The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Third Anniversary of the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Chungpadong Church, Seoul, Korea
October 3, 1990
Unofficial notes of Malihe Zahedi

Today is Chusok (Thanksgiving Day) in Korea, a day of gratitude for our ancestors. Also it is the third anniversary of the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World.

In the same way as man is born and then gets older, history also flows and gets old. I, an ordinary man, was born in an ordinary family. Yet today I am the founder of the Unification Church and have become a person opposed by the world. Even in my own country I am called bad names and treated as an unworthy representative.

When I think over the 70 years of my life, they seem like a dream. Having only a bright sun in my vision before me, I have created the history of the Unification Church, while facing all the opposing forces of the world. Even though there are many members, no one truly comprehends my course.

The history of man has been one of suffering. But I am guiding the Unification movement to correct and reverse all the wrongs of the past and create a new history. Since the history of the Unification Church is the history of my life, you have to study my life and be interested in the path I have taken. Even though I have been opposed, I have accomplished things that are so unbelievable that the result is like a dream, a miracle, and I am like a legendary man.

Why have I been opposed and persecuted? Because I am an evil man? I have committed no crimes, and I am not evil. It wasn't a person or nation or the world that was opposing me--it was the devil, Satan.

The world has to change 180 degrees. Democracy and communism, rightism and leftism should be redirected toward the headwing. The world is in a very confusing state and needs new direction. If both left and right turn 180 degrees, they will face the headwing.

Where is history going? The prophets and saints are confused. Some say "I am a Buddhist, so I must go this way" or "I am a Muslim and should go that way." But they all must return to God. Some philosophers are even still wondering about God's existence. However, I have met God and know His heart.

(Father's corsage falls down and he says, "Oh, the flower is having a difficult time, so it fell down. So also UC members may fall away once or twice because being with Father is too difficult!"--much laughter.)

Let's ask those who don't know God, "Whom do you take after?" They will probably respond, "My parents." Then ask them, "Who is your father?" "My father is a male animal," they will say. "Who is your mother?" "My mother is a female animal," they will respond. A man will say he takes after a male animal and a woman says a female animal. Therefore the origin must have both male and female characteristics.

What is man's most favorite thing? It is woman. How about women? Their most favorite thing is man. Why? Because by becoming one, men and women become like God. Even though God has the characteristics of both man and woman, He is one.

[I have designed ships and fishing boats. Alaska's mornings are so beautiful you can feel God. (One sister from the audience said to Father she would like to visit Alaska. Father said "Did anybody tell you not to go? I don't care if you go or not. You mean the problem is money. Right? You can make money and go. Do you want me to pay for you? I can feed you there, but you should take care of your trip.")]

All religions are waiting for the Messiah. But is the Messiah one person or many? The Second Coming can only be one. I am a person respected by many scientists and leaders and my ideas are being taught in universities. I have so much power that I could do whatever I decide, but I don't use this power because I believe in the natural process. The same for God--He has great power but He always works through the natural process.

Being a member of the Unification Church is not easy. Attending is most difficult. Having a father-in-law and mother-in-law is easier than being a UC member. Even living with the worst husband is easier than being a UC member. But remember that the most difficult university tests are the best, and to go to the best university you have to study very hard.

We have to ignore our individualistic desires completely and throw the evil self away. I understand both evil and God's way. That is why I prohibit smoking, drinking, free sex, and homosexuality. These are evil. We don't need these things in our world.

This year's motto is "Unification of My Country." Did we do it? You don't know it but I did it, as history will testify.

A religious way of life is a life attending God, knowing Him and doing His will. The more we are opposed and persecuted, the more blessing we receive. I am a man who left his family and home for God. But I know that the day has now come for me to go to my home. I know it!

Did you follow me well? No, you didn't follow me well, but I guided you well. In my life I have shed many tears, but I have lived well. I have used my tears and effort in a good way.

Things are decided in the spirit world first and then reflected here on the earth. There has been no day in the world like this day, the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World. What is the "one world nation"? There has been no way that God could be the center of His sons and daughters' love. Everything was under Satan's dominion. To change that false dominion we need to be connected to the true olive tree.

Korean people really welcomed True Parents after the Moscow conference. We had rallies in 12 cities announcing the era of True Parents. They didn't know the concept of false parents and True Parents.

[Fifty thousand couples are going to be blessed. How many days will it take if I match 1,000 couples each day? (50 days) Do you think I should match by picture or in person? I should match by picture, so I said to take a really good picture. If someone doesn't get a good (right) person it isn't my fault but the picture's fault! Now, parents are thanking me for blessing their children. Some parents even come and ask me to bless their children.

There have been many saints and prophets, but no one has been able to solve the problem of unity of the mind and body, the family, and the world. Becoming one is very important. Your body and spirit should be one. The world is looking for a man and woman united in spirit and body--a perfect man and perfect woman. They will become the king and queen of the world, the world's champion with true love, which is God's love.

When Mother and I met President Gorbachev, he was amazed by Mother's beauty, saying, "Oh, beautiful lady!" I didn't feel bad--I was happy that he admired her. Similarly, the archangel was amazed by Eve's beauty.

The problem is not unity of the world. The problem is oneself, "me." It starts from me. Unity comes from me. The unification of the world movement started from Rev. Moon. I became one, united mind and body. All those who opposed me will deeply repent someday.

Now, when people talk about religion, they can't ignore the UC. When they talk about famous men, they cannot leave out Rev. Moon. When they talk about the Second Coming, they think of Rev. Moon. They know that there is no hope for America except Rev. Moon.

I took Mr. Koboki and some other Japanese to Alaska fishing. Eighty percent of America's fish are in Alaska. The Japanese are from an island nation and should know fishing but Mr. Koboki hates boats. He says that fishing is more difficult than delivering a baby. Why is fishing important? Because we want to solve the problem of starvation. Each year 2 million people die of hunger. We must start to help and should be busy doing that. The world leaders cannot solve that problem. UC members should solve it. We must become the ancestors of peace.

Out of 170 members, only 22 passed the Korean language test. I took them to Alaska where they would come back from fishing at 10:00 pm, have dinner and then talk till 2:00 am or 3:00 am, though they had to wake up at 5:00 am. They slept for just a short time, and not even in a bed but sitting up for 15 days. The most difficult training is to learn to overcome lack of sleep. The mind becomes confused and a person can lose consciousness. Spiritually we have to grow to be independent of eating, sleeping, and false love. Without doing that we can't escape satanic dominion.

Today is the opening of heaven. The opening of heaven also should start from "me." "I" is the problem. Satan is still in the world because of me. God is in agony because of me. We have to be members not to receive blessing or fortune, but to release God from pain and suffering. To liberate God we have to come out of our own problems. God has been shedding so much blood and tears in order to protect the Messiah. In the Old Testament era, things were offered. But the New Testament era is the age of offering sons and daughters. So, God's children should attend the True Parents, and the True Parents live to attend God.

I established the Universal Ballet Academy in America. The school's president was the head of the ballet company in the USSR. It has 250 years of history and is the best in the world. We can call it the king of the world of ballet. Though he is Russian, he is Catholic, not communist. He is a very spiritual person and has seen everything spiritually. He came to visit me in Hannamdong.

In the future, people who need to meet me, like Kim Il Sung or President Roh, will come to Hannamdong. You have to believe that. I'm worried about your faith. You may feel bad to hear that but because you love me you feel good, right?

I have been working in all kinds of fields and my vision is in every aspect of life, so people are afraid of me.

Korea and Japan have been blessed by God, especially Korea from 1978 to 1988. In those ten years Korea received great blessings from God.

(Then Father became serious and even cried.)

The Washington Times that I established has won two-thirds of the gold medals in the media competition. Did you hear that in Korea? The media in Korea didn't open their mouth to say a word about this. If you let people know these things, they will change.

Because I knew that to receive blessing one must go through persecution, I have persevered even though all religions opposed me. I never lost my hope and vision. You have to know that in the whole history of Korea, this is the first time that such has happened.

If you don't become one in spirit and body and as husband and wife, and if you don't become people who are taking responsibility for your tribes and following heaven's tradition, then you have no connection to this day. You have to take an initiating and pioneering position to liberate God. You have to work hard to make this day be your day.

I took the responsibility to liberate God as my destiny. Your path is still remaining: to become tribal messiahs. Be one in spirit and body and as husband and wife.

Those who pledge to God to practice and achieve this, raise both hands.

Thank you.

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