The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1990

Signature Project Recommending the Establishment of the International Federation for World Peace

Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 1990

At a June 14, 1990 meeting at East Garden, Father spoke about the Recommendation for the Establishment of the International Federation for World Peace (IFWP). Previously, during his 70th birthday celebration in Korea, he had announced to tens of thousands of people that his goal was the realization of world peace by the end the 20th Century.

The vision of IFWP is to provide a means whereby a joint effort for world peace can take place between private sector organizations and opinion leaders, along with heads of state and governments.

Presently, brothers and sisters around the globe are supporting this signature project. The following is the text of the written recommendation that is being presented to world leaders.

Throughout history, all people have aspired to lasting peace, but it has never been achieved. Tragically, continuous struggle, marked by frequent outbreaks of war, has been the daily fare for most of humankind.

With the collapse of the Berlin Wall, however, world leaders suddenly awakened to the realization that world peace is achievable. If we work together, uniting our physical, mental, and spiritual resources, lasting peace can be attained in our lifetime.

The latter part of the Twentieth Century would seem to be a pre-ordained period of opportunity to accomplish the task. It is our human duty to fully utilize this unique opportunity.

It is in this spirit that we recommend the establishment of the International Federation for World Peace as a global organization beyond the boundaries of nation, creed, or color, in order to secure the immense blessing of lasting peace for all future generations. The Federation will function as an instrument of cooperation between governments and peoples. It will serve to unite scholars, industries, and entrepreneurs.

Freedom is implicit in peace. Therefore, we hereby proclaim our advocacy of human freedom of thought and expression, and particularly freedom of worship. We will also work toward freedom from fear, as well as freedom from abject poverty.

Cooperation is likewise implicit in peace. In the most profound sense, cooperation must be based upon true love. Our efforts toward peace should be true, altruistic, and conducive to realizing the brotherhood of mankind.

Furthermore, unity is implicit within peace. Unity comes from deep mutual understanding through proper communication, as well as substantial association. Unity must be unhindered by any prejudice from ethnic or cultural differences.

Finally, true peace is not attainable without the fulfillment of basic human needs. Cooperation is necessary to achieve physical and spiritual health, overcoming the three scourges of hunger, ignorance, and disease.

While the West generally enjoys a high level of material prosperity, the emerging new democracies in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, which are currently carrying out perestroika, as well as China and North Korea, are presently suffering under difficult economic conditions. The Federation will support the economic well-being of these countries and will support the success of perestroika in the Soviet Union. It is therefore recommended that private enterprises voluntarily pool their resources to create a fund to be used for the development of these struggling nations.

Because of the pre-eminent importance of morality and ethics in achieving economic development and securing peace, priority will be given to programs in the areas of moral and ethical education. In addition, the Federation will implement the diversification of economies by sharing advanced technologies without hindrance.

It is also recommended that world financial institutions sponsor economic programs in these emerging new democracies. Projects such as the International Peace Highway, initiated at the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences in 1981, will be of major importance in implementing greater economic development. The Federation will foster and encourage the construction of manufacturing facilities for the essentials of life in places where they are desperately needed.

We truly believe that peace at this time is not only achievable but it shall come to pass. This Federation shall be an instrument of peace.

The Initiating Committee for the International Federation for World Peace 

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