The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


We Come Back To The World Historical Eden

Rev. Moon
Unofficial Notes

1. We are back to Eden. The original Eden just had Adam, Eve and the 3 archangels on the individual level with God. Now to indemnify this the world historical Eden is taking place with these being represented by nations.

2. The perfected Adam's world would have had

a)true eldership,
b)true parentship and
c)true kingship.

It would have all come into being centered on God's love. We would have been connected to God's life, love and lineage, along with God's tradition and Adam's civilization. This is absolute.

3. Because of the fall, Satan came into being. Fallen man came into being. And war came into being along with many boundaries between nations. The purpose of religion has been to prevent Satan from prevailing, to liberate fallen man and to lift the boundaries up and protect the people from Satan's culture.

4. This world is the Kingdom of Satan because the 4 major religions have not fulfilled their responsibility to destroy Satan. In one way or another they have contradicted each other or set their own boundaries. Unification Church and Father emerged, working hard to destroy these walls and digest their religions. Bringing together different denominations, broadening their thinking and lifting them up to another level. Religious unity is necessary for world peace. The International Federation of Peace has been working internally and externally to bring the Communist and Free worlds together peacefully.

5. Unification Church 's purpose is to bring the religious world and the outside world into oneness. When Father first came to America he was fiercely opposed by the religious world. But Abel has to digest and absorb it. So how does Father absorb it - by bringing down the wall between the outside realm and the religious world. Father had to make American presidents, like Reagan and Bush. America is starting to listen to Rev. Moon.

6. America has no other choice but to follow Rev. Moon. The time of elder sonship has arrived so Father has to proclaim True Parentship. Democracy is brotherism. Brothers fight each other until the parents emerge.

7. Everything has been lost in America except the individual. But this is not necessarily bad, the only thing America has to do is follow the parents. There is no military, technological or any solution to the ethical problem of the fall. We can only wait until it perishes or we can see the True Parentship,holding on to the new life,love & lineage- that powerful,absolute original base.

8. What is Father proclaiming in Korea? Restoration of True Kingship. Father has to unite North and South Korea. That is the last separation on the earth. Everybody knows no one can undertake it. Many people think Father is the only one who can do it.

Father is speaking directly with Kim Il Sung on an unknown channel. Kim Il Sung sees Father helping Russia and China and says why don't you help me. Kim Il Sung started with large foundation but is now alone. Father started alone but now has a worldwide foundation. 9. For seven years before the Soviet empire collapse, they studied Rev. Moon's ideology that was trying to destroy their's. They decided that this is the only theory that worked. They are sending 3,000 people to hear Divine Principle. Of the first 1,000 that came 90% are positive after hearing it.

10. There are many kinds of religions that even religious leaders don't understand. There is servant religion, adopted son religion, true son religion, mother religion, father religion and then True Parent's religion. It doesn't matter how long or how big the religion is. The central religion is always the master. All religions have something in common but they never realize which is the main religion.The spirit world understands this and come to Rev. Moon for his help automatically.

11. The Grand Mufti has been working for 40 years towards unity in his religion, he came to Father for training. However their lineage is a false one that needs to change to a true one by engrafting.

12. Satan's last weapon to destroy us is free sex. With that weapon the world has become like this.(with AIDS etc..) 13. When God created the world, he created it out of nothing. So according to God's blueprint we have to throw out our thoughts and become new and obedient. Therefore we should be just like a brand new baby having no concepts, we have to just love our parents. That's why Jesus said we had to love him more than anybody, he understood how difficult it would be.

14. In the individual, the mind goes to God's side and the flesh goes to Satan side. The mind has to mercilessly fight against the body through things like fasting to make the body weak. Hell is where the mind and body struggle. Originally the mind and body would come into unity automatically centered on God. No saint in the past has come to explain the crux of this problem. Now Father is the only one teaching what happened and what we should do.

15. Satan knew how to corrupt the free world, by saying there is no God. Both the Communist World and the Free World have lost their way. Father is the only one that can teach them to believe in God. Communism's advantage is they have a worldwide perspective.

16. All 4 major religions started in the Orient. The Orient has been prepared. If Jesus body wasn't crucified, then all the other religions would have come into one centered on Jesus. Then Rome would have been no problem. However, because Jesus body was lost he had to go West bound. If the Catholic Church had done well, they could have unified the whole world. They thought that the whole world should come under them instead of thinking that Christianity was for the whole world.

17. All cultural, economic and political power will come to rest in Japan and Korea. America doesn't like it but can't help it.

Father came to America because without it the Judeo-Christian foundation would be lacking.(or the formation and growth stages) Also Father had to fight against Communism in America and Japan.

Many countries tried to influence America in a bad way.

18. Father gave advice to Russia to take the same stand against Iraq as America. Russia, China and America are in the position of 3 archangels with Korea and Japan being in the Adam and Eve position. These 3 Archangels want to dominate Eve but Father intermarried many couples last year between Korea and Japan. Therefore the 6 original positions in the Garden of Eden has been restored with God, Adam, Eve and the 3 Archangels on the worldwide level.

19. The only thing left to do is bring unity between North and South Korea. Father is well on is way to completing that task.

After unity comes between North and South Korea, the Kingdom of Heaven will be accomplished on earth and in heaven. It will be the restoration and establishment of the Fatherland.

20. Many American staff members are participating in this activity in Korea. Also because many Americans participated in the overseas witnessing activity in conjunction with Father's activity, American doesn't have to perish.

21. After the speech, the Moslem leader of 34 million from Alexandria gave a short testimony about his faith and hope in Father. He gave Father a big hug and Father was very happy.


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