The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Father's Nation Is My Nation

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 2, 1990

The topic of my sermon this morning is "Aboji naranun neh narada--Father's Nation Is My Nation."

Every person wants to depend on something that he can connect deeply to in order to live in eternal, unique, real, lasting happiness. We don't want our fortune to waver up and down. How wonderful if there was some subject that would guarantee us that eternal best happiness!

Historically, people have looked to many different things and ideas in their search for happiness. Yet still we question, "What really is the center of my happiness?" "Does God exist or is He only in our imagination?" If indeed an absolute being does exist, only then may we dare to believe that lasting fortune and peace are not only possible, but guaranteed.

We most want to experience the happiness, peace, and fortune that we crave in the form of true love. There is nothing better we can have, and we want this love to be where the closest person to me is, centering on me. Since love is the source of happiness, then where would God want to be? The answer is very simple--what we conclude and what God concludes can never be different. God wants to be where husband and wife are really, really loving each other and no matter what happens, amazingly, their love does not change.

Do you want love to be what you make of it, or do you want love to influence you? You must never forget that true love will lead you to the best place you can be. A child may absolutely not want to go to a certain place, but love pulls him, fighting and crying. Then when he arrives there, he is delighted to find that it is the best place he could ever imagine, like the site of a delicious feast. Or perhaps a girl doesn't want to go in a certain direction, but once dragged there by love, she finds the absolute best possible husband. We must keep in mind that wherever love brings us, that is where the best thing is.

But the love that some experience, especially American women, may be very confined and narrow, centering just on "something I like, something I can understand," and not going even a step beyond. That is a very lonely love. Though the character of true love is to embrace all the universe, the individual who receives it may cripple and restrict it, saying to her beloved, "No, no, just follow me here" into a small, narrow opening. But if the husband is broader than her and has a bigger ambition, how can he go through that small place?

I want you to understand why I pick on the woman as an example all the time. When I use a man as an example, not all women are interested, maybe just men. But when I pick women, women are interested and also men! So I pick them for that reason, not because I have anything against American women. Since you are used as an example, you can enjoy being the center of attention, but also you'd better compose and behave yourselves! Because the subject stands on the right side, and the object is on the left side, my interpreter stands to the left of me. That's why I always face the women's side. In every relationship, according to the Principle and whether you like it or not, there has to be a clear subject and object.

Our knowledge, money, and advancement in a career are important factors in our happiness, but even if they change, we can adjust. However, when love changes, we are in great distress because we need love to be lasting and secure. The love that brings a deep smile to your face is love which you are sure of, even though it may not be so visibly expressed. That kind of love has much more value than just demonstrations of love.

The tree is a tree all the time. It doesn't put on makeup. You may wonder how can it live in such a monotonous way. However, that tree is very proud that no matter what, every year it is growing bigger, steadily and surely. Similarly, we can understand that it is the way a woman is growing in love, harmony, and character that makes her beautiful and attracts all things to her, including love--not just her makeup or external appearance.

Where can we find heaven, the ideal world, utopia? Are they just imaginary? When we speak about the utopia of women, of course we cannot exclude men. A man is very much part of a woman's happiness and peace. Without the love of a man, a woman cannot find anything that really matters to her. No matter how well-educated you are or how many degrees you have, unless you find a spouse you can love, you are a failure. If a husband and wife had a big fight the night before, then next morning, no matter how beautiful the wife usually is, all things would moan, "Oh, I wish I hadn't seen her miserable face this morning. She ruined my whole day."

All people want unchanging love even though they themselves are not unchanging. But it is totally absurd to be changeable and still expect something unchanging; if we do, we commit the worst crime in the whole world. Do you see yourself as so unchanging that you deserve to have an unchanging goal or are you still struggling? You not only change, but you change very often, which is much worse. Unchanging love that wants to stay with a changing person must be crazy. So you can see that eternal happiness, peace, and love are indeed possible, but you cannot find them because you are completely opposite--so changeable and unpredictable. Thus people falsely conclude, "There is no such thing as lasting peace or happiness. How foolish to think so!" It is there, but because you are not in unison with it, you cannot find it.

If God were to change from time to time, would we have something to live for? Could unchangeable love, peace, and joy dwell there? No. God Himself absolutely takes an unchangeable position and only from that can come unchangeable love, peace, happiness, and joy. This is the foremost standard to compare your position to. If you are always changing, unchangeableness will spit you out!

So true love exists where a husband pledges himself to be eternally united with his wife. Parents too must not even for one moment leave their position. All patriots, children of filial piety, and saints have one thing in common--unchangeableness all throughout their lives. In that eternal unchangeableness is all happiness, love, and peace.

One might groan, "Oh, then I cannot be a patriot, saint, or a filial child. To get what I want, I have to change according to the situation. Also I want to enjoy myself occasionally, to go to the theater or beach. How can I be unchanging and steadfast?" But actually changeable people long to be unchangeable. If there is one person who is laughing eternally, wouldn't everyone want to see him? If you hear that someone has been wearing the same outfit for thousands of generations, never changing, wouldn't you like to see him!? Our true nature admires things that are eternally unchanging.

Unchangeableness is most enduring and will digest what is changing. It is certainly very difficult and tedious to tolerate and persevere, but when we push beyond what seems to be impossible, we will be the final winner. We will be closer to the truth. Since the eternal God is unchanging, presenting ourselves in changeableness is really an injustice to God.

The key is within ourselves. I go to hell, or to heaven, according to what I do. Nobody sends us either place. So if you find yourself in hell, you have no one to complain to except yourself.

Does Father's nation begin from the nation itself or from an individual? [Individual] Since that nation must be unchangeable, can changeable or unchangeable persons go there? [Unchanging] We all want to go to this nation--but are you changeable or unchangeable? Since everybody else is changing, should unchangeable things also become changeable? Or, no matter how difficult it may be, should changeable people acquire an unchanging quality?

Do you want to create a changeable or an unchangeable family? If you influence your family to be more changeable, then you will have much regret. It's a sin to destroy what is meant to be something eternally peaceful and beautiful.

Nobody really trusts the American way of thinking because they don't see it as consistent. Americans value having lots of money, but the nature of wealth is very changeable. In the Western culture you have to write an IOU on paper if you borrow money, and are immediately sued if you don't pay it back. The Orient is quite different. An Oriental person may loan out a big sum of money. Then when he needs money himself, he goes to get it back. Each understands why he is there, but if the lender sees that the person to whom he lent the money lives more miserably than himself, then he cannot ask for the money to be returned. The difference of heaven and earth is between these two hearts. The West should adopt the ways of the East in order to build that unchanging foundation, but westerners want everybody to adopt their ways. That is why "Yankee go home" is shouted from every corner of the world.

The West is so prosperous because of God. But if God is pushed out, the country can only go toward destruction. God saw America faltering, and sent such a person as Rev. Moon to completely change its self-destructive way of thinking. God has to change this entire huge American culture 180 degrees. If it's changed only 90 degrees, it could revert. How difficult this is for both Father and America!

Having become Unificationists, you are in a unique position. Are you glad? All of your intelligence says, "Yes, we are happy--and we should be happy even if we are not!" But if you are changing, will you be happy or unhappy? Though you are changeable, you want to go in an unchangeable direction. Changeable Unificationists actually have Satan's strings attached by the hundreds. The less strings you have, the better off you are. How many of Satan's strings do you have pulling on you?

You say, "Oh, Father, I like that side of you but not the other side." How changeable you are! What am I going to do with you? I want to take all of you to the kingdom of heaven, the ideal world. However, you just respond,"I like to make and stay in the ideal family, but I don't want to go to the ideal nation and world." That is the problem for our members. God is the ideal center for every level, not just for the individual and family. God's country is where everyone ultimately wants to go and be. So those of you who choose to prefer only yourself and your family will soon lose the parents, clan, and even the nation. All things know they are created for everyone. Nature will protest any individual who wants to monopolize and occupy for himself and his family that which is intended for everybody.

The millionaire who earns money for his own sake will perish sooner or later, but the one who makes the same money for the sake of the entire world will endure as long as the world does. God can protect that unselfish millionaire because he is living according to His principle. I expect the money we have gained to stay with all of us forever because we are using it for the sake of everyone. God will take care of it according to His own law. I don't control it. I want to be the greatest debtor in history and be proud of it, to make as much as possible and use it for the sake of all.

The family is always the basic building block of the nation, not the individual. But a happy family requires happy individuals. The natural path is that a happy individual will form a happy family, which will form a happy clan and nation, and happy nations will together make a happy world. The problem within the Unification Church--and everywhere else, is that we are stuck on the happy individual and family level. "I have to have money for my wife, my children, tuition, etc. We don't need that happy country. It is far from me." No, it is not far as you think. You have to regard the happy world as the center of your family, not you as the center of the country. If you prefer the world, then your children will prosper along with it.

Americans are very much focused on the individual, or the family at best. But what was God's original intention? What did the Puritan fathers of America do when they first arrived? They invited God into everyday life with them, centering their lives on Him. They built churches, and then schools for the sake of all. The school is for the future of the nation, not just for the family. Only after this did they build their own houses. Since this pattern fits God's viewpoint, God was able to abundantly bless America. The Puritans were happy while they were laboring hard to build churches and schools because they were full of hope. God gave unlimited support to them because America was the only God-centered nation built by Protestants. This country was able to attract wealth from all around the world because its founding principle was correct.

Like the Puritans, I too center on God. I want to build a good school for the world, not just for the nation. The Unification Church itself is like God's church and at the same time is God's universal school. You are students from all over the world and I try so hard to teach you. Though nobody seems to want to learn anything, I have to shed sweat to teach you because I know what you need to protect your future. You may not want to, but you better learn now. God has to bless the Unification Church because I go along with His principle. I am willing to sacrifice whatever is closest to me to build God's nation. Even at the sacrifice of this world I have to work for the sake of the spirit world. Every step of the way is very difficult, but I have to do it.

When I go to the spirit world, I have to bring a gift to God. I will say to Him, "I loved the country You love so much the same way as You did. As You care so much about the future of mankind, likewise I have loved the second generation of the earth before I came to the spirit world."

From the life here to the life hereafter, there is no abrupt change. It is a natural extension. We should work on earth the same way as God works and when we go to the spirit world we just continue doing the same thing in the same direction. Though nobody welcomed, understood, or helped me, I have persevered, never changing, for God's purpose, so that country which is God's country is my country.

Imagine a series of train stations, representing the individual, family, nation, and world levels. The train is going toward God, the final destination, with brief stops along the way. If you get off at the individual station, you will have nothing to do with the ideal family. Or you may think our final destination is to be good parents and have good children. But if you stop at the family station and never proceed, then you will have no connection with the country or the world. If the country wants to take the husband or wife for the service of that country, or collect tax, and the family is opposed to that and complain, the nation will not prosper.

We can't even stop at the world or the cosmos. God is our final destination. Mother might say, "Oh, Father, all you have in your mind is the dispensation. Don't you want to think about your family a little more seriously?" Of course, I understand that it is the mother's role to bring up the family, so I cannot blame her, but, no matter how difficult it is, I know we all have to follow this course and to continue for as long as it takes. That is our destiny. If you cannot do it here, you have to continue in the spirit world where progressing is millions of times more difficult than here on earth. This is not at all a threat. When you go there, you will see the proof that it is true.

I created a religious alliance through bringing representatives of all the religions together around the world. The Federation for World Peace is an external organization, with the internal being the religious alliance. Do you think it has been easy to create these? The League of Nations was created right after World War I and that failed. The United Nations, created after World War II, has not been so effective. I created the Federation for World Peace with such difficulty, such toil.

The separation between the mind and body resulted from Adam and Eve's fall. Now the whole world is divided into two factions, left and right. To reunite takes an individual whose mind and body are one. The religious world can be called the right wing and the non-religious world is like the left wing. All people, religious and non-religious, need True Parents. Unity only becomes possible when both the right and the left wings welcome True Parents. Then when any family, religious or non-religious, places our picture in front of them, somehow they will feel that blessing is coming. That is the end God is trying to achieve through religion. This is why I am working with both the Bush administration and the leftist governments, with religious as well as non-religious societies. Do you think bringing them together is easy? They have to pay attention to us because they can see that whenever Rev. Moon has said he will do something, he actually has done it.

The Grand Mufti, the Muslim religious leader, complied with my request to sign the world peace proposal, representing all his followers. He said he has worked all his life to see this day, even while being persecuted and going to jail so often. He worked the same as I worked because the spirit world revealed to him that his mission is to bring unity between Christians, Moslems, Jews, and Buddhists. Being a righteous person he has been doing that all by himself. Then he came to San Francisco and found that Rev. Moon not only was doing the same thing that he was doing, but that I have already made a substantial foundation. He was so ecstatic that he proclaimed to his 225,000 [June had 25,000] small and large church leaders that now they should support and cooperate with Rev. Moon's work to bring all religions of the world into unity.

Small religions as well as major religions, Christians, Catholics, and Buddhists, all came around centering on me this time in San Francisco. They all felt this was what God wanted them to do. Sometimes those significant religious leaders who are more distant from our church understand and respect me more than the members do. They understand my importance because they know they are to work for the sake of the world and beyond.

I have worked all my life for this Assembly of God and the historical monumental things that took place August 15-20, 1990. These leaders heard that the Rev. Moon worked for 30 or 40 years being persecuted, spending so much money, and investing so much of his effort for supra- and interdenominational work. This was their dream too, but they see that they couldn't do it. Though people hated the thick walls that existed between and within religions, until now nobody could tear them down. Seeing that we are breaking through these walls, they all welcomed and applauded this unifying movement. They are even thinking that next year they will publish a common Bible--can you imagine that? They want to compile a common Bible for all religions, utilizing the authorities, scholars, and theologians of each denomination.

Whether media supports or does not support this grand universal movement does not stop God's work from marching on. The world does not exist for the sake of the media, who can be like dogs barking at small things.

While I was making this foundation, did you take any time to pray and to help me go through? Did you even think about it? Or did you come and try to look for the blessings? When there is a blessing, you are eager to pick it up. When there is hard work, then you want to go away from it. If I took the same position as some of you, how could I have achieved this goal? I knew, "The work is for me to do--I am born for it." I didn't expect anything except to work hard for this purpose.

When those who attended the Assembly of God return to their own churches, they will proudly testify to Rev. Moon. Have you ever wanted to speak on behalf of Rev. Moon, not because you were told to but because you are truly proud? You are afraid of being called "Moonies." Recently you may finally have come to understand and be proud of me and to speak out for Rev. Moon. I have proclaimed True Parents to all religious people. Do you think that is easy? We can encourage them to come in through any gate.

Thus it is becoming increasingly visible that religion really is coming into one. Isn't the communist world also coming into unity with the free world? Is America going along with me too? No, but more than two-thirds of each state's congressmen have heard the American Leadership Conference lectures on VOC and Godism, and they are influenced by that content when making decisions.

Until now how many American leaders wondered why I brought Japanese and Korean leaders here? But the way Americans are today, they cannot unify the world. How can they solve the racial black/white problem? But we, the Unification Church, can do that. God has gathered together people from countries that used to be enemies to unify the world. Now so many international couples are sitting here. They will have beautiful daughters and sons. On the world level now, in the name of religion, all will gather together. But it is only possible in absolute true love.

If your family does not so much care about America, and even less about the world, there is a tremendous gap since your destiny is to reach God. Who is going to fill that gap for you? Should I come back and stay with you? No, you must start moving! Are you?

Every day 60,000 people are starving. Who can take responsibility for saving them? By praying and pushing myself to an impossible degree, I make up to God for all your shortcomings. I am trying to provide not only for this country but for the whole world. That is why I started our fish industry. Do you support me or do you not even go in the same direction as me?

Eighty percent of all the Unification Church membership are stalemated, kind of hanging around, wishing that I would give them a salary. But I myself am indebted. I have borrowed heavily. It's a sin to think that someone should provide for you to work for your own sake and for your own country. First you should work hard and give me a salary, then think about your own salary. I have never received a salary, but all my life I have raised money and brought it to the church. You have been taught to dedicate yourselves for the sake of the church, day and night, to be a benefactor, no a beneficiary. I never took one day of vacation in my entire life. When America's leaders run out of money, they all come to Father to ask support. If they have their own house, they have to sell it and spend this for the sake of the country. But if they keep their house and come to Father to ask for more money, if you rest or go on vacation during this war, then the only way remaining for America is to perish.

I cannot go on here forever and ever. At some point I have to stop and take my whole family back to Korea. Otherwise there is no strong hope for your future. Russia and China are two major countries waiting now for me to work the same way I did in America.

While I paid all my attention to America, imagine Korea's situation. It was like a flickering light that a strong wing could blow out at any time. But by the grace of God, miraculously, Korea never perished. Every time there was a severe crisis I went there briefly and ignited the fire again. Still every time you said, "Oh, I wish Father would stay here and not go to Korea."

Are any American people helping me, even though everything I am doing is for the sake of America and the world? No. They are accusing me: "Go back." If you Unificationists accept my way, then there is hope for the survival of America. Otherwise America will perish. Every time I pray I plead for the survival of the free world. How about you?

Break down the barriers! Go to the front line and bring victory yourself; then your whole family won't have to go through that and receive persecution.

Father's land, which means vertical country, is your own land, the land where you are to go and where every individual, family, and nation can connect with happiness, peace, and joy. But you are now lingering on the individual and family level. God is knocking on your door, strongly urging, "Let's go, let's go," but you are all shaking your heads, "No, Father, I won't go." How miserable a situation this is. Perhaps you think there is some way you don't have to do this, but actually you will have to go sooner or later.

So repenting should be the urgent task for all American leaders. You don't want to sweat in the hot summer and do unpleasant things. I don't like to do that either, but this is our destiny. I am doing it, so you do it too. There is no better thing for you to do. If you deny yourselves and determine to live for the sake of the country and for God for the rest of your lives, your blessing will be guaranteed 100 percent.

How much my own children miss their parents. They really rejoice to see us for the first time in a long time, but then only one or two days later we leave again, so how disappointed they are. I can do that only because I know God and know His situation is even worse, even more miserable than mine. When I come in late and look at my sleeping children, do you think there was ever a day that I didn't shed tears looking at them because I couldn't take care of them? The one who is most precious to you makes the best offering. Through that you can achieve God's goal. Abraham's offering of his son is nothing compared to the path you have to go.

I say this matter-of-factly, but actually the wall at each step from the family to the country to the world level is so utterly difficult to tear down. Still I never tried to evade the suffering, even when I had to go to prison. When America indicted me, frankly, they didn't expect Rev. Moon to come back from Korea, but I had this course to go to liberate America, the world and God, and for the future of all Unification Church members as well. You are indebted to me not for my sake, but for the sake of your own country.

Your family should be the center of and connected to all families and all the world in every direction. The best way to do that is to sacrifice that family. Then all people will look to you to see the ideal family formula way and dedicate themselves to following you. Through your sacrifice, everyone can come in to be grafted.

People look at my family and see that they have sacrificed for 40 years. Other families must also offer themselves on the sacrificial altar to expand the atmosphere enabling change to occur. You have to make a new tradition for building Father's nation. Then the ideal world will appear.

You must stand on the front line with your family as I did for the past 40 years. Do not become an enemy of God. True Parents' tradition should be your ongoing lifestyle. If you don't make that kind of foundation on the earth, God cannot descend to this land and work everywhere for a peaceful, happy, joyful world. Knowing how serious God is, I will work everywhere till all walls are torn down, no matter how difficult it is.

Ever since the fall until now, Satan has been accusing us to God: "This person is so bad that I have to bring him to hell." God had to reply, "Yes, I know. " Think about how agonizing God's heart and mind have been. Man cannot overcome his sin by himself. A new victorious Adam must appear to kick the wall down. How strong his power must be to defeat Satan! God's champion must continue to stand no matter how much he is hit. Otherwise God can't help him. But with God and unchangeable faith, you can solve all problems. Without God, you cannot. Think about how many decisions and sacrifices I had to make to create the victorious foundation upon which I now stand.

God doesn't want yellow people to attack whites. I appeared in America with the mission of preventing that from happening, but I was treated like I was the worst possible guy. Still I have to forget how badly I was treated. That is agony in my mind, but if I see others as enemies, I cannot save them. If God sees all mankind as His enemy's children, He cannot save them. I know how difficult His situation is and how much He wants this nation to live and prosper. I have taken responsibility my entire life to liberate Him from His agony, no matter how difficult it has been for me. Now I am over 70 years old. Those who take up this mission completely will be called true children. Can you complain or make excuses? You have to have an unchanging attitude. Compare yourselves to me. I did everything, but you don't really understand that.

I responded every time God needed and called me. For the sake of Father's nation, I have made more kinds of successful foundation than you know, despite continual intense persecution. How difficult was that? When normal people hear how much I've done they gasp in amazement.

If you want an easy way, you cannot make any foundation. You must tell God you'll do everything. Step by step, march on with tears, sweat, and even blood, completely offering yourself. With such unselfish thinking Satan cannot follow you because he is self-centered. You have to defeat Satan once and for all on the front line, or else you will retreat and have to fight him again. But with sacrificial thought and action throughout your life, when you go to the spirit world, God and the angels will welcome you: "You did it." Not "Father did it." This is your foundation, you are owners. God told me: "The next generation is for your people to do. Please give it to them."

Now I've done everything. Two days ago was the anniversary for the eight step ceremony. Yesterday my sermon was on "Heavenly Fatherism." As I explained, now the time is imminent for the unification of North and South Korea, one of the last historical undertakings of the dispensation. I have to do that, too. The World Summit Conference in Beijing, China, will be on November 11, 1990. Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Il were invited by the leader of China to participate in that meeting along with me. I accomplished this by working long and hard without rest. How about you?

[I knew God's job so well. In every area I made a high level foundation. The Washington Times combined with the Media Center can be very powerful. We are making a tele-information system to reach all over the world. This can revolutionize the media world.]

We are now influencing the formerly communist world by inviting Soviet students to come here and study. After they return, they send us many letters asking us to continue these leadership conferences. "Our university wants that kind of education." [Father speaks to Dr. Seuk in Korean.] Did you understand what I said? Why not? After 1990 I will no longer use English. I instructed Dr. Seuk to make a sister relationship with the universities in Russia. Through this relationship we can invite them to seminars to educate the Russian and American students together and to train Western leadership.

So you know the inevitable conclusion. The country God wishes is the same as the country Father wants, which is the same as the country you all want too. The three can never be different. To achieve that utopia of peace and joy, good individuals must form a family centered on original true unchanging eternal love. The couple must be like two pillars, unchanging. Are you?

You have to penetrate and go beyond the walls of the family to the country and world, to the spirit world, cosmos, and finally to God. My major role was to tear down the walls. Even if you wanted to, no one could go until I did that. It took my entire life, so in great appreciation, you now should go freely among the levels to achieve this goal.

Human history has seen lots of wars, but this is the grandest, and last, of all wars. I am not asking all of the family members to participate, though that would be best, but at least one member out of the whole family, the most loved center, should participate. That has the same meaning as if the whole family had participated in that war. Then the remaining spouse will take care of the family situation.

America cannot just serve itself alone. It has to work for at least three other countries. Preferably you will go to a difficult place, like in some African or South American countries.

The time is drawing near that all American young people will come to participate in this war, and not only evangelize this country alone, but all the other countries where they are also waiting for God's country. Is it great or gray? [Great!] We have to make that great family, great nation. Now is the time for all-out participation and mobilization.

Up to now I encouraged you to go back to your home country, home town, and witness. Now you go as far away from your home town as possible and witness. You are a living sacrifice. You don't need to bring technique. You bring yourselves with your sweat, tears, and blood to witness in that country. This will certainly be an historical record. History will look back and say, "They did this." One 40-day period should be spent outside America, but not in another rich country. This is a great movement from one place to another. Gather a lot of blessings on your shoulders and disseminate them, give them away. Accomplish that with your own force and power, invest and buy God's country, which is your country, with your own effort. Feel: "I am sharing this blessing I got from God with other people, representing my wife, my son, my daughter, my whole family, and we give this to the world." Implant there a real family spirit.

You knew that one day you would have to do some kind of family condition for the world. Now the time is coming. Don't worry about your family. If you offer yourself, God will take care of your family better than you can. Like me--every time God protects my family more than I could. They are growing well, healthy and strong, so don't worry about your family.

I am the standard, the model. I've done this my whole lifetime and prosperity has come to me. After you find the real God, "my God," and truly love Him, no one can control you. You automatically stand with dignity and win respect. With God's authority and individual dignity, you build up your family dignity, and then many such families connect all over the world. You have to make that kind of elevated world with that high level of heart. Upon that foundation God can appear and lead all humankind forever. That is my country, Father's country, forever. Do you want that? Such a glorious situation would stimulate all your senses to overflow with happiness. That is our destiny, our hometown, forever. . . forever. So can you send the center of your family as a representative to make this tradition in your family? Those who say, "Father, I will be ready to do that," raise your hands.

Before you leave this morning, write your name and your husband's name, and circle the one who can go out in the mission. Through lottery I will assign teams to towns all around the world, and I expect you to be happy to go wherever you are asked. Then I will of course go visit these places, especially those where you have gathered a lot of people. I may do a revival meeting there for you too. Do you know that the name Rev. Moon and Godism are famous all over the world? People want to meet the guy who has been making so much noise everywhere!

My foundation is already finished. Now I want you to make your foundation. You make 400 disciples so that you can stand in the center and call to your Parents, "Please, parents, visit us here. Please respect your child." We will come and look. "Ah," we say, surprised, "I didn't know that you were that kind of great guy!" At one time you can connect with a whole tribe. This kind of result sounds good, but doing it isn't so easy. You are making your history. After making that kind of foundation you can go all over, doing itinerary work and explaining your success: "I did this at the time the government was against me." Hearing you they will completely surrender to you.

When you come back from serving in other countries for 40 days, America will see the first generation of hopeful people. Will that be 40 days or 40 years? I went through the wilderness for 40 years--why not you? If you can establish my tradition and spirit, and bring new members all over 160 nations, then unifying these nations will be no problem. I will feel hope for American blessed families.

We will do it the free democratic way. You are free to choose to go or not to go. I am not forcing anyone to go. Will you do it? No matter how difficult your course may be, think, "I will march on happily for the sake of God's country and my country." Amen.

Persecution has disappeared thanks to my tearing down all the walls to make the unified world country. I am passing over the territory I have made to help your local activity. As a loving father, I want your territory to extend everywhere. This is the dream of my lifetime for my children. If you can receive and inherit my spirit and this eternal vertical and horizontal concept of Fatherland, then you will be invited in front of God's throne in the spirit world. How happy we will be at that time!

The Fatherland is my land. It is each of us who must be able to say "is my land." When you can claim that, God will say, "Yes, yes, it is yours." Who can stop us? I made that kind of foundation. I'm the subject, so this is my land. God said, "Of course." Let us reach for that purpose and world. God bless you

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