The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


The Perfect Settlement Of God's Will

Rev. Moon
July 15,1990
Unofficial Notes

If you ask a theologian about where God's will is settled on the earth, he say it's simple but very difficult to explain. However everyone in the Unification Church knows what the will of God is - the fulfillment of the purpose of creation. It is the perfection of the 4 position foundation. The perfection of the 4 position foundation is God,Adam and Eve and their offspring. By establishing that God's will is established vertically and horizontally. Here they will live in love for the world for eternity. That is perfecting the Will of God. Have we done that? Not yet? Why not? Because of the fall.

As much as we need a perfect idea what perfection is, we need an understanding what the fall is. Otherwise we won't have any connection to God's dispensation for the restoration. Mankind has been striving hard,trying to control themselves, through religion, ethics and morals to get back to the original position. However we cannot explain these things without understanding the fall. We can see that so many people have been trying hard trying to improve

themselves, to make themselves better in front of God. So much sacrifice has been happening for who? For me and my family. The family is the unit for existence. We have to perfect the unit of the family. Unless we do that we can't live according to God's will. Have our mind and body united as an individual? Why not? Because of Satan-due to the fall.

The mind and body should be united, in love with each other.There was a wall that separated the mind and body because of the fall. How to overcome that, how to subdue it and to settle down perfectly-that is our task. We have never thought so deeply about this. Unless the mind and body come into unity, the foundation for unity between east and west or Russia and America, will not be formed. So unification origin is not in Russia and the U.S. or in the east and west but in the individual-in their mind and body.

That's why Jesus said you can't exchange the whole world for our life.

Do you love yourself? In which direction do you love yourself, your mind or body's? That's the question. All throughout history that struggle has been continuing. That is why Father gave us the motto before you control the world, you must first control yourself. Yes, Father I am in complete control. Can we say that? When?

The world has not been so serious about that question, but I am. We didn't know where we stand. Heaven and hell is not so far away-it starts right in myself. Should we love ourselves? But we should hate ourselves before we love ourselves. Have we ever lost myself, that is hated myself?

How would God be? Is his mind and body in conflict? No! Centering on true love His mind and body are one. However our mind and body want to go in different direction. Like two pluses.

The mind goes in one direction, to God's side and the body goes in another to Satan's side. They don't want to go together-180 degrees different.

So here's a beautiful woman. Entitled to everything. Why does she choose an ugly man? That's the only way to be humble. Not to be arrogant is to chose an ugly man. Even the most grand person is wise when he goes the humble way knowing that is the only way to separate from Satan. He wants to go to the lowest position where Satan will leave. To die means to exchange for our life. Perpetually we're always between God and Satan. Because of the fall we have to give up parents, family, brothers and sisters, deny everything. Once we're determined to do away with Satan's connection then God will embrace us and connect with us. If we don't discard evil, tearing it out of ourselves, Satan will use it as proof against us. How difficult it is, you can imagine, to free ourselves from everything we're use to. Did Rev. Moon think of the perfect way to threaten the individual or is this a fact? When we recognize the fall of man all this is true.

When we see nature, everything doesn't have a problem except man. Only man is entangled. History is fighting from smallest to largest level. Blacks and whites killing each other. Have we heard of that in the animal kingdom? Do animal use spears, guns and bombs against each other? Man exerts a bad influence over spirit world and nature. Who destroys these things-Satan. Because he can't have it. We can completely eliminate Satan if we know the truth.

How serious is the world situation we read about everyday? How can we unite the world when if 2 people get together there are 4 different entities because their mind and body are not united. It's a very serious question. Even though we may look like God, we're not. God can focus on something, we cannot. The enemy of the universe is right in myself. How do we eliminate this. We need to inject love, instead of injecting drugs. We need to go to school to inject myself with the habit of love.

If you go to the lowest to the ground, you can eliminate Satan. If your Maker makes you work 24 hours, driving you crazy, you have a chance to be free. Now do you think Rev. moon gives you a difficult course?

The standard we need is 100%. Where have you arrive at? Each individual knows where their at. Do you have the mind to go ahead of everyone else to difficulty? Even if it takes eternity we have to solve it as an individual. We're going to spirit world, ready or not. Only those that have perfect unity of mind and body can go to heaven. Otherwise they have to wait in the interim period.

Even if you wash a handkerchief many times there is still a touch of dirty things. Have we treated ourselves that way-cleaning ourselves many times. Our mind is like that. We want to wash it. The mind wants that kind of perfection, dedicating it to God.

God is not like us. He's perfect. He's an absolute being. His standard is absolute. God even wants fallen man to be cleaner than Himself. We fallen people likewise want our offspring to be better than ourselves. How perfect should I be? Now we know that the perfect settlement of the Will is myself. The Will has to settle down on me.

God keeps giving and giving and he never thinks about how much he gives. God keeps investing and investing and He forgets. So we come to understand about what eternal life is. True love is investing forever, so is eternal life. Father draws a picture of a circle, explaining what eternity is.

Do parents think how much do they give their children? If a parent goes to the department store and has to buy the cheapest thing for his child because they can't afford it, after they leave they will work harder because they really want to buy the child the best. That is an example of true love.

Have you ever placed yourself in God's position toward Satan? If God is allowed to expressed his hatred toward satan, he would spread every cell of satan around the universe. But God has to suppress that anger. He has to love that enemy. God had to let Jesus die. He let the most loving person die to save satan. Then satan realized that God loved him more than his own Son. Then satan surrendered. Evil is subjugated by God when the evil side says you loved me more. That's when the Will has settled down, when God's purpose of creation is realized. The trophy of True Love has to be there before satan is subjugated-before he will bow down. God has to continually love fallen people, no matter how impossibly they rebel and don't appreciate God. Even though everyone is opposing Him, God and True Parents keep loving that person through all 8 levels as if they were an original being. This has been Father's mission-to never stop loving. So the Messiah has to pull the whole universe as the locomotive of love. Sometimes the wheels slip because of the heavy load. Satan will laugh,mock and taunt him. But nothing will stop the heart of True Parents. Even if Fallen man is in hell, you can't leave him in hell. Parental heart goes on and on. Each level there is a thick wall opposing him. Yet he has been doing it, going over it, opening the way so that all levels can go to heaven.

Father never feels for a moment like giving up saying that's all for America or Korea, no matter how impossible we are. Even in prison, Father loved the lowest person there. Even at he most difficult time he thinks that I have to do more. From the foundation he created, even satan has to repent, saying this is your achievement.

Father wants Russia and America to come into unity and go in the same direction. When Russia stops helping Cuba, N. Korea and Libya then Father can exert his influence. Kim Il Sung is confused. In Feb.1987, he tried to kill Father with 25 terrorists after having met with Russia. They were foiled and confessed. Now Father is meeting and cooperating with the Soviet Union. Now the free world and the communist world are starting to recognize what Father has done. The dark night in the Unification Church is going down and the light is becoming visible. Even if Rev. Moon goes to the Himalayas all mankind will follow him. The True Parents have established their position, but Father's concern is how can the children connect it to their level of individual unity.

What is the hope or wish of mankind? The hope is a s parents, is a world where we can go to heaven without persecution, without the need for a savior. That is the wish for fallen man. This is what we want to give built to our children on the worldwide level. How to educate our true sons and daughters and let them serve the rest of mankind. We want to teach them and show them an example. That's why we want to see our children educated and raised up to be leaders. We want them to be true masters having true ownership. Representing God we have to be true masters of our household. The 3 wishes are 1) be true parents 2) be true teachers and 3) be true owners. Then we can go anywhere in the spirit world or the physical world. The fact that you give birth to your children doesn't make you True Parents. You have to educate them. The best teaching is to show them the standard of things; for example husband and wife not fighting. We have to educate them on all levels. We must always have 3 in 1. Parents, Teaching and Ownership. We should give birth, teach them what God's world is like and what the fallen world is like. Then after teaching them, they will want true ownership. The world is in confusion. If you have just one of these you can lead the world out of it. If you have this thought day in and day out, then you can go to heaven. No matter what happens, we are fortunate because we can go to heaven.

This is such a serious position we are in. Spirit world will directly question us. What did we do on the earth? Spirit world and history will accuse us if we don't do it right. Now we know clearly what Father is working for. Everywhere we go we educate the children of God to be true owners. That's what Father wants us to be. This principle applies to all levels. Father established this through his whole life and he is giving it freely to us. We should never forget for one second that we represent the family, the nation and the world. So we shouldn't have individualism!

For the sake of the bigger element we do this. The smaller invest in the bigger. The family invests in the clan, the clan for the nation and the nation for the world.

We are absolutely inheriting Father's foundation The meaning of the perfect settlement of the will is me. We should have the mainstream thought of these 3 elements in everything we do.


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