The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1990

True Abel

Sun Myung Moon
February 5, 1990
Hannam-Dong, Seoul, Korea

True Parents are welcomed at Father's seventieth birthday evening banquet.

On the second day of the Seven-day Workshop for Foreign Missionaries in Korea, February 4-10, Father asked the workshop participants to come to Hannam-dong to receive his guidance. During this visit, Father gave a sermon entitled True Abel, and afterwards "matched" West-East European sister countries.

I originally declared I would not use an interpreter after 1990. Should I have to break my promise? How many of you are studying Korean? Korean is the parent language, and you must use it to be with the Parents. I invited you to Hannam-dong mainly because I knew you were wondering where I live in Korea. If you come here and see me where I stay, it can help you when you return to your nation and want to pray for me. This area is the most famous place in Seoul, and this house is probably the biggest house in Seoul. It is owned by the Unification Foundation, not by me.

The center of restorational history is God and the object of restorational history is Satan. We have to restore Satan. As a missionary, you may think of yourself as Abel simply because I appointed you. If you as a missionary are in the position of Abel, then the rest of the people are in the position of Cain. However, many religious people incorrectly think they are always right and others are wrong and therefore should follow them as Abel; but that is not the right way. First Abel has to take care of others and only then can he expect them to follow.

Even our missionaries in the field may have a wrong concept. One of the major reasons that our foreign missions have not improved or really developed is because of this wrong concept and attitude -- thinking that your people have to follow and respect you. Restoration history is recreation. This means that Abel has to give everything to Cain. When you give yourself totally for the sake of Cain, then they will be moved and inspired by heart to naturally follow you, respect you, and lead other people to you. Unless you have a true Cain, you are not a true Abel. A true Cain is one who voluntarily comes forward and treats you as an elder brother, not by force, but by his choice. Then your true Abel position is secure.

Natural Subjugation of Cain

In yourself, your mind is in the position of Abel and your body is in the position of Cain. The body is mistreating and distorting your mind, directing you the wrong way, but the mind endures patiently, suffering for your body. Eventually, when you reach a certain stage your mind will be able to control your body to some extent. Think about how difficult it is to unite these two within you, mind and body, Abel and Cain; further, how difficult is it to unite different personalities. It is almost impossible to make Cain voluntarily surrender to Abel. You are standing as God's representative -- as Abel. However, Cain is directing all sorts of Cain nature and characteristics against you. Satan is waiting in ambush. How can you make oneness?

Only when you make Cain surrender and stand on your left side, can you secure your position as Abel. As a missionary have you accomplished this foundation to declare yourself as an Abel? This is the problem! You cannot help God expand our activities. Think about your situation. How many souls have you killed? American, German, and Japanese were sent out and you fought each other, each wanting to be Abel. Isn't this true?

Restoration doesn't come without indemnity. But who pays indemnity, Abel or Cain? Abel! Did you do it? If not then heaven cannot help you and you cannot prosper. Understand this point very clearly. First become Abel on the individual level, and next, the blessed family must become the Abel for the Cain family. God is always working in this way.

Think about how far you have to go. You are now tribal messiahs, but unless you establish a strong foundation as Abel, as I have explained, how can spirit world and God meet you? We must love and think about God more than Adam and Eve loved God. Without this foundation, the spiritual world will not be able to work with you and help you. This is the formula course; it is not random.

Worldwide missionaries stand to greet True Parents at the Chamshil Stadium Main Birthday Event.

Invest Everything

Through living and practicing the eight different levels of the vertical course, I have proven it. Without the vertical standard first you cannot establish the horizontal. Because of the fall the vertical true love line was cut off. What normal people think is love is not true love. We lost vertical true love.

What makes a man's heart and woman's heart unite? True love. God dwells within when your mind and body become totally united. This is the same for the family, tribe and the nation. The horizontal and vertical line become one and then the universe will be turning as God desires.

At the Summit and AULA Conferences I am the founder, but I invest everything and do not ask for credit. The participants then naturally want to respond to me. In the position of Abel I have been giving to America, Russia and China. In turn they will feel indebted to me. I never go out and say, "I am Abel, so you must serve me." There is no such phrase in the history of restoration. God doesn't want that.

You must repent for the damage you have done to your own missionary countries. While I have been making the worldwide dispensation, centering on America, for 15 years, you have been working in your own country, but you have not been doing very much because you got started in the wrong way. Therefore, this time when you return to your mission try to meet the head of each level in your country, like the president, governor, and so on, and then teach them about God and True Parents. You know what is coming in the future because of the Principle. In your mission country, you have to raise a leader from that particular country. Do not try to make yourself leader.

As you have seen in history and now, ordinary Christian missionaries may sometimes have nice dwellings and use the local people as servants. That is why many countries in Africa try to kick out and even kill the missionaries. Our way is to live with the local people and serve and raise them. If, due to some situation, you have been kicked out, your followers should be so connected to your heart that they feel like following you even to your death. As a white man you should go there and work even harder than the native people. Do you think anyone would try to kill you then? All your followers will provide you with what you need.

The fallen world lost true love. Once you connect people with the true love vine, no one can escape from you. The true mind of many people is seeking the way of true love. Everywhere the problem is lack of true love. Once you touch the original true love, you cannot go any other way or forget, ever. True love now has come through True Parents and everyone must turn that way. True Parents make the vertical love line. When you build a building, the first thing you do is put down an iron pillar into the earth. The missionaries must be those iron pillars. Who can help both the communist and free worlds? Right and left have lost power and both hands are paralyzed. The only place for hope is the Unification Church.

True Love Indemnity

The problem for you is how to connect to the original root, trunk, and branch and experience true love. Everyone will want to follow us because they need true love. How about you? I am the true love owner, the blueprint for true love. Satan is the enemy of love. Do not maintain the habits of fallen love. You need true love too -- yes? It is a very difficult way. The original mind is the true love seed. True love fertilizer is needed for growing everything.

Cain and Abel can connect only through the original mind and vertical true love; this is the sacrificial way of indemnity. So only by paying indemnity with a heart of true love can we solve the problem between Cain and Abel. Unless you pour out more true love than Satan pours out his love, Satan's influence and advantage will always be there. In the satanic world, people give a little bit and want a quick return. But in the heavenly way, you give everything you have and never talk about it until you come full circle, and then may receive recognition.

Now we know how to clean up and purify our situations as Abels. The sacrificial indemnity way is the true love way. Do you have true love? How can you find out? The way of true love is the enduring way and is not for yourself. Satan's love is for oneself, not for others.

Now you must go a new way. The Oriental character is to take the enduring way. No matter how difficult the situation, the mind and thought don't change.

Have this victorious attitude and then victory will come.

European Sister Countries

Father "matches" European sister countries with West European leaders looking on.

West Germany – Hungary
England – Bulgaria
France – Poland
Spain – Czechoslovakia
Switzerland – Albania
Italy – Romania
Norway -- East Germany
Austria – Yugoslavia
Denmark -- Soviet Union

Sun Myung Moon's 70th Birthday Welcoming Address
Young Whi Kim
February 1, 1990
Chamshil Stadium, Korea

President Young Whi Kim delivers the opening speech.

Today we are gathered to celebrate the seventieth birthday of the greatest person in history. We measure a person's greatness by the ideas he expresses, the way he practices those ideas in his life and work, and how much he achieves as a re--ult. If a person's ideas have the power to inspire not just a few persons but entire peoples and nations, and even the world; if his ideas influence not just the generations on earth today but also our ancestors and all our descendants yet to be born, leading us all into a life of truth, giving us the certainty of achieving such ideals as happiness, peace and freedom to the fullest extent, then such ideas will be recognized as forming the greatest philosophy and ideology ever to appear in history. With the passing of time, all of humanity will come to accept these ideas. Eventually, all pre-existing ideologies and philosophies, whose errors have evoked animosity and conflict among us and brought much confusion to human society, will be put in proper order by such a new ideology and philosophy.

Such ideas cannot come from any source other than the God who created Heaven and Earth, and is the Creator of 1 mankind. Because they come from God, these ideas will be absolute and eternal, even as God is absolute and eternal.

The words of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon being spread today to every corner of the earth express precisely such eternal and absolute ideas.

Rev. Moon explains for us in simple terms understandable to everyone the fundamental truths of life and the universe that until now could not be explained by anyone. Rev. Moon presents a way to correct and supplement the contradictions and deficiencies of existing Christian doctrines, which have been powerless in the face of atheism and materialism, and even of materialism itself. He explains God as a real and actual Being, and helps us to understand the Heart of God and the circumstances in which He is placed. He explains how the structure of our being makes us fundamentally both spiritual and material. He explains the relationship between God and man, the motivation and process of the human fall, the true identity of evil and issues related to the spirit world. He thus explains to us completely the basic issues of God, mankind and history.

Complete Revealed Truth

Jesus, Buddha and Confucius also gave us truth. Jesus himself said, however, that he was going to the cross without having given us all that he wanted to reveal. Buddha and Confucius, too, were unable to reveal the whole truth regarding the fundamental issues concerning God and man. Rev. Moon has shed light on those aspects that even Jesus, Buddha and Confucius were unable to reveal.

Rev. Moon has not merely given us words lacking a solid basis in actual experience. Before he taught us, he first confirmed the truth of his teaching through his own personal experience. Also, he delved deep into the reality of spirit world by means of fierce battles with Satan conducted through fasts and prayers of bitter tears. Finally, he received God's confirmation and approval before actually announcing to us the content of truth that he had discovered.

Rev. Moon also has gone on to establish his own life as a model course, so that all people can see how truth is applied in daily life. Not only has he revealed the truth to us but also he has taken upon himself the desire of God to see His Will accomplished on earth, and is working to accomplish this Will so that God's bitterness can be resolved. Through the many projects that he conducts in various fields worldwide and through his own life, he teaches us in a practical manner how to make God's truth a part of our own daily live: so that His ideal world may be realized.

Because this is a fallen world in which evil has reigned supreme, saints of all ages have not been understood or welcomed by the age in which they lived. In fact, they have only received misunderstanding and persecution. In the same way, Rev. Moon has received incredible misunderstanding, severe persecution and persistent opposition. He has been jailed a total of six times, first during the Japanese colonial administration and then in North Korea, South Korea and even in the United States. No matter how difficult a situation he has faced, however, he has been resolute in his purpose and dauntless in his absolute sense of mission and responsibility to realize God's Will upon this earth. The fact that his accomplishments around the world go far beyond anything that can be imagined for any single human being is also due to his sense of responsibility and conviction as well as to his tenacious determination and power of execution.

God's Goal of Unification

Today, on the occasion of the seventieth birthday celebration of Rev. Moon, I cannot but express my profound admiration for his remarkable life and philosophy and for his innumerable accomplishments worldwide. For this I pay him my highest reverence. It is my sincere hope that all the people of the world will come to fully appreciate the

Will of God as expressed through Rev. Moon so that the ideal world cherished by God and all of humanity can quickly be realized on this earth.

If this occasion today were a seventieth birthday for any other person, we would be saying to the guest of honor that because he has worked so hard throughout his life, he should now rest and be content to receive the glory of all that he has accomplished. However, we cannot do that in the case of Rev. Moon, because he knows better than anyone else the course that our country must take and the course that the world and all of mankind must take. He is the best guide we can have in this turbulent age.

Thus, we who are present here today must ask Rev. Moon to continue to give us his guidance for Korea and all people throughout the world.

As we express our heartfelt congratulations to Rev. Moon for this day, we also wish him continued excellent health and a long, long life. It is our strong hope that he may be with us on earth on that day when he will receive great glory for having personally accomplished the unification of North and South Korea and of all mankind centered on God.

Thank you very much.

Sun Myung Moon's Birthday Tribute
Chung Hwan Kwak
February 1, 1990
Chamshil Fencing Stadium
Seoul, Korea

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak offers a birthday tribute.

It is my great honor to be given an opportunity to present these honored guests from Korea and overseas as well as representatives of 137 countries around the world with a brief history of the life of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the guest of honor of today's occasion. It would be impossible day's occasion. It would be impossible to give a full account of Rev. Moon's work in the brief time that I have today. No other person in history can claim accomplishments comparable to those of Rev. Moon either in breadth or in value. I have no choice but to limit myself today to giving you a brief glimpse at some of the highlights of his life.

Rev. Moon was born in 1920, on the sixth day of the first month in the lunar calendar in North Pyung-an Province. He was the second son among eight children between his father, Mr. Kyoung Yu Moon, and mother, Mrs. Kyoung Kye Kim. He studied at the Jongju Public Normal School and the Kyongsung Commercial Technical School before travelling to Japan, where he graduated from the Waseda University Affiliated Industrial College.

In tribute to his contributions to the pursuit of human salvation and to the establishment of world peace, Rev. Moon has been awarded honorary Doctor of Law degrees by Ricur University in the United States, La Plata University in Argentina and Bernadine University in the United States. The Shaw Theological Seminary in the United States has awarded him with an honorary Doctor of Theology degree. In addition, he has been awarded the National Culture Merit Crucifix by the Society of Awards in Brazil and the Freedom Unity Great Golden Crucifix Award by the Organization for the Unity of North and South America.

Special Training Rev. Moon received much training from God. Because he was born info a Christian family, he was naturally raised in an environment of faith. Even as a young boy he was an unusually thoughtful child, and demonstrated an uncommonly upright attitude in his daily life. Early on Easter morning of April 17, 1935, when he was sixteen years old by the Korean way of counting, he met Jesus and received a special revelation that led him to make a firm dedication of his life in order to answer God's calling for the Salvation Providence. With the guidance of God, he travelled a long course in order to gain knowledge of the principles of the spirit world and the universe, as well as the relationship between God and man. With this knowledge he compiled the principles that became the basis of his religious and philosophical teachings. Even while he was living under the communist regime in Pyung-yang, North Korea, he began revealing these teachings to his disciples.

After suffering imprisonment on two occasions, he moved to the South, where he lived for a time as a refugee.

On May 1, 1954 in Seoul, Rev. Moon established the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, that is, the Unification Church, and began spreading his teachings in earnest. Beginning in 1958, he sent missionaries to Japan and the United States. Some of the early members in the United States decided on their own that they would go to the countries of their ancestral background in order to spread the news about the Will of God. This led to an early missionary field covering more than twenty countries. Later, in 1975, Rev. Moon sent missionary teams composed of one member each from Japan, the United States and Germany to countries around the world. This increased the missionary field to 120 countries. Today, there are missionaries in 137 countries, and the representatives of all of these countries are gathered here today in this auditorium.

Already, a surprisingly large foundation has been laid in the communist world, including the Soviet Union, East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Rumania, Albania and China. Scholars of East European countries are studying the Unification Principle as something that they believe will fill the spiritual void that exists today in their countries.

Worldwide Foundation

Never before in history has the founder of a religion been able to spread his teachings throughout the world during his own lifetime. It is truly miraculous that on all the continents around the world, people of every race revere Rev. Moon as their True Parent and are dedicating their lives to following him. Rev. Moon not only teaches us love and the philosophy of peace but also shows us an example through his own life. He also has blessed nearly 25,000 couples of young people who have given their pledge to God that they will establish eternal ideal families.

Rev. Moon's accomplishments are not limited to his mission activities or to the fact that he teaches us about God's Kingdom. He also has made superhuman efforts in many areas of society for the purpose of establishing the Will of God on earth. I will outline these briefly now.

First, there are his accomplishments in the fields of scholarship and education. Rev. Moon emphasizes that scholars have a very important role to play in building a brighter future for the world. In 1973, he founded the International Cultural Foundation. Through this organization, he has been holding annual meetings of the International Conference for the Unity of the Sciences. This conference gathers the most eminent scholars from around the world to examine, according to Rev. Moon's suggestion, the need for scholarship and science to develop in accordance with absolute values and the need for greater coordination and unity among the various disciplines.

Rev. Moon has established the Professors World Peace Academy for the purpose of finding a resolution to the ideological conflicts among the peoples of the world and of realizing world peace. This academy today has been established in 92 countries around the world, including the communist world. In Washington, DC, Rev. Moon has established the Washington Institute in order to assist scholars of good conscience in their role in the policy formation process of the United States.

Contributions to Education

Rev. Moon founded the Sunhwa Little Angels School of Arts in 1974, and has nurtured this institution so that today it is comprised of the Kyongbok Elementary School as well as the Sunhwa Middle and High Schools of Arts. His other education projects include the management of the Sunjung Middle and High School. Last year, the Korean government gave its approval for the establishment of the Song Hwa University, and Rev. Moon is now making thorough preparations for developing this into an institution of worldwide stature. Rev. Moon also founded a theological seminary in Korea early in the history of the church. In 1975, he established the Unification Theological Seminary in the United States, and is using this institution to educate new generations of leaders. Beginning in 1986, he has been operating special schools around Korea that give educational opportunities to those who were unable for various reasons to complete their education during their youth. More than one hundred of these schools are being operated around the country.

Next is his contributions in the area of thought. Rev. Moon has founded numerous philosophical and ideological movements around the globe. The most principal of these is the Unification Thought Institute, which studies the system of thought Rev. Moon has proposed as a comprehensive solution to the historical conflicts and struggles between theism and atheism. The International Federation for Victory Over Communism, the Women's Federation for Victory Over Communism and the Songwu Association, whose members are retired military generals, are all active in Korea and Japan.

Movements such as CAUSA that are active in the Americas and other parts of the world seek to save the countries they are working in by clearing the ideological thought of those countries of any confusion concerning materialist ideologies. The activities of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) is active around the world as a model of a healthy and constructive student movement giving new hope. Rev. Moon has also founded the Citizens Federation for the Unification of the Fatherland (CFUF) in order to prepare for the day when the Korean Peninsula will be unified. Under the auspices of this association, thousands of university professors have travelled to the United States to participate in seminars there. The aim of the CFUF is to arm the Korean people ideologically, with special emphasis on professors, students and the churches. It also conducts a grass-roots campaign that is active in every neighborhood of every city, town and village in Korea.

Ecumenical Movements

Rev. Moon is also active in the inter- religious sphere. More and more of the problems in the global community and conflicts between nations stem from divisions among religions and denominations over doctrines and rituals. Rev. Moon teaches us that world peace will not be achieved nor God's Will established without reconciliation among the world's religions. Through ecumenical movements, he is working to establish greater cooperation among the religious leaders of the world. The International Religious Foundation has been established to conduct these efforts for harmony in the religious world. Through these and other projects, such as the Assembly of World Religions and the World Religious Youth Service Corps, Rev. Moon is working to prevent the possibility of religious war and to lay a solid foundation for true world peace. During 1989, Rev. Moon held a conference on interdenominational dialogue in cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church.

The next field of Rev. Moon's activities is that of public health and peace. Already for many years, Rev. Moon has been operating medical service teams. The scope of work by these teams has been increasing year by year. He also has established scholarship funds, including the Heung Jin Scholarship Fund and many others. The work of the International Relief Friendship Foundation has been expanding rapidly around the world in projects involving both long and short term assistance: training programs in Africa teaching agricultural and machine technology and a program with the Yanbin University whereby Rev. Moon is building a College of Mechanical Engineering. As a part of this program, he is making an annual contribution of $500,000 in scientific equipment to this university.

God's Goal of World Peace

In Korea and the United States, Rev. Moon has established consumer cooperatives and movements for consumer protection in an effort to create more equitable systems of merchandise distribution. The project to build an International Highway of Peace, aimed at connecting the countries of the world with Rev. Moon's ideas of world peace, is to become the largest construction project in history. The Summit Conference for World Peace being conducted by the International Peace Foundation is another example of Rev. Moon's continued efforts to realize a stable peace in the world.

Next, I would like to describe his contributions to culture and the arts. You already are well aware of how the Little Angels dancing troupe has travelled around the world, impressing people with the beauty of traditional Korean culture and planting the seeds of peace in the hearts of people. It is sometimes easier to reach into people's he arts with the arts than with faith, and Rev. Moon's efforts have been to utilize the forum of the arts to help purify the hearts of people. As part of this effort, he has established the Korean Cultural Foundation, the Association of Artists International and other organizations. He has also been nurturing a number of musical groups, including guitar and vocalist groups, the International New Hope Singers, Korean Folk Ballet and a brass band. He has purchased and is developing the New York City Symphony Orchestra.

He founded the Universal Ballet Company in Korea and the Universal Ballet Academy in Washington, DC, and both of these organizations have been highly acclaimed internationally. Most recently, the UBC and UB Academy have had exchanges with the Kirov Ballet, the most highly renowned ballet company of the Soviet Union. These exchanges have played a major role in establishing friendly relations between South Korea and the Soviet Union. Hoon Sook Moon, the premier dancer of the Universal Ballet Company, was recently invited by the Kirov Ballet to dance the main role on their stage in Leningrad. The audiences in Leningrad showered her with enthusiastic applause, and her performance marked a major turning point in the development of Korean ballet. Today, the main dancers of the Kirov Ballet are here in Korea to represent their organization at this seventieth birthday celebration and to give performances in honor of this occasion.

Media, Science and Technology

In the field of mass media, Rev. Moon's contribution goes beyond the simple fact that he has established media outlets around the world. The motivation behind the organizations has been to establish newspapers that lead the nation and the world into goodness. Rev. Moon teaches us to become embodiments of a responsible press. In particular, he has established The Washington Times in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States, which is the representative country of the free world. Within a short time, this newspaper has become one of the three most influential newspapers among the 1750 newspapers published in the United States. This is a most fortunate fact not only for America but for the entire world as well. In Korea, too, the Segye Times was formed and within a year of its founding it has an amazing foundation that makes it a newspaper that cannot be ignored by anyone.

Another area of Rev. Moon's work is that of science, technology and industry. Rev. Moon teaches that science and technology are blessings given to us by God for the benefit of all mankind. He foresees an age in which all people of the world will have equal access to technology, and he is leading the way in the effort to bring this about. On the one hand, Rev. Moon has established institutes of technology in the United States, Japan and Korea in order to prepare for the future of the world, while on the other he is investing in the industrial development of Third World countries. In all his investments, he is much less concerned with the short term profits than with the significance for the prosperity for entire mankind. The investment of large sums to purchase a German machine tool company and to establish a motor company in China are examples of this.

I must refer you to more detailed descriptions of his life for a listing of his many accomplishments that I have not been able to mention here. It is my personal opinion that even if several leaders were to work in unity with each other and were to utilize the power of a national government, it would still be difficult for them to match the accomplishments that Rev. Moon has realized by himself. There can be no doubt that he possesses a deep connection with God on a level that we cannot comprehend. 

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