The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


The Boarder Line Where I Am Needed

Sunday Service at Belvedere
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
September 9, 1990
Translator: Col. Han
Unofficial Notes

All people think of themselves as very important. But if you are allowed to trade yourself, what would you trade yourself for? What am I worth?

Some people spend all day in their job. What do you exchange this for? Money. With money you can buy things to eat, to wear and homes. You can buy and sell things that we can see. But you cannot buy things that you cannot see with money. Do you sell you mind? Or sell your body? Can you buy love?

To make money, it depends on just investing you body, right? Or, should you invest your mind and body? Or, should you invest your body, your mind and your love. There are different ways of getting money. Would the employer just like you to put your body into service? Is this enough? Or should your mind and body be given? It's not enough. It should be your mind, your body and your love - everything! The employer's expectation is that it is not just mind-service, or body-service but he would also want love-service. All people work this way.

Should you put everything into their work? Or those who just put in your mind and body? What is the difference in the quality of his life at the end? Everyone has their own personal life, family life, community life, world life and cosmic life. Then that kind of person goes to the forever-life. In forever life, what kind of person will you be? One who centers on himself, or one who lives for the sake of others? A person who lives for Forever-life would respond that not only for the sake of others, but for the whole of creation too.

If the same question is asked to you, what kind of person would you lie to be with? Do you like to be with others who live for themselves? What about God? American and Japanese are enemies and their ideas are different. But they would answer the same. Everyone like people who live for others. This is the substantial way to overcome your enemies. The one who lives by body along will be an enemy to many people. The one who lives by mind and body will be a better person. But the one who lives with love can overcome both mind and body. What would you chose? Body? Mind and body? Or love?

When we live by conscience there can be differences. But living by love there is no difference because love can go over the conscience. To move your enemy, the mind alone cannot do his. But with love you can do this. This is the great power of love.

What is a true man? If your body goes in one direction, your mind in another and your love still in a third direction, are you a true person? Picture the body as being very big while your conscience is like a small tail. Or both are very big.

The swindler is an extreme example of a person who only lives for the body, but to what extent are we like that? Can you conscientiously say you are a righteous man? There is no worst swindle than the one who cheats his own conscience and ruins love. Have you thought of this seriously?

The one who swindles by body, that's bad enough. But the one who swindles his conscience is worse. But the one who swindles his love is the worst. As long as no one asks you any question about your sin, it doesn't matter. You don't feel any problem. But when someone asks about this than how do we feel? Guilty? Shame or afraid? Or you don't care at all? The mind and body should be together centered on love. We may go unnoticed by others, but the universe always notices. The universe knows the fate, heavenly fate. Can you live without air? Air is everywhere, but when a person does an evil act the air will not want to be with him. Sometimes before you commit a very bad act the body shivers, because everything in creation knows (even if nobody says).

What is the borderline? In what way am I needed? Who am I? What kind of person is someone who is needed? What kind of a person would you like to be? A woman would like to represent all women, the would even like to represent God. Does God have mind and body? How do you know? We know through DP that we are the Second Cause and it must be the same with God.

[Drawing two pair of three concentric circles: one represented body, mind and love at the center, the other represented love, mind and body at the center.] Would love go around and show itself off? No. The deeper you go in, the smaller it becomes. Even though it is small it represents all directions. Would God represent all or only a small part? True love is in the deepest part of God.

Western women they smile and laugh, with everything outside. But oriental women smile with their eyes, then their mouth but never show it outside. Which is more enduring, the oriental way or the western way. After you are married you will know your spouse after 3 years at least and after having children. Oriental marriages will last longer and be better.

Would you like to have only body to body relationship, or body-mind relationships. Or love-mind relationships which finally bring in the body? It takes time to reach to the inner core of love. Where is your body, your mind and your love? Are they united or separated? This is a serious question. Are husbands faithful only in body, or faithful in mind and body, or faithful in body, mind and love? This is a serious question! The Genuine shape of a person should be faithful in all three areas. Then we can see a true man. What is our conclusion. The mind and body should be united together forever, or only 70% united or only 30% united?

Are you confident, or hopeless? Should you be put in the furnace again? Be frank and candid. Are you closer to being a true man, or are you like a scare crow. Scare crow is better because it stands only in one place and cannot do evil. But fallen man can move and does much evil.

Am I needed, both in society and by others? The line on which I'm needed is the center of love. Originally we thought we were good, but by this standard we realize we are false. Woman must be recognized by the universe before she can have her ideal spouse. She must become a love-centered person. Only when we are like this are we qualified to eat things of creation. Even vegetables want to escape and are afraid of being eaten by fallen man. How serious then is committing a sin! But when a true man comes, all things rejoice and like to be eaten by him. The food chain goes up and up and eventually reaches God. Then all things have something in common with man - love, mind & body. All things want to become a cell of God, because everything started from love, but there is no way they can do this by themselves. But by becoming a part of man they can come to God. Therefore the man must be a person of love otherwise things won't match. You may not have thought like this before but it is true.

Then man will come to God and say, "Come eat me." How high are these ideas? This is the principle of the universe. Make yourself available to be eaten by a higher being. When we become a part of God, God cannot get rid of us. Does God need to eat? Everything eats something. Does God have a mouth & teeth? What is the food for God? Love? God would answer yes. Do you like love? "Yes" God would reply.

If I become available to be eaten by God, how can he separate from me? In cell reproduction a duplicate of the original cell is produced. How would it be identified? As God's cell or as my cell? It is Gods cell but who does it represent?

When we eat vegetables, how does the body recognize it as a vegetable or meat cell? This is the same with God and man. The perspective that in creation higher animals gain by eating lower animals is shattered to pieces. The stronger eat weaker but the end is not man, the ultimately want to return to God. Then we know how the whole principle works. Would you like to be God's foot cell or eye cell? God's heart cell is in the deepest and most important place. This is why and how Jesus taught us to be like a lamb, humble and obedient to God. If the lamb is killed by the master and the lamb is worried that the knife would be stained. The lamb worries about the person who is killing him rather than about himself.

But christians don't have this kind of idea. They're peddling Jesus and stealing what was originally God's. We can see they will perish. If this continues then there is no justice. America church or even Americans themselves? Are they standing on this principle. They killed the Indian but said they died by a plague. We have to solve things one by one, Rev. Moon teaches this so that we don't do it again. Rev. Moon has been teaching this by love, not power or money. We have a clear determination and viewpoint. We must know that the problem is me, that this is the problem.

Would you like a borderline or not? We all have that borderline. Country, walls and all kinds of barriers. Who made these? How can we liberate ourselves? Not by power but only by love. Are we grafted into true love? Yes! if so then when we blossom and flower and bear fruit. This is true love. For billions and zillions of years your sons and daughters, the universe, and God will love you for ever.

What is true love, have you seen or heard it? TF is speaking truth but people don't follow. True Father's words are so tasty you are afraid you might swallow your own tongue. To get into God's mouth, you must become small true love bait of God, (i.e humble).

If tree is big, then root is big. OR do I have to become big so that the roots and branches big? The first is correct. This is the principle. American concept is individualism.

TF is making us as strong as he can. TF may suffer court cases on earth, but in the spirit world he will be welcomed a million times over. Then people will learn by themselves. Smart, sharp - not dull - this is the way TF does things.

People who persecuted him come around. Rev. Moon is the most persecuted man in life. More than 100 times anyone else. Rev. Moon is the number one persecuted person. He was persecuted --- and withstood it. When you go to the spiritual world, would you poke him and say "Yes this is Rev. Moon?" Or would you bow down and cry? Is it real or false? Because it was real on earth, then it is true in spirit world. Bowing to TP on earth or bowing in heaven. On earth it is much more valuable.

From God's point of view and spirit world's view, how much is Rev. Moon worth? The outside world persecuted but him, but True Father survived.

American absolutely needs TF, but the person who said this didn't sound so humble. He doesn't sound like a true man. True Father took one culture group, the Kirov ballet from Russia, uprooted it and planted it in Wash. DC. He is doing the same with the media, the cable TV center.

Rev. Moon is also working with scholastic, media, economic, culture, diplomatic and science world. True Father didn't follow them, they followed him. You have to make them follow you! If it weren't for True Father, Bush would not be president. Who can push Bush? Only Rev. Moon. [laughs] CIA hears this and they remain silent because it is true. TF gave guidance for middle east, also to Gorbachav. TF wrote a long letter to Gorbachev explaining what he should do and how he can participate. The real Americans, do they need Rev. Moon.

The Wash Time reporters are not humble. They heard Father proclaim at the AWR about True Parents. They couldn't deny this and applauded. They said Rev. Moon was right. If you look at Buddha, Mohammed, Confucious and Jesus, put all their work together, it is only 10% of Rev. Moon's accomplishments.

This is true reality, I do not need to boast. Koreans were observing things like a "frog in a well," but now they can see the many world projects of Rev. Moon.

True Father should get a private jumbo jet and show the leaders of the world what he has done. They will be flabbergasted. The presidents of all countries should see this. IBM will be destroyed, by our revolutionary concept in computers in Japan. We have established the pinnacle of German technology. Also the highest religious harmony. In the field of thought and economy too.

Global Economic Assistance Institute was established to take care of the debt in Latin America. I have already established the right needle and thread, and am pulling the beads together. Once you have true love imbedded then they will fulfill that responsibility.

The borderline which TF needs is increasing. But Dr. Hendricks and Bush are going in the opposite direction. What Rev. Moon has done will never be forgotten. These things may be considered boastful, but unless they are true, can Rev. Moon say this?

The 80 leaders of the WT, Insight, W&I, and the cable network heard True Father speak to them. These accomplishments were made during periods of persecution. Who did this? God and Rev. Moon.

England still denies Rev. Moon but are they going up or down? Do they need Rev. Moon. Why? This is not what Rev. Moon thinks but what God thinks. If you are not capable to ask, then believe and obey. If something is true, you don't need an explanation.

Where is the borderline of where Rev. Moon is needed? Just the northern or southern people? What about spirit world? In spirit world we need the palace of love. Who will make this? God or spirit man? It will be made by True parents.

If True Father declares that we should build a palace of true love the whole spirit world moves. What if Bush, Gorbachav speaks or Adam Smith (his idea ruined America - pragmatism). What is true love? The essence of true love, 1. Altruism, living for the sake of others, opposite to egoism and opposite to the interest system of banking, 2. True love thought 3, Eternal life.

With altruism can the American Indian say "Wipe WASP", i.e. down with white people. No. With True love thought, unless we invest beyond our life, there is no such thing as true. True Father went beyond his life here in America. Unless it is initiated by true love,then there is no eternal life. Your life comes from the linage of satan. The whole existence belongs to satan. You have love, but that too belongs to satan. The Bible teach do it with all your heart, soul & mind. This means to go beyond your own life in your love for Jesus. This is the first commandment. The second is to love your neighbor, which means to go beyond your life in love. Unless you do this you cannot subjugate satan's love, satan's life and his lineage. Satan knows we are still connected to him.

We all want to live eternally. Take an everyday situation, does anyone like to be reminded of the connected to the spouse's old love. She doesn't even want to see the belongings of that former love. Where did you get that way of thinking? From God. God also doesn't even want to see anything from that old love.

Altruism is the essence of True Father's speaking. Women exist for the sake of men, and men for women. This is altruism. We are born like this for the sake of true love. Unless there is true love between the spouses, we cannot occupy God. Who is the one to sacrifice most? But he is not sacrificing really, because he will be the center of that family. And if someone lives for others, they will be the center. The universe lasts forever, so we can live for others forever, true love can exist forever.

Jesus said those who are willing to die will live. You must be willing to jump over to the true love side -- at the risk of your life. Otherwise you cannot find true love. There are three layers of hell and of heaven. You will know this in the spiritual world.

The State Department thought Rev. Moon would not return to America, that's why they issued the indictment while he was in Korea. Now judges, juries and the legal systems will question why Rev. Moon was put in prison.

Korean leaders: Why are you hear? For your sake, Korea, America? If you came for the sake of America, then American law cannot dominate over them. To unite the world, we much change from egoism to altruism. Homosexuals: if everybody became this then the human race cannot exist. The human race will be destroyed within 100 years. A world war will arise if homosexuality become widespread. They have no rights. There should be a law to prohibit this. Can the animal kingdom act like this on such a large scale? We see stags fight to win many females. This is good. But we didn't see homosexual animals. But homosexuals and lesbians are lower than animals. They don't know and therefore cannot see anything. But we can see. Families are in jeopardy, because of the lack of true love.

Once we know the existence of eternal life, we don't want to do anything which will damage this. No matter what religion we believe in, we must put this into practice. True love is beyond our life, only then can we reach the other world. Altruism. We want our own children to be greater than ourselves. Why? Because we are resembling God's character. God does not want his object lower than him, but he wants his objects to be better than himself, therefore he continues to invest himself, again and again. Doing good and then forgetting.

If this principle is true, then this becomes the center. Even God will follow this. Man will follow this true man. And true life will come. If a man knows and lives these three principles perfectly then he is beyond the law of boundaries. He is welcome anywhere.

History of colored people is long. But the white race has a short history. They are the cousin of the bear, they eat meat and like blood (i.e. war). But those who cultivate fields are peaceful people.

Intellectuals say, this is the age of the pacific civilization. Rev. Moon is the center of this! Now we need to cultivate Headwing and Godism. Absolutely! This is called true parentism.

What kind of people negate this boundary line? Those who live by altruism. We don't like the limiting line. Then by these three principles, we can eliminate the limiting line. We must negate the limiting line.

If True Father lived with you for more than one year, would you ask him to leave? You might ask him to snore loudly so you could make love with your spouse.

We have to bear our own responsibility to do away with the boundary line. We should go strongly and steadily towards this goal. Sleep less, eat less and work harder. Continue to love for the sake of others. Even though we are living in reverse from other people, when this foundation is greater people will see that this is by far the better way of life. Those who resolve to live this way, raise your hand. [While the hands are raised] Beautiful hand, but how much will those beautiful hands have to suffer in the future to make beautiful men and women.


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