The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


The Official Formula Course of Love and Heavenly Fate

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY
October 21, 1990
Translated by: Mr. Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes by June Saunders

Thank you very much. Please sit down. Are there any non-Korean volunteers to translate Father's title? "The Official Formula Course of Love and Heavenly Fate." When you say "fortune" it indicates happiness, but we are talking about "fate" or "destiny." This particular fate is moving, not static. This is the course of universal action. Do you understand?

People living on earth right now have a tendency to think about things centering on themselves. They ask, "Why was I born?" We should think about why the universe was created before we think about why we were born, yet people do not think that way.

When we think about whether God exists or not and why the universe was created, these are more fundamental questions than why one was born. Then we have to think about, "How should I live? What course do I have to take? What kind of end should I come to?" We can come to the conclusion that we have to know the answers to all of these fundamental questions first and then we can seek for our happiness. Otherwise, even if you think you have happiness, it doesn't mean anything.

People do not think about the fact that when one exists here, the elements of time and space always surround him. The simple fact is, when we exist here, we have space and there is the air factor and air pressure. If this particular factor were lacking, then even our flesh could not stay the way it is. It would explode. People also have a tendency to forget about the reality of the existence of night and day and about all kinds of interrelationships between men and creatures.

We also have a tendency to forget about the system and organization of the country we live in. A country's system and structure is for the sake of all the people. We should think about the nation first before we think about that structure and system existing for our sakes.

Whenever we see something good and desirable, we have a tendency to want to connect it to ourselves before we think about anyone else, but if there is something undesirable and bad then we want nothing to do with it.

There are many questions and situations, but there is a most important question here. If I am happy, what am I centering on? Am I centering on myself. If I am a woman, should I center on a man or on myself or center on my brothers or my parents or my country?

People may think, "Well, I want to be happy. Therefore, I need money or political power or fame or knowledge." That is why it makes sense that people try to get rich and try to get more education and try to be successful in their careers. But what is the key element? Centering on what shall I be happy? (True love.)

Therefore, we can come to the conclusion, even if it is not really clear and may sound ambiguous, that there must be something which is absolutely needed to make one happy. Whatever one does, wherever one goes, when one sleeps, when one wakes up, when one deals with someone else, when one eats -- whatever one does, something is needed there in order to be happy. What is it? It should go beyond the time limit of the past, present and future and also should not be limited to oneself. It should be for me, for the nation, and even for the universe. What is it? (Love.)

Well, you may say love, but in order for our lives to continue, we need air, don't we? (Laughter.) Between love and air, which is more important? (Laughter.) But it's true! How can you solve this problem -- how can you answer this most important question? Imagine that love and air are standing next to each other. Love says, "I am needed more." Then air says, "No, they need me more." What is going to happen? God and mankind are the spectators. What do they have to say? (We need both.) Have you seen anybody throughout history saying, "Oh, I am almost dying because of air!" Has anyone ever said that? But millions and millions of people have said they were dying because of love -- and in fact, they did.

Which brings greater happiness -- to live because of love or to die because of love? (Live.) Which is more valuable? When it comes to patriotism, which is more patriotic -- if you die because of your patriotic devotion or if you live? (Dying.) Dying for your country has the greatest value. Is Father wrong? No, he is right.

American women, do you agree? What is your opinion? Are you the ladies who seek to gain your lives because of love or are you ready to give up your lives for the sake of love? (Give up our lives.) Why? When you say you are willing to even sacrifice your life for the sake of love, that means you live for the sake of love and you will die for the sake of love. If you insist on living for the sake of love, there is more selfishness in that.

There is a clear distinction. The person who says, "I am willing to sacrifice my life for the sake of love" is in the center of love, but the person who says, "I live because I need love" is just following love around and trying to use love. In a sense, they are even manipulating love.

When you sacrifice yourself, that sacrifice is for the sake of others, not for you. Then you stand in the center of love. Therefore, we can say that the entire universe is related, centering on love. Is that true? (Yes.)

Therefore, we can conclude that love can't be generated within yourself. You must receive love from your partner. You may say, "I have love. I love myself," but no matter what you say, no matter what you do, it does not make sense. That is absolute.

This universe was created in the pair system, in subject and object relationships, which are the base of it, centering on love. Even the mineral world experiences this through plus and minus ions. The entire universe, from the mineral world to plants, animals, and humankind have subject and object relationships in order to fulfill love. Love is the center. No one can deny this.

Then do you want to receive the whole sum of love, every ounce of love or just partial love? (Every ounce.) American people especially want that! That's a problem! Well, Father noticed that American people love by their fingers and by their noses -- even by the sound of love! Have you seen any American who ever won every ounce of love? Are you trying to give your love, every ounce, in the sacrificial way of love or are you trying to give and receive love as in a trade, a sale -- like a merchant? Which way would love welcome -- when you treat love as sacrificial love or as your merchandise? (Sacrificial.) When you treat love as sacrificial love, then love will bow down to you and welcome you, but if you treat love as merchandise, then love win stay away from you.

When you look at just one strand of your hair and ask it why it was created, the hair will say, "I was created for the sake of true love and to be totally intoxicated by true love." You would admire that and be totally astonished by it, but if the hair said something else, you would not like it.

Love has such special characteristics that if love plunges down to the bottom, it has the ability to just leap up and jump out in one bound. You cannot believe that! (Father draws on the blackboard.) Here is a sine curve. This way is downward. These are higher positions and lower positions. This is the horizontal line, so that higher position can stand for the plus position and the bottom can stand for the minus position. If you put the plus up here and the minus down here, this one can come to this side and become one, like this. When you add these two formula lines, then this course can be this line and this is plus-minus here, plus-minus this way. This is the original formula, so we must resemble this original formula in practicing love.

A river flows, but it does not just flow on constantly. There is sometimes a whirlpool. You sometimes see the water circulating, spinning around. Even when you watch the movement of air, it doesn't just move in a flat way. It constantly moves up and down and air also circulates, so you sometimes see a tornado.

(Father refers to the blackboard.) This one and this one are the same. What connects these two different sections? When this section comes down and reaches this point, there has to be some extra power to push it down further. Because we need some extra power to push it down all the way to the bottom level, we need the power of subject and object. When plus comes downward, the minus power should pull it down. Without this pulling power, it can't go upward again. This power will come up and down and maybe become smaller and smaller and maybe disappear, but it must go over this point, then it will bounce up again.

When you call to your love in the American way, you call this way (palm up and gesturing). The Oriental way is to call this way (palm down and gesturing.) The Western way of calling people looks as if you are saying, "Come on and give me something." The Oriental way looks like, "Come on, I will give you something." That is true! That is why when you study history, even as our Divine Principle says, you can see that all cultures and civilizations from all times, from England, Italy and America, are now heading toward the Orient. Whether you like it or not, that is happening because of these kinds of differences.

In the ocean, there is a special current called a black current, which is the undercurrent in the deeper place. It is moving very swiftly and keeps the entire ocean alive. In the same way, the Atlantic civilization is now moving toward the Pacific civilization. Whether you like it or not, Western culture and Western civilization will be absorbed by and will be united with Oriental civilization and culture.

In ancient times, civilizations originally began around big rivers, like the Yellow River and the Nile river. Then there were ocean civilizations which are now moving toward the Pacific.

When you look at the world, Western civilization and Western culture has the tendency to be centered on material power. However, Oriental culture and civilization has been centering on spiritual power and the power of giving. It is just like the relationship between mind and body. The mind is always sacrificing to give something to the body, but when the body receives something from the mind and doesn't return to the mind, then the body stops there.

It is the same principle when this Western civilization which is in the position of the body does not know how to return what it received back to the Oriental civilization. Then Western civilization will be totally destroyed by some other civilization, perhaps the African civilization.

Those who say, centering on the whole of mankind, "I will sacrifice myself" will be the people who will dominate and lead the future world. Let us say that there is a family. If the husband, wife, children, and parents are all separated and split in their opinions with their bodies and their spirits divided and separated, yet they still say, "I love mankind; I love the world," then heavenly fate will say, "I don't like your attitude. I hate you. Don't come close to me; I will kick you out." If we consider heavenly fate as a man who can speak and think, he will say that. What do you think?

What do you think heavenly fate will want to belong to and what will heavenly fate want to wear and be absorbed by? (The unified family centering on love.) This little man said something -- do you think he is right? Everyone else is showing no expression! No expression means that you are not absorbing these contents. That is a serious situation. This is a serious matter.

In general, American people want to go ahead of everyone else and get the best, isn't that true? They like being number one. What about love? Do you want to choose number one love or number ten love? How about modern society in America? Are they practicing number one love or number ten love? (Number ten.) It is not even number ten. They are practicing number zero -- they are off the scale. What they practice is not even called love. They manipulate and abuse love. That will lead to spiritual death. We must know that. If you hate your brothers, your husband or wife, if there is no love relationship in your family, that entire family will go down the drain into death and hell.

Then what is the official course of love? Do you think there is an official course of love? (Yes.) Is the American way of love the official course of love? (No.) Then what do you call this American course of love? If this heavenly fate exists, do you think it exists to protect this official course of love and to be one with this official course of love, or to follow something else, perhaps something that is unprincipled?

If anything is not on the official course of love, then heavenly fate does not stay with it. It will leave. As long as you are on this official course of love, then this line parallels with heavenly fate. Heavenly fate is always following it. If the love course is the plus, heavenly fate is the minus. They are parallel lines. (Father refers to the blackboard.) Let's study the official course or way of love.

Do universities teach this? (No.) Do other ministers teach you about this? (No.) Therefore, universities and churches do not have real, official happiness. Father is now teaching this official course of love, therefore, heavenly fate will be with us. Heavenly fate is the one who win lead us to happiness, progress, development, and betterment.

Where is this heavenly fate? How far is heavenly fate from you? If it is right next to you, within the air around you, and heavenly fate likes this official course of love, whenever you practice this, heavenly fate will always be with you. It never stays away from you. Just as this entire planet earth has air everywhere you go, as long as you practice this official course of love, heavenly fate will be with you wherever you go -- whether you like it or not!

Suppose you traveled from Korea to America and you had to pay for the air you breathe. Will the price be the same in Korea as in America or not? Have you ever taken money with you in your pocket to buy the air you breathe wherever you go? (No.) Let's evaluate things. Say you have a meal -- a bowl of rice, and then you have the amount of air that you need to breathe for one minute. Which one is more valuable for you? (Air.) How many times more? Do you think about the value of the air you breathe and give your appreciation every time you breathe, saying, "Thank you, Mr. Air"? Do you do that? (No.) Your body is nourished by every source and essence of nature, plants and animals and all that exists. When you take things like rice and vegetables, do you always give appreciation to those things? (No.) Do you think that kind of material you take is expensive and valuable or not? (Yes.)

What about water? Three quarters of your body is water. Suppose there was absolutely no water in the world -- there was only one cup of water and you only had that to drink. Usually we take water for granted. We drink water and we do not express appreciation. If you have some water around your lips, do you still think, "Oh, this water is precious" and treat it nicely or do you just wipe if off, uncaring? (Laughter.) It is true. What about light? Look at the source of light. When you look at the sun rising in the morning and realize that you get everything from light -- do you really appreciate light? How much do you think you would have to pay if you had to buy sunlight? Suppose we offer millions and millions of dollars to buy water, air, and light. Do you think they would exist for the money? (No.)

When we think about those very essences of our lives -- air, light, water -- those things are of immeasurable value, yet they are free. We take them for granted, yet we are indebted to them. Then what do you think our attitude should be? Should we be appreciative? We have to bow down to them. Do you have that kind of attitude and lifestyle? Or are you very proud: "I am the center"?

If heavenly fate watches you being boastful and arrogant, even though you may take all those things, heavenly fate will say, "I don't like you." But when you say, "Thank you, air; thank you, water; thank you, light. I will pay you back in the future," with what will you pay it back? (True love.) Yes, true love. The essence of payment is true love. Great! Wonderful! Do you understand and follow? (Yes. Applause.)

As long as you have true love, if you wave at something or you think about something or say something, everything is okay. The entire universe will say, "Thank you." As long as true love is with you one hundred percent, if you just pronounce "Thank" on earth, then spirit world will say, "You" so it makes "Thank you." It will resonate.

We can conclude that true love is the essence of happiness and true love is the key factor with which we continue our life here and hereafter. True love is something with which you can pay nature back; nothing else.

Wherever you go, you see water. When you look at water, you have to feel, "Oh, water is one of my closest friends because my body consists of water. Water is connected to my life. Nature is connected to my life." Do you understand? It is the same thing for air and for sunlight. Therefore, just as I love my body, I have to love air, water, and light. When you take that kind of genuine, humble, and appreciative attitude centering on true love, then light, water and air will all say, "I am proud of being what I am," because they are appreciated. They will say, "Amen!" "Amen" means "A man -- a number one man. I am very proud of me! Mansei!" When you are like that, no one can say anything against you. You are welcome everywhere. When you go to sleep in your room, everything in the room will say, "I am waiting for you -- I was waiting for your coming!" How happy a situation that is. How happy those things are. Otherwise, there is no happiness.

We must be able to pay back our debt. Without that, you cannot say, "Well, I have to do what I want. Everyone has to follow my way." Can you say that? Well, if Father says now heavenly fate always brings the best quality of air, light, and water, what would you say? Is it right or not? Heavenly fate always moves around carrying the best possible quality of these three and then tries to find the person who is totally centered on true love to be the subject. You can't bury this heavenly fate in a small tomb. You have to enlarge it and make it bigger and bigger and correspondingly it absorbs and digests the circumstances and surroundings. That is why you see that even though the saints and sages in history might have lived their lives miserably with a lot of persecution, after they passed away, all of history and humankind respects them and gives them recognition. They become heroes like that. This very principle of heavenly fate was with them, centering on true love. They practiced it.

Reverend Moon has been leading that kind of life, not even an inch divergent from it. That is why Father has been receiving the most persecution in human history. Do you know that? (Yes.) Even with all this heavy persecution, how does Father survive without becoming drained of life? It is because of heavenly fate.

Have you ever seen the effect and power of a tornado or a hurricane hitting at two hundred miles per hour? When there is a big flood, you see the power of nature, the power of water, and the power of air. Suppose all of the air had a protest demonstration for one minute. What would happen? The entire world would be wiped out. It is a fearful fact, but we do not actually think about that, do we? These great powers -- air, water, and light -- exist to protect us and it is most hopeful, most desirable, most lucky, and most peaceful, isn't it? Don't you feel that? It is a problem if you do not.

When we are talking about paying back our debts, we are not just indebted to nature, but when we look at people, we have to feel the same. The original ancestors were one. There were not five races; there was only one. Why then are there different races now? It is because of the weather and different climates.

Look at the polar bear. Was the original polar bear brown or black or white? The white people might say, "Oh, the polar bear was white from the beginning," but the polar bear's color of white came about because of the climate -- the snow in the North Pole. The white color came about to protect him, in order for him to survive. When you live in the tropical, hot regions, what do you seek for? Shade. You are always seeking for a darker place. That is why in order to be protected, eventually human beings adapted by becoming black. The yellow race can adjust to any place. They can survive in sun or shade.

Look at the world now. The Asian continent has over three billion people concentrated in that region. Suppose there was a big fight between the Asians and the white race, man to man. The Asian continent is so big that Asia doesn't bother even if some people plunder and take things away from them. People would say, "Well, you take it. I don't need it any more." That is why the Western, white race still exists, but if from the beginning the yellow race had confronted white people when they started plundering, do you think the white race would still exist?

When there is sunset, you expect the sunrise the next morning. Western civilization was above the ground, but when the time comes, it will be vice versa. The bottom will come up. We know that.

Western people do not like to go down and see some other race, some other people rise above them. For example Insight magazine of this week has a special feature covering the Japanese influence in Hawaii called "Japanic in Hawaii." White people may not like it, but universal fate is bringing about that kind of phenomena. How can you deny it? No matter how much you deny it, the world is following that fate. This is history moving on its way.

You may not like the sunset, but the sun is bound to set. The things and creatures that live in the nighttime may hate the sun rising, but the sun rises. Communism survived in the nighttime, but the sun rises. No matter how much the communists pray for no light, as soon as the sun rises, everything is finished; exposed.

Practicing love is not limited either to the night or to the day. Therefore, Reverend Moon has been training a love race which can adjust to the nighttime and the daytime. There has been a tremendous amount of persecution which took place in the darkness. However, Father never stopped but kept moving step by step, taking big steps, and he covered all 50 of the United States. Finally the sun rose so that the entire country shone and everyone could see Father clearly and say, 'Welcome, Reverend Moon." That is becoming the situation now. (Applause.)

This takes place everywhere. For example, up at Deer Park, there was one woman who opposed our facility there through the town board. She was sitting on the planning board when they finally passed the resolution for our permit there. She cried in public and left town because she couldn't stand it. She disappeared; escaped; fled. What made those things possible? Heavenly fate.

You don't need any more explanation, do you? When you look at this golden hair, that takes after the polar bear color. (Father taps a sister on the head.) The one next to her may be in between -- the color of a brown bear or a black bear. (Laughter.) That's true. Brown bears, black bears, polar bears compare them to the human race. Do white bears and black bears and brown bears take the attitude that they should be separate and living alone? The white bear follows the brown bear! They don't think in terms of color. Bears do not have color discrimination, do they? Suppose a black bear and a brown bear sit together and point at the polar bear and say, "Look at this poor, poor polar bear, who can't get out of the North Pole. That poor animal." When we talk about polar bears, we mean the white race. The black bears and brown bears will sit and meet and talk about the white race. Nature says, "White race, you are wrong." Nature will work against you.

The birds have the same principle. There is a small blackbird which we call a magpie. It has a white dot right here. We have the magpie in Korea too, but the sound of the magpie in Alaska is a little bit different from the sound of the magpie in Korea. Will the magpie say, "I am living in the English region here. You came from Korea, so you are different from me"? The Alaskan magpie speaks English and the Korean magpie speaks Korean! (Laughter.) But everything else is the same.

The white race always wants to sit on top, so they go up and up and finally go beyond this limit of the universe and cannot come back. They go out into space. (Laughter.) Once you go up and reach a certain level, you must come down. That is the way history moves. That is the sine curve. Western civilization went up, so it must come down. Western civilization, which was up, must come down. The minus position must seek the plus and vice versa. The plus should go up now. They must revolve like this, otherwise they cannot have a long life. This movement perpetuates forever. Do you understand? (Yes.)

The ocean constantly moves. It has been moving for millions and millions of years. How tired it should be from constantly moving, but it follows the living formula way. That is the formula to keep your life going eternally. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Look at the hair color of this brother. He must have had ancestors who were black, white, and yellow. (Laughter.) Let's think about the origin of the white race. What was it? They were Vikings; like pirates. They used to plunder. It is true. When you look at the history of white civilization, there has always been bloodshed. So we may call the white race the first hunting race. They loved bloodshed. In the ideal world, we do not need bloodshed. It is not a matter of our choice. Whether you like it or not, whether Father likes it or not, that is the universal law.

The entire world has been putting the Unification Church down and down and trying to bury it and stepping on us and they call us the Moon Mafia, but Reverend Moon has been coming up and up like a rising sun. (Amen. Applause.) What made that possible? It was heavenly fate. That is why Father loves heavenly fate. (Applause.) If heavenly fate is pushing Father to be on the top of the entire universe, then that will happen, no matter what kind of opposition there is. Reverend Moon is very smart and he understands heavenly fate. He will follow that way peacefully, safely, and enjoyably. In the end he will be successful. How wonderful that is! (Applause.)

In the usual way of things, some people should feel bad or unhappy about that, but here everyone is clapping together, black, white, and yellow. Why is that happening? Because there is a true love atmosphere surrounding us. True love overcomes everything.

Does having True Father at Belvedere make you happy or not? (Yes! Applause and cheering.) Why should you be happy? Because everything is centered on true love, because the air and water is filled with true love and your body feels true love from Father, that is why you are happy. There is that atmosphere here. That is why when Father returns to Korea, even the members in a remote island place say, "Oh, I miss Father too much. It is like dying. How can I solve this agony and aching inside?" Why is it like that for them? They want true love! It is a natural phenomenon.

Your hair is the fruit of true love because above your hair there are so many different layers of your ancestors. Let's say person A has a thousand generations of ancestors, but person B has only two generations. Who should be more proud? The one with more generations of ancestors, right? Compare two trees. There are two different kinds. One is big and huge and one is a small little weak tree. Which one is better? (The bigger one.) The bigger one has many more branches and covers more area. When you look at the races, the yellow race has more people who go back further in their ancestry. The yellow race has a longer history and more ancestors.

Do you know how long Korean history has been? Recently, history scholars proved that the race which originated the Korean people is the race which actually started the Chinese civilization too. So, Korean history actually goes back over seven thousand years. This race actually originated these Chinese characters. When you look at a tree, there are many different branches and leaves, but there is one central stem which goes all the way up to the top. There may be thousands of fruits but the best one, the one which will be saved for reseeding is the central bud or root. There is only one, not two. That connects to the central trunk and the central branch. When you choose fruits, you do not choose the ones that are on the lower branches, but the ones that are on the top. Therefore, the Korean race will be the subject of discussion in the future.

Right now, Kim Il Sung is a controversial figure, isn't he? America says, "He is too much." Even the Soviet Union says, "Let's stay away from him." China does not want to deal with him. Japan does not want to get involved with him. Well, there is clear evidence there. There is Kim Il Sung in North Korea and there is Reverend Moon in South Korea and both of them are called "Father." But you can't have two fathers. There is only one father. Does anyone want two fathers? (No.) Absolutely not. Eternally no. Of the two fathers, one must be false. One tries to dominate and control the world with his power and strength while the other practices true love. The one will automatically fall down, begging, "Please occupy me." God's natural digesting process will take place automatically. The false father will fall down. God stands in the center position, controlling everything. Do you understand?

That is God's strategy. Reverend Moon uses the same strategy. Satan always hits first. God receives that hit, that persecution, and digests it and then He is victorious.

What is our motto for this year? "The Unification of My Country." Unification means all over. Everything wants that kind of phenomena. You yourself want the unification of your body and your spirit. Your family wants the unification of the man and wife and children. The nation and the race want that kind of unification too. Let's go back to the original theme, "The Official Formula Course of Love and Heavenly Fate." We must question ourselves: "Do I live and practice centering on myself or centering on this official course of love and upon unification?" Ask yourself. Are your spirit mind and your body unified? That is the problem. You have not made that kind of unified place where your words, your thoughts, and everything are centered. If you are not in that position, you cannot connect with everything. The problem is how to unify oneself. That is the most important concept. Ask yourself. Ask your mind. Ask your body. "Are you unified with me?" The body will say, "No." The mind will say, I want to be unified with you, but the body is always disunited." How can you tear down that wall inside of you? That is the problem. Otherwise, no matter how much you want everything, no matter what your concepts are, you cannot be successful. Why? The universe does not want that disunity. The universe cannot come to that position. The most important issue is: how can I unify myself, following this official formula course? Do you understand? (Yes.)

There have been so many saints, sages, and teachers, but there is no person who taught like Reverend Moon has about true love and the unity between the body and the mind. People in the past did not know how people could be totally unified in mind and body. Reverend Moon, Father, came up with true love. Because of "myself", because of you, there is heaven and hell. There are the two, but originally, without the Fall, there should only have been one.

The mind represents the right hand side; the body represents the left hand side. Therefore, if you follow your body, you are bound for hell. We must understand that there are two different ways: right and left. When you eat, when you sleep, when you touch someone, when you breathe, see, and hear -- there is always a right way and a wrong way. Every one of the five senses has these dual possibilities. We must cut out the wrong direction and stick with the right direction. That is why religions teach people to punish their bodies, so that they can be united in body and spirit. Originally, the mind would stand in the plus position and the body would stand in the minus position, but because of Satan, the body tries to stand in the plus position too. There is always conflict. Satan's love, Satan's life, and Satan's blood lineage is a minus which imitates the plus.

Within us, we have Satan's blood, Satan's life, and Satan's love, so we must take them out, to cleanse history. We need to replant God's love, God's life, and God's blood lineage. Then we will have eternal love, eternal life, and eternal happiness. Otherwise, there is no way.

These are not Reverend Moon's words. These are the words of the Divine Principle. Do you understand? Is it clear? In order to do that, we need True Parents. True Parents are the true root. From there, the true bud can sprout and true branches and hopeful trees, which can spread out to make a forest. Otherwise, there is no way. It is not easy. It is most difficult. The one who wants to die will live. The one who wants to live will die, as the Bible says. You have to completely change yourself and go the way which seems contrary.

True love begins from the deepest, deepest place. What is the origin of true love? God Himself. "God" sounds like "Ga." In Korean, when you say "ga" it means a typical Korean hat. The hat always goes on the top, so it actually has a similar meaning, doesn't it?

We have to think how the universe started. If God is the origin, how did God come into being? What about you? When you look at yourself, you represent the essence of every possible resource of the universe. Why are there women and men, plus and minus elements even in the animal world? Why are there different sexes? It is because of love. Isn't it true? No matter how pretty a woman may be, she needs a man in order to complete love. Let her live by herself and she will suffocate.

No matter how handsome a man might be, he needs his wife. No matter how great Reverend Moon might be, he needs Mother. If Father claims, "Oh, I don't need Mother. I don't need a wife" -- no matter how loud he shouts that out, the entire universe will laugh at him. On the other hand, no matter what the world may say, if he says, "I need Mother. I need my wife," the entire universe will absolutely affirm that. Why? That is the vertical way.

(Father draws on the blackboard.) That will make these three stages fulfilled horizontally and vertically: the first, second, and third stages. You have one more line here, and it will make a complete circle. If the upper part represents man, the lower part represents woman. Man comes down from above. What about woman? Should she take it or resist? The woman should stay in the position where she can take this man coming from above and that is the horizontal line. That is why woman's shape is downward. It is the natural way! That will create balance by creating this horizontal line. We need up and down motion, just like when you walk. You can't just go ahead -- you have to move up and down. Women may think, "Oh, I want the plus position," but it is a natural phenomenon. How about that? Is it true or not? (It's true.) If it is true, then you have to follow it. Nothing can stand up against truth.

When there is a higher place, there should be a lower place; when you go up, you should come down. That is why we need both men and women in order to make horizontal lines. The horizontal line is the point where everything begins. If the line goes up that high, then it should come down that low. That is the ideal. The distance is the same. Ideal unification comes by what power? It comes by the power of true love.

In order to move this section over here to make one complete form, you must deny yourself, forget about yourself, totally surrender yourself. If this one wants to come to this position, he must totally deny himself and surrender. The more you deny yourself, the more quickly you will be able to move over here. Is this true, universal law or is this merely the talk of Reverend Moon? (It is true.) As long as you do not deny yourself completely, you cannot experience ideal love. When you see circulation, revolving movement, when man stands on the right, the woman stands on the left. When the man stands on the left, the woman stands on the right. When he stands in front, she stands in back, etc. Once this form is complete, there should be a shaft in the middle and circulatory, revolving movement should take place. Then, in order to keep this movement continuing, there has to be a power which is pushing them. This is the power of living and doing for others, not asking others to do for us. That is the essential, ultimate energy which will make it constantly go and move. Is that true or not? (Yes.) Therefore, ideal love is living for others. No one can deny this.

When you devote yourself utterly for the sake of someone else, then you will be able to make unity and have constant movement together. When you devote yourself for the sake of the family, for the sake of the society, the nation, and the world -- it is all on different levels, but the same thing will happen. This is the original source.

Have you seen any woman who claims, "I was born for the sake of my husband. Therefore, I will follow my husband for eternity"? Do you women want men or not? Without that kind of thinking, you have no hope, no future, and you will crumble down. No matter how beautiful you may be, you will still crumble down and diminish. You will chase the universe out. Do you understand?

Why do you feel pain when you are sick? When you ask a doctor, "Why do I feel pain?" he will say, "Oh, because you are sick." They answer that way because they do not know the reason behind it. This entire universe protects whatever is united centering on love between subject and object. When the subject and object are combined, heavenly fate will protect them at anytime, anywhere. Do you understand? The human body has circulation through the blood, through the veins and arteries and even the nervous system. The universe knows that and knows whether or not you are unifying the subject and object. The universe has that kind of power. You cannot go against that current, that power. If you unite the subject and object in love, the universal power will protect you. Not everyone knows this. This is the secret formula. When the mind and body are made into one, all of the universe and heavenly fate will protect you. That is the way of perfect happiness and heaven. Deviate from that, and there is misery and pain.

When you lose your lover, you feel pain, right? Why? Because the universal law and universal principle was broken. Do you follow? That kind of situation is very painful because of universal law, universal fate. That power pushes you out, making you pained. Therefore, do you need your partner or not? (Yes.)

Our eyes have to be focused: the nose, the mouth, your hands, even your fingers should be able to focus on the mind and body. Do you understand? In true love, everything is focused. A true love person automatically occupies all that focus. That is the throne of God. That kind of eternal focus is happiness.

A true man never exists for the sake of himself. From God who is the origin, division and union take place. Why? Because of power? Knowledge? Money? (No.) Of course, it is because of original love. Then why and how did God start existing? That, too, was because of love. There was originally one small speck of a seed in the universe somewhere, and because of that seed of love, there was subject and object, gradually forming what we call God. It was for love. just as we emerge in this world, originating from one cell, from our parents, gradually working together and becoming our body and mind, just like that, God emerged. It is the same thing. The way our eyes and our noses appeared, likewise, God was made from one single love cell, and then expanded into the entire universe. It is the same thing. When we look at mankind, there is man and woman, distinctly different, but when we look at God, He is one and the same. Both male and female are present.

(Father refers to the blackboard.) When you look at origin, division, and union, union actually stands for a new origin. Then again, there is division and union and that is the way it multiplies. God is in the center here as the origin, but from God, as you see, division and union take place. This union is again another level of the origin, so God is in the center and God is making union, which is a new origin, in four different directions, every possible direction, and God stays in the center. The focus place, the center, is God. Do you follow? (Yes.)

Do you know about the multiplication of cells? When it comes to small individual cells, the cell you take from a leaf, a trunk, and a root are all the same, the same unit. This is the natural way. God stands in the center and expands His true love and creates the entire universe. Therefore we, as a man, represent maybe one single cell of God's true love. When it comes to the quality of true love, whether there is just one single cell or ten thousand cells together, it is the same. Even thousands of millions are equal to just one. Hundreds of millions of cells, tied and unified into one, are the same. You need that subject and object centering on love. Only love lasts forever, so you need true love. Centering on true love, you can have eternal life. Otherwise, you cannot.

Where is God? The center place between a couple centering and focused upon love is God's place. How close are you? You want to become a most famous guy -- why? God takes the same position. You are like a small God. To combine with God's place, the most noble place, is man's ambition. If he is successful at that, how much happiness he will have.

This section below the horizontal line represents children. It is a matter of how you divide it. There is always a plus section and a minus section. When you look at the things existing in this world, you can roughly categorize them in three different ways. There are things high and low, things wide and narrow, and things long and short. Isn't that true? Therefore, if you want to live long, if you seek longevity, then you must be able to go through a short period of concentrated suffering. Then you will be able to come up to the balancing place, in equilibrium. If it is constant, the horizontal position will just fade away. If you want to hold some long line straight, you have to be able to insert your strength to hold it tight.

We have the tendency to go after everything that is the best, the top, the longest, the biggest -- but there has to be the subject and object relationship. For example, if you become the President of America, you have to be able to live the life of the most humble, ordinary citizens. If there is a big wilderness, a big field, you must be able to think about a small front yard. If there is a big ocean, you must think of a little stream.

Therefore, if you seek for the lowest position possible, in the humble, sacrificial way, then the highest position will be secured for your future. When this curve reaches the bottom, you are guaranteed to reach the top again. The aim, the goal of the Unification Church, is the highest position. Therefore, Father pushes you down to go through a suffering life. Why? To create a balance, which is the horizontal line. Do you understand? (Yes.) That is the way of ideal action.

How about that? Is that the natural way or the unnatural way? It is natural. That is the attitude which can continue forever. That is why even when Father is incarcerated, he does not care. He thinks about the unification of the universe. A prison cell is like a hut, the most humble place. Yet even in a prison cell, Father feels, "Even if America goes down, I will hold tight so that I can keep equilibrium there." No matter how difficult a place it is, it is for a short time. That is connecting with love in the natural way. Do you understand? Fallen people do not want to go to that small place, but if you do, it does not matter how short your life is. After that, you are connected forever. After that, there is love.

We must understand heavenly fate. Heavenly fate is fair. For example, if you, your children's generation, and your parents' generation are struggling and suffering a lot, then there will be upcoming generations who live in a much happier and better way. Or perhaps your ancestors lived in a much better way. It is always fair. Father represents the first generation of the Unification race. Therefore, Father has received a tremendous amount of persecution to create a balance in the future. Of course, persecution is not a bad thing. Once you overcome this persecution, you can inherit this heavenly fate.

Please understand. Reverend Moon is the person who has been working the hardest and who has been receiving the most persecution in all of human history. Father is the single person who has been working in the Soviet Union, in America, and for the unification of North and South Korea. Even though Father has been put down so much, now the balancing line, the equilibrium is showing. Now the entire world sees Father as a real plus because he is coming up.

Centering on true love and looking at it from a vertical point of view, Father is in the highest place, but in order to save this entire world, which represents the horizontal, Father goes all the way down to the bottom. Do you see the sine curve there? When you add these two sections, this section and this section, do you think these two sections will be able to fill this one section here or not? That creates a balance -- the horizontal line. (Father indicates it on the blackboard.) Centering on that, revolving movement and action takes place. Therefore, if you try to stay in the high position, that means that Father has to go all the way down and suffer. Because fallen man tried to stay up high, in order to create balance and equilibrium, God had to come all the way down to the bottom level in order to fill the gap there. That is the true way. Do you understand? That concept is important.

When you look at American history, you can see what kind of sacrificial life and devotion the pilgrim fathers had for the sake of this entire country and this entire world. Because of their suffering, their struggle, and their devotion, the country of America is now sitting on top of the world, but this position has to be maintained for the sake of the entire world. Otherwise, your fate is to go down the drain. Think about American history. The white race eliminated the American Indians. Tens of thousands of American Indians were killed by the white race. How can you compensate for that?

Even though America has this stained section of history, the reason America is still booming and has reached the top of the world is because the founding fathers originally crossed the Atlantic Ocean in order to build a nation centering on God, an ideal nation. The American Indians were centered on their own tribes. They did not have a concept of the nation or of the world, but the American pilgrim fathers took a position on a level with God's ideal. Which is God's standard? Of course, the American pilgrim fathers had the higher concept.

Since America reached the top, now America should be able to go down to the bottom for the sake of the world. America should be able to give everything for the sake of the world. Otherwise, America will diminish. When you look at the world situation, on the average, 60,000 people are dying per day of starvation. Think about that. God is worrying about that every day. Who can help and protect these 60,000 members of the world? Americans live in too much luxury. God doesn't want that. They will decline. It is the same principle. Do you understand? He wants to bring the suffering ones into the position of America, too. From there, when they both combine, they can attain twice as high a level. That is the ideal world.

It is a different dimension. The American people do not know that. The American people are not going that way. The Unification Church members know that. Father taught you everything about saving America. Now it is time to look at the Soviet cultural world. Why? It is a low place. The horizontal line can be made from there, connecting vertically to the nation.

People may not like what Reverend Moon says, but Reverend Moon is the only one who knows what kind of future lies ahead. They may not like it and in their ignorance think that Reverend Moon is making problems, but in the future, Reverend Moon will prosper and America will diminish. Why? Heavenly fate. That is the formula, natural way. No matter how much America denies it, even if the whole population -- all 240 million of them -- get together as one and deny it, they will go down that natural way. Do you understand? (Yes.)

So we know the official course. The formula course is true love. Love should be able to stand all the way at the bottom and at the top of the top. This entire section covers the Kingdom of Heaven. We are born from love, by love, and with love for heaven's purpose. We are born for the purpose of love.

When you were formed, when your life emerged, your father's and mother's love were united in the deepest place of your mother's love, your mother's womb. That is the deepest place in the human world. You started in water, just as the universe merged with water. When life merges there, it is at risk. It is a question of life or death. It is so narrow, so short; the most difficult place for life to be born. From that narrow, short, difficult place, the widest, longest, biggest life in the future is guaranteed -- your lifetime. Your father and mother loved each other when your life was created, didn't they? When a woman is pregnant, the mother's concentration and love all goes to the baby, doesn't it? The mother is feeling, "My husband's life is in me; his seed is growing in my womb. I am occupied by this love, so I am happy centering on this baby." That is the way the woman must think. The woman must think, "Just as God created man, I have a new life in me. I am creating God Himself within me. My body represents the universe." The body is a small universe, centering on love, unified. That is a way that is safe forever. How much happiness there is in that position. We must think "I am bearing a small God in my womb."

Therefore, when you give birth to a son or daughter, you experience God's hyung sang and sung sang. You must be able to produce a son and a daughter. God is the up side and you are the low side. They combine and balance.

Why do we need husband and wife? We must come together to meet God in the center. God does not stay on top, but comes down to the center point where He meets us. There are three objects and also three purposes and four objects and four purposes. The central point is here. (Father indicates it on the blackboard.) This is where the four position foundation, centering on this central point, is completed. That is why all the distance is the same, looking from the central point. Again, it is a matter of looking from different angles because they are all the same distance. If this is plus, this is minus. If this is above, this is below. If this is front, this is back. Therefore, if woman represents the earth, the husband represents God. The woman's body is in the lower place and the man's is in the higher place. Man is heaven and woman is the earth. Man is right; woman is left. Man is front and woman is back. That is the natural plus-minus, subject-object living phenomenon. It cannot be denied. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Compare the two. Men are tall; women are short. Suppose you climb a rugged mountain. Should the woman lead in front? (No.) But in America, the men always escort the women to the car, don't they? Originally, the man should go into the car and open the door for the woman to come in. Why should the woman go in first? We have to correct that. These are not Reverend Moon's words! This is natural law -- absolute truth. No matter how much you deny it, you cannot stand up against it. You will go down at the last unless you follow it. Any other way is destructive. The universe will not accept any other way.

When you look at Western movies, sometimes you see a scene of the husband and wife making love and the woman is on top. That is a crime. A crime is that which goes against natural law. If there is a bowl, it should sit upward, this way. if you put it downward, the water contained in the bowl will spill. If you take that kind of position, you may be able to produce daughters, but no sons! This is the formula way! This is not Reverend Moon's talk! This is universal, formula law. Who was created first? Adam. Man was created first.

Your husband may have a thick beard and mustache and when he kisses you, you may feel pain, but you still have to like it. That is true love power, the strongest power anywhere. The kind of woman who says, "I don't like you doing that!" is bad. Why? Love is the enduring power.

Love should be able to reach the lowest possible place; at the same time, it should be able to reach the highest possible place. Then we will live to see the balance of love. The narrow place is the plus; the wide place is the minus. Do you understand?

Therefore, persecution is not a bad thing. Reverend Moon knew this principle way back in the beginning. That is why even in this rotten world, Father could overcome all the persecution and finally come out of it and reach the top and be recognized. That means, in other words, Father's road, Father's life, can turn around at the end of the history and also at the end of happiness. He can cover every possible place. Father can subjugate the bottom of hell and at the same time he can reach the top of heaven.

Love between husband and wife means seeding God, a small God, in your family. Children are the small God. The wife is the opposite God. Your parents represent the original position of God. Do you understand? It is all God, connected in one true love. Centered on true love, it is all the same body. The three generations represent God's position, centering on true love. Parents, grandparents, and children need true love. No one can deny this. That family system is the original heavenly foundation. This is the formula.

We are born from love, from God originally. Then we live centering on love, then we create children through love and then eventually we practice this true love and return to God with love. Do you understand? When we practice this ideal, true love between husband and wife, when we go to the spirit world, we will become the eternal object in front of the eternal subject, who is God. We begin from God and we return to God. That is why true love is great -- because true love is the only thing which can create God's true object. God becomes myself. When we understand this basic concept and principle, we can clearly understand Jesus saying, "God is in me and I am in God" in John, Chapter 14. just as in front of grandparents, the grandchildren are there, it is the same thing. Therefore, our grandparents are in the position of God. We have to serve our grandparents just as we serve God. As husband and wife, we are in the position of division from our parents, so unless we produce our children and practice true love and become totally one and build total unity there, we cannot become a total unit, which is another origin. If worst comes to worst, you may be able to get rid of your spouse, but you cannot separate yourself from your parents. Why? Because your parents stand in the position of God. Do you understand?

What about American families? Do they realize that? This is the original formula. Your parents stand in the position of God and you as husband and wife divide and your children are supposed to return that love to your parents, who are their grandparents. These structures should exist in each family. Grandparents are not supposed to be sent to a senior citizens' home. Grandchildren should be included in order to create this vertical line, this three-stage line of grandparents, parents, and children. Grandchildren should be united with their grandparents. Otherwise they cannot find the vertical love axis, the vertical love shaft. Once this vertical axis is set, then the horizontal line can be formed. The vertical axis is only one. It cannot be changed. There is only one unchanging point. The Oriental way tends to be the vertical way. The Western way is the horizontal. In the future, they will be made into one.

Unification wives, are you willing to serve your in-laws, your parents-in-law? If you are not willing to do that, heavenly fate will discard you, but if you do that, heavenly fate will protect you. You will prosper. Your body and mind will become unified and God is the big plus. Husband and wife become one and stand in the big minus position and unite with the big plus, God. Then the entire universe will be unified. God's mind stands in the plus position and His body in the minus position here and eventually unity will be created, just like waves. They naturally move and are combined. Only true love can do this, love for the sake of others.

Woman is not born for the sake of woman, but for man and vice versa. Man and woman together exist for the sake of God and God's love. How to unify your mind and body into one centering on love is your most significant problem. You have to completely love the vertical world, the spiritual world, centering on God. You have to love centering on all of humanity, on the central nation, and connect all of the world. "I love my ancestors in the eternal life of the spirit world, beyond this temporary life on the earth." When those two combine, it is plus and minus. "I love and respect and dedicate myself to the spiritual world and to all of humanity. I love and respect many worlds and countries and dedicate myself to them, centering on love." Living that way, man will occupy and connect to God and automatically go to the center point. Heaven is the subject; surrounding that is the earth. Unified into one body, that includes God. The ideal couple centering on love is there. God belongs to me there. There, all things are my property, centering on true love. This was humankind's historical ambition, but no one has achieved this thus far. By Reverend Moon's teaching, centering on the true love concept, you can achieve that kind of purpose. Do you clearly understand -- with no doubt? (Yes.) Then you can make everything: the peaceful world, the peaceful society, and the peaceful family. That means you represent Father's position. When you represent all of humankind in the center point, that is going to God.

Now we understand this official course and the four position foundation. We were born through love and we were raised through parental love and we practice love as husband and wife and give love to our children and eventually we return to love. Love starts everything. That is the ideal lifestyle. Centering on true love, the course is unchanging. That immediately connects to the spirit world, to God, and to heaven.

Once we clearly understand this true love principle, actually, you do not need any church leader to guide your life. You do not even need True Father to guide your life, because this is a formula. It is an eternal formula. You don't need to connect to any other place. Understanding itself cannot lead you to fulfill your purpose of life. You need action. Result comes from activity.

The month of October in Unification Church history is the month of liberation. The third Sunday in this lucky month of October is not a casual thing. Ten, twenty one, and three all belong to God. That is why Father gave this title, "The Official Formula Course of Love and Heavenly Fate" this morning. We have to know that all we do is because of love.

Anyone who does not like that, please raise your hand. (Laughter.) Those who would like to lead a homosexual life, raise your hands, please. Those women who want to be ahead of men because of the Equal Rights Amendment or whatever -- raise your hands, please. (Father jokingly bends down and pulls two sisters' arms up. Laughter.) No matter what you may say, if a man grabs the hand of a woman with both hands, you cannot move. In strength and work and brainpower, in everything, there is no match. Equal rights only exist in love. Only in love is there equality. Centering on love, everything can be balanced. That is true equality.

Man's responsibility is to create this globe, this entire revolving circle, and once it is completed, just open a small portion of the door and call the woman to come in. Women should wait until the husband completes this revolving circle and then they should join him. When you look at the animal world, the males usually fight for position. All the female animals wait and watch to see who wins. Once the strongest one remains, then they go and join him. These female animals know that they have to receive good, strong seeds from a strong male.

Do you think that practice should take place among humans as well? Well, there is a big difference between human beings and animals. Animals usually mate just once a year, but human beings were created in such a way that they can make love any time they want. Human beings make love more than any other creatures; that is why human beings are the supreme beings among all the creatures of the world. There are some animals which make love just once in eight years and die. But think about human beings -- how much freedom we have. That is why love is the most valuable thing. Love is something which we can praise for eternity.

Is there anyone who wants to have two mothers and two fathers? Because love is from the absolute being, God, who is just one being, so love should just be one. Therefore, the fruit of this true love should be one, not divided. If there is any sister who is willing to have two husbands, just try it How painful your life will be! If you practice that, you will get confused and go crazy. There is one set of parents, one couple, and one set of children.

This is the practice America absolutely needs. Those American sisters who accept Father's teaching this morning and pledge to practice what you have learned from Father this morning, raise your hands. If the others also pledge to follow that direction, raise your hands too. Oh! Amazing! Wonderful! Beautiful!

God bless you.

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