The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Love's Official Formula Course And Heavenly Fate

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, NY - October 21, 1990
Translated by Mr. Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes

When you say fortune this indicates happiness. This particular fate is moving, not just stationary; it's the course of action. People living on earth have a tendency to think of things centering on themselves. Why am I born? We must think why the universe was created, before we think why we were born. When we think that God exist, and why the universe exists; these are more fundamental questions. What is happiness? What is my ending [of life]? We can come to the conclusion that we must know what true happiness is. People don't think about the fact that when we exist we will always have space and time surrounding us. Also there is air pressure, without which the flesh cannot exist. People tend to forget about the reality: day and night, the system, organization and structure of this world. These things exists for the nation before it exists for you. We have a tendency to connect that which is good to ourselves, and that which is bad we want it to be kept away from us.

There are various situations, but the most important question is, am I happy? And what is my happiness centered on? Myself, my family, my country? People may think that I am happy so I need money power, or fame or political power. People try to get more education to get rich, to get more money. What should my happiness be centered on? We can conclude, that there must be something which is absolutely needed to make me happy. No matter what I do or where I am what is it that is needed to make me happy? It should go beyond the time limit and would go beyond myself. You may say love, but to keep your life you need air. Between love and air which is more important? Image that between love and air; love says, "I'm needed more," but air says, "No, I'm needed more." God and man are spectators. Have you ever heard anyone say that because I don't have enough air, I'm almost dying? But million and millions of people have said that, because I don't have love I'm dying. Are you women happy or unhappy if you don't have love?

Which brings you more happiness; when you live because of love or when you die because of love? Which is more valuable? Are you a patriot if you die because of your patriotic devotion? Which is more valuable? The most important thing is dying. This is true. American women, are you ladies who seek for your life because of love or are you ready to give up your life for love? Why? When you are willing to sacrifice your life for the sake of love, then it means you are living for the sake of love. Otherwise you are selfish. The people who says I am willing to sacrifice my life for the sake love means that you are in the center of love. But the person who says I live because I need love, is just following love around, chasing love. In that position, when you sacrifice yourself, it is for the sake of others, not for yourself.

The entire universe is related centering on love. Isn't this true? We can conclude that love cannot be generated within people. Love must be generated from your partner. You may say that, "I have love myself." but this doesn't make sense. This is absolute, this universe was created in a pair system; a subject-object pair system consisting of the mineral world, plants, animals up to mankind. All levels of creation are so that they can fulfill love. Love is the center. Do you want the wholeness or partial love? Especially the American people. American people love by their finger, their nose and even by just sound. What about women? Are you trying to give your every ounce of love? Or are you tying to give love like a salesperson? When you treat love as sacrificial love, then love will bow down to you. But if you treat love like merchandise, then it will run away.

When you look at just one hair, it would say, "I was created for the purpose of love, to be totally intoxicated by it." Love has special characteristics. Even if it is plunged down to the bottom it can jump out. [TF draws a sign curve on the board.] When you add the plus and the minus it becomes one. This is the original formula and we must resemble this formula when practicing love. Look at the river, it is not just flowing straight, but there are many whirlpools. Even the movement of air isn't constant, it circulates, moving up and down. What connects the two sections? When it goes down there must be a power pushing it down. We need power to push it down, we need subject-power and object-power. The minus power is pulling it down, otherwise it cannot go up again. It must go down all the way, otherwise the up and down will be come smaller and smaller and will cease to exist.

The western way of calling someone is with the hand open, as if to say, "I want something." The eastern way is the palm down. The civilizations of the central history are moving from the west to the orient, whether you like it or not. The ocean there is a special current called the black current. It is a very fast current and gives the ocean life. The western and oriental civilization will be united. Civilization began around rivers, then ocean civilizations and now moving towards the Pacific civilization. Western culture is centered on material power. But the oriental culture is centered on spiritual power and giving power. Just like mind and body, the mind is always ready to sacrifice to give to the body. When the body doesn't respond to the mind it is finished. If the western civilization doesn't know how to return, then it will be totally destroyed by another civilization. Those who claim that, "Centering on mankind I will sacrifice myself," these people will dominate and lead the entire world.

Let's say a person is living in a family, and there is separation between children and parents, between mind and body, but that person says, "I love mankind." Heavenly fortune or fate would say, "I hate you, don't come close to me." If we consider that fate is like a man who can speak, then it must say this. Suppose this heavenly fate has desires, where would it want to run to? [This little man says something, but everyone else doesn't show any expression. (referring to what someone from the audience replied.)]

If there is something you really like, then American people really want to go after this. What about love? Do you want to choose #1 or #10 love? The outside world is not even #10, not even numbered. This is not even called love. This manipulates and abuses love and will lead to death. We must know this. If you hate your brother, your husband or wife, that family will die and go to hell. What is the official course or formula of love? Is there such a course? Is the American way the official way of love? What do you call it? If there is heavenly fate, would this exist to protect the official course of love or something unprincipled? If anything is not the official course of love heavenly fate will not stay with this. As long as you have the official course of love, this parallels heavenly fate and heavenly fate will protect you.

Let's study the official way or course of love. Do universities teach this? Christian ministers? Universities and churches do not have real happiness. With heavenly fate we will have real happiness and good fortune. Where is heavenly fate, how far is it from you? It is like air, heavenly fate will be always with you if you practice heavenly love. Just like the planet earth is filled with air, if you practice heavenly love the heavenly fate will always be with you. Suppose you have to pay for the air you breath. Is the price the same everywhere? Do you have money to buy this? Which is more valuable a bowl of rice or the air you breath? Do you think about the air you breath and constantly say, "Thank you air, thank you air"? Your body is nourished by the essential elements of nature, plants and animals. Do you give thanks for these things? Is this expensive or not? What about water? Three-fourths of your body is water. What if there is only one cup of water left in the world. Usually we take water for granted. If you have a little water on your mouth, you just spit it out without thinking. What about light? Light is the source of life. In the morning when you see the sunrise do you appreciate light? How much would you pay for these things? Would these things want to exist for money?

The most essential things of life - air, water and light - they are actually free. We are indebted to these things. What should our attitude be? We have to bow down to these things. I've been taking this attitude all my lifetime. What about you? If heavenly fate watches you boasting, it would say, "I don't like you." But when you say, "Thank you air, thank you water, thank you light, I will pay you back." But with what will you pay back your debt? True Love! That is the essence of true love. As long as you have true love, everything is okay. The entire universe will say, "Thank you." As long as true love is with you, you just say, "Thank..." and the universe will complete the sentence, saying, "You." True love is the essence of happiness and the key factor in paying back your debt to nature. Wherever you go you see water. You should think that water is my closest friend, it is connected to my life. Just as I love my body, I must love air, water and light. When you have this humble attitude then light, water and air will be proud of being what they are. They will say, "Amen." A MAN.. number one man.

Everywhere you go you will be welcome. How happy is this person? You must pay your debt back. Can you say that everyone must follow your way. If TF says that heavenly fate always brings the best quality of air, water and light; is this true? Heavenly fate moves and tries to find the person who is centered on true love. You cannot bury heavenly fate, you should make it bigger and bigger. This is why the saints and sages might have lived very miserable but then history recognizes them and makes them heros. This is heavenly fate. TF has been living this way of life. He has received the most persecution in history.

Nature has much power; hurricanes have winds that are hundreds of miles an hour; water becomes a mighty flood. We usually don't think about it do we? But the entire great power of air, water and light are existing to protect us. We are the luckiest, don't you feel that? We know that.

When we talk about paying back our debt, this is the same with people: the white, black and yellow races. Originally there was only one race. Why are there different races? Because of the climate. Look at the polar bear, what was his original color. White people may say white. The white color came because he lives in the north pole and needs this color to survive. When you are in the tropics, you seek for shade. Therefore to protect yourself, you become black. The yellow race can adjust to any place. This is the area where people do the most farming. Animals always go to the place where they can get water and food. The Asian continent has over 3 billion people. If there is a fight among mankind, the Asians will win. But what if they had the western attitude.

The American people don't like to go down. Recently Insight magazine did an article on the Japanese living in Hawaii. You may not like the sun to set, but it is bound to set. Creatures who live at night may not like the sun to rise, but it is bound to rise. Communism existed at night, but now everything open. As soon as the daylight comes, Communism is exposed. Practicing love is not limited by day or by night. TF is training the you in love which can exist during the day or at night. We are welcomed day or night. TF had much persecution during the night, but TF continued covering the 50 states. Soon everyone will recognize this and say, "Welcome Rev. Moon." At Deer Park, one woman opposed us all the time. She finally fled the town because she couldn't stay. This is due to heavenly fate. You don't need any more explanation, do you?

The golden hair is the polar bear color. But bears don't have color discrimination. Suppose a black bear, and brown bear point at the polar bear, poor polar bear he cannot leave his place. Polar bears are the white people. One race cannot call another race the wrong race. Birds have the same principle. Magpies in Alaska have a little different song than the magpies in Korea. But the living style is the same. If the white race always wants to be on top, then they would just keep going and then would be lost in space. Once you go up, you must come down. The minus position should then become plus.

Look at the ocean, it constantly moves but there is no change. The ocean water doesn't get tired. This is the formula to keep your life going. The origin of the white race is pirates. They would plunder and kill. In the history of the white race, there is always bloodshed, so it is called the hunting race. You need this at the time of the offering. But this time will pass and you don't need this in the ideal world, we don't need bloodshed. This is the universal law. The entire world has been putting the UC down, but this doesn't matter. Rev. Moon is coming up now and they cannot stop it. This is possible because of heavenly fate, TF loves heavenly fate. Heavenly fate is pushing TF to be the top of he universe - then it will come. Rev. Moon is too smart, he knows this heavenly law and just kept marching. How wonderful Rev. Moon is!

Some people could be upset with what TF is saying, but there is a love atmosphere surrounding this. You can overcome everything with true love. TF being here at Belvedere makes you happy? Why? If you feel the atmosphere of true love, then your body which is filled with air and water is very happy. People in Korea miss TF, because of true love. This is a natural phenomenon.

Your hair is the fruit of true love. It represents so many different ancestors. The persons who have longer ancestors can be prouder. A big tree is prouder than a small tree, it has more branches and covers more area. Look at the races, the one with a bigger history and more ancestors will eventually lead the world. The Korean race was the origin of the Chinese people; this goes back 7,000 years. Koreans invented the original Chinese characters. A tree has many branches and leaves, but there is one trunk going up to the top. If there is only one fruit on the top of the tree, the farmer will take this fruit for reseeding. You choose the fruit from the top of the tree for reseeding, not the ones lower down.

Kim Il Sung is a very controversial figure, the USA, Japan, China and Soviet Union don't want to get involved. Both Kim Il Sung and Rev. Moon are called Father, but you cannot have two fathers. One must be false. One tries to dominate and control with power and strength, but the other one practices true love. Satan hits first, God's side is hit but it will eventually win. "Unification of My Country," is the motto of this year. Your family wants unification, your mind and body wants unification. This is a central concept, everything wants unity. We must question ourselves about the official course of love and heavenly fate. Do you live with everything centered upon yourself or practice heavenly love? Ask yourself, your body, your mind will say ,"I want to unify you." But how can it ? No matter how much you want unity in your family or world, it must start within you. The most important thing is how can you unify yourself.

Am I totally unified centered on true love? There have been so many saints and sages teaching mankind, but no one has been teaching about true love, or about unity of mind of body. TF came up with this. Only because of myself, heaven or hell will be created. Originally there was only one way; mind is right side, body is left side. If you follow your body there will be two different ways. There are two possible ways to see, to sleep, to eat... There is always a right and wrong direction. Cut out the wrong way. Religions teach that us to beat our bodies because body tries to stand in the plus position, therefore it should be beaten. Within us we have Satan's love, life and lineage, but we must receive God's love, life and lineage. Do you understand? We need True Parents - the true love root, otherwise there is no hope. This is the most difficult and important thing. The person who wants to live will die, but he who wants to die will live. Complete change, go the contra way.

True love begins from the deepest, deepest place. What is it's origin? God. "God" in Korean means hat, but a hat always goes on the head, so there is a similar meaning. How did the universe start. Have you seen God? How did God exist? What about yourself? You represent the essence of every possible recourse in the universe. Why does everything have different sexes? What for? Because of love. No matter how pretty a woman is, she needs a man to be complete. No matter how handsome a man is, or how great he is, he needs a mother.

Horizontal and vertical and one more line -> complete circle. Man comes down from above, should the woman take it or resist? She should stay in the position where she can receive, this the reason for her shape. This is the natural way. This is the up and down movement, just like when you walk. American women must know this. We need men and women both in order to have up and down movement. The horizontal line actually doesn't exist, it is just the starting point, from which you have plus and minus. The distance between them is exactly the same. Unity is formed when you take the plus and it becomes minus. By what power? True love. You can do this only by totally denying yourself, complete surrender. If you deny yourself more quickly, you will be able to take the other position. Until you deny yourself completely you cannot experience true love. This is not Rev. Moon's principle it is a universal law. Once this form is complete, then you have the power to continue, the power of living for others. Ideal love is living for others, no one can deny this.

When you give yourself up totally, then you can have unity. This principle must work on all levels: the family, society, nation and world. Have American women said, "I was born for the sake of my husband so I will follow him for eternity." Where is such a women?

Why do you feel pain when you are sick? The doctor says you feel pain because you are sick. But they don't know where the pain comes from. The universe is supposed to protect those who are living by heavenly order. This is the purpose of heavenly fate. Pain exists because you are not unifying the subject-object. Those who violate the heavenly law, the universe is making the pain.

When you lose your lover, you feel pain. Because you broke the universal principle. You flunked. Do you understand? Do you need your partner? Yes. Your eyes have to be focused to see, your mouth, your hands... your mind and body have to be focused to be united. You must completely empty yourself to be focused. This is God's position. True love never exists for the sake of itself.

Why is there division and union; because of power, strength, money? Of course they exist because of true original love. Why did God start to exist and how? By true love. Originally one small seed. In that seed of love, through give and take action it gradually formed God. Just as we started from a small seed from our parents, it gradually developed and we exist. This is the same for God. God was made from one single love-cell and then expanded. It's the same as you. When we look at mankind there are two: man and woman. God is the same. When you have the origin, division and union, the union is a new origin and this is the way things multiply. God is in the center, as origin, but then division and union. This is happening in all directions. God stays at the center. The center point of all the new origins is God. Do you know how the multiplication of cells occurs? This is how it works for God too. God stands in the center and expands his true love. We represent a single cell of His true love. The quality of true love is the same for every cell. Subject- object cannot take forever. You want to become a famous person? Why? Because this is from God, but it must be fulfilled with God.

Below the horizontal line represents children. It is the way you divide, there is always plus and minus sections. Things are high and low, wide and narrow, and long and short. If you want to live long, then you should go through short periods of intense suffering. If you want to hold a long like straight line, you have to exert your strength. We have a tendency to go after the best, the longest, the biggest but ultimately we have to be balanced. If you are the President of the US you have to live a humble live. A big ocean needs the small streams. The sacrificial way means you take the lowest position, then in the future you will prosper - you are guaranteed to reach the top. The goal of the UC is the highest position, therefore TF pushes you down. Why? So that it will be balanced. This is a natural way. Even in prison, TF had a small cell, but he didn't care. It was like a hut, the most humble place. Even in the prison cell TF determined to keep a balancing line. Heavenly fate works fairly. If you and your generation are suffering, then your coming generations will live in a better way. It is always fair. TF represents the first generation of the unification race. Once you inherit his persecution you will inherit his fate. TF has worked the hardest and received the most persecution, even for the unification of Korea. He has been working through USSR and China. Now he is reaching the balancing position. Centering on true love, TF is in the highest, but to save this world he goes all the way down to the bottom. The two sections above the horizontal line can fill the curve below the horizontal line. If you try to stay in the high position, TF will have to go down and suffer. At the time of the fall, God had to come all the way down to fill the gap.

American history: the sacrifice and devotion of the founding fathers is the reason America is now at the top of the world. But can this be maintained? The white race destroyed the American Indians, how can you compensate for this? The reason American is still growing, even though they caused so much suffering to the American Indians, is because the pilgrims crossed the ocean to build a nation. The American Indians were only centering on their tribe or family. this is why God allowed this injustice to happen. But once they reached the top, they must now go down and give everything for the sake of the world. At least 60,000 people die from starvation every day in the world. Who worries about this? God worries about this. American's live in too much luxury.

The Bush administration, the CIA, they may not like it but Rev. Moon knows what will happen in the future. Why? Heavenly fate, this is the formula way. This is the natural way, all people will eventually become one. The official formula course is true love. It should be able to take any position, all the way to the bottom and all the way to the top. We are born from love, by love and with love, for the purpose of love. By love, from love and to love. When you were born, your Father's and Mother's love were united. Where? In the deepest place of their love, in you Mother's womb. And it started with water. The entire universe started with water. This was a life and death situation. So narrow, so difficult a place to be born. But because it is the most difficult place to be born, then your life will have good heavenly fate. When a woman is pregnant then her concentration goes to the baby, thinking, "My husband's seed is growing in my womb." This is the formula way of thinking. The woman should think, "I am like God creating new life. I am a small universe." How happy is this position. This is true. "There is a small God in my womb," this is the way the women should think. When you give birth you experience God's Hyung Sang and Sung Sang. Why do we need the husband and wife? God does not stay at the top, he is at the center. God comes to the center. God stays at the central point of the four position foundation. Then all the distances are the same from God.

If you climb a rugged mountain, should a woman lead? But in America the woman always leads. Man should enter the car first, then women, we have to correct this. When a woman is on top this is a crime - it is opposite way. If you have a bowl, it is wrong to have it upside down. If you make love this way, you may be able to have daughters but not sons. Even if the wife doesn't like it the husband should be able to go and touch his wife. If the husband touches you strong, you may not like it but you must like it. This is the ideal kind of woman. Try this kind of love. Love should be able to reach the highest and the lowest place. This is the balance of love. Therefore persecution is not a bad thing. TF knew this principle a long time ago. This is why he could come through all the rotten period and come out on top. TF's life can turn around at any possible place. He can subjugate the lowest hell and the highest heaven. Love between husband and wife means seeding God. You are creating a small God. Do you understand?

We are born by love, from God we live centering on love and create children by love and live centering on love, returning love to God. When we practice true love, we become the eternal object in front of the eternal subject, God. We become objects and begin from God and return to God. This is why true love is great. It is the only thing which can create God's object. This is the basis for understanding Jesus who said God is in me and I in him. Our grandparents are in the position of God. From your parents, you are in the position of division, you must therefore become united to create a new union. You may separate yourself from your spouse but you can never separate from your Parents. How can you deny your parents? Your life is from theirs. In one family, grandparents, parents and children take the position of origin, division and union. Grand children should be united to Grandparents, returning love to them. This is the vertical axis of true love. Grandparents should not be sent to retirement homes. Americans shake hands the horizontal way, but in the oriental way they bow, this is the vertical way. Who made this kind of law?

Wives: are you willing to serve your in-laws? If you are, then heavenly fate will protect you. Your body and mind become united as a minus and then God is the big plus. Only true love can do this. A woman was born for the sake of man, not for her own sake. Man and woman together for the sake of God, then you can make peaceful families, society, nations and world. Do you understand? We were born through love, raised up in love, give love to our children and ultimately return to love. When we clearly understand this principle we don't need church leaders to guide our lives, or even TF to guide our life. This is the formula, it is the guide for your life. Understanding itself, is not enough to fulfill the purpose of life, you need action.

The month of October is the month of liberation. Number 10 is the month, number 21 is the day and this is the 3rd week. All this belongs to God. This is the reason TF gave this title this morning. Because of love we eat and work. Who doesn't like this. Those who favor homosexuality raise your hands. Women who want to be ahead of men raise your hands. Man and woman are equal only in true love. Centering on love makes everything equal. Do you understand? Man's responsibility is to create this world. Then he calls woman to come in. In the animal world, males fight for the position. Females wait to see who is the winner. They need a strong seed from the male. Women too should wait. Animals mate just once a year, but humans make love more than any other creature, this is why they are the supreme being. There is one animal which makes love only once in 8 years, then dies. We can praise love for eternity. Does anyone want two mothers and two fathers? The fruit of love should be one, not divided. Try to have two husbands. It is very painful There is no set direction and you will go crazy. There should be one couple and one set of children. This is the practice America absolutely needs.


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