The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Speech to Syrian Muslim Leaders

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
East Garden
December 12, 1990
Unofficial Notes

(Singing and greetings have just finished)

So, all I can say is I'm very grateful for your treating me with such deep love. As you may have already noticed, the fact that the religion of Christianity and the religion of the Muslims--such as this super denominational basis--have come to meet, is nothing less than a historical occasion. Now that we have met, in a difficult way, I would like to introduce myself.

I am a religious leader. I'm not a business man nor am I a politician. I am a religious leader. Thus, my sole purpose is to accomplish the Will of God. Unlike other religious leaders, I have come to do many things in various fields. So there are many projects that I have begun. And now there is nothing that I did not do--businesses and what have you.

What I have done, I have never done for Father Moon nor for the Unification Church. I have done this for mankind. And for many religions.

Why have I done this? Because I know that there are many religions that want to remain hermits, or just wish to promote their own religion, or their own faction, and are antagonistic toward others. At least, they are not sympathetic to other religions.

They are so unsympathetic toward others, to such an extent, that we often doubt if religion can in any way really contribute to the peace of mankind. Because they are so centered upon themselves, not understanding others, we question their integrity.

First, I've noticed what we've got to do is bring down the walls between and among religions. Yet, it is very difficult to do that because each religion embraces their own people and so they have come to a certain stereotype. So to bring down the wall between two religions is really a difficult task.

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism--each of these four major religions have been carrying on thousands of years of history. If they do not act jointly and definitely to contribute to the peace to the world, and instead, they reversely contribute to the unification of the world, or they come in the way to unify the world, then great turmoil will result.

Many and each major leader of religions have been thinking about how to dominate the world, how to exert their decisive influence over the world centering on his own religion. But no religious leader ever thought how to span a bridge over all four major religions and reach their ultimate objective.

We observe throughout history that if we go in the same way and speed, as we have gone in the past, then there is no way of evading the confrontation between these big religions. They will go head on toward each other and eventually crash.

How to isolate these shortcomings and overcome them was the great question of history. And that is what Father Moon has been doing; to see in what way we can bring ecumenicalism and arrive at a solution which allows us to work together. This is what Father Moon has paid attention to.

As we may know, there are many country borders along with other countries and these borders have never been peaceful. There are only a few borders that have been kept peaceful. There is always strife. But among all these shortcomings, it was still religion that helped to maintain peace among two nations.

America is predominately a Protestant country. So far, America has gone over the boundaries of the nation and made contributions to the harmony of the world. This was only possible because of its religion. Because of its Christianity religion, it could do that.

Today, the confrontation between two different thoughts has taken place. America fought against communism. Now America somehow won over the thought of communism. Communism has come down, crumbled down, but can America absorb and digest the fallen communists and lead them to the new direction in the world? No. America is not capable of doing that.

America knew the thought which advocates, "There is God" (Godism or theism), whereas, the communists are the thought which says, "There is no God" (atheism). Even though, America did not know how to digest atheism completely.

Father Moon knew that there was nobody who was doing this. America was quite incapable of doing this. So, Father Moon felt he had to prepare to convince communism, through theory, that communistic theory is wrong. And he did that. And as result of this, or as a result of the history's time, it came down. But, Father Moon is not trying to eradicate communism, not erase it from the realm of religion, but trying to lead them into the new realm of religion. He is not throwing the communists away, but is trying to provide them with the right way to go, which America can not do. He has prepared this many years.

For many years, all of America and the world came against Father Moon in doing that. But today they have observed Father Moon for so long that now they have come to a conclusion.

Somehow they and all the world somehow have to rely on what Father Moon is preparing. The fact that America and the world came to this awareness is really an astounding thing. This is a dispensation. God has been leading it this way.

America has opposed Father Moon so much and persecuted him so much. But he never retaliated. He never hit back. Instead, he embraced them with love, so many years. Now they understand what they have done to Father Moon and what Father Moon has done for America. Also, Russia has done the same.

As late as 1987, Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung of North Korea got together secretly and sent a violent group here into America to assassinate Father Moon. Twenty-five Red Army terrorists were sent. The C.I.A. was investigating that.

Then, only three years after that, when that failed, Father Moon went into Moscow just as if nothing had happened. And he embraced and treated them with love, even forgetting all their past deeds against him. The fact that they have welcomed Father Moon this time is really an amazing development in history.

From these events, we can see that the key to solve this most difficult problem in the world is through dedicating and sacrificing ourselves for the sake of another country or another person.

What all religions must do is realize peace on earth. A peaceful world on earth must be built. Whatever religion we might be, that is our ultimate goal. We have to do that. That is our ultimate goal to achieve, as a religion.

The Grand Mufti is now pursuing the noble goal of unifying Judaism, Islam and Christianity. He is doing a super human kind of job which is never easy to do. It's never easy.

In order to be able to achieve this, we have to notice this, we have to remember this. More than Jesus himself, more than Muhammad himself, more than Moses himself; how can we have a broad and more loving heart, and persevere, never giving up to the last? This is the question.

And by doing so we have to establish the works, the record of having loved Christianity and having loved Jesus himself, having loved Islam itself and having loved Muhammad himself, and having loved Judaism and having loved Moses. All have to be loved. This record has to be established.

We should be able to say with 100% conviction, "Yes, I did that. I loved Christianity and the top of Christianity--Jesus. I loved Islam and the top of Islam--Muhammad. I loved Judaism and the top of Judaism--Moses". Then each of these religious leaders and each of their followers, all the way down to the layman, must testify: "Yes, Father Moon, you actually loved us so much". It is they who have to say that to us in the end. No doubt, many of you have attended the Religious Congress. But think about it, the fact that Father Moon is trying to make inter-religious unity. The reality is that different religions, even different factions and denominations within one religion, fight each other so badly. Nobody can make peace of this. Yet, now Father Moon is bringing all the religious leaders of all descriptions and all races together and is trying to make peace in them. He must be out of his sense.

Even though Father Moon has many members around the world, can he just issue orders and command them? Before issuing orders, Father Moon must first teach them the reason why this situation is like this, and why we have to do such and such to achieve a goal. Through this reason we have to teach them. Then they all nod and say, "Oh, we understand now".

In the beginning they don't understand, but at a later time they understand. After they understand, then with that knowledge, Father Moon will have to give power and inspiration so that they can overcome many obstacles along the way and finally reach their goal.

...and religious doctrine. He has to be the king of that. He has to reach to the top of that pinnacle before he can start doing something, before he can say, "Somebody, please do this". They will say, "Why should I do this?" And Father Moon will say, "Because of this, you have to do that". So he has to rise to the position of king of these religious doctrines.

There are two kinds of thought. One is philosophical thought; philosophy trying to find God through philosophy. But we know, as a result of today, all have failed.

On the other side is religion, religious thought. Now this religious thought or religion, always began with one religious leader, like Muhammad, Jesus, Moses. They worked together with God. This is where they began their religious teaching.

Now, today, after thousands of years, those religious leaders should have brought mankind into the same level as God and up to other lofty worlds. But what happened? The teaching has been done but people have been murky, have been ambiguous in learning the teachings. And today, look, the religions have been reduced down to not contributing, but are blocking the way to God and they've been like a parasite.

God established religions to save the entire world. God never made a certain religion to save just them. No. Through religion, everybody from around the world should be saved. Father Moon has thought that.

Now the religious leaders have not thought about how God began religion from the very beginning. They all forgot about that. They have all become ritualized and try to protect their own religion. That is all they're doing. They never go beyond that and try to reach out to the world and save the world. This is what Father Moon has been noticing.

This is why he is trying to go over the walls; not only the walls of religion, but through artistic activities, through culture and through science, through the customs and traditions, many ways he wanted to go over that. When he does that, everybody criticizes him, "Why is he a religious leader? Why don't you just care about religion". No. Father Moon knew that God's idea of religion was to reach out to the world. You can not do that simply by religion. You have to spend every activity: arts, economics, and what have you, every human activity and reach to the goal of religion.

So, one thing Father Moon did was super denominational. He is going over, transcending all the boundaries of race, boundaries of custom, boundaries of the colors of the skin, and of course, the boundaries of religion, too, and is reaching to the essence of the people.

Let's see. We have the birds. Many migrating birds and also sparrows. And sparrows can freely fly from one country to another country without concern for borders. Only men recognize the border, but the birds do not recognize the border. They are natural.

When the birds move from the south to the north, do the local birds get together and annihilate the visiting birds?

Human beings are suppose to be superior to all other creatures. Now who's superior, the one who accepts them naturally, or the one who kills or tries to stop those who are more natural?

There is no need to issue a passport or visa. Why don't they just come, everybody who wants to come to my country; please come and let's make it a good country. And religion also. We should open up the doors of religion. Anybody who wants to come to my religion, please come and contribute to make it a better religion.

So in this perspective, in this point of view, the Grand Mufti is really an amazing person. His view is unlimited. Now his aspiration is so high, but how is he going to achieve that? How is he going to make peace and unity among Muslims and Christians and Jews? How can he do that?

One thing is certain, we can not do that by religious theory. No religion can do that just by using their own theories. It is the heart, it is compassion, it is only love which can be powerful enough to achieve this goal.

So, the real basic point is this. Point out an individual, that may be you or anybody who is living here on earth. Point to him and ask him a question, "Is your mind and body, in yourself, united?" If they are struggling with each other, then he does not pass.

On this foundation, the unity of mind and body, results in a unified individual. When each is unified in their mind and body, then on top of that is God's love with him always.

Now the religions are trying to communicate with other religions, through their doctrines and through their religious teachings. But that's not strong enough. That's not good enough. Man is divided in their religion in the same way. When divided people get together, what do you expect them to accomplish?

The question is, if someone challenges one individual, "Is your mind and body eternally in unity, in unification?" If so, then God's true love can perch on it, but if the mind and body is separated, then the true love of God can never stay there. So then, without that, what can you achieve? What Unificationism teaches is this very primary point. Your mind and body should become one absolutely one. And confidently, you must be able to say you are not changing from that. You don't change this year or next year. Father Moon teaches this to each Unification member.

We resemble God. So since we have mind and body, then certainly our Father, God, also must have mind and body. What do you think?

God's mind and body is one, but through what? Through knowledge? Through anything? No. None of these is making God unified in Himself, unlike man.

When one man becomes like that, his mind and body united firmly like God, then God can make anything. We have to come to think, "What is God taking most seriously? It's not the doctrine of each religion, it is not the theory of each religion". Is it necessary for God to believe in a religion? No.

Those who do not understand the spirit world, of course, can not understand this. But let Father Moon tell all of us that he is the expert on the spirit world. Nobody knows about the spirit world more than Father Moon himself.

Many people who try and try to unify religions know it is not possible. Then how can God do it? If He calls a top religious leader, through the spirit world and tells them to make peace, this is the only probable way of making peace.

This is why Father Moon has come to respect the Grand Mufti. He is not trying to unify the three religions through Islam, but rather he is pushing away the boundaries of Islam.

Grand Mufti and Father Moon have never discussed any religious doctrine between the two. Never. He doesn't have to speak. And Father Moon doesn't have to speak. Each one understands the other. This is the amazing thing about the spirit world. You do not have to introduce yourself to anybody.

It is never by accident that such a person as the Grand Mufti and Father Moon met like this and as a result of that you came here. It is no human doing.

For forty years the Grand Mufti has been working toward this goal, thinking that: "Unless these three religions become united, the world will be in great trouble". He knew for forty years. So he tried to solve this problem.

And now the Grand Mufti has sent all his head disciples here to communicate and have dialogue. He never sent them here to adopt our doctrine. We have no intention of teaching our doctrine for the purpose of conversion.

No doubt the Grand Mufti must have advised you, "Please, when you go to America, please listen to them carefully. Please discuss well and learn much and come back".

Those who listen deeply from the first, he listens more than the other people and digests what he hears and doesn't spit out what he has learned. Such people will be victorious.

Father Moon is a religious leader and if you think he does everything without the knowledge of spirit world, you are wrong. He has the absolute knowledge of spirit world. But that is not all. You can not do spiritual work alone. He's also a scientist.

It is very easy for all of us to wonder how I can believe that you really do communicate to the spirit world so deeply. Well, here's the proof. Father Moon in the last fifty years always said, "Twenty years later, thirty years later, the world will become like this". Every prediction became true.

Father Moon already told that, fifty years ago, the Muslim world will be in trouble after World War Two. Sure enough, look what happened to Iran. The Muslim religion does not want that. But nobody can help. Iran is going the way it is going now in spite of what people think. Iraq too.

Communism too. Father Moon predicted communism will come down and now it is happening.

So, even though Father Moon was in Korea, not even having visited America, not even having visited the Middle East, but while sitting in Korea, he saw these problems already, way ahead, and was doing something about that. The Muslim world will be in great trouble. We have to prepare something against that. This is why he sent the messenger to the Middle East. What does Father Moon, who is Korean, have to do with that?

Father Moon sent an envoy after the Grand Mufti got sick and was operated on. While he was recuperating in the hospital, Father Moon's envoy came and talked to him. Maybe you have heard of that?

When Father Moon activated and established the Religious Federation for World Peace, throughout the world, then he sent a message to the Grand Mufti: "What do you think about this". The Grand Mufti answered, "What do you mean, 'I think?' It is my duty".

So all of the first elders of the Grand Mufti came here. Why did he send all of you to us? It is so that together we can understand and become one together and become a pioneer to open up a way for world peace centering upon religious unity. That is what we are here for.

Father Moon knows already what the problem of the world is. Like an individual, the mind and body is divided, so the world is also divided into "something-like-mind" and "something-like-body". That "something-like-body" is whatever you have in the secular world, economics, politics, etc. That "something-like-mind" is whatever you have in the religious world. So Father Moon built two organizations: 1) Religious Federation of World Religions and, 2) Federation of World Activity. Essentially, religion is in the position of mind and has to lead the other organizations, the body.

Maybe you already know that the Religious Congress adopted the resolution: "We will have to come to one Bible". In order to adopt one Bible, then everybody has to understand each other. Muslims have to understand Christianity. Muslims have to understand Confucianism. Muslims also have to understand Buddhism and Unificationism. Each one has to understand the others' religion so that we can bring them all together. Even the non- religions of the world should be embraced into this dynamic.

Never did Father Moon invite you just to teach his religion to you. No. He chose to teach first, because Unificationism is easier to learn and that encompasses more, and has more common points, than in Buddhist teaching and Confucian teaching and all other religious teaching. Father Moon's teaching has all that within it. This is the reality.

Eight years ago, Father Moon already started working to bring unification of religions. He brought all the prominent scholars of the Muslim world and religious world. As a result, he made all of them become unified and in agreement of one Bible, one teaching of their religion. Eight years ago he has already done that. Next year that printing will come out.

Of course, Father Moon did not make that decision by himself. He brought this up to the agenda of this World Congress and they all resolved it. A resolution has been reached. So four times he had to do a meeting as a result of that. It has now been decided. Next year that Bible will come out.

The fact that we all came here to get the Unification Church theory is not what Father Moon suggested to begin with. Many scholars said, "Why don't you invite them over here and expose them to your thought? You should teach them first."

A prominent scholar said, "I am amazed Father Moon. All the major religions do not have a historical point of view. They can not have the historical viewpoint. Second, they do not have a viewpoint of the creation. If they don't know the standard of creation, then we have no goal to reach to, because the world is being restored to the original position. Unless we know the original position, we don't know where we are going. But the Unification Church has these two points, the historical perspective and the creation perspective. This is what makes the Unification Church different from all other religions." This is what that scholar said to Father Moon.

We must understand Father Moon has already brought all the scholars and all the scientists together under Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) and International Conference for the Unity of Sciences (ICUS). This has already been established. He also made the coalition of the media, called the World Media Conference. Also, he made the Summit Peace Conference where world leaders and presidents come together. Now we need to make the Religious Leaders Conference.

If a man stands here, he can see three different directions. Thus, as a religious leader, we must first know the scholarly world. That's a must. We must understand the scholarly world, field or area.

Secondly, as a religious leader we have to know the media world, how they are moving. Because the media is capable of educating society, religious people need to be involved in it.

Thirdly, religious leaders need to understand the political arena or the political area. These three pillars are needed.

Father Moon has a very solid foundation in all these areas. He spent many years to build this. For what? To accommodate religion and to embrace the world.

Even if Father Moon invites a scholar, do you think a scholar will come? No. First you have to explain to a scholar why they are invited and why they should come. Then they understand. Then they come. Then they discuss and Father Moon shows which direction they have to go.

And the media. Do you think the media will ever listen to a religious leader? If the media is friendly, that's a different story. But mostly, the media was very antagonistic and hostile. But you have to make them understand why the unity among the media is absolutely necessary for the future world peace. They understand now so they come to Father Moon.

And the top leaders of the world. The communists have always tried to break the unity of leaders. So Father Moon had to find a foundation to fight against communism and warn the world that communism is wrong, it is going to come down. Look, it's already coming down.

Because communists are doing the same thing, they are trying to exert their influence to the religious community. Therefore, the communists are going to control the media to some extent successfully. And likewise with the political people. So Father Moon had to do better than the communists.

Now the free world is already united. Now we bring the religious world into it and make four pillars for the world peace. Is this so easy? It is never easy.

The Grand Mufti was speaking well of this. Now he has the wheel ready and all we have to do is put these four pillars onto that wheel. Who is going to put that on the wheel? Those two wheels: one is the Grand Mufti and the other is Father Moon. These two wheels will go together. Together they will go very well.

But who are we going to carry with these wheels? Some may say, "Well, because they both represent the Muslim world and the Unification Church world, then the Muslim world and the Unification Church will get on and ride together." No! Instead, the other world population, the people of the world have to be on that truck. That is God's will.

How do you know? Jesus in the spirit world is exactly thinking like that, he's never sectional. And Muhammad in the spirit world is thinking the same way as Jesus. We may be thinking differently, but Muhammad is not.

Together we will save the humankind. That is our goal. Never is it just to save religious denominations.

You may well know this verse of John, the third chapter and sixteenth verse: "God so loved the world He sent Jesus." God said, "He so loved the world." He did not say that He loved denominations. Nor country. Nor religion. He did not even say He loved the Messiah, Jesus so much. It was the world which God loved so much.

The Grand Mufti and Father Moon absolutely have the same common objective. What the Grand Mufti is going to accomplish and what Father Moon is going to accomplish, is to save the world, save the humankind. They will not just save the Muslims nor the Unification Church.

If all religions had the same idea as Father Moon, then Father Moon does not have to send a missionary to each country. Already, a missionary is there. Since they are far from it, Father Moon has to send missionaries to teach them that this is God's will.

Have you heard of the youth foundation, RYS, the Religious Youth Services? For eight years, the youth of twelve different religions have been going around the world, serving and training together. Of course, they learned some religious things, but it's difficult to learn, even if they learn eight years, they don't understand so well. But one thing they understand clearly is, "Oh, I wish that my religious leader of my denomination will think like Father Moon and will go over the religious walls and will serve for the sake of the world." They have a clear idea. Because of this foundation, our religious meeting was possible.

Think. Gorbachev and Bush have gotten together--both representing the non- religious world. Now our religious people have to be stronger than that. Because they are also like-minded.

When religious communities come into unity, or become solidly united, and have the same common front, then we can accomplish very much. All the political figures will have to follow us.

God has one Will, not two Wills. He has one Will, one purpose. Only one. Absolutely, only one. God has only one purpose.

The dream and goal is to bring everybody together and make one big family. A family that does not fight all the time, but which lives in peace eternally, that kind of family is our common goal.

All of us die sooner or later. That means we have to go to the spirit world. Our spirit man has to depart our body and go to spirit world. Is that one country or many countries? Only one country, one world.

Have you ever thought how do you spend your days in the spirit world? What do you do in the spirit world?

All fish must live in the water. They can not come up in the air, like us, and live. No. No fish can do that.

The big fish in the river, in the sweet water, must go all the way down the river to the salt water and come back. It must experience salt water. Why? Because God created it this way. This sweet water fish must go to the salt water and taste it or else it can not hatch eggs. Also, the big fish in the salt water has to come to where the sweet water is and taste that before they can hatch eggs. Likewise, they have to go through two worlds. Man, too, must go through the "mind-world" and the "body-world".

There is this black current going around the Pacific Ocean for 4,000 miles. When the fish get on it, in spite of themselves, they travel with the current. They are mixing up all the waters. So this current is mixing everybody up, making harmony there. And they visit all different parts of the world, or ocean and they live one life like that.

Why do birds migrate? Why don't they stay there all the time? The climate's perfect, but they have to eat worms in the warm climate--if it is a cold weather bird--before they can go back and hatch the eggs. Otherwise, the eggs can not reproduce. God made it that way.

The high level birds must always migrate. They must experience two worlds. This is also true for human beings.

Now the western civilization is on the decline. Instead, the Eastern civilization--or the Pacific civilization era--is coming up because you have to do like the above examples. Then the two civilizations will mix together.

It is historical that Father Moon is making religions migrate too; not just staying in one area, but experiencing two worlds--from east to west, west to east.

So what have you got to lose? You came here and found a lot of precious things. Put as much as you can in your bag of thought. Then evaluate that. And throw some old things of yours away and adopt to this or that. That's intelligent peoples' privilege. If you don't do that, then you are not even a man.

The traditional Korean clothing is like ceremonial clothing. It is very complicated. This western clothing is very, very practical. Everybody is now wearing this. It's practical.

So one thing to keep in mind is that the Grand Mufti studied from lofty thinking. Everything began from there. Father Moon should not try to evaluate in a low place; criticizing this, criticizing that. We should not do that.

Maybe we don't understand the deep thinking of the Grand Mufti and Father Moon, but deep thinking is very much there. We should ascend to that position and try to evaluate. Never evaluate from a low place.

The Grand Mufti prayed whether he should connect to Father Moon or not. After that, God said, "That's true. You have to make and combine into one." That's what God said to the Grand Mufti. And the same was said to Father Moon.

What do you know of Father Moon's capability of praying? It is Father Moon's utmost concern and goal to prevent the war between religions. After the border or political war, always religious war will follow. And since there is great danger of that, all through his life Father Moon was betting his life, trying to prevent that. It's not easy.

Take a look at the Muslim realm centering on the gulf issue. If Saddam Hussane comes in with a strong voice saying, "We are going to retaliate our former enemy, Christianity. Look. In the twelfth century we fought against the 'cross' army. This is our religious enemy." If he does that, then it is a great big trouble for the world.

In a way, now the Muslims are fighting each other, too. But somehow, if they all come to be united in a strange way, then humankind will experience real trouble.

In the face of danger which the world is facing now, the fact that the Grand Mufti's movement and Father Moon's teaching have joined together is really an amazing section of God's dispensation.

At this Cairo Conference, only two people, the Grand Mufti and Father Moon were the ones who initiated that conference. Now it is known to other communities of the Muslim world.

The conclusion is simple. It takes religious people and religion to promote peace, to make sure that peace comes. Nobody can really do that except these two people.

Father Moon wishes for you to understand this conclusion. Father Moon worked many, many years with great difficulty, then he came to one clear conclusion--religious people must get together and lead the world into peace or else peace is not guaranteed.

Later on, Father Moon will decide to send his disciples to you, for forty days, in order to better understand the Muslim doctrine. Would you accept us?

(Audience: "Yes!")

Then we should go beyond...

Your doctrine and my doctrine, let's compare. Not that. That's too small to even bother about. You wrap up everything we give you and we will wrap up everything which you give us and later examine it quietly and throw mine away and adopt this. Then a big museum of religion will come into being and be built. And whose religion played what role? That will be recorded and made final. That's what counts. In other words, one museum says 1990, so and so got together and made this movement possible. It's us who can do that.

So, it is not so much a discussion of doctrine. Your doctrine. My doctrine. No. No. We all understand that. Intelligent people understand that. We can go beyond that even. Because, if you fight more over that small thing, then the root will be destroyed. We don't want to do that. Root is far more important than that.

So each denomination would never let the other denomination come in, or other religions come in, and worship at the same place. But after Father Moon started the super denominational activity, in many and every way in the world, then for the first time in history they mingled with each other and had inter-religious worship.

When Muslim's successfully complete this, then there will be Buddhists coming here which will be even more surprising in the world history of religion. Then Hinduism will even come here to repeat the same pattern. When we look back, will we think, "Oh, the Muslims gave us the biggest trouble." We don't want to make that happen. Instead, when looking back we want to remember that the Muslims were the most understanding people. We want that kind of tradition to be set up.

So please, bring your big sheet in which you can wrap everything that you have gotten here.

There is nothing to lose by adopting other people's thought and idea. And with tears teach Muslim doctrine. That's what you'll be saying to him.

What if the Unification lecturer teaches Islam with shedding tears and teaches the heart of Islam to the people. Also, how wonderful it is if you represented the Unification Church and taking Unification Church's position, you teach everybody with tears. How wonderful it is.

This is an inevitable mission of all religions. Each should go beyond the boundary of other religions; migrating and coming back and forth; together, embracing each other, and teaching each other in tears. That's what religion has to do.

So please understand, if you have questions, then accumulate the questions, and at the end of forty days most of the questions will have been answered. Any remaining questions, please ask him them. Do you understand?

Always remember our heart is much more important than our theory or our doctrine. Doctrine is important, but not as much.

Medicine is always bitter. It is never sweet. But if you gulp it and never vomit, it will do wonders to your body. So, can you promise that you are going to swallow a lot of things that Father Moon mentions and other speakers mentions. Will you please promise that? Please, promise.

Thank you very much.

You want to know something very important, don't you? What is it which God needs? What is it which God needs? What is your guess? He has everything, but he needs something. What is it that he needs?

True Love. God needs True Love. Absolutely, God needs True Love--absolute True Love. God is absolute. True Love. Everybody doesn't understand that until now. Nobody understood that until now. But Father Moon knows that what God needs is True Love.

Today, there were many impressive scenes, such as a poetic discourse in praise and understanding of Father Moon's accomplishments. And the songs were impressive, too. Thank you very much.

As he listened, Father Moon thought and said to God, "I am your humble servant and they are like subject and object. This is a very, very good relationship, but was this placed in a True Love relationship?" That's the question. Is True Love accomplished between us and God? That's the question.

What is True Love then? True Love is that power in you which can make God's mind and body into complete unity. That is True Love.

What can make God's mind and body into perfect unity is never knowledge, is never material wealth, and is never even the power of political powers, but True Love. True Love alone, can bring God into peace.

Does Father Moon have love in himself? Yes he has. He has love in him. But he doesn't know where love is. He has love, but he doesn't know where it is.

We know all too well, love can not be done by individuals alone. He may have a big love, but he has to have somebody as an objective to give and take. Here the love comes. Never alone.

Once Father Moon had one petal of a flower and fell in love with it because it represented the whole creation of the universe. He recited a poem to it in praise of it because, however small that is, it is the objective. It's perfectly normal. But if he does not have that small thing, and tries to recite love in the thin air, then he's just a crazy person. He doesn't have an object.

When he says, "I will be willing to dedicate my life for your sake," just to a petal of a flower, it makes sense because it's symbolizing something and he's speaking to that object.

So in this perspective, Father Moon asked, "Do you know what God needs?" It is not a simple question. It is, but it is a historical question. Nobody asked for it and nobody had an answer to that. But Father Moon has the answer for the first time.

God is absolute so He can do love also in an absolute way. What is your guess? He doesn't need anybody to do love with, just Himself? He says, "I have self-contained love? Oh, I am happy?"

(Audience: "He needs somebody to reflect that love.)

That's true.

God has that tremendous love, but he can not do love alone. He needs to reflect that love back to Him.

Why did God create mankind in the beginning? Did God create man so that he needs religion all the time and who always must pray to God and can not do anything? Did God create man that way? Originally?

No. Originally, he created man to love.

Everything we see comes in male and female form. Everything. Even to the smallest insect. Even to the smallest mineral, too. And even though their level is all different from insects to humankind, from big animals to very small animals and millions of different levels of male and female exist, still, all have one thing in common--that is love.

They are in pairs.

We can not deny that God needs all things in creation. Starting from a small thing and going way up to the big being man, in order to get His love stimulated.

We can not deny that all things in creation, starting from a small thing in love relations and all the way up to God's own object--namely the big being man--God needed it to get His love stimulated.

Mankind consists of two things. Why is mankind born? Why is man born? Why is woman born? It is a very serious question.

The answer is so deceptively simple. Man is born for the sake of woman.

Man is always dominate and superior, but man is not created for another man's sake. They are born for the women's sake. A man sits here now, but when he was born did he already know that women existed?

When you say "man," already you have "woman" in mind. Or else man can not constitute. Like if we say "right," that means there is already "left" existing before the "right" existed. Otherwise, "right" has no meaning. When we say "right," already that means "left" exists. "Up," that means "down" is there. Say "man" and "woman" is already there.

So when God created man, he created him to be suitable for woman. And when he created woman, God created it suitable for man in every way.

For what do they need each other? For love. Then everybody will welcome this love.

There is no way of denying man and woman both came into being for the sake of love. God created everything for love.

So the first concept of man and woman, in God, is always love. Love is the core concept.

What for? For True Love. Once this True Love is achieved, what happens then? God comes down and lives there.

In order to occupy God, True Love is absolutely necessary. That is the highest ideal of man. Man's desire always seems to be endless. The man has a bigger thing, but he wants a bigger thing, then even bigger things. They say, "Oh, the man's desire is unlimited." No. This is wrong. Man's idea is limited. When they reach true perfection of love, he doesn't want anymore. He rests in peace there.

Why do you get married? Because you want to occupy true love. What happens if you have true love? Then you can come to occupy God.

God can come down to earth. Because you are living on earth and you are in love and marry, then God can come down.

What happens after that? What belongs to God also belongs to you. That is the end of your desire. At that time, you don't want anything more.

In this world of true love, if each family has true love, then do we still need religion? No. Why do we need religion?

It is very important to understand about True Love. What is it, True Love?

Here, in our society, marriage takes place. Also, here in Muslim society, you get married. Then is there any bridegroom man who wants his bride to be less than them, to be inferior to himself? Or do you always want your bride and spouse to be better than yourself? Which one? Worst? Or better?

(Audience: "Equal.")

We always yearn for somebody who is better than me. So, that's why. Because you want to go up. If your wife's love is higher than yours, you go that much higher up. And if you're higher than her, she goes that much higher. So, you always want higher love until you reach to God. That's why you need a spouse who is better than yourself.

Of course, we understand that point.

Also, is there anyone who wants your sons and daughters to be worse than you, inferior to you? Or do you want your sons and daughters to always be better than yourself? Always better. Isn't that right.

(Audience: "Right.")

Why do you want that? Who do you take after in thinking like that? From where does that kind of thinking come, "You want your wife, your children to be better than you?" It comes from the Original Being. The Absolute God is like that. We take after Him and have the same character. That is why we feel this.

The conclusion is, God also wants man to become better than Himself. Same theory.

So, if God puts 100% of Himself together and creates His son, then only 100% is existing. Same as Himself. It's not any better. Then what does God have to do?

God wants to put more than 100% in. 100%, 200%. That means 100% today, then another 100% tomorrow, and another 100% everyday. He wants to invest, devote that much for a son who is better than Himself. He wants to do that every time.

Every mother is like that. That's why children can never forget their mother's love. Mother does 100% for me and she forgets that and the next day does another 100%. She repeats that until she dies. So mother's love is so noble, so precious.

So, do everything you can to invest everything you've got into your object, then forget it and do it again. Forget it. Don't remember even. And serve once more. Love once more. Do that eternally. That is why we have eternal life.

What then is True Love? True Love is when you want to give everything which you have got for the sake of your spouse. For the sake of your object. Not only 100% of your investment, but also your life. Even your life! Love is more precious than life. So anything less than life, it's not True Love. Only if you devote your true life, then your True Love can come.

In that area, not only to your own spouse, but to strangers too, the concept of enemy can not exist.

This is how Father Moon lived his life. Starting from North Korea, he was persecuted, but he dedicated everything he had for their sake.

He was in jail in North Korea. In jail in Japan. He was terribly persecuted, but he never retaliated. He loved, he gave everything for that enemy.

And all the major work which Father Moon has done in America was done in Danbury Prison. The enemy put him into prison for nothing.

Prison had many sources of danger there. Father Moon's life was at stake. Even though, he never worried about that. He just dedicated and dedicated himself. He made the Washington Times, spending his own money, giving his own people. And not only that, he did hundreds of different projects for the sake of others.

So, many Americans silently know the greatness of Father Moon, what he did in prison.

We hear that in the Bible, too. In the Bible it says, "If you want to die for God's sake, then you will live. And if you want to live, you will die." What does that mean? It's very paradoxical.

Even at the verge of dying, if you love, then there is an explosive power of love flowing out, which can more than revive you. That is what the Bible is teaching us.

Say with all your might, "Love your Father thy God." And go beyond your life, beyond your character and beyond anything. Go over everything. What does that mean? That means that we have to love him even betting our neck. Even at the risk of our life, we have to love God.

Why does this principle always work? Because God is like that. If we do the same, there is no way we can decline. There is no way we can perish.

Unification Church members are always leading a difficult life. They do not have enough to eat, not enough time to take care of themselves, always are sacrificing. They always do principled work. Why? Because God is like that. So do that.

A true husband is like that. Even if he is sacrificing his own life, he has to love his wife. And his wife, too, must be dedicating her life, loving her husband absolutely. Also, the teacher loves the students even risking his own life, and parents love their children more than anything else.

With such dedication, if you live beyond your life, then mind and body will become one.

Our mind always sacrifices itself for the sake of the body. How much does the body really abuse the mind? How much does our body rebel against our mind? Our mind really went through a lot of trouble and torture from our body.

Therefore, true man is such a man where not only his mind sacrifices for the sake of the body, but his body sacrifices for the sake of mind. We have to bring ourselves up to that high level. If we do that, what happens? We are lifted up, incredibly. We are lifted up so much it seems like heaven. Really. Literally, heaven. That's the re-incarnation of love or the restored love. This is the resurrection of love.

So, when the teacher sacrifices himself for the sake of students, even at the risk of his life, and his parents are doing the same for their family members, and the leaders do the same for the followers, then such a family, such a school, such a society, will forever become a true one and prosper forever. It will only prosper.

Why does Father Moon take life so seriously? Because he's looking at spirit world. God is there in a high place. Everybody is doing this, trying to live this principle. Everywhere he looks in spirit world, they are all doing this. This is no mistake.

Therefore, if we do the same here on earth, we will be better off.

Strangely enough, when Father Moon looked at the highest community of spirit world, leaders of religion were not there. Go to the spirit world and see this with your own eyes and if this is wrong, then protest to Father Moon.

So, we're not going to make anybody use anybody. We want to raise others up. We want to love others. That is all that we religious people want to do.

The element of life, what sustains our life? In our mother's womb is water. Water sustains our life. Like the fish world, water is the life source; the element of life.

On this earth, air is the life source. No matter how famous somebody is, they can not live without air.

What is like water and air in the spirit world? In the spirit world the life element is True Love. True Love is the life breath. Do you understand?

That is True Love. If we don't practice it here on earth, then in heaven we can't live.

In the spirit world, there are no factories. We don't need food, clothing or houses to worry about. It is solved. It's there. If you want something, it comes into being. What do you need in spirit world? It's True Love.

Centering on God, combined with one, we can solve everything and anything. That is the essence of life in the spirit world--love. No mistake about that. Please keep this in your mind.

When the Muslims reach to this high point of doing everything for the sake of others and forgetting it, again doing everything for others and also forgetting it, and continue doing this even risking his own life for the sake of other people, other religions; then the whole world will come under Islam. And the world will come under you.

Then we become True Love incarnated. We don't have to think. Our body already knows which way we must go. So the only thing that we need to do is just go.

And when the compass magnet shows north and south, it doesn't need to think. Automatically, they point.

And likewise for man. We should not have to think. Automatically, we are going toward True Love. We are better than a compass magnet, after all.

So Father Moon, who is standing here, sitting here, living here, already knows where the world is going. Through what? Through true love. If he sees things through the eyes of True Love, he can see everything that goes on.

Where is the joining point of man's love and God's love? That's the question. Where?

Centering on what? What is the crucial center through which God's love, man's love becomes one?

Love always travels the shortest distance. Love is faster than lightening. That is why if you have a deep loving mind in the spirit world, you can see through, reach hundreds of thousands of miles--even millions of miles--just like that.

You understand that, don't you?

If there are two loving people meeting each other, they come to meet. They never do this (wandering). They come in a short line instead. They come and then go around each other.

So, the subject always keeps the axis and subject point. That's why the subject is necessary. That's why man is necessary. When man and woman begin to go around, it is man who has to keep the center.

So, when God is descending down to that point, since He travels the shortest distance also, then He takes the direct distance which is the vertical line. Understand? Only one vertical line and only one line. Not two. Absolutely, only one vertical line.

That's the short cut. Do you understand? Only one, not two. The settling place for True Love is only one. That's God's Love.

So this straight line can only become possible at a 90 degree angle, here. It's very precise.

The man on the east side, woman on the west side; when their love travels very fast, then they have a perfect horizontal line between themselves and God will come down a perfect vertical line. This is the meeting place.

The connecting place is 90 degrees. Only 90 degrees. Do you understand? Any other place and you can not connect with God and man. Only at the 90 degree place. Why?

This center point doesn't have room to lose. Because that center point does not incur loss, then it is efficient.

Image all that combination of the hemispheres: northern and southern, upper hemisphere and lower hemisphere; eastern hemisphere and western hemisphere, frontal hemisphere and rear hemisphere. And if you divide that into quarter hemispheres, and if you put this here and put that there, then it will fit anywhere. That is the nature of love.

The new clay of the universe is that very center there. Everything has to pass through that center. That center is True Love, the essence center. If we become like that, our mind and body, above and below, will become one without any loss. But because of the fall, then mankind is not achieving that.

So where does God's love and God's blood lineage, and human love and human lineage; where do these meet? We have to understand that.

Where does life meet life, love meet love, blood lineage meet blood lineage; within man and God? It meets in one physical part of man and woman. What is it? That is the reproductive organ of a human being. It was intended to be very holly, the holiest place. It was to be the connecting point of man and God. But because of the fall, it has really come down and become lowly. Human mankind fell. As a result of that we need religions and all those complications it involves. But if mankind did not fall, and Adam and Eve were perfected in love, then what would have happened?

If mankind did not fall, then Adam and Eve would have been perfect in love. Then what would have happened? God would be coming straight down in a vertical line.

God is like the parents of mind or in the mind's position. God is the parents to all creation, including mankind and Adam and Eve.

Likewise, Adam and Eve are in the horizontal body position. They are parents of the body.

So, if God is like the parents of mind, then Adam and Eve become the parents of the body.

And these two, Adam and Eve, would have True Love and reproduce only good offspring who do not need religion. These offsprings would not need restoration or recreation either. They wouldn't need that. This was God's original world.

Therefore, if mankind did not fall, then today our mind and body would never separate.

You may hate doctrine or theory, but please remember this one because this is so important. Without satisfying this principle, no matter what you are (because Father Moon knows the spirit world) you will never pass the test of God in the spirit world and you will have no place in the spirit world.

Before we can teach others, we ourselves need to learn first about God.

If I give and give and give, it sort of becomes a vacuum, then the high pressure will move right on me and supply me. I never run out of energy because of this. Give and give and more will come to me. And then I put in more, put in more; always ready to perish. Put in more. Put in more. Then we become wrapped up and up in a bigger portion of the mankind. God is helping this to happen. God helps us to do that.

All creation is waiting for somebody to give to them, give to them and give to them. We never practiced this much giving.

Our purpose in this human life is to take after God. We want to become like God. That is our purpose in our life. How do we become like that?

As a follower of Muhammad's doctrine, we don't want to be saved alone. We don't believe in Islam because we want to be saved.

If all Christians just want salvation and only believe in Jesus, that's wrong. Instead, we have to liberate Jesus who is in pain. We have to liberate Jesus. That is the purpose of Christianity.

How can we do that? And liberate God. How do we to do that? If we liberated the world, the suffering mankind, then we also liberate God. It's the same thing.

Only Father Moon knows this. Other people, leaders of religion don't know...(end of tape)

...and see if Father Moon is telling the wrong things.

Now the same conclusion applies to Muslims. Muhammad wanted to love, going beyond the Islam. Jesus also wanted to love and liberate, save and liberate, all mankind more than Christianity. So we must feel the same way. After all, we are followers. And Father Moon too. He is teaching and practicing the same thing. Father Moon never thinks, "Oh, you love me, so you do everything for me." No, he never says this. Instead, he says, "More than me, you should love your brother and your God for the sake of the world." That is the iron rule. There's no mistake about it.

How can you liberated your own religious leader? How can you liberate God's aching heart? That is the purpose of a religious man.

If you have this inspiring idea and put it into practice, the Muslim world will prosper. If you do not do that, rather just worrying about the Muslim world and worrying about yourself, then God can not work with you. That means Muslims will go down and down every year becoming more and more powerless and thus have less influence.

Already, the conclusion is clear. Both of us, all of us, must go to the same goal. It's not that, "Oh, the Unification Church needs help from you." No, no, no. We will help you if you go the same course as we go. We are all together, one. And by doing that we will reach to the same goal as God is hoping to accomplish through religion.

Father Moon has to go to Korea the day after tomorrow. By the time he returns, he probably will not be able to see you again. So while here, please have a fruitful stay in New York and America.

No doubt, the Grand Mufti will write a letter to Father Moon in Korea. Father Moon wishes he will receive an inspiring letter as a result of your having learned what God expects you to learn.

Father Moon wants very much that you accumulate a lot of material so that the next time we meet, we will be that much closer and have much more to talk about; with much more material to carry on our task.

Thank you very much.


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