The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1990

The Line Which Limits Where I Am Needed

Sun Myung Moon
September 9, 1990
Belvedere, New York
Translator: Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is "The Line Which Limits (or, The Borderline of) Where I Am Needed."

All men take themselves very seriously and think of themselves as being very important indeed. We don't need to have this explained to us. We know it well ourselves.

We take ourselves so seriously that if we were allowed to trade ourselves for something, what would we consider worthy of exchange? Some people find themselves spending all day at a job doing whatever they are asked to do. What do they get in exchange for doing that job? Money? In Korean "money" means "much quantity." What is money? [All things] We receive money to buy the necessities of life -- what we eat, what we wear, and where we live.

We can buy and sell things that we can see, but there is no way we can trade something that we can't see. Can we sell our minds? Can we buy or sell the love of country, patriotism? There are different ways of working to get money. Whether I just make my body available for work in order to get money in exchange or work in another way is an important distinction to make.

Men have this in common: an employer would like you to put more than your body into service and earning your wages. Even if you put your mind and your body into it, it is not enough for the employer. What every employer would like would be that their workers put their minds, bodies and their hearts into the work. It is every employer's expectation that not only will we give our bodily service, our intelligence and knowledge, but we will give our love and genuinely put ourselves into the work. Every employer would like that.

How much difference there is between those who put everything into their work and those who just let their bodies work and keep their mind off the work and keep their love somewhere else. What kind of quality of life is that? At the end of his life, how will such a person feel?

Everyone has his own life. He has his family life and his community life. He also has a national life and a world life and extended to its furthest point, he has a cosmic, eternal life. Here is a question: what kind of person would you like to live with? Which would you like better -- the man who lives his life for his own benefit, centered on himself, or the one who lives all his life for the sake of others and their benefit? Eternal life is the answer, "The one who lived not only for others but for the universe too." Eternal life would like to live with the second type of person rather than the first.

Father understands that it is very difficult to translate these types of things!

What would you say if the same question were asked of you? [The second one] What about God Himself? Would God have a different choice or would He feel the same? [The same] Yes, He would feel the same. No one can deny that.

Does this also apply to Koreans? To Americans? To Japanese? The Japanese and Americans are enemies, aren't they? If they hold the same idea in common then they are not enemies! Would they say, "I am of a different background, so I think differently"? This is something that everyone likes. We find a very important element here. If we have it in common, then it is substantial enough to overcome being enemies. The one who lives by the body alone can have enemies, but the one who overcomes his body and lives by the mind can overcome more. The one who lives with love can overcome both the mind and the body.

In this aspect, we can have a choice. What would you choose? The one who lives by the body alone, the one who lives with the mind and the body, or the one who lives with love? [Love] Why love? Why do you choose that? Another choice could be one who lived by conscience.

When we live according to the dictates of our consciences, the standard of conscience can differ between Japanese and Americans. Certainly the expression of conscience can be different. But we see that when we reach the realm of love, there is no difference between them.

The conscience can go over many things, but love can even go over the conscience. We can generalize this to everyday life and see it clearly. Our mind alone cannot move our enemy, but with love we can do it. The great power of love is evident.

Then what is a true man? Is the true man someone whose mind and body go in different directions and love is somewhere else again? [No] Then how about you? Imagine yourself with a very big body and your conscience and love very small, like a tail. Imagine yourself walking around like that. Then picture yourself with your love very big and husky, as big as your body. We have a word for someone who deceives other people: swindler. It is extreme to call someone a swindler, but we should ask ourselves to what extent are we the same? Can we say, "Oh, I am a righteous man; I am right! " Can you easily say that? [No] There is no worse swindler than the one who cheats his conscience and ruins love. How bad that is, if you really give it serious thought. The one who swindles the body is bad enough, but what about the one who swindles by deceiving the conscience, disguised as love? How much worse it is if we do that.

As long as no one questions us on this, we might not think about it much, but once someone raises this question, how do we feel? Do we feel very confident and arrogant or do we feel like a guilty person standing before a court? We think we are alone but we are not alone. The universe and all things are watching us and they know us better than other people do. They can see through us. When this is the situation, how would we feel? Would we be really ashamed and afraid? The body and mind are supposed to be united in love and act as one, but the body acts alone and commits so many sins, even crimes. When others see that and warn you and tell you that they know about it, how afraid you feel; how ashamed. Would you feel ashamed or would you feel very proud? [Ashamed] Do we feel like that sometimes? Do we sometimes feel how phony we are? We may be able to go unnoticed by others but the universe always notices and knows just what we are doing. The universe knows through "heavenly fate." That is a Korean word. It means that the universe is connected and ubiquitous.

Take the example of clean air. Can you live without air? Air cannot be absent from anywhere. It is everywhere. Now if a person does some evil act, do you think the air will like that? No, the air will not welcome that. Instead, the air will threaten him. Sometimes when you are going to commit a really bad act, the body will even shiver. Why? Because everything knows the truth. All things know.

The limits of where "I" am needed -- in what way am "I" needed? What is "me"? What kind of a "me" is needed? What kind of me would I like to be? If we ask this question of women or men the answer would be the same: "I would like to be a person who represents all humankind, going beyond that and representing even God." The question is, are we like that?

Do you think God too has a mind and a body? How do you know? Of course, we know through Principle that we are the second cause; God is the first cause. God is the cause and we are the effect. Therefore, we have to be the same. God has love too, hasn't He? What do you think God is comprised of? Here is God's big body and it is surrounded by His mind and His love. Would love go around and show itself on the outside? [Father draws on the blackboard] This embracing love compares to 360 degrees. This will be just a dot. The deeper you go, the smaller it becomes, yet even though it is small, it represents all directions. Would God represent all or would God only represent a small part? [All) Would God, who is centering on love, like to stay here, or stay here? [Father taps the blackboard] It would be the first one.

Real love is in the deeper side in God too. Typically, the difference between Westerners and Easterners is that when Westerners smile and laugh, they show everything with a gesture and a loud sound, "Whaa!" There is nothing hidden. Orientals are different. They start smiling with the eyes and it beams outward, not showing much. Have you ever experienced that? You can't tell if they like it or dislike it!

Which is more enduring? Of course, the Oriental way is more enduring. There is no question about' that. After you get married, it takes at least three years for an Oriental man and woman to get to know each other. By the time you have one, two, three children, you begin to know each other. In the West, you already know each other, so there is not much that you can expect. There is not much more left. From that standpoint, married life in the Oriental style will last longer and be better. Do you like body and body crashing into each other with nothing more to expect? Or should your mind first be moved, then the heart, and the body last? Love will influence our minds and then influence our bodies. That is the natural way. Love penetrates deeper and deeper into the love core. That takes time.

Where is your love? Where is your body? Where is your mind? Are they united or separate? It is a serious question. Ask a man, "Are you a husband who is faithful only in body, or are you a husband who is loyal in mind and heart too? Or are you loyal in all three?" That is a serious question. We can see the genuine shape of being, how we should be. We should be faithful in all three areas together. The husband should not only be like that as a husband, he should be like that as a member of the world. Then for the first time we see that he is a man.

What kind of a conclusion do we come to this morning? Would I like to be a man or a woman with love and the mind and body operating together forever as a whole, or do I want to be only seventy percent, with my mind and body separated? How about thirty percent? What would I like to be? The whole man, 100 % mind and body. You are not so confident. When you say "whole," the whole mouth should open wide! The mouth itself should start laughing. What do you think? Is this extreme? How does it sound right or wrong? [Right]

Are you confident to say, "Yes, Father. I'm all right. You can count on me. You can treat me as a whole being?" Or have you become so hopeless about yourself that maybe you all have to go into the furnace again and be re-wrought? Are you confident or not confident? You say you are confident, but you don't look so confident. You'd better be frank.

Are we closer to a true man or a not so true man? Actually, a true man is a true man and others are like scarecrows. A scarecrow is better than a not so true man though, because at least a scarecrow stands in one place. A not so true man will wander around here and there, doing all sorts of things others wish he wouldn't.

This is a nice, beautiful clear world. Now polluting men and women are, receiving love and falsifying things. This is true. We're not saying anything extreme. When we live properly, we will be needed by everyone -- the family, the society, and every component of the universe. Then, what is the line between where I am needed and where I am not needed? When the united mind and body go into love, they are welcome, so this is one welcome man. We need to be like this. Apply this concept to yourself and see where you are. Are we equal to this ideal form now or do we deviate from it? Then we can say, "After all, Father, when you point it out like that, I can see. Up to this moment, I thought I was normal and fine and good, but when you really scrutinize it, then all my five senses have been false."

Before our spouse likes to embrace us, the universe should like to embrace us. Women have to be this way first before they can expect to meet a likely husband. Men, also, have to be recognized by the universe before they can have perfect wives. The universe first has to recognize the individual. That is the point. You agree with that, don't you?

Because a man is like this, he is qualified to eat all things. We all eat everything, don't we? We eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits and animals. We eat whatever we choose. All things are rather fearful because they are under a tyranny. If we see a poisonous snake come around and capture small animals, then we feel fear. The universe will fear men who are not true but who still eat all things. Do animals and vegetables want to escape when man approaches them? What is your guess? All things are afraid and they escape. Then how serious a sin and crime are we committing?

When a man is true, then all things rejoice and like to be eaten by him, because in that way the food goes up to a higher existence and eventually reaches God. Everything, including men and women, have one thing in common: all things want to reach God. All created things, small and large, want to become one with God and become a cell of His. There is no way that a vegetable or an animal can do that, but by going through man and first becoming part of man, when man eventually fuses into God, they too can become a cell of God. This is because everything started from love. The creation started from love; therefore, the result has to be love. Otherwise, it won't match.

You may not have thought like this, but as in this principle of smaller things becoming bigger by being eaten by higher things, eventually man will come to God and say, "God, please eat me so I can be a part of You!" How fearful a thought this is! How high a thought this is! Isn't that true?

It is a principle of the universe that you should make yourself available to a higher being. The higher being for man is God. When we eventually become a part of God's cells, part of God's body, can God get rid of us? Do you think God eats? [Yes] Every living being eats something, doesn't it? Wouldn't God have a mouth? How about teeth? What would His food be? When we suggest "love", what is your guess? Would God answer yes or no? [Yes] "God, do you like love every time?" He would answer, "Yes, yes, yes, forever."

Do we want to make ourselves into God's love food? I may make myself so available to God that His mouth cells and nose cells are comprised of me. When I occupy a great part of the cells of God, then how can He separate from me?

We all know the concept of cell reproduction, don't we? You have a biopsy. If you get one cell from God and that cell happens to come from me in the form of the love food He has eaten -- does that cell resemble me? That cell of God would resemble my cell because it is a result of me. Isn't that so? In other words, how would it be identified? As God's cell, or since it came from me, would it have more elements of myself? Then should the cell represent itself as God's cell or as my cell? God's cell, but who does it resemble? [Me]

It is the same thing when we eat vegetables and they later become a part of us, is our cell identified as a vegetable cell or as a human cell? It is identified as a human cell, but the components are the same as a vegetable cell, aren't they? Then man can really be boastful, saying, "I finally became God. I represent God." He can feel very proud. How wonderful that is. From this true perspective of creation, the long held Western notion of the strong eating the weak should be shattered into pieces. They do not know what they are talking about. It simply isn't true; it is false. Yes or no?

Western thought has had it for a long time that the strong eat the weak and there is no justice. This is a very confused and negative concept and has caused suffering. Now that we have been liberated from this concept, if we continue to go by it, all the small things that have been eaten by big ones will have to sue, will have to litigate! But when we know clearly that the end is to return to God and become God Himself, then we can understand how the principle of nature works and how God intended it.

If we all become a part of God, one of God's cells, what cell would we like to be? God's foot cell or brain cell or God's eye cell? [God's heart cell] Oh, you know. If you want to be God's heart cell, where is that? It is in the most central place, the deepest and most important place. The universe has existed and acted for billions of years and what is the final aim and goal? It is to reach here, to become God's heart cell.

This is why Jesus taught us to become like lambs, to tee obedient and to make ourselves readily available and to sacrifice ourselves without complaint By doing that, we eventually reach God. Only through this principle can we understand.

How holy the altar and sacrifice would be when the lamb which is offered and killed by the master worries not about itself, but whether the knife and the master will be stained with his unclean blood. How holy and sacred this is.

If a lamb makes itself into that kind of offering, all things will be willing to accept that. Yet do today's Christians, who are supposed to follow the teaching of God, have any perspective like this? Do Christians understand this? They are peddling Jesus. They are stealing what is originally of Jesus and God and just selling it. We can see what their future will be. It is so obvious. If that prevails and does not perish, then there is no God and no justice.

Is American Christianity standing on the Principle or not? What about the average American? Are they standing on the Principle or not? [No] They annihilated the Indians and even to this day they say that the Indians died of plagues and epidemics. We have to solve things one by one and once and for all.

Now why would Reverend Moon point this out and teach this to us? It is so that we can prevent the shedding of blood of the white people's descendants by Indians and the others to whom they had been unjust in the past. When whites understand this and act accordingly, then this can be prevented. That is the only reason Father is pointing this out.

How does Reverend Moon teach? Not through money, not through power, but through love. Even though he has been persecuted, he has been persevering. You have to have a clear place to stand on. Every place is dirty, stained.

It is "me" that is the problem, that is in question. The borderline where I am needed, would you like to have a borderline or would you like not to have a borderline? We all have that borderline, don't we? We have borderlines everywhere. We have a borderline in the nation, borderlines in real estate, borderlines in cultural backgrounds, customs, and habits. Those barriers and walls are everywhere. How can they be torn down? Who can do that? You have many borderlines. How can you be liberated from them? How can we jump up and overcome these walls? Money cannot do that, nor can knowledge, nor power. Nothing can do that but the power of true love. Is it clear?

Are we grafted into true love or not? If so, then when we flower, we blossom with true love and give off a fragrance of true love. Our fruits do too, don't they? That means you can say, "My husband will love and cherish me for millions and zillions of years." Is that true? Really? "My sons and daughters and all the universe and even God will love me for billions and zillions of years -- forever." Yes? Really? You don't have the confidence to say that. That is the problem.

What is true love? Have you ever seen it? Have you ever heard true love? "I have heard many times about it from Reverend Moon!" Father is speaking the truth and we don't recognize the truth readily. Is that true? It is so tasty. Maybe you feel it, maybe you don't, that Father's words are so tasty that later on you are afraid of swallowing because your tongue will go down with it! Do you appreciate it that much? [Father laughs] This is the way it ought to be.

All things in the universe feel this. They think, "I am so big, but I wish I could be so small that I could be swallowed in one mouthful! " The only way is to become like that in love. We are too big and lament that. "As long as I can get into his mouth, then I can occupy the whole God." Everyone is desperate to become small so that they can be swallowed. This is the reality. True things are all vying for that.

If we prepare a true love line, hook, and bait, everything will want to be hooked, forever. The true love bait is there and we want to jump at it, but all of a sudden. it occurs to us. "Oh the master of that true love bait is God Himself." So we wait until God Himself takes it before we take it.

If I am a tree and I want to become big, the root and the center bud from which the shoot comes have to be big first. This is normal, isn't it? Or do you feel, "I have to become strong and big so that the root can become big and my bud will become big?" Which is the right kind of thinking, the first way or the second?

The bud is the center, coming from the root. The root is first not the branches. The individual follows the nation. The nation is first. That is the Principle way. Do you understand? The American people hold very much to individualism. They are denying the trunk, the center bud, the center root. They are denying it all and saying, 'Y am the center." That kind of thinking should be eliminated. That is not the foundation of existence. The universe cannot welcome that kind of person. This is universal law. Father is really warning to impress this upon us and make an impact upon us because this is so important. We have to change ourselves to become a part of God.

Those who have persecuted Father have come to understand him. This is only after they hear Father's explanation. Father has been sacrificing all throughout his life. The question has been asked: "Who is the religious person who has been persecuted the most in the history of mankind?" It is Reverend Moon. Can everyone agree to that? Father is the foremost top example of that hundreds of times over. In the heavenly museum, Father will be the first exhibit in the space devoted to those who were persecuted for their faith. Will he be number one or number two? Father has to go to the museum because he has been persecuted and withstood the persecution and went over destruction and been successful. Therefore, he will be on exhibition.

Do you all want to go to spirit world or not? Answer this simple question. [Yes] No man knows when he will go. When you do go to the spirit world, are you going to go to the museum and look at Father there? [Yes] When you find Father's exhibit will you poke at it and say, "Oh, I know him," or will you bow your head and break down in tears? You will not be allowed to touch him. The only way you can show some expression is to bow your head down from a distance. Is this true or false? Real or not real? The real is on earth. Up in the spirit world, because this was real, then it is true. Thinking of that, you can see how much difference there is between bowing with respect to Father here on earth and in the spirit world. There is a great deal of difference in the value between those two. Which is more valuable, on earth or in heaven? [On earth] If you think it is on earth, shout very loudly, "On earth!" [On earth!] You are right.

How much value would we place on Father? How many millions or billions of dollars? What is your assessment? [Limitless. Priceless] This is reality. It is an important situation. From God's and the spirit world's point of view, how would they assess Father? Would God exchange him for the whole territory of the United States? They all persecuted Father and said he was a brainwasher. They persecuted him to such a degree that no one else could have survived. He not only survived, he grew and became stronger after each persecution. Because of what power was he able to do that? Was it because of the support of the American Unification Church or the Korean Unification Church? [No] Then what made Father become as big and strong as he is? It was done by God and the universal power of true love.

Americans are not homogeneous. They are mixed. They came from all around the world and formed this unique country. How much do Americans need Reverend Moon? [Absolutely] The one who said "absolutely" somehow didn't sound so humble! Father can't see because he is so far away, but he doesn't sound like a true man!

Four days ago, Father welcomed the whole Kirov Ballet Troupe to the United States in Washington and transplanted it there. After that the whole world of media was transplanted there, root and all. Father aims to inspire the media, the scholarly world, and the world of summitry to cooperate. Father can be very proud of that foundation. Father has inspired the cultural world, the political world, the technological world, the economic world, and the diplomatic world. They did not influence Father. He is the one who influenced them.

In Korea too, in all areas of the scholastic, the technological, the media, and the diplomatic and economic fields, Reverend Moon is at the pinnacle. This is common understanding. They are much clearer about this than you are. In Japan, Russia and China too, they see Father and his influence much more clearly than we do.

What about America? Father was instrumental in the election of Ronald Reagan. The Americans don't need a bush, they need a trunk. They need someone who can push Bush into becoming a trunk!

The intelligence agencies hear this and they have to be silent because this is true. America did not know what to do. Father suggested, "This is the way to go," and it sounded very reasonable and they did it. If America does not do that and move that way, they will plunge to the status of a third rate country. It is so obvious.

Father knows exactly which way all nations should go, including the Soviet Union. If America does not listen to Reverend Moon, Reverend Moon can teach Gorbachev what to do, which will make him greater. Father wrote a long letter to Gorbachev as to how the world is going and how he should go along with that trend. Does the real, honest everyday American really need Reverend Moon? [Yes]

The reporters for the Washington Times are not exactly humble people. In fact, they are very arrogant. Father invited eighty of the leaders and asked them questions. "Now you have heard my proclamation of True Parents at the religious conference in San Francisco. Who in the whole world can deny that? Who can testify that I am not?" They all just burst into uproarious applause and said, "You're right, Reverend Moon. You are right." Some might say, "No, you're not," but people have no way to deny it. They say, "Yes, I have no way to prove that you are not."

In the media, if you say no and deny something, you must present your proof. Father said they should first listen and then comment. This is not a boast. This is true. It is reality. The one who looks into this knows. The Korean people were unbelieving, but once they come here and go around talking to other people and hearing about Reverend Moon, after a few days, then they just start crying. They lose all control of themselves!

If Father gathered all the ex­presidents and prime ministers and put them in a private jumbo-jet and brought them around everywhere to show them what he has done and taught them the Divine Principle, they would all be flabbergasted. Their tongues would hang out and their eyes would bat. After they see the high technology computer works that Father has establish in Japan, IBM will just collapse. It will go straight down. It is a revolution in the concept of the technology of computers. Father is establishing the standard of being at the pinnacle of German technology. In the world of religion, Father has stood his ground strongly and made everyone into one. In the scholastic field and also in the field of economics, Father has done great things. We don't know so much about economics, but America, that. gigantic country, is in serious trouble financially. There is so much money lent out to South America and all over the world which might be defaulted on at any minute. Father took notice of this dozens of years ago and is working, more than the American government is working, to offset this critical debt situation all over the world. Even Kim II Sung is very attracted in this one area! If there is any way he can connect to this, he would like to in order to save his own economy. There is nowhere Father is not rooted. This is the first time we have heard so clearly about these different things. Until now we thought all Father could talk about was true love!

Father has already woven everything together. In order to do that, you need the right kind of needle and thread. Father knows this right kind of needle and this right kind of thread is true love, so after he strung all the beads, Father has been teaching true love. The one who has the true love concept well embedded in him -- and it only takes one individual whom nothing can move -- can be entrusted with huge responsibilities, and he or she will fulfill them. Do you understand? Become confident enough to withstand. If there is someone who says, "Oh, true love. Father, can you talk about something else?" he is not worthy of anything because he does not know the Principle.

The borderline of where Father is needed is ever-increasing, stretching. Reverend Moon's teaching and what he has endured and what he has implanted will be needed more and more. This is an American stage and Father is talking so publicly about these things that it might be seen as boastful, but unless it were real, could Reverend Moon say it? As Father said to the Washington Times staff members, the eighty leaders, a few days ago, "If I were not standing here, then America, like Insight, the Washington Times., the World and I, the television center, Universal Ballet Academy, the summit organization and media organizations all over the world would not be here." Father made that foundation under a situation of severe persecution. Did Father make that kind of foundation going an easy or a difficult way? How difficult of a way? In all of American history, no one has stood on that kind of foundation, withstanding the severe difficulty and persecution Reverend Moon has. That is most important. Who did that? God and Reverend Moon.

Accept God and Reverend Moon. That is the theoretical conclusion. No smart American can deny that answer. This is the reality. Don't you think so? Is it true or not? [True] You true American people, answer clearly this morning. Is it true or not? [Yes] Who did that? The American government or Reverend Moon? [Reverend Moon] He became the victor. I don't need an adjective for it. The victor, that is all. Who can deny that? Who can accuse me?

The Divine Principle is the core of the eternal formula standard. No one can change that. No one can exchange it. It is forever. There is no other answer. Do you understand? I don't know! I don't like to use English. You need an interpreter every time, don't you? English is not an adequate language to express the depth of what Father is saying.

England opposes Reverend Moon too, but what is that country like? [They are going down] Do they need Reverend Moon too? If they deny that, then they will continue to go down because they don't see their need. What about the whole world and the future world which is to come? Do they need Reverend Moon or not? How can you say "yes"? We can see very clearly that no other candidates are in sight. We cannot imagine any leader in the future world except Reverend Moon. This is not what Reverend Moon thinks. It is what God thinks. Ask God to get the answer, yes or no. If you want to know clearly, ask God. If you are not capable of doing that, if you cannot ask God, what else can you do? Believe it. Believe it and follow me, absolutely obey me and it will become completely clear.

It is not something to discuss. Here is gold. Do you discuss whether it is true gold or not? You have to experiment with it, you have to take it to market, you have to analyze it. You don't need discussion. The absolute center does not need explanation. It is on a higher level than explanation. Do you understand? It is more valuable than anything. You don't need to talk about it.

Now, as to this limit line of where Reverend Moon is needed. The North and South in America fought each other in the Civil War and had a boundary line. Is this Reverend Moon's borderline? Do just northern people or just southern people need him? They all need him. Everybody.

Let's say this world needs him. What about the spirit world? Would the spirit world need Reverend Moon also? In the spirit world, we are going to need a palace of love. Who is going to make that palace of love in the spirit world? [Father] Will God make it or will a spirit world man make it?

Who will make it? [Father] True Parents will make the true love palace in the spiritual world. Is that correct or incorrect?

Father will go to the spirit world and find a palace there and proclaim that this palace is going to be the love palace. If Father proclaims that, it will be consolidated there. The whole spirit world will respond to that direction. Can President Bush go there? Can Gorbachev go there? Can Lenin go there or Marx or even Adam Smith? Pragmatic thought really ruined America because it nudged God away, as you can see in modern life in America Can any president of any nation accomplish the palace of love in the spirit world? Who can say, "Reverend Moon, I cannot accept what you are saying. It is not true." Can anyone say that? Well, someone said, "True Parents will do it." Yes. Then he had better explain about True Parents. Nothing can be achieved in explaining the philosophy of true love without the starting point of True Parents. Who is the real origin and ancestor of true love? What is true love?

[Father writes on the blackboard] The essence of true love is this and through these three elements, the world can be rearranged. Number one is altruism. That is a philosophy which advocates living and acting for the sake of others, not for one's own sake. The antonym of altruism is egoism. Egoism will have a very strong connection with self-interest, which is a strong weapon in the satanic world. Altruism, true love thought, and eternal life.

This Hispanic brother here -- with altruism as his philosophy, can he say, "Down with white people! Wipe out the WASP's! " Can anyone who lives by this philosophy say that?

Father has already clearly defined about true love thought. Unless we invest beyond our life, there is no such thing as true love. Reverend Moon, after coming to America, went beyond his life, didn't he? He invested everything he's got, even beyond his life. He gave everything he has -- time, money and love -- you name it. Did he or didn't he? [Yes] He did.

Unless true love initiates eternal life, it is not there. Why? Why is there no eternal life? Because our life comes from the lineage of Satan, the wrong lineage. Isn't that true? Our whole existence belongs to Satan, in other words. The love we have is Satan's love. When we talk about love, that is satanic love actually. God's love has to go beyond that before it can mean something. This is why the Bible teaches us to give all of our minds and all of our hearts. That means we have to go even beyond life. Love your Lord Christ above all else or you have nothing to do with him. You are unable to attain everlasting life.

What are the two commandments Jesus spoke of? [Love the Lord God] The second commandment is what? [Love your neighbor as yourself] That is to go beyond one's life in loving. That means you have to invest, you have to bet your life and go beyond it. Unless you do that, you cannot subjugate Satan; nor can you free yourself from the satanic environment. You are constantly under their influence. You cannot get out of it. Thirdly, you cannot get out of the satanic lineage. You cannot change your lineage. No matter how much you cut away from the satanic atmosphere, Satan is close to you, connected by blood. You are spiritually connected to him. No one can deny that. How can you deny that blood? You must be connected to God. You are stained with Satan's blood, Satan's love. Satan's love is what God hates the most. He is God's worst enemy. If you hold onto retaliation concepts, concepts of vengeance, God cannot touch that. Even the concept is foreign to Him. That means you are still attached to Satan.

Is that not clear? Do you understand? True love means all of your life. Otherwise there is no connection.

We all want to live eternally, don't we? Take an everyday situation. If a woman marries a man, does the woman allow her husband to reconnect with an old love? We wouldn't even like to see belongings which are tokens of their earlier love. Who do you take after in that characteristic? God Himself. God doesn't even want to think about it. It is the same thing, Father knows that kind of viewpoint and knows we must clean up everything. Otherwise, God cannot connect with us.

[Father writes on the blackboard] Altruism is the real essence of Father's teaching too, isn't it? Why does a woman come into being? She comes into being for the sake of man and man comes into being for the sake of woman. That is the absolute truth. Can anyone deny that? No. That is the eternal standard. Everything is for the sake of others.

Why are we born to be like this? Because of true love. Both man and woman would love to have eternal life. Unless there is true love between the husband and wife, we cannot occupy God. That is why we are trying very hard and we live like we do, in order to occupy God. Without that, what would be the meaning of life? Who is the one who sacrifices for the sake of the family the most? He is not losing anything by sacrificing because he will be the center of that family eternally. Isn't that true? If you live for the sake of your friends, for hundreds of other friends, then you will be the center of those hundreds of friends for hundreds of years. If there is a master who lives for the sake of the millennium, then he will be the center for a million years -- that is, eternally.

Since the universe lasts eternally and so does God, then we can live with Him eternally. We don't need anything more. That is where everlasting life is. If not, there is no such a thing as everlasting life. Why did the Bible teach us that those who are willing to die will live and those who want to live will die? Why such a paradoxical, seemingly foolish teaching? That means you have to be prepared to die or else you cannot jump over from the satanic love realm into the realm of heavenly, true love. Thus, unless you are willing to die, you cannot live.

It will become very obvious when you go to spirit world. When we go to spirit world and have not gone beyond this, that is hell. Heaven and hell are each in three layers. If we cannot believe this, the only way we can prove it to ourselves is to go to spirit world. But Father has never told you to wait until you go to spirit world. He has told you to believe while you are here on earth.

You have to go beyond your life and say to Satan, "Even if you kill me, I will not go your way. I will go the right way." You have to go beyond your life. Many people would have avoided imprisonment when it confronted them. No one would have volunteered as Reverend Moon did to fight the good fight and even go to jail. The State Department thought that by giving that ridiculous indictment, the odds were nine out of ten that Reverend Moon would not return to America. That is why they did it. They never expected that Reverend Moon would come back. When he walked right in, they didn't know what to do.

The history of Father's court case will be studied. The lawyers' associations will pay very much attention to the case of Reverend Moon. The juries' example will be questioned seriously everywhere, as well as the judge's standard. As for the everyday common standard of the American people, who have persecuted Father so much, they will be questioned too: "Why was Reverend Moon punished in the light of what we know today?" The truth will never die.

Father wants to ask the Korean leaders: are you here for your sake or for the sake of Korea or for the sake of America? When their answer is, "We came here for the sake of Korea, which is more important," then America will certainly oppose them. When they say, "I came here for the sake of the world," then it is alright. Not only is it all right, but even America's laws cannot condemn them. They will be endorsed and liberated by universal, cosmic law.

In order to unite the democratic world, or any existing world, including the future one, the only way we can do it is to change from self-interest to the interest of others, to go from egoism to altruism.

If everyone became homosexual, then humankind would very soon become extinct. In one hundred years, those practices will be gone. Believe it or not, world war will arise if lesbianism and homosexuality become rampant, because they are threatening to the human race. They have no right to act as they do. Prevention is necessary. There should be a law enacted to stop this ridiculous action.

Is there anywhere in the animal kingdom where we can observe that on such a large scale? We are supposed to be higher than animals, but we are infinitely lower. We see that many male animals and stags fight each other in order to gain dominance and be the victor. Only one will be entitled to the females. We have seen that, but we have not seen homosexuality. What we see in the animal kingdom is good and natural. It preserves the well­being of the species, whereas the practices of homosexuals and lesbians will lower and destroy the whole species of humankind.

Without true love, we cannot bring the world into the proper arrangement Today the American family is in jeopardy. Not only American families but every family in the world is in jeopardy. Why? We know clearly it is because of the lack of true love.

Now another very, very important thing is eternal life. That means the spiritual world. People don't know about the existence of spirit world, that is why they are confused. Once we know of eternal life, we do not want to do anything to jeopardize this. As long as one practices loving himself and not loving others; no matter who he is, no matter what religion he believes in, it does not matter. He will end up in hell. Nobody can save him. Unless we invest true love beyond our life, we cannot reach the eternal world. Why? Because that is the law of creation. God created the whole world in this fashion. True love means going beyond oneself.

We are small beings and not even perfect, but our minds are always that we want our children to become greater than we are. No one wants their children to become lesser than they are. They also want a spouse who is greater than they are. Why? Because God is like that and we resemble God's character. God, too, does not want His objects to be inferior to Him. Even God wants His objects to be better than He is. That is why He continues investing more than 100% and then He forgets about what He has done. Then He does it again and again. If He remembers, then He would have to stop there. Father already told us this. God goes on and on. Like God, we should live like that too.

To do something fantastic and forget it, to give true love beyond your life and not even remember it is great. Father has done a great deal for America, but Father does not think, "Oh, I have done so much." Father does not want anything in return. He wants to forget and do even more in the future. This is why Americans, sensing this original concept inside, say, "Please don't go, Reverend Moon." Do you understand?

The Korean leaders who came here should take note of Father's heart and Father's pattern of life here in America. They should not come to benefit themselves but to benefit the world. Everyone wants to be under a subject who upholds that principle. If such a subject is not there, the whole world is dark. There is no future. Where the principle of living for the sake of others, altruism, is, God is there also. Wherever there is a true man, every man follows him. Where there is true eternal life, both God and men follow and so does all creation. We live for the sake of others. We need that eternal life of true love. Those who know this clearly and deeply and perfectly are truly free and beyond all boundaries. That means you are welcome everywhere and anywhere.

Perhaps we have not seen a brother or sister for a long time. Still we treat him as if we have known him one hundred years. Strand by strand, the black hair turns white and each wrinkle tells of what you have done. It is a reminder to him who has not seen her for a long time.

Which is better, to be black or white? The history of men of color is very, very long. White people have a short cultural history. How about that? Isn't it true? White people are like the cousins of polar bears! They are people of cold countries. They are carnivorous and they always like blood. Look at history. Wherever white people went, there was bloodshed. There was never peace. But for those people who cultivated the fields and ate vegetables, it wasn't necessarily so. They were peaceful. White society per se will not be dominant for long. We have to go beyond that. This is why they are all directed East now. Now all the white intellectuals are saying that this is the time of the Pacific civilization. What does that mean? God is helping the East. It is their time. Of course, Reverend Moon is the center of that.

The Western world is the representative of the right wing. The communist world represents the left wing. The two worlds had no unifying center. Reverend Moon's concept is Headwing and Godism. God is the absolute center. To be the center of the physical and spiritual realms is so-called True Parentism. Do you understand? Don't make it complicated. It is all the same concept, centering on true love.

You know well. That's it. That is the conclusion. No one can complain. That is a hopeful place, a place of happiness and peace. Don't you think so.

That means that there is no limit to where I am needed. I am needed more and more. Do we need and like this limiting line? [No] How can we make that kind of position? With these three, we can eliminate this limiting line. I can go over it, march on and on, and wherever I go, I will be welcome. They will always make some kind of food and preparation for me. How about that? You, too, can be just like that. You can go everywhere and be welcome every time.

Do you like it? Really? It sounds good, but reaching that kind of position is difficult. This is the problem. How can you cultivate yourselves into bigger original selves? How can I make this revolution inside myself? How can I fight and attain the victor's place? This is the homework of the fallen world's people. The guy who does not like homework cannot graduate, cannot receive his diploma. Once he gets the diploma, he can go to any society, take any road, and even go to heaven. It is the same meaning.

Now we know that we constantly need to negate the limiting line where we are needed. Once more, we have to advance for the sake of the larger cause. How many of you are Blessed Couples? Amazing -- almost all of you. What if Father comes to live with you, will you welcome that or not? [Yes] What if the woman lives on the northern side and the man lives on the southern side and Father lives right in the middle? [Yes] The woman will complain, "Father, since we are going to live together, you occupy either side, north or south and give us room to be together." [No] Why no? They can't love each other. In the morning, maybe you can kiss each other. You'll wish that Father would start snoring so that you can make love to each other!

We have to bear on our own shoulders the burden of doing away with this borderline so that we will be welcome everywhere. Father has been doing this and Father expects all of us and our lives to be like this. Father has given us this topic and this content. Father wishes all of us to go strongly and steadily toward this goal of doing away with the line that limits where we are needed.

We have to sleep less, eat less and work harder and continue to invest for the sake of others. Even though we are living conversely from the way other people live and from what we would want, still that foundation will be much greater in the internal world of spirit than the mere individual centered life. This is by far the better way of life. This is why we should go.

Those who pledge, "Father, I will live like that. I resolve myself to live like that," raise your hands. Beautiful hands, but how much those beautiful hands must suffer in the future in order for the owners of those hands to become beautiful men and women.

God bless you. Let us pray. 

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