The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Children's Day

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
November 17, 1990
Chong-Pa-Dong, Seoul, Korea
Translated by Bernhard Quandt

To become children of God we have to first separate from Satan. The family is the factory of God's children. In families centered on the true love of God, the people of God will be produced.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen the world of God would have started right then. God's desire is to see true sons, true daughters, and true grandchildren. Because of the fall, the true blood lineage could not be established; rather, a false love, false life and false blood lineage were multiplied. Since man was not born from a true lineage, his purpose of life became unclear. God's original purpose was to establish a true and certain direction for man's life. Instead, body and mind were turned upside down. Now, centered on the True Family, the true way of life can begin. The era of struggle is now over on all levels.

Democracy should have given clear direction to mankind, but democracy has failed, becoming a stage for all kinds of social evils. The political ideologies of both the democratic and communist worlds have proved empty and unfit to solve the world's problems. Communists' intentions have been to overthrow democracy and to establish their own utopia, but now they have completely given up this dream. But on the family, national and worldwide levels there is no alternative to these two failed ideologies. The time when people could say "Believe in me, follow me" is over. All the major religions cannot give convincing answers to the world's problems. Christianity believes Christ is the bridegroom for which the bride has to prepare herself, but how to concretely prepare is not clear.

The savior of mankind must solve the confusion in the spheres of love, life and blood lineage. The devil is the enemy of the love of God. Through adulteration of the blood lineage of God, Satan received his power. All men alive today suffer from the adulterated love inherited from God's enemy. Man's determination to escape from this adulterated lineage is what salvation is!

Why do people come to the Unification Church? You are not getting the Kingdom of God handed to you; you are only taught how to make it yourself. In order to receive salvation struggle must occur from the individual up to the worldwide level in order to separate oneself from Satan's adulterated lineage. The outcome of this struggle is determined by what one loves. If you love yourself, your family or your nation more than any higher level then you are stuck on that level.

One cannot fight the world of evil by loving evil. Therefore Jesus said, "He who wants to live will die, he who is willing to die will live." When we fight Satan it is a life or death struggle. If we enter the struggle intending to live we die; but if we go into it ready to die, we can live. Jesus said, "He who does not take my cross is not my disciple." Loving is not enough; we must shoulder the cross. There is love in the family but it is egoistic love. Unless we cut from Satan, our love is always adulterated. Therefore a true lineage begins under persecution and suffering. The religion that can take the most persecution and keep going to the end of the world can achieve God's purpose. We must be willing even to shed blood. In the Old Testament the blood of animals was shed symbolizing men's blood. But the early Christians shed their blood under persecution. The religion that can fulfill at the end of history is the one that can take the most persecution--even from God. Adam and Eve kicked God, so to restore this, the ultimate religion has to be kicked by God before it can succeed.

When God's family is chosen, who will give the test questions to mankind? God or Satan? Look at the example of a school. If it wants to be the best should that school's president or the rival school's president decide the exam questions? It should be the rival school's president, as he will set the most difficult ones. Then the top students can be determined. By this principle Satan must set the questions. If one person can answer the questions then he must also be able to take responsibility for the answers. If he can do that he can lead the world.

Who are religions' founders? Christianity's founder is Jesus, Buddhism was founded by Buddha. In the same way, Reverend Moon is the founder of the Unification Church. Does Reverend Moon know what he's doing in this area? Yes. The Grand Mufti of Syria calls me "Father Moon." He's the third most important leader in Islam. If I wanted to, I could have become a president twice over. Genghis Khan united Asia by the sword. I could have united Asia by the word if I had become a political leader.

Who has received the most persecution from all sides? Reverend Moon! I was in prison everywhere. Has anyone received more persecution than me? Why did I do all those things? Because I had nothing else to do? In the United States there have been about 500 court cases against me. Most I won. Has anyone fought more court cases than me?

I'm willing to give my place to anyone who wants it, even for a month. Who will live the kind of life I live? In the spiritual world, they don't recognize thieves. In the history of the Unification Church there are many miracles. The first members came on their own--led by the spirit world. I didn't witness to them.

In order to win the world one has to give up one's own family, nation, and world. Satan is trying on all levels to stop God, especially in the field of family morals. Even homosexual marriage is now allowed in some countries! This is what Satan likes, he's laughing at the perversion of love. The behavior of young people together in public today is the result of the Fall. Adam and Eve should have grown to perfection first before uniting with each other. Adam and Eve are like God's body. What have you done with God's body? Eve gave God's body to Satan. Love is the most precious and the most dangerous thing!

Women have always given me such trouble! They were so crazy about me that it created many rumors about immorality in the Unification Church.

The unity of a couple, the unity of parents and children, or the unity of brothers and sisters, which does Satan hate the most? The unity between brothers and sisters, since this must happen before Parents can be united. The unity of Cain and Abel is most important.

If there is anyone who has never criticized me--raise your hands! Now, even parents and in-laws of members who hated True Father in the beginning have a very different attitude! To receive a son or daughter-in-law through Father's matching is a precious gift. What about you sisters? No matter who I give to you as a husband, will you say, "Father that's who I have always wanted?"

When God can take your hand and say, "Oh, my beloved son"--isn't it a precious moment? So it's not a bad thing to receive opposition or persecution! If you study in good conditions, you forget the lesson easily; but if the conditions were difficult you will always remember it.

Heaven and hell are not somewhere else. They are all around me, depending on what I do. Why do we celebrate the Holy Days? Because there was no God-centered love, nor True Parents or True Children until now. Money, knowledge or power cannot defeat Satan--only true love!

Why have people come to the Unification Church? Not for power or money but to perform an ancestral worship, a worship of love. You have come to build a relationship of love with God in whatever you do. The relationship with Satan must be cut. The problem is, can I become the son or daughter of God? In the spirit world there is a hierarchy of love. One reaches a natural position based on the standard of love that one represents. If one understands that the most important thing is God's love and we develop a vertical relationship with Him, we can go up to Him as if we were in a high speed elevator. In order to achieve this goal one must continually desire, work and live for that: today a little more than yesterday! Japanese leaders do you understand what True Father is saying? European leaders, do you understand? No, you don't!

When the time of unification comes, language must first be united. Those who cannot speak Korean can't enter! The time will come when we will have one billion members. What if they all want to have a piece of land here? When I first bought land in Korea I paid 12 won a pyong. People said I was crazy because it was only worth 7 won. Now look at how much it's worth!

If you want to live you'll die, if you want to die, you'll live. I went the way of death and bloodshed. But I lived! I'm victorious and I overcame!

Koreans in Japan who had to suffer to learn Japanese were a preparation for the Japanese to learn Korean. You European leaders can't complain about learning Korean when True Father had to learn English at an advanced age. It's easy for you by comparison!

What I tell you is not my word, but God's word. If I think "Kim Il Sung has to go", within a few months he'll be in spirit world. True Father has to be very careful about his thoughts! We must prepare for a general election. Kim Il Sung may suggest it, but who will be ready? I'm ordering a nationwide campaign of preparation. It'll cost a lot but I don't care. History will prove that the foundation laid by my sweat, tears and blood has changed the world. The fall of communism, the change in the USSR, the Reagan revolution were all caused by me. Those who don't understand that will be swept away. I'm establishing a new view of life based on True Love. I have completed all the foundation for restoration of dominion of the first son of True Parents and kingship--not with the sword, with knowledge or with power, but with love !

So this 31st Children's Day, I declare that the spirit world and the physical world are liberated. Because I have restored the first son's position. Adam has taken the position of the first son. Now is the basis for the entire spiritual world to be subjugated by the True Adam. Now the spiritual world will come to dominate the physical world. The stage for evil has now been taken away. This was the second son's dominion. Until now, the spiritual world was working to stop people coming to the Unification Church. Now all the different religious compartments which ancestors did not want descendants to leave are broken down. The purpose of other religions is fulfilled with True Parents' coming so they have no more purpose to stop their descendants. From now on all kinds of activities (business, study, etc.) if not for the world will all fail. When True Father walks now, heaven and earth shake. I'm approaching my eighties. If you march together with True Father, following his orders, unification of North and South Korea is no problem.

The number of people on earth is limited. There are far more in the spiritual world. They are all listening to me. They will make the lives of those who oppose me in the future impossible. We have to become people who prepare for God, live for God now --later will be too late!

The responsibility to go back to my home country and fulfill as a filial son must be fulfilled now. Our ancestors hoped one of their descendants would become a great man. I have to go and solve their expectations. Until he is 80, the whole world will be in his hands. It would be better if I go to spiritual world before I'm 80, then Dr. Pak and President Kwak can get all the glory, don't you think?

The world is different now! Today is the day when a new tradition centered upon the dominion of Kingship, True Parentship and True Sonship must begin. Imagine how difficult it must have been for True Parents to bring about this day. Don't forget that! Now the time has come when the right order of Heaven and Earth has been established. Now is not the time when North Korea will come to the South, but when the South will go to the North. Our people must prepare their hearts to return to their home country, to embrace 13 million North Koreans.

The whole world must listen to True Father. The Russians know that and now, more and more, the U.S. realizes that. True Father made Bush. If a CIA man is here you can report that! There was a lot of Christian opposition to Bush. True Father overcame that for him. True Father is really well-built. If he wants to touch something he really can! Church, Citizens' Federation and V.O.C. must become one centering on the new Board of Trustees I made of Young Whi Kim, Mr. Hong and Chong Hwan Kwak. Those who will be kicked by Heaven 100 times and still be grateful, raise your hands!

Restoration of First Son, True Parents and King's dominion has been completed by True Parents. Now all of the spiritual world will support us! Since all the conditions are set, it's my duty to teach you that and your duty to march forward with that consciousness.

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