worse. Americans like freedom. But that freedom is meaningless and freedom will laugh at him: "You like me?"

If you are talking about constructing a building, you must start with perfectly level ground. Is a leaning building enjoying freedom? No, it is trying very hard not to fall. Everyone wants to build a big house on sloping ground. When the mind is not in peace with the body, you have no motivation to do anything. If a woman whose mind and body are not united tries to love her husband, she ends up fighting. People are all seeking happiness, but they end up fighting. We must not visualize the world in big turmoil. The atomic bomb is not exploding in the world, but in my mind and body.

If the body fights against the mind, will that man go to heaven or hell? Hell. If they become one then you can go to heaven. Heaven or hell. So what is our chance of going to hell? Eighty % or twenty %? You know the state of your mind very well. What about your eyes, are they balanced between left and right? Your eyes and nose are located along a center line, in pairs. Do the eyes fight each other? No. All the five senses work as one, but why does the mind and body fight? If that is the rule, God should have built everything to fight, but that is not the case; only the mind and body fight. Why? Due to the Fall.

Look at the Christians. They say, "I will go to church, listen to a sermon and pray a little, then my sins will be erased and I will go to Heaven." They also say the Moonies are teaching heresy. But we are lucky to understand the Fall; we now have hope to find a solution. Therefore understanding the fall is important and gives us hope. Even God cannot solve these problems; only individuals can solve them. Historically no one has been able to do that. Not even God. Man and woman according to the original formula must unite. In English language you have M and W; it looks easy to become one. Is that true? (Yes). I don't believe it. There is more fighting in the west. The women always claim that they are higher than men. The fact that men let women go above them means they are not worthy to live. But a woman will not become prosperous if she goes above a man. In America who is above whom? Man or woman? It's a problem. Who is up now? Woman. Thank you. That's true. (Laughter). They all laugh their silent support.

After Jesus was crucified, who ascended to heaven, man or woman? Man. Man represents heaven, woman represents earth. If you put it upside down it becomes dark with not so much hope for the future. Jesus' spirit ascended to heaven and the Holy Spirit, representing Mother, came to earth. Women are a receptacle and are to receive. In the west, when you love, the women go above the man. That is wrong; it is not natural. Man who represents God and heaven should be above woman. Should this society dominated by women be corrected or left alone? No.

It's very important that we abide by natural law in order for us to prosper. Why does a man have a beard? It symbolizes power and force. A man with a heavy beard is wild. Women like that. He is strong. But one with a little beard is not so masculine, perhaps a eunuch. Unification Church women know this. Some may not be happy, but this is nature. So the problem is with the individual. When someone says world peace comes from an individual, is this wrong? No. Man is an individual and woman is also an individual. Is that not true? Before you make a family you are individuals. World peace through families is correct but world peace through individuals is more essential.

Unless the individual becomes unified in mind and body, he cannot unite with another. So both have to unite their mind and body and then they can be united with each other. World peace and happiness come from an individual and hope and freedom all begin with a perfect individual. We must keep unification of mind and body in mind. Unless we have unification we cannot have freedom, hope or peace, no matter how hard we try. If you go in the street and demonstrate for hope, peace and freedom, you do not know what you are talking about unless you unite your mind and body. It is simple but true. Unification Church is not a haphazard name. It is important and serious. So the church which advocates and has unification has hope, freedom, happiness and peace. It has everything.

We start with individual unity, family unification, clan unification, racial unification, national unification, world unification, spirit world unification and unification of God. When we go through all these stages we will bring peace on earth, and bring heaven into being.

This is our destination. But we cannot reach there if there is fighting on the lower levels. So in mankind there are 2.5 billion men and 2.5 billion women. Look at New York City at rush hour, so many people. But you cannot order them unless you divide them into men and women. Imagine a world of only men. What could they do; how would they behave? Would they be able to sleep, or would they be afraid of the night? What if they are all women, maybe it would be worse because there would be many rumors. There would be a history of rumors. Rumors would abound, they grow small but they inflate. No matter how many millions of people come to work in the morning, but at night man and woman go home. But without men or without women, this world would be chaotic, there would be no order.

We must know that man and woman exist together, and because of love between man and woman, we can have order in the world. Love is absolutely essential. Love puts everything into order. What problems would you expect if all men were in love with all women? There would be no problems. So how should man love a woman or vice versa? There is no prototype from God. There is no prototype from God of how a man or woman should love. Also there is no perfect description from God of how a man or woman should be.

In the Unification Church we have the blessing. What is the meaning of that blessing? Become a perfect individual and a perfect family. What is the formula to become perfect? That original standard is absolute and unchanging eternally. If there are two, one is wrong. We have to compare both. If we look at one, but it does not measure up, it must be false. The perfect prototype of man or woman must be in God. The one perfect woman should come from earth and the perfect man come from heaven. They should be matched; then heaven and earth will come into unity. In woman and man there is mind and body. The individual mind and body become one; then man and woman can become one.

Then for that woman whose mind and body are not one, and yet she goes to her husband hoping for her mind and body to become one - does she have a right to do that? She is not righteous. The same for man: he is not righteous, and is a destroyer of that woman. Man has a conscience. In this perspective, can anyone say, "I am perfectly qualified as a perfect woman"? Yet still these women have carried on with their family life and had children. Is that true love or false love? But we did not know that. The children, like God, will know how true or false their parents are. How much sin are we committing by lying about this basic point? Is there any fault with this reasoning? How could we get away with this? Because we were ignorant. These are thief-like Blessed Couples. God will say to this man, "Stop. Are you qualified to go to your wife's room? Are your mind and body united?" We must repent about this, very much. Likewise, if a woman tries to disguise her disunity, but still goes to her husband, there is no worse sin than that. How much God is waiting to see a united man whose body follows his mind, and a woman and family like this too.

For a woman whose mind and body are fighting, are her eyes God's or Satan's? God created her eyes perfectly but they are now Satan's vampire, snake eyes. Her nose is more wandering than an elephant's. Her ears too. What about her mouth? Our hands are a problem. So we live a long lifetime. During those long hours how many hours were your mind and body unified? Maybe one hour, 24 hours or one month during your entire life. This is a serious question. How many hours of your life did you live in unification? Each of you should calculate that and think about it. This is the most crucial thing.

Until now all saints taught unification from without. But for the first time in history, Father is now teaching unification from within. Imagine how much sacrifice and suffering throughout history there has been to bring about the perfection of one man and one woman. That suffering is to make me perfect. We see in biblical history, the entire work of 2000 years of the New Testament was to create one bride. For whom? The groom. That man who appears is the Messiah. Earth must provide the bride; heaven will provide the groom. Mind and body unification is vertical. Man and woman unification is horizontal. If it is planted this way this is the fruit that it will bear. This is the purpose of the Unification Church work, and the mass weddings that we have. In the Old Testament era, the bride begins in hope to meet the groom. Who are the chosen people? It is through these chosen people that we find the woman. Centering on Satan we have Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel. Originally it should have been centered on God. But because of the fall the family became centered on Satan. This is hell. It expands from the family to the clan, nation and world. This must be recreated. Each level has a subject and object. If Cain and Abel unite they both become object to the higher subject. So there are always corresponding subjects and objects at each level. Centering on the mother, Eve, there are Cain and Abel. Then united with their mother, Cain and Abel center on Adam. The heavenly groom should come from heaven, because the earth is Satan's domain. The bride should come from the unity of Judaism and the Israel nation. These two represent Cain and Abel. Perfected Eve unites with her children and they become a minus to Adam. They can then become a minus to God and unite. This recreates the original world. The indemnity to restore this was paid in the Old Testament era.

Jesus came under these circumstances to achieve this goal. But what happened? Jesus came as a restored Adam and the goal of God on the national level was to restore the nation. However, Jesus was expelled rather than welcomed. As a result, centering on the cross, the left wing and right wing came into being. Barabbas, whose life was saved, represents Islam and Jesus who died represents Christianity. Christianity and the right wing became one. Islam, the descendants of Barabbas and the left wing united and still today these two are enemies. The Old Testament dispensation failed and moved into the New Testament era. The same purpose remains only that it is now on the world level, not the national level. Because of the Cross, salvation is only spiritual. In the same way the world now waits for the bride again. Where Judaism stood, Christianity now stands and the country is now America. Before this came to pass, World War II had to be fought. At the end of World War II, England, America and France were on God's side. Japan, Germany and Italy were on Satan's side. Why should this pattern appear? Jesus brought spiritual salvation, but salvation needs to be done physically with countries on the world level.

Satan's side and God's side fought each other. In World War II the allied side won the victory. If England as the mother, Eve, and America and France as Cain and Abel become one on the world level they can go to meet the groom who comes as the restored Adam. They are restored in mind and body and are ready to meet the groom. This is the end of the New Testament era. At Jesus' time the spirit and mind were separate, because of the crucifixion, but at the end of World War II this was restored. These three united countries should wait for the groom to appear. Who is that bridegroom? He is one man.

So at Jesus' time, everyone in the family knew he was an illegitimate child. At that time, no one believed he was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Jesus was in a miserable situation. He was a target of despise. Even the children mocked him. All his relatives despised him. Everyone gets married, but Jesus could not even though he was 33. No one wanted to willingly give a bride to an illegitimate child. The whole world knew, but no one wanted to give him a bride. This was Jesus' position. He came as the groom. This is the way the groom comes at this time too. He does not come on a cloud. The groom these three powerful countries have to meet has nothing, no clan, tribe or country. Because he comes down from heaven, the groom is almost a beggar. Could these powerful, great nations come down to meet this miserable groom? But how much sacrifice God and history have paid to establish this. Could anyone from these great nations believe Rev. Moon is the groom, then or now? At the end of World War II no one understood. God had made this foundation and was with England, with America and with France. But when they do not understand, where does God go? He goes with Rev. Moon. This brought about so many problems. Problem after problem after problem. In hindsight we can see that it was more natural for them to reject Rev. Moon. However, when they opposed, Satan immediately moved in and became their owner.

Since this entire foundation crumbled down, as at Jesus' time, we now have to re-indemnify this mistake. Imagine how desolate and how deeply distressed, how miserable God and Rev. Moon were at this point. They had lost everything in history. Since we have lost this, we now have to go back and repeat it successfully. They were only two against the whole world which was owned by Satan. So now there is an even bigger cross, a world level cross which includes mind and body, the left and right wings of Christianity and Islam. But the bride's realm was destroyed, due to unfaithfulness, so the coming messiah has to make this foundation again. In this incredibly difficult, hopeless time he has to restore all that was lost from the 4000 years of history in 40 years. If he did not do that no one could tell what history would be like. Because Jesus died and lost his body, Barabbas or the Islam realm controls all twelve tribes of Israel in Canaan. It is the very land where the Israelites returned from Egypt and recovered it, but now must give away to Moslems, because Jesus lost his body. The body was given out to Satan; likewise this land has to be given to Barabbas who lived in place of Jesus' body. So comes the Unification Church. This was originally Christianity's role, but because they opposed, Father has to recreate this realm of victory centering on the Unification Church. This is so the bride can reappear. This was Father's mission, taking indemnity during the 40 years. From 1945 to 52 is 7 years. From 1952 + 40 is 1992; in 1992 Father finished the work of re-indemnification and recreation.

So at the end of World War II, the whole universe was in Satan's domain. God had to give up all religions, including Christianity. No matter how many thousands of years he had worked on them, they were useless. Now at this time God cannot select twice, but Rev. Moon could select again 3 nations - Japan, America and Germany - and recreate the realm of the bride. Japan and Germany were like a wilderness after World War II. America was fit to be executed; why did Father take America again? Because that was the only country were Judaism and Christianity met. Father thought about it and did not want to do it. Father leniently took America in again. The right wing and Christianity and the left wing and the Muslim world must unite to recreate the realm of the bride. For the last 200 years America has prospered and prospered, but since the last 40 years America has plummeted down. Why? Because it rejected Rev. Moon. There was only one chance for Christianity to unite with Rev. Moon. God gave all the blessings to America. He wholeheartedly supported, nurtured and selected it to become an Abel nation. The Protestants were put in Abel's position over all the other denominations of Christianity and Catholics were put in Cain's position. God unreservedly gave the blessing to America, to serve the purpose of the bride's foundation for the one He sends. This is history, which only God and Rev. Moon know. Now we know and this is the qualification to be a tribal messiah. We know what the satanic world is about and what we are, so we can work hard. Then there is no borderline between heaven or hell, because everywhere now is heaven.

It is now in our hands. Until now we did not know. But look at Russia; they understand this better and will fight for it. America has had more than enough chance. Father spoke 20 years here and brought Japanese and Koreans who are much more faithful to restore America. Still Americans don't understand and don't want to move, so now Russia is moving in. God cannot select America twice, but the second generation support Rev. Moon even though the first generation oppose Rev. Moon. After choosing America again we must restore America. America itself cannot do that, but the Unification Church, centered on Rev. Moon, must educate America.

We have worked hard to unite Christianity and communism which Christianity was supposed to do. Father gave a big blessing to the Moslems and with this unity was made.

The 30,000 couples represented every country, including Russians and Red China, as well as Moslem countries. Today communism is a force no more. So those who were hopelessly divided by the death of Jesus can now be reunited. All levels of opposition of the world have been erased. Father single-handedly fought against America. Who won? Father. Father told them they will decline and perish. In the churches today there are only old people; they look like a cemetery. But in the Unification Church there are only young people. The First generation is going down apparently and the next generation is lifted up to the top level. So young and old people, non-believers, do not have hope in any one country, but they may think Rev. Moon has a solution. It's not "may" but "must." No one has heard of converting hippies into first class patriots and citizens. No one has ever heard of 30,000 couple weddings, but Rev. Moon is not crazy. Rev. Moon recreated the realm of bride and reconnected them to the realm of the groom. Those impossibly strong walls were torn down one by one. Now there is no wall in any part of the world. What does this mean? If you go to preach there will be no martyrdom. So here by choosing Japan, America and Germany, America has another chance to be in the position of the bride. They can restore what was lost at the end of World War II.

We also see what happened last year: Mother's speech tour. Mother took her own initiative and spoke 131 times to women to bring them into unity. It was like a storm. All around the world, they felt the presence of Mother. This brought into being the Women's Federation for World Peace.

From the end of 1992 we begin the era of the Completed Testament. Mother has restored the bride's position and reconnected it to Father. The result is that these seven nations - Korea, Japan, America, Germany, England, France and Italy - now stand again on God's side. Everything could have been done in 1945, but it wasn't and we needed 40 years to restore this. But now the satanic world has gone and it is time to enter into God's realm. It is the Completed Testament era.

The new family is the True Family. Centering on the True Family the five billion families of the world are in the object position. We have a true plus, and the minus should obey. Is the world in despair or does it have hope? Hope. Satan is the one who works directly against God. Satan knowing that this is what God will do at the end of the times, tried to make the whole world into hell, especially the family hell, because the Fall took place in the family. Restoration must take place in the family. In the world the family is still satanic. The whole family is fighting and are enemies of each other. They are simply confused. Grandfathers marry their granddaughters. This crazy reality, which we don't want to hear, comes to Father. This is Satan's weapon to completely destroy America. When love is degraded like that, the realm of emotion is degraded, you become numb and have to use drugs in order to continue. Emotional activity is almost wiped out by false love, and that is why they use drugs. Drugs are like a crashed automobile. Alcohol is bad too. The worst is homosexuality, the most fearful action in front of God. That's Satan. We look but we don't even know that is Satan's action. That is the reality. Satan doesn't care and only wants to put an end to mankind. AIDS has appeared and may be hopeful in that people will change.

America is the arena of Satan. When we see hell we know what heaven will be like. It is completely opposite. You cannot deny Satan exists. Is God for the individual or the whole? "For the sake of the whole!" What is individualism? It is completely satanic. "I am content, I don't need the world, nation, grandparents, parents." This is what individualism is all about.

There is no hope for an individualist; he must eventually commit suicide. Satan is saying to God, "You cannot do anything with this destroyed world." But God says, "You don't know what one Oriental man, called Rev. Moon, will do. He is breaking out." The conclusion is that the ones who are opposed most by Satan are on God's side. Father told America and communism that they are wrong. He also tells Satan he must follow Parent's way. Do you understand? Yes. You must be crazy. The contents sound crazy and those who understand must be in the same category of crazy.

The kingdom of heaven starts appearing when Father proclaims it. The library of heaven is being created by Father. These contents are important and cannot be exchanged. So Father recreates the True Family, and all the tribal messiahs are planted around. This is the last strategy to work on. There is no other way, except occupying the satanic world. This morning we have understood that it took God 6000 years to create that Messiah and send him down. The Messiah is expanding horizontally through the True Family and the tribal messiahs. They will compete with each other. Soon there will be so many tribal messiahs and they will become kings of their families. The formula is simple: centering on Mother the children will unite. Teach the mother of the family; they can teach the children and together they can bring their father. That was God's original point. In America, because of the women's leading role, they can bring all the men to God but they didn't do that. It is still our work; for mothers to become one with their children and connect with the True Family and again reconnect with their husbands, even though they are fallen and after the age of sixteen took in Adam's body and made this multiplication as we see today. True Parents are absolutely one. The husband is in the archangel's position. But there is a process of connection to be made. All they need to do is to be re-educated, consistent to the way and the tradition of the True Family. Then Father will give that blessing of being reconnected without the fault of the Fall. So that means all the newborn babies, the second generation, will be all on Father's side.

Now there is no Satan. What about those who are under the age of sixteen? Father is in the position of the completed Adam. After age of sixteen he went through all the indemnity and restoration. Up until the age of sixteen, Father chased out Satan; now he should inherit everything from Satan, all which is over sixteen years of age. So since Satan is out Father can treat everyone, not as Satan's descendants, but as children who got married before they were sixteen. It is not the Fall, just early marriage. The second generation being born now automatically belong to Father.

Leah and Rachel centering on Jacob always had problems. Leah must serve Rachel. For her to do that the mother must help. Mother - daughter cooperation is needed. The three represent formation, growth and perfection stages. Formation and growth stages are on Satan's side but as it comes to the completion stage, it is on God's side. The mother and Leah should become one and cooperate with Rachel. This was repeated at Jesus' time. Mary and Elizabeth should have cooperated and found Jesus' bride. Elizabeth and Mary did not understand this. God clearly had John the Baptist's sister in mind for Jesus' bride. So the family would have been unified. Because that didn't happen the 10 tribes became the enemies of the 2 tribes. At the end of the days that pattern will be repeated.

There is a restored mother and a mother in the fallen position. As we see, there is the possibility that they fight with each other. They are women and they are close to each other, so they fight. These two, mother and daughter, become very close and become one and must cooperate.

Father has two women around Father. Song Jin Nim's mother. Satan is making her oppose Father to the end. Song Jin Nim's mother should help. True Mother knows this and must help Song Jin Nim's mother to understand. The only way she can turn this mother's mind around is to love her son more than her own son. That is extremely difficult, but very important. Father has to make unity, no matter what, and in order to do that you have to love. There is no other way except love. So to prepare for that God has fostered one concept, love thy enemy. Song Jin Nim's mother really loved Father. She opposed him because she loves him so much. She opposes him, but says there is no greater man than Song Jin Nim's Father. Who divorced whom? Father said, "Don't do it, you must persevere," but when Father was in prison she divorced him. And Mother still has to suffer until now. For her to transfer heaven to earth she has to go over this kind of hardest hill. This is a culmination of human restoration. The individual, family, tribe and nation, all these levels of restoration - in order to bring everything up, Mother has to take care of them.

In Jesus' time the disciples could not be wed. But this must be done here and Mother must help. The 12 disciples, 72 apostles and 120 elders did not marry. We have to indemnify that now. How complicated a process it is to accomplish! Only when we reach spirit world will we understand how we can pay back the debt, and then it's too late. You must understand now. But this is the parent's heart; they want to forget, no matter how much they did for the sake of the children. Even though it is so precious. The power of true love is so powerful that it forgets. Forgetting and not mentioning it does not mean that we did not receive that much love. You have to untangle the problems in your tribes. This is why Father plans for us to clear everything through tribal messiah providence. But you have to do more even for strangers. Our partners who had free sex, we must restore, too. It is Abel's responsibility to bring Cain back and raise him up. Cain always tends to go to hell. The women in Abel's position must go to hell and bring them up. How difficult it is.

In the beginning it is hard but later it becomes easier. As Satan's walls come down the ground will become level. Many times our parents cried and cried when we joined. If we cry for our parents even 1/10th it will be enough to restore them. When you understand that the parents have gone to the length of loving the children of their enemy, you know that is the hardest thing and it has been done.

You represent the vertical and horizontal True Parent's love. You are their fruit. You have the same contents, you are from the same tree. Never forget how hard your parents worked to restore you.

The new families are in the corresponding position to the True Family. The five billion families of the world will become the new families born in the Completed Testament era. Clearly this is better than Jesus' own family. Do you think Jesus wanted to become a parent and a grandparent? Yes.

This new family should be where the elder sonship has been restored, where parentship has been restored and where kingship has been restored. Through this pattern everyone can be restored. For one country if the king comes the whole country can be restored at one time. The root has one center root. The tree trunk is the Messiah, the branches the tribal messiahs and the leaves the family messiahs. They should all be grafted onto the Messiah. So when man and woman unite they become the tribal messiah and are directly connected to Father's body. This is the settlement of the new families. So with the appearance of the new families it is the era of the Completed Testament.

So those who were born during the last 40 years of Father's work automatically belong to him. Those who are over 50 will fade away. But they can still be saved by the tribal messiah. Especially those under 33, the age of Jesus, belong to Father. The younger people will never agree with the older generation. So the world knows that in the Unification Church are beautiful young people growing up. Then the world will come wanting to marry them. Even if a king comes asking to marry you daughter, don't even look at him; your children are much more valuable.

We are entering the great time of judgment. First there will be judgment by truth, secondly by character and thirdly by heart. The Fall took place because Adam and Eve did not obey God's truth, but we are different and will obey. The truth we have learned is so vast and wide-ranging, so consistent and so deep in contents. That means we understand well. We have the capability to defeat Satan because you know what is good or bad. Would you ever, even for curiosity, take drugs? No. We know it is Satan's weapon to destroy God's will. So, even if you only have the truth, that is enough to repel the satanic world. You know when somebody is being pulled by his body. You can judge him, then he is liberated from Satan. With the standard of love you can be judged.

Now we know we are ready to enter the four great heartistic realms and the three great kingships. Do you know and can you explain this? KNOW or NO. You know this so Father can save half an hour here as Mother is expecting Father for Shin Jung Nim's birthday.

Man becomes a good son, a good brother, husband and father. Woman has to grow the same way and then connect and make a family.

Adam's family is the king family. Tribal king, race king and nation king.

This new family is not individual but represents the entire world and being equipped with the four heartistic realms and the three great kingships will go into the world in this new era of the completed testament. So the motto of this year is "The New Family and the Unified Fatherland." The fatherland is not Korea: When the families gather together we will create a fatherland which will bring a world of peace. We have to have a fatherland before we have a homeland. So the whole thing will be accomplished. When North and South Korea unite, the whole world will unite. North Korea also has a father. In South Korea Rev. Moon is the True Father - they have both appeared. But one is going up and one is going down.

So the world's problems come from the family. When the new True Family and True Parents appear all the problems will be solved. Father is perfected as a son, perfected as a brother, perfected as a husband and perfected as a father. Perfect in all four heartistic realms. Now is the time that God can be proud of this perfect son and daughter. So now the Kingdom of Heaven is so visible. Satan has to disappear from the face of the earth. Thank you very much.

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