The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Proclamation Of True Sons And Daughters And True Freedom

Rev. Moon
June 10, 1990
Unofficial Notes

Today is June 10th. 6th month and 10th day. 6x10=60. 60 in the Oriental concept is a complete cycle. We are starting new so it's the # of perfection.

What is True Sons and Daughters and True Freedom? Traditionally the foremost Americans have been talking about freedom. What is freedom? It is the result of being liberated. Is the freedom of man and woman the same? It's something to think about. Did freedom begin from man or woman or both at the same time? Did freedom exist before or after man and woman were created. Which is first?

American freedom, where did it begin? Should freedom follow God or go ahead of God? Did God exist first or did freedom exist first? The answer is God. What freedom is God waiting for?

Is God absolutely free? Yes. Then everything in creation is free. This is liberating to know this. Does God need freedom ? He needs to be free from what? What is binding God? He also sheds tears if He misses something. That's different than conventional thinking that says 'He is an Almighty, Absolute God, how can He shed tears?

Can God laugh? God is not unlike us. He can do anything He wants. Still is there something he wants? This is a very crucial question. He wants us to have a relationship with Him vertically and horizontally.

Saying that God is my God is the fruit of individualism, that is making God what we want Him to be. However God is an absolute being.

Freedom and Love

Who protects our life, love and lineage. The answer is freedom. Love need freedom. After love, life and lineage come into being it must be protected. It cannot be invaded.

Did God perfect Himself? In terms of the Ideal of love, God is not yet perfected. Alone no matter how absolute He is, How can He say He is perfect.

All of you sisters here need your spouse. Do you agree? How much? Absolutely. No much more bigger than absolutely.

How wonderful it would be for a woman if she can have a man that doesn't bother her. But can a woman boast that she is happy to be alone. Can her eyes be stable? Can she settle down? Even if the most ugly man loves a woman she will be happy. Those woman who want to be liberated from men, raise your hands. How about men? No matter what experiences you may have had? All freedom comes from man and woman together in love. The origin of true love should be the relationship between man and woman.

For women, as long as she has a loving husband, she is free-even if he beats her. How absolutely free she feels. Even if front of her husband she can be absolutely naked.

Which is first,love or freedom? The answer is love. Centering on love she expresses freedom. Can freedom unify your 5 senses or can love? Centering on love all 5 senses can come to one focal point.

What if your eye wants to come out? The eye is free as long as it is where it's suppose to be. There is no meaning to its existence if it is in the wrong place. If the eye leaves its socket, is it freedom or perishment for the eye? By the same token if a woman leaves her position in front of man will she perish or not? Women need to be in love with their husband. To have big hips and bosoms are freedom. When she abandons her husband, she will perish. She will perish if she doesn't offer herself to her husband.

This blackboard and mike have freedom. To stand in your position you have freedom. Everything has its own responsibility and freedom to follow. In order for us to have freedom, the requirements are that we keep our responsibility and position. Men and women's freedom is to conquer their spouse with love. Not just one time but eternally. American love is changing all the time because they don't know the original way we were born. America really needs to think whether what their doing is legitimate or if it is a bad habit that became accepted.

Wherever there is true freedom, there is love.

If a love makes God, the nation, women and children cry, how can we call it true love? What kind of freedom is that? It's destructive freedom.

Whatever America does, responsibly or irresponsibly, other people will follow around the world. We have to end this bad tradition of freedom. There is no freedom here. If someone gets pleasure because they think it is their right then everyone is sad. Rev. Moon doesn't like that freedom. He hates it. It's wrong to do so.

Before we seek freedom, we have to seek, find and establish love. Instead of looking for freedom, people should be looking for true love. Freedom is there. True love brings forth true freedom.

America is searching for freedom, so we have to be the brakes to stop it.

Racism in America.

American society has many problems. The #1 problem is racism. Is such a country qualified to speak about freedom? White people even made separate toilets for black people. Because of these kinds of things the minorities don't like the majorities. But it will switch around soon.

The new minority will get together and be the majority soon. Rev. Moon has the power to do that. Blacks, Hispanics and Orientals love Rev. Moon because he is fighting injustices.

There is much tension in America and for only a small reason the tension erupts. Nobody has a solution and the people don't listen to the courts. Rev. Moon's solution is interracial marriage.

Now America needs a true religion otherwise there's no way to survive. One that can teach the original purpose of God's creation.

Individual Responsibility

America is a haven for individualism. Only Rev. Moon is saying that is bad. Rev. Moon is teaching 'live for the sake of others'

He has a perfect theory and logic - no contradiction. No matter who hears it, no one can disagree with its logic.

(Father interrupts speech with a joke about how Moonies have the same quality as rubber - able to bounce back after anything. Saying that it's a very good quality to have.)

Father is the only one person in the world that can pull Gorbachev and Bush by the hair and tell them you'd better listen to me.

Rev. Moon has no enemies. They tried to shoot him but the bullet ricocheted and hit the person that shot them.

Father is the Messiah to the world and the nation. No one can oppose him. We are now at the individual ownership age. To achieve that we have to bring mind and body into unity. The bigger world wars are over but now the individual war is remaining. Has the mind subjugated the body? If not you are in hell. Do you think that the body just wants to follow the mind? Father put the body in prison and then went to a higher and higher level. The first thing we have to do is get the mind and body into unity with the mind as subject.

Before we can be qualified to be true son and daughters we need to go over the first level. Still that course remains for us to go. The world and the family is no problem. It's me that's the problem. You have to conquer yourself before you conquer the world.

If we don't win the individual fight then there's no heaven on earth. Father has won over nations and the world and we are free from Satan's influence on the worldwide scale; still Satan doesn't want to let go of our bodies. Satan is championing the individual concept. Where does Satan's concept rule - in your individual body.

Where does God's concept rule? In your mind.

The mind is + and the body is suppose to be - ,but the body claims to be +. Therefore we have to completely deny our flesh. Then start building the flesh from scratch. World War 1,2,& 3 are over. Now we must fight WW 4. Throughout history many saints taught many things but no one taught you to declare war against yourself. Rev. Moon is the first to declare that you must win the war against yourself. Satan started the fallen lineage but now God will take his place and start new lineage centered on the purpose of creation.

The only way to win over it is with true love. We must be re-created. We must be zero, deny everything. How can you make your body zero? Otherwise you can't get back to the original position. The more you push your body, the more Satan will escape. Originally woman was at fault. However who made the problem - "I made it"

Most Unification Church members have been cooperating with Father but now you can work on the individual level. That's why when we're persecuted someone is telling us there's something lacking in us.

Father wants us to complete it in 1 generation. If we do not perfect individual level we cannot inherit Father's victory. We are not ready to be part of Father's world. Father's advice to help us win victory is 'live for the sake of others' Even God wants to follow that law. Therefore we must obey it more than God. With true love we can digest any problem.

Unless you get your mind and body completely united, you can't go to heaven. If your body wants to act the way it wants then you have to subjugate your body.

For the first time in history we know where freedom lies. Freedom belongs to true love. Freedom belongs to God. True love unites mind and body. History has seen individual fighting war against himself. The individual will become victor. This is the main dispensational point centered on true love. Until we purify our body the war is not complete.

Unless we do a 40 day fast we cannot say good-bye to Satan. You have to go over yourself. After 40 days you don't have any dwelling place left for Satan. Then you can shout, "I am the victor".

Then you will find out how powerful Satan is. You'll know at that time if God or Satan is within you. It's very difficult. It's a historical point and a historical war. You can be merciless to your body.

Without winning victory over that there's no freedom.

Those who pledge victory over yourselves, raise your hands! It's not easy.

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