The Words of Sun Myung Moon For 1990

The 23rd God's Day

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1990
God's Day Morning Address
Chungpadong Church
Seoul, Korea

Father gives the God's Day sermon at Chungpadong Church in Seoul.

As you know, today is the 23rd God's Day. After the Holy Blessing in 1960, I established all the Holy Days: Parents' Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things. As the third Adam, I had to restore three levels -- formation, growth and perfection -- in order to reach the level of True Parents. Jesus achieved spiritual salvation but not physical; therefore, man was cut in half, in that his mind and body were not united. I had to restore the foundation of Jesus by confronting the satanic world on all levels.

After the liberation of Korea, I worked 14 years to establish the foundation for salvation. Through a course of struggle, I had to connect Jesus' spiritual victory of salvation to the world's need for physical salvation. In my individual course, I had to struggle with Satan for my foundation. That's why I had to receive persecution. The formation course took seven years, with an additional seven years to pass the growth stage or the point where Adam fell. Satan is "pushed away" from man only when man comes into a direct relationship with God under His direct dominion. This was accomplished at the Holy Wedding.

The entire physical world is a stage for the spiritual world where everything communicates. But at last, we are now entering a stage where we can communicate with the spiritual world. In addition, we now have worldwide satellite communication which will enable us to embrace the whole physical universe. But if we have a spiritual connection with God, this is possible to an even greater depth. Originally God intended for man to expand the dominion of the Principle through the whole world and universe. With God as the center, God would dominate everything.

But this possibility for man was lost through the fall. The physical world fell out of the domain of God. The spiritual world and physical world became separated just like the 38th Parallel or DMZ, which is a line that cannot be crossed. This "DMZ" separated the unprincipled world of man from the principled world of God. Mankind has had to live in this world, never enjoying the principled domain. Whenever

God looked at man's situation, He felt compassion. So many people throughout history have asked why God didn't do something about this world of suffering, but God cannot relate to this kind of world. Therefore, He couldn't do anything about it.

Connecting Man to God

Throughout history, religious people have tried to cross this separation by working to connect the world to God. But to do this they had to take this world away from Satan and bring it back to God. In order for man to be able to accomplish this, he had to resemble God and make God the absolute subject of his love. No matter how sophisticated a philosophy may be, unless it is connected with God, it cannot change man's present state.

Because man has inherited Satan's blood lineage, the only way for man to enter into a new relationship with God is for him to be born again. To be liberated, man must have new parents. During his time on earth, it was Jesus' ideal to establish true parents. But his disciples were unfaithful, causing his ideal to remain unfulfilled. I inherited this point of restoration. So at the time of the Holy Blessing, 12 of my followers betrayed me and wanted to imprison me. But I persevered to create Parents' Day, Children's Day and Day of All Things.

Christianity, having only spiritual salvation, started with a history of martyrdom rather than sovereignty. Christianity has no country or national sovereignty. Through Jesus, new parents in the spiritual realm were established with the union of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The next step was for True Parents to be established on the earth by the Lord of the Second Advent.

God had prepared for this providence such that the Christian world in 1945 could receive True Parents. But Christianity at that time didn't fulfill its responsibility, so I had to restore a new foundation. This is now a matter of historical record which can never be taken away from me.

In the Principle, it is clearly explained that men and women are created for each other. To fulfill the purpose of God, they must grow to maturity centering on God, then they can fulfill love's purpose.

God created all things in pairs with the "crown" of creation being Adam and Eve. If they had matured, it would have been the meeting point of God's life and the establishment of God's blood lineage. Prior to this, man has never known the existence of God. But through Divine Principle, we know that God is our vertical Parent. Adam and Eve, who were connected with God at a 45 degree angle, were to achieve a 90 degree angle with God and then meet in the center. There, a spark of love would have been kindled which would ignite the world. A chain reaction of explosions would have occurred, like nuclear fusion. God is the central nucleus with Adam and Eve has the peripheral nucleus. Only by inheriting the love, life and blood lineage of the vertical Parent could Adam become the true ancestor. On that foundation, when Adam and Eve would look at each other, their ears could not hear anyone else. That's what happens at the center of true love.

Inheriting Vertical Love

But man did not inherit the correct angle of love. Instead, we have all these contradictions within us. Originally, in your true self, the mind would represent the vertical and the body the horizontal. Your mind would be from God, your vertical Parent, while your body would be from your horizontal parents. Only if your mind inherits vertical love at a 90 degree angle can you become parents who can pass on the vertical tradition. Only if your families become centered on this vertical true love from God can they become the final settlement for God and establish God's blood lineage.

When your mind and heart become completely vertical, then your body can inherit that and follow it. Your mind is only qualified if it can achieve a true vertical relationship with True Parents, then your body must achieve a 90 degree relationship with the mind. What do the different parts of your face represent? The eyes represent God; while the nose represents Adam and Eve. The mouth represents the horizontal parents. The eyes focus along the vertical axis, while even your mouth is aligned with the vertical axis. By studying the features of man, I have come to understand people and become the champion match-maker of all-time.

Parents' Day was the greatest moment in history. It was a universal event when Parents' Day was established. Never have so many spirits come to the earth. You must never forget how privileged you are to be alive at the time of True Parents. With True Parents, your root and blood lineage are different than that of Satan's fallen world. Your position as children of True Parents is higher than any other position in the world.

The only purpose of all religions throughout history has been to separate from Satan's blood lineage and get into God's true love lineage. The only way for them to do this has been to strengthen the mind through prayer and weaken the body by fasting and not sleeping. Therefore, we must be victorious over food and sleep and not give in to sexual temptation.

All mankind can be likened to the branches and leaves of a tree with the false root of Satan. To be restored, the branches and twigs must be cut off and grafted onto the true olive tree. Where is your root? It is in Adam and Eve. The mass weddings of the Unification Church are ceremonies of engrafting into the blood lineage of True Parents. This is exactly like the Korean persimmon tree. There is a "true" persimmon tree and a "stone" persimmon tree. The true one has good, edible fruit, while the other one doesn't. But when the branches • from the false one are grafted onto the true one, they bear edible fruit.

Experiencing Love

In the fallen world, a wife who has loved her husband for 10 years may find out that her husband had an affair 10 years earlier. Then her love is destroyed, without exception. True love has absolute principles and there are no exceptions. Likewise, in the spiritual world, there is no exception in the Principle, for it is absolute, with no deviation and no excuse. In the spiritual world, unless you completely conform to the standard 100 percent, you don't fit in.

God has never experienced love with a partner. Therefore, He doesn't know about love and He has to be educated. If you don't have children, can you learn about the love of the parent? No, only through your children can you experience this. God must experience love through His children. So through me, God could experience the love of a parent. God has no sexual parts, so He couldn't experience making love to a woman, but now He has experienced that through me.

When I came to the United States, Arthur Ford (a spiritualist) testified to me as having far greater ability in the spiritual world than he did. The establishment of Parents' lay is a most historic event. Opposition from the whole world has been overcome and I have inherited the spiritual sovereignty of all its nations. All the world's kings, national founders, and others in the spiritual world have acknowledged my sovereignty. Current leaders have no idea of my position; let them pray and find out.

Once Parents' Day was established, Children's Day was decreed because True Children had a place on the earth. When True Parents had children, it provided the pattern for giving true parental love to children and the foundation for Children's Day.

Before I left America last time, I told American members they must realize how much difficulty, how many tears and how much blood were shed to lay a foundation for Adam to come and True Parents to be established. I have gone through all kinds of tribulations, therefore I can become the Messiah for all people. Through my victory in prison, I can be the Messiah of all prisoners. By laboring, I can be the Messiah of all laborers. I have survived all difficulties. Because of my personal experience, I have become absolute in my views.

In history, there is only one person who has achieved a supra-religious unity and a supra-national unity, overcoming religions and nations. The world of religion is now realizing that the only way to unite religion is my way. Political leaders don't recognize me, but more and more religious leaders are recognizing me as the one who planted the true seed of God's love and prepared the environment for that seed to grow.

I have completely overcome the national barriers through the Blessings of thousands of couples of all nationalities. True love is overcoming all differences of North and South. Because of that, if someone has true love then there are no limits or boundaries. God will not stop such a person. That is the background of Parents' Day and Children's Da; and the foundation for the Blessings of all members of the Unification Church.

The Unification Church in its 40-year history has changed a great deal, hasn't it? Why has it survived and grown? Because I have persevered over all persecution, from outside and inside.

I established the Day of All Things when I could proclaim the liberation of the material world. When these three holy days were established, they proclaimed the liberation of all parents, children and things. On Parents' Day, God acknowledged True Parents. On Children's Day, God acknowledged True Children. On the Day of All Things, God acknowledged the liberation of all things. Do you realize how precious these Unification Church holidays are and what deep and wonderful meaning they have?

The Significance of God's Day

There were many women with high academic backgrounds who would have loved to become True Mother. But I had to find someone who could follow me absolutely, in blind faith, while overcoming all tribulations even approaching death. When I married Mother, she was just a high school girl, who didn't know anything, not even about the Unification Church. She had to go a seven-year course to inherit her own foundation. After Mother completed this course in 1967, I could proclaim God's Day.

Only through the establishment of God's Day was the Unification Church able to establish a vertical relationship with God and march forward with the "minimum amount" of indemnity. Throughout the history of the Unification Movement we have had an incredible indemnity course. Blessed couples had a few years witnessing campaign where they sacrificed everything for the sake of God's Providence. They are the foundation upon which our church was built. My worldwide activities -- Little Angels' School, Song Hwa University, Segye Ilbo, Washington Times, and so on -- are my "face" to the world or my inheritance that I am giving to the world. You must establish your own inheritance for your tribal lineage.

From now on, you have to become confident representatives of True Parents. For the next three years, you must go your own individual course. I have given you authority as a tribal messiah. By conferring this title on you, I am giving you the way to overcome opposition on every level, so each of your efforts will have positive outcomes that will add to your accomplishments. This is very important. You have to take my words very seriously.

You must keep my life in mind constantly. I have dedicated myself to establishing the tradition that is now stronger than the foundation of any nation. If you completely dedicate yourself to establishing a tradition for your nation, totally sacrificing yourself for this new tradition, the 1990's can be your decade. Then the world will see the true sons and daughters of God. Let's raise our hands and pledge to make a victory on the foundation and meaning of God's Day! 

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