The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Unofficial notes from: Speech At The Leaders Conference

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
World Mission Center, New York, USA
December 19, 1990


I. The Meaning of Providential History

True Parents restoration of the Elder Son's right, the Parents' right and the King's right. In the King's Position is God; in the Parents' position are True Parents; in the Elder Son's position are Unification Church members.

II. America's Reality

A. National problem

The nation is in danger. As a nation, America has no hope. We must bring hope to the nation.

B. Economic problem

The economy is failing. We must show the model for survival in any situation. We must prevent an economic failure.

C. Moral corruption

Especially among children and in the family. We must reverse it. No power on earth could accomplish it. No matter what sacrifice is necessary, we must solve this problem and leave the pure, uncorrupted root.

III. Church problem, including Unification Church

A. Denial of public activity. We did it only out of a feeling of obligation.

B. Mediocre reading, understanding and lecturing Divine Principle. We must repent.

C. Indemnity is not understood and is taken lightly. The United States wants the blessing but does not want to pay the indemnity.

D. The original ideology is lacking. The original ideology is based upon living for the public.

Major points: 1. Individualism 2. Exclusivism and egoism 3. Pragmatism 4. Understanding of eternity is lacking.

IV. Economic problems

V. Creation of a new system of organization

A. Family unit restoration.

B. Tribal messiahship must be completed.

C. Dual system

Home Church (Cain) and Tribal Messiah Church (Abel) should be united. Your tribe is your family and relatives. Your home is your neighborhood of 120 homes.

D. Creation of an autonomous system

1. To stop growing is death. Your are responsible for your own growth. Your forward movement has been stopped. That represents death.

2. You are responsible as a parent. Adam and Eve fell because they forgot their responsibility as parents. Husband and wife together are responsible. Do not be a burden to the church or community.

3. Children's education and foundation of faith, so that they can be citizens of heavenly kingdom, through your example.

4. Regular attendance at meetings and tradition. Do not be absent from any official church function, especially Pledge Service and Sunday Service. Volunteer for all church events. Set the tradition for yourself and your family.

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