The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1990

Father's Nation Is My Nation

Sun Myung Moon
September 2, 1990
Belvedere, New York
Translator: Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is "Father's Nation is My Nation."

As we all know, God is one. In order to meet God, individuals have gone through various steps, from shamanism to all degrees of various religions depending on their background, culture, language and particular circumstances. Yet all these varieties comprise one religion.

All men want to depend upon something and make a deeper and deeper connection to that. We make certain assumptions, such as, "If I do this, then I will become that; if I do not, then I cannot arrive there." We try to make predictions about ourselves and our circumstances. Sometimes we select an object, like a big tree for instance. "If that tree becomes healthy, so will my family. If that tree does not become healthy, then my family will have a problem" and so forth.

That means it is in our nature to want to live in eternal happiness. We do not want to change up and down in fortune. Centering on that happiness, we want to connect to something. Everyone wants unique and lasting happiness of his own. If there is a subject who guarantees that, how wonderful that would be. Men have tried to make many suppositions and ideas other than God their subjects of happiness. Many people have wondered philosophically, "What is really the center of happiness? Is there a God or not? Is an absolute Being actually there? Is it only in our minds or does it actually exist?"

We tend to think that if there is an absolute Being, then peace and good fortune are possible and inevitable. From what position would we like to own these things? We tend to think of the best things centering on ourselves: "I have that." "I" am very much part of that and very much connected with everyone who is connected to that. If the best thing is the world, then we would think, "I would like to go to that world where I can make all connections with all the things that I want."

If we can find that place and connect not only ourselves but our friends, family, relatives, and everyone around us there, where would we like that place to be? If it is to be found in Germany, I would like to bring it back here to America. Is that true? More particularly, I would like to have it in my state, my village, my hometown.

How would I like it to be connected to my home? For a wife, she would like it to be as closely connected as possible with her loving husband, being right in between them. If I have loving parents, then I would like it to be in them and as their son I will be close to that. The fact that everyone wants it centering on himself means that he would like to place it where his most beloved one is. Therefore, it is in the relationship between husband and wife, children and parents. These ones are the closest to us and each wants the others to be happy. This is where we settle down.

This is the common conclusion which we always come to, regardless of different histories, races and times. This transcends everything, This is true every time. That precious thing can be many things. Some might treasure money or power or knowledge, but what would you like that best thing to be? That is the question now. Would we like something which changes from time to time or would we like something that is unchanging? [Unchanging.] Then what would we want to be unchanging? [True love.]

Then it is love. It is love which we do not want to change. Nobody wants love to change. It is the best thing and it is lasting. We can have no better thing. We want that love to be unchanging and we want to have that love close to us. When we think that love is the hope and source of happiness, then where would God want to be? We've thought about it from our point of view, but let's think about it from God's perspective. Where would God want to be? The answer is very simple. God cannot be any different from us. What we conclude and what God concludes will never be different; they are the same. God wants to be where there is unchanging love between husband and wife. No matter what happens, their love does not change. It is so amazing that it does not change. God wants to be there above all places.

Happiness, peace, fortune. We crave all these things, but above all, we want all of these to be present in us and around us in the form of love. We want to experience these through love and we want this love to be where the closest person to me is

Then what is love? [Father says in English, "The answer is simple. Love is love! "] but that is too vague. Would there be any hating in love? Do you think love is all good?

[Yes.] Do you always want your love to be under you or in front of you, never above you? Do you always want love right here, under your feet? [No.] Do we want a love we can drag to wherever we want, or do we want a love that drags us to wherever it wants?

If love presses on me and does something I didn't expect it to do, would that be good or bad? If, when I want to go over to this side, love pulls me toward the other side and says, "Don't go there, go in this direction," how would we feel? [Okay.] We have to keep this in mind, it is a very serious point. Wherever love dictates me to go, love has the value of the world, so we should always know that love is leading me to the best place. We should not forget that one thing.

It is like a small boy who doesn't want to go to a certain place. He cries but love pulls him and he goes there. After reaching the place, he finds it is the best place he could ever imagine, a big feasting place. So this boy is very happy. A girl may not want to go in this direction and cries and cries but when she goes there, she finds the best husband in that place. This is what love does.

We must keep in mind that love has the contents of the world level. Nothing can be better than that. Therefore, when love pulls us, wherever love brings us to, we can say to ourselves, "This is something I do not understand, but this is where the best thing is."

The typical love experience is a very confined, narrow love, centering on the person and upon what the person likes and understands. The person does not want to go one step beyond that. That is a very lonely love. When love comes upon us, it wants to embrace all the universe and all the world, since that is love's attribute. The people who say, "No, no, just follow me. I want to go here," have just a small, narrow opening that they want their beloved one to follow them into. If the husband is broader than the woman and has a bigger love and a bigger ambition, how can he go through that small, narrow place?

Here is a man. Here is a woman. Who makes more of an issue of the love that is between them? [The woman.] They both go round and round.] Round and round? In order to go around and around in an ideal way, you have to have a clear cut subject and object. If you do not have a clear subject and object, going around and around is not always happy.

Why does Father choose women as the example all the time? If Father chose a man as the example, not all the women would be interested, but when Father picks women as the example then not only are the women interested but the men are interested tool

Whenever Father says, "American women" your hearts sink, don't they? You might think, "What's wrong with American women?" Father happens to pick women and happens to pick American women! That's all! Father doesn't have anything against American women. You don't mind being used as a textbook example, do you? Since you are used as a textbook example, you are the center of attention.

Therefore, you'd better behave yourselves!

Where do we get hope and happiness and peace from? From "me". Is that true? What particular point in "me"? My knowledge? My money? Advancement in my career? Those are important, but even if they change, it doesn't really devastate me. I can live with it. I can adjust to it. If my career goes up and down, fine, but when love does this, we do not know what to do. We are in great distress. Is there any man or woman who wants that or can tolerate that? No. Love has to be lasting and secure.

Do we want love to appear to us and be very visible and dancing around, or would we want love surely to be there but perhaps not showing? Do we want the kind of love which is strongly there but in a deep place, yet always casting signals and waves to me that I am very much a part of it? Yes, we do.

Those who prefer visible love, love right at your fingertips, raise your hands. [Both kinds!] Well, you cannot have both! You cannot be on both the right and left sides at the same time. You cannot be a man and a woman at the same time. You have to be either one. Love must either be in a deep place or in such a shallow place that we can see it. That is the choice.

The love which you can imagine and picture in your mind and have a deep smile about, the love which is not visible but which is very much there and you are sure of its presence, that kind of love has much, much more value that the love you can see. There are different expressions of love. In one we can see the woman hug her husband in front of everyone, lift one foot up and passionately express her love. Another love just takes a short glimpse of the loved one and smiles, but we can see that there is a lot of give and take going on invisibly, which is love, between her and her beloved, even though they are not touching each other. Which do you think is more attractive? Both are attractive, but which is beautiful? Do you like attractive love or beautiful love? [Beautiful.] Beautiful. But before something is beautiful, it has to be harmonized. Every part of your body, including your mind, has to be beautiful and your surroundings also have to be beautiful and harmonized. Attractiveness is very particular. Beauty is different. Which would you prefer to be, attractive or beautiful? Of course, beauty is lasting. You want to have beauty every time. Attractiveness you only want once in a while.

Which is more valuable, laughter that starts at the feet and comes all the way up and makes the belly laugh, rises to the chest and makes the chest laugh, and goes to the face, the head, the eyes and mouth -- with every part of the body laughing? Do you want that kind of laugh or the kind where just the eyes and the mouth laugh? Which laugh is more valuable? Oh, you always know the answers!

Imagine two women laughing. One has nice, expensive cosmetics on and the other is one whose beauty is natural it is in her laughter. Does this second loving woman approach her husband with long, red fingernails or does she approach him with just natural nails? [Natural.] A tree does not wear makeup. A tree is green all the time and never changes shape.

Do you think, "That is too monotonous! How can it live in that monotonous way?" A tree is very proud of one thing, however. He is proud of the fact that he is growing, steadily and surely, bigger and bigger every year.

The changing man and woman are happily in love, even ecstatic when they are all made up and in the prime of life, but does it last? No, they fight with each other and their love goes down the drain. It changes. It is not like a grandfather tree which does not change year round and for many years on end.

We may understand that it is not makeup or the way a woman looks which makes her beautiful. It is the way that she is growing in love and in many different characteristics that attracts all things to her, including love.

Where can we find heaven, the ideal world, the so called utopia? Is it just imaginary? Wherever we may seek for it and find it, the conclusive point is always right where we started from. We want to bring it here. Where would we be able to find the utopia for women? In a true man? Is the American president a true man? [No.] It is an important issue, an important question. Of course, we cannot exclude men from the utopia of women. Women's peace and happiness cannot be realized without men. Man is very much a part of a woman's happiness and peace. [Father says in English, "I don't know. Is that true?" Yes!] If so, centering on what?

What women seek, whatever they value and whatever would be utopian for them cannot be found with the exclusion of men. Therefore, without love, that which matters to a woman cannot be found. Is that so? [Yes.]

It is a decisive conclusion that no matter how a woman is -- maybe she is not beautiful, maybe she is not even whole -- maybe she is lame or has serious defects in her body -- without a man no woman can have what she wants. She cannot have peace or happiness.

Everyone wants unchanging love. If one himself is constantly changing but still looks for the peace, happiness and love which is unchanging, that is really absurd. That is really the worst sin and crime. As long as we all agree that we want unchanging love, then that is how we have to be. That is a must. Otherwise, we are committing a grave injustice.

What kind of self do we visualize? Am I so unchanging that I deserve to have an unchanging goal? Or am I still struggling? Are we changing, perhaps without realizing it, yet still looking for something which is unchanging? Which is the reality? What about us at this moment, our particular lifestyle today? Do we have an unchanging lifestyle or a changing lifestyle? We not only change but we change very often. That is, of course, much worse. If unchanging love comes to visit that kind of man or woman and wants to stay with him or her, then love itself must be crazy. How can love visit us when we are like that?

Eternal happiness, peace, and love are all very real and present, but we cannot find them because we are completely contrary. We are so changing and our positions are so precarious and unpredictable. Yet we seek these things and sometimes say, "There is no such a thing as peace; there is no such thing as happiness." How foolish that is.

We all know that God and His love are unchanging and that He is the hope of us all. If He changed from time to time, would we have anything to live for? No one can deny that we would not. This is reality. This is a formula. This is the central standard viewpoint. How about you? Are you changing all the time, 360 degrees different day by day? There is no purpose to that.

Father makes many gestures and postures to illustrate his points. Who feels, "Oh Father, you are giving an entertaining show"? Raise your hands. Is it a serious show or an entertaining show? [Serious.]

The husband who pledges himself eternally to his wife, not ceasing to be her husband even temporarily, has eternal true love content. The parents are parents to the children eternally and do not leave their position for even one moment. Love is in that eternity. In unchangeableness itself, all happiness, love, and peace are found.

There are patriots, sons of filial piety, and saints. All these have one thing in common: unchangeableness. Look at the patriot. The patriot does not just love the country for a short time and then change his mind. He loves his country steadfastly all throughout his life. Then later on when he dies, he is recognized as a patriot. Likewise, the sons and daughters of filial piety love their parents all throughout their lives, no matter what happens. Even when the parents are in a difficult position and are distressed and unhappy, their love toward their parents never changes. Likewise, the saint suffers all throughout his life, yet never changes even for one moment. Later on, people will recognize that he truly was a saint and holy man. We can see unchangeableness as the common quality among these three. Is that true? [Yes.]

One might say, "Oh, then I cannot be a patriot. I cannot be a filial son or daughter. How can they live like that? I have a lot of things to achieve; I have a lot of ambitions. In order to get what I want, I have to change according to the situation. I want to go to the theatre, I want to go to the show and go out once in a while and enjoy myself, how can I be unchanging and steadfast?"

Do you want to drink alcohol? Changeable people usually like alcohol. Changeable people actually long to be unchangeable. They think they can achieve that by drinking. Dancing people think that too. Imagine if someone could dance for thousands of years on end, in that one position. How wonderful that dance would be. Actually, it would be terribly tedious but it would be very amazing and great too. Father would certainly visit that dancer. Even God would come to visit him in admiration.

If one is laughing eternal laughter, would anyone not want to visit him to see it? If you hear the news that someone had been wearing the same clothes for a thousand generations and had never changed them, wouldn't you like to go see him just out of curiosity? Eternal unchangingness is something that our true nature admires. To changeable people the lifestyle of being unchanging is a laughing matter. They will despise it. But one thing we must understand is that what is changing will later be digested by what is unchanging. In other words, unchangeableness is more enduring. That which is unchanging will eat up changeableness. It is very difficult and tedious to tolerate and persevere, but he who perseveres and tolerates even beyond the point of impossibility will be the final winner. He will be closer to the truth.

God is eternal and unchanging, but we are presenting ourselves to Him in changeableness. This is really an injustice to God. We are asking for the peace which is unchanging, yet we present all the elements of changeableness. That, too, is an injustice. Who or what is the key? Is the key an outside element or is the key within ourselves? [Within.]

Nobody sends us to hell or to heaven. I go to hell or heaven according to what I do. This is the nature of things. If you truly know this, then you cannot complain to anybody.

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is "Father's Nation is My Nation". Until now, what has Father talked about? An attitude for unchanging, absolute happiness and the characteristics of that.

Where does happiness lie? No matter how many degrees you may have, no matter how well-educated you may be, unless you find a husband whom you can love, you are a failure. If a husband and wife had a big fight the night before, would even a beautiful woman look beautiful the next morning or would she look miserable? [Miserable.] All things will make a sour face at that beautiful woman, knowing about the fight she had the night before. All things will say, "I wish I hadn't seen her this morning! She's going to ruin my whole day!"

Father's interpreter always stands on the left side, as he should, which happens to be on the man's side of the room. Father always happens to be on the right side, which is the woman's side of the room. The American women might say, "Oh Father always picks on American women and stands right in front of them. Why doesn't he stand in front of the men?" Well, it is best not to change. That is not something you can change at will. It is better that way. Father is the subject and the subject has to stand on the right. The object, the translator, should stand on the left side. We cannot change sides since we know the Divine Principle viewpoint! It has to be so. So you just have to take it!

Father's country or nation, where did it start? Did the nation start from the national level itself or did the nation start from an individual? Is the nation a changeable nation or an unchangeable nation? Then those who want to go to this nation, should they be changeable persons or unchangeable? What about you? We all want to go to the unchangeable nation. Then are we unchangeable? You don't sound so confident. That means there are more changeable elements in you.

If you are unchangeable, you see all things as beautiful and peaceful. If you are changeable, you cannot see anything that way. Because everyone is changeable, does unchangingness have to change into being changeable? Or should one keep the unchangeable quality no matter how many changeable people there are, no matter how difficult it may be? Do you want to become a changeable or an unchangeable family? [Unchangeable.]

If you lead your family into having a more changeable quality, then you will feel great regret. That is the biggest sin or mistake you can commit. It is a sin to destroy what is otherwise a peaceful environment by not looking at it through beautiful eyes and changing the whole thing.

Nobody else in the world really trusts the American mentality. Americans are proud of having a lot of money, but is money changing or unchanging by nature? Looking at Americans, people do not really see much consistency. Do you know how the Oriental people usually live? One man may lend another a big sum of money. The next time he needs money himself, he will go to him and try to collect, but he cannot bring himself to say why he came. They both understand why he is there, but still he cannot bear to say it. After studying carefully how the one to whom he lent the money lives, if he sees that he lives at a lower standard than himself and is more miserable, then the one who lent him the money cannot say, "Please give it back to me," until the last possible moment. Sometimes he goes back home without having said anything about it.

That is quite different from the culture where when you borrow money, you have to write out an IOU and sign it and if the person doesn't pay it back, the creditor immediately goes about suing him. What a difference of heaven and earth there is between those two hearts.

Which is more unchanging and which can make or build that unchanging foundation more deeply -- Western people changing to the Eastern way or Eastern people changing to the Western way? The problem is that today's trend is for all of the world to change to the Western style in spite of the fact that everyone can see that the West needs to change to better ways. The West is going backward. They want everyone to change to their way. This is why they are not welcome. This is why "Yankee, go home!" is shouted out in every corner of the world.

How can the Western world prosper like this? It is because of God. If they push God out of the country, the country has only one way to go and that is down to destruction.

God took notice of this and sent such a person as Reverend Moon. Through him, God wanted to change their way of thinking drastically. Otherwise, they have to perish. There is almost no way out of it. That is why God sent Father here.

From Father's point of view, he cannot change it just ninety degrees. He has to change huge America, that established country and culture, 180 degrees. If he only changes it ninety degrees, there is the possibility that they will go back. How difficult it is both for Father and for America!

We are in a unique position. We became Moonies. Are we happy to have become Moonies or do we feel unhappy about it? Our intelligence tells us, "Yes, we are happy and we should be, even if we are not." But if we are changing Moonies, then we are miserable.

Father is unchangeable and all of us want to go in the direction of unchangeableness even though we are changeable. Is that a good or a bad Moonie? Is that a person on God's side or on Satan's side? [God's side.] Changeable Moonies have Satan's string attached to them by the hundreds. The less strings you have, the better off you are. How many strings do you have?

You distinguish between the parts you like in Father and the parts you don't. "Oh, Father, I like you in this way; in that way, I don't." How changeable that is. What is Father going to do with us? Where does Father want to go with you? To the ideal world. Why?

Maybe you say you do not mind going into the ideal family, but you don't want to go into the ideal world. That is the problem of the Unification Church. "I love my family, but I don't want to go on to the national level." God is the ideal center of all levels, not just the family or the individual levels. God's country is not just what an individual likes. God's country is what the whole family likes, what even the country likes to be. Everybody wants to go to God's country and they all like it.

If all you like is yourself and your husband and your family, you will soon lose the parents and all the clan, and even the nation will become distant. All things are created for everyone and all things know that, but if an individual wants to monopolize what was intended for everybody just for himself and his family, then even nature will protest against him. Do you know that if there is a rich person, a billionaire, who collects money for his sake alone, that individual will surely perish sooner or later? But the one who makes the same money for the sake of the entire world will not perish until the entire world crumbles down. It is never the other way around. Why? Because God wants it that way. It is going along with God's principle. God protects that kind of unselfish millionaire.

Father expects that the money our Church has gained and uses will stay with us forever because that is money Father uses for everybody's sake.

If someone challenges that, if someone wants to stop this, then what they have will eventually come here to us of its own accord. Our movement has a lot of money scattered all over the world. Father doesn't keep day by day track of it since it does not belong to Father himself, but belongs to everybody. For the sake of everybody and for every nation, God will take care of this according to His own law. Whoever tries to meddle with that, their blessing will be added to this, so this foundation gets bigger and bigger day by day. What a wonderful phenomenon this is.

Selfishness and suing and being sued, how miserable that kind of limiting life is. In that respect, wealth has been owned by evil people. Because of that, Father wants to be the greatest debtor in history and be proud of it. He wants to make as much as possible and use it for the sake of all.

Before we find the good nation, we have to find ourselves. From the good individual, the good family will be formed, then the good nation. That is the original progressive way. The good country is made up of good individuals and good families growing into good clans and then those good nations will be a world. In the happy nation, the concept or center of happiness is what? What is the component, the building block? It is the family. It is never an individual.

Those families who are not happy know they are not happy and other people think so too. An unhappy family cannot make up a happy country. A happy family does not welcome anyone but happy individuals.

The problem we are facing now in the Unification Church is that we have gotten stuck in the happy family. "I am happy in my family, with my children and my spouse. We do not need a happy country." This is wrong. We have to regard the happy world as the center of our family, not the other way around. If we do that, then our children will prosper along with the country. Look at Americans. They do not think so much about their country. They are very much concentrated and focused upon their individual selves or families at best. Of course, they say they love their country, but there is no room in them for that.

This is not what God originally intended. What did the Puritan fathers of America do first? It is not long ago. We can trace back the history. When they came here, they put God first. They invited God into their everyday lives. The built the church and schools before they built their own homes. The school belongs to the national foundation, not the family foundation. God blessed this country because of them. They took God's viewpoint, therefore, God was able to bless this country abundantly.

The Puritans were happy while they were laboring hard at building the churches. They were very happy while they were building the schools because they were full of hope. God gave unlimited support to them. America was the only God centered nation built by Protestantism. There were many independent Catholic countries in the world, but there was only one independent Protestant country and that was America. God gave unlimited blessing to this country because of that. This country was able to attract treasure from all around the world because the founding principle was correct.

What does Father center on? Father centers upon God. It is the same thing. What does Father want to do? He wants to build a good school for the world, not just for the nation. The Unification Church is God's church and at the same time, it is God's universal school. We are students from all over the world. Father tries so hard to teach us. Nobody wants to go to school, nobody wants to learn, I know that! Father has to sweat to teach us because Father knows best. Father knows what we need, how we can protect our future. After learning, you can do it. Otherwise, there is no way. We may not want to know it now, but we'd better learn it.

It is because of God's own law that God has to bless the Unification Church. Even if Father has to sacrifice someone close to him, even if he has to sacrifice his beloved country of Korea, he will do so for the sake of this country of America. That is the same principle that God upholds. Therefore, God blesses us.

It is not an easy thing. Every step of the way is very difficult, but he has to do it. The spirit world above us is even more important than this world, so even at the sacrifice of the world, Father has to work for the spirit world. That is God's principle and way.

This is Father's task. When he goes to the spirit world, Father has to bring a gift to God. What gift would Father bring? Father will say, "I loved the country You loved as much as You did. You cared about the future of mankind so much; likewise, I have loved the second generation of the world before I came here."

There is no change between life here and life in the hereafter. It is a natural extension. God is working for that purpose in the spirit world. We all know that and Father knows that, so we work in earth the same way that God works and then when we go to the spirit world, we will continue doing the same thing. There is no abrupt change.

God's country is my country because I have the same goal, so whatever I did here is for God's country and my country. While Father was achieving this, there was tremendous persecution. Nobody welcomed it, nobody understood, nobody helped. Even the followers did not know what we were doing, yet Father was unchanging. Even the spirit world tried to cut in and persecute Father, but by being unchanging at every moment, persevering on and on, Father complied with God's purpose. Therefore, God's country is Father's country.

Here is the individual station. [Father draws on the blackboard.] This is the family station. This is the nation's station and this is the world's station. The train is proceeding toward the terminal station, to God. The train stops. Which station am I parked at? The individual station? We have to think about that

Nobody has to be your judge because you know yourself best. If you stop here at the individual station, your have no connection to anything to do with the ideal family. If we stop here and never proceed, then we have no connection with the nation or the world. We have to go here, this is our destiny. We cannot stop anywhere before we go to heaven. If we do not make it while here on earth, we have to continue doing it in the spirit world. Which is easier, to do it in the spirit world or to do it here on earth? In spirit world, it is hundreds of millions of times more difficult. Father is not saying this to threaten us. It is merely the truth. The only proof will be when we go there. Then we will know.

A man and a woman want to have a good family, don't they? Do you want to be good parents and have good children and build and be surrounded by a good family? [Yes.] We may think this is our destination, but no, our destination is the country.

If the country wants to take the husband or wife for the service of that country or collect taxes and the family is opposed to that end complains, this nation will not prosper. It doesn't stop there. The world and the cosmic levels remain. We even have to go to God. That is our destination.

Mother would say, "Oh, Father, all you have in your mind is the dispensation. Don't you want to think about your family a little bit more?" Of course, Father understands that it is the mother's role to bring up the interests of the family, so Father cannot blame her for that. But no matter how difficult it is, Father knows that he has to follow this course. It may be more than ten or twenty years. What about after fifty, sixty or seventy years? No matter what, we have to continue on. This is our destiny.

Do we realize that Father has inspired the Inter-religious Federation for World Peace? The International Federation for World Peace is an external organization and the Inter-religious Federation is an internal one. Do you think it is easy initiating these? How difficult it is! We know that the League of Nations which was formed right after WWI failed. The United Nations, formed after WWII, has been ineffectual for a long time. Now Father is calling forth the Federation for World Peace with such difficulty, such toil.

The origin of the individual division between the mind and body was Adam and Eve's fall on the individual level. As a consequence, the whole world is divided into two factions, the left and the right. To reunite this, it takes a whole individual, one who is not divided, whose mind and body are one.

Here is the right wing and here is the left wing. The right wing is comparable to the religious world and the left wing to the non­religious world. Unless there is unity between the two, there is no world peace. Bringing the right and the left wings together in unity, bringing the religious and non-religious worlds together only becomes possible when there is one absolute set of True Parents. The concept of the True Parents does not only apply to religious people but to nonreligious people as well. It makes no difference. In the near future, whether religious or non­religious, Unification or non­Unification, when people put True Parents' picture in a prominent place, they know that blessing is coming. They will feel that. That is the end of what God is trying to do through religion.

The right and left wings have to welcome True Parents. That is why Father is willing to work with both the American government and the governments of communist countries. Father works with religious societies as well as non­religious societies. Is it easy to bring these opposites together? [No.]

Whenever Reverend Moon says he will do something, he actually does it. This time at the Assembly of World Religions, the Grand Mufti, who is a great leader of the Muslim religious world, gathered all of his followers and, representing them, signed the World Peace document and complied with Father's request. This man has been like a lone lion working for God. The Buddhist representative came and, aware of his position, also came toward Father. Minor as well as major religions came. Christians and Catholics all came to San Francisco centering on Father. They agreed that this is the common goal that God wants for them, so they said "Amen" to that.

Sometimes those big religious leaders who are far from the center of the Unification Church understand and respect Father more than the Unification Church members themselves do. They know they are to work for the sake of the world and beyond. That is why they understand. The historical, monumental things that took place on August l S through 20th are not just one day's work, nor one year's work. For this goal, Father worked all his life. They understand that Reverend Moon was the only person working for this goal, for thirty or forty years accepting persecution, spending so much money and investing so much of his effort in interdenominational works. It is their dream and they know they couldn't achieve it. Reverend Moon, they heard, was doing it in Korea. There are a lot of thick walls, like the Berlin Wall, among religions. Even within the same religion, there are thick walls. They hated those walls, but no one could take them down. Father took the walls down between and within the religions. They know he did that.

They all welcomed this movement of the universe and the media does not support it or even report it, but that doesn't matter. They are like dogs barking away at small things. Whether the media recognizes it or not, history cannot stop. Whether they approve of it or not, history goes on. The world doesn't exist for the sake of the media. God's work will march on.

When Father was doing this, did we Moonies take any time to pray and participate and help him go through that course? Did we even think about it? Did we come in and just worry about when the Blessings were to be? When there is a Blessing, we are eager to come, but when there is hard work, then we want to go away. If Father had taken the same position as some of us have taken, how could Father have achieved this goal? Father knew the work was there for him to do. "I am born for it." This is the only way Father could got Father didn't expect anything except hard work for God's purpose.

When the representatives of all the religions and all the religious denominations go back to their own churches and report to their leaders and followers what happened in San Francisco, they will proudly testify to Reverend Moon, who has been doing this at such a sacrifice.

Have you ever liked to speak up for Reverend Moon not because you are told to do so but out of real pride? Are you afraid of being called Moonies? [No.] You say so now, but Father doesn't believe that. Recently you may have come to understand and be proud of Father and speak out for him, but Father has already opened all the gates. If people want to come in any gate, we encourage them to come in. Father has proclaimed True Parents to all religious people. Do you think that is easy? The Grand Mufti has worked all his life to see this day.

He worked all by himself, being persecuted and going to jail often. He worked as Father worked, he later confessed, because it has been revealed to him through the spirit world that this mission is to bring Christians, Moslems, Buddhists and Jews into unity. Being a righteous person, he has been doing that all by himself Now he came to San Francisco and found that Reverend Moon is doing the same thing. He never imagined it or expected it. Not only that, but Reverend Moon already made the foundation, whereas the Grand Mufti was just working in that direction. He confessed this to Father and was so ecstatic. He has 25,000 followers and they are all church leaders themselves. He proclaimed that within his religion they should all support and cooperate with Reverend Moon's work to bring all the religions of the world into unity. Can we see with our own eyes that religion is coming into unity? [Yes.] Is the communist world coming into unity with the free world? [Yes.] It is very visible.

What about America? Is America going along with Father too? It is not centering on America that this transition of history is taking place, but more than two thirds of congressmen and senators of each state have gone through the American Leadership Conference lectures on VOC and Godism. They seriously take that into account when making decisions.

They are working for their own country, but Father is working toward saving a country other than his own. So, if you complain, to whom do you complain? Do we have any condition whatsoever about which we can complain to Father? [No.] How many American leaders thought, "Why did Father bring the Japanese and Korean leaders here? We don't need them. Why doesn't Father trust Americans and let Americans be the center of their own country's work?" You wished that Father was American, thinking that then you would have no problem. Let's face it. The way Americans have been nurtured and the way they are today, they cannot be the center of the whole world. They cannot unify the world. How can they solve racial problems? But we, the members of the Unification Church, can do that.

Former enemies gather together now centering on Reverend Moon, who is Korean and we are trying to unify the whole world. Reverend Moon has brought Japanese and Koreans together in marriage, making the former enemies into one. In the past, Japan and America were enemies. Now they work together. Koreans, Japanese and Americans gather in this one place here. How can we unify them? This is an historical problem. We cannot make unification of the world without Reverend Moon's thought. White and black people can be combined into one centering on God's love. Japanese and American people, centering on God's love, can become completely, absolutely one. Many internationally married couples are sitting here now. That second generation will be beautiful.

It's on the world level now. In the name of the absolute, true religion, all will gather together now. It is only possible with absolute true love. Now we know which station we are parked at. Where is your family now? Is it a family that does not care about America -- and even less about the world? If you at best want to remain at the family level and your destiny is to reach the cosmic level and God, there is a tremendous gap. Who is going to fill that gap for you? Father wants to bring all of us together to be with him wherever he goes. Therefore, should Father come back here and stay with us where we are? Should he retreat? [No.] Or rather should we start moving in this direction? Are we doing that?

You work in a church organization and say, "Pay me. Give me a salary." Does Father ever ask a salary? Our teaching is to dedicate ourselves for the sake of the Church day and night, being a benefactor, not a beneficiary. Father never took one day's vacation in his life. When Father gets so much sunburn, do you think it is because Father went on vacation? The fishing Father does is not ordinary fishing. It is most intense fishing activity. Father was out there every single day. Can we as Moonies officially go on vacation? As a core ACC member on God's forefront, do we take vacations during the war? When you rest, America will surely perish and the flee world too. If you go dining and dancing on vacation, America will surely come to ruin. The world is perishing. Every day, 60,000 people are dying. Do you understand? Who can take responsibility for saving them? Not America Not the Soviet Union.

Until now, Father has been making the foundation and praying to God and by pushing himself to an impossible degree, Father made good to God all our shortcomings. Now Father is trying to provide for the sake not only of this country but for the whole world. This is why Father undertook the fishing industry many years ago. This is the only reason he has had interest in business or mining. In the fish industry today, the natural reproduction rate is a mere 0.6 percent. Only a fraction of the huge amount of eggs fish lay will be hatched, but if you control this, you have enormous resources of fish. Father has been doing that, yet people criticize what he is doing and call him names because of it. In the sight of God, those people deserve to be punished.

Do we support Father, or do we follow Father, or are we not even going in the same direction? Which one is it, the first, the second or the third? Imagine, here is a school from which it takes six years to graduate. If the school does not produce a student who is educated after six years, who cannot even read or write, then the only thing to do is to close down that school. We have a certain educational period to go through. If we don't learn during this time, if we do not make it, well, we cannot go to school all our lives. The school is not working. If we diverted the money we put into America into other countries like Africa, it would take much less time. The whole country could have been educated by now. To God, individually speaking, one person in Africa and one person in America are perfectly equal. One man's life is one man's life.

When God and Father are working to save the entire population of the earth, then here in America where we have placed special emphasis, so the students go on vacation? Can God bless a country like that? No.

If you compare things in the outside world America has great schools so people from all over the world come to study here. The Oriental students are the most diligent. The American students are just half studying. Koreans especially study very, very hard. In things relating to the world, that person will be the center, the master. Those who can deny this, saying, "No, Father it is not related to that. America will continue to be the center," raise your hands. Father is not an opponent of America. Father is on America's side. Those Americans who know Father are loudly saying, "Reverend Moon, please do not go back home. We need you." But there are few Americans who understand Father.

Eighty percent of all the members are hanging around wishing that Father would give them a salary. Father himself is in debt. In other words, Father doesn't have a lot of money in the clear. Father has borrowed heavily. It is a sin even to imagine that someone has to provide for them so that they can work for their own sake and for the sake of their own country. This is still an interim period. First, we should work hard and give Father a salary; then we can think about our own salary. That should be the order. Father has never been paid a salary in the Church. Rather, Father has raised money, only for the work of the Church.

When American leaders run out of money, they all come to Father for financial support. lf they have their own house, they should sell their house and spend the money for the sake of the county before they do that. If they keep their house and then come to Father to ask for money, then America has no alternative but to perish. Father has filled the gap, even then, but Father cannot go on like that forever and ever. At some point, Father has to stop.

Father has already spoken to the True Children. When Father says, "We're going back to Korea," that is the day everyone will leave this country. Russia and China are two major countries which are waiting for Father to work in them the same way he did in America. That is m y responsibility, our responsibility. Do you see any strong hope for our future if we continue on the way we are? [No.] Father's children miss their parents so much when they are gone. They are rejoicing to see the Parents after not having seen them for a long time. Then when the Parents have to leave again in a few days, how disappointed they are.

Father can make those kinds of sacrifices because Father knows God and knows that God's situation is even worse, even more miserable. We must deny ourselves and determine to go to this end for the sake of the country and for the sake of God and live like that for the rest of our lives. Then our blessings will be guaranteed. An illustration of this is how Father paid all his attention to America, a remote, geographically distant country from Korea. Korea's situation was like a flickering candle. If a strong wind would have blown, the country would have been overrun. Korea went through crisis after crisis while Father was investing heavily here in America, but by the grace of God, Korea never perished. Miraculously, every time, Korea went over the crisis. Every time there was a severe crisis, Father went there for a brief time and ignited a fire there again. During those times you said, "Oh, I wish Father wouldn't go to Korea I wish he would stay here and be with us."

Did the American government ever help us? No. The American government is allowing cigarettes, which are killing people, to be sold in Korea, even pressuring them politically: "If you don't buy cigarettes from America.. " This is incredible. Father almost protested to the Bush Administration. These are the kinds of things they are doing. They don't care about other counties, they don't care about the rest of the world. If America backs out of its responsibilities, can America say before God, "Well, we are a big administration and we had our priorities"? Can you say that before God? Will that stand up to the light? No.

Father didn't get support or help from the government of the United States. Father made every penny of what he spent here in this country himself and invested it here. We now own the Media Tech Building in Washington. Everyone was opposed to that, all the media. Yet if America managed that in their own way and direction, they would do more harm to the world than good. To prevent this, we acquired the Media Tech building.

On the seventh of September, this week, the press center will have its grand opening. Now the networks and all the big media institutions are afraid that they will be outclassed by Reverend Moon, so they are trying to slander him. Try as they may, the world is changing now. What is Father's genuine intention in doing this? He is doing it for the sake of America. He is not doing it to hurt America, but to unify America and the free world. America is impinging upon the good fortune of the entire free world -- how can that be stopped? Father is putting the brake on the runaway car. Yet is America thankful? As they say "Yankee, go home" in foreign countries, Americans say "Reverend Moon, go home" to me. They accuse me. During the sixteen years I have been in America, I made a concrete foundation all over the country in order to save the world. That was my purpose: to save this country and the world. Do you understand? America's destruction is connected to the entire free world. I need to put the brake on that destruction. You are Moonies -- you accept Reverend Moon's ways. In that case, America can have hope. Following Father's way will lead to prosperity. The other way is destruction, perishing. This is a formula. I know that clearly. I am always praying to God, "Please, please, allow the free world to survive. Save them from perishing."

Now we know, we have to break the barriers, go over them. We have to stand on the front line and make a victorious atmosphere. Do you understand? Reverend Moon is a smart guy. How about you? Are you smart? [Yes.] Are you smart in a calculating way or are you wise? [Wise.]

Father's land or country means the vertical one. The horizontal situation is True Parents, that fatherland. That country belongs to all of creation, not to any individual.

Every individual, every family, every nation connects there. Once that happens, peace, happiness, and joy will abound forever. Otherwise, there is no way.

If we do not get a diploma in the course of the dispensation, it is miserable. Without getting the diploma, you cannot get into heaven. If you cannot believe this, if you died and went to spirit world, today, you would see that it is correct. It would be immediately apparent.

Father's land that he is trying to realize and recover is our own land too, that is the land where we are going to go. But now we are lingering on the individual and family level lands. This is not really what we are to do. God is on our threshold, at the door, always saying, "Let us go, let us go," and we are all shaking our heads and saying, 'No, Father, I won't go." How miserable a situation this is. If there is any way we don't have to do this, maybe you can find it, but we have to go sooner or later. Repentance should be the most urgent task of all American leaders. If we don't want to sweat in the hot summer and prefer doing things that are easier, well, Father feels the same way, but this is the destiny we have to go. There is no better way to go than this, so Father does it and we must too.

Many times when Father came in late and looked at his sleeping children, do you not think tears came to his eyes because he could not take care of them? You all take your wives very seriously, but the one who you take very seriously will make the best offering. Through that, you can achieve God's goal. Abraham's offering of his son is nothing compared to the path we have to go. Father just said this in a matter-of-fact way, but the walls from the family to the country to the world levels were so difficult to tear down, at each step. It was not a simple thing, It was so cliff cult. When Father saw the gate of the prison, Father never tried to evade it. His only concern was how to take the wall down on that level.

When America indicted Father, frankly, they didn't expect Reverend Moon to come back. Maybe that is why they indicted him -- to keep him away. Father could have stayed in Korea and done nothing and that would have been it, but Father had this course to go. Unless you liberate America, you cannot liberate God. Father came back. Why did Father come back? For whom? It was for the sake of the future of all the Unification Church members as well as for the sake of America Father could not stop what he was doing here, knowing what would happen to the future of America, how miserable America's and your future would be. Someone is indebted to someone here. If Father indebted to you or are you indebted to Father? We are indebted to Father. You are indebted to Father not for Father's sake, but for the sake of your own country.

You are very intelligent people. You know what goes on in the world. Who is working for the sake of the world except Reverend Moon?

Here is the center, our family, which should be the center of all the families of the world. That means in all four directions, 360 degrees, you have to connect others. All the people of the world can look at that and say, "That is the formula family way. I will therefore obey you and dedicate to you." The family's focal point should be the world. By your sacrifice, everyone can come to be grafted on.

Someone must offer themselves on that sacrificial altar, representing all families. We have to make a new tradition for building the country. Anyone who doesn't take that kind of position cannot find the true nation in this world. Someone must take that kind of position. Then following after that, the ideal world, Father's nation, will appear. Otherwise, there is no way. That means you must stand on the front line with your family. Your family must not stand in the position of the enemy of God. They must not stand in the way. Father knows this situation very well and he sacrificed his family. Now it is the same situation for you. You have to follow Father's tradition. This is the Moonies' ongoing lifestyle. Otherwise there will be no hope, no utopia, no peace, no happiness, no such world. We have to make that kind of phenomenon and foundation in this world, or else God cannot descend; God cannot land and work. The working foundation is the family. Many families connecting together makes the nation. How enjoyable that is. God wanted that right after the creation. This was His serious purpose. You have to know that point. Father knew that point. No matter how difficult, no matter how much I was persecuted for marching on that way, still I went through it. From there, I tore down the walls. If I had done otherwise, I could not have torn down the walls.

Think about how smart Satan is. Until now, in the fallen world, he has been accusing God. God has been enduring and enduring such a long, long time. Think about God's heart, what a tedious and miserable task and life He faced. How can that be overcome? God Himself alone could not overcome the world. Someone on the earth needed to do it. Satan had so much power, world level power. Yet no matter how much Satan hit me and hit me, I remain. Why? Because God protected me. You must have confidence and make your way victoriously, no matter how difficult situation you are in. Do you understand? God helps to tear down the walls once you have that kind of foundation, for God has creation power. Once He finds someone He can believe in, who can make an unchangeable faith foundation, God can solve every difficulty. Do you understand? without God, you cannot solve them.

You have to think about how much you are going along that course, Reverend Moon's lifestyle. How many decisions, how many sacrifices, how much I fought every time to make the victorious foundation upon which I now stand. No matter how much power Satan has over the whole world, with the Principle it is no problem. Who won? The forces arrayed against Reverend Moon or Reverend Moon?

The Eastern culture is changing. The nations are welcoming God. Centering on Reverend Moon, the combination of Japan and Korea is no problem. All throughout history the white people thought and worried about yellow power attacking them in some future time -- the Yellow Peril. I know that. But God doesn't want that. Instead, Father came to America and created a big stir for God. Did they welcome me? No, they wanted to kick me out They thought I was the worst guy in America How can I forget how I was treated in America -- in the very worst way? That is the agony in Father' s mind. Father cannot have a concept of an enemy. If God has the concept of an enemy, He cannot save all of the world. How to forget everything bad that was done -- that is agony. You do not know how miserable a situation that is. I know that God took that position many times. I know well that providential situation and how difficult it is. I stand here having inherited everything, I wanted to take God's agony away from Him. I took that responsibility and took action all of my life. Do you understand? That is my standard. That is the type of guy Reverend Moon is, your so-called True Parent.

I wanted that the nation should not perish. I wanted the nation to prosper forever. That is what God wanted for this nation, Knowing that, I felt the same and took the same position, took on the same situation, the same destiny for the nation. No matter how difficult it was for me, I had to make that kind of foundation all over the world. This is my mission, Father's mission. It is your mission too, you and I, centering on love. The ones who follow Father and become completely one with him will be called the true children. Can those children complain? Can they make excuses?

You have to take a changeless attitude. Don't you think so? Compare yourself to me. Father did everything. You don't know much, how I solved everything to connect everything to a peaceful world, facing persecution at every step. Some places needed a bridge. Who could make that bridge? Father made it. I did it. If God needed me, He always called and commanded me. Father made many kinds of successful foundations all over the world, in the political world, the economic world, the scientific and technological worlds, the cultural world, and in the religious world. People don't think about it, but those who do find it amazing. Was it easy making that kind of a foundation? No. And it was done under persecution. Everywhere I turned, people hit at me, but no matter what, no people, no nation, no party can uproot that foundation. God wanted it. Surrounded on all sides by persecution, I built God's foundation. Was that an easy or a difficult way? How difficult was it?

Where every kind of persecution is overcome is Father's land, Father's nation. How can we restore that nation? That's the point. We must make preparations. Time is passing. If you are going the easy way, you cannot make the foundation. You must go the more difficult way, marching on to the tearful place, the place of sweat and blood. That is a complete offering. If you do this your whole lifetime, when you go to the spiritual world, God and the angelic world will welcome you. You will have done it, not Father. This is your foundation. You are the owners. This is all your property. This was made by you, by yourself, on the earth. This is not mine. After that. the angelic world, God and I will follow you! Satan cannot follow to that place. Satan has a self-centered mind. He has to flee completely from there; there is no room for him. Do you understand? He automatically flees from that place. Win that kind of result. To win it, you have to fight with Satan.

Two days ago, there was the anniversary for the Eight Step Ceremony. Yesterday, the topic of Father's sermon was "Heavenly Fatherism." Now, as Father explained so well yesterday, the time is imminent for the unification of North and South Korea. That is one of the ultimate, one of the last historical undertakings of the dispensation. Who does that? Father, too, has to do that. On the eleventh of November, this year, there is a world summit conference in Beijing, China Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il were invited by the leader of China to participate in that meeting along with Father. The decision has already been made. Father did this by working continuously without taking rest. How about you? Whose work was it originally? God's job, True Parents' job -- it is your job too.

Centering on America and Russia Kim II Sung and China must make a trinity. If they don't go along with that, then they have no place to stand. They have to be reasonable.

Father worked long and hard behind the scenes to make that kind of an atmosphere in the world. Does that kind of result come from going an easy way or a difficult way? [Difficult.] How difficult it is. High level people in China and the Soviet Union respect Father. He has achieved victory on that high of a level. Can you do that, Moonies?

I know God's heart well, so I can do it. Our destiny is to have impact on the media world. We can connect by satellite to dozens of countries and stations all over the world. Reverend Moon can stand on that electronic podium and talk to the American people for two hours. He can give them the forty days training course. All the American people will turn around and the country will turn upside down! In the past, many TV broadcasting companies wouldn't allow me near them. Having our own TV station means that many famous companies will try to get in. Why? Because we know many high level professors in the intellectual world. The World and I is a high level professional magazine. We have resources to make a publication like that, we have professors from all over the world. I made that kind of foundation. The American government doesn't have that. They are only using American professors. Reverend Moon works with professors all over the world, from all nations. Any time I would call, they would immediately come and wield their influence. Do you understand? I have a foundation in the political world too, in Korea, Japan, the Soviet Union, America -- this foundation is very big.

Many people think, "How could Reverend Moon do this in such a short time -- have such a wide foundation?" I did it for the purpose of saving America and the free world. Reverend Moon is now influencing the communist world by inviting top level students to come here and study. Now they have gone back and sent back many letters pleading for us to continue these leadership conferences: "Our university wants that kind of education! Please send them here!" Father has made that kind of a whirlwind.

No matter how the Russian Orthodox Church might go against me, even uniting with the Roman Catholics, no matter how strong a foundation comes against me, I will persevere forever. Do you understand? [Yes.]

[Father addresses Dr. Seuk in Korean, then turns to the American members.] Do you understand what Father said? No? Why not? I said before that I would not use an interpreter after 1990. Father just instructed Dr. Seuk about making a sister relationship with the universities in Russia Many Russian students are coming here and they are overwhelmed by the education they are getting. We can make a sister relationship with the universities and formally invite them to attend a seminar to educate Western leadership with Russian and American students together. This is worldwide CARP, strengthened, fortified CARP now.

The inevitable conclusion is that the country God wishes is the same as whet rather wants and the same that we all want too. The three can never be different. They are all the same. To achieve that, it comes down to the individual and the family. That is the basis for utopia, that is the hopeful foundation, the peaceful foundation, for everything, centering on love. This is not just any family; only that one which is centered on eternal, unchanging, true love. Couples -- are you like two statues, two unchangeable pillars? The sound is not very strong. Are you? [Yes!] Bigger than that! [Father imitates a very loud "Yes! " and the members shout, "Yes! "] You sound too big, I have to close my eyes.

We have to go beyond the walls of the family to the country, to the world, to the spirit world, the cosmos, then to God. This is where we have to go. Father's major role was to tear down the walls. Even if we had wanted to go, if Father hadn't done that, we couldn't have gone. No human being could go. Father has worked for this and now this is possible. You can go back and forth freely and Father can go back and forth freely. It took Father's entire life of difficulty in order to do that. In great appreciation, we should go back and forth and achieve this goal.

Now a great war is being waged, a war you can only imagine. Human history has seen lots of wars, but this is the greatest and the last of all the wars. Father is not asking all the family members to go out and participate in this war. That would be better, but at least one member of the family has to come as a fighting soldier. The family is the love center, so if one person goes, that means that the whole family participated in that war. Do you understand? God is thinking in that way. The wives will take the responsibility of how to live, how to feed the family and how to get along. The wives have to be responsible. We cannot just serve America alone. Americans have to serve in at least three countries, then they can come back: the Adam country, the Abel country, and the Cain country. Preferably they would not go to an easy country, but would work and witness in a most difficult country like some African or South American country.

Father brought Japanese women and married then to Western husbands. Now the Japanese women have become like American women -- they are treated the same way. The Eve country represents the mother. The mother has to make the tradition, not follow some other one. The world is going backwards now, away from Americanization. Here they are about to be Americanized. Couples should not be living well and easy. No. You must go the opposite way.

The time is getting near that all American young people will come to participate in this war, not only evangelizing this country, but all the other countries where they are waiting for God's country too. Is it great or grey? You have to make that kind of great family and great nation, not grey ones. That means great activity. Then, from there, the great nation appears. That is the theoretical conclusion.

It is time. Now is the time for all-out participation and mobilization. We have just finished a forty day witnessing condition, haven't we? This is the 43rd day today. Up to now, Father has encouraged people to go back to their hometown, to their home country and witness. Now we must go away from our hometown, as far away as possible and witness. It is a living sacrifice, with myself on the altar. We don't need money or knowledge or great techniques to witness to people -- we need ourselves. We bring ourselves with our sweat, our tears and our blood and we witness in that country. This will certainly be an historical record. History will look back and say, "They did this."

There is a great movement from one place to another -- let's accrue a lot of blessings on our shoulders and disseminate them. We want to do that with our own force, our own power and investment for God's country, which is my country. I am giving this blessing to other people, sharing this blessing with other people representing my wife, my son, my daughter, and all of our family. We give this to the rest of the world and plant it with a family spirit. Someday, you have to do some kind of family condition for the world. Now the time is coming. I want that kind of activity. How about you? [Yes! ] If you sacrifice your wife and children, God will protect everything. More than you worry about your family, God will take that kind of responsibility for them. He will protect them better than you would. This was true in Father's case. God took care of them better than I would have. Don't worry about that.

How can you believe it? I am the standard. I am the model. I did it all my life. Prosperity has come to me. After you find that real God, my God, the love God, you will experience that kind of situation. No one can control you. There is dignity there, there is respect there, automatically. It is the natural consequence. You have God's authority there and a hopeful, peaceful settlement.

You have to build that. You have to make that kind of field. Then God will appear. Forever with all of humankind, it will be our nation. That is my country, that is Father's country, forever. How about that? Do you want that? Is it good or bad? How good? So good it is filled up and overflowing.

There is that much happiness. That kind of situation is our destiny, our hometown. Eternally. You have to send one representative to make this tradition in your family. Can you do it? [Yes, Father.]

Those who say, "Father, I will be ready to do that," raise your hands. Before we leave this morning, write your name and your husband's name and circle the one who can go out in the mission. Father will put the other spouse in charge of the family and the living circumstances. After that, wherever Father will assign the person to, we will have no objection. We will just follow where we are sent.

Father will draw by lottery from thousands of names of towns all over the world and assign a team there. Then Father will, of course, go visit these places and especially the successful places where you have gathered a lot of people. Father will have a revival meeting there. Father is very famous all over the world. Many people want to meet him. He has been making a lot of noise all over the world! If people know that by going there they can meet Reverend Moon, people will be interested. I will help make your foundation. Father's foundation is all finished. In this time, I want to make your foundation. You must make 400 disciples and stand in the center of that and call out, "Please, Parents, visit us." How much will I respect you then. How about that?

That kind of result feels very good, but it is not easy. It is very hopeful, but it requires action which is difficult to take.

Now that Father has brought us to this point and we all go to other countries and serve there forty days, by the time we come back, America will see the first generation of hopeful people. Will that take forty days or four years? Four years or forty years? Father went through the wilderness for forty years, so why can't we?

All 150 nations are connected to the Unification movement. Our members can easily now connect more people. You have an easy way, compared to me. If you can add more members, I will have hope for American Blessed families. How about that? You have to do it someday. You have to make that kind of result.

We will do it the democratic way. You are free to choose to go or not to go. Father is not forcing anyone to go. Will you do it? Americans like free choice. So, no matter how difficult our course may be, I will march on for the sake of God's country and for the sake of my country and I march on happily. Amen. [Amen.]

Persecution has disappeared thanks to the fact that all the walls are crumbling because of Father's work to make the unified world country. A car, food, money to help all over the world is no problem. All of the country will be behind you. Father made that kind of territory, I want you to have your territory. That is a loving Father's concept. It is good? That is great! Parents who love their children incessantly until they die are great parents, aren't they? Have the spirit to inherit from me. "I will absolutely follow." That kind of guy will be invited in front of God's throne in the spirit world. How happy they will be at that time.

That is Father's perspective, the dream of Father's lifetime. It is Father's concept but it should be your concept too. Completely inherit Father's eternal, vertical and horizontal concept. Then how happy we will be. Will you do it? [Yes.] Will you do it following? [Yes.] Following is not so good. Don't just follow. Do it yourself. Will you do it or just follow? [Do it.]

I believe you. Raise your hands one more time. God bless you. Father's land is my land. When we say it is my land -- who do we mean? It is not God who says it. It is we who say it. When we claim that, God will say "Yes, yes, yes." Standing on my foundation, that is my country. Let us reach for that purpose.

God bless you this September 2nd, the first Sunday morning of the month. Not such a long speech!

Let us pray. 

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