The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1990

Be a True Master to All

Sun Myung Moon
June 30, 1990
14th Commencement Address
Unification Theological Seminary
Barrytown, New York

The 14th graduating class of the Unification Theological Seminary holding their diplomas, the first ones issued directly by UTS

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to extend my warm and sincere congratulations to the forty-two graduates on this special 14th graduation ceremony of the Unification Theological Seminary. We look upon them as not merely graduates of a theological school receiving the master's degrees of Religious Education and Divinity, but as future leaders who are willing to follow God's Will in solving the crucial problems of our society and world today.

First of all I would like to extend my heartfelt acknowledgement and recognition to the President, Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students of the Seminary for your participation in the long-lasting effort of obtaining the Absolute Charter.

Secondly, I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to the graduates. Today we celebrate the culmination of two and three years of hard work, not only academically, but physically and spiritually as well. Now you are ready to take what you have learned here and apply it to the world.

When we look at the worldwide situation in this providential year of 1990, we perceive the obvious truth that there is no real, authoritative sovereignty behind any system based upon socialism, secular humanism or joy-seeking individualism. There is no true master over any of these ideologies and systems of thought. What about the democratic and communist worlds? Are they creating harmony and unity among their peers? Centering on humanity, are they really united into oneness and forming unity? No, absolutely not. For that reason we cannot put any hope in the world as it exists today. It is a fact that every exploitative power will ultimately decline, while whoever suffers persecution for the sake of Good will ultimately be raised up by God.

Philosophically speaking, the world of the mind could be called the theistic world, while the world of the body is the materialistic world. The ideologies and philosophies of the world are losing their strength. Today, the democratic world and the communist world are both seeking global domination, but there is no righteous direction and true master in either society because they have no true philosophy behind them. Humankind is faced with the task of overcoming philosophical differences and realizing the ideal of a worldwide family of love through international cooperation. When viewing this task on the basis of a restored philosophy, we can clearly see the need for a philosophical renaissance.

Even after the ending of the so-called Cold War between free and captive nations, we still do not see any true, victorious leaders emerging from either group. America, as a dispensational nation, is lacking in leaders who are morally and spiritually qualified to be the subject. To be a good subject, a leader or nation must first be a good object, going the path of unselfish love and service. Such a Godly nation, which could become the basis for a peaceful world, does not exist at this time. Instead, many powerful nations have no connection with God whatsoever. But we know the Heart and Will of God must become the building force behind them if they are to survive.

In a democracy, the head of the nation is elected and given authority by the people to be their leader. Since there are no perfect men and women, we cannot say the leader of the democratic society is a true master of the system. For instance, the United States of America is a gigantic nation with a Christian heritage that is supposed to embody the selfless love of God as the binding force of the nation. What you have now is the opposite. Self-centered love is prevailing in the very fabric of American society, with communities, schools and individuals tinged by evil. Do you think that most people in the United States today have any idea that there is to be a loving and reciprocal relationship between this nation and the rest of the world? No. International relationships have been secularized and demonized, treated like a business contract instead of the loving brotherhood of humanity.

Because of the human fall, instead of harmony and peace, there has been struggle in the world and alienation between God and humankind. Human beings are not living within God's ideal. We can observe in the sociological institution of marriage and family that no one shows the way to right conduct or moral leadership. For example, instead of love binding people into one -- between husband and wife, parents and children -- it divides them and has become perverted and destructively selfish. The same can be said of the schools, the communities, the societies, the nations and the world.

Why is this so? The answer is simple. In these social systems there is no God. God is left out, God is completely lost. Because of the fall of humankind there is no true ownership over the creation, no one is in the true realm of sovereignty over all. How can this situation be resolved? It is through religion that God is teaching people how to strengthen their God-centered original minds and reverse the body's domination over their lives and personalities. By developing the religious and spiritual aspect of ourselves, we can learn how to have God-centered, love-centered dominion over all aspects of our world.

UTS students and guests listen attentively to a commencement address

The perfection of dominion over all things refers to the completion of the ability of humankind to dominate the natural world and society through love. In Heaven, our Heavenly Father is automatically the True Master who has true dominion over all things in the universe, but on earth true ownership must be obtained through fulfilling the "Purpose of Creation." In other words, true direct dominion of love can be obtained by perfected men and women centering on God and True Parents and becoming one through true love. Only then can we become true masters or lords of creation. This is God's ideal. God wants Heavenly Families to become the center of true love, thus expanding true dominion from the family to the schools, to the societies, to the nations and to the universe.

I want to see you graduates become men and women who can go beyond your individual selves, your family, your school and your country to love humankind everywhere as much as you love people of your own family. You are representatives of God's providence of restoration. Put yourselves in the victorious position of persons who can restore the Heavenly birthright of true sons and daughters of God that was lost in the human fall. Develop the concept of victorious leadership through the heart of true love.

The right of true direct dominion belongs only to the Creator. Nevertheless, God wants human beings, His children, to have direct dominion over all things of creation. So you must inherit God's parental position and heart in order to govern and lead humankind as heavenly rulers and masters of harmony. Become the masters capable of leading your nation. After that, develop the advance level of true master of all things, all systems and all phenomena.

Where is the starting point? The natural beginning is at the individual level. It is the fulfillment of the first blessing to form a perfect give and take relationship between the mind and body centering on God and from there gradually proceeding to the family, society, national and world levels.

Only on the foundation of the true dominion of your individual self can you advance to the next higher level. You can go from the family level, the basic unit of society, to have true leadership in school, and the extension of the family; to the world, the extension of society; and family to the entire cosmos, which is the extension of the world. You seminary graduates must practice this way of life and obtain ownership in the realm of true sovereignty. You must obtain dominion over all levels of development. This is your personal responsibility and you have to be secure and successful in reaching these stages and levels.

Then, why do we need to develop and practice this concept of true mastership? We are living in an age that is called to create a God-centered world. In order to create a new world, we need new traditions. In this new age we must introduce the concept of true mastership as a new tradition in a world that has no idea of such a thing. As future leaders of this world, you UTS graduates should be in the vanguard of establishing and practicing this new tradition in order to build God's Kingdom on earth.

Just as God is the True Master of all creation, you too can become the ones to be masters over the fallen institutions and human societies. Your constant effort and endeavors are greatly needed. If you can go the difficult path of the direct dominion of love, then heavenly providential forces and power will cooperate with you to help you reach the victory.

Once again, my heartfelt congratulations to the forty-two graduates on your achievements at UTS.

May God bless you. Thank you.

1990 UTS Graduation
Walter Lowe

Parents, guests, faculty, and students are treated to a lively evening entertainment

Forty-two new graduates of the Unification Theological Seminary received degrees during history making ceremonies on Saturday, June 30. Witnessed by over 250 friends, family members, church and civic leaders, this commencement, the first since the granting of the absolute charter by the New York Regents in January, marked the first graduation where the degrees were issued directly by UTS. All six continents were represented by the graduating students, reflecting the universal context of Father's message and the international emphasis of the Unification Movement. Ten students received the master of Divinity Degree, having spent three years studying at UTS. The remaining students received the Master of Religious Education Degree offered in the two year program. Among the graduating students were two members of the second generation; Shin Sook Kwak, the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Chung Hwan Kwak, and Yun Sook Pak, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Bo Hi Pak. There were also two married couples who both graduated in this year's commencement: David and Kathleen Burton (from England and the United States) and Stephen and Barbara Stacey (from England and Poland).

The commencement exercises were held in the main chapel on the UTS campus, according to tradition. The congratulatory remarks were delivered by Dr. James Baughman, the president of the Unification Church of America. The theme of Dr. Baughman's address was wisdom. He explained that wisdom comes from God, not from books. It is important to use our wisdom in a God-centered way, similar to the style of Solomon, as wisdom is the key to bringing balance between intellect, emotion, and will. If a person places too much emphasis upon the intellect he can become overcritical. Placing too much emphasis on the emotions leads to sentimentalism, while people become stubborn when they overemphasize the will. The one who has a wise heart centered upon God can bring these three into balance. Dr. Baughman's conclusion was that getting a degree was not the most important accomplishment. What is more important is how it will be used.

Miss Madelene Pretorius, a native of South Africa, gave the response representing the graduating students. In her address she referred to the progress in worldwide human relations now occurring, not only in her native land, but in the communist world as well. Rev. Moon has been embracing the same issues that President Gorbachev and Mr. Mandela are now dealing with. She emphasized her conviction that Father has become the personification of the struggle against injustice through the dedication of his life to world peace.

True Parents were not able to attend this years' graduation ceremonies and Father's address was presented by President David S.C. Kim.

The ceremonies were concluded with a stirring rendition of the "Hallelujah" chorus from Handel's Messiah, under the direction of Moon Sook Yoon.

The afternoon banquet program featured a most entertaining combination of music, dance, and comedy presented to the graduating students and guests by the first and second year students. During the banquet program the class plaque and gift were presented. Dr. Richard Arthur also gave a very entertaining testimony of the realities of being a professor of theology in this day and age by comparing his experiences at Harvard, Berkeley and UTS.

The afternoon was spent outside under beautiful skies with demonstrations of Wonhwa-do done to the "Eye of the Tiger" theme, demonstrations of tennis and soccer, and general fellowship between family, friends and students.

The day's activities were topped off with the traditional play given by the graduating students. This year's presentation was "Godspell," a musical based on the book of Matthew, directed by David Kasbow. 

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