The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Unification of My Land

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Excerpt of an unofficial translation of
Midnight Address on God's Day
Seoul, Korea
December 31, 1990

When man grows up in the form of man and woman and they become one, then God is manifested. When God becomes the center, the direct dominion of God is established. With God as the center of their love, it must have an eternal quality. So the husband wife relationship must be centered on god, consisting of true love. Then it can never be broken. The unity created by this love must be such that the individual cannot run away. A home is established by such love. When we think of "home town", we think of parents. If someone leaves the home town he can never forget it as long as he lives, wherever he goes.

Of course, if ones thinks of one's home town, one thinks of nature and the environment, but above all the heart of one's parents. The place where we received life is where our roots are. We cannot deny our roots. Heaven and earth are like inside and outside. Where is your heart? It wants to live in the inner room of love. God is on top, I am underneath. Our heart wants to be where that love is, where the wife is in the case of the husband and vice versa in the case of the wife. Is your heart where money is?

Professors who teach school, teach the same thing again and again. Pupils wants something more than this. A food prepared with love tastes special. So why do we want to go back to our hometown? Because our heart wants to be where there is love.

If a child leaves the sphere of love, leaves its parents and runs away leading an immoral life, the parents feel sometimes it would have been better if he had not been born. If you leave the sphere of love you lose life. The true love of parents is a vertical love. There is only one place where this love can be received. There is only one place in the whole world where parents love can be received. That is under this absolutely vertical point. The love of parents and children cannot be separated. The husband's and wife's love for each other is horizontal and can more easily be separated. Divorce can happen.

I have 13 children, but each is different in the way they laugh and smile. Do you want to give or receive New Year's money? So where does the heart of creation want to be? In the place of love. The inner room of the house. So Jesus said "where is the Kingdom of Heaven"? In your heart!

If your mouth moves vertically you are surprised - even God is surprised, so it is vertical. So what I am telling you is we have to become people absolutely centered on the vertical. Does your nose want to live in the sphere of love? It wants to accomplish the vertical direction of love with your body.

Reverend Moon is really clever, isn't he? He just made a word up. Today I am talking at a bit of a tangent, it is a bit of a mixed salad I am serving up. That is not bad. It is all to do with God's Day. We have to always match our breath with love. Ask your hair where it wants to grow and it will say "in True Love". When we follow back our human roots, they originate in God. Our love must be rooted in God, God's love.

What kind of love do you want? Flat and smooth like a porcelain plate or deep and round, like a tueng Jang bowl (soup bowl)? Do you want an elegant sophisticated woman or a countryside girl? If you want to kiss you wife maybe she will say go clean your teeth, wash and come back. Mother did that to me many times.

When you go to spirit world you will find everything True Father says is true. The law of love is that there must always be a center of love (parents in a family or president in a nation). A president should be like a parent to the country. In Unification Thought there are 3 subjectivities - parentism, teacherism and master/ownerism. The president must love his nation from these 3 positions. Children play at who can hold their breath the longest. They count the steps as they hold their breath. When they run out of breath they lean backwards toward heaven.

So, what does God like, money, knowledge? No, God is president of the whole world, omnipotent, omniscient. Demonstrations do not come from God. Does God eat, have food? In the spiritual world will you eat? Will you have teeth? Will you go to the toilet? Urinate? Yes, in the spiritual world everything is there but it goes back to original elements right away. There is no need for digestion. If you have a heart of love, whatever you want comes! Do you want to go there or not? Even if I lie to you because we are one with God we can make it.

Those who endure to the end will be victorious. That's the secret of the Unification Church. When western people smell tuen Jang chiggae they hold their nose and say how can you eat that?

A person who has repeated a certain work 100 times becomes a master of it. When you touch your beloved, do you want to touch that person again. Yes over and over. The way to success or mastery is through repetition.

True Father has prayed for 70 years but never for individuals. I pray for the nation and for the world. Sometimes Korean Christian ministers pray Rev. Moon dies. Sometimes God let me listen in, he has a sense of humor.

True Father wonders what his children will become, but many times he is proud because they look strong and intelligent. If you look at a house in the country, which is better - the one where dogs excrete or where it is clean? You can see how good a house is by the number of dogs who do their business there.

Then birds come to Han Nam Dong True Father likes to have bird food there so they can eat. True Father saw pigeons go away empty-handed and disappointed, so he told Mrs. Kim to always put out bird food.

When you walk over grass apologetically it is happy. Everything in creation responds to love. Because I know this kind of principle, I am head of the Unification Church.

God wants true love, which is at the center of the cosmos. If you have a husband or wife do you want to be more attractive than your partner? No, you want that person to be better than you.

Do you like it if True Father praises you? Of course! If your are proud of a friend and you praise them in from of everyone they become better. The better that person becomes, the better you become. So, should you praise the Unification Church in front of others or not? Yes!

True Father has prayed powerfully and tearfully many times. Put yourself in God's situation. Which would you rather receive? Yes a tearful prayer. Many times I prayed like this and received great strength from so doing. When I pray, my prayer is sometimes for 10,000 years of 1000 years hence. I pray for people to emerge from the Unification Church who are greater than me.

So, God is looking for True Man who, centered on true love, is willing to shed tears, sweat and blood. God, throughout history has wanted to shed sweat and tears.

God has been miserable throughout history. It is as if he saw an evil man abuse and then kill 3 generations in front of his own eyes. When people were martyred in history, God suffered, more than the person even. God knew he had to separate man from Satan by such a course. God always wanted men to forgive and love their enemies.

God looks at the seed of True Love in you. Do you have such a seed? In man what is more precious, the physical or spiritual person? The spiritual. The heartistic passionate person. A strong dynamic person.

Will you hold on to your husband for 1,000 or 10,000 years? God's love is like a rubber rope. The more it stretches the stronger it pulls you towards God.

True Father went a very difficult way, a thorny narrow path until Satan had to give up and could not follow and God said "I would not have gone through that." When that happens, you can take everything from Satan!

So let's conclude. God really loves champions of can become True Man and Woman.

God desires the people who can become true men and women centered on God's love to liberate him. True Father has gone through the greatest difficulties, to the point of death. In this way any kind of difficulty can be overcome. God is looking for the champions of love. With that foundation, victory can be made. So True Father has paved the way in Korea and in the world, but it is just a condition. You have to break trough at the local level.

Unification Church members must be different from members of other churches - be absolutely centered on God's love. Become individuals, families and tribes centered on True Parents.

Only if you and your wife bow to True Parents' picture can 10 generations of you ancestors be restored. It is a guerrilla war - go out and fight in True Father's place!

Liberate 12 disciples and 10 x 12 disciples as the foundation to liberate your tribe. True Father cannot go horizontally - only vertically.

When we seek the nucleus of love we have to deny our body, home, family, material possessions, everything! True Father went the way of adventure, dedication and uncompromising attitude to evil. Now a new era can be established.

The direction cannot be changed but must be followed relentlessly. Your families must become one. Everything you did is recorded in the spiritual world.

Until now I blessed you from the realm of the Unification Church. In the future you must be blessed from the standpoint of the world.

Resolve to follow. True parents have declared the path. Will we be received gloriously in the spiritual world We must make 120 spiritual children to establish our tribal foundation. Then we have a tribe of 120 families. The Kingdom of Heaven will come centering on Korea, where we can live attending to God. True Father laid all the conditions - you must be dedicated to you 120 spiritual children, love them more than your own children. Then The Kingdom of Heaven will be achieved. We must become True Parents' representatives. Those who pledge to go this way raise both hands.

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