The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Individually Heaven And Man Will Join Together In Benevolence

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Sunday Morning Speech
Belvedere, NY - October 28, 1990
Translated by Col. Han
Unofficial Notes

Heaven and man will join together, in every sense; the symbolic Chinese character has a much deeper meaning. "Hap" Heaven is written with the symbol of two men. This represents husband or the whole of humanity. "Hap" under the universe, one mouth which means man. THe honest man never speaks with two tongues. The two men who join together in unity would not say two different things. The last Chinese character: two men + 14 (12 disciples, Jesus and God) + one + mind. So 14 minds unified in one mind. Each word represents the universe in the title of this morning address.

Which thinking, western or eastern, has the deeper thought? Western people represent horizontal way of thinking and emphasize equality. Oriental represent the vertical way of thinking, where there is only one vertical line. It is the destiny of the western civilizations that they must go around and around becoming bigger and must come back. But if you only insist on the horizontal way, you cannot gain the bigness as you go around. You cannot gain when you return. The western civilization must prosper by going around, but it cannot prosper in its own way. Material civilization by going around and around by themselves, gets smaller and smaller. But the vertical civilization can expand the spiral and get bigger and bigger as it goes around.

We see the result of today's civilization. The western civilization is oppressed by the fast-growing eastern civilization. Why? It is because this law is working, it is not a coincidence. The attitude of the western civilization should not be to try to stop this, but they should open up and embrace this way of thinking. Otherwise the younger generation will die. It is already rotten. These are not TF's words, this is just the way it is. We now have a glimpse of the oriental way of thinking. This has been developing for thousands of years, much before written history.

It may be a little difficult to understand now, but it is true that scholars are discovering that the original root of civilization is Korea. This includes the cultivation of the Yellow River and Manchurian civilizations. This is called the "tangee" or "eastern bow-shooter" race. Today Korea always wins the archery contests. "Tan" or "east" is always the first or number one direction. This Chinese character has the meaning for person, mouth and drawing the bow. It is not easy to study the Chinese characters, but unless you understand the oriental thinking you cannot win.

For example, in English you have only one word, "you." But in the orient there are at least a dozen names for "you.". The western civilization cannot endure, they don't have a deep root. Imagine, Chinese with its vast population of 1.4 billion, but have you ever heard them make a big noise. It is like a silent noise. Sure they fight, but at the same time there is a bigger peace-making effort behind this. The Western style, not a good style, they don't make up easily and remain enemies for ever and ever. Oriental members fight and make up quickly. In the West members just pack and leave. But in the orient members give the reason for their leaving and say that when it is corrected they will be back.

Father was the most serious thinker about the unity of east and west. The conclusion is that we must have international marriages. The western mind is narrow and focused, because it only thinks about itself. The oriental mind embraces a lot of people. At least they try. When you are happy, western people will shout out their joy, but the orientals express this through their eyes or the shape of their mouth. When an international western-oriental couple live together and then fight, who will run out of the house first? That explains a lot about the property of the western mind. TF is not denouncing the West, but you must know yourself. In the West people "get married," but in Korea it is called "going to one another." Who should go to whose house? Western to oriental or vice versa? I don't know! (laugher). If a few western people go an oriental society they don't mind. But a few orientals come to the western society and they are not tolerated. This is because the Western people are too individualistic.

You don't have to know the details, but must know the general direction in which history is moving. First was river civilization, then the Mediterranean civilization, then the Atlantic and Pacific civilizations and now it is Cosmic civilization. Until recently we were in the Atlantic civilization. In the Ancient civilizations they were river civilizations: like the Nile river and the Yellow river. Even the air currents are moving in this direction. Now we are in the Pacific civilization and moving into the Cosmic civilization. The Pacific ocean has a deep "black current," it goes around the world connecting all oceans.

The Pacific civilization must merge together and become one. Otherwise if a materialistic civilization continues, they will try to claim individual parts of the universe and fighting will just continue. We already know the universe is eminence and the solar system is just a speck, how can anyone claim the solar system for himself? This universe will say, "You're kidding." Neither Democracy nor Communism are adequate for this new age.

Does water have color? Does God have a color? But when they unite with other elements they can form a variety of colors. The surface is white, the next layer is yellow people and the core is dark, black people. It is difficult to tell what is in the black people. It is difficult to tell what is inside their thinking. TF predicts that black people must have patience to tolerate all the other civilizations. With this character you can tolerate and will prosper. In a tree the darkest part is the root, then the lighter color trunk, and then the lightest color. The blossoms bloom in the white part of the tree. The Western civilization is blossoming now, but if they don't bear the right fruit it will all be lost. Why don't they bear that fruit? Because they are not able to absorb the nutrients from the surrounding environment, because they are thinking only of themselves. We should have the food before we can bear fruit. This is just common sense.

Who will be the middle for the transition between the western and oriental civilizations? This is Unificationism. We are the bridge. TF is becoming more and more important and famous. This is a simple law, but only Rev. Moon can explain it so easily. Your attitude may be, "Oh another day at Belvedere, TF makes us get up so early and he always speaks about the same thing." Is this what you are thinking? There have been many history persons, but they never understood the direction where they were going. Think about this. Someone may be a double Harvard degree, they wouldn't have an inch of vertical knowledge. They have only horizontal knowledge. TF knows that one day people will pay $1,000 to buy a ticket to come to Belvedere. Each family will budget their money so they can come as often as possible.

If someone will pay $300 to each one in the audience do you think they will leave in the middle of a 3-hour sermon? And if you doze off and then disqualified, will you sleep? There has been no one like TF in the past history nor will there be anyone like him appear on earth in the future. Already one hour has passed, maybe I'll stop. NO or KNOW? TF can go on all day and still not have enough time.

Do you really know heaven exists? Heaven means you have heavenly nation (sovereignty) where God is the center and owner. Can we elect the center by democratic vote? No. Could you say, "Well God is not up to the level, let's change God." Can you say this? Can the messiah be chosen among the many colors of skin colors. Who decided? God. Who is God. He is the origin, origin, origin. The origin no one can touch. Can you touch the origin of your life? A child might say, "Okay I don't like my parents." But parents cannot deny their children. If you cannot deny your life, how can you deny your parents - the origin of your life? Hating parents but loving his own life is such a contradiction.

Who is the immediate origin of your life? Your parents. As long as we love our life, we should love our parents. If a woman loves her own life she should love her husband too. If we reflect, then are we in the position of unity between parents and children, between brothers and sisters? The answer is no, not even centered on the preciousness of life itself can we be unified! What about money, can this be the center of our unity? An American family has many check books, one for each pocket and they keep secret accounts so other members of the family don't know. So money cannot be the center of unity. There are a lot of insane people who try to make peace with money. How can you even think money will make peace? If this is crazy idea, then what percent of the American family are crazy? 100% Even more, because we must consider the future. The young people, if they are after the same rotten things, there is no hope.

What about power, can you make unity centered on power? Western civilizations like the duel. There is no way of reconciliation, one must live and the other die. If this same principle comes into a husband-wife relationship what will happen? This is already happening. In the American family, 70% breakup, one must move out or in other words one must die.

Think how much you have to save in case you and your spouse divide. Who will remain? In the animal kingdom, the female will wait until after the duel. But in the human race there is not one left after the duel. This is a real sad situation. Dueling is a concept from the western civilization. It started with blood. Blood and guns play a significant part of this civilization. Why? Because of guns thousands of lives are lost and there is nothing the government can do.

Tears in the Eastern civilization are like guns in the West. Why shed tears? Tears are an outcome of self-reflection, continuing to love what would be an enemy. In the orient, if you want to retaliate then you change your position, thinking about the other person position. In the heartistic world, can power play a part? No so much. What about knowledge? You may be a graduate from Harvard and advanced in life, but this may have nothing to do will love, because people will give up their pride and national well-being for personal gain.

The population will increase in the future. When billions and billions of people will one day live on earth, can we unify them with power, knowledge or money? In the outside world, westerners are not popular anymore. They say, "Yankee go home." Third world countries won't want to follow the American system. You have to think about this now. How can we solve this problem? Because of this real situation we have to know the solution. Which is more precious life, power, money or knowledge? Life! But in America this is not recognized. They manipulate life with money, power and knowledge. How can this happen in this most advance nation? The average American woman would sell herself very easily. Go to Atlantic City and Las Vegas and you can see this.

What should we value as important? Life, power, money or knowledge. The example is communism. They eradicated many, many lives, but today that system is gone. Also money cannot survive, neither can knowledge. Have you thought, "My life is most precious, I'm fit to be a king!" If you think this way then you wouldn't even envy a king. Do you realize your life is that precious? We have to take life more seriously then anything else and you should have the attitude, "Not even death can threaten my life." Knowledge, power and money; will you trade your life for these? You say, "No," but are you already living this kind of life, or will you live that way from now on? You must live this way, not only during your physical life, but for your eternal life.

Did you ever realize that your own life, is a cosmic miracle? Did you ever understand this? Not just miracle but a cosmic miracle. How do you feel? Good. Very, very, very good. Don't stop there, I'm born to be a woman or man! Which is more miraculous, to be a woman or a man? Who stands on the nearer side of life, man or woman? When a child comes running into the house does he cry. "Mommy," or "Daddy?" Will the man be happy? Why? If the husband would not feel happy, and feels jealous, what kind of family would this be? Why is there no jealously? Is it because he is handsome and superior? Why is he not upset? Yes because of love.

Have you ever seen love? Touched it? But we know from each and every cell of our body that love is absolutely necessary. Life alone cannot make harmony and unity. But love is always needed and will come into being. What kind of love? Original love is the love of God. Since life and love came from God, this was originally planted in the family of Adam and Eve. Next would be the fruit. This is the power of true love and it can never change, eternally. No power can change this. Man, woman, parents or children cannot change this type of love. Did the original love have this kind of love? No! Original love is unchangeable love. Do you need this original love? Yes.

Then we can ask, "Is life or love first?" What about God, love or life which is first? It is the same with us and with God. Not because of life, but because of love God came to exist. That vertical center of the true love is God himself. Do you follow? Who do you take after? Parents? But who is the original ancestor? God. Is God's mind and body in perfect unity. Centered on what? Life or love? Centered on love, so love is first. The highest level of minds have understood that life is important, but love is more important.

Assume you have love, but is this love based on the unity of your mind and body? You have love, but your mind and body are not in unity, then you can evaluate your own love; is this true love or false love? How can you solve the disunity between your body and mind? After the fall, mankind cannot solve this problem. The man who is ignorant of himself, should we kick him out or leave him there?

What kind of love is in the American society? Who made it? It is false love and Satan made it. There are things which happen that are unthinkable, free sex. Would you choose a woman who is good in free sex as your wife? No, forever you would say," No." This is a universal law. This is a logical conclusion.

Where is true love? Can you find it while your mind and body are separated? Do you love in this kind of situation? Who made it? Not God, Satan made it. But how can we clean up this? Who will do it? Where is true love? No matter how often you call for true love, will it come to you? The problem is "I," it is not even Satan. The problem is inside "myself." What is the topic this morning? Heaven and man will join together. Is this possible or impossible? Centered on what will they join together? True love. What is true love? You cannot talk of true love unless the body and mind are in perfect harmony. Where is the original stain of love. Me or my partner? Me!

Many saints have come to earth. But no one understood that the problem is the separation between mind and body. This is the fundamental problem, but no one ever understood. This is the one revolution which God wanted to bring to earth. Then man can be raised up to the highest place. A liberation is taking place, liberation from power, from money, from knowledge and even from life itself. Throwing away money, power and knowledge is not the question, but problem is how to obtain true love in ourselves. Is this likely? It is logical. For the sake of true love, we should be able to give up life, knowledge, power and money. When we are ready to give these up, then true love will move in. Do you clearly understand? Raise both hands.

True love is more precious then all these things put together. True love is that which we give and give. Giving for the sake of others, even giving his own life for others. Giving - then he forgets. But how can he forget? Because he wants to give him something bigger. When he gives something bigger, he forgets the smaller things he has already given. This is not a difficult thing to do. This is a mother's love. A mother does not keep a record book. Feeding the baby is sharing her life with the baby. She is only too happy to do this. Even fallen mothers are like this but we have to become much higher than this.

Those who are ready to do this in action, how wonderful true love is to choose such a person to be with. When true love becomes yours, how admirable you will be. After you attain true love, you can truly praise God. Then we should "mansai." God will shout "Mansai, I've found my son." How will God shout this? Not only with his hands or with the legs, but with the whole body too! I want to be the king of true love. God wanted this kind of throne. But can God crown himself? Only by the power of true love. Who is the true partner of God. You! True man and woman!! TF is hitting your heads together so you will not forget. Have our mind and body become one? No? This means you have never found the taste of true love. This is your homework, unite your mind and body.

A woman must become this type of person before she seeks her spouse. Dose this type of person exist? The person who is trying desperately to accomplish this, he needs the messiah. The messiah is the true olive tree. You must cut your neck, not your foot. This is grafting. Just cut it off and implant it with the true vine, becoming a baby Rev. Moon, a baby God, it is the same. Do you follow?

This is the purpose of history and no one ever knew this. This has been the eternal task, unsolved by all the saints and sages of history. First cut it off and then recreate, otherwise if the old is left intact, you will grow improperly. This is process of attending morning service.

The problem is "Me." It cannot be not solved even if you live in the ideal world. We have to solve our problem before we join the ideal world. Jesus said, "Do not cry for me, but for your own generation." He knew the basic problem had not been solved. Before you hope to dominate the universe, dominate yourself. This is TF original motto. Now you understand the value of true love. If you control yourself it is not a problem. When you know the value of true love then you can control yourself. Because of true love, TF can fish the universe, it will come at his command - including God himself.

True man and true woman united in this way would never separate. This is the unification, they stand in one place. [Draws on the board something which looks like taeguk flag] The eternal revolution of give and take action. Man's true love and woman's true love, including the duality of God - plus and minus. Starting from the smallest cell, upto man and woman, then family, society, nation and globe are the extension of true love and it goes up and up. Restoration is seeking one step above, going higher and higher until the cosmic level. Everything, centered on one mind and body can unify centered on true love.

Perfection of the individual, means the mind and body become one. The one who lives in true love will marry a spouse and give birth to children in true love. This will make a vertical extension to the society, nation and world. All places will be called heaven and man would come into perfect union. [Title for today's sermon]. Now we know why true love is so essential.

The upper sphere, the lower sphere, the right and left sphere, the front and rear semi-sphere. If you take any part, it fits into any other position perfectly, because the 90 degree angle is identical. Extend this in any direction and you will automatically have true love. Every person will have a vertical and horizontal interacting point. Then your mind and body are parallel. Otherwise you cannot make a 90 degree angle. All humankind becomes one body, centering on true love. Literally it is heaven and man coming into union. It is all connected into one. True love.

Nature shows the power of true love. Lightening - plus and minus, water ("fall down shower" in TF's English) and a big sound. Pigs make big noise, this is the same phenomena. Those who lead this kind of life on earth, will surely go to heaven in the spiritual world. We, the fallen descendant harbor sin, but now must jump into life. But without knowing this we can never reach the other side of the river. We are in a harbor of death and we must fly to a harbor of life. This will be mankind's homecoming. We will jump up to that place. Those who determine this, that they will definitely resolve to fulfill this, raise your hands. Beautiful hands!


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