The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


Parents Day and I

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 27, 1990
Speech given at World Mission Center
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

Everything in this world exists in pairs. You have two eyes, two nostrils, two ears. In addition, there are two types of functions for each organ. Although you have only one mouth, you can use it to speak good things or bad. From the same eyes, you can watch good things or bad. You have only one body, but it is able to carry out good acts and bad.

This sort of dichotomy or opposition throughout the world must be overcome or brought into unity. Why does this separation exist? It is due to the fall of man which was an opposing action to the ideal of creation. The core of the creation ideal is the love of God who doesn't want to dwell alone. He wants to prosper. In order to secure that prosperity, He must have His own posterity or His own blood lineage.

Our title today is "Parents Day and I," because the central problem is always that "I". If there had been no fall, then the love of God, the life of God and God's blood lineage would have been united. When you speak of yourself, your "I", you are the fruit of your entire lineage, the offspring of your ancestral tree. A large tree has numerous branches and trees, with just one main trunk. However, everything is connected--from the root to the trunk, the trunk to the branches, the branches to the leaves. When the tree blossoms with flowers and bears fruit, that fruit represents the essence of the entire tree--the root, trunk, branches and leaves.

You are like the fruit of that tree. Eventually you become a seed, too. In order to do that, you first have to bloom with flowers, then pollination of the male and female flowers must take place. In this way, you are the fruit of your own mother and father whose love created you. Those parents also had their own parents, who had their own parents, and so on, all the way back to the beginning. If you want to become a parent, you too must become part of a pair. No man or woman can become a parent all alone.

Looking at the modern-day perverted culture of the United States, we see so much homosexuality and lesbianism. If this alone continued, it would mean the end of the human species. There must be some original model or tradition that would always blossom and produce the ultimate fruit which would always represent the origin--the beginning point.

Everyone in the world should be participating in the original love, life and lineage. True love, true life and true lineage are the cause and the world should be the result. Thus through the pair system, we can become the recipient of that original love, life and lineage. That is an absolute formula with no deviation possible. The pair system is necessary for fruit to be produced, for without parents there can be no multiplication.

Love in particular is vertical; therefore, in order to be a recipient of love, you have to be standing right below that vertical line. The ideal love line is a straight, vertical line for true love always moves along the shortest path. In the Bible we read about the fall of man, which damaged the very root of the tree of mankind. In the ideal of God, there was to be no fall of man which would allow the original true love, life and lineage to come down from generation to generation forever. The fall of man was an attack against true love through illicit love. When true love was nearly mature, illicit love invaded from the side, knocked down the tree of true love and sowed the illicit seed.

Since the tree of God's love and lineage was taken over by Satan's lineage, man's lineage has been rooted in Satan, never travelling a straight line, but creating perversions of human life and love. People who engage in illicit love want to do it in secret. This is because everyone has a conscience and, when they engage in illicit love, their conscience bothers them. But even man's conscience deviates from the straight line.

American society today is rampant with free sex, an act totally unacceptable in the eyes of God. The first seeds of illicit love were planted during the teen years. The Last Days are its harvest time which is why we see so much free sex among teenagers. This illicit love line has to be cut and a new lineage has to be planted.

Is the Divine Principle, the teaching of the Unification Church, correct? The Divine Principle is a formula or principle for all humanity to live by. What is a formula? It is a rule which applies to every circumstance. This is a very important statement. Without learning and following this principle, no one can become a truly perfected human being. The Divine Principle is bringing light, so that no one can remain in darkness. It teaches what went wrong and how it actually happened. With this knowledge, one's own judgment can tell right from wrong. Since people are intelligent, they will move in the right direction. The focus of the right way is true love, true life, and true lineage. These three are a unit and you cannot remove one of these elements from their trinity.

You must realize that God's love, life and lineage are going to prosper forever through you and generations of your descendants. If no fall had happened, each one of you would be able to say, "I am the result of the love of God, the life of God and the lineage of God." However you are not in that position because of the fall of man. Rather, each person is the recipient of satanic love, life and lineage. Satanic love is always self-centered. The love of God is always for the sake of the whole and for the sake of others. The United States today is a kingdom of individualism and that fact alone clearly explains why this nation belongs to the satanic lineage and why free sex has become so widespread. This is the satanic strategy to destroy God's love and truth. Free sex and all the perverted actions of satanic love are the worst deeds against God's true love.

The free world and the communist world had been moving in their own direction, but now they are coming together. Today the economic systems within the communist world are crumbling as seen in China, the Soviet Union and all her satellite nations. That doesn't mean that God has won in the world or that His work is finished. What has happened is only an external phenomenon. There must also be a true revolution within the human heart. So far, human history has been led by Satan. Where has he been leading mankind? Into hell. There are many kinds of enemies, but the very worst enemy is the enemy of love--those who deprive us of love. God has been teaching us to love our enemies. But why couldn't God love Satan? God can forgive and love satanic men and women, but God cannot love Satan himself. Satanic man can be changed to the side of God, where he is saved and there is hope for him. Instead of all human beings becoming children of God, they became the victims of Satan through the fall. Therefore, there is room for love and forgiveness by God. But Satan himself is the one who destroyed the very root of the love of God, so he cannot be forgiven. Satan is the enemy of God's love, God's life and God's lineage. Each fallen man lacks God's love, life and lineage; all he knows is Satan's love, life and lineage. Consequently, God cannot have prosperity and the whole world is controlled by Satan. Truly, we have to completely change this world.

We know the answer to the fundamental question "Why did God create this world?" God created this world for the sake of love. If God is all alone, what sort of enjoyment could He have? He is not happy. Therefore, He created in order to have a recipient of His love. Even though God is absolute and almighty, He too would like to have His own subject to whom He could be obedient. If this were not the case, then by creating others He would be doing something selfish. In His omnipotence, He would have created this world just for His own benefit. But since He created this world for the sake of love, God Himself is obedient to true love. This is why God can command His creation, including mankind, "You must absolutely obey Me in true love." Therefore, all creation exists for no other reason than for the sake of love. God's investment in the creation was total. He gave every part of Himself for He wanted His object to be even better than He. The characteristic of love is that the loving one wants his object to be even better than himself. You want to have your spouse and your children to be better than you, right? Where did that characteristic come from? We inherited it through the generations from God. This is a logical answer and follows the law of cause and effect because the cause and result have the same characteristics.

We are making an extraordinary statement today from the Divine Principle that even God, when He created His own object, made it better than Himself. God invested His totality for the sake of His object. The absolute object centered upon true love, is always the focus of love. Therefore, love is not coming from me, but from the object. If you want to receive love, you have to be humble, receiving it from a lower position. Following this principle, men and women are in the horizontal position to God's vertical love. God's love comes down and hits between them--right in the center. Because true love takes the shortest way, there is only one point where God's vertical line can connect with the horizontal. This is absolute that true love travels a vertical line and lands at one point, with no deviation. God's love landed at that one true love point, resulting in the birth of Adam and Eve. They were supposed to travel 90 degrees and, upon coming to maturity, they were to travel a horizontal line, meeting at its center. That was the original ideal.

Man represents the east, woman is the west. Men and women are travelling horizontally toward the center and collide head-on. The head-on collision of true love makes the two parties dance with joy. Vertical love hits right at the center turning this way. The earth turns from east to west. True love turns in the same direction. That kind of ideal turning involves no reservation or resistance. It is completely smooth and welcome everywhere, from the top of heaven to the bottom of the earth. In true love, all humanity is turning. God should be in the center, as the axis for this turning motion. God, enjoying the motion, says, "How wonderful. Everyone resembles Me." Then God can receive joy from humanity.

Are you in that state? True love serves as the vertical line for the sake of the universe. When you search for true love, you must think of the universe and say, "I represent the universal love, life, and lineage." When the world asks you to surrender, you give everything. True love is coming down the vertical line to connect with you. Therefore, your supply of true love is infinite because it is coming from God. So when you constantly give love, you will never cease to be replenished. Whoever lives with this vertical, universal true love, are the true sons and daughters of God. Wherever true love is, there is also true life. Wherever true life is, there is also a true lineage. This lineage comes through marriage, not through single people. When you inherit true love, true life and true lineage from the Tree of Life, then that tree becomes your tree: its root, trunk, branches and leaves are all yours. This means that people in any nation throughout the world are your brothers and sisters and we truly have become one family of man. In a tree, all the nutrients and energy flow from one part to another freely, without resistance. In the same way, the tree of the human family should be sharing energy without any boundaries or resistance. True love breaks down all the barriers of the world and the universe because it is an absolutely giving love, a love of commitment and investment in others. That is the way of life of the Unification Church, where there is no national, cultural or racial barriers in our marriages or our citizenship. We are people of the Unification country. When absolute love is in motion, infinite energy is activated and absolute power is available forever. Now you can become the greatest people!

This principle works on every level. The United States was at the apex of world power after winning World War II. God wanted the United States to adopt a universal attitude, serving the rest of the world and all of humanity. Instead, this country became very self-centered and adopted a self-serving national policy. Similarly, Israel was the chosen nation 2,000 years ago, yet Jesus Christ was crucified in their midst. Why? They had a self-serving attitude. They thought once the Messiah came to their nation, they would become the most powerful rulers in the world. However, Jesus taught the people to embrace the rest of the world and serve them. Instead, Israel became weak because they didn't follow Jesus' universal teaching. The universal power could not protect and promote the Israel nation.

By the same token, the Unification Church is not going to govern and stand above the world. The Unification Church is going to embrace the world and universe. Our entire love, heart and effort is going to be given for the sake of all humanity. That is the teaching of Reverend Moon and the way of the Unification Church. The final solution to the world's problems is the united true lineage, the united true love and the united true life. It is the only way to solve the terrible evils in the world today: racial division, moral breakdown, poverty and disease. Only by living and working for others while centering on true love can we solve the world's problems. Centering on others will automatically bring prosperity. This is the way of creation and exactly follows the path of original love, which the universal power will protect and promote.

This concept is really rather simple to apply. It is God's strategy to take persecution and be hit, then to take over as the true owner. I am the same. All of my life I have taken the persecution of Satan's world, but God's universal power has protected me and prosperity has followed. This has been a secret until now, but now you know. You, who have been trained by me, are so precious to this country. As long as you are here, this nation will not crumble or be destroyed.

Since God began the policy of serving and living for others, every form of His creation must also follow that way. Therefore every created being is seeking for its object of love that is better than himself. Every atom has the give and take of true love, where the horizontal and vertical lines are always crossing and existing in pairs. Molecules exist in plus and minus, ions and cations. When those two come together, a greater molecule comes into existence. Even God cannot force the union of plus and minus, it must occur naturally.

I have always rejected the theory of evolution because there must be give and take between plus and minus in order for advancement to take place. The order of advancement is: advance, give and take between plus and minus, advance. There is no way a lower life form, such as an amoeba, by random action or whim, can become a more advanced animal.

The division of species is an absolute boundary that God created and has protected with clarity. Therefore, the theory of evolution is really a satanic theory.

In every multiplication, love is involved. Love moves toward one ultimate destination: the love of God. Without this loving action, no creature can be brought upon the earth. The purpose of creation is for the lower creatures to come closer to God through the higher creatures. Therefore, when man eats an animal, that animal becomes part of his body. Since man is the closest creature to God, that animal would rejoice to be eaten, because he is getting closer to the love of God. This is absolutely the law of love. Similarly, we should be willing to sacrifice ourselves to be close to God's love which is the highest level we can attain. When true love appears on the earth, the universe seeks to harmonize with it and then to protect that unity.

God's love moves along the vertical line and always comes down at the same place. For men and women to move closer together, they have to be on the same line. The formula is absolute: the vertical line and horizontal lines must cross making a 90-degree angle at only one point. We are absolutely going to pattern our lives using this true formula. Anyone who does not is destined to hell.

The unity of your mind and body must be a 90-degree angle. Your body was to have been produced by your horizontal true parents with your mind produced by God as your vertical true parent. Therefore, your mind is your vertical self and your body is your horizontal self. Their unity can only be achieved when you have true love. That means the spiritual and physical worlds must connect centered upon true love. When the physical and spiritual parents of someone connect, the horizontal world will protect that person.

The vertical line is narrow, but the horizontal line is broad-based. Here on earth you can multiply. Multiplication in the spirit world is not possible for there is no horizontal. God's first purpose of creation was to find His object of true love. The second purpose of creation was for God to project Himself into a physical form, for God is without form even in spirit world. But True Parents, who were created to be the image of God, will always be seen here and in the spirit world.

The third purpose of God's creation was to produce the citizens of God's kingdom. Since there is no multiplication in spirit world, God wanted to see His people multiply here on earth. Each person would grow up and live in heaven on earth and then in spirit world, never needing a savior or salvation. Because the human race fell, we lost that true love. Now the mind and body dwell at different angles. Restoring that original 90-degree angle is the purpose of religion. In living a religious life we take a path which is 180 degrees opposite to the secular world in order to completely separate from Satan and be restored to our proper position.

I have undertaken a five-city tour, teaching the Koreans that religion's purpose is to subjugate man's body to the will of the mind. After three to five years of practicing this way of religion, the body will be subjugated to the Will of God. In this way, new habits and disciplines can be formed.

Another way to subjugate the body is to receive a powerful input of energy from the vertical line that will completely overwhelm its surroundings. This is also another way in which religion serves the purpose of restoration and why I have been asking you to follow this path exactly which should enable you to bring your body under the Will of God. The body is Satan's dwelling place and that is why this war is the most serious one in history. Only the Unification Church and the Divine Principle can achieve this victory. Learning the Divine Principle means that your mind and body will ultimately be united in true love, thereby fulfilling the original purpose of creation. When you make that kind of foundation, then God and the rest of the universe will welcome you.

Another question being asked in the secular world is "Does consciousness precede reality or does reality come before consciousness?" Did the human eye come into this world knowing that it would be seeing sunlight? No, the eye had no way of knowing what to expect so it was formed by some Will with the ability to see the sunlight.

Also, the eyes are protected by eyelashes. Some consciousness knew there would be dust in the air which the eye needed to filter out, so the eyelashes were created. Did the eyelashes themselves have some prior knowledge of this world? How about the tear ducts, which provide constant moisture for the eyes? Who knew the eyes would be in a warm environment that would cause moisture to evaporate? Someone behind the scenes understood everything that would be needed and set up the perfect situation for the eyes. That means concept was first, not reality. Therefore, God does exist.

We are moving toward God's ideal of creation. When each person's mind and body become united in absolute oneness, then a man and woman become absolutely one in love, God's true love comes on the earth. We are making absolute couples centering on God's love. No matter how difficult it may be, fallen man must return to this original point. Otherwise, we cannot live in heaven on earth or in spirit world.

Therefore, we must be absolute and say, "I have only one life, one focus for my smell, touch, hearing and vision. One mind, one body, one love." This is what God wants. Whoever follows this way of life will be protected by the universe and given prosperity. The Unification Church is now teaching the original true love way and through the power of true love we can save all of fallen humanity. The true love way is the fastest way to the goal. When you have true love and pass into the spirit world, you will be able to go anywhere immediately--time and space will be no barrier.

True love has three attributes: one is infinity. The second is unity. The third is its existence and participation in everything. God created man centering on true love, with the desire that man participate with Him, even to trade places with Him in this universe. You can only change the American nation if you attain this absolute true love. Then when you stay in one place, all the universe will gather there. When I go anywhere, that place automatically becomes Unification Church headquarters. People around the world will welcome Moonies because they come to serve the people and to love them with a parental heart. Those nations will say, "Please come to our country, True Parents." There is only one couple who are the True Parents and when you are taught by them, how precious and truly priceless that education is, so you must work hard to share your precious gift. Action is the only way to get result.

Today is the 30th anniversary of Parents' Day. This anniversary is particularly significant for True Mother. Thirty was the age Jesus began his public ministry. Although he was unable to accomplish his mission on the national level, I have set the conditions for the consummation of the True Parents' mission, fully accomplishing my mission. After 30 years together, Father and Mother as the True Parents have completely laid the worldwide and universal foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

I declared in Pledge Service this morning that the accomplishments of True Mother, who represents womanhood, have given women of the world complete freedom. They can take a more front line position to unite and restore women of all nations. Women must become truly heavenly instruments.

Another thing which I declared at Pledge Service was that I am the first founder of the Unification Church and Mother is the second founder. Women can now stand side by side with the men. If Mother alone should visit one of the Unification Churches around the world, no one can say, "Why did Mother come alone? Where is Father?" Because Mother, all by herself, represents and is the founder of the church.

If I had to proceed alone from here, God's dispensation would go forward. If Mother had to proceed alone, the same is true. God's dispensation will be consummated! The outside world is talking about Reverend Moon being seventy years old. "Who is going to be his successor?" people ask. But I tell them there is no need to worry because Mrs. Moon, our True Mother, is only 47 years old! And after us there are the true children to carry on God's Providence.

Throughout my dispensational mission, my first effort was to restore the elder son's birthright. That has been accomplished. All the Cain and Abel situations and their birthrights have been completely restored. I have been in the Abel position to the United States, who was in the Cain position. Now they should heed the advice I have given them or they will have no hope in the future.

Today our declaration is not only about the liberation of women and the elevation of Mother's position as second founder, but that all blessed families around the world are inheriting the power of True Parents. When you completely unite with the spirit of True Parents then, just as the universe and God have been protecting the True Parents, so also will you be protected wherever you work. Therefore, be bold and strong as you go out to the front line. Do not retreat. Proclaim to the world, "I am a proud member of the Unification Church. That means I belong to the True Parents. I am a child of the True Parents." Don't try to hide that. Anyone who takes a hiding place is automatically welcoming Satan. From now on you must say proudly, "I am a child of True Parents and Satan cannot touch me!"

Now the True Parents have accomplished the restoration of three very essential rights. First of all, the birthrights and special positions of the elder and younger brothers. The Soviet Union has been in the elder brother's position or Cain. The second right which has been restored is that of the True Parents. When I get to the Soviet Union on April 9, I will declare the same message I have given here today.

Until now most of America's 240 million people have been against me. Reverend Moon is just one man taking that abuse. Someday I will leave here, without doubt. Can you claim that Reverend Moon belongs here and should stay here forever? Certainly not! My purpose is to save the whole world and the biggest part of the world is the communist world. The Soviets are larger and more numerous than the Americans. The Soviet media people who visited the United States and Korea at my invitation advised me, "You have been working for 40 years in the free world and have many followers. But if you came to the Soviet Union and printed the Divine Principle in everyday Russian, we could distribute 30 million copies within a matter of months. You will have far more members in the Soviet Union than in all of the free world!"

China's highest leaders have come to respect me as a "Chinese hero" and have invited me to visit. Centering on Reverend Moon, that foundation belongs to God. Before the coming of the victorious True Parents, God could not make such a foundation in history. You understand that on the path of restoration and recreation, the key element is not God but man for made the fallen world. Therefore the center of the restoration course is man. So no matter how great is God's power, His situation has been so miserable without a center for restoration on earth. Only Reverend Moon has known this secret truth--not traditional Christians. Now I am teaching it all over the world. Therefore you can follow the Principle and achieve the restoration of yourself, your family, tribe and nation.

The democratic world, corrupt and almost perishing, must turn back from ruin. How? True Parents are willing to sacrifice their own lives to protect God's children and turn back disaster. This is the way of the Unification Church. Our teaching is spiritually powerful in organizing the spiritual world. Satan's world is breaking up because of the wonderful truth of Divine Principle and the work of the Unification Church.

The Lord of the Second Advent comes as the third Adam which is the position of True Father. As God sent the Lord of the Second Advent to the world, the victorious True Parents can send you as a tribal messiah to your hometown. Horizontally, where there are parents, there is automatically the tribe's foundation which, in turn, automatically connects to the nation. After the parents are saved, Adam and Eve's position will be fulfilled which means that religion is no longer the means of salvation and traditional religious work is not needed since the entire world will enter the restored realm.

Vertically speaking, you have only one True Parent connecting all three levels of true parents--Adam, Jesus and the Lord of Second Advent. But horizontally speaking, the whole restoration is being united and multiplied with one parent. One parent becomes one tribe, then one nation. Once you restore your hometown, your physical parents become true ancestors, not fallen ones. With the parents standing on the side of God, the whole family will be standing on the side of God. The True Parents are then the vertical center and you are the horizontal center. This horizontal parenthood unites the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament eras into one so that your hometown becomes the Kingdom of Heaven. From here, the new generation will begin to prosper. True Parents' family creates a vertical line while your family creates an interconnecting horizontal line. The vertical comes first, therefore you must place the love of True Parents' family before the love of your horizontal relations--your own family, tribe, and nation. When that is the case, Satan has no way to invade.

Now that I have restored the position of True Parents, the Kingship of the Kingdom of Heaven has also been restored. That is because once Adam and Eve are consummated, they are not only the father and mother of that family, but also the king and queen of that family. Therefore, the consummation of the True Parents means the restoration of Kingship. On February 27, 1990, I declared the restoration of the Kingship on the worldwide level.

I always asked members of the Unification Church to go the road of suffering, so that you could be separated from Satan. I realize that this is not the American way of freedom, happiness and having fun. But you have to know where Satan dwells and how to get rid of him. Satan prospers in a world where people are centered on having fun. The way of Reverend Moon is to go down into the dungeon of hell and clean it up so that God doesn't have to see Satan's dirty standard. Reverend Moon has been teaching, "Go down. Take the way of persecution." And finally Satan has been stopped.

Historically, Satan has stood before God and accused mankind. But I understood Satan's strategy and took a path where Satan could not follow me. The safest way for completely separating from Satan was always the most difficult way. I follow this way to clean up everything. When I take this deep righteous way, then Satan can never accuse.

What kind of situation are you American blessed couples taking? Some of you have children which means you need a nation to protect your family from Satan's national power. No matter how difficult it may be, you have to establish a national foundation. Otherwise, all Unification tribes will crumble. The purpose of our entire life is to establish a national foundation for God so that we may take ownership of God's original purpose of creation.

Should we take the way of saving the nation or saving the family? The nation must come first. Between the nation and the world, which should we work for? The world. Between God and the world, which one should we work for? God. We must achieve the liberation of God, centered on true love.

When the Messiah came, he grabbed both sides of this world and God took the front position. Right behind God are the True Parents, leading the new race of humanity back to the original ideal world. Heaven is now appearing on earth and in the spiritual world.

Today's gift from True Parents is true love and true parenthood. When you are absolutely centered on the True Parents, you will resemble them. True love is the one thing to which even Almighty God is obedient. Absolute love means total investment of self, total giving.

When you have received true love as a gift, you have received everything. You control God, all humanity and the world. Universal fate follows true love; God follows true love; humanity follows true love. Satan doesn't follow. How can I say that? I have been going the way of persecution my whole life. That is how I have achieved prosperity. By taking persecution, God's side inherits Satan's ownership and returns it to God. We are in the Third World War for the ideal world. Just as in the other world wars, Satan struck God's side first and so Satan's side will lose.

Today is a very special Parents' Day in which I explained the significance of the thirtieth anniversary of the installation of the True Parents. Today I have given you the gift of true love. As long as you follow true love and the True Parents who follow the true God, you can control the entire world--even the satanic world. Then the Kingdom of God will become a reality and we will be living there forever as the God-centered, chosen people. Eternal life begins right here and goes on forever. Amen! Those who pledge your absolute loyalty to true love, raise your hands please.

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