The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon For 1990


The Tide Of The Heart

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
November 1, 1990
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is "Shim Jung Eui Jo Ryu." It means "current of heart," or "tide of heart." Today the majority in attendance are the leaders, isn't that so? Those who will attend the Leaders' Conference, raise your hands please. Is today Halloween Day? (Yesterday; today is All Saints' Day.) All Saints' Day. Are the Campus Ministers present? Raise your hands high, please.

What is the meaning of tide, the ocean current, or tide? The tide comes into being from the pulling power of the moon's gravity and also from the differences in temperature of ocean currents between the tropical and cold zones. It flows around Mexico, the Philippines; it goes all the way around the world. The current does not move by itself, but it is all ultimately connected. There's a "black current" in the Orient, which circulates to every corner of the globe.

Do you think these currents move at will? Can they say, "I don't feel like continuing; let's change direction"? Or, I'm tired; let's stop"? Similar to the orbital movement of all cosmic existents: earth, satellites, what have you they move around an orbit; they cannot help it. As all things grow in the springtime and summertime: they cannot go against the clock. They can't say, "No, I'd rather blossom later on." They have only one season. It's the same principle.

Men, too, have no choice. They cannot say, I want to live longer, for another generation." The old will fade away and the young will come into being and continue this cosmic life. Each one goes into action and moves with the law of all things and continues to exist. Then what is the base on which mankind moves? What is the dominating factor in human life? Centering on what do we move?

As we look back in history, mankind started as hunters, nomads. Today we have advanced economies. Yet one thing is constant: people have to live centering on the food they can produce. More powerful, advanced nations are proud of their superior economic foundation. This centers on transportation, the ability to transport goods. A country's destiny is dependent upon its economy: its ability to get hold of materials, to produce, distribute and circulate commodities. There is the acquisition of raw materials, which you put into production; then you distribute the resultant products domestically and internationally. This weaves a web of economic activity.

Thus far, the country which has been best at production has held the leadership. That pattern is changing now. The ability to produce is becoming equalized; there is not so much difference between countries in terms of production. Now production is not the key factor in leadership. The factors determining leadership now are the supply of raw materials, natural resources, and the ability to market. No matter how much you can make, if you can't sell it there is no benefit.

Since World War II the two leading nations, Russia and America, have been fighting each other, visibly or invisibly, over the acquisition of resources. The less developed countries, in Africa and South America, are realizing this and are pushing Russia and America away. "We don't need you," they are saying. Now the essence of prosperity is marketing and distribution. The question is who will secure a greater market and effective marketing power.

Religious Foundation

Let us look more sharply, further analyze, and see what is taking place now. The marketplace is changing, and the main factor which determines the market is the country's thought and religion. The people will determine their country's course and direction, based upon their religious beliefs. Unification Church members are developing their course according to the will of God. In which direction should we move? One thing is certain: we will play a leading role, and that role will center upon developing markets, economically speaking. First we have to understand and conceptualize. Then we have to practice. That means the Unification Church members have to become accustomed to thinking in these terms as time advances.

Look at Japan. It is well known that Japan is prosperous, but Japan does not have a huge number of factories nor much in the way of natural resources of any kind. Japan has worked very effectively to secure markets. So Unification members have been trained in light of the importance of the market. Fundraising, for instance. Our MFT, which essentially is a religious activity, at the same time provides a wide experience for understanding marketing principles. We started with humble flowers, but certainly that will not be the end of it. We have come a long way in Japan. Members of our movement now have about 300 factories, small and large. We developed a very effective distribution and marketing system. We sell what we make and what others make. Our leaders there are very small, but everyone respects them and tries to make a good relationship with them and follow them. Why? Because they have in their hands the ability to market. Therefore our decision as to whose product to buy is very important. If we do not buy from a country, then that country has no place to sell.

Unification Church members go beyond the national boundary, and beyond the religious boundary, and we can exert a great influence over these areas. Thought plays the main role. For instance, the one who goes against God certainly will lose the ability to develop. Father has been harmonizing the realm of religion. All religions should go in one common direction. Also, politics react to this development; politics follow thought. Countries which accept communist thought go in the communist direction. Countries which accept democratic thought go in the democratic direction. Their course is determined by their thought. When a country follows Unificationism, then what shall be produced in that country? In the world today, there is not much variation of quality level among producers of the same product. So if we buy a certain product from one country, then every country will buy it from that same country. We will have lots of influence. Father has been working to influence the whole world in the area of thought. We teach the thought that a human being ought to have: Godism. Based upon that, our movement has religious activities, economic activities, political activities, and even cultural activities. Father has been weaving these for many years.

Therefore, Unification Church members have a lot to do. They are told to do so many things that their heads swim, but they have to do a lot of things and think about many areas. When Father urges us to go in a certain direction, then the more members we have the more that direction will develop.

The Panda automobile company is now getting started. Members of our movement should drive only Pandas and also sell Pandas. Members in Japan will develop the distribution system for Panda. That will make a lot of difference. German cars have been prized as the top of the line, but today the Japanese cars have caught up with them, and Lexus is just as good as BMW or Mercedes. It is cheaper and just as good. Now Japanese cars are racing ahead with German cars following. and American cars are just tagging along.

The Unification Church members can make a lot of difference. If we encourage the sales of American cars all over the world, this will give American cars an advantage. But this does not mean that America will lead. Other countries will lead America. When other countries choose to use American products, America must follow. Thus, America is being led. The country which has the greater marketing ability will lead not only a gigantic country such as America, but the whole world.

Higher Direction

The young people of the world look for which country has the best university for the study of economic theory and affairs. They will look for the country with the best philosophy of economics. The country whose universities espouse an economic theory which is not geared toward their own country's benefit but for the sake of the whole world will become the most popular. The world is one. Therefore study is for the sake of the world, never for the sake of one country alone. It is inevitable: the world is bound to be one. There is no way to stop that.

In education, the necessary basics, such as religious thought, must go beyond the national boundary. And all fields of thought must go beyond the boundary of the nation. Therefore we need thought, religious teachings and basic theory which encompass the whole world, which establish a foundation commonly accepted by all nations.

In which direction will the world go? It will go toward the level of thought that is higher than that which now exists. Religion will also move in this direction. Today we have a certain religious situation, but when a higher religious power comes which will lift that up, the whole world will follow in that direction. When these two, thought and religion, combine together and learn to work effectively, then the whole world cannot help but follow that direction. Where do we find the group or country with the higher level of thought and higher level of religion, and which has combined these together into a working system? If we find that, then the direction this group or country is going will be the direction eventually followed by the whole world. That would determine the future of the world, the image of the twenty-first century. This would be how the world will develop in the twenty first century.

The Tide of Heart

We have been talking about economic affairs. What about power? How will power shift? In what will it consist? Power resides with the one who can influence the mind of the people, and especially who can influence families to transcend national boundaries. We can see the Unification Church blessed families move from one nation to another. Immediately we can move from one place to another. No government can make that happen. They do not have the thought which is powerful enough to move families from one place to another place in the world. They don't have that level of thought, much less of action. The country which has thought also has autonomy, and other countries will have to follow that. The group which has thought and action naturally has power and autonomy.

Unification Church members, especially leaders, might have wondered what Father has been doing. Father has to prepare for the future world. What else would he be doing? The world is about to change, and we have to prepare ourselves to go in that direction of change. Father has been placing a net. Members say, "Father, nothing is here. What are you doing?" Father says, "Here, this is a net." Father knows where the current is going to go. Wait, and you will see that everything eventually has to pass this point. Where else would you put the net?

These economic matters, and thought matters, and family matters we put everything together and form a very effective activity. What is that? That is the Happy Mind delivery system, with which we can deliver anything within thirty minutes. At that time, factories should be spread thinly all around the world, because there is too much pollution when factories concentrate in one area. Urban areas, cities, will have to dissipate. There is no reason for millions of people clustering together creating confusion.

It will be easy to find a livelihood, easy to obtain products. All things will be done through a simple system. Formerly, there were good reasons for people to live in cities, because the highest standard of cultural life was there. Once you left the city, there was nothing. But that is changing very fast, because of mass media, television and newspapers. You can witness cultural events of the city out in the countryside, even better than you can in the city. City people need to commute and work eight hours a day-they have packed schedules. But in the countryside it will become easier to produce

agricultural goods, and all you will have to do is watch television to see what is going on in the city. In the country you will have more time to think about it, to study and analyze. You will be able to participate in the cultural life of the city just as well while sitting in the countryside.

You needn't live near a big shopping center, because everything will be delivered to your doorstep. What about education, schools? Schooling will become better than it is now. We can study by video. By video we can accomplish the high school and college courses just as now. But also we will be able to research a forty-year career. We can obtain education about the country of our residence one decade after another. After graduation we can be educated by video our entire lives.

From one factory to another the products will be uniform and have a common standard. For example, there is only one best computer system. Nobody will use a different system; everyone will have a common system.

What about language? It will be the biggest problem. The world's language is bound to be unified. Once we overcome that problem, once we learn a common language, then the racial and national differences will be no more. You will be able to live in any country, any place, any time. There will be no separation of black people, white people; they will all be mixed equally. White people may say, "No, we'd rather stick together and live by ourselves." That wouldn't last very long. Soon they would ask, "Please, let us in, so we can develop with you.' This is what the future will be.

White people don't have so much to be proud of. Where did they start? Actually, they are a minority in numbers. There are only 800 million white people compared to five billion of the rest. So they have less that one-fifth of the total population They are a minority.

It will not be likely that we will need visas. The older generation may use them, but the younger generation will just travel in and out. Those who proclaim that the visa system should last forever and ever, raise your hands. (Laughter.) But America still places a tremendous importance on visas. It doesn't seem to be fair, because Americans can go anywhere. Because Americans created an unfair system, the world's people say, "Yankee, go home."

Do you think Father is vastly exaggerating? Or that the world is going to be like this in a very short time? What is your prediction? What language will the world choose as a common language? It will be the language which is used in the country which has the higher, deeper thought, and higher and deeper religious theory and practice. That country will become the center of the world, and everyone will want to use that language. This is not a matter of coercion; no one is forcing this, saying "should." No, this is a natural development. People will choose it.

Already the center is formed for this future direction of the world, namely the Unification Church. Unification members are internationally married; all races are mixed. Within three generations most of our families will each represent at least ten nationalities. Many countries will be connected into one race, one tribe. Think about that. That means many countries are combined in one place. Which language among the ten will they use? English? No way. But you say, "Father, that's a long way off into the future." No, believe it. We will see it while we are still living-in our generation. (Applause.)

It is amazing that Father's lifelong work is to unify thought and unify religion for humankind. That's an amazing accomplishment, over which God rejoices. But those who have no true knowledge of Father say, "Rev. Moon is 80 far-fetched; he must be crazy, unrealistic." But it is they who are unrealistic. Also, Father is leaving an archive, the words which Father spoke through the forty years of enduring myriad persecution. These will serve as living guidance for the whole world. Studying Father's words will be like studying an encyclopedia, which shows in great detail hundreds of thousands of ways to accomplish victory in trying times.

There is no field Father did not touch. Father spoke on every field. To become a top economist, studying Father's words will be the prerequisite. The material Father is sharing with us this morning is the foundation for the writing of thousands of doctoral dissertations. Those who make a face are simply ignorant. Since you don't know, it just doesn't register. You may not understand now, but in the near future, don't you think you will understand? Look at the past. No one ever understood Father on the same day that he was speaking. Only later did they catch on.

Our direction must be consistent with the future direction of the world. If your system does not fit with the future direction, it is useless, obsolete. Useless means that it is decayed, corrupted. rotten. It was good at one time, perhaps, but it has decayed, become corrupted. What happens to stagnant water? It becomes corrupted, decayed.

Which language are you going to use in the future? (Korean.) Will learning Korean will be more important than learning Russian, Chinese or other languages? Which will have the priority? (Korean.) Why? Because in the Korean language we can find the deepest thought in the world of religion-the ideal, the deepest thoughts, all combined into one. That precious understanding is found in the Korean language. The outside world does not know this and has persecuted us. But the world is evolving, and moving to the other side. The high will go down, and the low will go up. And the lowest will go to the highest point. This happens automatically, not by force. From this perspective, should Father have taught us and led us differently than he did? Or did Father do well? (Did well. Applause.)

Wise Use

We took fundraising seriously, more seriously than our professions. In the future, property ownership will move from purely individual ownership into group ownership, possibly ownership by family or extended family. The vertical relationship will be one, but the horizontal relationships can vary greatly. Vertically, it is a "world property" concept. Horizontally, it is group, 360 degrees group property, not individual ownership.

In the future the world inevitably will use resources frugally, not wastefully. We will save resources; they are not unlimited. There need not be cooking in every house. There can be a village bakery, utilizing minimal resources for maximum product. You can make your own particular dish, but make a lot to share with other people. If everyone does that, then no one has to cook every day. In fact you would have to cook only a few days a year. And there would be a system by which a hot meal would be on your table within fifteen minutes of your ordering it. You would just enter your order into a computer, and it would be delivered to your doorstep.

This system is useful for ordering clothes. That doesn't mean you have to wear a uniform. There will be hundreds of different styles, colors, materials, and all you have to do is state your size and preference with a number. That day is very near. You say, "Oh Father, that day will be very slow in arriving." No, Father will hasten it. (Laughter and applause.) Why? Father has manpower and organization power. Moving out is no problem. Now we are making that foundation, connecting every area. Father not only prophesies it, but he has been preparing for it. America doesn't think about making that kind of preparation. China, too, no matter how big it is, will crumble down if it does not prepare. So, is it likely to happen? (Yes.) One reason we can be sure is that spirit world is like that. Spirit world is our original hometown. The earth is our body's original hometown. Spirit world is the mind's original home town. From here, the only way we can go is toward the mind's world. Americans have to eat hamburger and cheese. Koreans can't do without kimchee. Trends here on earth must follow the pattern set in spirit world. That place is better than here; it is heaven.

No matter how long your life on earth may be, it is only a dot in eternity, one second, compared to the eternal life we are going to lead. So long as we are human beings and not animals, we cannot deny that point. Once everyone understands the spirit world, everyone will understand the way of life we should lead on earth. We will practice the same kind of life we expect in the spirit world. Father has been educating us to be kings of the market system in the future. Then we can become responsible people in important world organizations. You cannot occupy important positions without training. What is your guess: is Father's thought practical and powerful enough to bring the spirit world and physical world into unification? ­(Yes.) That is a dual structure. That doesn't mean a relationship between two things that are the same. One is vertical, the other is horizontal. In that sense it is dual.

All existence has to follow this 90­degree relationship. When a tree stands, it orients itself vertically. It doesn't take the horizontal line into consideration; it doesn't matter what slope it is on. The tree is not dumb. It is smart! What about man? Man is dumb, still making 90 degrees according to the horizontal line, the fallen thought world. We should bow down to trees, because they are better than us, always standing at 90 degrees based upon the vertical line. And birds always take the 90 degrees based upon the vertical line. Only humankind takes the different degree. Dumb. In Korean, dum dum hada means "he is not so smart."

Now it is high time for us to know that what Father has been doing is toward a real goal which will be realized in the near future, as well as the distant future. Fundraising without this vision might be difficult, but if you know why you are doing it, isn't it a hopeful activity? (Yes.) You may think that political elections are a real activity, but fundraising is more real, because if you fundraise well, you will be able to win election campaigns. Worldly people concentrate on the elections only when they arise, every four years. But we do that always, every day, our whole life.

If black people were to take Father's words seriously and put them into action, they would set the trend and be the leaders. There are two ways to follow. One is to really see the objective; the other is when you don't want to go but you have to. In the latter, you will not go fast; automatically you will slow down, get behind and be defeated.

Leading the Future

History will move in this direction. Is Father dumb or smart? (Smart.) Compared with five billion in the world, is Father dumb or smart? There is only one smart man, and five billion are dumb. That is why five billion rise up against him. In the evening time, five billion people are against me, but in the morning time they will see clearly that the Unification Church is leading the way into the future, and they will see they should follow. But already they lost their chance. They will not be able to connect with that activity.

Until now, we've been persecuted and frustrated, but we've been faithfully following Father and the Unification Church. Are you happy you did it? (Yes.) There are predominantly white American leaders here. Compared with the Korean and Japanese leaders here, are the Americans on top, second, or in third place just barely tagging along? (Third, laughter.) Why do you laugh after saying "third"? Does anyone like third place? Until now Americans were number one. Anything different from the American standard was number two. But today you realize maybe you are number three. You might try to apply a different standard so that Americans do not come out number three. Dr. Durst, please give a rebuttal to Father. Show me evidence that America is still number one. Father never said America should be number three; he said it should be number one.

Is it easy to become number one in the world? It takes training and discipline to become number one. Do you recognize that Father is not dumb after all? Is he just ordinarily smart or extraordinarily smart? (Extraordinarily! Applause.) Whenever Father predicted something, it came to pass. Do you think that what Father said this morning is probable, possible, or just remote? Why did Father predict bigger unit ownership? It has to be; anyone can understand that. Look, if you have a small village, with some people hungry and others feasting every day, how long do you think it will last? There is bound to be fighting and separation. It is inevitable. The world will become like this. When we keep equality, equal privileges, who will complain? Therefore, the unequally wealthy cannot stay that way forever and ever.

The whole world first belongs to God. Groups will own the things bigger than the individual; hundreds of millions of small groups will have ownership. Unification Church members are forerunners, pioneers. We are content to sleep in sleeping bags. Even Father is content to sleep in a sleeping bag. Who will complain? Let's say we all sleep here, with a hundred sleeping bags in this room. We all sleep the same way, so who will complain? If we all eat from the same pot, who will complain?

There will be a time when people will fight to be able to do the work that needs to be done, because all we will have to do is push the button in the computer; it's downright enjoyable, and everyone will compete to do that. Father visited our members' plant in New Jersey. It was so well automated, with a central console linked to the CEO's own home. He can control it from his home if he wishes. We see that automation will become more and more advanced, such that eventually you don't even need to go to the workplace. By satellite, the factory can be controlled from home. That's high tech. You may not realize it, but that day is already here. Big corporation heads don't go to their office every day, but they may operate by fax and telephone from Florida or Alaska. One order can be issued automatically to hundreds of different places, and reports from a hundred places can come to one point. Father has things to do all over the world, and this technology is made for him. He doesn't have to travel everywhere.

Imagine, Father issues directions from high mountains in Colorado. Like a wizard, he can monitor a fish radar from home, and issue the order: "Get down the net!" Father went tuna fishing a week ago, and caught a great tuna. The captain took a successful course and was able to save the data in the computer's memory. Father developed this computer through Tong-Il, combining the loran, the radar, fish-finder and navigator. Tong-Il has been selling that for seven or eight years. That's our invention, but this was the first time Father saw it in action. Father saw the boat follow the same path, by the computer memory's automatic guidance, past Montauk. Without anyone touching the controls, the boat went around the bank and right into the slip. Father was mystified at that. There is no need for a compass, because the loran tells you where you are every second. Many fishermen try to return to a good fishing spot and cannot find it. So Father told them to make this, and it works. (Applause.)

The Sheep

To discuss the tide or current of heart, we have taken our examples from the physical world, because it is the one we know. But the heartistic world is the same as the physical world. Just like the tide in the ocean: heart moves the same way. Last week Father talked to us about fate, in the positive sense of heavenly fate or destiny. Chun woon. Korean language has the perfect explanation: heavenly luck, heavenly fate. Woon means carrier. This represents "army" and "cart." This is a vehicle, with a cover, a protection; i.e., a safely covered vehicle. It means to bring safely into a certain place. A fast car carries something to a certain point in safety. That's fate. So, no accident. Safe delivery. That is luck, or fate.

How does luck work? Luck, or heavenly fate, always follows the heartistic current. Like the black current: if you follow it, you know where you will go. If there is heavenly luck, that means the heartistic current is being followed, and you're in luck. Western people might feel that Orientals are unrealistic to emphasize such things as filial piety, patriotism and sainthood. Orientals didn't know why they were doing those things. They simply considered it righteous. But it turns out to have been following the heartistic current. So they were in the heavenly fate, exalting benevolence, beauty and love.

Beauty, in the Chinese character, is composed of "big sheep." The big sheep is the one who sacrifices himself greatly on behalf of others. Also, in the character meaning righteous, the sheep occupies the top position. Why the sheep? The sheep signifies sacrifice. Thus he is righteous. Therefore the Bible symbolizes Jesus as the lamb carrying the burdens of the world. This sheep was pierced by the sword, sacrificed. So, Chinese is a revelatory language. Westerners don't even know where to begin, and Orientals didn't know either. It was too wild; it made no sense. But it makes great sense to Father. Father is the first to teach it this way.

The Chinese character for heaven shows two men, not one man. We know already that two men, becoming one centering on love, is the essence of the ideal of creation. Without love, they cannot make oneness. So we have to accept the logic and reason behind the course of heavenly fate: it travels the heartistic current, the heartistic tide. We conclude that heavenly fate is preserved by sacrificing. By doing service for others, we can stay within the course of heavenly fate. The general direction of heavenly fate, therefore, is always somewhere beyond the individual's interest. It moves towards the greater whole. This is always a straight line, a straight direction. God will connect it back to the individual. This straight line of heart is the safe route for the individual to travel to reach God. From God's point of view it is the same. Starting from God, heavenly fate moves on this line to bigger and bigger levels until reaching the whole universe. Love is always a straight line, and the only straight line is the line of love.

Why is love a straight line? The act of love of grandparents, of parents, and of a young couple just beginning are the same. In the west and east it is the same. For white and black it is the same. Eternally it will be the same. The way they prepare food east and west are different, but the way they love is the same. The animal kingdom, too, is the same. Can we change it or improve it? No; this is one thing we cannot and need not improve. That one way is true within the plant and animal kingdoms, and man is no exception.

In the family, we need the son or daughter of filial piety. In the nation we need the patriot. In the world we need the saint. For the cosmic world, we need the holy son. These four levels: son and daughter of filial piety, patriot, saint, and holy son, all are connected by love. They have love in common. They always operate centering on the path of love, and connect like a crystal. This is crystallized love. Why? It is so that we can inherit the universal blessing. By getting that blessing we are liberated; we are really free. Being free, we become the subject, the center. Everything moves at our will. We all want to be the center of all things, don't we? (Yes.) You never become the center by power or by knowledge.

The contents of this center or of that center are the same. They may be on different levels, but they have the same contents. If you bring this center to any place, it is welcomed. The underlying concept is "sacrificial contribution," sacrificing oneself. Heart. The heartistic realm is where it is possible for the spiritual to come into the physical plane, and they can unify together. This can be done only in the realm of heart. In other words, only through love can spirit world and physical world be connected. This vertical and horizontal relationship is absolutely ninety degrees everywhere, and wherever it travels, heavenly fate or fortune always follows. Wherever this perfect joining goes, love fills the space like air fills space.

Images of Truth

In a man's face, if the angle between the line of the eyes and the line of the nose is perfectly ninety degrees, this person is an honest person. This is a very important vertical line. The navel should be right on it, and it should go right down the center of the breast, and to the reproductive organ, straight down. From the back, if there is a straight line, that person will rise up in the world. (Father draws vertical and horizontal lines with chalk on Col. Han's suit, down the spine and across from shoulder to shoulder; laughter. ) You have to laugh in a very straight way, then I know you are real. Ordinarily when you laugh, it is a little bit twisted. The soles of shoes should be worn out evenly, horizontally. If uneven, you'd better correct it. When trained eyes observe these things, they can interpret the person's future, and Father is the top of that area. (Applause.)

Father's eyes are rather small. That indicates that Father sees things at a distance. Big eyes see only close up. This is the principle of the camera lens, isn't it? Western people have big eyes, and they see things which are near them very accurately. They come from pirate ancestors, who were always moving and pioneering. So the westerners' eyes resemble the ocean, and Orientals' eyes the earth.

Which is subject, earth or ocean? (Ocean.) Ocean is subject? Historically speaking, no one will claim the ocean is subject. Earth is subject. If ocean were subject, then civilization would be made of boats, built on the ocean. Human civilization started at a river, then island, then peninsula and continent. The Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Pacific, in that way. So western civilization embraces every

thing and comes to the Pacific ocean and reaches the other side of the Pacific ocean. The ocean culture is reaching to that new land in the Asian civilization era, which is now.

Western civilization vaguely knew this trend, but was not certain and was hesitating. So Father came and made a bridge, giving them confidence and reassurance, to help western civilization. So each of us wants to go to Asia, and get an Asian wife. That is the conscientious man's feeling, because that is where the heavenly fate is going.

The ocean always scrapes more and more land from the shore, but the land doesn't mind. As more is scraped, the ocean becomes shallower, and islands rise. At beaches where erosion is severe, does the earth protest, "Why do you nag me all the time"? It allows the scraping, which goes on for tens of thousands of years, never resting. The earth has tremendous endurance. Water doesn't have much endurance. The wind blows and it rises up.

There is such a thing as "fashion," but really important things are not subject to fashion. The western world exalts fashion, with no tradition. The pirate world doesn't have tradition. Every day things change. But the earth is not that way. The earth has tradition; it is unchangeable.

China has 1.4 billion people. India, 800 million. With other Asian countries, 3.2 billion. White people amount to only 25% of the Asian population. That is one to four. Yellow power. If there were a war, it could not be a nuclear war. What if it were a fist-fight? Karate? Which is more formidable, boxing or karate? Anyway, it would be one to four. Karate is very formidable; it has a technique for taking your opponent's guts out. So we should never think about confronting, but about harmonizing.

God-chosen Unification Church people don't mind getting married to Orientals; they even love it. Western women may have a better contour compared to eastern women, but western women's skin is like chicken skin. (Laughter.) Orientals are always softer. No oriental women have hair on their legs, whereas western women always have to shave. In Alaska one big western brother who is married to an oriental woman told Father that to touch her is so good that he cannot digest his food without touching her at least once a day. "So soft," he exclaimed. He was proud that no man married to a western sister could match that feeling. He was serious, and repeated it over and over to Father

Each one has his own heavenly fate to follow, which goes up and down over thousands of years, never on a straight line. So the family that is on the upper trend will later have to come down. Knowing this principle, no one can be arrogant, because everyone who is up knows they will have to come down. If you refuse to come down, your position will crumble anyway. One has to come up and down. So those whose lives are difficult now, don't worry. Always think, my day will come. And the one whose generation has been doing well, prepare yourself and expect to come down.

The Unification Church started from the low position, and will go up. This is the natural way. We have been persecuted on the world scale, therefore we will be raised up on the world scale. So who is the greater person, President Bush or Reverend Moon? (Reverend Moon.) I don't know. (Yes.) I don't know. How about Gorbachev and Rev. Moon? (Rev. Moon.) What he will say and do certainly is the focus of all the world. Do sons and daughters of the family know what Father is going to do in the next year? (No.) Is that "no" or "know"? What kind of men are we, "no men" or "know men"? The latter? Then no matter how small you are now, you have a great future.

The current of heart or the tide of heart began from God at the beginning of history. Since God is the center of the heartistic tide, that tide itself is omnipotent and omniscient. It knows everything. If you understand God's intention and dispensation centering on Divine Principle, you know everything. Would you still have intelligent questions? Maybe small ones, but not major questions. When we know God's love, and that is a very secret part of God, then there is nothing more we need to know. Do you think God likes to keep a secret? What do you think?

Until man is perfect, there are lots of secrets, but once we are perfect, then there are no secrets, nothing we do not know. Man and woman also have secrets before perfection. In the past, oriental women never exposed their legs. But now western fashion is reigning in the orient, and they get miniskirts and so forth. Man essentially is like a thief. He sees something good and he takes it away. Men want women to keep many secrets; that kind of woman is more attractive to a man.

Love doesn't travel around freely; it needs to be planted in the deeper places. So if you keep such a scanty secret of your body, covering only a little here and there, going around in public, what is so attractive? It is less interesting once you expose it. How exciting and attractive when a man has never seen the bosom and skin of a woman for so many years, and also the other way around, and how stimulating it will be when they get married. In the western world, there are no secrets kept. For example, the tight swimsuits men wear. It doesn't show, but it shows. As with western statues, the subjects are undressed and they show everything.

In order for a woman to be qualified as a bride, she should never have seen the entire body of a man in her life. Even living in a small room as a family, brothers and sisters are very strict, and the sisters probably have never seen any male figure before. Until they get married, each is so mystified. Then when they join together, the mind and body really will tumble into oneness. Did you know that until recently Korean married couples would never talk with each other at all in public, on a train or in a bus? If they talked, people would look at them as .strange, as unmannerly. When no one was looking, maybe they would talk. Talking and laughing was unthinkable. They would hold in all kinds of expressions. Maybe they would express those things in bed.

Love starts from the deepest place, in privacy. That is the true nature of love. A love king and love queen act in the most secret place. Which do you prefer, public or secret? The most deep is secret. Western women, is the deep one or the short one better? (Deep.) Deep means secret, secret, secret. Which is original love, God's or Satan's? Satan says his love is original love. Today's society doesn't know the difference. How can you say God's love is true love? (It was first. It is absolute.) Satan's love starts big, but diminishes, whereas God's love starts small and becomes bigger and bigger. The satanic world already bore its fruit. God's love is just beginning. That means that God's love is descending from above to below.

Satan is the center of the satanic world's love. Satanic love started from the horizontal line and below. But with God's love, there is no horizontal line. Comparing God's and Satan's love, Satan's horizontal love is hell, and God's love is heaven. (Father draws extensively on the board.) Satanic love becomes smaller and smaller, and as it does God's realm of love becomes larger and larger. Satan's world comes down because it is self

centered. It is not centered on the whole, for the sake of everyone. Satan's world love is such that he places himself in the highest position and comes down. God's love is the other way. It starts small, and the basis of love is everybody, the public. That is historical indemnity.

Public Life

The satanic world has borne its fruit, and has nothing more to accomplish. Centering on what? Centering on love. The satanic world has love, too, but something other than true love. The satanic world starts from the highest place but becomes smaller and smaller and ends up in hell. God's world starts small, but becomes bigger and bigger and creates heaven. The fallen world has established love centered on the individual, ownership centered on the individual and enjoyment centered on the self. Everything is individualistic, including the economy. God's dispensation is going up, for the sake of the whole. So the individualistic way of life will inevitably come down into hell. There's no other way it can go, given the inevitability of God's direction. We start small, but move toward the great big world of true love. The satanic side gets smaller, step by step losing the family, the clan, the nation, the universe. Satan's side loses everything.

In God's world, the lower it goes, the bigger it eventually will become, because we live for the sake of everything greater than the individual. Therefore it is a public life. We want to stand in love, representing the individual, family, clan, nation, world and universe. The individual is the center, representing each level. If he has true love, every realm of ownership is connected. The individual does not own himself, but he owns his family, he owns his nation, and so forth. His ownership is unlimited. On the satanic side, you started with everything, but lost one by one by one, became narrowly individualistically centered, and finally lost everything. With true love you come to possess the heavenly family, clan and nation, but with satanic love you can have none of those things.

We can see clearly that this is happening in America. No one owns anything beyond the sphere of the self. The individual is ultimate; he is number one. So they say they have a right to exist as an individual, never getting married. That will never be adequate. The American individual denies his brother and sister, his physical parents, even the king and queen of the country, because he claims they have nothing to do with him. But on God's side, everything has a lot to do with the individual. I as an individual am a representative of my family, my clan, my nation, my world, my cosmos. We must understand that this is God's original purpose for starting the human family. God is creating that. So when we adopt this way of life, this is what we stand to inherit.

In accordance with God's great will for this development, if some group and eventually country does not replace the satanic way with God's way, then the earth will come to have no meaning. Humankind will reduce down and stop developing. That's hell. So any group and nation which diligently works in God's way will eventually replace the satanic way of life.

Everything looks the same, even to a confusing degree, but the origin is clearly different. Satan started from himself as an individual, whereas God started with everyone in mind, not Himself in mind first. It is clearly a different beginning. So Satan must end up in a frozen hell, and God must end up in what we call heaven. God's plan and ideal, however, is that everyone is treated the same and ends up in heaven. Those who stay in the individualistic realm God sends to hell. There is only one way for all of us to be able to survive and prosper. That way is to lead a public life. That means to invest what we have, not to take away what others have. On Satan's side, the method is to take away. The only way Satan can survive is for God to give him more. But there is no way for that to happen any more.

What is the nature of history? It has been the history of indemnity. Who paid it? Religion, religious people have been paying the indemnity. God operated the whole dispensation for restoration by paying indemnity through religion. So God Himself is a public being. I may be an individual standing here, but the individual himself has no place in God's world. I am not "I," I only exist in terms of representing the larger levels.

An individual on the satanic side knows in his original mind that he should represent those levels, but he has no foundation, so he has a tremendous pain. He knows the original direction, but he has no foundation to do it, so he has pain. Pain accompanies that way of life, and happiness accompanies God's way of life. These are different worlds.

So God's great movement is sitting in the middle of America, a country which is following the satanic fashion of life, and is trying to replace this fashion in America and in the whole world. That is Reverend Moon's activity; that is what he is preparing. We can see what is happening in this big nation. More and more it is getting to be only a white person's America. That can't come to be; that's not what God wants. On God's side we go beyond racial concepts and boundaries. The true country is the country beyond myself. In God's way of life it is possible, because we are set to live for the sake of others. On Satan's side they are set to live for the sake of themselves. On God's side, each person respects and loves others, and gradually they go up. On Satan's side, it is "me, me." Everyone pulls to themselves, and they all gradually go down.

These are different routes. If one goes up, the other must go down. They cannot both survive. God's historical way of true love is the original way. This is why happiness comes as a result of living for the sake of others. Why should that be? It is because when God started creation, He was sacrificing Himself. He was investing everything He had, and forgetting, and investing more, and forgetting. In this way He started it, therefore that is the fundamental principle. It is obvious that the other side doesn't have that. The only solution is to quickly and effectively change self-centered life into public-centered life. That is the key to the solution of the whole problem.

God's Words

In America we discovered new life, new love and new lineage by changing the blood lineage. Where does life come from? The parents. And we found true love, eternal love. We have veins and arteries. Veins pull and arteries push. That comes from the pushing love and pulling love, the love of the father and mother. Originally it was like that, from God. The heart has to be strong; the mother has to be strong. Each one represents the universe itself, is a small cosmos. Everything we find in the universe we can find in each and every individual. So the sperm and ovary are each exactly half. They meet together and make a whole, a new individual. God's way is to exhale and inhale, meet together and separate, get married and give birth to a child, going low and high-God is doing this movement. The whole universe is doing that movement. In this perspective, each one is a true masterpiece of creation. The masterpiece of creation is the individual self.

We have billions of cells. How can they find common joy and excitement? They can find it when true love is in action. Forty billion cells of a man, forty billion cells of a woman-how can all these cells join and shout out manse)? The spirit body and physical body each have five senses, including forty billion cells on both sides. How can we make a vibration between the two sides? What can cause that kind of vibration? (True love.) As all cells of a man shout out manse), then all cells of the woman have to shout out manse). Was it perhaps because you made a great discovery and rejoiced together? Is it invisible power? It is true love, the same true love that we are willing to invest 100% and more for the sake of others.

Do husband and wife in your family live like that? Do you devote everything you have to your spouse? Are you trying hard to do that? Have you asked your child what percentage of your cells were excited in joy when he or she was conceived? That is a practical and serious question. We are to give birth to heavenly children, but are ours midway children, or earthly children? We can ask the same question of ourselves: what percentage parent am I? Am I a 100% parent, or only a partial parent? Our children can answer what percentage of a parent you are. Do you want to be more than a 100% parent? Your spouse, your parents and even the entire universe want you to become that kind of parent. We have to consider how much we inadvertently have damaged the world and the universe. We may not realize that there is a system in the heavenly world, which reveals what we are. It tells to what degree our mind and body are united, our couple is united, what percentage parent we are, and all varieties of information.

All Unification Church members desperately hope not only to become part of the universal tide, but increasingly to propel it. Thus we want this black current to go around and around the world and become greater every moment. We must have this hope and purpose as Unification members. At the same time, we must erase our satanic attributes, leaving no trace of them. The heavenly current then will swell into the forty billion cells of our body, and we will have to open ourselves up to receive that in ecstasy and joy. We must gear our lives to that. Even if we are not able to do that, somewhere in the world such a movement must take visible shape.

If such a movement takes shape, will the human race choose to reside anywhere else? No, only there. Are we simply thinking about launching it, or we have been living and developing it already? Is it something for you to jump on, or do you have to create it? (We create it.) Does God do it for us, or do we do it, with God's help? (We do it.) Does God have hands and feet? (No.) Even if God speaks, most people cannot hear it. So we have to speak on behalf of God so that everyone can hear. God's words are Divine Principle. When we speak Divine Principle, we are God's mouthpiece.

Divine Principle has a new taste even after you have heard it a thousand times. Even a senior member of the Unification Church who has heard the Divine Principle more than anyone else will never get tired of it. The more you hear it, the more you discover in it. If you've heard Divine Principle ten times, is that enough? Every day we eat food. Do we ever get tired of eating? Isn't it exciting to eat when you are hungry? Hearing God's words is the same thing. We should hear them every day, eternally, even in the spirit world. To prepare for that, we must train ourselves by hearing them on earth first.

Spirit World

This is our hope when we go to spirit world, based upon what God is like. Do you think there is a bakery in the spirit world? Or a soft drink factory? (No.) A more honest answer is "I don't know." How about an automobile factory or a machine factory in the spirit world? Here you can be very proud of driving a most expensive car. But in the spirit world what are you going to do? Are you going to eat in the spirit world? If you had your wish, would you rather eat or not eat? (Eat.) You can eat there, but not centering on your appetite. You eat centering on giving love. That is heavenly law. If you are not motivated for everyone, you will want to eat but your mouth won't open. You will pick up food, but your hand will not be able to put the fork into your mouth. After three tries, you will give up trying to eat. Then how miserable you are. Centered on true love, everything is possible, including eating good food and driving a good car in the spirit world. Without that, nothing is possible. In the spirit world, all you need to do is wish. If you wish for an automobile made out of gold and diamonds, it is there. Of course, nobody wants that, because you can travel billions of miles in a split second. The stronger your love, the faster you can go. If you are very imaginative and have a dream girl or man, the perfect man of your life, that person will be there as soon as you wish, right beside you holding your hand. Centering on true love this can happen. True love is the mainstream concept; without it we cannot do anything.

People here and now thought that this was their paradise, but it turned out to be hell. What can they do? It is too late to adjust. Mankind finds itself going in the direction opposite to God. How are we going to correct it? The heartistic tide starts from Reverend Moon, goes to the throne of God, comes back to him and then goes around the entire universe. In that process we let everybody join.

The spirit world works like this: if you see a nice house that you really like, then you can walk into that house and its owner will immediately recognize you and usher you in. "This is your house," he will say, with great joy, "Please come in; this is your house. You deserve it more than I." If we become sons and daughters of God, then the immense universe will belong to us. When we go to spirit world, we want to follow Father. Wherever he goes, we want to go. But we cannot, because the door of our heart is too small to be every place Father goes.

The Door of Heart

True love can travel through doors of any size, but without true love we cannot go through the bigger doors. Those doors represent every level, and you can go in and out at will if you accomplished that representation on earth. If you didn't, then you cannot go in and out. Is this discourse simply Father's dream? Is Father a dreamer, or a practical person? This is practical in the spirit world.

How do you know Father is not making this up? (Universal law.) I don't know. How can you prove Father is right? (Original mind.) You need more substantiation. Is your mind making this substantiation, or are you just nodding, agreeing with Father, saying, "You're right, you're right?" Do you remember Father's words in the night time, daytime, when you are out, or in a depressed mood, and do you then become happy? Do we become happy when we remember Father's talking? (Yes.) Then it must be true. But if one-third of the time your mind says, "No," then Father must be lying one-third of the time. (No.) That means that your mind is agreeing with Father all the time? (Yes.) Father can even say that if you don't know, but you choose to believe it, then God can bestow creative power upon you so that you can work better. This is one way we can be greater than Father himself, theoretically. Father knows, but even though we don't know, we believe and do it. Father encourages you to believe it, even if you don't know. Father guarantees it, because Father knows.

Twenty-two billion light years. We hear the words but we don't know what it represents. Twenty-two billion light years is the distance across the universe. That is not imagination; that is our space. That is where we travel. If you have some people you love so much, in the spirit world you can travel to forty different countries in a matter of seconds and meet all the people you love. Someone you really want to see will appear beside you instantly, from a million miles away. In the spirit world there is no past and no future; it is always present. A few thousand years ago is today. All of mankind was born to be princes and princesses of that world. From this view we can see how great all human beings are; not only us, but all human beings. How precious life is! Suicide is unimaginable. You don't know the glory of your own birth. How miserable it is to be ignorant of this. As a result of the fall we lost that awareness. How miserable. Satan and Satan's blood lineage

that's the problem. How can we uproot it? If you don't uproot it, Satan always will follow you. Therefore Jesus taught that we have to be born again. That means we have to die first, then be born again. That applies to us; we have to die every day. Now we know why we have to be born again.

Going along with the heartistic tide and love tide, I can go everywhere, and wherever I go, it is mine. To have the new creation of that life, we have to ask God, and it is possible for God to accomplish that. We can correlate the forty billion cells in the human body each to one human being, or each to one planet in the universe. It is the same number. Can spirit travel the space between these forty billion cells or not? How long does it take to go through all forty billion cells? If you are electrified with true love, you can do that in a moment; you do it even before you realize you have done it. You shout out manse); that means you have already done it. This reality defies the imagination; it is greater than the imagination. This kind of miracle is taking place all the time simply for life to sustain itself How great life is!

You are controlling your own self, your own universe. How fascinating this is. You are the master of this great faculty of yourself. How wonderful. In the spirit world, with the ultimate power of true love, you can see the form of the whole universe. It looks like an individual man or woman, and sometimes both. And the universe is walking like an love, you can see the form of the whole universe. It looks like an individual man or woman, and sometimes both. And the universe is walking like an individual human being. Each person is like one of the universe's forty billion cells. Each is God's own cell. When God laughs, all cells laugh, and each one of us is one of them. How can each one of us initiate the stimulation of God, to make God break into great laughter? If I can do that, then every cell of my body will be grateful to me for doing that to God. That is what we can be proud of.

Each individual is an individual truth body. That means that each of us has a unique way to stimulate God. No two are the same. In the future each of us will have the chance to stimulate God in our own way. This is the way we can move with the rhythms of the spirit world. It is our dream, as the object of our subject, our Father, twenty-four hours a day, day in and day out, to find how to be a source of joy to our Father. If we can be crazy with that desire. then we are in rhythm with the spirit world.

All of us want to love Father, and return joy to him, don't we? But Father arose at 4:30 this morning, and has been speaking all morning and it is almost lunchtime. Has anyone thought about bringing something for Father to eat? Is anyone longing to say, "Father, after the sermon please eat this." Or, "Father, please eat this now." Have we ever packed anything for Father to eat? Even spiritually, have we offered Father food in spirit, that Father could toss to the birds and the birds would enjoy? Have we ever prepared something for Father? Yes? No? You never thought of it? Do people in spirit world want to see you prepare something for Father, that Father can tuck in his pocket, and later take out and eat? Doesn't the spirit man want to make the very same offering? Who is more eager to see that happen, we or the spirit man? The spirit man knows this possibility, so who is more anxious to see it happen?

The spirit world man knows the past, present and future. In one sight, he knows everything. You don't know everything. The other world clearly understands that, and knows how to dedicate for Father, how to serve Father well. They clearly understand; their five senses can fully receive that stimulating power from True Parents. Until now they have not had that experience, connected to Father's stimulating feeling.

Earth and Spirit World

Are we passing-grade students or failing-grade students' Failing-grade students' In what position can Cod use you? None. If we go to spirit world as we are now, we will have to wait for thousands of years. For a long time you will be surrounded by your relatives and children, asking you why you did not go that hopeful way. For a long time you will be in that state, which is not so easy. Therefore we have to accomplish everything while we are on earth. The world is like nuts and bolts. The nuts and bolts have to go together at the same time, and have to fit. If they don't fit, they will be expelled by the force of the universe.

We have a one-time opportunity with life here on earth. On earth our spirit has to grow properly. Compared to our eternal lifetime, our life on earth is one dot in space, one dot long. It is too short. It is not important. But how can I go over my lifetime for the sake of spirit world? Everyone should adopt that kind of mainstream mind. Standing in that center point, you can control everything, occupying everything with one centered mind. Otherwise you cannot complete yourself, make complete characteristics. Do you follow? Without going through the heartistic tide, we must not go to spirit world.

When I cry, heaven cries with me. When I feel encouraged, heaven also feels encouraged. We have to establish this kind of relationship. The only way to do it is to work for the sake of others, to invest with sacrifice. That is the only way. That is the loyal way. A great man's life is a life of denying himself, and living in such a way that God takes pity upon him throughout his entire lifetime That kind of life creates a vacuum, and high pressure moves into that low-pressure area. Those are natural phenomena. I have to create the low-pressure zone of love, so that everyone, even God, can come to me. The only way to do that is to deny myself. That will create that place of vacuum. The high place comes in automatically, automatically makes a current. That is heavenly fate.

White American eyes say that you do not like black people. Your eyes shouldn't say that Instead, we have to quickly change ourselves, we have to say that blacks appear more lovely to me than do other white people. Out of genuine love, we have to say that if everyone is leaving some dirty, miserable job, I will clean that up myself Loving parental heart always goes first to the most suffering children. Likewise, through the heartistic tide, we have to travel to help all the needy people. We must make them like ourselves. The world may sneer and persecute us, even though we are doing those good things. But we must persevere through that and see the day of victory.

Heaven and spirit men will always protect a man of God. They will cover him like a cloud: that abundantly and that close. That kind of person may not be able to make his own foundation. But the spirit world and heavenly fate will prepare the foundation for him, in his place. So he is losing everything, giving everything away, not building anything for himself, yet someone else is building a foundation for him. This is why saints and holy men who live selfless lives have other people gathering together to build things for them.

How about Father? Would he follow heavenly fate, or will heavenly fate follow Father? (Heavenly fate will follow Father, because he makes it.) How about God? God follows heavenly fate, or heavenly fate follows God? It follows God. Why? Because heavenly fate wants to follow true love. Wherever there is true love, heavenly fate follows. True love is that great. Father went to Danbury, but in Danbury Father prepared all things for the sake of the world to come. Think: Father was put in the prison by the people he loved, not by those he hated. Do you think Father gave one small prayer of complaint or damnation? (No.) How do you know? We may not know, but heavenly fate knows what Father did. So the heavenly fate always comes around Father and protects him. It protects true love and the path of true love. So, after Father came out of Danbury, America changed its course for the better, didn't it? Not for worse, but for better.

Seven years from 1985 [the year of Father's release from Danbury] is 1992. Father sees that by the completion of this seven years there will not be a soul in America who opposes Reverend Moon and what he does. If someone opposes, it means he does not know Father, and in order to come to know him first he first has to oppose, because he heard so many rumors. In any other case, anyone who opposes Father after 1992 will have fear come into them, and their mouth will be twisted. That day will surely come. Gorbachev is an intelligent, wise person.

We must live the kind of life for which heaven has sympathy, and upon which heaven takes pity. If I get so tired and exhausted, God will come near me and try to give consolation. We have to lead the way of life that can move even God. You may need eight hours sleep but only have ten minutes because of that way of life. If so, more rest will result in that ten minutes than in eight hours. Father has been showing that to us; he has literally been living without sleep. He went to sleep at 2:30 this morning, and had to wake up so early, to prepare for what he has to do today. Do you think God will say, "Go ahead, my son, take some rest"? Or that He cannot say that? He cannot say it; therefore God has to protect Father. So, nobody can blame Father or slander him in the spirit world, because he is living a life which merits such sympathy.

Belvedere Mecca

When some undesirable thing is about to happen, Father's body knows what is coming. Who tells him? A person with that kind of ability can do world scale ventures. If you don't have that sensitivity, then you lack that protection. And the world is wicked. So, the point is that we should become people who can make good use of the heartistic tide. We should not be ignorant of the existence of the heartistic tide. We must make use of it. When you have one righteous prayer, then God will wake up to His senses. We should work hard to prepare to give such a prayer to God.

The Unification Church is the only fit place for such people. But have we ever lived like that? Have we connected to this heartistic tide? We go up and down, circling the globe many times even in one day-are we living that way of life today, as Unification Church members, as true religious people? The heartistic tide is traveling that much. Are we on it or apart from it? If we are apart from it we become stagnant and rotten, and our spiritual life will reduce to nothing. Are we flowing? Are our spiritual lives flowing on the heartistic tide, or not? You must become a subjective entity. You started from your own village and on that heartistic tide you will go around the world and come back, and the people all will recognize you. You want to travel the same path that your beloved one traveled, don't you? Do you know that Belvedere soon will become a Mecca for all religious people, to see what Father did here? They will want to trace the fact that Father stood here, the fact that Father spoke to the world from here, and his path, his places, where he spent the most time and what he did there.

Do you think people will want to visit the court house where Father's case took place? (Yes.) Will they hail the American government, or will they denounce and loathe the government of that time? Loathing will come from their mouths, because they will know. How about Danbury? Will it be the place of shame or of pride? (Shame.) But Unification Church members will establish it as a shrine, as a Mecca, as a holy ground.

The Principle explains this very easily. Because of the heartistic tide, they will respect it and be drawn to it. Have you been to the ground in Alaska where Father caught salmon and halibut? Do you think Father loves fishing so much as to fish the Alaskan waters day in and day out, year in and year out? Is it because Father makes money out of that? Twenty million lives go to spirit world a year; sixty thousand a day. Through fishing, Father dedicates his heart to those people. He does that with a saturated heart, with high intensity. Nothing can bring high intensity as much as fishing. Then the heavenly fate will draw all those who follow the ocean to follow Father.

Father is thinking about crossing the Pacific on a small boat, the smaller the better. The saga of the brave spirit of the Unification Church will thunder around the world. Especially for the young generation. So Father had a fifty-two foot boat built, with oversized tanks to carry enough fuel to travel to Hawaii in one stretch. It doesn't do great speed, maybe 14 to 16 knots. It may take a month to get there. The Pacific Ocean is a long way. Do you want to come along with Father? (Yes! Let's go!) After three days, complaints will start coming. Women wouldn't even want to come near there.

Father's Investment

We have to invest heart. Father has never missed giving a Belvedere Sunday Sermon when he was at East Garden. Father set the record. Many people living in New York fail to come to Belvedere. Those who have attended Belvedere every week, raise your hands. (No one.) The aggregation of Father's speaking time in America is much longer than any other minister's lifetime of preaching. Father spoke more words. In the spirit world computer it is recorded without mistake: how many hours, minutes and even seconds. Is it more difficult to speak or to listen? Thus, already Father is winning over you.

You may think, "Father, you have great words, but I wish your sermon would come to a close now." But Father's heart is to give one more word, because that one word may start a new life in one person. Father sometimes thinks that if there were no watches, then he could speak all day and pour out my heart and get away with it. (Laughter and applause.) In the dispensation and in the world of heart there is so much to say. That means Father is that much closer to the will of God. Father is intelligent enough to give the conclusion effectively in five minutes. It doesn't take four hours to arrive at the conclusion. Father thinks he could even do it in three words. Wah wah wah; that's the end of the sermon. So, plant a lot of heart wherever you go.

Father used to go to the Holy Ground and pray for the sake of America. He doesn't do that anymore, because already America is so indebted to Father that there is not enough time for America to repay. If he gives more, then they will only need more time to repay. Do you follow?

Now Father has to use his time and dedication for the sake of North Korea; he has to pour out the same heart and same dedication there. Will Kim Il Sung love Father or hate Father? (Love Father. Father laughs.) Really? We wish. But Kim Il Sung is the head of Satan. Now Father is about to save Kim Il Sung. Just three years ago, Kim Il Sung and Gorbachev gathered together a team of twenty five Red Army cadres to assassinate Father. That same Gorbachev has embraced Father. Therefore, Father will help him and save him. The same can happen with Kim Il Sung. So through Moscow, through Beijing, Father is trying to save Kim Il Sung. Father is exerting a lot of power to save him; that's why Kim Il Sung travels a lot now. Father is watching carefully. Kim will come to a halt, and he will either bite at Father or he will just plain surrender to him. One of these will take place. Father will not let him bite, for Kim's own sake, so Father is giving a lot of good bait. Father has all kinds of bait. (Laughter.) That's true. Father has manpower, has economic power, has high technology power, everything.

So we should either push or pull the heartistic tide. We should not go around it. The world is going to revolve around Father now. We too should revolve around Father. With that, heaven will begin. Unless the heartistic tide travels, heaven will not begin. Father must make that happen. The salty water has to come to the fresh water. Salty water makes a salt-water atmosphere; fresh water makes a fresh-water atmosphere. A hot tide makes a hot atmosphere. Otherwise we cannot build heaven on earth. we cannot influence the atmosphere. How can we make that atmosphere? Father made that atmosphere for the first time, in reality.

God made the animal world, then man. After that, God made the horizontal world, and after that it is finished. Man connected upward, and after that he filled up outer space. Two worlds, so that man has dual characteristics now. One characteristic is the horizontal characteristic; one characteristic is the vertical characteristic. Combined, these make the dual characteristics, or double characteristics. The vertical purpose is the public purpose, becoming bigger and bigger. The horizontal is the individual purpose. So there are dual purposes. The horizontal way represents the body. The vertical represents the mind. The mind stands on the public side every time, but the self-centered mind follows the body. The true mind accuses the body. The body never follows the commands of the mind. This results in the mind losing, every time. Isn't that true? Heaven is like that. God in heaven is investigating the earth, continually forever.

The mind doesn't say that it is tired. The body takes that bad position, and the mind immediately commands, "Don't do that!" The mind doesn't sympathize with tiredness. Every night at midnight, your body is taking action in a bad way. "What are you doing? Stop it!" the mind commands. But the body doesn't follow; it doesn't hear, crying, "What did you say? What did you say?" The body is going another way, with what? With Satan. Then you lose every time. Make the vertical direction, that steep direction. That is the mind's purpose: to be steep. No matter how bad the body is, the mind should take action in a different direction. The mind's place is vertical-all the time. That is the mind's original place. So the mind can command the body. The mind is like God. God stands in the vertical place, every time, correcting the bad things, commanding. It's the same situation. Do you understand? This is the original mind, vertical. The body has the individual purpose. The mind is the public purpose, taking the bigger way every time. The mind says you have to live for the family, not for yourself. The family lives for the tribe. The tribe lives for the country. The country lives for the world. The world lives for the cosmos, and the cosmos for God. Bigger and bigger.

So the center is love. Do you want to connect to the place of bigger love? Everybody says, "Yes." The individual invests in the family, the bigger realm. The family invests in the bigger realm of the tribe. We want to do the same with the world, with the cosmos and with God. That is the ultimate point of love; that is what man wants, his final purpose. Isn't it? (Yes.) All the time we are thinking, "I am living for love. I was born for that purpose. All my life I am going on that ultimate way." No one can change or deter those who go that way. All humankind wants to go that same way. Past and future desire to go the same way. Spirit world and earth go the same way, centering on the desire to live the life of true love. Without true love you cannot make completion. Do you understand? So the human being must connect with action; that is the heartistic current. That current is the connection with God. The action is love. That is the tide, or current.

We should be born in love, live in love and die in love, and go over everything in love. Through this condition I will create this tide. From this moment on I will live like this. All Unification Church members should live like this. Those who pledge, please raise your hands. At ease, please. Let us dedicate our prayer.

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